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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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impression on those who new here. >> even though she's no longer with us, her insight into the human condition so eloquently expressed in other writings will live on and continue to educate and inspire. >> reporter: more than a half century after mockingbird, the second novel was released and received with mixed report bus finch is more conservative on issues of race. >> our courts, all men are created equal. >> to kill a mockingbird will live on in the hearts of those who love it and soon on broadway. a new adaptation of the book had hit the stage soon. dan bowens, fox 5 news. steve: david dinkins in a manhattan hospital being treated for pneumonia.
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that's where he was treated at back in 2013. he is the first black mayor elected back in 1989. >> okay. it is chilly out, but this weekend, things are going to get better. dari: a lot different. nick gregory is here with a first look at what could be a beautiful weekend. nick: it will be a nice warmup is coming. a little roller coaster ride in temperatures this weekend. in the process, we have a couple of snow showers going on upnorth as you head towards the hudson valley and towards parts of central new york state. we may see a few of these scattered rain or snow showers this evening. not a big deal. again, possibly later tonight. it's pretty chilly, in the middle 30s. islip, 33. 39 poughkeepsie. 36 as you get to belmar. we're talking a southerly wind moving into play overnight into tomorrow. there goes the rain or snow showers. they'll go away by tomorrow. we'll get back to a good amount of sunshine through most of the day and temperatures will be responding with a southwest wind that will be breezy at 10 to 20
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we'll look for temperatures in the middle 50s tomorrow. sunday looks good. sun and clouds. we'll watch a quick hitting disturbance moving up from the south and west that might bring rain to the area sunday night. 35 tonight with rain or snow showers. 20s to lower 30s in the suburbs. that's going to be about the midnight hour. by tomorrow morning, it will be in the 40s as you head out the door. 55 at lunchtime. 55 will be the high for tomorrow afternoon. dari: thank you, nick. well, a violent thief is on the loose after stabbing a man on the upper west side. steve: it's the latest in a rash of knife attacks. lidia curanaj is live near the scene of the mugging. >> reporter: good evening. during that mugging, the victim was stabbed. it happened right around this neighborhood, exactly around this time yesterday. you can see a lot of foot traffic behind me. despite seeing an increase in these type of attacks, it's all just a coincidence. >> you have a combination of too
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issues, too many criminals who are not reluctant to use a weapon, particularly a box cutter. i anticipate this spike will go down over time. >> reporter: that was nypd commissioner bratton speaking on wor radio this morning regarding the recent spate of knife attacks in new york city. >> we don't think copycat. we think it's just unfortunately too many people oftentimes mentally ill, also sometimes just career criminals. >> reporter: since december, there have been two dozen reported attacks involving either knives, box cutters and even a needle. the latest attack occurred yesterday around 5 p.m. on 88th and columbus. this is the suspect as he ran away after stabbing a man in the back and stealing his kindle and iphone. >> a little crazy, especially since i live across the street. >> are you ever worried hearing about the slashings and stabbings? >> not at all. this is safe neighborhood. >> reporter: police say the
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just a few hours earlier, another man was slashed across the face after leaving supreme and soho, a popular skateboard shop. on wednesday night, a busboy who works at silver spurs was slashed by a teenaged panhandler. police say the suspect was with these three other teenagers. the victim required approximately 120 stitches. >> 5 foot 7, 160 pounds with braces wearing a gray hoodie and holding a small gym bag and purple folder. he looks like a scam to get money out of people, that he asks people to invest in a basketball league. >> reporter: police acknowledge these knifing incidents, there is an increase. about 20 percent compared to this time last year. again, they just believe this is all a coincidence. that's little comfort to many new yorkers we spoke to. steve: all right. pretty scary. thank you.
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long running legal battle with her record label. dari: a judge says she must kin to work with the producer. she's accused him of raping her. simone boyce was at the courthouse as fans showed up to support her. >> reporter: kesha's fight against sony records is far from over. a manhattan supreme court judge ruled the 28-year-old must continue making music with dr. luke, the producer that allegedly raped her. [music] >> reporter: she claims he has been abusive, citing incidents of violence and sexual harassment. they hold an exclusive contract with her that requires six more albums. a judge denied the singer's request to free here from the agreement. she arrived at court earlier dressed in a white suit and outside she found a fan protest drawing together supporters from
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it was organized by an 18-year-old from newtown, connecticut. >> kesha since the beginning has been a strong crusader for human rights and accepting yourself and loving yourself through her music. to hear that her music -- she's being silenced underneath her abuser's contract is terrible. >> reporter: michael used the twitter account kesha today to rally fans. >> i'm from yorktown heights. so many women in the music industry and other industries suffer through this abuse by people in positions of power. >> reporter: protestors were disappointed by the outcome. >> all of us here are not -- we will not stop fighting for her. >> reporter: she released this message via instagram. this is for every woman, every human who has ever been abused sexually, emotionally, mentally. we reached out to sony records for comment and did not hear back. kesha wept as the judge decided
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enough information to justify releasing her from the contract. but that's just one aspect of this case. the judge did not rule on the abuse allegations today. that's still ongoing. steve: pretty upsetting for sure. what a crazy situation. thank you, simone. the justice department firing back at apple for refusing to help the fbi unlock an iphone used by one of the terrorists. in a motion filed today, prosecutors demanded the judge immediately order apple to release the technical tools that will enable authorities to access the phone. justice officials say the refusal is based on business concerns, marketing concerns, than any legal rationale. dari: u.s. fighter jets struck an isis training camp in libya near the border with tunisia. the pentagon says more than 40 people were killed. more than a dozen were wounded. the key operative is believed to be among the dead. officials say he was responsible for two deadly attacks against western tourists in tunisia has year.
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after president obama ordered increased counterterrorism efforts in libya. steve: thousands of mourners lining up to pay their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama and the first lady among the mourners. a funeral service will be tomorrow by scalia's son paul, who is a catholic priest. vice president biden and his wife will be in attendance. dari: a record crowd in port st. lucie today as the mets held their first official workout of spring training. steve: pretty crazy. lots of expectations. duke castiglione has a story from tradition field. >> thank you very much. the defending national league champs, your new york mets, on the field today as mets pitchers and catchers held their first official workout in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. mets pitchers and catchers held their first official workout in front of a great crowd. well over 1,500 enthusiastic
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out to watch their favorite players and say thank you for a great 2015 and encourage and wish them well for the 2016 campaign. >> the fans deserve recognition . they came out today. they deserve a thanks for the support. >> i'm a lifelong mets fan. >> we're new yorkers through and through. they're our team. >> reporter: and the help of david wright -- health of david wright. >> i've come up -- we've come up with a plan that will allow me to, you know, hopefully be on the field as much as possible and get ready physically for a long season. >> reporter: we learned the key to a successful marriage. that is attending the mets pitchers and catchers first official workout in port st. lucie. don't believe me? ask some of the fans. 33 years you've been married. >> absolutely. >> reporter: tell everybody how you spend your anniversary. >> here with the mets.
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>> this is an amazing turnout. >> fantastic. >> wonderful. >> reporter: how about that? not only did mets pitchers and catchers hold their first official workout, we received some great marriage advice. mets pitchers and catchers will be on the field again tomorrow. we will be in tampa covering the yankees. for now, i'm duke castiglione in port st. lucie with the mets. fox 5 news. dari: well, making movies on your phone doesn't have to be all that complicated. steve: there's an app that can help those challenged take their
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drn -- videos to the next steve: an award-winning filmmaker is making easy to make smartphone movies. dari: alison morris is here to tell us how much she loves the app. >> reporter: this is one of the coolest things i've seen. i'm not good at social media. this is a big thing for me. it is an unbelievable app. i really believe this is going to change what we do with our phones. this helps you make very cool movies in a matter of minutes or even send video messages instead of texts.
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>> if you want to tell a story or edit something or put something together that uses the photos and the videos and the stuff you're collecting all day, it was no easy way to do that. >> reporter: this movie director came up with an easier way to tell stories with the media on your phone. he created an app called know me. >> we figured out that if you can touch your finger to a photograph and talk over it, that would be the simplest way. nobody had done that. >> reporter: a year and a half ago, he put together a team and developed the app here in the city. >> i've made my films in new york. i just think new york is kind of the center of the universe for me. >> reporter: the design is to turn regular people into movie makers. almost 100,000 people have signed on. it has some real hollywood support. j.j. abrams and trevor noah are backers. he thinks it has the potential to bring people together and
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>> i'm 22 and i live in new york. >> you've got to know somebody through a know me through seeing something about them you've gotten through the initial blush of awkwardness and figured out whether this is a likely connection for you. >> reporter: i'm terrible with social media. he gave me a tutorial. >> we're going to go to the icon here. we're going to go into the creation tool. >> this is what i made. this is alison. today i visited the know me offices to talk to the ceo. you might know him from moviefone or the director of the jinx, the series that got rob arrested. no, not fred durst. he's the guy from limp biscuit. when we got there, there was this huge line outside because the store supreme had just launched new stuff. andrew's offices were more civilized. the interview was really
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andrew's super smart. when we were done i walked across the street to one of my favorite cafes. my photographer andre had never tried the cappuccino. andre had to go to a shoot, so i jumped on the r train and made my way to the station. who says reporters are divas who knt travel by themselves? the video took me a couple of minutes to make. it is so easy and fun. andrew made an awesome movie about our visit. you can check that out on my facebook page, . it's very cool. the app is so awesome and free. the only thing for some people, it only works with ios and droid users. it's addictive. you can do things -- normally you point and shoot. steve: the cool thing is it is possible to make great videos, but it's not easy to figure out
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the existing apps -- this seems fun. >> reporter: you get a bunch of filmmakers to do that, it's easy for the rest of us. dari: that was great. steve: just love him. dari: a lot of opportunities to make movies outside tomorrow. the weather has been really nice. nick: you can shed layers of clothes in the process. it's not going to be -- that didn't come out right, did it? you know what i mean. it's going to be warm as we head into tomorrow. that's good news there. 37, 24 today. so a little below average. certainly chilly out the door. that's for sure. at least not a lot of wind. it didn't feel as punishing to be outside with a cold day when wind is involved. 42 and 30 the split. 66 the record high. 1977 was that date. and it was 1 above 0 on this date back in 1936. sunrise 6:44. down 5:35. you'll see a lot of it tomorrow. 34 now.
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wind has turned to the south. the pressure is 30.35 and falling. we have clouds in play. they will be around for the night and a couple of sprinkles of rain or snow may appear. we're seeing some snow showers now up here in the hudson valley and towards western massachusetts. it may coat the ground quickly up there, but they're moving off to the east. later tonight, early tomorrow morning, a few more rain or snow showers pop up, but no big deal. middle 30s everywhere. belmar, 36. 32 at sullivan county. 34 in the city. bridgeport, 33. 39 hudson valley. 35 sussex to newark. back to 30 in monticello. the south wind will hold the temperatures right about here, especially with the cloud cover in play. these are likely going to be our lows for the night as that will happen just past the midnight hour. then temperatures will rise as we head into tomorrow as we get into the more south-southwesterly airflow.
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satellite radar movie loop, these bands of snow showers moving along. that's going to continue to happen. as high pressure slides to the east, we will establish this more southwesterly airflow and the process, just a couple of rain or snow showers may come out of this overnight. no real big deal. then we get back to a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. look at the forecast showing that. 40 out the door. the temperature rising overnight. we'll be around 50 at lunchtime. 55 will be the high as the futurecast shows the system moving along and kind of falling apart as we stay ahead of the cold front. it doesn't pass much on sunday. there's not that much of a difference. more clouds will start to appear sunday afternoon. we've got to watch this disturbance off to the south. that could be a little quick hitter for sunday night, early monday morning. that's snow. could be a little rain, wet snow combination. not a big to do with that. we'll transition colder next week. we're watching the coastal storm for wednesday.
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35 in the city. and 20s to lower 30s in the suburbs. that will be at midnight. temperatures rise to 55 by tomorrow afternoon with sun and clouds. a little gusty breeze out of the south-southwest up to 15, 20 miles an hour. 53 sunday. sun and clouds. at night, rain or snow showers. 53. 44 on monday with sun and clouds. later tuesday, some rain or snow may move in at 39. there's going to be two systems moving along. wednesday could be the coastal storm, and i'm leaning more towards rain versus snow. the snow could be inland. we'll have to see. and back to 40 thursday and friday. steve: love the weekend. good deal. thank you. dari: shia labeouf's latest stab at performance art is going down right now online. the actor is in a cramped elevator at oxford university along with his musical collaborators and is streaming live the experience for 24 hours. viewers on youtube can watch as other passengers get on and ask questions through tomorrow
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stunts. we've reported them before. last november he joined moviegoers to binge watch all 29 of his films at a manhattan theatre. steve: i can't think of a worse thing to do than ride in an elevator with strangers for 24 hours. that's my biggest fear in life. i would hate that. dari: as long as you have a smartphone, you'll be all right. keep your head down. steve: i don't know. it's -- i can't think of anything i'd want to do less. fascinating stuff. >> one-on-one with one of the most influential latin artists of all time. >> they would tell us know. it fired us up. oh really? no? okay. dari: a revealing interview with the one and only gloria estefan. steve: and the stuff of science fiction is reality. how doctors were able to create
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>> take me to studio 5. steve: there was gloria estefan and the miami sound machine. dari: on studio 5, she sits down with us for an intimate look at
5:25 pm
megan is here with the interview you won't see anywhere else. >> reporter: what's going on? dari: this is a sweet deal. >> reporter: it is. it started in 1985, the year that changed the landscape for latinos in music. tomorrow night we look at the progress made 30 years later with the king and queen of latin pop. [music] >> reporter: some say you can divide pop music into two eras. before conga and after. 1985 was the year everything changed. cuban born gloria estefan and miami sound machine released conga and paved the way for every latin pop star to come. but not without hurdles. obstacles. we had such a great time. when i joined the band, it was for fun. i took care of my dad during high school. speak of.
5:26 pm
it got me through the toughest moments of my life. >> reporter: with many latino artists dominating the pop charts today, it's hard to imagine a time when they had no presence. >> it was really hard to come up with a new sound. every time you have to change the last time or don't think they'll promote something. we didn't have radio stations, tv. more so the -- the biggest network would never do something because they were worried about ratings. >> reporter: the sound, an irresistible hybrid. cuban. heard. it was being performed by a cuban artist but in english. >> they would tell us no. oh, really? no? let's see. we can't go this way. go under. go over. go around. we're our biggest cheerleaders.
5:27 pm
convinced that we had a sound and it would be successful because we played it to different cultures and they loved it. it was convincing these guys that were in the way a little bit that our stuff was going to work and it was very exciting and fun every step of the way. >> reporter: 30 years later, gloria is an international sensation. she has seven grammy awards and has sold more than 31 million records. steve: so many gatekeepers. they wouldn't let you do it. incredible. what a different world. dari: look what we would not have had had she not been able to break through. steve: thank you. don't miss more of the interview tomorrow night 10:30 on studio 5. dari: still to come, stopping the spread of the zika virus. steve: how doctors are helping people who traveled to heavily infected countries. dari: and the driver who killed
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dari: a courtroom apology from the driver who killed a little girl on the upper west side three years ago. steve: linda schmidt was in the courtroom where he spoke to the family.
5:31 pm
left are memories, pictures and artwork from the four-year-old little girl. today franklin reyes, who ran over her while she was walking to school, was sentenced to three to nine years in prison. he was 17 years old at the time, driving without a license, and took police on a high speed chase before jumping a curb and killing ariel. in court today, her mom said that reyes will have plenty of time to think about the lives he destroyed and how he is hopefully going to change. >> you owe it to ariel to push yourself beyond your perceived limits, work towards becoming the best possible version of yourself, and make this world better or else you are just a complete waste of space. >> reporter: he kept his head down during his sentencing and read a short sentence apologizing to the russo family. >> i'm sorry for all the pain and suffering i have caused.
5:32 pm
accident for my life. >> reporter: he has been criticized in and out of court for failing to show remorse since the tragedy 2-1/2 years ago. a year after killing ariel, while he was out on bail, he was arrested again for driving illegally and dragging a police officer after speeding away from him. >> if he really means he's sorry, he's going to take what i said about turning his experience and using it to prevent this from happening again, and he will take it seriously. >> although he has been sentenced to three to nine years in prison, he has served a year and a half, which means in another year and a half, he will be up for parole. the russo family plans on fighting that every step of the way. in lower manhattan, linda schmidt, fox 5 news. steve: voters going to the polls in two states tomorrow and the races are more heated for democrats and republicans. dari: been a crazy 24 hours. sharon crowley shows us the last-minute push for votes in
5:33 pm
>> this is the biggest liar i've ever seen. >> reporter: fresh off his feud with the pope, republican presidential candidate donald trump was back on the campaign trail in south carolina. polls show he is still leading heading into saturday's south carolina gop primaries, but the lead has shrunk in the last week. >> had a lot of momentum coming out of new hampshire. he did a really, really good job, and it was an impressive win. and yet he went into that debate and some people described him as petulant. >> i will do what i can as president. i'm hoping if we win back the senate and the white house the republicans are going to see the error of their ways and quit using immigrants to divide our country. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders are criss-crossing nevada for votes ahead of the caucuses there. >> we do not want a super pac because a super pac today is about everything that is
5:34 pm
>> reporter: the nevada race proves to be much tighter than expected. what should have been an easy win for clinton has turned out to be a tough fight. >> some of the details we saw coming out of the end of the polls have been really frustrating the clinton campaign. in particular the numbers about authenticity and trustworthiness. people want a president that's trustworthy and honest went 90% to sanders. that's got to hurt hillary clinton. >> reporter: the democratic race in nevada could be a tight one. political analysts say if turnout is low, it favors hillary clinton. if it's high, it will favor bernie sanders. as for the republicans in south carolina, the real race to look for is who takes second place. that fight right now, according to polls, is between ted cruz and marco rubio. a little piece of trivia for you, south carolina has a near perfect record of picking the eventual republican nominee.
5:35 pm
thank you. the world health organization urging the use of contraception in countries dealing with the zika virus. doctors on long island increasing their efforts to combat zika. here's jodi goldberg. >> reporter: if you've traveled to the caribbean, latin america or any other part of the world where zika is widespread, you can be tested for the virus for free. >> a lot of people are returning from these trips with febrile illness and they're concerned. >> reporter: the president of nassau university medical center says the hospital has been getting many calls from people returning home with flu-like symptoms. this is the chairman of the emergency department. he says you can just walk in to be tested. >> two tubes of blood and a urine sample and sent to the lab.
5:36 pm
hospital and sent to the lab in albany. it can take three to four days to get preliminary results. doctors say miscarriages and birth defects have been linked to pregnant women who have contracted zika. >> it's very scary. i'm nervous. >> i have children who may have children in the future. you know, i am concerned about it. >> when you hear about it and have someplace to go for free, it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: right now there's no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat zika. doctors are advising women who have traveled to places where there's an outbreak to wait three to four weeks before trying to get pregnant. in east meadow, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: a movie about a team of underdogs is a massive hit at the box office. dari: jessica speaks with the film's creators about its winning formula at the box office. steve: plus be the boss and the bar. you have my attention. tips on how to get the bartender on your side.
5:37 pm
tonight's new york minute. >> a newly remodeled nintendo store is open. mario helped unveil the store and fans lined up waiting for the doors to open so they could feel like kids again. >> i feel like these games, the majority of us have played. we grew up with them. it's partially nostalgia and really fun. dari: teams took to the court in brooklyn for the first ever hoops for peace tournament. nypd officers were involved with the teams from the st. john's recreation center to promote peace in the community and better relations between residents and police. >> that was our goal, to keep it positive so the teams and the nypd officers begin to build on a relationship that they can have between now and when they become older adults in society.
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steve: basketball comedy featuring a cast has been a slam dunk at the box office. dari: there's a powerful message. jessica spoke with the film's creators.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: this is a movie about dominicans and puerto ricans in the same community. they don't get along but to save the basketball court, they have to learn to work together. the basketball court is going to be destroyed by a millionaire, so they do a bet. whoever wins the bet gets to keep the basketball court. the dominicans and puerto ricans work as a team to destroy the enemy, in this case, the millionaire. the men behind the movie. >> this is an in-house production of mega tv. we have a series of films that we're producing in the dominican republic. we're doing 13 films. the dominican government is backing us. we realize there's a lot of really good cinema being produced in latin america that latino americans don't get to see.
5:42 pm
>> what can moviegoers expect when they come to the movies? >> it is really -- it's really a movie for the entire family. but it has a lot -- if you're a kid, you won't get it. you'll laugh at the physical humor. if you're an adult, there's great innuendos in there. it's hilarious. you're laughing for two hours. >> reporter: there's a strong social message, also. >> there is a lot of reality in this movie. there are love scenes and scenes where people have to learn to respect one another, no matter their sexuality, religion or skin color. you'll see the difference between the rich and the poor and learn that the poor can survive and live happy without a lot of money. it is out in three theatres. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: a table at a restaurant
5:43 pm
steve: baruch shemtov shows us how to get in good with the
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
dari: and the technology used dari: a community is coming together after a donation jar filled with money for a sick teenager was stolen. surveillance video shows a woman
5:46 pm
there's the video. you can see her slip the large jar into her coat and just walk out casually. that money was supposed to be given to 16-year-old kevin blanco who has hodgkin's lymphoma. he stopped by the bakery today and told fox 5 he's not mad the money was taken. >> everything in life happens for a reason and is done for a reason. maybe that woman needed it for her child or for her family and i hope she used it for that, it went to a good cause and she didn't put it to waste. dari: what a special person. special energy. the bakery says that the woman has since been arrested and the jar was found down the block. of course the money was gone. steve: in fox 5 health news, a break through with medical technology. a 3-d printer made this ear. researchers were able to make a jawbone and successfully transplanted them into lab rats and mice.
5:47 pm
medical contributor dr. devi. so good to see you. this is really exciting. >> i'm very excited about it. for a few different reasons. the fact that they're able to make the organs and tissue for people who need organ transplants, who are waiting on a list, it's not ready yet, but it's a sign that maybe they could get artificial organs so they don't have to wait for an organ for somebody else. even more exciting is the way they're doing this. the 3-d printer, this is used in all different types of industry. i usually think of it like the sticky notes you have in different shapes or kids books that come in different shapes. it's that idea, that you're layering different things and creating this structure. but for organs, you're trying to create life. something that's going to go in the body and be alive, not a pacemaker or artificial hip, but something that will have blood flowing through it. they're creating a scaffold and putting cells in it and creating
5:48 pm
blood will be able to travel through. when it gets into the body, it will become a part of that living person's body. steve: it's like a coral reef in your body. >> that's exactly it. that's the best example. a coral reef. they're doing it in animals. it hasn't been done in humans, but to be able to have jawbone and other bones and ears growing in -- steve: it can't be that far off given how far they've come recently. amazing. dari: okay. experts are saying that behavior therapy should be done before medication is given to children with adhd. >> i think most of us probably agree with this, right, that it makes sense. if you -- kids with adhd, what the problem is, one of the problems is they're getting overstimulated. they find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention. with the therapy, that can help anybody. the controversy has been for some people, they get diagnosed when they're further along.
5:49 pm
social activities. the medication may get them on track faster so they can participate in the therapies. with the new research, it doesn't go against anybody we thought of. i don't know if it changes the focus because it depends when the child is diagnosed and how much access they have to behavioral therapy. steve: there's a backlash to burying our kids under this weight of pills. it makes sense. let's try to change the behavior first. and whatever else we need, we can talk medication. >> i think when we think about other conditions, diabetes, something different, if you find it in the early stages, maybe somebody has gained weight and they're getting abnormal blood sugars, we try to do the natural thing, diet and exercise or push people towards those behavioral and life-style changes. if you find someone further along, you don't want to waste a lot of time where they could be
5:50 pm
have setbacks. this is probably along the same spectrum. if you can get people diagnosed early enough, push the behavioral therapies first. but it's later on, maybe you need a combination of both. dari: thanks so much. have a great weekend. you're going to. steve: it's been pretty cold, especially for this winter, which has been easy. we have a nice warmup on the way. nick: especially when you compare this weekend to las weekend. a big difference this time around. the wind will be coming out of south-southwest as we head into tomorrow. that will help boost temperatures. this map tells you the story. 30s in boston. 30s in albany. 30s in williamsport. 59 in pittsburgh. so there's the warm air just off to our west and coming our way. we may push the upper 50s to near 60 in central and south jersey as we head into tomorrow. in advance of this, we're getting some moisture, some snow showers in the catskills extending towards northern connecticut for now. later tonight, a couple more
5:51 pm
a couple of sprinkles of rain and/or snow. not a big deal. as you look at the wide picture in the northeast, most of the action is taking place off to our north. but again, those of you in parts of the mid hudson valley might see whitening of the ground. 39 poughkeepsie. 30 in monticello. bridgeport, back to 34 in montauk. the wind already turned up out of the south. that will continue and become southwesterly and breezy at times tomorrow. nothing too dramatic. maybe 10 to 20 miles an hour, something along those lines. as high pressure slides off the east coast, we'll set up for the southwesterly airflow to come in our direction. you can see the moisture trail ahead of that as the warm air goes up and over the cold air, grinding out the snow and rainshower activity. not much else is going on around the country until you get to the west. this energy is going to drive across the country. a couple of disturbances. it's convoluted weather pattern next week. it's a little confusing. it's a challenging forecast. we'll worry about that then.
5:52 pm
mid 50s tomorrow. chicago stays in the mid 50s. 70s kansas city to memphis, down through texas to the gulf coast. a lot of the country is getting an escape from the cold air for this time. here's futurecast. clouds, a couple of sprinkles, rain or snow showers. then lots of sun tomorrow. good-looking day. some clouds at times tomorrow night, but sun and clouds sunday. more clouds come in in the afternoon. we have a disturbance that will slide up from the south. that could kick off a period of rain or wet snow. don't think it will be that much to worry about. there might be accumulation of the snow north and west of the city. more of that over the weekend. rain and snow showers overnight. 35 in the city. the temperature is going to rise past the midnight hour. we'll jump to lower 40s by the time you wake up tomorrow morning around 7:00, 8:00. 55 in the afternoon. sun and clouds with a gusty breeze. sun and clouds on sunday at 53. later at night, a little bit of rain or snow after 7:00, 8:00 p.m. that will be gone by monday.
5:53 pm
a little colder, 44. a little sun to start tuesday. the clouds come in. we've got two systems we'll watch. the first could bring a shot of rain or snow tuesday, tuesday night at 39. the second one is the more powerful one. that could be the more powerful coastal storm if it stays along the coast. if it turns inland, we'll be talking rain on wednesday. we'll leave the option of both 43 and colder as we dry out starting thursday afternoon into friday. steve: it's still looks like we'll be avoiding the snow, except for the blizzard we have. nick: this storm moves more inland. if it shifts further offshore, all bets are off. steve: thank you, nick. dari: thank you. you don't have to be a regular to get what you want at clubs or even restaurants. steve: sounds good. baruch shemtov shows us the moves that will make you a big vip on your next night out on the town. [music] >> reporter: new york has some of the best restaurants if you
5:54 pm
and for brian, the president of paige hospitality group, there are steps you can take. what are the top tips for getting the best table on the best day at the best time? >> know about the restaurant you're trying to get a reservation at. you should research the menu, complicate compliment the restaurant and the chef on the phone and call ahead of time. >> reporter: if you can't get the reservation on the phone, there's the in person approach. >> there's always a table that's open in the restaurant. if you give enough money, sometimes you'll get the table. >> reporter: there's never such a thing as fully booked? >> never. >> reporter: what about tipping a maitre d'? >> be discrete with the handshake. make sure the 100 is nicely folded. >> 100. $100? >> if it's a popular restaurant and you want that table, i would go for 100.
5:55 pm
the table every time. >> reporter: for a night at the club, take things to the next level. >> you have to know the hosts. they run the floor. they run the book. the hosts run the tables. if you get in with a good host and you grease him, you'll have that table. >> reporter: all right. thanks for the advice. cheers. if you're going for a bar, tad, offers his tips to get the best service. it's about forging a relationship, not flashing your cash. >> if the bar is very busy, make eye contact with the bartender as soon as you can while having a big smile on your face and showing the pearly whites. the bartender will remember that and be attracted to that and gravitate towards somebody who is smiling and ready and happy versus somebody who's standing there begrudgingly waving a $20 bill. do not follow the bartender up
5:56 pm
if you're at your position, even if you're one or two back, stay there. know what you're ordering, especially at a busy bar, before you get to the bar. don't make it transactional. make it relational or a relationship. >> reporter: here's to the smooth operators in all of us. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: grease the bartender or the host. absolutely. we're going to go to a restaurant. we'll see you at 10:00. your daughter wants your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less.
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it's friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you for joining us. we're on top of the news for you and we start tonight with a disturbing look at how polluted our rivers and waterways are. millions of pieces of plastic all along parts of the new york and new jersey coastlines. joe is here.
6:00 pm
the study about the impact of their findings. tell us about it. >> reporter: that's right. for new yorkers, plastic is cemented as part of our everyday lives, plastic bags, plates, takeout containers, but no matter where you look, there's plastic. the problem one organization has uncovered is it's literally everywhere and it's choking our waterways. our area's water is drowning in plastic. at least that's what a new study from new york, new jersey, has uncovered. >> the entire harbor, based on our estimates, there's 165 million plastic particles, which is huge and alarming. >> reporter: the study evaluated water that stretches from the tappan zee bridge through sandy hook bay. part of the issue, micro plastics, the bottles, straws and containers break down and get eaten by wildlife. >> once it's in the water, it doesn't go away. it doesn't biodegrade. it breaks into tiny pieces. fish, shellfish have been


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