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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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gun maker of the rifle that killed 26 people in a school shooting take the dismissal of the lawsuit. we will bring you an update. ben: the victim of a crash off long island with three other people rescued. eight bluebird driver a uber driver going on a shooting rampage. really weird story. trying to determine why he did this. juliet: i am juliet huddy . ben: you would last year on
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in q4 returning to work . juliet: i know . it's been almost a month off. ben: give her an hour. juliet: i thought i was going to harass you guys but i'm so happy to be back. before good to see you . welcome back. great to see you, juliet . get out there and enjoy the weekend. high temperatures saturday and sunday. spain impressive up to 550. even yesterday, not bad at all. 56 in newark and 50 is what you made it in montauk. same thing in monticello. 50s around the tri-state region. not too bad at 40s which is closer to the average high for this time of year.
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windsor coming from the north at three 9 miles per hour. we did get showers yesterday and now the rain has moved on. we are looking at gradual clearing. it will be cooler at the same time. 450 by noon and 480 is a high . 42 is the height tomorrow at lassen to thursday and we have some wet weather for this week. let's check in with ines . everyone is going back to work. 36 yes. everyone has to go back to work and school. it's supposed to be scheduled to open at 5:00 am.
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island expressway. connecticut doing fine and if you are traveling towards northbound exit 492 . let's go to the cameras. traveling on the lie , very quiet . we have service disruptions on the subway. 242nd st. until 5:00 and that everything else running close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in fact. elliott, good to back. juliet: it's good to be back! lawyers who made that weapon that was used during the sandy hook elementary schools shooting will be in court. the weapon became famous. they filed a wrongful death suit against the company that makes the ar 15. that's what they used to kill 20 first-graders and six educators. the company once a judge to
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there protected by law that protects gunmakers over criminal use of the product.a 45-year-old uber driver from kalamazoo michigan expected to be in court today . this is last night, hundreds turned out for a prayer service for the six the most. on saturday night, this guy, jason dalton , drove around kalamazoo for six hours shooting people . for the victim's were killed outside the restaurant and a 14 girl is in critical condition. while he was on the shootings, he was picking up fares in his car. it's mind blowing. then they have people he picked up saying he was driving like a maniac.
4:35 am of the officers that was wounded during a shootout was not struck by friendly fire. officer andrew hinton is bulletproof in . his partner is recovering at king county hospital. she don't happen early on saturday morning. eight officers exchange gunfire with the man. the man is in critical condition.juliet: it's been pretty crazy this presidential season. ben: have you followed politics in the month you have been off? juliet: i have. what else would i do? ben: donald trump and hillary clinton are the front runners. the other democrats are
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win but they say that race is far from over. robert moses from the newsroom. lots of development, robert . robert: good morning. juliet, welcome back. trump and clinton have big leads. the campaign feels more like extended coordination . >> they were probably sent here so we can put them in the jails because to put them in the jails , they did not pay the electric will. >> lights went out a rally but that's the only thing that has gone wrong for him lately. a trumpet nomination appears increasingly inevitable. he was asked when he might tone down his rhetoric .>> right now i am fighting for my life. >> he showed no sign tone
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article about marco rubio. they asked rubio about his eligibility. >> i've ever looked at it, george. someone said he's not and i retreated it . >> i am going to spend zero time on his view of the constitution. x i am suspending my campaign. jeb bush is now out and rubio hopes to secure his endorsement although, given that glitter class, this would be hard to come by. ted cruz finished third but he hangs his hat on the win in iowa. >> if you want to be donald trump, you have to go with the only campaign that has demonstrated that we can beat him . >> the path to the nomination is increasingly difficult for bernie
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clinton on saturday. the fight in the future goes on! [cheering] >> they want to get a boost from danny glover . >> this campaign is gaining momentum . we are listening to the american people. >> what's next? republicans caucus tomorrow. democrats next bow is in south carolina on saturday. that figures to be another clinton win. welcome back , juliet. juliet: thank you, mister moses. recovery efforts resume for a 23-year-old man from queens after a small plane crash. four people on the plane headed for massachusetts saturday night. a student pilot was in control when the plane had
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the instructor landed the aircraft . everyone got out but only three were rescued by lease officers. >> they commandeered kayaks from local residents and went into the water and were able to keep two passengers , two victims afloat while the rain marine rescue those individuals. >> the men who were rescued were not seriously hurt . juliet: it's been pretty nice the next few days. ben: was spectacular over the weekend i mean, saturday was perfect. the one i thought it was hazy. spew .
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welcome back. i will show you what we have over's not so bad. we are doing pretty well with mild temperatures. 390 in bridgeport. temperatures are mild and then we saw this time of
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what we saw 24 hours ago. it was pretty warm over the used to it. it's not supposed to be year. in bridgeport starting out at the same temperature. we see an area of low pressure swing by trying to pick up the showers. we started out in the in the overnight hours. the rain has moved on and the clouds are beginning to break up . things are what picking up as we head into monday morning. high pressure builds in and it gives us another break in terms of clouds and showers. that's things to the other area of low pressure developing through the tri-state in the next two , three or four days.
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tomorrow morning, the clouds start to go back in the morning and you can see the showers worked their way up into the tri-state region. here they come. it's into the evening and the rain and snow are in the mix as it kicks off tomorrow. this will be primarily rain but there will be snowflakes in northern new jersey . late to moderate rain as we go into wednesday, it starts to pick up in intensity and we get a good amount of it on wednesday and early thursday. high temperatures at 420 in 50 on wednesday . we catch a break as we head into next weekend. it will be dry and warm . the fox five weather at with daily and hourly
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we have one for free today and away we go. >> the commute is off to a good start . things are moving fine . the lie is heading in with great shape . this is over in westchester with traffic here moving fine . the george washington bridge is a good option this morning in the upper or lower level. it's looking good. ben, back to you. ben: andrew call plans to make a run for the white house. according to the post , if a republican wins the white house in november, cuomo will be the president in 2020. the gop chairman says if cuomo expects hillary
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the email scandal and joe biden will turn out to be the democratic nominee. cuomo would like to be joe biden's running mate. he is awfully close to device president to be. curtis: my morning cannot be any worse than to see that you are here, diva girl. you rode in on that broomstick. you are back. juliet: you are convinced that governor cuomo , eva lies cuomo, will be indicted and a scandal . i am upset.
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crooked guy. king cuomo the first. this guy thinks he has a destiny. he thinks he is entitled. i don't think they think that anymore!we will have to find out the hard way. he was opposed to raising taxes and all of a sudden he licked his fingers in now he says he has to move left and now he is a great left-winger. he has no soul! ben: he is the mayor of new york . jeb bush may have shed some tears and had to go home. i have to tell you, talk about a waste of $100 million. 100 million!
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to make the speech he was so weak and so soft. donald trump just slapped him over the stage. let's get to donald. he is flexing and he is not turning it down. now he is going at rubio and cruz. it's against hillary clinton. anybody but her. does it seem clear to you that trump is a nominee ? do they stand a chance in the fall?>> who knows with hillary. it's always a pandora's box. you never know what clinton will do in the past that will surface now. juliet: think about the 70s when you launched the guardian angels.
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whippersnapper and i took out the first patrol on february 13, 1979. we see a resurgence although you guys haven't gone anywhere. there is an interest renewed in the guardian angels. it's given the crime climate here in new york. >> your mayor , bill de blasio is in a drug-induced psychosis. there is flashings going on and he is in iowa. the police commissioner goes , you people are sleeping on the subway. not one person was sleeping that was/. they don't get it. they don't ride the streets in they don't ride on the subways. people are fearful that the old days are coming back. >> did you get on one train and hang out in one car? >> that's the difference.
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them do horizontal patrol. it's the few times that you ride the number six train. >> i write it every day. >> it's only when you're bentley is an available ! [laughter] juliet: i want that contract! curtis: you give the passengers a feeling of relief. that is not happening with the police. ben: i see them in the stations by never see them there, you are right. curtis: they are scratching their bellies. >> i like the guardian angels being around. it makes me happy. >> in my becoming a personal guardian angel? you have the urge. 770 w abc. it's her second show. as the drive at five.
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i thought it was a pretty nice weekend. >> it was nice. the weather was agreeable. >> it wasn't as sunny as it was supposed to be. >> it wasn't all that funny. it was warm. i thought it was a pretty good deal for the weekend! we did end up with some showers in the afternoon and evening with a possibility coming in late sunday and monday. it's already out of here. 480 is the temperature for the afternoon. the forecast high for today is a little bit warmer than normal but not as warm as we had yesterday in the mid-50s. 590 is the high and we will see a mild start today. it's a clear sky with 480. the little bit longer for you but there is an area of
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tri-state region. showers are done and the high temperature goes up to 480. 42 is the high with showers showing up with rain and a big one. it looks pretty dry. >> . juliet: thrilling finishes on the ice at the hardwood . ben: how the yankees are doing spring training. duke is here with the team in warm sunny florida. duke: saturday was a big day here. we saw chapman and sabatier. yesterday was a slow day. making the news yesterday is the conditioning by steinbrenner field on the practice fields. the pictures are using this
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are reporting mock krause in honor of the division in coach. why is it being used? girardi has the answer. >> six increments of 10 yards. i think the last two are up the hill . it's something that matt believes in. i supported . >> to me , you could argue that he was the greatest ringback of all time. >> rangers and red wings at the garden last night. hendrik lindquist and overtime ranking down the ice. kevin hayes has the 211 break eating kevin klein. klein does the rest scoring a game-winner in the rangers beat the red
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st. john's hosting in the first half with the pirates up and carrington goes up for the slam holding off a great win. >> the daytona 500. it's amazing finish at the great american race. >> they take the lead in the final lap. they just edge patch past. it's the closest finish in history. if the daytona when . that's the story from tampa. more sports throughout the course of the morning. i am covering the yankees in tampa . ben: concerned about those players running up a hill ? it's very interesting to hear about this hill and the intervals. juliet: we are a couple minutes away from the top of the 5:00 . top stories, weather
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". juliet: warm temperatures today in the upper 40s. ben: it's not that great. let's not get carried away. mike woods is watching the forecast. maybe a little bit of snow and rain on the way? ben: we are learning more about the officers wounded in a shootout. we now know who fired the shots that hit him.police need your help in catching the men who stabbed a woman in the bronx. it's so disturbing. ben: marco rubio and ted cruz looking to bounce back in tomorrow's nevada caucus. we will have a live report coming up.


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