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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". juliet: warm temperatures today in the upper 40s. ben: it's not that great. let's not get carried away. mike woods is watching the forecast. maybe a little bit of snow and rain on the way? ben: we are learning more about the officers wounded in a shootout. we now know who fired the shots that hit him.police need your help in catching the men who stabbed a woman in the bronx. it's so disturbing. ben: marco rubio and ted cruz looking to bounce back in tomorrow's nevada caucus. we will have a live report coming up.
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juliet: hello . ben: welcome back! i think what you may have read or heard was exaggerated about the difficult time we may or may not have giving you about when you are away. all i have to say is i'm grateful to be back with my best friends in the studio. mike: look at her. juliet: i learned a lot . juliet: the surgery was fine. you are making morbid jokes about the surgery. the surgery went fantastic quicker than i thought it would be . it was like an hour -and-a-half and physically,
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. it's all cleaned out now. [laughter] juliet: she's back! mike: good monday morning. we have 400 and newark is at 36. 29 poughkeepsie and 37 and bellmawr. it's definitely cooler. it's five 100 from what we had yesterday. 200 cooler poughkeepsie. cooler today but the air is sneaking back into the region taking the temperatures a little bit closer to where they should be this time of year. we have seen it much warmer over the weekend. the winds are available for coming through at three 7 miles per hour. now it's out of here and we
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. we head into the atlantic hours in the high pressure builds back in. it will be a cool high but not a crazy cold one. he will be cooler than what we had over the weekend. temperatures come up to 410 by 9:00 am. temperatures are going up to 480 and it's a pretty nice-looking monday coming at you as folks are getting back to work and school. 420 is your high-end it looks like it will be primarily rain but there could be snowflakes to the north. be too worried about that as it will be warm . plenty comes through on wednesday making it heavy at times with a high of 540 on thursday. we had the windy, wet weather coming in. >> let's take a peek at what's coming in .
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problems on the new england freeway. there is an accident southbound on the parkway. across westchester, no problems on the bridge. new jersey commute is doing fine and there is no problems on the parkway over the bridge in the new jersey turnpike. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute on the lie . no problems eastbound or westbound. as for the bqe, you are fine this morning with no issues there. crossing the hudson, all three are looking good. ben: lawyers that made the weapon made during the sandy hook shooting will be in a connecticut courtroom. juliet: the families of the 26th of comes filed a lawsuit over freedom group. it's the rifle adam lanza used to kill 21st graders in december 2012. the company wants the judge to dismiss the case saying
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federal law preventing gunmakers from lawsuits over criminal use . ben: one of the two officers that shot over the weekend is recovering at home.juliet: the second officer is in stable condition. this surveillance video shows the wild shootout that rock bed sty brooklyn. nypd officers, somebody the fbi is checking out as someone who may be radicalized and who might have extremist ties. the man allegedly opened fire on to plainclothes housing officers as they chased him down lexington avenue. one of the wounded officers was not struck by friendly fire which was a speculation. he was hit by a bullet from
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it's unclear if the bullet that penetrated the officer is also from the same then. they can't say for sure. in the immediate aftermath, bill de blasio highlighted the bravery of the officers. >> it's a reminder of the important work that the police officers do and the way they put their lives on the line every day . >> he remains in custody and in critical condition. he was struck multiple times by return gunfire. among the charges is attempted murder and assaulting a police officer. the daily news reports say he has a twenty-year rap sheet spanning three states. the paper reports he has a long history of unkept mental health issues. ben: a man stabbed a woman in the bronx.
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the black car in the williamsburg section and approach the 26-year-old on the sidewalk. one stabbed your and the other cut her here. she is expected to be okay. if you have any information, call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. juliet: that is so disturbing. a 35 uber driver left six people dead in kalamazoo michigan.he is expected to be in court today. >> hundreds turned out for a prayer service for the six big times. jason dalton drove around kalamazoo for six hours randomly shooting people. four of the victim's were killed outside of a restaurant and others were shot outside an apartment building and at a car dealership. the 14-year-old girls in
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police believe he may have picked up some fares in between the shootings. a recovery effort resumes for a 23-year-old man crashes in long island . four people were on the plane heading to massachusetts on saturday night. authorities say a student pilot was in control at 11:00 pm when the lane had engine trouble. they turned the controls over to the instructor. everyone on board got out but three of the men were rescued by police. >> the police officers in sussex county commandeered kayaks and went into the water to get to passengers, to victims afloat while the marine arrived and rescue the individuals. >> the men who were rescued were not seriously hurt . >> republican candidates say don't count them out
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>> during saturday's primary, robert moses joins us now with the latest on the presidential race. good morning, robert. rubio and cruz may not be giving up of this will be a tough uphill fight . republican caucus tomorrow in nevada with trump territory and the figures are to be another victory . we know the nominee now , it appears to be . >> they were probably sent here so we could put them in our jails. the lights went out in a rally. but that's about the only thing that has gone wrong for him lately. establishment republicans comes to grips with the reality that a trump nomination increases to be inevitable.
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rhetoric . >> right now, i am fighting for my life. he showed no signs of turning it down when he retreated an article suggesting rubio who finished second in south carolina, was not eligible to be president. george asked trump about the eligibility on abc this week. >> i've never looked at it. honestly someone said he's not and i retreated it . >> i will spend zero time on his interpretation. >> rubio is hoping for an endorsement. >> i am suspending my campaign. >> jeb bush is now out and rubio hopes to secure his endorsement although given the bitter class, it might be hard to come by. he finished third but he continues to hang his hat on his win in iowa. >> if you want to beat donald trump go with the only campaign that has
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beat donald trump. >> the path to the nomination is becoming difficult for sanders who lost to hillary clinton. >> the fight goes on in the future is within our grasp . >> hoping to get a boost from danny glover . >> the campaign is gaining momentum because we are listening to the american people. >> sander appears there with glover and he has to make inroads with african-american voters. that's been his weakness and clinton strength. a big reason why clinton is expected to be an during the democratic primary in south carolina. >> thank you, robert moses. we have a lot more to come. ben: security clashes with a popular wrapper. we will show you what's going on.
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forecast and it will be kind of warmish. >> we are not doing so bad. it's still warmer than normal.we have four 400 with lots of sunshine today. it's not bad for temperatures this time of the year. the average high is 430. we had daily and hourly forecast that the apple itunes store and it's free so download our app on fox 5 ny weather app. [music] the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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this is where we toss to mike woods.>>? say hi , mike , how are you . >> she totally forgot all of her passwords. ben: we have been forced to reset them all since then. there is a lot of it. it's good to see you. let's show you what's going on. 400 with a clear sky at central park . it's cooler than what we had yesterday. most places are five 100 we had . that's check the regional temperatures. 360 in boston in 18 with colder air to
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here in the tri-state , it's not so bad. 400 in philly and the sky is clear. showers we saw yesterday at light moderate rainfall. timing wise, it wasn't the worst. it came through on the late part of sunday in the overnight hours. we have clear skies and the rain coming to a close. areas of low pressure pulling it through and now it's heading into the atlantic. it sinking to the south and it's not strong enough that it's knocking the temperatures down a decent amount from what we had yesterday. we look at slightly warmer temperatures today and from the future cast, we have showers coming up and we will have the sky clearing out . as we head into tomorrow, the crowd started to make a comeback.clouds come in the morning and it looks like the rain holds off later in the afternoon. it will be primarily rain that there could be wet snowflakes in the beginning.
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gets showery as we had the most of the day on tuesday. it's wednesday that it looks like it will be pretty wet out there. here's what we have today. going up to 440 by 11:00 am. in sunny skies in the afternoon. as you go throughout the next several days, clouds are building in in the morning and wednesday will be the wetter of the days. it goes into early thursday and we are out of here by the weekend. we are looking pretty good with temperatures about where we should be.let's bring ines resigned as and see what's going on for the monday morning commute . >> putnam county is checking and . things are fine at 684. no problems in your town
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let's bring in our camera. traveling on route 80 it's fine he's found near exit 42.on the alexander hamilton bridge looks good. >> thank you very much. bill cosby will stop the scheduled bid. under oath in massachusetts today. >> let's talk about it . >> welcome back. leaders tried to stop the issue altogether. supposed to happen today but a judge ruled that it they must proceed. lawyers filed an emergency motion last night the judge said no. that means you have to testify under oath. seven people are suing the comedian for deprivation saying they are called liars. cosby's wife may have
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lawyers are expected to ask how her team dealt with sexual assault allegations. camille's cosby's lawyers say the public deposition serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her. the judge would not give in. as for bill cosby, he has denied accusations and is going to file a counter suit. it always draws a huge crowd in that small town in pennsylvania. we will see how it goes . >> the whole situation is so messy. >> the man is suspected of raping and robbing a four-year-old woman on staten island. he went into an office building on friday night and sexually assaulted the woman. he is accused of taking her jewelry, cash and cell phone. the victim was treated at
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he is 6 feet tall and 290 pounds. he is a big guy with a tattoo on his left cheek. if you have information, call police at one 800 577 tips. violence breaks out when security clashes with a rapper. >> it just got so hectic. it's a concert for a rapper. it turned out to be a brawl. they were caught on camera fighting with the performer when two men starting fighting. moments later, fans say his partner was manhandled and beat by security. they say they took blows to try to protect the fans were tried to crowd the stage. he left bruised and in tears and he never got to finish the show. one fan says she suffered a concussion. >> it was so scary.
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stairs by security. the management says there are reports about reports. they are not armed. police say there was only one arrest and it's a 23-year-old man . all of those cell phone videos it's definitely going to come into play . that's all i have to say about that. we have a lot more coming up at 521 a.m. what are you hearing about this movie? nothing! i have no idea about the back story here. killing it at the box office. there is a new record for an r rated movie. ryan is a nice guy. >> i like r-rated movies. >> interesting.
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only get back.
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welcome back. it's 5:24 am. drivers are getting good news at the pumps. prices have dropped five cents. it was $45 to fill up my suv. it's not great that's $.56 less and this time last year. that's decent! big savings. they say it expects gas prices to stay this level since the price of crude oil is unchanged from one month ago. deadpool remains dominant
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wait! you may be wondering why the red sea is they are >> the marvels hero is 55 million bringing in a total of more than 235 million. it was made for just 58 million. >> it's one of the most successful r-rated movies ever. it's a g made it rated movie. risen and the witch and . >> what about the lender. i think it fell. i heard it was really funny. john lennon's hair has sold for $35,000. it's at an auction in dallas. the hair belonged to john lennon. >> you just hold it
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john lennon ! he put a light around it. it belonged to a barber in germany they gave him a trim when he did the film how i won the war. he was 50 years old. the bills had just released revolver. it was one month before. it was purchased by british collector. i think it's creepy. >> some people like creepy. we have some top stories, when we come back .
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". ben: damages in the 60s and maybe 50s today. we will be in the upper 40s and it will be pretty sunny. juliet: it will be nice . ben: don't jinx us. juliet: we now know who fire the shot the injured nypd officers. we will clarify the
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coming up . >> andrew cuomo sets himself up for a presidential run. we will talk about that. it is a wish come true as a 106 -year-old woman will meet president obama. we'll show you more about what happened. here is more about what happened. it's really funny. >> she was rocking out . >> good morning. >> . juliet: i am juliet huddy . ben: i am ben simmoneau . what was your name? juliet: i saw the same name. it hasn't been that long! it's just been hell ! now that it's february 22, you are out of time off. you have to be here the rest of the year every day. i hear you! you would know, wouldn't you? mike: i haven't taken any
5:31 am
he took like three chips trips while you are gone. did you? >> oh maybe, miami. i can't remember. i have some really crazy stories. i went to venice italy for my second week after surgery on my nose. my doctor told me to take two weeks off. in the second week, he said take vacation. we did nothing to eat . we ran into someone and i have to tell you it's crazy! >> i am looking forward to this. good teaser. >> what to expect here today. no sunshine coming up lots of sunshine coming up. highs get up into the 40s as opposed to the 50s and
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it's going to be mild with wind coming at you. it's later tuesday and wednesday and especially into early thursday. looks like we could get maybe an inch -and-a-half or maybe more . looks pretty wet midweek. turns chili to finish out the weekend temperatures will be below normal . we will see the 40s in central park and 36 in bridgeport. wind is coming in from the north at 15 mph. it's a little bit breezy with wind coming from the north and the sky is clearing out nicely with an area of low pressure into the atlantic waters. we have high pressure building in and it means more sunshine today. lots of sun and cooler temperatures topping out at 480.showers showing up late and it might make sin with mostly rain on thursday. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what's going on. the commute probably isn't
5:33 am
>> there is issues out there. expect some delays southbound because of an accident happening. in queens, the bqe with problems happening on metropolitan parkway. you have a accident happening and on the westbound side, one lane is closed with emergency personnel. let's look at the long island expressway. no problems westbound and if you are driving into the city , looking at the toll tunnel. trains are running on or close. ben: thank you, ines. one of the nypd officers is recovering at home.the second officer remains in stable condition at king county hospital. that's where we send teresa to give us the update on the situation. theresa: good morning. good to hear from you both.
5:34 am
county hospital and one officer remains inside the officer, william read shot under his bulletproof vest just at his hip . he was injured in a wild shootout . the other officer was hit in the chest but saved by his vest. that gunman's name is jamaal feeling as and he has a 17 year rap sheet expanding three states. this is a man with on history unchecked rental health issues . he has extremist ties and radicalize while serving time in prison. he made the acquaintance of 3:20 am and bed stipe. they encountered him after hearing gunshots.
5:35 am
with ended with him crashing his car into a police cruiser and that's when the gunbattle ensued. it's been determined that he was not hit by friendly fire. it's a recent development over the weekend and it speculated that with all the gunfire that was exchanged , potentially the officers were hit by friendly fire. it is not what happened. ben and juliet , officers and investigators have not been able to make the determination just yet. that's because the bullet is still lodged inside of his hip .he is recovering here and expected to make a full recovery. that's the latest, i will send things back to both of you. >> . juliet: thank you, teresa. they want apple to unlock the sammartino gunman's iphone. the agency can't look for survivors if they can't follow the lead. they have ordered apple to
5:36 am
it was used by the shooters in the attack in san bernardino. they say it would have to get software to hack the phone it could be used by government and cyber criminals. andrew, appears to be ready to make a run for the white house. not this year but for years from now. the new york democrats say if the republicans win , cuomo will run for president in 2020. it could be on the ticket this year with the state gop chair and saying he thinks cuomo expects clinton to be indicted in the email scandal and joe biden will be the democratic nominee. >> it's an interesting theory. cuomo would like to be joe biden's running mate . this is a lot of speculation.if it is joe
5:37 am
. stranger things have happened. juliet: speaking of the campaign trail, everything is getting back to normal . the presidential hopefuls are setting their sights on tuesday. the latest developments are jeb bush is out of the race. >> obviously , a situation like a hillary clinton indictment looks like it's clinton's and trump's to lose. it's a huge week for democrats and republicans. they are riding high after it's far from over. let's look .trump and clinton ask in the glow .
5:38 am
questioned ted cruises retreating article saying rubio cannot serve. george stephanopoulos asked trump about this this week . >> i've never look at it. someone said he's not and i retreated it. i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram. retweet things and we start dialogue. >> it's a pattern . he posed things that are outrageous in people flock to it. i will spend zero time on his claim about the constitution and eligibility. >> republicans will caucus in nevada. trump is the front-runner. we also mention the democrats in south carolina is where they will vote this saturday. clinton figures he will do very well there.
5:39 am
to pay attention to is now that he's out, who will he endorse? marco rubio hopes it will be him but the two of them clash. they have a florida thing in common. rubio brings in his protigi. you have mitt romney in the mix and he might endorse rubio. we don't know when it will come. those endorsements could be a bone for rubio. >> i would guess that bush is not endorsed for rubio. >> who will endorse him? k sig ? juliet: i am back to start trouble. thank you, robert. it's a dream come true for a 106 -year-old woman. one in 1910. she got to meet the first
5:40 am
[laughter] hey,! i am honored! say hi to michelle . [laughter] that is very cute. ben: they hosted virginia mclaurin at the white house.more than one year after the petition to get her an invite, her excitement is contagious. they danced around with her for a bit . the video went viral with more than 12,000 views. that's just sense yesterday. >> why are they breaking out and dance? or she was just so excited she wanted to dance? >> the invite was part of black history month. lauren was born in south carolina. she was born in 1909. she will turn hundred and seven this year . i say it's a pretty nice
5:41 am
says it's not so great. juliet: it's this beach things she has going on. i am vitamin deficient . >> you expect a little bit of sun .>> you guys are acting like at 6:00 on saturday night. it's out . it's 580. >> it's awesome! >> i am so excited for the warm weather. >> we get the spring fever. even though you are pushing the season it was nice to see warmer than normal temperatures. now we are heading into the other direction. what we have out there it's more than what we typically see. it's the same thing in belmar at 370 in bridgeport. temperatures came down between 200 cooler than it was in a temperature drop in poughkeepsie. it's cooler in central park
5:42 am
out from yesterday's wet weather that came through yesterday late. it lasted longer for you in long island but now all the rain heads out to see them won't see much happening for us in terms of cloud cover. tomorrow, they start and we see high clouds in the morning as the showers get going into the evening. they will be several ways of low pressure anymore solid one comes through on wednesday. today, the showers show up late and after that, we are done . it's cooler this upcoming weekend. the weather app has daily and hourly forecast. download it . it costs zero. it looks good on this monday morning.
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weekend helps us in the service resuming service . they extended it because of the freezing conditions . problems on the bqe with accident on the westbound side near metropolitan avenue backing things up to the lie. it's on the eastbound side we have activity blocking one lanes with heavy delays there both ways already this morning. let's look at the commute. it's over on the parkway near mile marker and no problems northbound or southbound. if you are taking alexander hamilton that's a good
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juliet: police say two suspects got out of a black car in the bronx on saturday in the williamsburg section. they proceeded woman on the sidewalk , cutting her ear and stabbing her. >> days and dalton is expected to be in a kalamazoo courtroom today.
5:47 am
going on a shooting rampage leaving six people dead. he may have ticked up a fair in between the shootings. >> lawyers made the rifle hook. court. the company says it's protected by a federal law. the wrongful death suit was filed by the families of the victim's. a flip thrilling finish and on the asphalt at the detailed donor 500. how the yankees are doing in tampa florida . here is duke . duke: we are here in florida. saturday was a big day here at yankee camp. we saw chapman and miller throw as well as about the a. yesterday was a slow day.
5:48 am
pictures are using this to get the running in. all the players are using this later this week. it's called krause in it's in honor of the yankee strength and conditioning coach.why is it being used this year? joe has the answer.>> there is six instruments. the last two are up the hill. it's something that matt really believes in and i support it. >> is or any concerns about injuries? >> know. to me , you could argue that he was the greatest running back of all time until he trained. >> at the garden last night, the red wings with a matchup in regulation. it was the same in overtime as arrangers blacked on the ice.
5:49 am
kevin kline and a perfect pass.he scores the game-winner and the rangers beat the red wings 1/0. st. john's host seton hall and that pirates are off the break. carrington goes in at a 19 point lead.they hold off great run at 62/61. the daytona 500 with an amazing finish at the great american race. the final lap . he just edges past martin junior. it's the closest finish in history. it's the first daytona 500 win in his career. that's the story from yankees camp . more sports in the morning. for now, in tampa covering yankees, back to you. ben: dukes ritual is complaining about how much work spring training is but bragging about how warm it will be and he comes back
5:50 am
he's completely fit and we are all vitamin d deficient. mike , we need some sunshine. dial it up . mike: well, you may have to join duke . juliet: that would be okay. we should take the whole show down there. that would be fun ! mike: i am sure he will text or tweet something to us. let's show you what's going on. over the weekend it was pretty nice.sunshine and coming up for you here, temperatures will be cooler with highs only making it into the upper 40s. it's not bad for this time of year. it's in the 60s and anyway, it will be mild out there with rain coming back tomorrow. it goes on for a good
5:51 am
it gets cooler after that as we wrap up the weekend. temperatures go into below normal ranges in its 400 at central park. 330 in williamsport and in albany, you have 700 of the partly cloudy sky. they had out into the atlantic waters and no longer a problem for us. we are getting away with not having to deal with the wet weather for the monday morning commute. the cold front is pulling it out to see. we will have gradual clearing and sunshine coming up later with high temperatures up to 480. we managed to get up to 420 we have clouds rolling and was showers rolling in in the afternoon. rainfall will be calm on wednesday but fairly mild with a high of 50 .it's windy as we go into thursday and it looks like we will see cooler temperatures as we go up
5:52 am
weekend. the weekend looks dry. time to get over to ines as we take a look at what's going on out there. the bqe eastbound by queens boulevard as you head westbound. there's an accident blocking two lanes after metropolitan avenue. the eastbound side, your one lane blocks. the new england freeway expecting delays near the parkway. there is an accident not causing any major delays. closed. lie. no problems westbound or eastbound. as for the bridge, we will take a look at that . southbound, you can see it's not causing any problems. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> we haven't had the bet . it's just monday. >> i thought about that the other day. >> it's a bet from hundred
5:53 am
>> you are gone for one month. >> you are out of the country. >> you are supposed to do it before there was a
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>> 250,000 donated to kesha . lady gaga, area monday, kelly clarkson and others have voiced their support. she is trying to get out of a contract from sony claiming he sexually abused her. the judge ruled against releasing her from her contract and doctor luke denies the allegations. >> destiny's child reunites and celebrates kelly rowlands 35th birthday.
5:57 am
the sunset water hotel in west hollywood. leave it to the simpsons to bring the 2016 candidates together. >> how sweet it is to be loved by you. >> how sweet it is by james taylor.the commodity is a dream sequence. we are minutes away from the 6:00 hour.the interesting tidbit for who i ran into . bernie sanders. you think? >> i went to bed earlier.
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>> good morning everyone. it is 6:00 on a loverly monday morning. skies will stay mostly sker today. highs should reach, you know, the mid to upper 40s. not too bad but wet weather is headed our way later on this week and mike will tell us all about that coming up. >> one nypd officer remains hospitalized from injuries he suffered during a shooting in bedford. : ted cruz and marco rubio battling to emerge as top republican rival. two donald trump who has his feet like firmly ground in there in the lead position. today they campaign in nevada. where gop caucuses are set to be held tomorrow. >> bill koz by wife camille will


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