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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ernie: it is monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. there is a lot to cover tonight. we start with a court battle over the newtown, connecticut, school shootings. it is a fight that could lead to something very rare, a gun company being held criminally responsible for deaths caused by a gun it manufactured. joe is live in bridgeport with what happened in court today. good evening, joe. >> reporter: good evening, ernie. it was a legal battle here in bridgeport with attorneys for the gun companies as well as the families of the victims from that terrible sandy hook massacre sparring over one legal question. can a gun company be held responsible if someone commits a crime using one of their guns? >> our son daniel was seven years old when he was shot to death in his classroom at sandy
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we feel we deserve our day in court. >> reporter: three years after the terrible shootings that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, the families of the sandy hook elementary school victims did get their day in court with a connecticut judge hearing arguments over whether or not to allow a case to proceed. one of the central issues, a 2005 law passed by congress to protect gun manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits when their weapons are used in a crime. here's jonathan whitcomb, one of the lawyers for the gun companies. >> congress expressed its intention that these kind of cases shall not be brought and shall not proceed. i think the process by which that law was passed needs to be respected and it needs to be followed. >> reporter: at a press conference before the hearing, the victims' families and their lawyer argued the gun companies
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for civilians, the ar-15, and knowingly targeted distressed young men like adam lanza. >> it was designed specifically and solely for the purpose of soldiers, back then only men, to kill the enemy during combat. the manufacturer is marketing to people like adam lanza and they know it. now we know it. it's time everybody knows it. it's time they take responsibility for that. >> reporter: in the end the families argue it comes down to accountability. >> any other product is not granted this safe harbor. you're accountable for what you manufacture and how you promote it. it. >> reporter: after a few hours in court, the judge isn't expected to issue a ruling for days. it could be months or weeks from now. ernie: joe, tell us about the issue of advertising that could appeal to some that can trigger
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>> reporter: exactly. one of the things that the attorneys for the families is the marketing, the way the guns are positioned to people. one of the ads, it said, quote, get your man card and get one of these ar-15s. their argument is that reaches out to these lone, potentially mentally unstable people like the shooter adam lanza and put people in danger. ernie: we'll continue to follow the story. thank you, joe. in other stories to tell you about, these headlines. the uber driver accused of killing six people in michigan will stay behind bars. jason dalton was arraigned on six counts of murder. he is accused of going on a deadly shooting spree saturday night. one couple says they were his passengers between killings. >> i would never expect someone who was killing people to come pick me up. >> we feel lucky that we came out of this unharmed. ernie: the dalton had no prior criminal record, but prosecutors say he has admitted to the crimes.
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a motive. it's believed the victims were randomly targeted. >> apple continues to refuse a federal court order to unlock the cell phone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers. the ceo cites digital privacy concerns over millions of customers. the fbi is keeping up the pressure on apple to cooperate. now the shooting victims' families have filed a brief supporting the government's position. that's what's happening in the news right now. nick is joining us. and nice weather before some of that rain we're hearing about. >> today in the lower 50s, but things, all things considered -- ernie: when is the rain going to start? nick: tomorrow afternoon. it may start as snow. ernie: a mix of rain and snow. will that continue for a while? nick: into the evening. it could leave an inch of snow behind with the colder surfaces north and west of town. ernie: still winter. nick: definitely so. even though we'll be talking about the snow-rain situation,
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temperatures this week as we talk about rain later on. today was spectacular. 52 for the high with sunshine and we've seen higher clouds move into the sky the later part of the day. 38 this morning. 43, 30 is the average now. 69 the record high. 8 the record low. you won't see the sun tomorrow. high clouds moving in. 49. the air is very dry. humid humidity only 29 percent. the pressure is 30.16 and rising still as high pressure ridges down from eastern canada. that will set up a northeasterly wind tonight. not so cold for highs. 46 at montauk. 49 at bridgeport. 48 poughkeepsie to sussex. 54 in newark. back to the upper 40s at the jersey shore. we're still in the upper 40s in the city. back to newark as well. lower 40s north and west to 36 monticello. low 40s islip on east. the wind basically light and variable near the coast.
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from the coast. this is going to be a northeasterly wind coming in tonight. that brought temperatures down to 34, 35 in the city and 20s in the suburbs. fox 5 sky guardian not showing anything going on, but the clouds are moving in. take a look at the satellite photo. you can see the thicker cloud cover from washington, d.c. on southward. here's the high by montreal. the northeasterly wind comes in. the temperatures stay cold tomorrow. then the moisture comes up. the first wave will be a little disturbance tomorrow that will slide to the south and east. that brings the rain-snow mix tomorrow afternoon. a little icy for a little longer in the northern and western suburbs. the precipitation will get light. we shouldn't expect more accumulation than that. then phase 2 will come through. that storm will bring up milder weather with rain for wednesday, wednesday night and showery weather on thursday. clouds tomorrow morning. 35 in the city.
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noon to 2:00, you start to see some wet snowflakes and rain move in at 38. that will last into the afternoon and evening. notice the high stops at 39 and will stay in the 30s tomorrow night. there's the first wave coming up. there's the snow-rain situation. that tapers down, but wednesday with the next storm coming up from the south and west, rain moves in with milder temperatures. we'll be above 50 wednesday and see some showery weather that will last through thursday. clouds tonight, 35 in the city. 20s to lower 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow, clouds and snow and rain in the afternoon. no higher than 39. watch out for an inch or so north and west. rain wednesday. 51, showery, breezy. thursday, 53. upper 30s, thursday and friday. back to lower to middle 40s the second part of the weekend. ernie: we'll continue to follow it one day at a time. thank you. we're back in a couple of minutes with growing job opportunities for older new
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nick, how about driving a car? how ride sharing companies are turning to older drivers to get you around town. tomorrow, we reveal who's really behind all those viral videos you share with your friends. how companies are turning those into a big business. that's tomorrow at 6:00.
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ernie: welcome back to tonight's feature story. many older new yorkers are having trouble finding jobs where they can make end meet. as linda schmidt reports, ride sharing companies like uber and lyft are changing that by putting the people right behind the wheel. check it out. >> angel counts his blessing. among them, the ability to still work and support his family. at age 58, his new career is driving for uber. >> the best thing working for the company is you've got your own hours. >> reporter: in the past he worked as a janitor. his last job was providing office services, but that dried up. he couldn't retire, so he turned to uber 2-1/2 years ago. >> i couldn't retire. i couldn't afford -- i don't got the money, the funds enough to secure my house. i had to keep working.
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growing number of older americans who have to either continue to work full-time or work part-time to supplement their retirement income. franco says he works seven days a week, averaging about 12 hours a day. >> at uber i'm making around 30, $40 an hour. >> reporter: every day? >> every day. >> retirement is a long way off for this man. his newest career is driving for lyft, which is uber's competitor. he was a mechanic and a truck driver for 22 years until he was laid off. at 57 years old, he doesn't have the luxury of staying home. >> i can't afford to retire. i have to go on working in order to make ends meet in new york. it's tough out here. >> reporter: how long do you think you'll have to work? >> maybe next 10 years i'll still be working. >> reporter: until 67? >> yes. >> reporter: the 50 and older
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according to aarp. since this man has to work, option. >> it pays the bills decently. the people around is real nice to deal with. they reply to you really quick. and the customers are great. ernie: thank you, linda. you mentioned aarp. we have a great representative joining us. this is maggie castro stevens. thanks for being here. >> always good to be here. ernie: it's a good subject. a lot of people are thinking about it. let's face it. a lot of people are working past the traditional retirement age. >> right. folks are working -- retirement is not what it used to be. a lot of people can't live off moving on to retirement salary or income. sometimes you've got to supplement that. ernie: that 50-plus group is a growing workforce. >> yes. it's growing by the numbers. growing by the numbers.
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from their jobs and looking for things to do. ernie: you have great programs. you have this thing called life reimagined. this is chock full of all kinds of ideas. >> it is one of my favorite initiatives with aarp, one of many that aarp has. what it is, it's allowing people to come in and assess where they are, where they want to go and how to move forward in terms of their livelihood. ernie: you have workshops and things? >> we do. we have two-hour workshops we hold in person. there's the online, the web site. folks can go on the web site and cruise through the tools. ernie: we have it there. if you want to find out about life reimagined. you help people with finances. you have experts to help them with health questions. it's a great program. >> yes. the life reimagined program, you can focus on areas of work, career, which is how most people use the initiative, or do health
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some people are looking to lose weight, eat better. other folks use it for finance, just learn how to budget or how to save for retirement. ernie: that's good. we saw how uber and lyft are doing a great job hiring older drivers. in a nutshell, think about the things that are to come, programs you're developing. what are you looking for? >> so many things. that's what aarp is. real possibilities. you can go on to aarp and check out the amazing work we're doing. be it life reimagined. we're pushing for a work and save program, which is helping folks to sort of put money away for retirement. a lot of folks don't do that. ernie: and affordable housing. i heard about that. dari: ernie: thank you for joining you see today. come back again and give us more good information. >> thanks for having me. ernie: here's a question for people of any age. i'm wondering about your personal routine and life-style.
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are you a home body or do you like to go out a lot? ernie: what do you prefer? see what people had to say in just a few minutes. and join me on wednesday for a look at the neighborhood newspaper. why so many outlets for news are around. there's a hyper local focus now helping these papers thrive. we'll talk about that on wednesday at 6:00. first russ is coming into the studio. he's going to join me to talk about the yankees and spring training.
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ernie: mets last week we were talking about spring training. now the yankees. how are things looking? russ: it's been uneventful. that's a good thing. everybody -- every manager's biggest concern, especially with the yankees, is the health and welfare, especially with the starting rotation. so far, so good. tanaka, who really is the ace of their starting rotation, you see him there, he had a bullpen session today. he was looking pretty good. you know, the starting rotation, it's kind of interesting because because of the way the team is built with their strong bullpen on the back end, these guys, they don't have to worry about getting into the 7th inning. to me -- i don't like. i call it like little league pitchers.
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problems, if he can give them six innings, he's okay. ernie: did he have problems when playing in japan? . >> no. the difference when you play in japan is in japan, you're throwing once a week. it's a -- ernie: it does make a difference. russ: the guy, his first two years with the yankees, he was 13 of five and 12 of 7. that's impressive. that's with something arm trouble. if they can nail that down, especially with the back end of the bullpen, which is going to be chatman and miller, they can get to the guys, they're in good shape. ernie: you mentioned chapman. what's the latest there? russ: he had an excused absent today. the team knew about it. it had nothing to do with his pending problem. for anybody that's not aware, he's had a domestic violence issue. ernie: how do you think that's going to work out? russ: i don't know. something is going to happen.
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first time that commissioner manfried is going to come down. there's a couple of different people. yankee fans are concerned about this one. what people know is is the suspension going to start in spring training? if it does, does that mean he has to leave the training facility? it could set things back. it will be interesting to see. he's going to get games. how long, i have no idea. ernie: tigers woods, back problems, poor guy, got a lot going on. russ: what it sounds like, he's taking a step backwards. from what i was reading and hearing, he can't sit straight in a car. he has to be reclining. ernie: never be the same? russ: you know, people were wondering if it's psychological. it's physical. if anybody has ever had a bad back and chronic injuries, that's a situation. for a guy who's a golfer with a back situation, i don't think
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wins again or plays again, i don't know. because of this situation, i think we're getting closer to the end. ernie: okay. thank you. i have a good question tonight. when it comes to decide whether to stay in or go out, what do you usually choose? russ: depends on what the weather is like.
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. and you can also answer my daily positive questions.
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anastos. ernie: okay. tell me what you like to do. are you a home body or do you like to go out a lot? >> i like to go do things. ernie: tell me about that. what do you like? >> walking around new york city, uptown, downtown. all over. >> a homebody. ernie: you're a homebody. tell me what you like about that. >> i like spending time by myself and going outside sometimes. ernie: what do you like? >> going out and doing things. ernie: you like to go out. what do you like about that? >> exploring the city. there's so much to do in new york city. >> depends on how hired i am. ernie: if you're tired, you're going to stay home. >> right. >> i like doing both. ernie: what does it depend on? >> how much sleep i've had. how i feel. and what's tempting me. >> it's great to go out and see the tourist attractions around new york and the museums and everything. it's great. every day. we're out. ernie: every single day? >> every day.
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question. what do you like to do? >> i like to stay home sometimes. we just had a stay-cation, but we like to go out. we're new yorkers. ernie: new yorkers enjoy being out. >> every night. ernie: there's a lot of action. >> there is. absolutely. ernie: keep enjoying it. stay home or go out? >> go out. ernie: what do you do? >> i like to spend time with my family. ernie: that's really sweet. you look great. i love your coat. beautiful color. >> thank you. ernie: everybody is looking at you today. you look great. >> thanks. ernie: okay. bye. >> you staying home or going out tonight? let's go dancing. i'm in the mood. that's it for now. thank you for joining us. go to facebook and tell me what you do. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us in studio 5 and our control room, great staff, give us a wave, have a wonderful night and we'll see you tomorrow. i know you love to go out a lot. russ: if i was your age, i just
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: no doubt about it, the '80's crowd hates kris jenner because she got booed off the stage over the weekend. [booing] >> deafening roar of boos. harvey: did she look shocked? >> no. she was like it wasn't even happening. harvey: you know, that is the advantage of botox. >> there's no expression. harvey: this is me upset. this is me happy. [laughter] >> drake. just one-upped every girl's bar mitzvah by performing at one. >> who is this family? >> ben ashkenazy. harvey: you know what, these are the problems with these bar mitzvahs -- >> here we go again. harvey: i'm sorry, it's ridiculous. >> this guy is worth $100 million. who cares if he spends $2 million at a bar mitzvah. >> he's actually worth like several billion dollars.


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