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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call". juliet: 18 detect a delivery man and adults can be heard encouraging the suspect. the second police officer shot in brooklyn getting ready to leave the hospital.we may never know who fired the bullet. we'll tell you why . >> i'd like to punch him in the face! i tell you. juliet: he reminds me of me sometimes.mister trump is talking about a rally at las vegas. who is he one it's who is he that he wants to punch?
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first name starts with a c and last name ends with az . it's a riddle. juliet: maybe it's us ? ben: no! good morning i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. adults cheering on this idiot? mike: there is so much bad behavior there. we are all in this together. juliet: crazy. mike: we do have some interesting weather coming our way. the advisories have
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here's what we have. is not for the interest it's not for the entire tri-state. from 4:00 pm 9:00 am tomorrow, there will be a coating or so of snow that changes over to ice and freezing rain. the purple shaded areas will be quite slippery. right now it's quiet and there's nothing in terms of green to the south of us. as it comes up towards us, it mixes with the cold air and changes into the wintry mix.
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yesterday. 350 in bridgeport and 38 in montauk. 230 in monticello in 28 in sussex. the wind is coming from the east and northeast at six 12 miles per hour. it brings an the cooler air it's typical when you see areas pressure . looks like a coastal storm. an area of low pressure bringing in rain later on a
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they will transfer over into a wintry mix. you could see wet snowflakes here for a little while . we are not talking about accumulation. it's a little warmer as of lately. temperature wise, we go up 50 with a high of 39. it starts to break up after that. it wraps up for the weekend goes into the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales . ines: let's start out in westchester jersey commute looking good. this is the staten island
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it's blurry. the bridge does have a hold schedule at 5:00 a.m. looking good at the bridge. no problem westbound. the trains are running on or close. a teenager attacked a food delivery man in harlem. it was caught on camera. this is a video posted to youtube. it's not clear when it was taken. it shows , you can see, this poor guy trying to deliver food to an apartment building and this teenager knocks the deliveryman down this is not e. 120th st. as if it's not bad enough. the adults are egging him on urging him to rob the
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eventually, the poor guy fights back. we finally have enough. there was no 9-1-1 call . come on, people!this is like an indictment on society. was going on this world? this is an amazing city we need to get our act together. >> one of the police officers injured in brooklyn is expected to go home from hospital. he was struck in the hip by a bullet with andrew work you struck and has bullet proof vest. the suspect in the shooting was hit multiple times. he is included critical condition. it came from his gun but we may never know who fired
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may not remove the lit fragments from his body. he is facing several charges including attempted murder. >> $183 million is awarded to the family of firefighters killed in the 2005 black sunday blaze. they claim that the group plans to quit firefighters that helps them escape the building. the firefighters became trapped in any legally subdivided apartment building.they were forced to jump to avoid the flames. the lieutenant and the firefighter were killed by the impact . the firefighter died six years leaders from his injuries. the jury assigned 80% of the liability to the city. the building landlord got the other 20% x in 2016 , maybe they are not ready
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bloomberg. hillary clinton comes out on top beating all the candidates in the city , including bernie sanders. in hundred and 27 were in the poll. we've heard the headlines and we've heard him remind us about it. we're heading into the nevada caucus today and ted cruz gets rid of a key member of this team. good morning, robert. robert: donald trump will win tonight in nevada and win easily. marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting to be viable alternatives to the man who shows no signs of surrendering. it's super quick and easy. just check the box next to
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campaign, even got trump encourages nevada caucus goers to support her dad . >> we need you nevada. trump is widely expected to win tonight. he held a rally in vegas and a protester had to be carried out. do you know when the you know what they would do to guys like this? they would take him on a stretcher. i would like to punch him in the face. >> he fired rick tyler for spreading a false story about marco rubio. >> tyler treated a video about him speaking with a crew staffer in the hotel lobby. subtitles claim they say there are not many answers in the bible when rubio said the bible had all the answers. >> we are not a campaign that will question the fate of another candidate . even if it was true, we
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>> i posted in haste and i have apologized to marco rubio. they pouncing the video is the latest in a string of dirty tricks. >> it's a disturbing pattern of things in his campaign and flat out lies. trump tweeted, ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mock the bible and was forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks! as for the democrats, focused on south carolina with hillary clinton expected to win there. that's elitist. ben: this saga continues to be one it is entertaining. juliet: i doubt he would ever do that to me.
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mike breaks it down in the forecast. ben: rallies around the
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before mike: welcome back. it's colder than spotting
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temperatures coming down into the winter range. 360 in central park in newark at the belmar and 380 in montauk. temperatures came down a . wind coming in from the east and northeast at six 13 mph pulling in more of a cold air. that's what you need to get the winter precipitation going. it doesn't look like a major storm but you will get something out of it here and there. it's the northern tier of the tri-state. here's what we have clouds increasing in the area and showers are not here yet but they will be to the south down near the capital. so far, aspirin brain down in the area . the frontal boundary has stalled out and you get the east and northeast wind. this is the one that brings in the heavier preset . it's coming in here later
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the first round that comes through is a lighter precipitation mixing with some travel and as you can see, it comes in with primarily rain that there is some snowflakes in the tri-state starting up this afternoon. puts down a light coating and some places might see more than an inch. it is mixing later on and you will have slick travel conditions. the later rain is bringing in the first round of showers later in a more potent area of low pressure comes in on wednesday. high temperature at 390 with a wintry mix coming in with minor accumulation to the north. heavy rain comes in tomorrow , especially later. 530 on thursday and rain going on for the morning commute . it does get drier and cooler after that .
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radar tracking the rain. neighborhood. >> let's bring in ines to see what's going on. ines: good morning , mike. things are fine and queens. no issues there. let's look at the lie. smooth sailing and it's washington bridge. it's fine on the upper and lower levels no delays at the lincoln or the holland tunnel. demonstrators will be there nationwide. investigators have a iphone that was used by one of the shooters. they would like to see what's inside but too many attempts to unlocked would raise the device. apple has been asked to order the digital lock.
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in the hacker's hands. it's compromising security for everyone who has an iphone. some side with apple and other with the government. >> she did not want to do this. she was trying to send an it with her lawyers. bill cosby's wife, camille, started her deposition. seven women are suing them for deformation . >> got the sense that she did not want to be there. >> she is forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. he gave a deposition at a hotel in boston behind a black curtain with tight security. the case was brought by seven women for accusing him of lying about sexual assault allegations against him . the jury will determine who has more credibility.
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>> they fire like counter suit against the women. he made a last-minute attempt to prevent his wife from speaking on the record. a judge rejected the appeal . that did not stop her lawyers from trying to use spousal privilege during the proceedings. >> she is his wife. understand the nature of his relationship. those observations are not protected by any privilege. >> a criminal case can't be brought against him since the statute of limitations is already past. dozens of women have accused him of sexually abusing him. cosby called the women liars publicly prompting seven of them for suing him over slander. >> these encourage over a good number of years. he will have to return for
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in new york , kelly wright , fox news .juliet: still ahead, the next get blown out by the raptors. tina is here. ben: duke is on vacation. he works hard down there. tina is here and she will tell us what's going on
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be right back . ben: i want to know exactly when it will start precipitating. juliet: you mean raining? ben: manhattan and the upper east side. mike: here's the problem. a lot of people are watching from new jersey. >> i am asking about manhattan. lunch is at 8:00 am. >> what is the deal?
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>> there is some flakes or drops. we will see some wet snowflakes out for a little noon, slippery roads will be developing and we will see them in the north and west of the city. we will get a coating of snow and ice to the north and west. it starts to mix and change over to more rainfall. it's pretty much all rain by tomorrow. it gets quite may not there and it will be heavy at times. it will be breezy. it's completely dry. the clouds are increasing and we don't expect it to be on top for a little while. we have a clear sky out at central park. we see the rain and snow in the wintry mix coming into town. it's coming on the hours of noon or three in it starts to pick up into tomorrow.
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thursday may have drier sky all the way through the upcoming week. then, over to you. >> it's good to be back. >> what's going on? >> we have lots going on. >> duke was there all week. the next take on the raptors. it's a 10 day contract and the native would not get in until the end of the game. in the second quarter here, derek williams has a big jim and it's a four-point lead. toronto turns it on and the
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with the first triple-double of the season. it's 11 rebounds and 11 assists. it's 149 to go. he nails the three-pointer and it was pretty much over at that point.the next lose 122/ 95 . the jets have released antonio marty. he did not have any interceptions for the first time last year. he had previously been with the jets.he played a year in arizona. he signed him to a four-year deal in march. with no guaranteed money they released him freeing up $8 million of space. they could re-sign him to a cheaper deal but that is if they want to. the picture skipped the bullpen session. however, the mets weren't too worried about it.
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he heard it but things may have happened when he slipped during a running drill. [indiscernable] sometimes with ace a tall picture it starts nagging and is not instant.he says he'll be out there this morning but terry collins says he will have a couple days. you don't want to rush it! we are like seven-year-olds. he is 611 . ben: i did not realize he was that tall. let's go to tampa.
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towards facing the batters off the off-season although surgery to remove the bone spurs. he went into another bullpen session on monday. he is projected to be on time. with the bone spur removal, it's considered a minor and. it's well within reason that he will be healthy and ready to go in the season starts. >> duke is working hard there with brian cashman. the regular-season countdown is on monday, april 4. duke is working so hard. >> when you are gone, we
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headed our way.>> i am so sick of the clichi saying. let's do away with it. it's call it sleep . >> there you go. his wintry mix the same thing? >> it's rain, sleet , snow. >> it's a wintry mix. >> its notables. >> its notables. we will see some snow here. when see it?


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