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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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headed our way.>> i am so sick of the clichi saying. let's do away with it. it's call it sleep . >> there you go. his wintry mix the same thing? >> it's rain, sleet , snow. >> it's a wintry mix. >> its notables. >> its notables. we will see some snow here. when see it?
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will it hit long island? the staten island neighborhood air relieved. we told you about this rape suspect yesterday. he was caught. juliet: city officials look to take action afternoon numbers show subway crime is up . we keep hearing from the officials that crime has gone down but it depends what we are talking about. we had a live report. how do new yorkers feel about michael bloomberg running for president. the new show poll shows against it. >> when i was sick i had people say drink aspirin and people saying drink plenty of water.
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juliet: it bothers me so bad that i want to to people that. >> i am back. she should have . you hate that too, don't you? >> should of but it should have. michael, when will the wintry mix, our way . mike: it depends on where you are. it works its way from the southwest to the northeast. it's right around lunchtime and it should start to kick
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it's give or take. is in the interior sections with a winter weather advisory going into effect from 4:00 until 9:00 tomorrow morning. there is a coating of snow and ice with some places getting off to an inch or so. it will make for some slick spots if you see the freezing rain and it could be happening in the overnight hours. hopefully people will be staying safe at that point. we have 360 in central park and 34 newark. it's above freezing temperatures and much of the areas but as you go to the higher elevations, temperatures are in the 20s. it's cold enough to get some snow. it's cold enough to get some snow there and keep in mind, recently,
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above normal. it doesn't look like it will be a big deal. winter is coming in from the northeast at seven 13 miles per hour. it will keep it on the cold side. not much going on with the sunshine today. it's being blocked out more and more as time goes on. showers go down to the south in its rainfall mixing in with a good amount of cold air. we expect the wintry mix to come in and it's at 520 tomorrow. look out for the slick spots this evening. some of the snow could come down decently tomorrow. it might be a problem with evening commute. let's go in for ines . ines: good morning, mike. the commute is off to a good start. the new jersey commute is coming in with no issues now at 5:05 am.
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let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. there is a southbound side and it looks good. queens let's check in on the long island expressway by the grand central pkwy. you have no problems eastbound and it's very quiet with the trains running on or close. >> thank you, ines. new numbers say crime is up . they will tell you how they will deal with that growing problem. curtis comes in and joins us. he says, have more police on the train. he is onto something. that's a lot of things that the nypd is doing. no one knows better than
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are patrolling it. there has been a perception , not just belowground but above ground. maybe we are not as safe as we used to be. for a while maybe it was special but now they are taking a hard look at the number. it's also a reality. >> one of the sessions if you are one of the many new yorkers fearful of getting slashed above ground or below the nypd says the numbers show a concerning uptick . there is a 36% of take and major felony crimes reported underground. it's this past january compared to 2015. above ground, they say's flashings are up to. is 20% after last year.
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weekend. the nypd says two men got out of a car and stabbed a 26 rolled woman in the stomach in the air. then , there is this. another slashing on rome avenue. the customer was slashed in the face . >> the police we have are targeting any area that we have a problem. it's the bottom line. this is what they are all about. we see an area of concern we put focus on it with police on it. >> to combat this bike in crime, they are rolling out 2.0. it's a data pool available. it will show where the crimes are occurring and where the resources are needed. this kind of information is only available on a weekly basis. now, it's a dated in real time and instantly accessible. >> the unveiling will
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. another very interesting thing that's happening is the transit committee having a vote . what they are doing is trying to keep a list of all chronic subway offenders. those are people who have created sex offenses but also people who are stealing things. but they will end up doing is keeping a list and while they make their way through the court system, they won't be allowed to use the transit system. it's one way we will hopefully get the repeat offenders out of the subway system and away from law-abiding citizens. >> we definitely noticed , teresa. >> it's 5:08 am. a tip led to the capture of a man police say rape a woman on staten island. we will show you the video . maurice is a man seen on surveillance friday and mariners harbor . he walked into a office
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and raped a 44-year-old woman. he robbed her of her cell phone and cash. the victim was treated at richland medical center. ben: a teenager attached a deliveryman in harlem. it's unbelievably disturbing. have a look. [laughter] it's just disgusting. the video was posted to youtube on sunday night but it's unclear when the incident took place. it shows the teenager in the black jacket knocking down a deliveryman in the lobby of the wagner house on e. 120th st. here's the thing adult around him urge the teenager to punch and kick the worker. enough and started fighting back . police say there was no nylon one call . >> that makes my blood boil!
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background thinking it's hysterical. that is terrible. honest to god. let's talk about the presidential race. new yorkers are not ready for a possible presidential run. michael bloomberg run saying they are not ready. hillary clinton comes out on top beating all other candidates including bernie sanders. 48% to 38%. in 27 new yorkers were in the poll. donald trump is looking for a big win in nevada. juliet: marco rubio and ted cruz are hoping to pick up support with jeb bush out of the race. let's get over to robert moses with "fox 5 news". robert: donald trump is
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rubio and cruz need a win and they need it quickly. that's before trump locks up the nomination. >> it's super quick and very easy. you check the box next to donald trump and you are done. and a new video , evocative trump encouraged nevada goers to support her dad. >> need you , nevada. let's make america great again. he is widely expected to win . last night he held a rally in las vegas. a disruptive protester had to be escorted out and got trump fired up.>> do you know what they used to do to guys like that? they would carry them out on a stretcher. >> i would like to punch him in the face. i tell you. >> ted cruz was thrown into turmoil on the eve of the caucus when he fired his direct her, rick tyler for spreading a false story. he
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. rubio says there was not many answers in the bible when rubio said the bible had all the answers. >> we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another. even if it was true, they should not have said it. >> i posted in haste. i apologize to marco rubio. >> they pounced saying the video is the latest is a string of dirty tricks. >> it's a disturbing pattern . it's flat-out just lying. >> trump tweeted , wow, ted cruz suggests that marco rubio mark the bible. he was forced to fire his communications direct . more dirty tricks! on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focused on south carolina which holds its primary on saturday. linton is said to be in
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yesterday near his home state of vermont, bernie sanders promised to stay in the race for the long haul saying it's a smog and indeed it is. >> now we get to hear about it for quite some time. >> the mta is looking at the second half of getting the subway finished on time. it comes with a steeper price than we thought . we will tell you how much. will we get sleep or a wintry mix? >> exactly! it comes in one package. >> here is what we have. clouds building in and it's 360 with rain sleet and we are expecting it to come in at lunchtime. it's chilly outside and it turns breezy. he was a live interactive rate i on google play.
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the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. . ben: ac world rescue team same day humpback whale off the coast of southern california. he used an inflatable motorboat to look
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manual . they found it on sunday and a fishing line ran through its mouth and amounted stale.officials say it was hogtied. it took two hours for rescuers to cut the line. the whale swam away to freedom, eventually. three aren't humpback in danger? >> i don't really know. hate is a strong word. let's get over to mike. before phobia . juliet: no . mike: there is nothing applicable for what i don't like. slimy animals under the water. robert: they all slimy? i don't like the tentacle things things like that .
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dead on a plate is fine. it was a cute movie. ben: never seen finding nemo. mike: that's a lot to say. let's see what we have. it's the next day -and-a-half. we have the wintry mix coming in. it's coming in by noon with slippery spots to the northwest. even in the city, you will see snowflakes and sleep . since it's still fairly warm, we will see it not sticking as it makes contact. on the streets, he should be in good shape. there should be a coating of snow to the northwest where temperatures are right around freezing. it's cold enough for us to stick around for a little while. it will turn over to rain by tomorrow and we see periods of rain tomorrow. there will be rain coming out there . this could be an
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weather. you see some wet snowflakes but it should be a big deal. we see the precipitation coming out of the carolinas into virginia. it's rain and as it comes to us, you can see the temperatures are above freezing. it's most of the lower lying coastal areas. you are around 35 360. it's not cold enough to stick. you are getting a little bit of everything. it's coming into town. cold air is being pulled in and northeast wind is being pulled in eight 13 miles per hour. clouds are thickening and they will continue to closing. we have two areas of low pressure and the first one is weaker bringing us in the later precipitation mixing in with cold air.
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heavier rainfall and it will draw and more air from the gulf of changes for everyone. today, we see the wintry mix . tomorrow, looks like the wet weather will come in for you as we head into tomorrow.we see things drying in quite nicely. it's quite a bit cooler. let's get you to ines. right now, we are off to a good start. putnam county at 684 looking good. everything is moving fine. here is 280 and root 80 . let's take a look at the parkway near southern sign all of our. westbound traffic looking fine. one of your areas as the
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no problems in the lincoln or holland tunnel. then, i am disappointed. >> i have not. never! lex i watch it with my four-year-old. >> it's very cute . >> i'm surprised you are a fan. >> the mta i like sweet things. >> 66 million in contracts in order to speed up work on the subway. it will cause does all 66 million. the goal is to get the first section open by the year's end. 96/86 being built by separate contractors. the line 1 join the existing station and the additional money will come from the contingency fund. why wouldn't these contractors give it a deadline? open by december or else! >> very few of these
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>> i don't understand why we have to pay more to open this line on time. it's under construction for 10 years. >> should they be penalized? >> they should penalize us. >> if any unforeseen issues that pop up and they would be more that pop up. >> at fairfield university, they are accused of throwing a racially insensitive party off-campus off the weekend. >> the university is investigating because it may have been insensitive or offensive at the most. it sounds like i just saw the headline it seems offensive to me. >> the school is investigating because they confirm that there is a ghetto themed party that happened over the weekend. it's on the beach on saturday night.
5:23 am
fake baby bumps and baggy pants. the theme of the party perpetuated stereotypes and has no place in the community and only serves to evaluated people. other people think is just all a big misunderstanding. >> if you look at famous celebrities like kevin better line when he was with britney spears maybe a rosary around his neck, justin bieber was like that so long .it's not a socioeconomic thing . it's a style. >> i like she did the head back and forth thing . >> right? >> he released a statement saying the university is working with students to investigate the incident. fairfield is committed to a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity.
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gotten started and it's no telling what the disciplinary actions will be. >> thank you, liz. kevin better line and britney spears?justin bieber? [laughter] juliet: we have more coming up. a change at starbucks. ben: this is people fired up!
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ben: 5:30 a.m.. get ready for rain, sleep and snow.
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mix that juliet begs to differ. mike woods breaks it down and gives us the answers on what it will be. juliet: injured in a early-morning fire in the bronx. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> i would like to punch him in the face! >> you don't hear that very often from a presidential candidate. donald trump is talking tough. find out who you would like to punch on this caucus day.>> no canadians on jeopardy? alex trebek is a canadian. why they are not able to get on the show . does he like the exclusivity of being the only candidate on jeopardy? >> i am ben simmoneau . juliet: and i am juliet huddy.
5:32 am
ben softens his speech. it's like he has been to school. john was joking around and saying the way ben talks. we do it at home now to each other. it's so funny! juliet: we will talk like ben. [laughter] mike: i can see this. juliet: john is from long island and he doesn't sound like ! ben: i will just go on a corner. mike: it's a compliment. juliet: it is. you have a very peter jenning way of speaking . >> i will take that comparison. you redeemed yourself.
5:33 am
winter weather advisory. we are not done with it yet . the winter is still going on. it isn't a major storm. it's a weak area of low pressure with some potential out there. the purple areas are where we had the winter weather advisory from 4:00 this afternoon tomorrow morning. we will have a coating of snow and ice in the wintry mix coming your way. slick spots especially later on in the evening commute and tomorrow morning. this is for a lot of folks in extreme northern tears. even there, it's not a huge amount . you will have 360 out at central park . 38 in montauk. you can see in the coastal areas temperatures are at or above freezing. that's part of the reason we are not as concerned about the snow and ice accumulating there.he will see the wet snowflakes once this begins. it will begin around lunchtime.
5:34 am
increasing in the showers coming in. they will approach south jersey and the rainfall is there so far starting to mix with the cold air making it over to the wintry mix. that is mixed with some sleet and snow. it will accumulate in the high temperatures get up to 390. we get the wintry mix moving through the tri-state region and the tomorrow. it's late in the day and it will wrap up on thursday. let's bring in ines. she's getting busy with a few of the roadways. >> good morning. we have problems and queens. see the garden state
5:35 am
the bridge we see the be qe with a problem on the bridge. eastbound, it will block two lanes and you'll see the flashing lights they are delay that's causing the westbound side with no problems there. >> there is an apartment building fire. the fire broke out at 2:00 this morning on the top floor of this building. this is on andrews avenue. two civilians have been seriously hurt . another three have minor injuries. these are opposed to firefighters with one having minor injuries. the fire is now under control. a lot of people are getting nervous about the subways. bill bratton and bill de blasio will reveal how they
5:36 am
let's go to teresa. one of the ways the nypd and the city are trying to solve the problem is by bringing the officers into this giving them the information that they need to be able to make real-time decisions. for a while, there has been the speculation around the city that maybe you are not a safe and used to be. they are saying that by looking at some of the numbers, it is in fact reality. >> we have to be concerned about people around me. >> if you are one of the many new yorkers fearful of getting slashed or stabbed above ground or below, the nypd says numbers do show a concerning tick. according to the crime data, there is a 36% uptick in major felony crimes .
5:37 am
compared to january 15. the data shows flashings and stabbings up to with 20% last year.the most recent is occurring this weekend. surveillance video shows the scene on highland avenue and the nypd says two men's got out of the car stabbing a woman in the stomach and the ear. then, there is this another slashing at a food truck on rome avenue where a customer was slashed in the face. >> the police are targeting any area we have a problem. this is the bottom line and it's where comes to is all about. we see an area of concern and we put more focus on the police. >> we combat the spike and crime adding 2000 be cops. it's rolling out comes that 2.0 with a dated two available for all. it will show where the crimes are occurring and
5:38 am
needed. the mtas transit committee has been trying to figure out what to do with the specific problem. yesterday they took a vote to address it. that's what to do with chronic subway offenders. these are people who are not only committing sex crimes but also see . what they decided to do yesterday was create a list of chronic offenders. this list will be handed over to prosecutors. they will be able to double check it and keep the people out of the subway system. it's one way they are hoping to try to keep the rest of us safe. it should happen soon. >> i'm glad you have your hair pulled back teresa. juliet: one of the officers in brooklyn is expected to hospital. that is good news.
5:39 am
to be released from the hospital and he was struck in the hit by a bullet. his partner , the officer andrew was struck and has bulletproof vest. he is already gone home from the hospital. has is facing several charges and attempted murder. >> 183 million has been awarded to the family of five firefighters killed or injured in the incident of the black sunday blaze. they say the fdny failed to equip firefighters with ropes i would've helped them escape the building. firefighters began trap in the bronx apartment building.the firefighter was killed by the impact and the firefighter died six years later from the injuries. the building landlord is at
5:40 am
>> we are watching the presidential race getting more and more exciting. we are heading into the nevada caucus. nothing for the democrats today. they vote in south carolina on saturday. >> correct. now, the attention is on the republicans because tonight is the night. all eyes on about us! trump will likely put another state on his win column. he is widely expected to win pretty easily. he held a rally in las vegas. it's going okay until the protester was booted for disrupting the festivities. trump has said he is in the fight of his life. it makes sense that he has
5:41 am
>> i would like to punch him in the face. >> how you really feel? >> ted cruz's campaign is riddled with turmoil. he fired his spokesman. he tweeted this video suggesting that the bible had not many answers but what he actually said was that the bible has all the answers. yes, it may be a little bit of inside baseball who cares . still, the point is that it's an unwelcome distraction for a campaign that needs to win and needs to win soon before donald trump's team roles to the nomination. >> speculation yesterday. there was pressure on john kasich to get out of the race so the mainstream republicans can go around marco rubio. happens.
5:42 am
speculation, these guys would hang on until after super tuesday. it's a week from today. after that i would say it officially becomes a three-person race. >> robert moses thank you very much. >> he softens his teeth when he speaks. you notice that? >> it's usually in the middle of the word.>> the temperatures in the central park and we are off to a dry start. 340 in newark and 31 in allentown. now, we expect the changes to come up but for now, we have the cool temperature in the cool wind coming at
5:43 am
the showers are not here yet. it's not so much in the city letters you make your way to the north and west, you see the wintry mix. you might see some snow in the city but we will see rain more than anything. it goes up in the city today and tomorrow is at heavier showers coming through.
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checking out headlines. several injuries this morning in an apartment building fire in the bronx. it broke out around 2:00 am in north heights. two people were seriously hurt and three others with minor injuries. >> a teenager attacks in harlem and is caught on camera. the video shows a teenager knocking down deliveryman in the wagner houses on e. 120th st. this is terrible! there was no nylon one call about the incident in the shore when this happened.
5:47 am
boil today. they reduce the smoking age to 21. it would find retailers if they sell anyone 20 years or younger. they would not punish underage smokers. new jersey would be a second state behind hawaii to raise the smoking age to 21. did you ever want to break bad news to a friend ? ben: if your friend needs a shower, it's called my friend it lets you anonymously send a friend , coworker or a classmate you know in the mail telling them of their offense. you will get some cologne and wipes ranging from two five dollars and they ship internationally. >> do you know someone? >> we should send it as a joke.
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he would not be able to handle that! he would take it seriously and freak out. ben: he would spend four hours in the shower scrubbing . [laughter] poor, duke. you soften your teeth, we know what's wrong with you . i saw him at 69 . matt harvey is little bit thicker.back off, ben. we will get to the guys in spring training. the nixon the rafters face each other. he signs him to a contract. he goes and later on from glen falls new york . ben: would you make? >> is prorated. it's negotiable after the
5:49 am
they were up by four and that's kyle lowery with a triple double her. it's 11 assists. he comes in with two minutes left and immediately , he gets the three. that's what he's known for. this game was over in the next win big at 122/95 . in the nfl, just one season into the return, the jets have released antonio cromartie. he did not have a reception last year the jets signed him to a $32 million contract last march. with no guaranteed money, they decided to release him , freeing up 800 million. they could re-sign him to a cheaper deal but both sides would have to want to agree to it. in spring training news, jacob did skip a bullpen session yesterday. that's because they take
5:50 am
the mets aren't too worried. he's not sure when he heard it but he things that could be when he slipped during a running drill. he said he would get back out there this morning but the manager said he will give him a couple of days off . i cannot believe you have no idea how strange it is. >> it's possible! >> it creeps up on you. in tampa, with the yankees and spring training the pitcher is getting closer towards facing the batter. he is coming off elbow surgery to remove bone spurs. through his interpreter, he reported no issues . >> i have to go take it day by day. my body is healing good right now. just taking it day by day and moving forward. >> he is projected to be on time.
5:51 am
considered minor so the timeframe is well within reason that he will be healthy and ready to go in the season starts. >> the season starts on april 4. [cheering] ben: window they start? wednesday. >> i wish we could go down there. juliet: it's warm ! ben: games on the afternoon. it sunshine. seafood everywhere. it's amazing! you can get cheap tickets. >> 238 round trip i just saw . >> mike woods. you could use some florida warmth. >> we could. yesterday was wasn't bad at all. >> we got up into the 50s. >> is not better than what was anticipated. he will take that. that is a treat.
5:52 am
we get the snow what's coming through here. be aware of that. 36 right now at central park and 39 bellmawr. a lot of cloud cover with precept not there. the northeast winds at eight 13. clouds are here at the showers showers are to the south. it's full as it stands now. the area of low pressure is coming through the carolinas and it will bring us cloudy skies with chilly conditions. the wintry mix is coming in this afternoon with a high at 390. we will see a high at 520. it's on-again and off-again showers. we are done in the weekend is dry. let's bring in ines. we have some problems on the roadways. lex we do have issues out there. let's start out with newberg .
5:53 am
the commute to new jersey looks good. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the garden state parkway. mile marker 148 with no problems so on. the problem is in queens on the bqe. we do expect a lot of
5:54 am
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moving slow smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can change how you see yourself. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. welcome back. celine dion will be returning. it's following the death of her husband, renie. it's been posted on her
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beginning with a tribute to her late husband live streaming. she has a residency at the coliseum for years. she died last month after a long battle with cancer . rihanna is breaking out with her latest single, book >> does the single have drake ? >> i thought i heard it earlier. >> this is the song that tops the billboard shops . it's the 14th number one hit. that passes the beatles in my carry. they are the only ones with more. people took to social media . >> i kind of like drake's voice. rihanna is awesome.>> here is the deal with the jeopardy canadian.
5:57 am
be on jeopardy. as a contestant. it changes the privacy laws and they have barred them. alex trebek is a canadian and thinks the show must comply with new rules that they say in a statement, they have had several contestants on the season before the change. he hopes to have more later. he doesn't want to be the only canadian. one of the most recognizable voices in the your next commute . >> the time has arrived. the world awaits your commands. the american people are counting on you. >> morgan freeman legendary with a promotional gimmick . new movie. it's got the good-looking guy .
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>> it's not specific enough.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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>> good morning everyone it's 6:00. a so-called wintry mix is heading our way. i prefer to call it sweet. highs are in upper 30s today. a lot chillier than yesterday. mike has the forecast. a wet sloppy, forecast. >> several people have been injured by an early morning apartment fire in the bronx. control. >> republican voters in nevada hold their caucuses today. poll es show trump well ahead in the presidential race there. >> the bill for the second


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