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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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steve: violent storms rip through the south, 7 tornado touchdown in states along the guff, that system is headed our way, one ripping through an rv park in louisiana killing at least two people. dari: we join nick gregory. nick: we could get thunderstorms, with local heavy rain fall, tomorrow into the evening. they will produce more severe weather through the southeastern states tomorrow. tonight it has been first system moving through, that brought light rain, wet snow, and freezing rain to the area, that started midday, we have light rain and drizzle in the city. the pink color is freezing rain,
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connecticut, parts of hudson valley, parts of northwest jersey, most areas are above freezing. >> wind picking up, gusty out of the east northeast. winter weather advisories are still up. for possibility of freezing rain, fox 5 sky guardian 3-d with a first batch coming through, a break, then this. comes our way, the severe storms moving bualabama right now. periods of rain, that is the story, things warm up, we'll push middle 50s, there is a that line coming through in the evening thursday, a break in the cloud cover, but a risk of a couple of sures before it gets colder before the end of the week. dari: nevada republican caucus
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steve: donald trump frontrunner. we'll know if he will make it three wins in a row, sharon crowley is joining us now from the newsroom. reporter: caucuses have a couple more hours. republican candidates, aggressively went after votes and voters in nevada, tonight 41 runner donald trump still leading the way, as his rivals try to to gain ground, there is a tight race between senators marco rubio and ted cruz, there is a trailing in contest, john kasich and ben carson, the gloves came off today. as candidates continued to attack one another and president obama. >> this guy cruz, lies more than any human being i ever dealt with. unbelieve aim able, he holds up the bible and he lies. >> one of the most shameful things of the last 7 years issue has been president sending our fighting men and women in to
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-- wom dat with combat with rules of engagement that tie their hands. >> our economy is stagnant. key keep hearing reports that the economy is recovering, for who? for who. reporter: democratic presidential candidates are in south carolina ahead of primary on saturday, cnn hosted a town hall meeting with voters and candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, now bernie sanders has done lagging behind, struggling to attack african-american voter, clinton is stale still dogged by e-mail controversy. she insists she has been tough on wall street. >> i went to wall street before the great recession, i called them out, i said, what they were
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would cause serious problems. i have been on record for a really long time. >> message that we have a criminal justice system, which is broken. that there is something very wrong when african-americans in south carolina and in the country, get nervous about walking down the street, or going into their car, and being stopped by a police officer. that should not be happening in america now, we have ideas about how to deal with that. reporter: that town hall still going on. the caucuses in nevada, are expected to wrap up at 9:00, so midnight here, we may not know final results until later in the evening, candidates candidate focus on super tuesday. >> thank you. dari: president obama hopes to fulfill a long awaited campaign
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congress today to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay, it calls for pentagon to remove gitmo's remaining detainees on the u.s., which is not getting a lot acceptance there are 91 prisoners there, that number is to shrink below 60 by the summer. >> we'll continue to transfer to other countries the 35 detainees out ofs 91 that have been approved for transfer. >> this is a president that does not respect the law of the constitution. dari: president wants to move the remaining prisoners to a facility that could cost up on $475 million to build in a location that is still to be determined. steve: we're learning more about how accused gunman in kalamazoo killing spent his hours before the rampage, dalton purchased a jacket to conceal a handgun, at his shop in the day, he said dalton was laughing and joking at the time, but did not
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is accused of killing 6 people as he drove around calla moo also calla moo -- for uber, saying that the shootings were random. dari: he walked into silver spurs diner last week, asked people for money as part of a basketball fundraising scam, he was told to leave, he later returned, 5 minutes later, and slashed a busboy that busboy needed 120 stitches to close to wound, mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton insist that new yorkers are safe, despite the fact that knife attacks in the city are up by 20%, the slashings and stabbings this year of them 7 were random and unprovoked, the rest started as arguments that escalated.
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look at randomness, they are born out of arguments in the street. 4 in bronx over week, all had to to alcohol. dari: police add that majority of slashing cases have been solved. steve: calling in fbi to help in the castle investigation, it has been two years since masked gunmen drove on to property and opened fire wounding the owner, he said he has no idea who wanted him dead. dari: would you believe, a woman who prefused -- refused too put out her cigarette, ended up taking an mta on a joyride. 34-year-old headley of the bronx allegedly jumped behind the wheel and took off, she was stopped and taken to a nearby hospital for a. >>
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>> state of art world trade center opens next week. lower lidia curanaj to tell us why this is a low key events. reporter: when this opens next week there will not be the usual continental breakfast and cold coffee and speeches? some officials believe that project became way too expensive expensive. world trade center transportation hub is to evoke a bird taking flight, when it opens next week you will not hear a peep from port authority or any state officials, the lack of fanfare is due to almost $4 billion, with a b dollar price tag that is double original estimate, paid for by tax dollars. >> this is something as extravagant as that, is it worth it? to we need something like that.
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port authority director who called is a symbol of excess, he is leaving his position at the end of the month. >> this 1/4 of the money that federal government gave us after 9/11. reporter: nicole is a transportation expert with manhattan institute, she said it has a lot of dead space, the hubble link path train and 11 subway lines and house more than 100 restaurants. >> a huge waste that was supposed to cost $1.4 billion, we could have spend that money on building a new tunnel so people from new jersey can get here, the old tunnel is crumbling or building a new bus terminal. >> the station is old and run down, it could have done there. reporter: more than a half a million people pass through penn station. the hubble be used by about half as many, in january, when media was given a preview.
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capital property said. >> eighth wonder of the world, that will rival architecture of grand central station. >> critics say that grand central was built with private funds, and cost about half as much, in inflatetion ajumped terms. >> this is a lot years in the making, a big portion of the hubble be opening next week, all 4 main entrances will not open until summer. dari: thank you, lydia. >> two workers are safe after being rescued from save old -- scaffold moran 60 stories up -- more than 6 stories up they brave wind and rain for more than an hour until firefighter cut a hole in a window and pulled them in to safety. safety.
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old trick, katherine scalia offering a a topless dance. >> i got 20 years to go before i drop dead, i want you to send all guys, to -- lunch and a lab lap dance from the queen. dari: the queen now. steve: 12 maxwell street, her neighbors are not so thrilled by the traffic, they posted dozens of complains about her on facebook. scalia has violated a village zones ordnance. >> if her sign does not come down she gets a tick glet ticket. >> and adam levine showing off his latest tattoo.
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getting addicted to ink. steve: a message in a bottle from staten island to france, the message inside. dari: and you will see a waffle
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dari: what is it about tattoos that some people can't stop at one? steve: linda schmidt went out the to find if getting inked can be addicted. addicted. reporter: it has exploded from tv shows to celebrities. one of the poster boys for at that times ma -- maroon 5 front manned am levine, that was 6 months in the bake, he said he was addicted to getting tattoos.
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village, jeff is in process of getting tattoo number 41ish. >> do you think you could see yourself getting tattoos everywhere? >> i have a my arms, legs, chest and back, probably will do more, i don't know if addicted is the right word but as soon as you get one, you want more. reporter: a pew study found 30% of people with tattoos, say they are addicted. but clinical psychologist said it not a true addiction. >> medically speaking it would be difficult to call that an addiction in classic turn you don't have the withdrawal or toll tollerrence. >> he said some people get more of a euphoric rush from a tattoo, and the attention that comes with it. >> in some ways, after they get the gratification of a beautiful tattoo, after going through the pain, they know it is like a
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reporter: one thing everyone can agree on, when you get one it hurts, linda schmidt, "fox 5 news. dari: local leader react to a upstate new york mayor's plan, the mayor of. a follow for addicts where users could legally do drugs under the care of a nurse or a doctor, local officials say it is a bad idea. >> there is no way to use hero heroin safely. we have seen a trend to us scurge, overdoses and deaths are through the roof. dari: no word if the state health department is considering the proposal. steve: show of support for app frel customers,
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group gathering to support apple. now other tech giants are weighing in bill gates said that there are cases when national security outweighs personal privacy but added that apple case is up to the court, and facebook found are said this is not a good idea. dari: time inc. occur considering a merger with yahoo!, yahoo! launched sale of the choir chore business. -- core business, other companies interested include verizon, comcast, and at&t. first round bids the likely take a month to come in. steve: accused of raping singer kesha said he is the victim of a social media spear campaign, dr. luke said they conduct a trial by twitter to ruin his reputation after a judge ruled
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work with him, doctor said he never raped kesha, she was like my little sister. dari: scalia's doctor said that late supreme court justice had a host of medical conditions that probably lead to his death, the justice suffered from coronary heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. scalia was found dead in a room at a hunting resort this month, but no autopsy was performed. details were released in response to a death inquiry made biotechs tech -- by a texas judge. steve: when you text emojis speak louder than words. dari: you will soon have a lot more to use. audrey puente with some option. reporter: technology made communicating with others simpler and faster. emojis have become part of our every day language, sometime replacing words, some people
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>> they are an extension of how i feel at this time. >> an easy way to express ex motion without typing all of the words. >> there are 2000 emojis but still a need for more. >> i would like athletes, up a baseball player, maybe a football player. >> they don't have a rugby one that would be a good one to put on. >> what about you? >> i want a white wine glass. >> unicode has 74 new moaj emojis on the way. >> this this exciting. >> foodies salivate or pancakes, a kiwi, egg, glass of milk and a bacon, the spoon, duck, drum,
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emojis for a shark, scooter, and a canoe. they will help enhance our messages. >> a fun way to communicate, it is playful, and silly, been away that, speak to your friends or flirt with someone. >> i think we're all in agreement that they will make cowboys smile and enhance ourselvesies. >> the wait for new set should not be as been as previous one. right now they estimate to be with 9.0 release coming in middle part of this year year to 2017. audrey puente, "fox 5 news. steve: i just got the new emojis. >> it took forever. >> then, like, meh . >> i still don't see what i would like to use. dari: coming up, a new law for pet stores. how one town is going a long way
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oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. steve: officer william all smiles he was cheered by dozens of fellow officers, as he left the hospital. investigator are looking to where a bullet came from. either the suspect or friendly
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dari: rich richmond university medical centerra staten island reportedly paid family of eric garner a million dollars. settlement is not part of the 6 million dollar that family received from city. steve: an embarrassing scene at a chuck e. cheese in connecticut connecticut. a doll getting in a brawl at chuck e. cheese, a woman bumped into a person, a one-year-old was knocked down, and 4-year-old suffered scrapes and bruises, chuck e. cheese said it works hard to provide a same safe environment for guests. >> some things are out of control. dari: like parents. dari: more and more straight cats in the -- stray cats in the
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steve: new yorkers taking matters in their own hand, working to get control of the cat population. dari: look at that -- wait there it is. not every day, you see a get to in a car. -- goat in day in a car. the comotion it caused behind the wheel. i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online.
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dari: it is no secret that the city's rat population is out of control, but it may surprise you to learn that number of abandoned cats on the streets are growing at an alarming rate. steve: the number estimated to be in tens of thousands, sharon crowley with people trying to save them. reporter: a thurs thursday afternoon, courtney and lisa are trying to trap cats in a parking lot. they make up animal rescue team.
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>> we have 7 cats in the last 4 days. reporter: they specialize in what is known as tnr, that is trap, neuter, return. a way to cut down on number of kittens born by ensuring that cats are not breeding but without euthanizing. >> last year little wanderers, tnred and rescues 471 cats. >> reporter: that takes a lot of sacrifice, courtney tried to trap a cat in harlem on one of the coldest days of the year. >> might be 10 degrees. reporter: this colony has one cat left to get neutered. >> they love sardines. >> all that work no cat ventures into the trap on the freezing cold day, while trapping cats can be time consuming can be
10:31 pm
>> we must have spent 30,000 this year. reporter: they have a facebook and instagram page. >> people see pictures, of real live trappings and what we're doing. and respond. reporter: a whole network of new york city rescuers, on instagram there is puppy kitty, nycty, to name a few, before you think this work is for cat ladies, think again, meet paul the cat guy. >> hi. reporter: he is paul san tele, he has been trapping and rescuing the cats. >> people said there are kittens here, i went over and grabbed them it exploded from there. reporter: he spends up to 30 hours a week helping cats, his
10:32 pm
rescue. >> some sort of box trap, i have food, two jobs, i tell people i have two jobs, really a second job, it is back breaking. reporter: he helped more than 400 cats now he is known as paul the cat guy. on facebook and instagram. most important thing is, i find a lot of homes for the cats, through a adoptions or fosters. reporter: if you wonder why cat population is booming, a female cat can get pregnant as young as 4 months ago, and cats give birth after 9 weeks, those kittens have kit ups and so kittens and so oif you would like to learn more or help out go to our web site, we have links right there for you. >> mayor first town in new york state
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selling animals bred from puppy mills, they can only sell dogs and cats from rescue organizations. there are similar laws in about 100 cities in the nation. steve: investigation in to death of more than a dozen bald eagles near a farm in maryland, they believe they may have been poisoned. they are not sure if it was on purpose or an accident, killing a bald eagle is illegal in the state of maryland. dari: 14 new zika infections in u.s. may have been spread through sex. the cases involve women whose only known risk factor was sexual contact with a male partner who visited the areas with zika outbreaks. but the virus has been linked to birth defects among pregnant women. steve: tommy hilfiger bringing
10:34 pm
community, partnered with runway of dreams, a nonprofit to develop a clothing line for kids with disbill ties, including jeans, polo shirts, and prices start, at 19 bucks. dari: and shopper in massachusetts, saw something really unusual, in a parking lot, of a home depot. that is a goatd in goat in the front seat of the car. the owner of the animal, said she was taking the goat home, and had to make a quick stop, during the time that goat turned on the emergency flashers, and tank a cup of soda and left a small gift on the seat. >> we're checking out city's hot new food trend that people are lining up for.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. steve: a message in a bottle made it from staten island to france. >> we went too staten island, wolf's pond, a freezing day in october, tossed the bottle there did not think much of it. reporter: george is an artist with a message. >> most of my work is about man, nature and hugh we how we react with wildlife. >> wine bottle size, made the drawing, got the letter roll it
10:39 pm
cotton string, drop them in bottle, cork it, wax it. reporter: drawing are all birds. >> they have their range getting close to new york city at different times of the year. reporter: he calls it a addition to his regular work on display in the city. >> this was about ocean plastics, gash an garbage out in the ocean, and how if you live in new york, never that far from water that we're connected to this stuff. reporter: he is thrown 20 bottles into atlantic since 2011. >> first one of tawtsed tossed from dumb in brooklyn, then it was found in
10:40 pm
reporter: then the one in fran. >> i was shocked. reporter: a beach in france. >> i have no idea, it did not get rammed by a cargo ship. >> a husband and wife found it, she is an artist too. >> i have drawings that are ready and bottles that are ready, i will start tossing them out there again. reporter: "fox 5 news." dari: so do have you noisy neighbors or construct work bothering you every night. steve: yes, yes, i do. dari: here is what you can do state controller wants you to tell him about it he posted a noise survey on-line, in hopes of better understanding where and how noise affects residents, the survey is anonymous, about 15 minutes to complete, until march 15. steve: the controller is going to hear from me! i don't know
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at night. okay, forget rainbow bagels and over the top milkshakes. dari: your new food craze, waffle, hong kong style waffle cones. steve: biggest buzz from mets camp, souped up ride, the sta player play
10:42 pm
here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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dari: latest food craze to hit new york city a twist on popular treat sold in hong kong. steve: waffle cone filled with ice cream, mac king to chinatown. >> i like filling mine with fruity pebbles. reporter: a week after the grand opening, , 10 egg waffles a day.
10:45 pm
reporter: to create a hong kong style egg waffle they pour it in to a pan allow liquid to rise. remove waffle from iron roll it up, fill with ice cream cover with toppings, serve and monster instagram from up loads hash tag with the new eatery. >> crazy, everyone it taking pictures of it. >> i did. >> i did. reporter: they founded egg lou have yet to set up a credit card machine list a phone number for their business or order an air-conditioning unit in first 10 days of business they have not had time. >> last week, it was 10 degrees we had a language line. a long line. >> i like the fillings, original just have pancakes, and this not like a cookie or something you can find anywhere it is
10:46 pm
reporter: where else in new york can you get a egg waffle? >> i got chocolate can pancake with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup, mac king, "fox 5 news." steve: the more we pretend we're he'll health conscious, we go hard-core when we go off the wagon. dari: the smell of waffles. nick: if you you are not going to do it right, don't do it at all 92 tomorrow is a mess? nick: a cloudy day, periods of rain. temperatures will be slowly rising.
10:47 pm
tomorrow, 40s today, 35 low. we have been sitting for most of the day in mid 30s. 7 and 5 in record books. right now 35, winds out of the east northeast, humidity is high, rain for the moment has stopped. it will be a period of drizzle going on. you can see the pink on fox 5 sky guardian that is light freezing drizzle north jersey, sussex county to hudson valley. in to connecticut. there is still a winter weather advisory up there, 40 in city for high. 30s north and west, 43 belmar, 41 in islip. temperatures back to 30s, upper theft 30s they will rise slowly overnight, just above
10:48 pm
winds out of the east-northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. there is not much on motion. all advancing northward, a lull for a while, not much maybe just a drizzle but periods of rain returning as this batch comes, in big batch here are severe storms, not here but producing some thunderstorm here, maybe late in the day to first half of tomorrow night. 30s in boston, 40s to south. two storm systems, there is first one. here comes second one. we will watch for basically this area of moisture to slide up in our direct, on our future cast. day planner shows 40, 7 about middle of the day, all day to get to 50s, but what it does it will be mid 50s, in eve inning.
10:49 pm
later on afternoon. future cast shows that. that line to the west. moving through. then out of the way. a lot of clouds stay thursday, a break or two of sun, showers and gusty breeze, then colder at the end of the the week. temperature rise in 50s but all day to get there tomorrow, periods of rape, rain thunderstorm threat in evening, thursday 54, then 39 friday. 50 sunday. shower or two monday, monday night, cold are tuesday. steve: all right. thank you. >> nick. >> all right. >> dari: russ is next with starts. traffic tracker. >> i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker, long island express way construct westbound 162nd, and also one from 10
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russ: university of tennessee has been taken a big time beating over past couple of weeks after a group of women file a lawsuit claims they were victims of sexual harassment because of the unsafe environment at university, today, the coaches had a press conference. >> if i had a daughter, i would not hesitate for her to come to campus, i have been here 30 something years, we have got to be doing something right, i would not have said this is a great place. russ: but 6 unidentified women filed a lawsuit on february 9 claiming to be victims of sexual assault at an unsafe environment at university of tennessee. >> i don't want to diminish we're we don't feel for the alleged victims we feel for them, i just want to make sure you understand that.
10:54 pm
russ: ad's press conference was not for disputing the claims but more about promoting gad at university of tennessee. >> there is a lot of things that bad publicity that we know it there, we have to deal with it, for one reason we wanted to there their we realize we have great leaders here in our administration that are doing all they can to help us do our jobs, at highest level of. other thing we have great students that we work with every day. that we know that we don't want the stereo type that there is something out there that is not true, because, everywhere, this is not perfect now, it never will be. but the fact and i can tell you this at university of tennessee's athletic department, is good as i have seen anywhere
10:55 pm
russ: former met shortstop jose reyes on now a colorado rocky is now on. >> was arrested on october 31, needed note guilty to a change of abuse. >> on the ice, devils beating rangers, 5-2. >> in minnesota islanders conquer wild 4-1. dari: talk about showing up in training camp in style. steve: here it is. met slugger, cespedes pulling into the player parking lot with a bike that costs more than 25 grand, but he had about 40,000 dollars of custom work done to it. 9 inch screen, gps blue tooth on
10:56 pm
change color, he look like batman, they resigned cespedes to a deal before spring training, i saw a tweet, that tomorrow he is showing up in his lamborghini he had customize with $80,000 exhaust system that shoots flames out. chump change. steve: one car a day, good thing he has a lot of money. this could be a nightly segment, i would like to see that lamborghini tomorrow. >> right. steve: flaunt it. russ: his accountant is pulling his hair out. >> as long as he gets paid i don't think he cares. >> all right. >> super hero. dari: have a great night, we'll see you tomorrow.
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. on the other hand, some physicists are concerned that if this supercollider actually works, it'll create a black hole and swallow up the earth, ending life as we know it. pfft, what a bunch of crybabies. no guts, no glory, man. hey, check it out. the school of pharmacology is looking for volunteers. "we are testing a new medication "for social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder." why would they be looking for test subjects here? i don't know, raj. maybe the comic book store doesn't have a bulletin board. what's going on? (whispering): shh, hot girl in sheldon's office. sheldon's office? is she lost? i don't think so. i followed her here from the parking lot. maybe she's his lawyer. well, she's free


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