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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you will have to deal with rain all through the day. it's pretty nasty and raw with cooler temperatures sitting at 370. that will change the time as we go throughout the day.the rain will be a problem with winter weather advisories in the tri-state. that will be until about noon. you'll see minor snow and ice accumulations. that's not our only problem is it will be wet and windy. the wind will pick up later this evening and the wind advisories up from 6:00 p.m. there is a south wind coming through at 25/35 mph investing around 45/50. that will do damage in tri-state. the mainline comes through
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tonight . scattered light showers are on the tri-state region with some indications of reset to the north.there is slippery spots that are a problem. you can see poughkeepsie above it in the same thing in sussex. 30 in monticello and it's something to be aware of this morning. we have 37 in central park and 41 in islip. in northeast when comes through at 714 miles per hour.that's what we will deal with until we get to later on in the evening. there is been severe weather over the south but now we will see the mid-atlantic region today. it will produce some wind and will be the primary deal . not a lot of severe weather
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that could produce some damage. others not were at 540. temperatures continue to climb. tomorrow, the highs will be on the warm side because it starts off warm after midnight. let's bring in ines with wet roadways. >> morning. >> do you think juliet brought pancakes and waffles? >> maybe we should have ordered. ines: let's talk about the bridge. restrictions are up 45 mph. you are fine in new jersey at 287 and 78 24 are all okay. let's check out 106 and 107. dealing with what roadways the things are fine westbound and eastbound.
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it's jfk and the trains running on or close. >> we pronounce things . [laughter] thank you, ines. juliet: donald trump is on a roll.he continues to roll over all the candidates. ben: as he sets his sights on super tuesday , marco rubio interpreters are regrouping. robert moses is following this once again. is starting to look like he is going to be the nominee. this was a landslide victory. trump received half the votes. yet the same number as marco rubio and ted cruz received combined. in trump's words, he is
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>> we love nevada! thank you! >> in a state that's home to las vegas, a donald trump when was the shores that in sin city. the big dream and the victory was decisive. >> now we are winning, winning , winning the country . then , the country will start winning, winning, winning. drum 13 states in a row. his appeal is broad since his one in different parts of the country. drum predicted more wins . >> is going to be an amazing two months! we might not need two months. >> john finished well ahead of marco rubio and ted
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congratulate donald trump. for cruz, it was a different show. he hung his hat on iowa. the only campaign that has beat donald trump and can be donald trump as this one. rubio is campaigning in michigan as results came in and he says he has room to go grow but he will need to grow soon to show he can stand up to trump. it's not sure how long they can linger in the race. with nevada over , they turned their attention over to super tuesday. it six days away romance when 12 states hold primaries in this address . ted cruz called it the most important night in the campaign. ben: it might be the coronation of donald trump . we will have to wait and
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>> wish you could hear the conversation that ben and i have while you do your report. ben: 595 delegates in you need 300 to get the republican nomination? >> he would get half. i think he has 67 going to nevada and he got 12 last night. he is up to 79. next tuesday, he could have half locked up. >> thank you, robert. they held their last townhome before the senators primary. bernie sanders calls out hillary clinton for her ties to wall street. now they want the transcripts released for special interests. clinton is hesitant. sanders is not . >> secretary clinton said
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i am happy to release all my paid speeches to wall street. here it is. >> if everyone does it, that includes republicans. what is this about? this is about whether i have the best plan to go after wall street .>> no, no, no. that's not what it's about. good try. this happens next tuesday. >> it's about finding out what you told wall street behind closed doors. she's good at talking in both directions. >> he was cursing when he was asked about crime . he got very frustrated with the media. [bleep] , [bleep]
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punches saying officers are being pushed to use the crime analysis tool as a way to meet quotas. edwin rayman made the allegation when the new york times magazine called a black police officers fight against the nypd . >> that officer, one of 36,000, might be his impression and he is entitled to that impression but those are not the policies and procedures that i am putting into this organization. >> his comments seem to mark the first time police commissioner has publicly unleashed in this way. it appeared to overshadow the department's unveiling of the three tool officer rayman was vilifying. stabbings and flashings are on the rise. a 20% spike last month as compared to january's past. also recent comments blaming the media for the
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>> this is new york. occasionally , the media and the police get focused on a serious incident. that is what's happening here. >> echoed those comments yesterday. >> shootings and murders are down so you lost interest in them . >> their 567 slashing since february 21 but police say only seven of them were random. new yorkers continue to worry about their safety. juliet: thank you, teresa. it's raining outside today and it will rain most of the day. your umbrella . you will need it.
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mike: welcome back. are you ready for real wednesday? rain is coming out today with periods that are heavy at times, especially late in the day with thunderstorms out there. rain totals are in the neighborhood of and a half inches. in terms of the wind, they will be picking up . that's especially later on this evening and tonight
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from the south at 25/35 mph with gusts as high as 50. temperatures are starting off pretty cold and raw out there in the 30s. we take it all the way up to the 50s by later on this evening and tonight. they continue to climb into the overnight hours and hold steady. it's an interesting weather scenario that we have. showers are scattered about with freezing components to the north and west. it's freezing rain and sleet in this area but for the most part, we are looking at rainfall or drizzle in the area , even if you don't see the patchy showers. you will see drizzle at this time. it's 300 and marcello. wind is coming from the northeast at 7/16 mph but it will be picking up . the next one will have a little bit of kick is it most of the tri-state region. is the lighter stuff that we are dealing with.
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away into tonight and later on this evening. it dries out with temperatures dropping down into the highs for friday and saturday . and the weather up on the itunes store, downloaded for free today. here comes ines with the wet soggy commute . >> we will deal with that this morning. we are off to a good start with queens and the fdr drive. things are looking great. new jersey has smooth's all green on the map. we take a look at the
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mile marker 148 and there is no problems northbound or south down as you cross the hudson in the gwb. you are heading towards the are fine. then, back to you. >> obama is hoping to fulfill a campaign promise he made eight years ago. he delivered a plan yesterday to close guantanamo bay. gitmo is remaining the detainees to the us. a proposal is getting a lot of pushback. it's causing 91 prisoners there but the number is expected to hit 60 by the summer. >> will continue to respond to other countries. 35 detainees say they had already been approved for the transfer. he doesn't respect the law the constitution. >> republican leaders say
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far. they said it could cause 475 million. the administration says they spent nearly that much last year to keep gitmo open . curtis: this is such a driving issue. when will they close gitmo? when will the world leaders say it's bad, usa. ben: the democrats do make the case that it's a recruitment tool for terrorist ? curtis: all of a sudden we close gitmo? al qaeda is not going to want to take us out. no one talks about it. that's what we said about apple. you close it in iraq.
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suicide bombers. they can't understand that they hate us? they are about to destroy us? after we put in a new soccer field for them, we give them new arms and legs. it's better than mommy used to give them. it's in the middle of the desert. we are swearing jihad to catch america. >> donald trump has one nevada. it's with a bullet. remember when he was thinking about announcing it? i said it's a huge joke on the rest of us. >> it's sort of to get attention of felicity. none of those guys are taking it seriously. >> the mainstream republicans are saying he
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this guy says it's a good thing or a bad thing. >> you have to say that you can't attract those kinds of crowds and you have that kind of juice. the guy has juice and he has wind behind his wings. he is sailing. he obviously goes to the tanning salons. he is the guys engine orange up there and he says , i will punch out these protesters. it's vince mcmahon junior. you might come after you next .
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gitmo. he says it's because people were sleeping in the subways and that's why there was the flashings. how dare we challenge him! really? well you take it to the streets in the subways and do a public opinion poll like we do in the presidential campaign and see how many new yorkers feel safer.>> is a depositor narrative ? >> it's time to put in the retirement and go down to boca raton. >> it never works to blame the media!we were talking about the stabbings and slashing us .
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he wants good news in and he wants you to come up to him and kissed the blarney stone . he is nothing but a shill . where is diblasio on this issue? out of sight, out of mind . he was in the background chuckling. >> the goofy good and that he is. >> had an excellent day, curtis. thank you for coming on this rainy wednesday. curtis: it's going to be lousy. >> were hot to trot. >> the local rivalry with the devils fighting. she has the highlights. the new york rangers , when
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time for sports. good morning! you have the whole colorful thing going on. >> i now have it in my head. the devils hosted the
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division rivalry. let's take it up to the second period. it's right there . he hits the crossbar with the shot and it goes off the back. the devils take a 3/2 lead . jt miller debated politics on the ice. the five minute match penalty seeing the tape on his hands. he finds the back of the net for 14 double leads. they win 5/2 at the final score. >> as for the islanders, they were in minnesota taking on the wild. redirect. he makes it 2/0. into the third. . the power play finishes the goal at 23rd of the season. they win 4/1.
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hoops. and that's facing the trailblazers and we pick it up in the fourth quarter. he drives and makes us shot. 95/93. he is playing so well under four minutes and tied at 99. he made the reverse and that blazers take a 99 lead going on to win the nets at 112/104. >> yankee spring training closer with chapman rejoining the team after missing a day of spring training while heading to a family matter in miami. he hasn't heard from the league yet about possible discipline. it's a new domestic violence policy. chapman is under investigation for the incident that happened involving his girlfriend. he declined to file charges. really cracking down on the new domestic violence policy.
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ben: just a couple minutes
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we will be right back, stay juliet: severe storms are on the way. there will be heavy rain later on. bring in your rubbers and your galoshes. >> why you say and a voice >> why you say and a voice like that? >> i don't know. like to make fun of me . ben: just made. >> i like doing the strange voices. can you give the donald impression? >> i can't do donald. >> he won big. it's a big landslide in nevada. he got more than the votes


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