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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we will be right back, stay juliet: severe storms are on the way. there will be heavy rain later on. bring in your rubbers and your galoshes. >> why you say and a voice >> why you say and a voice like that? >> i don't know. like to make fun of me . ben: just made. >> i like doing the strange voices. can you give the donald impression? >> i can't do donald. >> he won big. it's a big landslide in nevada. he got more than the votes
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he is off to super tuesday. his republican presidential component to try to figure out details if they can. >> the national restaurant association looks to stop salt warnings from being put on the menus. >> an unusual chase in space. did you see the video? >> it's awesome. it's obviously not what you would normally wear on your normal spacesuit. we will tell you what's going on here. mike kelly is the best. >> it's quite clear that he starts to mess with you a little bit. >> he is taking great pictures. he is entertaining me. >> he posed this phenomenal shot .
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of the lunar sunrise. juliet: i am juliet huddy . ben: im ben simmoneau and this is mike woods. before that's what i was thinking. ben: did ups just drop it off? every few months they sent something out there. mike: okay. juliet: happy hump day. mike: we have a little extra humidity in the air
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and ready to roll. you have a problem here and that's where you have the worst.the other thing that is popping up as the wind advisory going in effect until 6:00 this evening. it goes until 4:00 tomorrow morning. we have 370 at central park with a cloudy sky and drizzle in the area. 360 in williamsport and 32 in albany. cloudy skies are in the tri-state region and they
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there but you can see where the bigger stuff is by looking to the southwest. you may have heard it about the stories that's what's happening in the deep south. the severe weather is still going on in the southeast. it's heading into the carolinas to georgia and by the time he gets to us here, we will see solid rain. big-time thunderstorms with severe weather is like it with tornadoes will be our problem but straight line winds bring in heavy rainfall. temperatures climb up with a strong wind that kicks in.tomatoes i will be in the mid-50s. that's because the warmer temperatures will be here with windy conditions and showers at that time. it should shut down after that with a drier sky. temperatures are there for you dry it friday and saturday. is 50 on sunday. not a bad deal. it's not a complete waste of a weekend.>> at spring and ines was alice. at see what's going on.
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, we have something left to be desired.i don't like airports. that's not a good sign. before 7:00, the arrival is 90 minutes at laguardia want to check ahead. the commute is doing fine and driving around and no problems. in the new jersey turnpike, garden parkway looks good. let's check out the lie by ocean avenue. we are fine westbound and eastbound driving into the city at the lincoln tunnel looking great . let's go to that camera shot . no problems in the holland . street cleaning rules are in effect. they are on it today. trump triumphs and rubio rises in ted cruz crumbles. that's a sense to describe the latest republican race. that is the order, one, two, three.
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at the unusual race that continues. trump win but this was landside . trump got the same number combined. he is winning early, often and everywhere. >> we love nevada! >> thank you! >> donald trump win was just the shore spent in sin city. the victory , it's decisive. >> we are winning, winning, winning. the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> after initial pickup, trump has one restates in a row. the appeal is broad sense is one in different regions new hampshire, the northeast, south carolina, the south and now in nevada
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trump predicted for wins. >> it will be an amazing two months.>> we might not even need the two months. trump finished well ahead of marco rubio in ted cruz. >> i want to congratulate donald trump. >> for cruz, it was a disappointing showing. >> he congratulated trump and hung his hat on the loan when that he had an iowa. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can be donald trump is this one. >> rubio was campaigning in michigan as the caucus results came in. >> he said he has room to grow but he will need to grow soon to show he is a viable alternative to trump . ben carson and john casey finished fourth and fifth in nevada and it's unclear how long they can linger in the race.>> with nevada behind us, the republicans turn their attention to
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12 states hold the primaries. in his address, cruz called it the most important night of this campaign. rubio and cruz will need to get in the win column . super tuesday might very well be trump tuesday because it will be a trump coordination by the looks of it . >> they held their last town hall in south carolina. bernie sanders called out hillary clinton for her tolls ties to wall street. now there's pressure on both candidates to release campaign speeches that they gave to special interests. clinton is not crazy about the idea but sanders is okay with it. >> started terry clinton says i will do it if other people do. i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to
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here it is , chris! there isn't one. >> that includes the republicans. we know they have made a lot of speeches. look, what is this about? >> this is about whether i have the best plan to go after wall street .>> she is given a question and she immediately defers to republicans and goes off on a tangent . >> that is frustrating. very strategic . juliet: after south carolina, the candidates will compete in 12 states on super tuesday which is next week. al gore and george bush . it was pretty funny. ben: speaking of strategic, bill ratner lost his cool . he cursed twice.
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stats in he has her hat on and she is ready to tell us all about it. you. >> let's check the scene. the objective of yesterday's press conference for the mayor and the police commissioner is to be able to have the crime-fighting tool that officers have of the midtown. are you using it? that is not describing headlines. it is this. red red . [bleep] [bleep] bill bratton is pulling no punches. he is responding to allegations that officers are being pushed to use the crime analysis tool as a way to meet quotas. officer edwin raymond made the allegations in a new york times magazine. he called a black police officer's fight against the nypd. >> that officer, one of 36,000, maybe his impression.
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impression. those are not the practices, policies, procedures that i am putting into this organization. >> his comments seem to mark the first time the commissioner has publicly unleashed in this way. he appeared to overshadow the unveiling of calm stat 2.0.
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february 21. police say only seven of them were random. city leaders hope it will resonate with new yorkers as they continue to worry about their safety. the majority of the cases they have seen are coming from the bronx. they say they see it on comstock again. the tool is all across the city that they are using. they are deploying more resources to the hotspot to combat it. it's whatever you want to call it. >> . juliet: mike is watching the forecast. it's raining and you can pretty much
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, windy and all that stuff. it's getting windy and localized flooding has a potential . lightning with tree limbs coming down. there is a wind gust and it will get really crazy later on this evening. here's a live interactive radar showing you where the rain is and when it will be affecting you. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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killed three people in mississippi and ripped up buildings. 31 people had to be taken to the hospital. it is bad. it's terrible . it's early for tornado season. juliet: is it? mike: yeah, and heaven it's when things change up . you did the change of
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a summerlike pattern.>> is it the same storm system headed our way? >> it is the same one but it will weekend and it's watered-down. >> what we had out there now is the warm front passing to the area with some drizzle even though it's cold now. once the font goes by, it will start jumping up time. the next low-pressure gets into town and there is some
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thundershowers. what we have there is some cold and drizzle. there is a mixing showing up to the north and west. look at your temperatures. it's barely cold enough to keep it as a frozen preset. we had a later precept coming through. we will get up to 550 for a high . it's mainly the morning showers winding down for the day on thursday. it's heavenly dryer as we head into the weekend. now, let's get you over to ines. the road seem to be missing moving fine but
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had comes out there. it's posted at the airport with the quality at 90 minutes. there is a few accidents on the parkway so watch out for an accident on the bell boulevard. let's go to the cameras and check out new jersey. it's over route nine heading towards jersey city. taking an mta bus on a joyride. the driver of the m1 01 stop the bus to let passengers get on on off. police said 34-year-old jump behind the wheel of the bus and took off. she was stopped and taken by nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. she is
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unauthorized use of a vehicle . i have heard that she has done this before . she worked for the bus she was let go. >> michael will be back in court today. prosecutors petition for the reinstatement of the for the 1975 murder . connecticut state court will hear the arguments. the commission was overturned in 2014 after a judge granted him a new trial. he was freed on bail. his neighbor was in greenwich when the girl was bludgeoned to death. >> saul is on the menu on new york state supreme court. the restaurant association is fighting a new rule that requires salt warnings. it's on some new york city menus. board of health is starting on march 1. 15 or more locations are starting like a chain restaurant and they will have to warn people if it has more sodium than
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bristol zoo officials say the mother and the baby are doing well after surgery. the infant was born 11 days ago after he showed a life-threatening illness. physical officials are taking care of the baby while the mother recovers. >> i can seriously consider getting a monkey. a little baby. >> that's a terrible idea. they are cute. you can put diapers on them. what? >> i got a plant. i can have monkeys or dogs . ben: what do astronauts do in a have downtime? ben: they monkey around. juliet: check this out. in a moment , you will see a that was scott kelly wearing an ape suit as he chases his british colleague . he's been up there a year
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they get some fun and some exercise. >> the suit was set up by kelly's brother. mark kelly treated the video as his brother climbed into the student suit. kelly is wrapping a year in orbit . >> which one is the one in space? >> scott kelly is in space and mark is gabby gifford . he is down on the ground and they are twins. the whole point is that they can see how a year in space affects the physiology because they are identical. he holds the wrong longus record longest record . he will be back in march. >> he has done phone interviews. >> we would like to see him here in the studio. >> yesterday i went up to
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museum. it's a beautiful ride. in a couple weekends, they will have i did bring some but i will give it to our executive producer. >> i have to run. we will tell you about people lining up .
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welcome back. apple will argue that the government is violating its first amendment rights by ordering it to attack a cell phone. it's a lot of play on social media with lots of people weighing in.the court sided with the fbi ordering apple to create software that forces it to open the phone that was used like the man that was the shooter. it will access all users
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it will argue that the computer code has been ruled a form of protected speech so ordering it to write new software to compel it to speak is a violation of the first amendment. >> here is a new restaurant in chinatown. serving up a different twist on those waffle cones. >> egg waffles are rolled into a puffy topping. the stores been open one week and it's taking instagram by storm. the owner has been so busy she has not had time to set up a phone or a credit card machine. bring cash! >> that sounds really good. we have to run we will be
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>> we built our factories here because of a huge natural
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is the tappan zee bridge on this wet wednesday. you will need the umbrella today. mike woods has a forecast coming's donald's
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the front wins big in the nevada caucus. he easily beats rubio to finish second and ted cruz came in third. >> red red red . [bleep] [bleep] >> the two syllable word ! we will tell you what had him so worked up yesterday. what a sweet ride. we have a new toy . he signed a big contract with the mets and he decided he wanted to drive this vehicle it's a motorcycle that souped up . it's pretty cool. i am so disappointed. we just had a really good periscope session and we didn't talk about it on the air . ben: we did not. juliet: you can see it on
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we'll do it again. ben: mike woods is here. it will be a wet one. mike: i cannot get enough of that. it makes me happy . irritating. >> and only happened once . viewers. it's day. it's time to get you out the door. we have showers around the tri-state. the live radar doesn't look impressive with scattered light stuff around. not too much happening in connecticut or long island. there is likely cloudy skies where you are. there is drizzle as well because the drizzle is too
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up on. there does appear to be some mixing going on. area of low pressure is scheduled to combine this evening and into tonight. i mean it's a good amount of rain coming on. the wind goes up to 550 and 54 is a high. it's an early high temperature for you. the drier and cooler weather kicks in in time for the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's happening. what we have for the commute? >> were problem spots this morning. wet roadways . we are dealing with new jersey at the polasky skyway and its southbound.
5:34 am
a lane and it's southbound by wilson avenue. there is an accident. a flipped over tractor-trailer in pennsylvania and the new york state borderline giving one lane closed heading westbound. let's go to the cameras and take a look at queens. it's by the bayside marina with traffic seeing more volume than normal. it's low because of an accident by belleville of yard.there is on and off things are looking good with everything running on or close to schedule. ben: 5:34 am. donald trump easily won the nevada caucus. it is happening. the republican presidential candidates are setting their sights on super tuesday. marco rubio came in second and ted cruz is in third. we're trying to figure out if they can stop him and how. robert moses will talk to us about it.
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this was a landslide vic three. 46% of the vote for the donald. marco rubio was in second and ted cruz was in third. trumps when in nevada is significant because it's his third street . with victories now in new hampshire and south carolina in nevada, he demonstrated he has broad appeal in all regions of the country. it's in the south in the west. there seems to be no stopping the trump train it's right on to the republican nomination. >> now we are winning. [cheering] soon, the country will start winning . >> is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months! >> i want to congratulate donald trump. he is the only campaign
5:36 am
in the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign! >> we mentioned super tuesday. that is in six days. 12 different states have primaries and cruz called it the most important night of the campaign. cruz is fond of saying that no one has gone to win the presidency without winning one of the states but only he and trump can say they did it . cruises win in iowa seems a long time ago and he's going to need to launch another win soon in order to stay a viable candidate in the race. >> then carson is still on the race with john kasich . they are probably not long for this race. i would imagine that casey will not last until ohio. >> even if he does, at this point, they are predicting a second-place win at the governor of ohio.
5:37 am
beating case in ohio. >> we would be pretty certain about it. >> robert moses, thank you. ben: obama is hoping to fill a long-awaited campaign promise. he delivered a plan to congress to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay. they want to remove the raining detainees to the united states. it's a proposal that is getting a lot of pushback. her 91 prisoners there. the number will shrink below 60 by the summer. >> we will continue to securely and responsibly with 35 detainees have already been approved for the transfer. >> this is a president that does not respect the law. >> that was representative darrell from california. republican leaders say the
5:38 am
he wants to remove the plan and it could cost 475 million. it's a lot of money for 60 prisoners. the administration says it's just to keep guantanamo open. >> it's super max! send them to florence colorado .juliet: when it comes to waiting for an ambulance in new york city, you are waiting longer. people just don't move out of the way. details are coming out of the city council hearing showing the average citywide response time for an fdny ambulance is nine minutes and 22 seconds. that's up from nine seconds in 2014. amulets responded to a number of calls last year. 566,000. they claim to spend $5 million on two pilot programs in the bronx called fly car which involves sending an suv carrying a paramedic to the emergencies head of the immigrants. the other staffs more emts
5:39 am
>> it's not often that bill bratton loses his temper. he did so yesterday! he cursed when he was asked about the crime stats. obviously, the pressure in the media might be getting to him. he is out of the precinct. we might say words that we want to air on t.v.. when you step up to the microphone and you know that it's hot . you know that it's on. typically, you curtail your language a little bit. yesterday , bill bratton said something that maybe he wouldn't want everyone to hear but he said it with a hot mike. today we would be talking
5:40 am
tool but instead, we are talking about this.>> bill bratton is pulling no punches.he is responding to allegations that officers are being pushed to use a calm stat crime analysis tool as a way to meet quotas.the officer made the allegation of a new york times magazine piece called a black lisa police officers fight against the nypd. that officer , one of 36,000, that maybe his impression . that is not the policies and procedures i am putting into this organization. this seems to mark the first time he has publicly unleashed in this way. it appeared to overshadow
5:41 am
calm stat 2.0. the nypd says there has been 567 flashings through february 21. police say only seven of those were random. city leaders say it should resident resonate with new yorkers as they continue to worry about their safety. when we talk about the recent uptick in flashings, according to the nypd, they allow them to dial-in as to what is happening. the recent uptick is mainly happening in the bronx and
5:42 am
more officers and more resources to the specific may be out at that time . in the overnight hours, the rain will be slowing down . it takes a while to wrap up
5:43 am
completely.starting out at 390 and we take it to 540 and continued to climb into the evening hours. as we go through the next five days, it will wind down and dryer skies will take over friday sunday with a high temperature in the 30s. it's about 50 on sunday which isn't bad at all. if you want more weather info like the live radar, check out the weather up at the itunes store. it's free. check out ines and get a quick update with what's going on. ines: it's not going to be one of those tough mornings. let's check out connecticut. no problems northbound on 95 just watch out for the black ice.
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he posted $1000 barrel and on april 4. the league says the commissioner will the proceeding. it's an mlb investigation . and the yankees can't , chapman has missed a day of training.
5:50 am
from the league about his possible discipline under the new domestic violence policy. chatman is under investigation for an incident in october. that was involving his girlfriend. prosecutors declined to talk about showing up to training camp in style . parking lot of port st. lucie .the slingshot is a motorcycle with three wheels. apparently, it caused 25,000. he has 40,000 custom work done to it. it shows, clearly. this is video of the new york sports photographer. he jumped in the shotgun to go for a ride. listen to it . look at the smile on his face! you have the wheel but it's a motorcycle. >> the things that you can
5:51 am
million contract . he has a maserati and that cost six figures. this outdoes it. ben: do you think it's flashier? juliet: it lights up he has ellie d lights. >> it's a motorcycle but shouldn't have a helmet? i wonder if it's required in florida? >> it's something to think about. you might want to have it on to protect that 75 million. just a thought. mike woods? mike: looks like a golf cart. ben: 25 million . mike: looks like he missed a gear. did you see that? [laughter] still, not bad!
5:52 am
in the tri-state region. mostly rain but a little bit of snow and ice to the north in the west. looks like we will have another cold start to the day and damp conditions. the showers we have now are not that significant. light rainfall and drizzle in the tri-state will make it quite cold with temperatures coming up a little bit. 390 in bridgeport and it's that warm southerly winds that starts kicking in. it will bring in the warmer temperatures. it's coming in from the north east and temperatures are in the 30s. we do have a cloudy sky and this is an area of low pressure. it's a cold front coming in bringing as a good hit of showers. it's the high temperature coming up to 550 and it will be windy with some localized flooding. it's some damaging wind out they are going into early
5:53 am
it should shut down after that. let's bring in ines right now to look at what's going on as we hit the roads. ines: it's time to get to work. it will be a rough commute . there is already a couple of problems.his westbound near 23 with an overturned tractor-trailer. one lane is blocked in new jersey and we have a couple of problems. in the garden state parkway near exit 114. let's go to our cameras and check out the parkway near the bayside marina. we have traffic moving slow heading towards the bridge northbound. there is an accident near bell boulevard.
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. juliet: welcome back. celine dion returned to the stage for the first time since her husband died. let's have a look .>> . [cheering] [applause] ben: it was an emotional night for the superstar. the tribute started with a slideshow of his photos and renie's t.v. appearances. he died after a
5:57 am
. she said she did not want to spend too much time on it. she has a nice personality. she is very funny. >> have you met her? >> i have seen millions of interviews. she tried to keep it light towards the end. >> we could be learning the real region ronna pulled out a grainy performance. >> according to page 6, the excuse was a ploy to get her out of the show because she feared getting a lackluster performance . they say she felt like her performance can compare to some of the other artists. she is trying to avoid the embarrassment. i heard it the day after it happened. i can't understand it. he will perform at the brit awards tonight. >> . [music] britney spears strips down to her underwear. she posed to instagram.
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(avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. >> good mornings it's 6:00 are you ready for rain? yep,tory of the day ben. >> i'm ready for rain every day. >> and my umbrella today. >> you thought i was going to oversleep. >> i wish you would someday. res of the career together. we have a lot of rain as a matter of fact. a lot of wind to blow it around apparently. temperatures ring into the 50s. >> whatever. it's been mild winter. mike has the full forecast. >> donald trump triumphant in nevada he won republican kaws cusses there and won more than


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