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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: good morning, everyone. ben: good morning. juliet: the biggest storms have moved past. they are out used now. we can see a few lingering showers. down power lines, trees and houses. we will have all the stories coming up. ben: cruise across the tri-state area busy working. juliet: charges against the five teenagers accused of a brutal teen rape in a playground are
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there is a twist to the story that is even more unbelievable. ben: presidential candidates are set to keep a tonight. we will show you what happened. juliet: hi. good morning. ben: thursday morning. february 25. juliet: it is. i am just recovering from my paper cut that you gave me. mike: does that mean you are going to be out for a week? juliet: it depends on the thickets in fact it. mike: you see what happened with
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[laughter] juliet: it looks amazing. ben: i thought that pink and red would not go together. mike: let's get to your forecast. places like that. reporting gust of 67 miles per hour. that is huge. that is almost hurricane strength. at jfk, 54 mile-per-hour gust. nasty wind conditions yesterday. we still have some advisories and warnings. some of the heavy rain that came through. you have some river flooding out there, too.
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it looks like things are getting better. we do have a few more patches showers just to the west of us. lighter than what we had yesterday. fifty-six is your current temperature. fifty-three out at central park. we will see the direction change northwest here soon enough. coming around five-18 miles per hour. the skies will dry up for us for the most part. only a few showers in the afternoon. rain trying to get out of here. it is not completely gone just yet. let's bring you back over to ines. she will give you a look at traffic. ines: still dealing with some flooding.
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this is heading eastbound. more flooding in the local lanes. the bronx river parkway was closed earlier because of flooding conditions. that has subsided. now, here is a new problem. let's go to our cameras and take a look at your commute. the southern state parkway. eastbound, westbound looks good. george washington bridge. a tractor-trailer flipped over. that has been cleared away. lincoln and holland look good. with the trains, trained, we do have some problems. metro-north, there is problems. the babylon branch, expecting a
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>> thank you very much, under. i saw a bunch of vehicles, it turns out that a coast guard boat has capsized. apparently it was responding to a capsized fishing boat. ben: heading towards the rockaways or towards long beach. it left the east rockaway. a coast guard boat arrived on scene. it also overturned. all five coast guard members made it back. all members of the fishing boat were rescued safely. we will have a live report. either on the scene or very close by.
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my windows were going crazy overnight. i thought a plane was circling above. right in path to jfk. it was just the wind. it was really, really crazy. thousands of homes in our area remained without power. >> high wind and heavy rain. robert moses is in massapequa this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. if you need any evidence on how powerful these storms are, we have that evidence right here. we are telling you about a heavy snowstorm. this storm certainly not what you would normally see in late february. i spoke to the man who lives next door to this old.
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unmistakable sound. >> i cannot describe anything other than that. i came out and immediately saw that the tree had been uprooted onto the house. i went over to see if the tree had gone through the house. it was a large tree. i saw movement inside the house. blame the weather for keeping you awake. strong storms more typical. westchester county was hit especially hard. power lines came tumbling down leaving neighborhoods in the dark. trees crashed down on cars. this home in new rochelle damaging the roof.
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evacuated as a precaution. no injuries were reported. traffic slowed to a crawl. luckily, no one was hurt. new jersey did not miss out on the action either. today, promises to bring better weather and for some, hours of cleanup. as it begins to get wider here, that blue sky provides good contrast to the jagged tree that came down here. no one was hurt in this. they tell me that, to their knowledge, no one was hurt. you heard ines mention long island railroad. i was on the platform this
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it never showed up. if you are relying on mass transit this morning. just double check that your train is on time. that is the latest live from massapequa. then nj, back to you. >> robert moses for us. several weeks ago, there was a big story. an alleged rape in a playground. accused of attacking a young woman. juliet: this whole gang rape payment. the announcement brings him into the case that horrified new yorkers. a lot of the details are gruesome and shocking. >> you never want to report on this or read about it. this is in fact what happens.
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allegations, this case was dodge by questions. about the police response. due to a lack of reliable evidence in the victim refusing to cooperate, the da has to drop the rape charges and drop the case against the victim's father. >> there was no criminal wrongdoing in this case whatsoever. i believe that this would not have happened if the truth would have been told. >> reporter: a young woman saying she was gang raped by gunpoint by five teenager as her own father struggled to find her help. that story is a lie. riddled with inconsistencies. now the da is dropping the first first-degree rape charges against those five teenagers. >> he can finally go back to his
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he is only 15. >> the woman does not wish to pursue criminal charges against any of the defendants. she also refuses to cooperate with any prosecution against her father who was engaging in sexual contact against her. they claim that wings would have played out differently if this happened on the upper east side. tony herbert was one of those voices. he says that he does not regret pushing for an investigation. >> he has put this young lady through some, that no one can really understand. >> this is just one more event in this woman's life. she has had a tragic life so far. prosecutors will be part from reinstating any of these charges even if additional evidence
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juliet: what do you say -- >> it is really sad. ben: thank you, teresa. a portion of evidence is expected to be released today. juliet: calling in the fbi to help with that investigation. sounds like something off the ide channel. that shooting injured owner. he has said that he has no idea who wanted him dead, but he is hoping with the feds help they can find out. ben: mike woods checking the forecast for us. >> our warmest temperature was
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ben: . is true. juliet: he will be turning 535 in a couple months. i have enjoyed watching you age. [laughter] just kidding. your hair is very attractive on a man. mike: but he doesn't have any. [laughter] ben: you just wait, ines. juliet: i have no gray hairs. i don't. you are so obnoxious. it is not even funny. i don't have gray hair, thank
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i have wrinkles, but i do not have any gray hair. let show you what is going on in the tri-state region. your temperatures will be coming down a little bit. we will see a few little left out on -- we will see a few little leftover showers out there. anyhow. we have 53 out at central park. fifty-six out at newark. showers could be coming at you. wind coming in from the southwest five-15 was broward. temperatures will be falling. highs down to 30 starting tomorrow. >> nice.
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ines: traffic this morning. still dealing with flooding. that one is in the local lanes. we had flooding issues earlier. most of that subsided. let's go to our cameras. take a look. eastbound traffic moving fine. no issues on the westbound side. metro-north new haven line, 50 minute too late. a couple of trains have been delayed this morning. expect delays and cancellations. give yourself some extra time. you heard robert moses.
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then nj, back to you. juliet: a town hall meeting. that is what happens when you get old. there was one person missing. ben: they were all there except for donald trump. they did talk a lot about him. >> reporter: the remaining republican candidates joined townhall. >> for runner donald trump has a conflicting event tonight in virginia. his schedule would not allow it. they were very polite and cordial. his first guest was ted cruz. >> listen. there has never been a candidate
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donald consistent with loses to hillary. i consistently beat hillary. for that matter, if donald wins the general election. we need a president we can trust. florida senator marco rubio also took shots as the front runner. we certainly need to elect someone that is prepared to be given the threat that this country faces. john k 6 says that he is not dropping out. if i were to get out, donald trump would win ohio and that would be the end of it. the event comes just days before primaries.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think?
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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above attention parents: before school this september r all kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at juliet: 6:23 a.m. welcome back. direct threats against facebook
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sons of the palisades army. posting the video to a website used by isis. the group says it packs more than 10000 facebook accounts and 5000 twitter profiles. claiming many of them were given to ice his supporters. >> a flu vaccine appears to be doing a better job this year. >> let's look at the percentage. >> 59% effective. >> it does not work. >> the vaccine was less than 20% effective. it has been a milder flu seen so far. right now, advisers are meeting
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should go into next season. it does not matter because she will not get it anyway. >> are you calling me a liar? what is wrong with you, then? >> i told you that i did not have a problem with that. some people do. next to the items that have more salt on a recommended daily allowance. i am like a salt freak. yesterday, a judge upheld the rule. if you do not abide, you face a $600 fine starting march 1. they had challenged the new law. they say that they will not be
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they are going to appeal. >> salt pizza. it is actually pretty good. she put the salt on pizza. so do i think it brings out the natural tomato flavor. [laughter] ben: check out what is taking the big apple by storm. it is interesting, actually. >> a sweet cream glaze. all the traditional seasonings of an everything bagel. this is weird. i do not know about this. doing. they sell for 375. juliet: i was trying to think of
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let's take a break. juliet: shall we.
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play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. >> good morning, everyone. people are on all cylinders. the temp chillers are slowly falling. today, you know, it is not too bad. yesterday's rough storms behind us. >> a coast guard just capsized. responding to a call of a distressed fishing boat. everybody who was aboard both vessels appeared to be safe
6:31 am
that is great news. >> crews dealing with the aftermath. it was crazy. thousands of people have lost power. service slowly being restored. >> apple doubling down. engineers with that company now developing new security measures that would make it impossible for the fbi or anybody else to break into a locked iphone. juliet: they would have to create some kind of software. we will talk about that a little later on. ben: thursday morning. mike woods is here. juliet: we will be doing periscope in coming up in the next break as well.
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you could be the judge. yesterday, that was the most impressive start of the storm. that is a big win for you. jackson heights, you saw a window 60 miles per hour. jfk, 54. big wind all over the place. even central park. that has all moved on. there is more lined up to the west of us. heading into sussex county. they will be looking at some showers for short, here. cooler temperatures are coming in. fifty-three in central park. fifty-nine in poughkeepsie. wind gust not that big of a deal. the big ring from yesterday has now moved on.
6:33 am
here is the area of low pressure. there has been snow in the midwest. that will not make it to us here in the tri-state. here in the metro area, you will be fine. temperature started off nice and mild. dropping down. a few passing stray showers are possible out there. cooler temperatures as owing to the weekend. let's find out from ines what is going on. ines. >> good morning, mike. route 23, northbound, in accident blocking a lane. let's go to our cameras.
6:34 am
in accident reported blocking the lane. it is the new haven line. metro-north. ten-15 minute delay. long island railroad, telling customers delays and cancellations are possible. robert moses, we will tell you about his experience. make sure you check it out before you head out the door. new jersey transit in the patterning on or close. juliet: we will know a little bit more about the coast of far rockaway. was not a good situation. ben: a coast guard ship actually capsized. responding to calls of another capsized vessel. stacy, good morning. >> we're we are down the street from where the fishing boat that
6:35 am
though coast guard helicopter assisting with this rescue operation right now. 75-foot fishing boat saying it was leaving that used rockaway inlet. that is just around where we are. at that point, coast guard responded. their boat capsized. five coast guard members in the water. those five numbers were all able to swim to shore and make it out safely. that fishing boat, it is still out. it is kind of stuck on a sand bar. it is rocking back and forth. pretty rough out there this morning. there are seven crew members. fdny coast guard and others responding. trying to get to the men on
6:36 am
we know the waters are very rough. in fact, mike woods, 42 degrees. rocky out there. there are some injuries. everyone has been accounted for. it is what all of these first responders are doing here. we will keep an eye on the situation. we will keep you up dated from the scene. ben: stacey delikat for us in queens. a lot of other storm damage across the region. restoring power to thousands of storms. juliet: let's go to robert moses. he is live in massapequa. >> reporter: good morning to you.
6:37 am
a huge tree fell on this home. look at the asphalt that was ripped off. part of the sidewalk as well. you can see where it fell on top of this roof. fortunately, no injuries. around midnight, the sound of this woken from his slumber. >> there was a loud slope. i cannot describe anything other than that. it woke me from my sleep. i cannot came out and saw that the tree had been uprooted. i went over to check to see if the tree had gone through the house. it was a large tree. i saw movement inside the house. >> if your boss complains, playing the weather for keeping you awake. strong storms more typical of may then february payroll to across the area and did not discriminate.
6:38 am
bathing neighborhoods in the dark. trees crashed down onto cars and this home a new rochelle damaging the roof. a fake it home in the bronx collapsed. the building next door was evacuated as a precaution. no injuries were reported. high wind caused it to topple over. traffic slowed to a crawl. luckily, no one was hurt. new jersey did not miss out on the action either. today, promising to bring better weather and for some hours of cleanup. another live look at this home on chicago avenue. power outages. long island reporting 34000 customers still in the dark.
6:39 am
massapequa this morning did back to you. juliet: i like massapequa. nice job. ben: lauren seven at eight keeping track of new developments. >> apple ceo tim cook. basically called the government's request for apple to create a back door into the iphone, they call that the software is equivalent of cancer. something they have never done and will never do as they continue to fight the feds on this topic. this is a big deal. the whole privacy versus security debate. he said some things are hard, some things are right and some things are both. apple, i guess so frustrated by
6:40 am
security system so intense that even they cannot crack it. uncrackable software. just a word to users out there, sometimes when you have too many features, too much security on a phone or device, it is slower. just putting it out there. juliet: on crack they uncrackable. it is just crazy. it is crazy. a lot of people agree with them. ben: you can catch more on the fox business network. juliet: we are going to be doing some parents coping during that commercial break. it will be pretty entertaining. mike: this is changing up on us here. the colder air is working its way back to us. we still have a few left over
6:41 am
on today. just be aware about. we have a sunny friday coming up for you. it will be breezy and chilly at the same time here at it is is a cool start to the weekend. here is ines with a quick snapshot of what is happening. ines: still dealing with flooding. over 5 x 45. that one is in the left lane. staten island eastbound. normal delays heading towards the verrazano. watch out for a huge pothole. potholes are crazy right now. let's go to our cameras. george washington bridge. forty-five-50. holland tunnel, 15-20. tina has your sports this morning.
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ben: here is a@for you on it or stay morning. a close guard boat capsized while responding to a fishing boat. it happened around 4:45 a.m. all coast guard members did make it back to shore. apparently, the crew members on the fishing boat, well, they may still be on that vote. last night storm caused a lot of damage as well across the area. a vacant building collapsed in the bronx.
6:46 am
check that out. no injuries in either case, locally. ben: the remaining presidential candidates joined megan kelly last night. they all tried to portray themselves as the ideal candidate to beat donald trump. juliet: tina, one of my favorite people on the planet. you are not a flu shot girl. >> i am not a flu shot girl. no fever, no infection, no virus, whatever. i have not had it. i had bronchitis. very, very sick. not this year. one game last night. it was the knicks. they were in indiana taking on
6:47 am
fourth quarter, they were down by two. getting the shot to go off the glass. later in the fourth quarter, they have a one-point lead now. putting the pacers up right three. last chance. carmelo anthony misses everything. pacers went. knicks lose. 108-105 the final score. jason p air paul is suing espn for posting private medical records online. tweeting a photo to nearly 4 million twitter followers. the photo showed his right index finger amputation. $15000 in damages. a previous interview with sports illustrated did he could have and should have done more to
6:48 am
victor cruz thinks there is only an 80% chance that he will return for big blue for the 2016 season. he has not played since october 2014. he will likely have to rework his deal. originally $7.9 million. a cap of 9.9 million. then matthews says he is expecting the 29-year-old receiver to be on the team next season. >> right now we're taking a look at rings. he is on the roster right now. if anything changes, i will be the first to know. >> willing to rework his contract if necessary. re-signing quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. fitzpatrick representatives.
6:49 am
he threw 31 touchdowns and more than 3900 yards passing. now to spring training. all of the yankees will be on the field in tampa. we showed to this three wheeled motorcycle. driving to camp on tuesday. yesterday he showed up in a 400,000 lamborghini. giving us all the inside pics. this car is customize. flames shoot from the tailpipe. ben: this is literally the batmobile. >> he has those superhero things. they have those superhero names. they also said a member out on an errand. juliet: he wanted a round
6:50 am
rumor has it -- he keeps getting them souped up at this guy's place in miami. the guide is tweeting pictures. if he shows up, getting back to the world series. [laughter] juliet: it must be nice. very delicate. ben: sharp edges. >> $75 million a new contract. juliet: thank you very much. ben: your favorite person. mike woods. one of our viewers. six weeks for that flu shot to kick in. juliet: what was my argument? mike: that you would get a flu
6:51 am
juliet: no i did not think that. mike: we have some rain just to the west of us right now. it will make its way into the tri-state region. a little bit later on this evening. for now, we're keeping an eye on that live radar. fifty-six in central park. fifty-six in newark. 50 degrees in bridgeport. same thing for you and montauk. southwest round five-18 miles per hour. the big showers and storms have slipped out of fear of. still some wraparound showers on the back of it. that is why we have to keep a few showers in the forecast. we do not expect a ton of friend from it. after that, the colder it really starts pushing in. a few flakes trying to flirt
6:52 am
i do not think it really holds together. the colder air will definitely be making itself known starting tomorrow and several days thereafter. a few patchy showers. your temperatures will be coming down as we go to the afternoon. your low drops down to 32. thirty-nine on saturday. fifty-three on sunday. a nice little warm-up. the fox5 ny weather app has live interactive radar.
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check it juliet: good morning. ines: we are dealing with a lot of problems. that has a lane blocked. jericho turnpike. flooding on route 78 but accept 45 and 57 is down. we also have a problem on the garden state parkway. queens north bound by alexander avenue. problems with metro north and long island railroad. it is in the city of greenwich
6:56 am
expect a 15 minute delay. especially the west ham said ranch. >> all right, ines. thank you. oscars once owned, but never ran. >> jackson fought the best picture award it. juliet: at the time he paid over one and a half million dollars for it. executors say-- >> via vi started compiling a file. filming the movie bore out. ben: revealed that the fbi got so many complaints.
6:57 am
he played an outlandish. it hits theaters next month. juliet: that is it for us. ben: have a great nurse day, everybody. greg and rosanna coming up. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers
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to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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rosanna: how are we feeling? it is thursday. february 25. greg: last night was crazy. rosanna's dog. we have to toughen him up. rosanna: she is sweet, though. greg: we have this. breaking news out of the rockaways. a fishing boat got into trouble last night. the coast guard showed up to rescue them and then they got in trouble. rosanna: we will bring it to you right away. all over the area. look at this. a huge chunk came crashing down. we will talk about the cleanup this morning.


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