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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tourists in the plaza. watch as a woman in short skirts and costumes surround this visitor while the male ring leaders blocks the view. he takes the pic. they push the tips back toward him and fight each other for his cash. spiderman says they're trying to make ends meet and aren't bad. do you have certain do's and don'ts out here? tell me what those are. >> we dress up. we ask people for pictures. i don't harass them. i ask for tips. >> reporter: there's a sign in the middle of the plaza but few take time to read it. there are police patrols. when the characters are roaming, officers can't monitor their every move. the nypd says touching or grabbing could be harassment. mayor de blasio says they're working on a solution. >> reporter: there's much more nypd presence. we'll continue that. we have the process underway of coming up with the zones where costumed characters can do their
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can't. >> reporter: we told the mayor about what we witnessed and how they were intimidating people into stopping. he says if they're breaking the law, they won't get away with it long. >> if we see any new trend that requires enforcement, i assure you there's no place in the city with more police per square inch than times square. any new trend will be addressed quickly and aggressively. >> reporter: some of the characters say they're working to pay bills or school and a few bad apples shouldn't spoil the bunch. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. christina: we're fortunate to be joined by gayle brewer. thank you for being here. what do you make of all this? you're active in this area, especially in times square. >> i think two things. first of all, to bratton's credit, there are specialized cop forces in the area. they know the 1st amendment and the situation. i think most recently when the arrests took place, when $50 was grabbed from the tourist, it was
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the perpetrator was caught. that's a good thing. the weather is going to come. it's going to be nice. then the painted ladies and others will show up. christina: it will be a mob. you're proposing something -- a great idea. >> we want zones where the 1st amendment is alive and well and where people who are costumed or painted can be -- the tourists can go there. many people want to have their children taken with batman, with elmo, exactly. so they can go there and have their picture taken. then if we just want to walk through and not have our picture taken, we can go a different route. that's what we want the administration to focus on. we can do legislation. it's being proposed in the near future. christina: that's like a commons area between 47th and 42nd going down 7th avenue? the pedestrian plaza, you're a mom as well.
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the construction should be done at the end of 2016. all the plaza should be done. that's the time, if not sooner, to get the activity zones or the plazas that are dedicated to the painted ladies and the costumed christina: there's been so much mixed reaction from new yorkers and tourists. some say they're too aggressive. some people love them. what do you make of it? york. i'm not >> i'm not opposed to the painted ladies or the naked cowboy or costumed characters. i don't think they should prey on tourists. us new yorkers know. for the tourists and the family who's visiting, if you offer $10 you shouldn't have to have 50 grabbed out of your wallet. christina: you want to protect the 1st amendment rights but not for a free for all. insight.
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>> here's other stories we're following. nassau county police ended their investigation into the sexting scandal involving ed mangano. he claimed he never sent racy texts and tweets to a public relations exec. he filmed a marketing segment with her in 2013. investigators examined their phones and believe it was all a hoax. >> the phones were not hacked or spoofed. this document could not -- could have been created by anyone with an agenda. christina: police still don't know who did it. and apple today officially asked a judge to throw out a ruling forcing them to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says it would create a dangerous precedent. but the fbi says it's looking to get into just this one phone. the fbi's director and an apple senior vice president will testify at a congressional hearing next week. >> a coast guard vessel
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fishing boat that ran aground in far rockaway queens during the big storms. a helicopter with a rescue basket was used to lift all seven fishermen to safety. the five coast guard crew members were able to swim back to shore. incredible. incredible weather we're having these days. let's check in with nick gregory, watching the forecast. nick: hi. that was quite the storm yesterday. the wind was just raging late yesterday into last night as that storm really rolled through. today it's been a gusty wind and a day where we've had temperatures all over the place. we started out just after midnight at 61 in new york city. and we were in the lower 50s this morning. it's been falling from there ever since. 40 the low for the day. we're down towards freezing tonight. 41, 31. that's average. next two days, we'll be below average in the forecast. sunrise 6:35. down 5:42. you'll see all of it tomorrow. a beautiful day coming up. a couple of showers in the area. we've had .02 of an inch in the city.
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the west wind is gusty and the pressure recovering, 29.40. it's low as the storm finally pulls up towards eastern canada and out of the area. again, earlier, it's dispept ps 's deceptive, upper 50s bridgeport towards montauk. let's check reality. we're down to 40, lower 40s in a lot of the area. islip 42. 45 on the east end. we have 39 at belmar. 38 in sussex. and back to the middle 40s as you head to poughkeepsie and the hudson valley. you can see our temperature change. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees from 24 hours ago. but you see where the warm front was yesterday at this time. north poughkeepsie is three degrees warmer now than yesterday. a west wind still at speeds of 20 plus miles an hour. occasionally the gusts are reaching still near 30 miles an hour. that's going to continue tonight. here's fox 5 sky guardian. you can see some areas of rain,
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orange and parts of westchester county and clipping northwest connecticut. around the city, around long island and the coast, it's starting to dry out. the trend will continue. these are snow showers heading westward. those are going to dry out. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see as the last couple of frames loop through, there's the drying taking place. that will continue as the evening goes along. you could run into a couple of showers, but for the most part, things will continue to improve, particularly later tonight, and clearing will come in and we'll be into a sunny day tomorrow. today's storm has moved off to the north. it moves along. the wind out of the west-northwest will continue in the wake of the storm through tomorrow, it will be gusty. take a look at your day planner. we'll find readings in the 30s. only 31. 20s in the suburbs. 25 middle of the day. 38 should be the high. bright and sunny as the futurecast shows all of that beautiful weather on tap for tomorrow.
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down to the teens. suburbs, low 20s midtown. beautiful saturday. chilly. sunshine, upper 30s. the wind will shift to the west-southwest. that means a quick recovery in temperatures by the time we heads towards sunday. early showers in a few spots north and west of the city and clearing out later on. breezy and colder, 31 in town. 25 to 30 north and west. tomorrow, sunny, a gusty breeze and a cold day. looking pretty at 38. here's the seven day. there's saturday. up to 39. look at the cold start. 23 in town. teens in the burbs. we'll hit 55 on sunday. that's a nice recovery with temperatures staying in the upper 50s. monday, 57, lots of sun. that's a leap year day, february 29th. tuesday, 51, lots of sun. clouds wednesday and a shower threat at night and light rain on thursday in the upper 30s for those days. christina: the days of struggling to calculate 20 percent of your bill for a tip might be coming to an end. will the trend of no tipping at
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we talk about the potential benefits and the problems up next. christina: we hope you come back tomorrow as we look at our addiction to technology. can you live without your cell phone? we've got ways to wean yourself away. stay with us. we'll be right back. this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
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christina: welcome back. our feature story tonight focuses on the growing no tipping movement in some new york city restaurants. it's a bold experiment, but will it help or hurt restaurant employees and the service you get there? kerry drew takes a closer look. >> the tipping relationship that comes between the diner and the server is antiquated. >> reporter: when damian opened his restaurant, bruno, in the east village last summer, he did something new and different. he eliminated tipping. at the time, his was the second restaurant in new york city to do it. >> new york state has specific laws about who can be considered a tip server and who cannot. so to eliminate that problem, one of the solutions was to just forego tipping. >> reporter: it's an idea he says evened the playing field
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>> it turned service into a team sport where we're all working to help each other out. no one is trying to get a bigger tip out of one table than another. >> reporter: instead of tips, there's an administration fee which goes towards running the restaurant. >> i opened with prices that are, you know, typical to the landscape but added a 20% administration fee at the end of it to sort of bridge the gap that i needed to make up to pay everyone a decent wage. >> reporter: more and more restaurants across new york city are moving forward with no tipping policies. what do customers think about it? >> it's fair for people who work as a team in the kitchen to share in the benefits, the profits and so on. i'm happy that everybody is getting paid what they should. >> reporter: others are not so sure. >> i have a sneaky suspicion that will generally sort of erode service.
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i think waiters and servers are motivated by better service when there's a tip involved. if there's no tipping involved, how do they prioritize their tables and their quality of work? i don't know if it's a good idea. >> i'm happy to be a part of the growing conversation. i think it was the right move for us when we opened. i like to re -- rethink old tired concepts and envision how they might change and develop. christina: well, we have a change. we're joined by chlt : >> how much do people tip? is it really 20 percent? >> thanks for having me, first of all. good to be here. i think that it varies. it depends on what kind of restaurant you're in. i think on average, 20 percent is about what the industry standard sees. i think most calculations see 18.
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but 20 across the board is comfortable. christina: it seems pretty standard. what's interesting is your other restaurant, there's no tipping. how is that working out for you? >> i know. christina: do people like it? >> we're still trying to figure that out. it has been a huge success for us. it's really a way for us to redistribute some of the talent back and forward by distributing some of the gratuities backward and forwards to the back of the house and the front of the house. as we grow our business and try and compete in the industry, we're losing talent to other areas, to creative arts, to television media. we're losing some of the young people that would have started in our profession and moved on to other places. we have to get more adult in the way we approach our provision. christina: the food industry is changing so much as well. >> absolutely. just a few years ago, it was unheard of for a line cook to have health insurance. now not just because of the
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something we want to do for our employees. christina: it's a new career. >> it costs money. what we decided to do was take everything and put it together and level it out for everyone. christina: chef, if you take away the incentive of getting a tip for top notch service, do you still get the top notch service that customers expect? >> i think that's a good question. some people have -- naysayers have said historically service in europe has been poor. christina: like the dmv? what do you want? >> i think it's the opposite. i believe no matter what shift you're working, you know you'll make a liveable wage. you're not starting at the bottom of the pole and trying to work your way up to good shifts where you can make more money. i think it levels it out where people strive to become part of that team. christina: that's interesting. you have two restaurants, charlie bird where tipping is allowed and one where it is not. do you think charlie bird will go that way? >> i think it will. once you've opened, it's complicated to change a team
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since the other just opened, we started fresh there. for us, it's the future. it's the future of the restaurant industry. christina: very interesting. cutting edge stuff. thanks a lot. >> great to be here. christina: your tip will be in your jar later. russ joins me after the break with changes. and and come back next week for a look at a local school that decided to go all vegetarian for school lunch. monday, we'll tell you why it's a huge hit.
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christina: time for sports with russ. an interesting turn in the jason pierre paul saga. what's going on? russ: everybody knows what happens to him on july 4th, the fireworks accident which cost him his right index finger and the tip of his thumb. to his credit, he battled back. once he did come back, he had himself a darned good season. better than just about everybody expected for the giants. that said, though, jason pierre paul is suing espn and reporter adam shefter for disclosing his
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christina: that's protected by law. russ: i was asking some lawyers this afternoon about it. that's kind of like who is culpable in the situation? christina: what happened? russ: one lawyer said, well, it depends how you get your information. if somebody drops something on my desk or your desk and it just got there, are we doing something wrong by breaking the information? he did admit later on in an interview that he should have done more to protect that information. having said that, we're not lawyers, but having said that, i'll let the lawyers sort it out. that is an admission that he did something wrong. it's going to be interesting to see. christina: all right. let's talk about rules. a slide rule? russ: everybody can remember ruben ta jata breaking his leg.
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rule and it starts this season, if you're going to slide into second base to break up a double play, you have to show that you were within reach with your foot or with your arm of touching the bag, which, you know -- listen, nobody wants to see anybody hurt. the true blue believers, the purists of baseball, they're not going to like the rules same way they don't like the rule about catchers. they can't block the plate. christina: so many rules now. if that protects players. russ: let our dear friend yogi berra rest in peace. he said you block the plate, you block the plate. you don't want to see anybody it is important. the game has changed. the world has changed. i could see that rule being in effect. also, they're trying to speed up the game. christina: another rule. russ: in terms of i think it's only 30 seconds that a manager can talk to a pitcher and there's going to be time breaks.
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tv time-outs. that said, baseball is a billion dollar -- several billion dollar industry. someone's got to pay the bills. those are commercial breaks. christina: it's our bread and butter. don't bite the hand that throws the pitch. russ: baseball is here on fox. exactly. christina: a little boy in afghanistan took the video -- world by storm. the boy got a real jersey. the team sent the five-year-old an actual signed messi jersey. he said i love him and my shirt says messi loves me. >> we don't know yet if bernie sanders will be our next president.
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christina: there is a new web site for people who want to feel the burn with someone special. bernie is a dating site for bernie sanders lovers and it's really taking off. a 19-year-old sophomore at arizona state university created the site initially as a joke, but he quickly found people loved it. >> it's something ridiculous, but after seeing all the people sign up and connect, it was rewarding. we had a million hits in the first couple of hours and then we crashed. christina: the site is free and a staff of 20 volunteers helps maintain it. as of now, there are nearly 7,000 members. about 400 of whom are right here in new york. well, that does it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm christina park in for ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great night and we'll see you
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ufc champ conor mcgregor gets -- regrets saying he would whoop jesus christ's ass and taking it out on our photog. >> what could be better, getting trash talked from the best trash talker. harvey: charlie, he was two steps from kicking your ass. >> do you get workmen's camp if you got hit? >> next time i see him i'm going to ask another jesus question. >> big man, you could get jesus' ass! >> chris pratt at l.a.x. i go, do you ever miss being fat? >> i'm still a bit fat. >> no, you're not. >> it's just all hidden. >> dude, he's right, he will never not be fat. he's just fighting it. if he lets it go, he will put ranch on his ice cream. i promise you. >> kylie jenner, she may have an


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