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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 26, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on. >> worse than anything i've ever been through. >> cut in half. plowed into the back of their chevrolet malibu. >> i'm actually really not feeling anything. i'm numb. >> right in there. she says they are trying to kill me. >> two people whose home she knocked on the door of before police say she disappeared. >> when she looked of shannon was gone. >> i did not think anything could be harder than with the family went through the last two years, but unfortunately there is something worse than that. worse than anything i have ever been through.
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monday. getting their daughters ready for school and preschool. tim left with his daughter bridget. a science teacher at the hudson county prep school. i spent the day there. picked up his daughter bridget from daycare. enter the toll plaza. slow down his car, and in an instant a beautiful family of four was cut in half when a man driving the mercedes-benz plowed into the back of their chevrolet malibu doing 50 to 70 miles per hour training their car into oncoming traffic where it was then hit by a commercial van ending the lives of tim and bridget o'donnell. scott admitted to police he was up for at least 26 hours straight and under the influence of prescription drugs.
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widow in her home. much quieter home than it used to be. her daughter, i was expecting her to be there that she was a school and had not missed a day because that is where father would have wanted. i brought her stuffed animals for easter. >> she needs it. >> ii asked them how she was feeling. >> am devastated. i am not feeling anything. i am numb. and i see my husband and daughter for the 1st time tonight before the public viewing tomorrow. i'm just feeling worse. >> talk to her about who her husband was and for the 1st time i saw her face light up a little bit. >> a big teddy bear. most kind, compassionate human being i have ever met, most intelligent men i know,
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his school that he taught at and my daughter school. i am overwhelmed by it all. there are not enough words to describe. she was the life of the party. not a lot of good pictures of her on facebook or anything. i would never put my naked child on facebook. >> tell me any kind of final words that she would have to say to her husband and daughter, bridget. >> i love you. everyone needs to say they love someone. don't leave the house was saying i love you. you will regret it. i'm trying to remember if i said it command i don't know if i
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i know i said it's my daughter. i don't know if i said it's my husband command i am struggling with that. >> one of the strongest women i have ever seen. her daughter created these poster boards full of beautiful memories of the family. >> looking closely. pam closely. pam was in a lot of the photos smiling ear to ear. looked kind of like a different woman. it was heart wrenching. bill: i am impressed she was able to gather the strength the tell the story. i think she has done an honor to her
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her. >> i am here to bring you the latest. this past tuesday man reportedly caught us out trying to break into his home. harrowing accounts of his workout being interrupted the latest check the attack i brought you last week. this dramatic 911 call. >> you are not going to believe this. >> both of these incidents are wild turkeys were wildly inappropriate, encroaching on personal space. will the next? >> i have had just about enough.
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farmlands. there was just one problem. there was no single turkey. assure me it was not me. it was them. >> seen them from my backyard. >> was not as cool, calm, and collected. >> working. i will let you know. >> ii absolutely love that. here to tell me what i did wrong and with the basic principles are. wildlife extraordinary experts. >> the intelligence wrapped up his ridiculous. they knew you were coming for them. they have a 6th sense.
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turkey, get into their brains. >> garbage. the real back your foot. absolutely. you can't get attacked by turkeys. >> first of all, i was an east brunswick. the neighboring town right next-door, cranberry goes bill: nicely done. what is the hunting season open? >> the end of april. the key is the call. bill: can you show me so that the audience can see it? >> a turkey call. bill: and there you go. >> outraged. championship belts were
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museum can't -- boxing museum hall of fame. the robber and the belt have not been found. syrup -- celebrities like rosie perez and mike tyson have taken to twitter using the hashtag bring back the belt. >> someone broke in at 3:00 o'clock in the morning and took them. >> the world middleweight champion and boxing in the 1940s. she explained how she felt the 1st time she saw the broken cases. >> when we went up there, i was just heartbroken to see the display cases covered with just a curtain. knowing that there was no belt inside.
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missing. >> there was no video cameras at the museum at the time. and also, the precision of this robbery, only the six belts were targeted. the championship ring which means that someone knew what they were doing. the belts are invaluable because that is the belt my uncle tony one in madison square garden. sugar ray robinson a yankee stadium. those are priceless artifacts. >> the museum asked the museum asked the family not to alert anyone to post anything on social media for 48 hours. >> the 1st thing that struck me was that we were supposed to keep it quiet. they wanted 48 hours to follow any leads. i'm thinking, this is an alert. we need to notify the
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border patrol. none of those things were done. >> this case is still being investigated, but many people have offered up rewards including mike tyson has double down with another post saying how upset he would be. a $15,000 reward for any information. bill: what is the basis of the valuation? was it made of some kind of precious metal? >> apparently this is linked to other memorabilia being stolen and that it is going overseas. >> the mike tyson. >> he offered to sign memorabilia and send it out which we will have its own value. >> i will give you something off of my desk.
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take a look. cctv news. upward moving escalator settling into a downward moving escalator causing an avalanche of people. listen up. take the stairs. >> retired homicide detective and i have followed similarities. the multitude of bodies.
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>> may 12010. terrifying young woman runs down the stairs of a long island beach home frantically dialing 911. >> trying to kill me. the stature where she was. in the darkness. >> nearly six years later we were back at the same location.
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followed similarities. the multitude of bodies found along ocean parkway and long island to this gated community nearby. this is where shannon disappeared. there we met attorney john ray investigating the death on behalf of the family. >> trace the path. >> and be ready. usually some trouble. >> stairs from residents met us. he has had the police called on him while being in this committee more than a few times. back in 2010 a driver dropped her off. hired her. >> on the 2nd floor is the party room. >> something went wrong. flying down the stairs down the driveway and onto the streets of the neighborhood
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homes she knocked on the doors of trying to get help. people including barbara brennan saw the last glimpse of shannon before police say she disappeared. >> appeared to be trying to issue is dialing are calling. when she looked up shannon was gone. >> a lot of underbrush. really tough going for a guy who was wearing boots in the daylight. i don't know how young woman in valerie issues would have navigated. he thinks that shannon did not go into the marsh and might have not gone they're at all. think she was killed elsewhere and dumped. his lead on who might have done this comes from an unlikely source, an unsolicited phone call to shannon's mother just two days after shannon
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her. why would he say that? even were he to want to comfort larry gilbert as he claimed he did, why does he need to mention. >> three fingers missing when her body was discovered police say they might've been taken away by small animals but he highly doubts that theory. >> attaching and reattaching body parts including fingers. >> i had toi had asked if it was possible the murder happened in hackett's house. >> homicide? >> very likely. took place in connection. inside, it's hard to know. >> reportedly interviewed by police but no charges were
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no physical evidence comeau we have not been able to get his side of the story for comment. the prime suspect, not for nothing because of the odd ways in which she has answered questions under oath during depositions. >> volunteers information when i don't aski don't ask questions that are hence that he is involved. of course he is smart enough to know that i can't say ha ha, you did it. it hints that he did. >> taking us to the last moments of her life, striking, but there is a key clue that might connect us all the way back to atlantic city. >> people leave the dog in the car and not everyone leaves there pet goat. sitting in this car.
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came back out in the goat had turned the hazard lights on, drank an old cup of soda and my favorite take a dump on the driver seat. >> ago check. >> guns are taking on a new look. say goodbye to the big, bulky or masculine gun and say hello to these ladies. >> say hello to your little friend. >> my little friend. >> colored pistols designed with women in mind. >> if you want to buy something you want to buy something that is easy to handle. obviously that is the reason. >> it is a business come at the end of the day. iday. i got my hand on this lady
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atlantic city. >> you are left-handed. >> does not make any difference. >> smaller, lighter, prettier. >> squeeze the trigger. >> while. >> zero, yeah. >> much different. >> the owner says women love them. >> them. >> this is my wife's favorite. it is made by charter arms. very lightweight, aluminum, colorized, no instruction needed. works every time. >> colored pistols are nothing knew. buyers to get custom-made guns, but now factories are releasing them. go to the store by color gone off the shelf. in direct response to industry trends considering
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>> the real test year, i can fit it right here. i can fit more than one. >> just in case. >> great. >> you never know. >> the outfit. bill: i thought when i heard the story maybe it was a little insulting to women. pink and green and fuchsia. >> a woman can handle a real gun and he said absolutely not. >> definitely empty. >> shut your eyes. >> bad. >> the one time i did get to go, a little girl, a competitive shooter. young girls going to competitive shooting.
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hey y'all welcome to "dish nation," i got to say what's up to our friends in dallas, what up, kellie. big al, jen and j-si, how you feeling? legendary rap mogul, super producer, star and the man, the myth, the legend, the one, the only --! >> that's all the time we have today for "dish nation." [ laughter ] . >> so you know looks like god does work miracles, earlier in the week we were talking how rihanna couldn't perform at the grammys because of bronchitis, apparently she's been healed. >> she could have had bronchitis for a day. >> she couldn't smoke because she had bronchitis. that's why she was drinking. >> that's what it is. >> her voice is fine, she stormed the stage at the brit awards, performed her new song,


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