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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . juliet: good morning, everyone. a gunman goes on a shooting rampage storming through the fact three . the factory where he worked. three people are dead and are injured. the gunman is killed by police. we will have the latest on the story. >> a republican debate . that was debatable last night maybe like republican attacks. they went after each other big time. what they had to say. >> highly entertaining! i could not stay up .>> these people are running for president.
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both sides had back to the negotiating table. commuters are holding their breath hoping for the best. >> could you imagine? juliet: these transit trikes are always a nightmare.>> either you came back monday, and you said you would be lovely and that lasted about 24 hours. >> you know why? because i work with you people . you drive me to the brink. mike: i don't know about that you people . there is a lot going on. ben has stepped into the role of fashion journalist. >> it's gigantic. >> need to readjust
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the rating skyrocketed. people are eating breakfast. it sure temperature and it's a good start. it's 370 in montauk and 230 in monticello. it's quite windy. they are kicking around 13 24 miles per hour. we have over the satellite to the northwest and we have the catskills and poconos. there is enough moisture in
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flurries. there is a high of 40 and 55 on sunday. 580 on monday and getting close to 60 , once again. the cool spell in the middle right back to the warmth. let's go to long island over to westbury. it's eastbound and it's looking fine .as for the train, the street cleaning rules are in effect. >> the gunman wounded 14 people. it killed three people and wounded 14. most were in excel industries. it's in the town of heston. it's a small town and the gunman was an employee of
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local media and witnesses say they never saw any signs of trouble with the sky. >> we hung out and everything was good. the guy that shot people was right across the street from us. >> the loan officer ran near the fire and shot the suspect dead. authorities have no motive and people say they knew him and they would've never expected this man would unleash this type of violence. the sheriff said there were things that trigger the individual. next tuesday with rivals looking to bring donald
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>> he is way ahead . last night, it was an all-out attack on mister trump who was in the middle. i got very personal and the gop debate.robert moses is joining us live outside of trump tower. you'll be showing us the pretty memorable comments and clips that were made throughout the evening. robert, good morning. >> if he constructed the wall like he constructed this building, they will use illegal immigrant labor to do so. the debate mauled into a slugfest with donald trump as the preferred punching bag. you have been watching the wrong presidential race. instead of attacking each other cruise in rubio
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trump. rubio attacked trump for being hypocritical immigration. my mom was a maid at a hotel and instead of firing an american, you would've brought in 1000 people from all over the world to fill the jobs instead . >> rubio offered this singer. >> it was $200 million! if you hadn't had that . >> trump slammed rubio for repeating himself in a past debate. >> i watched him repeat himself 5w4 weeks ago . he had a meltdown. >> let's talk about your plan. >> everything will make america great again we are going to make america great again we are going to win win win . so far he has declined to do . >> i am being audited now for two or three years so i can't do it until the audit is finished . that's obvious in the people understand that. >> don says he's being
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underscore the need to release those returns. >> luckily i'm not being audited this year or last year for that matter. >> john kasich again looked on and acknowledge george bush in the audience. he worked with ronald reagan to pass an effort to try to solve this problem. it's a path to legalization. i was a time when things flexibility is so century. this was the last to be before super tuesday in the clashes were nothing short of epic . >> ui basketcase . >> don't get nervous. monday of republicans waited for what we saw last night. that is for rubio and
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and after him forcefully. the big question is will it have any effect. trump has really been pretty bulletproof with everything he has said with all the criticism that's levied against's just rolled right off and is at the top of the polls. will he be knocked down on super tuesday? that's the big question. that's the latest from trump tower in midtown. it was good stuff. >> it's 438. a possible placement for antonin scalia? go figure . >> the guy could have been the supreme court justice. he looks at the writing on the wall and then he has damaged goods and then you could damage next year.
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enough. he is the 52-year-old judge and he did not offer a reason . republicans have said that there will be no hearings and no up or down vote no matter who the president nominates. they want to wait for the next one to replace justice scalia. >> that could be a california word , nolan process as getting through. just a vetting itself. moving along, they're trying to prevent a strike on the 13th. the federal board has recommended they get a pay raise of 2.6%. they say that along with other health costs will force them to raise affairs again. cheers went up most 10%. the strike would involve bus drivers but it's not clear if they would cross the picket line. they have developed alternate service plans if
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poorly managed must it be for a 2.6% increase over six years. >> not good. >> i guess not. >> helping the fbi to help hack an iphone. it's overturning a judge's order to require it for software to unlock the iphone that was used by one of the san bernardino shooters. teresa knows they were talking about the government saying it's just this one instance. the company is saying that it's a slippery slope. is going to be this one iphone but it means it will be many. they are also saying that if you weaken the system you would weaken it for all. how do we know that other people might not try to hack into this. good morning everyone. the crux of the issue is in question. which is more important? national security james
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hardest question and law enforcement. >> they are asking the court to set aside the fbi request to have a back door approach allowing fbi investigators into the iphone of farouk . the phone may contain information about who helped plan and finance the attack on december 2. thursday, the tech giant filed the paperwork and in , apple ceo says the argument is the government's request violates the first amendment right to free speech. it's fifth amendment protection of arbitrary privation of its liberty by government. the pushback comes on the same day that he testifies before the house intelligence committee. >> the code judge asked him to write is only for the one phone.
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out on mine or yours , is not a real thing. >> he stresses that he understands the dilemma apple faces. >> i hear corporations saying we will take you to a world where no one can look at your stuff, part of me thinks that's great but then i step back and think, law enforcement, which i'm part of, does save people's lives. >> apple has received multiple request to unlock iphones for law enforcement which they have denied. tim cook explains why. >> we need to look forward past what happened to the government. many people have had personal information stolen by hackers. >> apple feels so strongly about this issue it's willing to go all the way to the supreme court .
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that. sunday looks nice. it's a shame that you have to work. we will tell you
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had to . mike: welcome back. let's get you up and out the door. let's show you if we have anything showing up. we have had reports out there up around northern new jersey near the poconos and near the catskills. there are showers moving through. we will get some wraparound moisture and cold air with flakes out there too. it's in monticello and here is a pretty sizable storm coming through. it's 20 or 25 mile-per-hour sustained wind approved i
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we have a partly cloudy sky and you can see where most of the small snow showers are in upstate new york. a few flakes make it that it's not a big deal and it won't be adding up to anything. we will see the cold air spilling across the tri-state region. do we get anything out of it? no. we have mainly clear skies for the majority of the day today. that is tomorrow and both of those days on the chilly side. the chilly side is coming across from canada and after we had into sunday, we will see a wind direction change bringing in the warmer temperatures and highs going into the 50s and 60s by monday. we will top out at 880 and that's what we expected as it's quite easy. the highest 400 in 58 on monday. looks dry again and it could see a shower.the next real shot of rain doesn't look like it's until the
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week . download at the itunes store. let's bring in ines to look at the friday morning commute . it's nice and quiet and it's windy. >> we have seen the camera shaking around this morning. nassau county looks like it has no problems on the lie. things are moving good on the lie expressway. the bridge is experiencing construction and that started two minutes ago. usually last about 15 minutes. you will see the delays that are close. >> you could go to the gwb in the lower level looking good. it's in the lincoln in the holland tunnel . then, back to you. >> is just a hoax and neither here nor the
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texted each other. the documents say the messages could be cut and pasted in other sites. investigators say they damage their cell phones and no messages were exchanged. >> phones were not hacked . this document could not have been created by anyone. not with an agenda. >> during the accusations, it was revealed that he received no big contracts with $50,000. the district attorneys are looking over the contracts. thomas had to resign because of political corruption. >> you are saying this person that spoke there . >> not him but the man who will now become the new nassau county
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commissioner . he will really be fair and square? what if they ask the new york state police . >> where they need to? curtis: you're going to trust nassau county? they had to rest their police commissioner . >> curtis has a point.he is their boss. he is the police department's boss. >> is a pretty easy thing. if he is so sure that his angle was right should have been outsourced to the police department and they chose not to do that. >> do you think the people of nassau county should demand that happens? >> they are so used to this guy and when he drops dead agreed, they will have to put them in the ground with a black and decker power
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from beginning to end. >> let's talk about the republican debate .they went at donald trump. all the chips are on the line. >> marco rubio commented that this guy hadn't inherited 2 million and manhattan. >> i can't give my tax returns because i am being audited. >> he has been promising he would up the statute all along the wa[. now he claims he is audited 12 years in a row. i don't know anyone in the world who has been audited by the irs . >> you know a lot of billionaires. >> this is like the birth certificate. it's the same way he says obama would be there you don't have access to someone's birth certificate or tax return . how would we be able to find out if he got audited
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i am calling him a liar. >> what you think is in there? exactly what mitt romney said. maybe he is donating all the money that he claims he is donating. maybe he isn't making all the billions of dollars that he claims. a lot of people out there say he is a for gazing. >> the difference there is he says he is worth 10 billion. it's still billions . >> i do want to see the documents. >> i do it but i can't . really? >> what do your tax return show us? >> i/o the federal government and the state government and yesterday i was in family court and all the liars were lined up. all of the lawyers and all the exes lawyers.
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>> maybe you should keep yourself wrapped up . >> maybe you could help him out with that. it's noon/3 . if the drive at five. it's a historic night for the rangers.
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duke is off. the historic night for the rangers. the goalie becomes the franchise all-time leader . >> lindquist sent these with the save. >> he has 35 saves on the night. lundquist becomes the only
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>> many people find him attract . elsewhere around the nhl. >> the new jersey devils were into face a blue jackets. they score 6 goals and the devils lost 6/1. if the fourth loss in five games.>> up in alberta , the islanders face the flames in the overtime. it's 18 sex in seconds left. josh bailey comes the hero with the game-winner. they are three points down the rangers. >> basketball with the nuts looking at the suns. >> the time is winding down in the second quarter.the sun is going through the shot. he is therefore the block and the nuts are at the half with 18 and three run. chris mccullough steals the past and finishes with the dunk going on to win at
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>> is the beginning of my speaking. mike is not a moral person. memorable moments for the republican debate. marco rubio and ted cruz got heated and personal. you will hear what was said. >> apple pushes back against federal government leading to block the f guys request to hack an iphone . we will have the latest on


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