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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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eight to june lantern. juliet: it is cold outside. it is going to parisien cold. ben: sunday is going to be pushing 60 degrees. juliet: that is something to look forward to. mike has a full forecast coming up. ben: marco rubio and ted cruz has their sights set on one individual.
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randomly. the gunman was later shot dead by police. ben: a fight between apple and the fbi. overturning a judge's order requiring the software to hack an iphone. juliet: people are wondering why kelly clarkson started crying last night. the reason that she broke down is because it is a story about her life then and now. however husband came back and put her together. >> she got all choked up. it was great. juliet: it is 6:01 a.m. let's check the weather forecast with mike woods. a lot colder and windy this
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central park. 21 degrees in monticello. kind of a mixed sky around the tri-state. temperature changes. look at that job. new work. 26 degrees cooler in sussex. that northwest wind northwest wind is caring and that colder air. wind chill factors are down into the 20s for most of us here in the tri-state region. the clouds will be picking up once the sun comes up. we even have a few worries. snow showers well to the northwest. as we go forward to that the as we go through the next seven days, a little bit warm for you
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the wind direction will kind of switch around for you. next shower chances not until wednesday. >> morning, mike. multiple accident closing lanes. northbound closed. as far as your commute in new jersey, 23 north town, to lanes are blocked within accident. a look at the fdr drive. traffic moving a lot better. all lanes have been reopened. delays are still using out. not that of the ride on the upper level. lincoln, five-10. juliet: thank you very much,
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last night's gop debate. marco rubio, ted cruz and donald trump. there were two other people on stage. robert moses is live this morning. marco rubio took that one step further. ted cruz told donald trump you have to get back on your meds. this is a deeply unlike any i have ever seen. if you thought donald trump would receive a heartbeat dose
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were wrong. rubio attacked for being critical on immigration. >> you proud over a thousand people from all over the world. >> five times four weeks ago. you have to make america great again. so far declining to do. >> being audited now.
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the return. >> can someone attack me, please? >> the mud wrestling match unfolded from center stage. >> he worked with ronald reagan. a path to legalization. >> stability is so 20th century. the last debate before super tuesday. [inaudible] debate.
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this felt like a fight on the playground. it is not dissimilar to what happened in the studio. >> robert moses for us. an interesting deep a. juliet: april found both our leaving among their perspective parties. clinton leaves bernie sanders. long island voters. give trump a three-point advantage over clinton. however, former mayor bloomberg beats fulfilled them.
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considering a guilty plea. that is according to multiple reports. stealing sex, toys and pornography from his suv. arrested on charges of deprivation. pled not guilty in november and december. burke would face about five years and listen. ben: nypd captain has been stripped of his gun and shield. accused of clocking out. both of the wounded officers were visited by the mayor and police commissioner at the hospital. kings county hospital is in this
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has been wasted on modified duty. no comment yet for his use and. killing three people before he was shot that by a police officer. they are in the small town. the gunman was an employee of the plant, apparently. he worked at this plant. >> a nice guy. everything was fine. did not seem like this kind of
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>> a loan officer ran towards the gunfire. shooting the suspect dead. authorities do not have a motive. there were things that triggered this individual. >> back to court for apple. >> mike is watching the warmth of the chairs. >> today is definitely colder. it is breezy outside. the wind continues. what we will be looking at here. definitely feel the chill in the air. daily and hourly forecast are on the fox5 weather out.
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ben: we were just saying that we were comparing ourselves.
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i do not know about that. mike is probably marco rubio. john kasich, i don't know. it seems to be above the fray. >> you know, he is. >> mike woods. he has been down over there. not paying attention. >> you guys have me off my game today. our temperatures will be chilly here over the weekend. it gets a little bit better. we top it out at 40 degrees. it will be sunny at the same time. you will be feeling good. getting a taste of spring in the air come sunday. we have 31 degrees out at
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same thing for you in poughkeepsie. the clouds that we have are not substantial. 20 degrees cooler. wind coming in from the northwest. gusting sometimes around 25-30 miles per hour. we do have the same clouds. it is not really a problem for us. a few flurries to the west. we will not see much happening for us here today.
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by the time we get to sunday, though, wind coming in from the south. that brings warmer temperatures. today, we only top out at 38 degrees. fifty-five on sunday. fifty-eight for you on monday. you have to hang in there two days. let's bring in ines. taking care of the roadway. all lanes open their in the taconic. if you are traveling on 23, watch out for closures. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute. you have a little bit of a slowdown there. hov lanes moving fine.
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northbound, going to that camera shop. cross bronx, no problems. then nj. >> thank you very much. let's talk about apple. >> wanting to overturn the judges order. i cannot say that word. developing software to unlock the iphone. let's bring in to reset priolo. a little bit distrustful of the government. >> that is what this comes down for. is this the beginning of a slippery slope? >> you mentioned there have been dozens of requests from various law enforcement agencies.
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they cannot unlock the phone. that is just in our city. imagine what it is like around the city. >> that is the assessment from one lawmaker. it is an issue that is so controversial and so very personal. the hardest question he has seen in law enforcement. apple is firing back. setting aside the request that attacked into the old system. allowing fbi investigators into the iphone of a san bernardino terrorist. a phone that may contain information about who helped plan and finance the attack on december 2. making the argument.
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the amendment right to free speech. the pushback comes on the same day fbi are testified before the house intelligence committees. >> the code rights only on this one phone. the idea of it working on my phone or your phone is not a real thing. >> he understands the dilemma that apple faces. >> we will take you to a world where no one can look at your stuff. i step back and say, law enforcement, really does save people's lives. >> multiple requests to unlock iphones. here is tim cook explaining why.
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further fanned one what has happened to our own government. >> apple feels so strongly about this argument. it is willing to go all the way to the supreme court with it. he is sick and tired of people not standing behind law enforcement when it comes to these major issues. that is another side of it that a lot of people feel very strongly about. >> we were talking about the nsa. ben: the nsa had access to information. they gathered so much information. they really maybe did not even need.
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against isis. the president also said the agreement between the u.s. and russia earlier this week could help save lives and lead to a possible cease-fire in syria. >> every day, more than 10000 strike so far continue to destroy forces. including facebook, youtube and twitter to help counter isil online. russia's involvement in the region has made the crisis even worse. okay. we were talking about this yesterday. we were discussing this idea that maybe there was a guy out
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>> notified the white house yesterday. he is not interested. i believe that he is pro-choice. that may give him some appeal to the obama administration. republicans have said no matter who the president nominates, they will wait for the next president to nominate somebody. >> there will be a ceremony today to mark the ceremony of the 1993 bombing. the attack on february 26, 1993 was the first on the world trade center. a truck bomb was detonated below the tower. six men were convicted for carrying out the bombing. >> we have much more still to come here on friday morning. they have performed the nations
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ben: we are back. a massive sinkhole opened up
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start teetering on the edge. water coming out of a hole. it suddenly caved in. nobody was hurt. performing the first uterus transplant did sweden reported the first successful birth in 2014. top stories when we return. undercover espionage going on. see world of all places. which did they spy on?
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>> get me ready to verbally destroyed. a nice weekend is coming. >> it is light outside. we love that. juliet: love it. mike has a full forecast coming up. >> marco rubio and ted cruz. dumping on donald trump. maybe considering a guilty plea. facing about five years in prison. we will bring you the update. >> good morning, everybody. i am ben simmoneau. i think we should hold off on
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juliet huddy. 6:30 a.m. this is mike woods. >> and much colder one, two. we also have a good amount of wind coming through the tri-state. islip temperature for all checking in at 34 degrees. look at that, a 35-mile per hour wind gust. that is what we are faced with your generally speaking. some folks are seeing clearer skies. there are even a few snowflakes. it will not make a difference in terms of snow still accumulating. generally speaking, we have the cold air dumping across the tri-state region. it will be preceded throughout
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high of 55 for you on sunday. nice and toasty out there. let's bring in nine as. we get out there and do our thing. good morning. >> good morning. ines: new accident northbound. icy conditions and multiple accidents. just be careful trying to look around there. as far as 23 northbound in new jersey, moving fine. let's go to our cameras. heading towards a verrazano. mr. doris. ben and juliet.
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marco rubio. they went after donald trump. >> ... fire back. let's start there. trump tower. four were good morning to you. marco rubio. donald trump would use illegal immigrant labor to build that wall that he is proposing at the mexican border. this truly was a debate of epic proportion. the last chance for cruise and rubio to put a dent in trump's armor. boy, they took every opportunity to do that. if you thought donald trump would receive a hearty dose of southern hospitality, you have been watching the wrong presidential race. cruzan marco rubio trained their fire on trump.
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hypocritical on immigration. >> you brought in over 1000 people from all over the world himself those jobs instead. this is a guy that inherited $200 million. memorably repeating himself. >> five seconds ago. making america great again. when, when, when. rubio and cruise pressure drop. so far, he had the client to do this. >> i cannot do it until the audit is finished. obviously. >> inc. again. >> donald says that he is being audited.
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audited this year or next year, for that matter. kasich acknowledged former president george bush that was in the audience. >> he worked with ronald reagan. a path to legalization. that was a time where things worked. >> it was so 20th century. the last debate before super tuesday. the clashes were nothing short but epic. >> go ahead. go ahead. do not get nervous. a whole lot of republicans have been waiting for rubio and cruise to have performances like this.
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after trump as they did last night. will it have any effect on super tuesday? that is the latest. live from the town this morning. back to you. ben: that looks like a great school fight. robert moses. thank you very much. a gunman opened fire. killing three people before he was shot to death by a police officer peered. juliet: he wounded 14 others in all. most of the victims were inside. the gunman was in the employ of the plant according to witnesses. local media says his name -- authorities do not have a motive did the sheriff did say there were things that "triggered" this individual. james burke maybe considering a
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that is according to multiple reports. he is charged with the 2012 beating of a man accused of stealing sex toys and pornography. creating a cover-up of the incident. he was arrested in december on charges of depravation to civil rights and conspiracy to of shrugged justice. under terms of a guilty plea expected today, facing five years in prison. closing the case on the alleged sexting scandal. neither he nor his public relations consultant ever texted each other. the document showing the fake messages may have been cut and pasted from other sites. they examined both of their cell phones, but no messages were exchanged.
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created by anyone. >> during the time, the accusations were revealed. an open contract worth about 50 grand. nassau da no looking over those contracts. juliet: new surveillance video has been released. police in suffolk county are searching for new leads in the 2014. showing the gunman sneaking up in the parking lot. shooting him in the head. he miraculously survived after being in the hospital for more than a week. there are portions of the video that were not released. ben: fox means business. juliet: joining us over there on sixth avenue is lauren simonetti let's talk about see world.
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call yesterday. see world ceo admitted that certain workers at the theme park did indeed pretend to be animal untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed rights activists. trying to incite violence among the peaceful protesters. he is still with the company. just in a different apartment did see world has been under fire since blackfish. it showed treatment of killer whales in captivity. asking certain workers to protect itself. that you mission is a big deal. ben: interesting. juliet: very interesting. what do you think will happen? >> see world right now because of its documentary, it is amazing three years later that
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they have reported their quarterly numbers yesterday. they are still losing money. $11 million. they are still struggling. ben: thank you very much. check her out on the fox business network. quickly, she has this bag of junk that she carries around. watts of money in it. i was questioning why. >> i use untrimmed untrimmed >> i stand corrected. that is all we were talking about. michael, what is going on? mike: i will just sit over here on this one, too.
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you need to bundle it up this morning. it is still going to be chilly. on sunday, we have sunny skies around with mild temperatures. all right. let's send you to ines with a quick snapshot here it backups happening. where are they? >> we have some problems out there years a lot of accidents. one landlocked with an accident. the careful here north wound on the taconic. still working on an accident investigation. let's go to the lincoln tunnel.
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the holland tunnel [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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ben: checking the headlines for you on a friday morning. apple is asking the government to deny hacking into a phone. it violates the first amendment
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the fifth amendment protection of arbitrary deprivation of its liberties. juliet: report said that james burke will plead guilty today. burke is accused in the 2012 beating of a man that was suspected this feeling from him. the plea deal would give them about five years in prison. new jersey transit and rail workers will begin today. a possible strike on march 13. the two sides are arguing over benefits. a bald bandit apparently on the loose in ohio. juliet: he has stolen rogaine. stealing from several stores in
6:46 am
police say this product could be worth $800 or more. they think that he is most likely selling them online or at flea market. if you know that guy, i guess get him a baseball hat or something. the yankees players may have to spit out there chewing tobacco for good. both the mets and yankees support the plan. teenagers are influenced by professional athletes. doubled over the past decade. interesting. >> a historic night for the new york yankees. the rangers were out. >> setting a new record. history making.
6:47 am
another great stop. taking the puck back the other way. they are going to score. they went two-one. also getting the third win of the season. winning 30 games. juliet: handsome devil. the new jersey devils were columbus to face the blue jackets. one of the players. the devils lose six-one. the islanders facing the flames. the islanders become a hero. the isles when it two-one. three points behind the rangers. ben: really?
6:48 am
ben: you had me there for a second. the suns their 13th straight loss. juliet: time was winding down in the second quarter. that's in the half on a run. the fourth quarter. up by 22. finishes with a dunk. let's go on to one at 116-106. big news about the rules of baseball. ben: the second basement. this was it here. to hot up. it actually broke his leg. this is a national league division series against the dodgers. defendant for that way. from now on, runners must attempt a bona fide slide. you have to have contact with the ground before the base.
6:49 am
the air like that. that is two outs for that one play, essentially. >> let's check the forecast. not 77 degrees. ben: it would be nice. we will get closer to it. now, we are off to a rather chilly start. >> colder temperatures. pretty strong coming in. that is what it comes down to. that is what it feels like to the exposed skin. feels like 24 in bridgeport. clouds breaking up as time goes on.
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jersey. sussex county. the ski resorts. you have machine conditions. wet snow here. six trails open. sunny, but parisien called. tomorrow, we make it up to 40 for a high. the wind starts coming in from the south. high of 55 then. we are keeping it in the 50s for several days in a row. shower chances start making a come back to us here in the tri-state. download the five whether a. check it out. the apple itunes store and google plays store. it is free.
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ines: good morning. westbound approaching flatbush avenue. though gowanus doing fine. putnam county, the taconic. multiple accidents. a little icy. as for the trains, cure checklist, showing that everything is on or close to schedule. >> thank you very much. bill cosby has dropped his defamation case against beverly johnson. >> refused his advances. he will focus on criminal charges in pennsylvania.
6:55 am
filed charges against johnson. accused of drugging and sexually assaulting more than 50 women. kelly clarkson was the original idol. >> and she took the stage. have a look. >> (pieces. her husband has put her back together. never treat her child the way she was treated. the girl knows how to sing. >> even j lo and keith urban brought to tears.
6:56 am
due in about seven weeks. american voted to keep the 15-year-old. jennifer lopez says she saw the beginnings of an amazing artist. two more singers eliminated. ben: your favorite story of the morning. >> thank you, andre. starting today. fuller houses available on netflix. the entire cast is back with the exception of the olsen twins. a new series. enlisting the help of the sister stephanie. raising the kids. >> they still look like --
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is this person in hollywood. [laughter] >> that is right. >> that is it for us. have a great weekend.
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welcome. february is a little longer this month. monday the 29. juliet: we are going to have a big leap year parties. however, mike says this weekend is a different color. we have all the details. >> last night. wow. what a deep eight. listen to this. >> you have the combination of fact errors. >> he does not know how to do it.


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