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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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going on. it's not just homeless people. it may be gang initiation. these are the ideas that pop into people's heads. >> reporter: this actor was on "good day new york" and expressed his sympathy to anyone. >> a heartfelt word to all of the people who are victims of the recent slashings in new york city. as a fellow victim, time heals all wounds. it will pass. >> reporter: we checked in with police. they're working on more concrete suspect information. we will pass that along to you once they get that to us. what they are saying is if you are on the subway, avoid confrontations at all costs. let that mess go. back to you. steve: that's the best advice. it's hard. you've got to move on. >> thank you. bitter rivals to political allies. steve: new jersey governor chris christie endorsing donald trump today. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states.
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christie is endorsing his former republican rival donald trump. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with a strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world, than donald trump. >> reporter: trump returned the love on the campaign trail in texas today. >> he's been a spectacular governor. he's been just a wonderful person. >> reporter: kinder words after a nasty fight with senator marco rubio during last night's debate in houston, texas. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers, he'll use illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> reporter: rubio continued to take aim at trump today. >> he called me mr. meltdown. last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage. he was having a meltdown. >> it got a little testy. i think that's probably good for television. >> reporter: political analysts
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establishment candidate, would endorse an outsider like trump. >> christie had sharply criticized donald trump as lacking the credentials he needs to lead. he said you need to have been in an elected executive position to have the right qualifications to be president. so it's surprising in that regard. >> reporter: christie endorsed trump because he has the best chance to beat hillary clinton. >> the one person that hillary and bill clinton don't want to see on the stage next september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. they do not know the playbook with donald trump because he's rewriting the playbook. >> reporter: trump, who previously dismissed the importance of endorsements, said christie's endorsement was one he felt very strongly about. and that, my friends, is politics. one day you're enemies. the next day you're best friends. steve: indeed. that's right. for the democrats, senator
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tour of the midwest, talking about free college tuition and attacking hillary clinton's stance on free trade. minnesota goes to the polls on super tuesday. >> hillary clinton continues to campaign in south carolina. the former secretary of state is taking nothing for granted ahead of tomorrow's primary there. one poll released yesterday has her 50 points ahead of bernie sanders in south carolina. clinton lost that state by a big margin to barack obama in 2008. steve: there's lots of great light but it was cold out there. >> it was. nick gregory is here with a first look at the forecast. nick: we're talking about the chill in the air that has returned and a strong gusty wind. that will be the problem as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. things will be recovering quickly as we head into the weekend. let's look at the temperatures which have been chilly today, in the 30s across the area. 33 poughkeepsie. 30 sussex. monticello, 23. colder down to the jersey shore at 36. 37 as you get to islip.
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as far as precipitation. fox 5 sky guardian showing we're dry. we'll stay that way tonight with a few clouds. the wind has been a problem. a gusty wind out of the northwest, 10, 20, 25 miles an hour, somewhere along those lines. it's felt like the upper 20s most of the day. look at the highs around the country. we go from 30s today here in the northeast to chicago, but notice not far away, atlanta north westward, it's 50 or greater. a few clouds tonight. tomorrow the sunshine is back. only in the upper 30s to lower 40s. the quick recovery in temperatures will happen by the time we get towards sunday. should be a nice day. down to 24 in the city. 13 in the burbs. a couple of patchy clouds. tomorrow, the sun is out. cold in the morning. 20s out the door. 36 noontime. we'll stop at 42 in the afternoon. that's fairly close to average. >> thanks so much. a former suffolk county police chief will be heading to prison. steve: james burke cut a deal with prosecutors after being charged with beating a suspect who broke into his car.
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pled guilty. >> reporter: former suffolk police chief james burke pleaded guilty to violating suspect's civil rights and conspiring to obstruct justice. >> he knows he made a serious mistake. he broke the law and he's doing everything he can to take control of that and own it. >> reporter: part of a plea deal where he faces up to 51 months behind bars. he's guilty of assaulting christopher lob. he stole items. in federal court, burke told the judge i with others used unreasonable force, slapped and hit the individual, causing bodily injury. he also admitted to conspiring with other participants not to cooperate with the investigation. this attorney is representing lobe and says it's a step forward uncovering the corruption in the department. >> those from the old school, those who have been around for
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is the way things are done in suffolk, their days are numbered. >> i believe other police officers have already pled guilty or will be pleading guilty to the offense. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office isn't commenting on possible additional arrests. burke has been in federal custody since his arrest. his time served will be credited toward his sentence. a sentencing date hasn't been set yet. outside of federal court, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: new details about the man who went on a deadly shooting spree at a kansas factory. 38-year-old cedric ford, a worker at excel industries, opened fire with an assault rifle killing three and wounding 12. he wounded three others before entering the building. ford was served with a protection orderly earlier in the day. a local police officer killed him and saved lives. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. steve: the protection order against ford was filed by a
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depressed alcoholic who needed psychological help. he had an extensive criminal record. >> a somber remembrance at the 9/11 memorial for those lost in the first world trade center attack in 1993. 23 years ago today, six people were killed and more than a thousand others injured when terrorists detonated a truck bomb in an underground parking garage. those who gathered say we should never forget. >> there are innocent people who woke up that morning that should have been able to go back to their families. there was an innocent mother that should have been able to give birth to her child a few months later. >> six terrorists were convicted in that bombing, including the mastermind. steve: apple's ceo continues to defend his decision to help f.b.i. during the shareholders meeting today, cook said his decision is
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51 percent of americans think apple should cooperate with the government and unlock the device. >> there are nine confirmed cases of zika virus in pregnant women here in the u.s. it's believed that all of the women were infected travelling abroad. three babies have been born, one with a birth defect. the centers for disease control is looking into 10 reports of pregnant travelers with zika. researchers are working on a vaccine, but it is feared it won't be ready anytime soon. steve: cutting down on the time you have to wait for an uber. >> how the ride sharing service hopes to get to people quicker as they step off the train. steve: and ladies of studio 5 race to find the perfect gown in
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in new york state, we believe
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kerry: welcome back. uber wants to shorten your wait and a rebound for an old school department store >> reporter: jc penney may be coming back to life. it is retailer everyone left for dead a couple of years ago is bouncing back. they reported strong fourth quarter earnings with same store sales up 4%. it easily beat kohl's and k-mart
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macy's and nordstrom. their discounts have been a big driver. those are going to continue. this sunday the store is launching penny days. you buy one full price item, get a second for a penny. that will be all week. the penny days will continue with different days throughout the year. >> uber applied for a patent to deal with impatience. it wants to patent a system that keeps you from waiting for your ride. this is for people traveling to their pickup location. the technology basically tracks your cell phone so it knows where it is while tracking cars in your area so it can accurately predict your eta and send a car on time. uber applied in august. it was made public this week. no word if they're already using some of the technology, which they can do even though it's not patented. >> with all the talk about the lack of diversity at the oscars, at least one person in hollywood shaking things up when it comes to gender inequality.
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female production company called freckle films. she'll be partnering with maven. this group creates content that defies stereotypes and has big names on board like queen latifah. last year, women directed just 3 percent of all major motion pictures. i think we all can agree hollywood can do better. steve: uber technology is frightening. they're tracking your phone wherever you are. they know where you are. >> reporter: i'd rather wait on the curb than have them know you're in the bathroom. they don't need to know that. steve: you file after they file a patent. kerry: they're probably testing it. >> probably are. steve: thank you. an unexpected four-legged guest surprised the staff at north arlington middle school in new jersey. the students were being dismissed and a deer jumped through a window in the main
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the staff locked it in. animal control officers sedated the animal and took it to a shelter. if it's not hurt, it will be released back into the woods again. kerry: note to self. don't keep the windows open. never know what's going to come in. steve: it was a cold day. maybe it was trying to escape the wind and cold. nick: indoors was the place to be. that's going to be the case tonight into tomorrow morning. that's when the coldest part of the area mass that's moving on top of us and the wind gusty first part of the night. it will diminish in intensity. we're heading to the teens in the suburbs as we talked about earlier. 39, 21 today. a little below average on the high. 65 for the record high. that was in 1890. 100 years later, it was 7 on this date. we're getting more daylight, adding a minute or two per day. the wind is out of the west-northwest and a few
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than it was yesterday at this time at 29.96 and rising. we have a quiet forecast tonight into the weekend. look at fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing to track out there. we're in good shape. day. they were 30s. 38 in the city. 39 at the jersey shore. that's not correct at monticello. and 39 at bridgeport. montauk area. we're still in the 30s now. mid 30s. we're off the highs a bit. 36 poughkeepsie. 33 hudson valley. monticello, that's more accurate. it's 23 there. they're heading down to 13 tonight. 30 in sussex. mid 30s newark to the jersey shore. and our temperature change roughly from 24 hours ago running about 7 to 12 degrees or so. there's the wind northwest 15, gusting 20, 25 miles an hour. look at some of the higher wind gusts in the last hour, gusting to 29 at bridgeport. 33 at belmar. here's the windchill numbers.
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20s for most of the area. got to dress warmly if you're heading out around town into tonight. we do see some of the clouds scattered about the area but not like the snow showers in the ohio and great lakes region. the cold air on top of us, going to make a quick hit. just as quickly as it comes in, our wind will be switching over the weekend. by sunday, the cold air goes out of here. it's cold in the morning with 20s in the city. 36 lunchtime. 42 in the afternoon. slightly below average. futurecast shows a great day, beautiful, nice and sunny. the front tries to drop down but gets hung up in northern new england. for sunday, a beautiful sunny day and warmer. we may be mid and upper 50s. nice recovery on sunday. that mild weather is going to last into the early part of next week, a couple of showers monday morning. clouds tonight. 24 in the city. 13 to 20 as you get out of town. tomorrow, sunny, a chilly day, but less wind than today.
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here comes the seven-day. look at sunday. a magnificent day that will be. 58 with lots of sun. monday, sun and clouds. maybe a shower early. a little breezy at 59. tuesday, still mid 50s. looks like some light rain, a good bet for wednesday. 55. then a cold snap coming back thursday, friday. but some indications that maybe that could be the last real -- i don't want to -- steve: it's march. you can't have that much more terrible weather. nick: the mood will be better. kerry: like the upper 50s. keep them coming. a new exhibit is celebrating the diversity of muslim cultures near and far. steve: baruch shemtov went to the upper west side to check it out. >> reporter: from architecture and art to food and music, the children's museum of manhattan's
5:18 pm
zanzabar introduces people to the muslim communities around the globe and here in new york. >> we go from america to china to pakistan to persia. we really celebrate every country pretty much that has any kind of significant muslim population. >> we really believe that learning about others helps you learn about yourself. i think in this global network and world, we should start learning that at a young age. >> it's a party for the senses. >> reporter: through hands on activities, smell surprises, rugs, discovering new foods, the exhibit takes children on a journey exploring cultures around the world by boat, truck, and camel. as they survey international architecture, the exhibit brings them back home with stories and valued belongings from the city. for the parents and grandparents, this learning experience is invaluable. >> i think it's important for culture.
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diverse world, a global world. >> understanding we are different and differences are good. >> reporter: as they built cities and created music, there were happy customers today. fun. and they -- and they -- and they all seemed so great. >> reporter: would you come back again? >> yeah, i would. >> reporter: this exhibit will be open through january 2017. you can enjoy a variety of programs and performances every day in addition to four more floors of fun at the museum. reporting on the upper west side, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. news. kerry: reporting from a camel. that's baruch. two days to go until the oscars. steve: next at 5:00, getting ready for the red carpet. we put jen, megan and simone to the challenge. kerry: and checking your privilege. the new app that's used satire to raise awareness about our
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>> take me to studio 5.
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getting ready for the oscars. kerry: jen, megan and simone are at it again, going on a gown grab. simone is here to tell us about it. >> reporter: i will be at home watching the oscars. i won't be able to make it. we're practicing for the real thing. a style expert sent us into a fashion frenzy with the challenge. find a gown fit for the oscars on the floor of a manhattan department store. the claws came out quick. >> we can pretend. >> we have the music. we have the movies. now we have to complete the entire look with the gowns. who better to ask than our friend and style expert george. >> hi. thank you for being our guiding >> my pleasure. couldn't think of three more beautiful candidates in my life. >> reporter: stop. >> reporter: this is why we need you. >> you're not nervous. i've got you. listen, i'm going to give you some categories, something to
5:24 pm
when you see a red carpet, we see embellishments. we see metallic and it's all about color. it's an opportunity to pull out the stops. think about what you want to say. do you want to look chic? sexy? glamorous? think about your best body parts. your back? your arms? your legs? just use those to pick out a dress you think will make you look and feel, most importantly, fantastic. i'm giving you 10 minutes. >> reporter: 10? that's not long enough. >> come on. 10 minutes to find a dress. come back and we'll talk about it. you can do it. >> reporter: i think i can handle it. >> big love. big love. already. on your mark, get set, go. [music] >> i love color, so i'm going to
5:25 pm
you know when you look in a rush and you can't -- you can't read things properly? >> reporter: good luck, jen. >> thanks. >> reporter: no idea where to start. look at this. a little red drama. red and blue. >> reporter: what are you doing? this is where i'm shopping. >> reporter: stay away from my territory. >> reporter: this is -- you go that way and you go this way and -- >> the >> reporter: the fitting rooms? >> reporter: well, i can't wait to see how the other ladies look. meg, are you ready? three, two, one.
5:26 pm
steve: what happened there? >> reporter: you'll have to watch. don't spoil it. you'll have to watch studio 5 at 10:30 tomorrow night to find out. kerry: you stayed cool, calm and collected. you knew you were looking for color. >> i was looking for color. i wound up going in a different direction. it's all about knowing what's good for your body and what makes you feel the most comfortable. kerry: we'll be watching. steve: thank you, simone. >> reporter: thank you. kerry: preparing for a possible nj transit strike. steve: the backup plans riders are making kerry: the batman impersonator
5:27 pm
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kerry: despite the threat of a strike next month, new jersey transit officials are telling commuters to buy their monthly passes as usual. steve: dan bowens live at newark penn station where riders are wondering if the railroad would be ready if workers walked. >> reporter: any shutdown would make travel between new york and new jersey very difficult for thousands of commuters.
5:30 pm
the union employees have been working without a contract since 2011, about five years. now they want pay raises. to limit the contributions they make to their healthcare. new jersey transit says it's not in the budget. they're deadlocked and the possibility of the strike is weeks away. >> obviously it would be difficult for me to get to new jersey from new york city. >> i'll have to drive, which is a pain in the neck. >> it doesn't leave a lot of options. >> reporter: 295,000 people ride new jersey transit rails every day. >> the train lines are pretty efficient. >> reporter: and some are making plans in case they can't take those trains next month. >> it would force people to go to the buses, which are relatively full as they are now. it would be dramatic. >> reporter: with the union strike authorized for march 13th, people we spoke with at newark's penn station aren't sure buying a monthly pass is such a good idea noting fares
5:31 pm
>> i'm going to hold off and see what happens. >> reporter: negotiations between rail worker unions and njt focusing on the possibility of higher health insurance premiums and wage increases for workers. >> they've had no contract five years. they've got to settle that. >> reporter: transit officials saying the agency is actively involved in developing an alternative service plan in the event the rail unions call a strike, adding we remain focused on reaching a settlement with the unions for our customers. >> if the guys feel their lives are being impacted by the financial situation from new jersey transit, i'll support that. >> all of us people who depend on the transit system really need to pressure our legislators to get this solved. >> reporter: so far, legislative intervention has not worked. the two sides were meeting late this afternoon. unclear if any progress was made. we should note the last time
5:32 pm
1983, that strike lasted for 30 days. back to you. kerry: dan bowens, thank you. dramatic moments caught on camera, a helicopter crew rescued people from a fishing boat stranded during a violent storm in queens. >> hold position. swimmer is going down. on deck. kerry: unbelievable video. seven fishermen were pulled to safety early yesterday morning. a 25-foot coast guard vessel capsized while trying to rescue the fishing vessel. the five coast guard crew members swam ashore. no one was injured. steve: a chaotic moment for students at five new jersey schools. high schools all received bomb threats. three were evacuated. authorities say students were told to shelter in place after police and the bomb squad responded. all three were hoaxes, the threats were, and classes resumed later in the day. kerry: a man who dresses as batman in times square is defending himself. jose martinez was arrested after
5:33 pm
money from a tourist who would not tip him. he says he's innocent and the money was given to him as a tip. he says there is plenty of security camera footage to back him up. >> i'm going to tell you 100 percent when they release the video and my lawyer and the judge and everybody, they will see that she give the money to me in my hand. i don't do that. kerry: he has sued the nypd twice before for wrongful arrest. he says he's going to do it again for this latest incident. steve: kesha fans supporting the pop star. a group of demonstrators gathered outside sony this morning holding up signs. they're angry a judge refused to let her out of her contract with a subsidiary of sony. she claims dr. luke raped and abused her. he denies the allegations. kerry: passengers who have sailed on a royal caribbean cruise ship that was damaged
5:34 pm
month are saying they got a raw deal. they've set up a facebook page saying many of the key attractions on the anthem of the seas were not repaired. they say royal caribbean promised everything would be back up and running. the ship was forced to return to new jersey after it was hit by 120-mile-an-hour winds and 30 foot waves. steve: imagine being the first group on the ship after that. a heartbreaking flight for a family from arizona after they were forced off a plane because their son had an allergic reaction. the family was on the flight heading home from washington when the nine-year-old had a reaction to a dog on the plane. medical personnel examined him and decided it was not safe for him to fly and forced the family off. his father, who has cancer, heard passengers applaud on their way out. >> we heard the clapping. we heard it. i turned back and i just shook my head. it was so hopeless.
5:35 pm
dying of cancer and that was really not nice. steve: the family says they hope their story will encourage others to have more empathy and to be kind. kerry: there's a proposal in the city council to ban chewing tobacco at all new york sports arena. the bill's sponsor says teenagers are influenced by professional athletes. the number of teams using smokeless tobacco has doubled. the mets and yankees support the ban. fox 5 will have more on the news at 6:00. steve: new hope for women with a rare condition that prevents them from having children. kerry: we'll talk about the first uterus translate. steve: and training the next generation of journalists. but first here's tonight's new york minute. [music] steve: young children serenaded
5:36 pm
members of the tuskegee airmen talked to students at the front street elementary school today. the message? stay strong in the face of racial discrimination. >> we will fight when the job gets tough. we will get tougher. and that's what you must say to yourself. [music] steve: the new york dance festival is now underway at the roosevelt hotel in midtown. the annual international ballroom dancing competition runs through sunday night. tickets start at low as $15 for kids and $25 for adults. you can find more information at ny dance >> and that's your new york
5:37 pm
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steve: broadcasting students in brooklyn learning on state-of-the-art equipment. kerry: jessica went to check out the new studio. >> reporter: the girls get up extra early to come to wbks, their tv studio. >> the fbi is looking -- >> reporter: the club has been around 21 years, providing the school with the latest news. as the years went by, their equipment became outdated.
5:40 pm
and we managed with it. >> reporter: recently the students made a trip to our studios and got to see what it takes to get a show on the air. their dedication, willingness to learn and grow caught the attention of 21st century fox. fox 5's parent company. they stepped in purchasing all the new equipment. and with the help of fox 5 news, built the school a brand new studio. >> compared to what we had, this new equipment is no comparison. it's amazing and every day we're learning more stuff about it. >> not only is the camera hd quality, but we can take it outside. we can take it all over the school. >> reporter: the equipment was installed in november. a month later the girls were trained and finally on january 15th, they presented their first live show. >> i wasn't learning how to use all this equipment. it was difficult at first. we were lucky enough to have the wonderful people from fox coming in and sitting down with us and explaining everything to us. >> now we have equipment here
5:41 pm
university and our young women are learning how, again, through the generosity of fox, they're learning how to use it. >> reporter: with state-of-the-art equipment, these future reporters, anchors, producers and technical directors, already have plans to branch out and give their viewers more. >> reporter: >> one of the big things we want to do is take the camera outside and do weather from outside. >> we're going to try to record videos of teachers and different interviews so we can play them in the morning. >> reporter: looks like future tv stars are already in the forecast. >> tremendous the way they work the audio boards and the cameras and thing anchors. it was a real collaboration of the students. that's a benefit of a program like this. >> thank you so much for everything you've done. >> reporter: i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. kerry: talented students. steve: future colleagues. kerry: making a statement by splitting the bill. steve: the app that's challenging users to check their
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
kerry: in fox 5 health news, doctors have performed the first successful uterus transplant in the u.s. the patient is a 26-year-old woman. steve: joining us, dr. devi. this is -- there's a lot to talk
5:45 pm
this is not anything to serve -- to head into willie nilly. there's massive potential for >> i agree. risk. itself. the second thing is once the uterus is in your body, it's carrying immune cells from the person it came from. it will look at your cells and think you're a bacteria or virus or something else threatening and attack you. you have to protect yourself by taking immuno suppressive drugs. steve: you have to have it taken out at some point, right? >> usually. for life saving transplants, you'll accept the risks because your life is at stake. it's going to stay with you as long as it survives or as long as you survive. with this uterus, the only purpose is to allow you to carry
5:46 pm
after that, you don't need it. maybe for future children. they'd remove it at that point. for women who want to experience pregnancy, this is probably miraculous development. there's a lot of debate about it because it's not life saving and there are so many risks. kerry: this was the first successful transplant in the u.s. but it has been successful overseas. >> it has. there was controversy there. not because of the uterine transplants, but for other reproductive organs and the hands and face. the difference between those and others are that they're more psychological risks. these are personal organs as opposed to life saving organs. the people had trouble with that. they felt they were reminded of a dead person more than other organ recipients. steve: there's a lot going on. it's interesting. we continue to make amazing medical breakthroughs. whether it becomes mainstream,
5:47 pm
>> can daily weight lifting be dangerous? i do a couple days on, a couple days off. >> reporter: you're doing it right. steve: i knew it. haven't done it lately. kerry: how many days off? steve: three months this time. kerry: what is the goal? how long should you rest between weight training? >> it depends what your goal is. to gain strength or for weight loss -- steve: i want to look good in t-shirts. >> if you're trying to do a combo, weight loss plus gaining muscle, it is good to work out that's not bad. you want to rotate the muscle group. you want to give certain muscle groups a couple of days rest. you fatigue the money. it's a metaphor for life. when you grow, it's like you overcome a challenge, you've got to be tested or pushed a little bit. it's when you overcome the challenge that you become stronger. so it's the same with muscle. if you're doing the same thing
5:48 pm
when you go out of your reach, that's when the muscle gets -- it gets injured and damaged, but as it repairs that, it grows and becomes stronger. exactly. so if you do something that's overwhelming or if you do something you can do but do it too much, these are the repetitive traffics like typing and using the back muscles. the muscle gets fatigued and sometimes it's too much. even those activities you have to watch out for. kerry: arms one day. legs the next. no more benching 500 pounds, steve. steve: that's all i care about. kerry: thank you. nick gregory? nick: well, those are good points. that's true. when you do your workouts, it's the last two or three reps when you're pushing the muscle -- as long as you keep the form. you've got to keep the form. if you break form, don't do that rep.
5:49 pm
give two days rest a week. you shouldn't work out really more than six days in a row. rest on the seventh day. steve: that's true. nick: that's my advice. and rotate the muscle groups. exactly correct. steve: a trainer, too. kerry: he does everything. nick: let the larger muscle groups rest or you won't get the gains. on to the weather now. now you have your weekend workout plans coming your way. the weather will cooperate. we will be talking about either a cold forecast tomorrow but a nice warmup on sunday. you can take the workout outdoors. it will be in the upper 50s sunday. 38, 39 today. 41 to boston. 41 philly. look to the west. didn't get above 30 as you got towards buffalo and only 31 in pittsburgh. we look at fox 5 sky guardian. a couple of clouds have been in the sky, but nothing as far as precipitation. we're in good shape for the weekend. it's going to stay dry, probably no shower threat until early monday. if we see anything then. right now we're seeing generally
5:50 pm
we'll stay that way. notice the clouds to the west. they're eroding as they try to move in our direction. we won't see too much of that. we will see the cold temperatures. right now, it's 21 monticello. that's down two degrees from the last weather report we did 30 minutes ago. 30 at sussex. mid 30s new york city to the shore. wind is busy northwest, 10, 20, gusting 25 miles an hour. it will slow down a little overnight and won't be as windy tomorrow. weather map shows the cold air on top. look at a lot of the rest of the country. not much going on. rain has moved into the west coast, particularly in the pacific northwest. look at the highs tomorrow. around 41, 42 in town. chicago from 30s today, recovers to 53 tomorrow. 63 memphis. 67 kansas city. and, again, this mild air is going to rush up in here in our forecast for sunday. a big recovery in temperatures at that point. futurecast shows those patchy clouds tonight. beautiful saturday.
5:51 pm
afternoon with not much wind. and beautiful on sunday. lots of sunshine. a quick rebound. we're pushing the upper 50s. it may hit 60 on sunday. 24 tonight. that's a long ways from 60. 13 in the coldest suburbs north and west with clouds and some patchy clouds and a northwest wind 7 to 12. 42 tomorrow. beautiful day, nice and sunny. here comes the seven-day. 58 sunday. sun and clouds monday. a brief shower. tuesday, 55. staying milder than average. rain wednesday, 55. and colder as you would expect at the end of next week. we'll be well into march at that point. steve: thank you, nick. kerry: a comedienne is bringing the issue of income inequality into the spotlight through a humorous app. this is the creator of eqipay. her app splits restaurant bills by making adjustments for race
5:52 pm
your male friends pay more. studies show women earn 78 cents for every dollar men make. black women and latinas make less. >> all have tried for years to solve the problem of wage equality. and all have failed. kerry: this is the funny part. the app started as a joke, but it is being developed and should be available for download in a couple of cities. steve: a nine-year-old brooklyn girl doesn't have to dream about being a writer when she grows up. she's a publish the artist. kerry: lidia curanaj shows us the inspiration behind her book. >> it's a national park. visiting the zoo -- >> she is reading the day moham found his confidence. >> it is one of my favorites, yes. >> reporter: there's a good
5:53 pm
the nine-year-old wrote the book all by herself. >> my book is about a young boy who experiences many challenges, both at home and school, and it talks about how he overcomes those challenges and how he learns that with help from his friends and family, he can overcome any challenge. >> reporter: she is currently the youngest published author in u.s. history to write a chapter book. her mom says she always knew her daughter was special. >> before she could even speak, she was trying to read. she was very upset because she couldn't read at two years old. she was trying to convince my husband that help me to read. how do i read? he was teaching her to put the words together to read. she learned to read fluently at two. >> reporter: she's not your average fourth grader, but she loves to play with dolls every day, hang out with her family and play sports, specifically
5:54 pm
>> my favorite sport is soccer. i play currently with a -- it's a league in long island. my dad has always encouraged me to play sports and be fit and to have balance. >> reporter: she is working on her second book. she also dreamed of being a teacher and most importantly an inspiration to others. >> i want to encourage every child to always dream big and to reach for the stars because the sky is the limit. >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. steve: very impressive. i'll see you at 10:00. here's kerry with what's coming up at 6:00. kerry: coming up, we'll take a look at the city's efforts to ban chewing tobacco. that would mean no more dipping and spitting in front of fans. and how hooked are you to your smartphone? by calling it an addiction is more accurate than you might think.
5:55 pm
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kerry: good evening. i'm kerry drew. ernie is off tonight. new york city is moving closer to banning chewing tobacco. as joe reports, it's a plan to tackle a lot of health issues. you might notice it most after the two major league baseball stadiums. >> reporter: we've come a long way since the days of sparky lyle. >> i'm going to throw my hard slider. but i reach back for levi garrett chewing tobacco. >> reporter: now the new york city health department is backing legislation that would ban smokeless tobacco from yankee stadium and citi field. corey johnson sponsored the bill. >> we think instead of having free advertising for something
5:59 pm
on tv with commercials with baseball players using this, we think a ban is the right thing to send a message to young people and the right thing for the players' health. >> reporter: new york wouldn't be the first city to do this. similar bans have been enacted in boston, l.a. and san francisco ballparks. >> we wouldn't accept in this day and age a left fielder smoking a cigarette during the middle of games being broadcast on national television. i think fans and the public would be outraged. >> reporter: in 2014, a man died after a fight with salivary cancer and kurt shilling was diagnosed with cancer. >> if you don't chew, don't start. if you do, get help to quit. consider this a warning from someone who cares and knows. >> reporter: part of the concern is that young fans will see their idols chewing tobacco and follow suit. the new yorkers we talked to were pretty much split on the issue. >> it's understandable. again, it's like why can't you
6:00 pm
you're not putting anything harmful in the air. >> i used to chew gum because of the players. kids will see them and think it's cool. but it's not. it's unhealthy. kerry: joe is here with more on this. this is really going to affect things when everything starts up in april with the major league teams. >> exactly. he hopes to have this in effect in early april when they take the field. he has the support of both teams and the mlb. the mlb is long-time supporters. kerry: it's not only chewing tobacco. >> one other thing to come out of this was some went off houka bars. tobacco is on notice. kerry: thanks so much. another big story we're following. a surprising endorsement for


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