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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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your children are? right now on fox 5 news at 10:00 p.m. >> i support donald trump and i look forward to working with them. >> chris christie announced he is all aboard team trump. his endorsement is another twist in what has been a wild and unpredictable race for the white house. he and they earlier in the campaign. here's a look at what has changed. i guess there are fewer options now. >> trump and christie aren't enemies, steve, right. you can expect the name-calling republican race. senator marco rubio try to make trump fought back. it looks like there is some positive news, trump bury the hatchet with a former foe. >> reporter: new jersey governor
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former rival donald trump. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world then, trump. >> reporter: trump return the love on the campaign trail in texas today. >> he's been a spectacular governor and a wonderful person. >> he has been embraced by years by them mainstream republican party. he can quell the anxiety of some members of the traditional political class about a donald trump candidacy. that will be a very important voice for him as he tried to broaden the space. >> reporter: something christie may have made up but you cannot say the same for trump and marco rubio. one day after their fiery debate, rubio is still going hard after trump. >> he was having a meltdown. first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache as he had a sweat
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then he asked for a full length mere. i don't know why because the podium goes up to here but he wanted a full-length mirror. >> may be to his pants were wet, i don't know. >> reporter: trump return fire with a mention to the state of the union in 2013. he stopped talking them for a glass of water. >> it's rubio [applause]. >> reporter: we don't have time to read all the twitter rants that republican candidates are doing when they're not openly insulting people on the campaign trail. just another day in the world of politics. >> it's getting crazy. it's funny, if it, it would be funny i should say. >> it's a scary place for rubio to be trying to out trump trump. hillary clinton has been campaigning all over south carolina.
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stumbled upon a bachelor party. here's a picture of her surrounded by the groom and his friend on twitter. here it is been she was invited to the wedding but politely decline. she has a double-digit lead in all of the south carolina polls. meanwhile the federal election commission has sent a letter accusing it of acute accepting thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contribution. they won him to return the money or face legal option. they exceeded the $2700 limit for individual contribution. at this point there has been no campaign response from sanders. prison time for a former police chief. he had a plea deal this afternoon. he admitted to assaulting christopher loeb who broke into
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among the items stolen were a duffel bag filled with porn and sex toys. we are investigating another subway/and. it happened this morning on the end qr line. a 60-year-old man was slashed in the face by an unidentified man believed to be in his 40s. the suspect ran off the train at 57th st. at 57th street while the victim exited a couple spots later and called police. at this point no arrest. there have been more than 600/and's or stabbings in the city this year compared to about 500 during about 500 during the same time period last year. new jersey transit riders are told to buy the transit tickets. we are speaking with commuters who are already getting ready for the worst case scenario. >> this could be a big problem. negotiations between both sides ended today and still no progress. now it's likely that the union and and jt will be headed to
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with the national mediation board. for now this strike has been authorized for march 13. if it happens, it will affect thousands of commuters who travel between new york and new jersey everything all day. >> if they go on strike, then how will ice get to work? it will be an inconvenience because it will take more time for me to get home. >> you will have to think about carpooling. >> with the possibility of a rail shut down just weeks away,. >> all just have to drive which is a pain in the neck. some of the 295,000 daily commuters who rely on new jersey transit trains are making other plans. >> it would force people to go to the buses which are relatively full as they are now. >> it would be dramatic. >> about buying a monthly pass, i'm going to hold off and see what happens. >> if we don't have trains, i will have to work from home. >> negotiations between rail workers, unions unions and and jt stymied after weeks of talk. the sticking point, the possibility of higher health insurance premiums and wage increases for workers. >> they feel their lives are
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system it situation then i will support the. >> the union, they've had no contract for five years. somehow they have to settle. >> reporter: in a statement, officials tell the agency is actively involved in developing an alternative service plan in the event the real unions call a strike, adding we remain focused on reaching a settlement for them and for our customer. >> a lot of us who depend on the transit system need to pressure our legislatures or somebody to get this fixed. the national mediation board has called for an emergency meeting and both sides are expected to attend sometime in the next few days. we should note that the last strike happened back in 1983. that one that one lasted for 30 days. >> thank you dan. smoking cigarettes is banned in places across the city. but smoking this, why some city members want to change this.
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back hundred of year and some new york city councilman are try to extinguish. >> the legislation that i have proposed is a very prudent piece of legislation that was stopped. the preparation of this in the city. brooklyn said under the new bill only restaurants and bars only 50% or more of their sales from hookah would be allowed to continue selling it. they would then have to register with the department of health. >> if they are good actors and they register and they follow the rules, they will be, they will have more than half of their income from hookah, they will be allowed to stay in business. >> they want to come in and act like it's your house. >> he is the manager of a hookah bar and restaurant in brooklyn. his father is also the owner.
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down the laws, but at the end of the day you cannot close every single business, this is a family these are people who do this for a living. the reluctant result of the smoke free arrack, the only type of hookah allowed to be sold has to be tobacco and nicotine free. they say that's exactly the type of hookah they sell and that's why he's not worried about these proposed regulations. right now it's still unclear when the bills would become law. >> in brooklyn, fox 5 news. >> caitlyn jenner and. >> cosmetic team are releasing a new lipstick shade that was created by caitlin. it's called finally free. it's a rosy nude color. it will go toward mac aids foundation. it hits store shelves on april 7.
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hearts all over the internet. the story behind this going the extra mile to comfort a scared little puppy. how these pups, and will catch you up on. >> it's a cold night coming up in a chilly start to the weekend. then things are going to warm up as you take a look at the weather map. we'll be talking about a good weekend ahead. here's tonight's new york minute young children serenaded some true heroes today, members of the first black fighter pilots in the military and they greeted the students at the elementary school today. the message, stay strong strong
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>> alright, this was no fairytale for police in california.
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really a unicorn. on its head. wednesday. it it invaded pleas for hours before being tracked down and returned to the rifle owner. they were fawning all over this unexpected visitor who jumped office. they locked it in a room until animal control showed up and put it sleep and took it to a shelter and will be released back into the wild. a veterinarian tried to comfort up at as he underwent surgery, but it's all the way he did it. >> you're a good puppy, yes you are. he is a surgical assistant in baltimore. you see here here he rocked the puppy and she got lots of kisses afterward. she needed a lot of tlc and she did get it. that video has been viewed more
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was posted on facebook. i am live streaming on facebook right now. go to my facebook page. they created a video that can catch you up on the academy awards in about two minutes. the forms films are all reenacted. they visited a shelter where some of the pups are still up for adoption. >> this little puppy was not in the film, but six others were. they were featured in a short video that showed this year's oscar nominees in movies. they can't get any cuter. >> on thursday they released this video, puppies reenacting every best picture nomination. they come and they bring the costume. they do the whole scenario and they brought all the very cute little sceneries. in 24 hours, the video has gone viral with more than 700,000 views.
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said this isn't the first time they have become a social media sensation. >> they have done four or five little movies without dogs and this was the most creative. >> a lot of them are just a lot of fun ideas. they bring props and they did a 360 video. just really cool fun things to bring awareness to the dogs and cats. >> aside from all the fun, the women hope the video helps their dogs and cats fine home. it shows people there are lots of wonderful animals production. not just animals that are bought from a store. we love it the six puppies that are in the video are still looking for a home and so is this little cutie that i named fluffy. if you want more information you can go to ny pet
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places. i can't believe you didn't have one. >> there still a holdout. so today was beautiful out. i was taking pictures and there is nice sunshine, but it was cold. when the wind grab you, it was cold. tomorrow it will be cold again. not quite as cold but still win. you need to bundle up. let's check it out. thirty-nine was a high. twenty-nine below. you can you can see those numbers are touch below average. that 29 is happening now. that's our new low temperature for the day. record high was in 1890 of 65. just five. just a hundred years later it hit seven. it's 635. you will see all of it tomorrow. a few high card clouds tomorrow. winds out of the northwest, not as gusty. we have a quiet weekend coming
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there's nothing to report to you so nice and quiet we go. we have definitely come off those number. look at where were at. we have mid- 20s in the hudson valley. our temperature changed from 24 hours ago ago by about 9 - 13 degrees. we have been getting used to this forecast. up down, up down. that's going to happen this weekend too. the northwest wind continues but it backs off and becomes more westerly this weekend. those clouds will be gone tomorrow. the cold has entrenched on us for now but take a look as we
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into the 30s here but here in the 50s from kansas city down to memphis. we will talk about those temperatures tomorrow. it's still rather chilly but then warming up. twenty-three in mid time. midtown. there's your future cash showing a beautiful day. then we go to this wind and here comes the mild air. you can see highs tomorrow. fiftys here in chicago. that will be pushing our director direction. tomorrow's a sunny but chilly day. not that bad. forty-two. then up to 58 on sunday. how nice is that. we will we will stay in the 50s on monday. fifty-five tuesday. looks good. some rain for wednesday. it will get cold near the end of the week. that may surprise us at the other week.
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air returns almost at the same time. >> stay tuned. tomorrow night at 1030 a special oscar addition of studio five. we have a preview of the big show as well all the stress of the oscars. >> were in hollywood. why the answers live in new york. >> are you ready? you can open your eyes. she has a new fashion project. i'm about to talk to her about that. i cannot wait to see the photos the next day leonardo dicaprio finally holding up his oscar.
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>> we had to pick out our astor downs. let me remind you again we are not going to the oscars. >> megan and simone, are you ready? >> what you guys doing? what you mean? up and looking for you forever. we have to go. >> alright, don't miss studio five tomorrow night at 1030 right after the news at five. there up next with his take on yankees fan continuing their embrace of a rod. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge
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or macchiato for $1.99.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> how you doing everyone, in case you missed it when alex rodriguez showed up at the yankee spring training facility he received a hero's welcome from the fans. they lined up, i don't know how many deep wanting to get an autograph and maybe even be
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he was enjoying it. quite a bit more than this time last year when he was coming off of his one-year suspension for using those performance-enhancing drugs, but then he went on to bang out 33 homers in 2015, also knocking in 85 runs as the designated hitter. what happened? all the lying and cheating is gone or pretty much it is and now it's a love fest with a rod in the fans. because of his performance on the field, many have dubbed him the year of redemption. when you think about it, he redeemed himself. yes he served a suspension and yes he proved he was strong. i responded with a big-time season. redemption is about atonement. yes he has worked on his public image since coming back and saying all the right things and being good with the fans, but that is surviving. that's not redemption. redemption is about atonement. sorry, but his home runs don't atone for his cheating.
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runs last season, the fans and but i guess winning overrides everything. in soccer business, there is a new president. they elected a new president for the governing body to replace the former president who resigned last year amid allegation of corruption and run doing. i would say he has plenty of work to do to repair the image. he has his hands full big-time. on the hard work over at the garden sniper the next make the magic disappear. 108 - 95. on ice, lightning strikes the devils by a score of four nothing. those are the scores. have yourself a good evening. >> that's all for the news tonight. our special celebrates black history and that's coming up next. take care and have a great night. box five isn't over. if you want to connect to great stories and people then engage
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go to fox five for for news and stories
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>> hello, and welcome to this very special "good day street talk" as we celebrate black history. i'm antwan lewis, and for the next half hour, we'll look at some of the most fascinating people who have not only been inspired by the african-american experience, but are now passing along their journey to a whole new generation. we begin at the iconic apollo theater where a then-9-year-old girl from washington heights had dreams of stage and stardom as she got her first professional break here. and new york's own leslie uggams has never looked back. from her role in one of the most historic events in television history -- >> -- to her new role in the marvel universe on the big screen, lesly uggams continues reaching new heights in a career that started at the apollo


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