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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! right now on "fox 5
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>> tomorrow, this campaign goes national! like south carolina voters hand hillary clinton a commanding victory as she wins the democratic residential primary. good evening. it's our top story. >> was a resounding win for the secretary of state who went in the palmetto state . >> clinton is the democratic front runner and she won three of the first four contest of the 2016 campaign. >> jessica joins us now with a recap . >> no surprises in the primary. hillary clinton won overwhelmingly with a big contrast in 2008 when she lost in the same state to president barack obama. >> prox news can project that she will easily win the palmetto state democratic primary. >> seconds after the polls closed, every major media outlet projected clinton
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democratic primary in south carolina. >> thank you! erwin provides an important boost for her campaign. >> you send a message in america that we stand together! [cheering] when we stand together, there is no barrier to big to break . >> she crushed her rival, bernie sanders, the second decisive win and one week . >> we will compete for every vote in every state . we are not taking anything or anyone for granted. >> she campaigned hard in south carolina attracting large crowds, mostly african-americans. as polls showed , she won 84% of the black vote. she spoke about breaking down the barriers. >> we have to invest in the communities of color and reform the criminal justice and immigration system.>>
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opportunity , dignity and justice for every american. >> without mentioning his name, she took a swing at donald trump. >> spite what you hear , we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great . >> instead of building walls, we need to tear down barriers![cheering] bernie sanders is addressing the issue of racial and income equality and voting rights during a campaign stop. hillary clinton gets a lot of momentum heading into super's the biggest day of the primary season with 13 states and one territory participating. >> thank you, jessica. chris christie is stopping with donald trump instead of being back home. >> is not sitting well with
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dan bowens has the story. >> the next president of the united states is donald trump! the newest political broadband is official. chris christie makes good on his endorsement of donald trump warming up crowds at rallies in the south for the new york alien air. >> it's all those guys in washington d.c. who screwed this country up and now we need someone outside washington to fix it! the garden state governor heads back to the campaign trail leaving residents in the home state frustrated. >> it's more than disappointing . i regret moving to new jersey. it's very opportunistic. he is looking to get a high ranking position maybe being attorney general. >> i don't trust governor christie and i am a republican. >> he voted for chris christie in the last two elections but now . >> he abandoned the state for his own political aspirations. >> christine whitman says she is ashamed of kristi's decision to support trump and out raged to his controversial comments about muslims nationwide .
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state . jersey city is the most diverse in the country. it's really offensive that he's endorsed drum . >> is trying to get on his good side so we gets the nomination he has somewhere to go. >> it's kind of like a train wreck . >> the sagging approving record is 29% since he dropped out of the race. they have them considering what's next. >> i can see the personality types of him and donald trump working well together. if that gets him out of new jersey, that works well for him. i think he's wheeling and dealing a little bit. maybe i heard he would become attorney general so he is trying to move up in life. >> about his schedule for the rest of the weekend, the press office is referring all questions about that to the donald trump presidential campaign.
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republican candidates continue to step up his attack against donald trump ahead of super tuesday. the texas senator took his message to atlanta saying trump cannot win against hillary clinton if she is the democratic nominee. cruz added that he believes 65% of republicans don't believe he is the right candidate. >> another republican hopeful take swipes at trombetta presidential candidate in alabama. marco rubio says the billionaires conning americans coming the first of the top three to relieve his tax returns in 2014. the more than 35,000. his recent rate was 23%. >> for the latest campaign roundup , we head into super tuesday and turned to "fox 5 news" tomorrow morning. yoko ono was released from a new york city hospital. the 83-year-old widow was taken to mount sinai west for flulike symptoms.
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went to the hospital at the vice of her doctor and reported she had a stroke were not true. her son echoed the stroke of genius saying the twitter follower was fine. >> a burglar in nassau county tonight at 31 years old arrested for burglary on long island. police say he removed personal property and cash from several homes in nassau county. that's after officers searched his home he was leaving to a dozen of letters break-ins. he is charged with 14 counts of second-degree burglary. >> police need your help finding the sky suspected of stealing usd15,000 worth of allergy medications. the suspect took the medications from four different dewayne reeves hitting two of the stores twice. another instance showed this man helping him. call crime stoppers if you
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theresa: elite developed this morning with 2100 gallons billing out. a storm drain led to the bronx river. it's an oil cleanup company pumping the remaining oil from the truck. syria is calm tonight after a cease-fire broke by the us and russia. isis and the al qaeda branch in the country and they say any fighting that the two groups could easily be igniting warfare. it's marking the first time international negotiations have brought peace to syria during the five-year war. the zika virus prompts a warning to pregnant women. skip the games completely. that is coming from the newly released travel advice from the cdc. they are linked to birth defects and babies who emergencies were affect did.
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brazil. pittsburgh sports star rescued more than a dozen migrants on a raft . linebacker was on the legends of its pre-cruise and he posted these pictures on instagram. it rescued the group 50 miles north of cuba and the coast guard says they are handed over to immigration and cozumel. >> a breakup with batman. what the actor says about her divorce from ben aflac and why her comments might be surprising. it will take you more to visit the happiest place on earth. we will tell you when you have to pay a disney theme parks.>> talk about a turnstile bail. how one commuter thinks twice before aborting a fair. >> it's looking chilly. temperatures are just below average.milder weather is on the way and i will let
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in just a few minutes. >> thank you, marjorie. it's a special oscar addition of studio five. here is simone with a preview. >> all the stress of the officers is getting to me. >> we are not even going! in hollywood. i know it feels like it's happening in new york . >> a lot of the act there's live in new york. >> open your eyes. it's so true. >> the oscar-winner has a new passion project and we will talk to her about that lex will hear about all the crazy after parties. i cannot wait! >> leonardo dicaprio is finally holding up his oscar. >> i am giving you 10,000. >> how special was it to pick out our gowns. >> let me remind you that
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in and will this man tries to jump the train station in philadelphia. he winds up falling and ouch. that hurts. please believe he was intoxicated. it's a usd300 fine he will face. it's trying to save usd2.25. >> a penny wise and pound foolish ! i hope he is okay. mickey mouse is about to
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>> disney world and disneyland are moving to a seasonal teal pricing system. guess pay more during the busiest time of the year. a calendar will show customers what days are considered value, regular or peak and adjust customer prices accordingly. spring break, much of summer and december. >> it was so much fun! it is worth it! the kids love it. the cost for a multi-day ticket will go up . >> pay what you like . it will now inform visitors that the usd25 ticket price is suggested rather than recommended. the move is part of a settlement in a class action lawsuit that
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them of misleading visitors to imply that they have to pay the full amount. under the agreement, they will let museum goers know that the amount they pay is up to them. >> following the highly publicized arose from ben aflac , brown jennifer silence . what she has to say might surprise you. >> been aflac plays the crusader in the batman justice. it's less than a month before his theater and jennifer garner gives an exclusive to vanity fair where she spoke about her career, kids and been. >> 43-year-old mother of three admits that she still loves him saying , he is the love of my life. what will i do about that? he is most brilliant person in any room in the most charismatic , the most generous. he is just a complicated guy. the actress admits he had some relationship with her children's nanny but says the affair did not end their marriage that they were separated four months before she found out. she refused to bash them explaining their marriage was
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for the cameras and it was a huge priority for me to stay in it . that did not work. she went on to say that no one needs to hate him for me.i don't hate him. we don't have to beat the guy up. don't worry, my eyes were wide open during the marriage. the dating coach and relationship efforts as garner is a class act. she won't make him look bad the cause of her kids in the simple fact that she is still in love. >> she is smart and what she says. i don't think she wants to look like asap in the fall. garner says if given the chance she would do it all over again. >> she is moving on. >> speaking of mowing moving on we were hoping spring would move around a little bit. we will move into some milder weather.
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the area. temperatures are slight below average. we had a high of 410 in central park and right now we drop down to 390. the dew point and humidity is quiet and comfortable at the moment. the brisk wind comes at 16 mph and it keeps things chilly across the region. temperatures in the 30s from poughkeepsie to bridgeport and across long island.we factor in the wind and it's feeling like the 20s. the temperatures are milder than they were at this time last night. they are going up from here. we have seen wind come from the southwest and that is a good direction for us. it's brought in the milder temperatures across the tri-state. in the these, we see nice reading from the great lakes like out from detroit and buffalo in the mid-atlantic. temperatures are 410 in d.c. and were at 48 in philly .
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across the north east. we are nice and dry and quiet across the northeastern region. this one will work its way towards the area and arrive here by monday morning. that will bring us the next chance for precipitation. before it happens, we will see a surge of air through the area and it will have skies mostly sunny from some of to sundown. it will stay nice and dry tomorrow night where we will see a chance of rain improving across the area about six or 7:00 in the morning. we will get the early pekin son once it rises in the rain arrives just the tail end of the morning commute . will be out of here by the early afternoon by one or 2:00 as we see clearing skies from west to east. it will be a relatively nice night as we go into monday evening. we will stay nice and quiet
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lows in the 20s north and west and we will be in the 30s and the city. less sunshine and it won't be as cold as it was. temperatures rise into the 50s. it won't be as chilly in the shade. >> 500 reading for monday and tuesday with a chance of rain monday morning and exits . we have another chance on wednesday and it will be more of a study arraignment moves in. it will be developing by friday and it will be a significant storm bringing in the chance of rain across the tri-state. we will watch this over the next several days because it depends on the track and how close it comes to the coast. >> we hope out to the atlantic. >> a hockey fundraiser called hockey for heroes took place tonight at the prudential center in newark . the police department and
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their skates to raise money for military and law enforcement foundations. the police say the hockey team called the jcp the enforcers take on lewis in the police department. we will talk about that a little bit later.there is some rumbling coming out of the denver rocky mountains with the future peyton
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how news surfaced out of denver that the broncos quarterback peyton manning is ready to make a decision about his future and all indicators point towards his retirement . according to the post, woody page, he has two sources that confirm he will make the announcement later this week. manning turns 40 on march 24 and page wright says while he is reportedly going to say goodbye to the broncos, it's highly unlikely he would sign with another team for just one season. at the championship game, he was captured on video telling the patriots that this was his last rodeo when the two met after the game midfield.
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action is the new york rangers in dallas for a mid-actor afternoon face-off.this game was tied at two into late in the third period. is just one minute after they came back to tie it in the rangers put a lot of pressure on dallas and calvin klein what a shot . it's the sixth goal of the season in the rangers when it at 3/2 for the final. >> at yankee spring training, the exhibition game begins. the yankees manager says he knows which pitcher will get on the mound but he won't share the names until tomorrow. he definitely won't be battling for the rotation spot. you won't see tanaka. it's not just yet. >> the nets have big expectations. it's every day. the expectation is what car will you roll up in today. we've seen a massive truck and a three wheeler with a customized lamborghini. it's a red alpha more mail.
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duck jeep . by the way, that's the car he is bringing back to new york for the season. you will see around the parking lot. today it was the batmobile. this is actually another one of those customized three wheelers. it's the second polaris slingshot excel. the paint job makes it look just like something batman would drive to take back the streets of gotham. >> during a few of the next home games at madison square garden's, they are capturing a prom proposal for the 21-year-old christoph porzingis. they stalled some of the lines and asked him to take a vision to join her at her prom. the girl turned out to be 17-year-old samantha miller from miller place high school. she went and met his height father at a game entry at that picture. today, the rookie sensation treated a video message in response.
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the invitation to your prom. i will be out of the country at that time. i hope you have a lot of fun without me . >> it looks like he will be in latvia but how cool is it that he was going to say yes . >> they're kind of in the same age range.>> at least he responded. >> prom makes you think of spring. >> tomorrow it will feel little bit closer to the season with temperatures rising in the mid-50s across the tri-state area. we have plenty of sunshine and it will be windy and chilly in the shade. we have rain for the morning commute . should be light and widely scattered. the next chance on tuesday night and wednesday. temperatures cool off by the end of the week and we could see the rain and snow maker affect the area by friday. >> we will have to wait and see the track.
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that does it for us tonight . take you so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00 .
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what are you guys doing? you mean? >> we are right behind you,


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