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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the pictures are rising. ben: temperatures are surprising. showers could rain on the fiftysomething parade. mike has all the details, coming up. >> leonardo dicaprio gets his first oscar. it's for his message he delivered during his except in speech. >> instead of watching, there was those who decided to protest the lack of diversity. it's an ideal host for the topic. donald trump under fire at the republican candidates getting attacked from republicans and democrats going at him. it's one day away from super's
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as the republican nominee. it's like he is a teflon don.some of the things things he does and says , you think it would infuriate people but his numbers skyrocket. you can tweet us at juliet huddy and ben simmoneau. ben: italy day! it is leap day . it's march tomorrow. >> i feel like march can feel like spring is on the way. >> it was awesome. yesterday was pretty amazing.mike: only one big storm.ben: what is the thing on friday? mike: doesn't look like much right now. don't get too crazy. we made it up to 60 yesterday and it 50 in
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bridgeport and 33 in poughkeepsie. it's pretty dry but it won't stay that way all day long. the wind comes in from the south and that depends on where you are. it's around three 17 miles per hour. a cold front is coming into town and you can see the showers coming through pennsylvania. as it makes its approach, it's hanging on to the rainfall but not a lot. the cold front is passing by and right in the middle of the day, there is moisture in it and we expect the showers to come here or there but i don't think there will be too much happening. late this morning in the early afternoon will be the greatest risk for showers. there is a better chance of rain coming through on wednesday. there is a disturbance
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produce some better snow. let's bring in ines rosales as you head out the door. >> we look at some problems here on the 308 just clearing out the accident. new jersey has a couple of issues. it's an accident and express bound passing only the left lane open. they had all leans close. the eastbound traffic will avoid the express lane to get any problems. let's go to the cameras at route 80 by exit 56. the fire has been extinguished. it is bound by exit 56.
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as for the trains, things are running on or close to schedule. everything is doing fine. >> did you watch the oscars? >> that's why we have for a cure. >> joining us now to tell us about the 88th academy awards. some of the favorites are winning an oscar. i watched them so you didn't have to. hollywood wrapped of the biggest night and in case you were sleeping, here's what you need to know. let's talk about the biggest award of the night . the supporting actress for the danish girl. best supporting actress for spies. best director for the second year in a row. best picture goes to spotlight in the leonardo dicaprio when's the best for the remnant. he doesn't expect leo to win but it's a
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he was grateful for the award and for using the opportunity to champion the concern for the environment. >> climate change is real. it is happening now. it is the most urgent facing the entire species. >> the range of other issues were showcased including vice president biden who introduce lady gaga joined by survivors of sexual abuse. >> most of the winners were product did accept the best supporting actor. many people said sylvester stallone would win for creed. his last nomination was in 1977 for rocky. he did get a very special message from his longtime friend, arnold schwarzenegger .
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member of what they say , you are the best in you are the winner and i am proud of you. if you are a winner and arnold's eyes and you are a winner, period. i would imagine the oscars would do something for him in the next few years because he is a legend in hollywood. spotlight was very interesting. the same time since 1952 that a film one best picture in only one other oscar. it was an unexpected thing with spotlight. >> baroque has stayed up really hasn't gone to sleep yet. hollywood is partying so we stay awake . >> keep the coffee going! >> have you had coffee? >> a little red bull. >> you know. >> there were some people who chose to stay away because the lack of diversity when it came to the nomination. let's go to carry .
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with a look at the protest. >> the issue of diversity or lack of took center stage in the lead to the oscars. many wondered how it would be handled or addressed. the topic took center stage from the beginning. >> is the academy award known as the white people's choice award. >> opening up the oscars by addressing the diversity or lack thereof at the event. >> we want opportunity. we want the black act is to get to the same opportunity . >> that's it! >> it's not just once. it's in addition to last night winners the star of the show was the issue of diversity and how would be addressed. it's the second year in a row of all white nominees causing some like will smith and jade a pinkett
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the academy president addressed the controversy on the red carpet. >> it's all of our responsibility to make sure that diversity happens . it's making sure that we are with all the activities and initiatives. >> the topic came up later in the night as alejandro accepted the oscar for the remnant. >> once and for ever , a quarter of it becomes as relevant as the length of our hair . >> include all of us! >> protesters gathered outside abc studio on the west side. >> were here outside abc studio to raise our voices in total opposition to the elimination of black people from the oscars.
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rally, reverend sharpton led a separate protest in los angeles last night down the road from the dolby letter where the oscars were held . there were 70 protest at the rally and they say this will be the last night of an all white oscars. juliet, i will send it back to you. >> we will have more oscar coverage in reaction throughout the morning. in the meantime, then , take it away. a woman found a severed horse head . it was inside of a beer bottle box with other animal parts. no word on where it came from. some of the parts may have been cooked and was found with fresh fruit and soda. >> that is strange. >> it was a very dangerous weekend on the road. six hit-and-run accidents and four of them were deadly. >> one of the victim's was a police officer worked outside of the 100th
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robert moses joins us live with more. >> this is where the police officer, vincent harris, worked. he died at the new jersey turnpike. his family is reeling this morning after a weekend of fatal hit and runs. >> the nypd is looking for the drivers who hit and killed pedestrians in a bicyclist in the city. each driver drove off. the first collision took place before 1:30 a.m. at the tremont section of the bronx. josi can sure as was standing there entrance ramp to cross bronx expressway when he tried to cross webster near east 175th sheet. the cops say the driver of
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kept going. he was trying to get personal items outside of his vehicle when a vehicle hit him and left at the scene. less than 20 minutes later , and none of identified man i bike was hit . please review these this surveillance video of the 10 ultimate they believe him. city councilman says three fatal hit and runs and one day is inexcusable.>> were determined to eradicate it . >> adding to the tragedies is the officer, vincent harrison. he was killed on the shoulder and elizabeth yesterday morning. he had gotten out of his vehicle during a fender bender to be hit by an infinity. they located the driver and
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>> it's another live look at the bunting that hangs here. officers harrison worked there. i spoke to police and are still looking for those who were involved in the three fatal hit and runs. two other people were injured in the hit and run crashes in new york. that is the latest from outside the precinct and rockaway beach. >> robert moses in queens. >> very sad. much more to come on this monday morning including the huge cruise ship, anthem of the seas. it's returning early from its latest again. there was messages going out that weren't too thrilled . mike is keeping track of the forecast. mike: we have a change coming up. it is mild for starters. we have a partly cloudy sky at 500 at central park . we will see some showers
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space x has to scrub the launch of a communication satellite for the third time in five days. computer alarm set the engine off . ben: did not blow up. they said the problem was sitting on launchpad for too long. folks had wanted to close and they had to move away. the next launch attempt will not take place until at least tomorrow. juliet: do you remember the cruiseship that was battered? >> i like going on them during the proper months. they will have to cut another trip short. it's headed back to new jersey because of the strong developing of north carolina.
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virus outbreak . >> it's not clear how many people were affected. it sounded like the reporter who tweeted it out said the announcement was made but there were several people had the neural virus. the cruisers stepping skipping and it will allow back on february 6. they had 30 foot waves and it was forced to turn back early on february 6. >> it looks like an amazing ship. i think there are cruise people and non-cruise people. i have never been on one. >> it's nothing i have a desire to do. >> if it's a large ship, it's much better. there is a ton of space and sometimes you feel like you are in the city. >> have you been on a cruise? >> i did get the neural virus on one of those cruises.
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two weeks and i got a weird flu /cold but i love them! it's the best way to see a ton of countries and you are in your own comfort spot. actually, seven cases of neural virus sounds really low. there's thousands of passengers. >> 4000 people. >> we had over 100. there you go. >> you are supposed to wash her hands. they do what they can but nothing is full proof. >> will show you what we have out there. folks are getting back to work and doing their thing. we had mid-day rain showers coming at us. heavier rain will be on the way on wednesday and it looks to be the most significant storm that we have.later in the week on thursday and friday, we have a coastal low that could be pulling back. there might be some snow. here is what we see on the radar. there are showers coming through with pennsylvania heading towards us on the tri-state .
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it's not incredibly impressive. there are showers coming through in the early afternoon. you could see the rain chances picking a 30% chance of showers by 9:00 a.m. and noon. it's your chance to fall off again down to zero. if you're doing something in the middle of the day, that's when you'll most likely see showers so be prepared. we have a partly sunny sky coming to you with rain showers in the tri-state . high temperatures at 580 and is not a lot of rain out there but there is a little bit. mostly clear with lows dropping between 28 and 36. we have a high of 48 tomorrow and this is the bigger rain day on wednesday. it will be showering throughout the day and the high temperature gets up to 520. there is another small snow
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with a rain or snow met us. you'll have to wait to see it as we are a little down the road. doesn't look that impressive at this point in time. >> let's bring in ines. we will see what we have . >> good morning, mike. there is a few accidents. a few problems and long island. things are doing fine on the lie. westchester and rockland county with the freeway bringing in both sides. this is by 117. traffic at the local lane northbound moving fine but there is some accidents going on closer to 119. three lanes are blocked so there is other liens coming through. as for the bridge, here is a new problem. there is a lot of activity going on heading towards
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a car is flipped over. everything is running on or close to schedule. >> thank you very much. 24 hours to go until super tuesday. donald trump comes under fire for his response to a controversial endorsement. hillary clinton looks past . >> this is when all the attacks me about. the billionaire candidate it's criticism for his response after the former kkk leader voice support for trump. he later tweeted about duke saying, regarding david duke , i disavow . candidates in both parties focused on this tuesdays super tuesday .
5:22 am
if donald steam rose through and wins everywhere with big margins that he might be unstoppable. i don't think it will happen. >> a first rate , artist is on the way to take over . these are establishment guys and as far as the con man , he is very insulting. i built an unbelievable company. you know my career. >> if you look at twitter it's little marco over and over again. hillary clinton is attacking gop candidates and ignoring bernie sanders. she beat him by 50 points in south carolina saturday. latest polling shows clinton and trump hold the lead for super tuesday and they are anticipated to win big. >> if you look at donald trump's to , it's little marco the lightweight . >> little marco
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it's entertaining. [laughter] who am i to speak ? the leader of the free world. potentially . >> look at chris rock
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ben: good morning, everyone. mike is a complete forecast, coming up. it will be pretty warm out there. juliet: several hit and runs over the weekend. four people are dead. police are still searching for some of the drivers. >> sam smith makes a mistake at the oscars. uses it to send out a message. let's hear what he had to say. >> interesting. you know this is? >> most of us know it will be but find out who she was mistaken for. >> she is one of the most recognizable people . >> could you mistake her? >> interesting. how do you mistake will be
5:31 am
>> i am ben simoneau. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. saturday could have been better. we are in the low 60s in central park. it's not bad at all this morning. it's 330 in poughkeepsie. it's 13 miles per hour as the temperatures come up again. we see the clouds increasing and the showers are far behind. the showers approach in a hold together not looking like it will squeeze out a ton of rain. we see a reasonable amount
5:32 am
let's take a look at the showers. they are in and out pretty quickly. some disturbances come by but it will be producing much. the ones on wednesday will be quite wet. tomorrow you will see sunny skies with a high of 48 and the rain will be throughout the day on wednesday. there is some snow chances towards the end of the week. let's bring in ines . ines: let's talk about the commute . it's not looking good. problems on this monday morning. here is some new hot spots eastbound near the meadowlands. the bronx river parkway southbound bronx zoo exit with an accident and one
5:33 am
let's go to the lie. over by westbury road. the eastbound traffic at the williamsburg bridge. we are keeping an eye on this problem with the flashing lights and traffic at a standstill. there is a car that flipped over is that you could see all lanes closed. to the manhattan bridge, it's a better opportunity to surround the roadway. >> thank you, ines.six hit and run accident over the weekend with four of them indian deaths. one of the victim was an nypd officer killed while on the new jersey turnpike . robert moses joins us live from outside the precinct where he worked in rockaway queens. this is where officer vincent harrison work . he served here in the city but he died tragically on the side of the new jersey turnpike .
5:34 am
four families are in morning after a hit and run in the span of a few hours. >> the nypd is looking for the driver who hit and killed two pedestrians and a bicyclist in the city. each driver drove off in the first collision took lace before 1:30 a.m. in the tremont section of the bronx. josi contrariness was standing near the entrance ramp in the cross prospects last may when he tried to cross webster avenue. cops say the driver of a
5:35 am
going. he was hit near the intersection of ninth street and fifth avenue. they released the surveillance video of the 10 nissan altima that hit him. he shares the transportation committee saying three fatal hit and runs is inexcusable. >> adding to the tragedy is the 25-year-old nypd officer . he was killed on the shoulder of the new jersey turnpike and elizabeth yesterday. he got out of his vehicle near a fender bender to be hit by infinity. they located the driver of the infinity and charges are pending. >> officer vincent harrison was so young at 25 years old. in a statement, they say one of the things they will miss the most is his infectious smile.
5:36 am
said they are still looking for those three hit-and-run drivers involved. ben and julia, back to you. >> with security cameras and surveillance cameras all over the place , hopefully they will be able to catch those people. >> let's talk about some switching gears. juliet: they are probably solitaire parting partying away. >> it's a surprise for the best picture. >> that's right. the spotlight was a surprise. it's the first time since 1952 that they took home the film for the best picture. >> i have seen spotlight.
5:37 am
>> it really touches on the importance of journalism. that's what we are doing here. >> leo was the headline. >> everyone expressed for him to win but he gave his heart and soul to the film. it's a way we haven't seen in a while. he ate real bison liver for the sake of his craft. you can see him gagging and it's a real gag. >> another big win with the backlist actress role. it was a particularly meaningful role for lawson. she grew up in a studio apartment with a bed that came out of the wall so she was able to channel her mother's painful
5:38 am
range. she had a tortured role in room. it's a great year for larson, around. we saw social issues showcased throughout the so .sam smith had best original song. he took the opportunity to highlight the fight for lgbt equality. >> i have been here before. i always hit the floor. >> there was a couple of small stumbles. some people give him a hard time for saying he would be the first openly gay man to receive an oscar. in a source they say he was visibly upset after his performance . he said the powerful message was there and he won an oscar. >> someone said it appears that he was not satisfied with his performance right afterwards. he looked distressed backstage. he did not look like he was
5:39 am
>> i did see the performance. it was great but it wasn't the best. bottom line was he went out with a positive message. he won an oscar. >> not bad! >> thank you so much. >> the oscar diversity or the lack thereof was the hot topic. >> it was brought up quite a few times by those with tended to show including chris rock and those who chose to stay away.carrie drew his outside with the message being sent. >> good morning to you. the issue of diversity took center stage at the oscars from the red carpet to the opening monologue. it even made its way into an except in speech. it was the second year of all white nominees.jacob pinkett smith and spike lee chose to boycott the oscars. here is cheryl boone isaac
5:40 am
>> it's all of our responsibility to make sure that diversity happens by us making sure that we are being intentional with all the activities that we do. >> there was a protest here outside abc studios. people protested about the lack of diversity and there was a protest in hollywood with reverend alice sharpton holding a similar rally. he says it's the last night of an all white oscar. definitely a topic that was addressed in many ways. it's life here on the upper west side . ben: thank you, carrie. 500 outside. juliet: had a mouthful of grape nuts. ben: getting warmer? mike: not as warm as yesterday.
5:41 am
us. it doesn't look like a lot going on. the high today is 450. it looks like it's warmer than normal.500 is pretty warm. there is the rainmaking it into the tri-state.i am expecting it to make its way from the west to the east starting in new jersey. at least for a little while. high temperatures go up to 500. as we go through the next few days at the high 448 with more showers on wednesday. on friday, more clouds with cooler temperatures and some snowflakes coming
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new york lottery. . juliet: checking out your headlines with the nypd officer being moved to the bronx while an investigation for going straight home and not going
5:45 am
the cruise ship to the center by storm and they cut short another trip. the anthem of the seas is heading back to new jersey because of a storm developing off north carolina.they reportedly neural virus outbreak but it's pretty small. it will arrive back in the morning. the long island railroad. it's five minutes late. it's just over 91%. that's the worst in 15 years. >> that's what i like to call it. it's working to turn the trend around. >> as you write it the other day? >> i am surprised . ben: you are not one for public transportation. juliet: i find the buses appealing but i'm just not a subway person .
5:46 am
>> is cheaper and faster and there is strange people. >> it's a bad night for the next. could be a bad year overall. they hosted the heat last night and miami was up by five points in the half. the next captive pretty close at the second half here. dwayne wade goes up for the layup . is 26 points. 58/47. off the past and here comes the next! porzingis to williams cutting it to 57/63. only down by four but miami would not let them get closer. miami goes on to win at 98/81. edmondson one early this season.
5:47 am
looking for some revenge and turning things around. let's pick it up in the third period. the oilers are down and tom fires from the circle. he ties up the game at one and later in the third , it's still the same score . he shoots but he can't find the park. leon drives and he scores at the 16th goal of the season. the oilers when it . >> the nhl trade deadline with the rangers getting a jump on deadline by completing a big deal with hurricanes. it was for the center, eric's doll. he spent his entire career with carolina. so far this season, he had 10 goals and 23 assists. 52 points over the last five seasons. he joined his brother mark and it's a prospect to
5:48 am
now to the college hoops. it looks like seton hall could take place in the march madness. that stinks to the game last night hosting xavier and the pirates are up 14. he finds desi rodriguez. he goes up i 16 points and rodriguez leads to 27. seton hall is up 15 and it's three up by eight . the pirates pull off the major upset giving them 90/81 and the pirates are 21/7 on the season. >> that will be exciting! >> very cool. >> thank you very much. let's check the weather forecast with mike woods. >> pretty decent. >> temperatures are working out pretty well with a great day yesterday. everyone is getting out there and enjoying it.
5:49 am
coming up but there will be showers coming as well. midday showers in it doesn't look like a lot of rain. what's coming through on wednesday it looks to be heavier with rain scattered throughout the day on wednesday. mild temperatures and gusty winds with a pretty big storm coming through. we have another coastal storm bringing us some precept and some snow in the area. we have 50 in central park and 42 in newark. 330 in poughkeepsie and our temperatures are all over the place but generally speaking, warmer than what we had . 12 the jump in temperatures in central park. >> as far as the showers go, they are off to the west and weary from approaching. it's not a ton of rainfall but we will have a quick
5:50 am
the tri-state region. it's not as mild as yesterday. a lot more cloud cover with a high 500. a high of 58 today and 48 tomorrow. 52 on wednesday it looks to be a wet and windy and mild one. on friday, there is a coastal low bringing us the snow. it's not that impressive. next week looks pretty good. let's bring in ines and see what's happening. things are popping up early this morning.>> so many accidents throughout the area. let's start out with route three eastbound. an accident has the lien blocked in the bronx river parkway. one lane is closed but all are subject to close on that one. let's look at the lie. we have a slowdown here because of an accident in
5:51 am
the williamsburg bridge heading into brooklyn with an overturned in the outer roadway. you can use that for the brooklyn bridge. you have a slowdown there and the subway with signal problems. it's the f train . northbound local between 21st avenue you have service changes and you could expect delays on that. everything else is running on or close. >> pink you. >> we have a lot more coming up. entertainment news with a red carpet mistake. who is that woman? we will let you know . we'll
5:52 am
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ben: time for entertainment. juliet: if anyone talks to duke today, he has little legs. that is messed up! ben: more on the oscars. twitter exploded with a mixup on the red carpet. whoopi goldberg made a grand appearance. she has hosted the award show several times. during last night shows she did a spoof on the lack of racial disparity on the oscars. when total beauty posted this twitter photo but the caption says we had no idea opera had a tattoo.are you kidding me?
5:55 am
internet went crazy . total beauty pulled the to and apologize. gil king posted this instagram could photo of oprah and said we all love will be but we don't all look alike . >> was a supposed to be funny? >> i think they really mixed it up . >> kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio. they have been friends since they started 20 years ago. >> it's pretty close. they filmed it 20 years ago. >> she was nominated for best supporting actress in a motion picture. she did not win. she is so pretty. chris rock made fun of the oscars lack of diversity. it appeared to confuse the
5:56 am
>> the new director of the minority outreach program, please welcome miss stacy . >> . [laughter] . i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month! thank you! was ridiculed after voting for mitt romney and being very outspoken about reporting the republican party. she goes over to fox news and anyway he was outspoken about this topic. it was a weird appearance. >> it seemed like it fell flat the audience just said
5:57 am
many were not thrilled that she was there. matt damon was nominated for the best actor but lost out to leonardo dicaprio. he snuck on to jimmy kimmel live .he was hiding in ben affleck's coat . camel and damon had a few for about 13 years. it's the first time damon ever said in the hot seat. juliet: that is hysterical . it's just a few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 hour. ben: it will be an amazing hour!we have weather, traffic and top stories, here to come. >> sean mendez. right! did someone tell you? [music] . put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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