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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ben: good morning. mike: leap day. rock and roll. over the weekend, things were great. great way to wrap up february.
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six he was your high in central park. sixty-two in newark. 64 degrees in allentown. it was pretty warm yesterday. looks like today will be similar. forty-four newark. forty-five also in islip. is basically that southwind that will bring back the warm temperatures. the southwind. seventeen-24 boils per hour. it will be another war -- warm one for us. so what whether comps are right during the middle of the day. prepare for it. 66 degrees by noon.
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clear again for you tomorrow. wayne comes through pretty solid on wednesday. then we dry out on thursday. friday could bring us snow showers. already. let's bring in ines. good morning, ines. ines: good morning. there is an accident on the bronx river parkway. at l 19 right now all lanes are subject to closure. this is by little neck parkway westbound. traffic is at a crawl. at least one lane closed slowing everyone down. it has been a busy morning here.
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you can also use the manhattan or the brooklyn bridge. >> thank you very much. a big night in hollywood. >> it seems like it was a loose fund academy awards. >> it was everything that you expect from chris rock. kept everybody in great spirits. it really was hollywood's biggest night. here is what you need to know. best supporting therefore rich of spies.
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best picture went to spotlight. everyone expected leo to win. it certainly was a well-respected honor. using the opportunity to champion his concerns for the environment. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. >> showcased her out the show. including vice president biden. unbelievable. he stole the show when it came to musical performances last
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many people expected sylvester stallone to win. his last nomination was in 1977 for rocky. he could give a very special message from his longtime friend arnold schwarzenegger. >> always remember that no matter what they say, you and me are the best. you are the winner. i am proud of you. juliet: i am shocked that he did not win. we were talking about this earlier, we think you will get a lifetime achievement award. >> i hated seeing him disappointed last night feared but, he will get his time. he will do just fine. >> thank you. i will be back.
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elephant in the room with the oscar community. ben: . drew is live on the upper west side with more on that angle of the story. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. a lack of diversity. many wondered how this topic would be handled. the issue took center stage right from the start of the show. >> i am here at the academy awards. otherwise known as a white people awards. >> we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunity. that is it. that is it. not just once.
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issue of diversity and how it would be addressed. prompting some like will smith and his wife and director spike lee to boycott the show. >> it is all of our responsibility to make sure that diversity does happen. juliet: the topic also came up later in the night. >> the quarter peak on as relevant. protesters gathered outside the studios on the west side.
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in total opposition for the elimination of plot people from oscars. >> a similar rally in los angeles last night. reverend sharpton led a group of people. sharpton said this will be the last night of an all white oscars. that is the latest. back to you. ben: thank you very much. much more still to come this morning. donald trump on fire. this time for a controversial endorsement that he received. >> we have to simmer up some showers for you. the morning commute is not a problem. the clouds will be thickening
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if you want to figure out where that rain is intricate on the radar, there is a live interactive app. we will be right back. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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ben: all right, we're back. you talk behind peoples backs. >> i don't know if the viewers really have any idea what you are talking about. >> he said for both things about to on television behind his back. he insulted you about your weather graphic. mike: insulting samantha. juliet: that is even worse. you have a pic mouth is a complement. he is trying to claim the statute of limitations here. anyhow. let's show you what is going on out there. rain chances.
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30% chance by 9:00 a.m. rain. good coverage out there. then it starts to slide back down. southwest around seven-14 miles per hour. that will bring up warmer temperatures. showers are not too far behind. making their way through pennsylvania. the front passes by. there just is not a lot of moisture with it. we should see drier conditions
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tomorrow. that one does not look like it has anything for us, really. it looks to be a pretty wet one. today's rain as well. high-temperature goes up to about 58 degrees today. more rain is pretty solid for you on wednesday. a little bit of weight whether in the mix as a coastal low comes to the tri-state on friday. all right. let's bring in ines rosales. keeping an eye on quite a few accidents. >> route three. heading towards the lincoln tunnel. traffic jams.
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lane closed, but all lanes subject to closure. traffic at a crawl already this morning. an accident blocking two lanes so what is causing this new life. let's go to our cameras. traffic moving again. any delays are likely easing out. juliet: thank you very much. five hit and run crashes in different euros. let's go to fox5 robert moses. rockaway beach queens. good morning, robert. >> good morning. you can see black and purple
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in his honor. for failed. and runs. four families in mourning today. the nypd is looking for the drivers that hit to pedestrians and a bicyclist yesterday. the first folks place in the tremont section of the bronx. he tried to cross webster avenue nears east 175th street. the driver of a black suv hit him and kept driving. police say 48-year-old was trying to get personal items out of the backseat of his vehicle.
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and pronounced dead. in unidentified man on a bike was hit and killed near the intersection of ninth street and fifth avenue. city councilman who chaired the transportation committee said three fatal hit and runs in one day is inexcusable. killed on the shoulder of the new jersey turnpike and elizabeth early yesterday morning. police located the driver and charges are pending. >> you can see officer harrison's face realize how young he was. he served for just a fleeting
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i spoke to the nypd. they are still looking for those three drivers involved. incidentally, to other people across the city were also injured in hit and run crashes yesterday. that is the latest. back to you. >> that is a sad story. less than 24 hours to go now. donald trump is coming under fire for his response. the billionaire candidate now getting criticism for his response after former kkk leader voiced his support. they said trump did not strongly denounced duke right at the start.
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>> regarding david duke, i disavow. hillary clinton ignoring rival bernie sanders. >> yes. it is starting to look like she is on your way. we have much more still to come. how one local woman --
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>> a bad year for commuters. >> how many times. juliet: according to the annual operating report, it fell for the third year in a wrote. just over 91%. the worst in 15 years. shooting 40% last year. trains that never made it to their destination jumped almost
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it is working to turn them around. a woman walking yesterday found a severed horse head. along with other animal parts. no word on where it came from. they were found with fresh fruit and soda. >> a determined woman who was scammed with a cable didn't ticket, she has garnered some revenge. buying tickets to the hit musical on craigslist. when she discovered the tickets were fake, she set up her own operation. the tickets looked like the same thing. now facing several charges. joining us in the 8:00 o'clock hour.
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actually did this. we always like a little bit of vigilante justice here. you go after everybody for anything. >> just when you are mean to me or somebody that i love. [laughter] wrapping up all things oscars this morning. we will have a breakdown of all
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juliet: so mean to be. you have no idea the things he said. pack your umbrella as you are heading out.
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showers later on this morning. or you could just take over. ben: i will let you continue. and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. i think that it was his sixth nomination. one of many big winners last night at the academy awards. juliet: the highlight was one of the most controversial oscar season suffer. chris rock tackled the diversity issue right from the start. a very humorous way. ben: a little bit of news over the weekend. donald trump falling under fire. juliet: i looked at the clock
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ben: well, you are not sitting next to me. [laughter] i know said that that is pretty good. >> that is great. mike: let's do the weather. usually this happens on friday. ben: can we see it? mike: i do like to go barefoot sometimes. we have 51 degrees. at this point, a clear sky. the wind from the southeast. your temperatures are really mild.
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it was pretty mild. 47 degrees and albany. we do have dry sky for the time being. showered are lined up for the west of us. just some brief showers coming through late this morning into wise, taking it up to 58 degrees for a high. more rainfall for you on wednesday. it will be a pretty wet day. almost a wash out. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: the subways. let's talk about the roads, first. wrote three. traffic jams. we're over the hackensack ridge. in accident blocking two lanes.
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the bronx river parkway, southbound. traffic backed up there. the new england freeway. the major deegan, those are doing fine. let's go to our cameras. a bit of a foggy shots here. overpriced old westbury road. that is because of an accident that was cleared away by little neck. this is on the cross island. trains, we have some track maintenance and signal problems. the seven train, 34th street found. everything else running on or close. love you, juliet. juliet: love you, too. here we go. we will give you some of the oscars. winners. spotlight.
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one of the best surprises of the night. a group of boston globe reporters. no surprise when leonardo dicaprio took on the statue for best actor in the room and it. talking about his concerns for the environment. juliet: another big win. she played a role of a kidnapped woman in the room. the first time she had ever been nominated. alejandra wrote was named best director. last year he won four per man. diligently doing all of this research on the oscars.
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the oscars last night, diversity. juliet: carried through joins us live on the west side with more. >> reporter: good morning. the issue of diversity, or lack thereof, took center stage last night. even making its way into an acceptance speech. this was the second year in a row where all the nominees were white. jaded pickett smith and spike lee chose to boycott. take a listen. >> it is all of our responsibility to make sure that diversity does happen. making sure that we're being inclusive. >> this is some video right here
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night on the upper west side. protesting a lack of diversity at the oscars. critics have also protested on social media with the hash tag oscars still white. i will send it back to you. juliet: thank you very much. this morning the nypd is looking for the drivers that hit and killed pedestrians in the city yesterday. the first coalition took twice just before 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning. cops say a black suv hit a man. three hours later, a 48-year-old man was hit on 111th street. and then less than 20 minutes after that, an unidentified man was hit and killed in park slope.
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>> we have been robbed. adding to the tragedy, killed on the shoulder of a new jersey turnpike. charges for that driver are pending. just one day until super tuesday. a big, big day. republican campaign for the oval office is starting to sound like a rose rather than a race. ben: ted cruzan marco rubio releasing new attacks. announcing an endorsement by former kkk leader david duke. >> honestly, i do not know david duke. i just do not know anything
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trump later tweeted regarding david duke, i disembowel. the latest poll shows hillary linton. a single lead over bernie sanders. the campaign stop there later today. remember that giant cruise ship. battered by that terrible storm off the carolinas. it had to cut short another trip. juliet: and some of the seas, their flagship ship basically, it encountered 30-foot waves. it was forced to turn back early. people were completely freaked out. this time because of a storm. it will arrive, wednesday morning. the ship apparently it also had some, it sounds like a minor nor
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not sure how many people have been affected by the business. that tends to spread but he quickly. all right. fox means business. joining us now is lauren simonetti. >> charles schumer. the airlines, i am sure, to not, however. >> are we getting bigger? what do you think? we have a lot less leg room. stretching your legs on that flight. going down by 2 inches. from the 70s until now. getting packed in like sardines. that comes from senator chuck schumer.
6:39 am
requirements on airplanes. guess what. guess how much the airlines made last night. just routing number. i told you. it will go up this year. >> doing okay. i don't know if you will find many customers. how is the baby doing? >> thank you for asking. she did not sleep last night, but other than that, great. >> i can. my wife, i will be honest.
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is due. juliet: pretty shocking. >> lauren and i have a competition about whose baby has more hair. >> it is on the side. [laughter] >> i love it. i love it. let's show you what we will do today. a bad hair day. you know, a little rain coming this way. some of the day showers expected in the area. it is also warmer at the same time. it looks like the rain will be pretty solid drop the day.
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end of the workweek. a lot of accidents. just take it easy out there. in accident working on the cross island parkway. take a look at this slow down. goes back into nassau county. both of them clear. you have this issue. george washington bridge driving into the city.
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>> february 29. checking that have lines for you. scott forster. then moved to the bronx while under investigation. both injured officers are now recovering at home. >> on-time performance fell last year for the third year in a row.
6:45 am
try to figure it out. >> the third time in five days. cutting off the engine. just a second before liftoff. the next launch attempt will take place tomorrow. >> liftgate over to tina saar basile. >> not a good sunday. let's start at the garden. it used to be a storied rivalry. a five-point lead at halftime. the heat go on to break. dwayne wade goes in for the layup. fifty-eight-47. they did keep this game close. williams for the slam. fifty-seven-53 in the fourth quarter.
6:46 am
closer than that. joe johnson. the shot clock goes off. twelve points on the night. 98281. one of the oscars big storylines waded into the game last night. in his regular seat up the garden, not at the oscars. he wore a tux ito and gold jordans. he said he could not support the aware awards ceremony. he says he expects change in the future. onto hockey now. after that humiliating loss, he was out for revenge. firing for the circle. tying the game up at one.
6:47 am
goals keep her. that gives them the lead. i am already. i am marty on to baseball. it looks like the pirates could be taking part in march madness. the pirates are up high for it seemed. rodriguez with 27. they pull off the major upset. pirates now 21-seven did.
6:48 am
let's get over to mike. >> it will be used on some rain. >> this is actually not bad at all. every four years, it you get a leap day. happy leap day everyone. central park, 37.1 degrees. warmest day of the week. 61 degrees. we did hit 60 yesterday. it got kind of crazy. total precipitation. finally we have a winter season. we are above normal
6:49 am
31 degrees in sussex. bridgeport, you have 42. a partly cloudy sky in that area. when coming in from the south, southwest. you can see the showers are closing in on us. still holding together. that will make for someone out whether right in the middle of the day. temperature wise, write to about 54 high. wednesday looks like it will be pretty messy out there. wednesdays is what more or less throughout the day. again, the coastal storm, we will have to wait and see on that one. check it out. download it. it is free. >> thank you very much.
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.local. juliet: welcome back. be careful out there. there is an earlier accident. that has been cleared. now there is an accident by exit one. a car flipped over. at least one lane flipped over. the l.i.e. had several accidents. let's go to the george washington bridge. opera lover -- upper level, 30-40 minute delay. there was an accident on route three. in accident cleared. it kind of backed up traffic there. if you want to take the holland tunnel, five-10. >> thank you.
6:54 am
>> the real oscars after party. hollywood wrapped up the biggest night. first, the biggest awards of the night. best supporting actor for the danish girl. alejandro, best for the second year in a row. brie larson one best actress for room. leonardo dicaprio winning as actor for the revenant. he was grateful for the award to use the opportunity to talk about the environment. >> climate change is real and it is happening right now. >> whoopi goldberg. she made news for something else entirely.
6:55 am
the red carpet. we love it. they thought what the was opera. she took it in stride. we all love will be gold for. we do not all look alike. $10000 for charity. >> maybe that will make up with the snafu. many, many fans. serving as a great launching pad. finally, the cutest moment in the night.
6:56 am
cookies to the audience. >> right there. yes. that is it. $65243. including $20 to vice president biden. those girl scouts were winners. >> entertainment reporter. it was all worth it. >> oh, my gosh. we will see you tomorrow.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: hi, everybody. i retired? did anyone stay up and watch that show? >> february 29. it is leap year. greg: it is okay for girls to
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what do we have out there? >> upper 50s today. light rain. we will tell you all about it. >> the oscars. chris rock was brilliant. other than that, it was pretty boring and predictable. lots of people have some promises. some people were really turned on by it, some people weren't. >> otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> there were some very funny moments.


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