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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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what do we have out there? >> upper 50s today. light rain. we will tell you all about it. >> the oscars. chris rock was brilliant. other than that, it was pretty boring and predictable. lots of people have some promises. some people were really turned on by it, some people weren't. >> otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> there were some very funny moments.
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>> this picture, by the way. >> that lirr online performance. it is a real pain in the neck. >> it went down south and hit that nasty storm a couple of weeks ago. they ran into trouble again. more rough waters. again. oh, my goodness, what is going on with that ship. >> anthem of the seas on a bit of a slump lately. >> everyone talking about that the great big tv show last night. we have the hottest show in town.
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the people in that, very, very >> we are basically seven or eight rows back. >> this young man, anthony ray most, from our area, has made it big time. >> he plays king. he was really so funny. >> where is the star of the show? >> this guy made the whole show happen. he wrote it. there was some controversy little bit. >> we apologize to everyone that
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>> i am sorry. i did not know we were offending you. >> you have the business in the new york post. quite frankly, it you heard our feelings. now that i've seen your show, i never want to see you hurt. >> saturday. [laughter] >> totally brilliant diet. totally brilliant cast. anyway, we want to thank the cast of hamilton. >> we have a young woman coming on who bought her tickets on craig's list. she was candid and she turned the tables on the scammer. did she ever get a chance to see the show?
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little bit. >> i think i got it all out of our system. >> anyway. >> it was a little boring, i would have to say. >> we will get more highlights and a little bit. weatherwise, it was such a nice day yesterday. here we are, leap day. still moving pretty good. these were high temperatures from yesterday. we did make it up to 62 degrees yesterday. those are your high
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32 degrees in allentown. >> we also have another trade coming with that. we will see most of that still holding together as it comes through the tri-state. your rain chances picked up to about 60%. the evening commutes should be okay. high temperature goes up to 58. tomorrow a high of 48 degrees. fifty-two for a high on wednesday. also, there is a small snow
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take a peek out what it is like to come around town. >> a lot of accident since we started the show at 430. then in queens, the l.i.e., really jammed this morning. the cross island parkway northbound. right before hempstead turnpike. let's go to our cameras. victory boulevard. no problems. fifty-ninth street bridge, let's take a look at the camera shop. bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge. traffic backed up on the gowanus trains are running on or close.
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good for them. >> they also had some things to say about why that movie was so important. greg: the best picture for them. that was late, late in the night. i thought he nailed it. let's hear it. >> it is like me boycotting rihanna. i was not invited. >> how come it is always is unemployed people telling you to quit something. [applause] no one with a job ever tells you to quit. there will just be plugged
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cops on their way to the movies. i said it. rosanna: a lot of people exploded with that. a lot of people did not think that that was funny. especially with that female officer being shot on her first day at work. all right.
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lack of diversity was there. how it will be handled during the broadcast. >> i am here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> comedian chris rock opening up the diverse city. >> we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunities. that is it. that is said. not just once. >> the star of the show was the issue of diversity. this is the second year in a row of all white nominees. director spike lee boycotting
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the red carpet. >> diverse city does happen. included. the topic also came up later in the night. accepting the doctor for best rock her. >> once and forever. if the come as relevant as the length. >> reporter: or in the broadcast, protesters gathered outside. >> raising our voices in total opposition for the elimination of five people from the oscars. >> reverend sharpton led a
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about 70 people at that protest. sharpton said this will be the last night of then all white oscars. that is the latest. back to you. greg: i think that it is safe to say that we are a bit overwhelmed. some movies did win. let's bring in our reporter. welcome. >> thrilled to be here. >> i have been up. >> i think that he had too much coffee. >> you need some caffeine. it was the entertainment world. here is what you need to know. best supporting verse for the
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the reminiscence. test director. best actress for room. best picture with a spotlight. he gave his heart and soul to this film. using the opportunity to champion his concern. >> it is happening right now. facing our entire species. >> survivors of sexual abuse.
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predicted. many people expecting sylvester stallone to win. his last nomination was in 1977. he lost again. he did get a very special message from a longtime friend arnold schwarzenegger. >> you are the best. you are the winner. i am proud of you. >> walking on stage. usually people fake it. >> maybe they will give him an actual lifetime achievement. >> i think the hardest thing
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party on friday. doing a little jig. escorted by storm troopers. >> is that you? >> we have to think. we will talk about it in a little bit. what else, rosanna. >> i thought that it was a nice weekend. >> some serious stuff. a series of hit and run accident. four people were killed over the past couple of days. >> vincent harrison was struck by a car. he died right there and then. robert moses is at rockaway beach queens this morning.
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>> this is where police officer work. you can see that black and purple bunting that now hangs here. tragically, he died on the side of the new jersey turnpike when a passing motorist hit him. a span of less than four hours. this morning, for families are in morning. >> looking for the drivers that hit and killed two to pedestrians and a bicyclist in the city yesterday. the first coalition took face just before 130 yesterday morning. jose was standing near an entrance ramp. he tried to cross webster avenue. cops say a driver hit him and kept going.
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trying to get personal items. he was taken to jamaica hospital and pronounced dead. an unidentified man on a bike was hit and killed near the intersection of ninth street and fifth avenue. chairing the transportation committee. three fatal hit and runs and one day is inexcusable. >> adding to the tragedies, vincent harrison was killed on the shoulder of a new jersey turnpike. harrison had gotten out of his
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only to be hit by an infinity. >> another live look this morning. he lived just a short distance away from here. they have not made any arrests here in the city. that is the latest from rockaway beach. a cruise ship that was battered by a storm earlier this month was cut short. another trip yesterday. people on board thought the ship put tip over. the anthem of the seas under a
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part of a normal rotation. they will be back here on wednesday morning. >> it is not clear just how many people have been affect did. boy, opioid. i think they need to scrub that ship down from top to bottom. >> ride a feeling he might be in a little bit of hot water. what is going on? >> we're going back to it on this weekday. it looks like the weather will be somewhat cooperative. midday showers also expected. it is only for a short while. that looks like it will be raining more throughout that day. gusty wind and mild temperatures. thursday into friday, there will
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that could mean snow once again. right now, a sunny sky out at central park. the showers are on the move here. down towards us in the tri-state. there's another weak trough. another shot at cool air. wednesday. another area of pressure. it actually has a good amount of brain. a high temp goes up to 58. drive for youtube are out. cooler and warmer. thursday it is drive. back to a snow chance on friday. pretty much everything. we will see what we have.
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hangups today. so many accidents up there. heading towards the tappan zee bridge. an accident. bridge. let's go to our cameras. the l.i.e. over and suffix county. the lincoln tunnel inbound. let's go to that camera shop. thirty-40 inbound. george washington bridge. upper, lower levels moving okay. thirty, 40. greg and rosanna. >> let's take a peek outside. light showers coming our way. >> jim is flying around in the helicopter. northern queens.
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excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. greg: the airport. rosanna: i think that it is good
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let's see. february 29. that is weird. it happens only every four years. it takes 355 days and then some to get around the moon. how about that. >> there you go. getting married. >> somebody decided that this was a good dates for women to ask guys for their hand in marriage. rosanna: is that how you are playing that card? [laughter] let's talk about what is happening around town. the nypd captain accused of walking out after going to the hospital after two police officers were shot has now been
7:25 am
>> he has been moved to a precinct all the way up in the bronx. he was previously working in brooklyn. they have a big name for what they call this. it is called highway therapy. >> injured in a gun battle. taken to kings county hospital. telling another capital. both of the officers are not out of the hospital. another $32 to get to work. they may ask for that money back. >> meanwhile, hamilton, the
7:26 am
people are trying to scam would be theatergoers. >> daniel pozner bought some tickets to this musical on craigslist. she could not wait to see it. she discovered the tickets were fake. she went to the police. they could not help her. the tickets looked just as real. >> the cops actually were able to grab the guy responsible. twenty-nine years old. they say it is not the first time he has pulled this kind of scam. rosanna: telling us how she took down this guy. >> a matinee. there we are all excited quite frankly. the show was totally worthy of
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! >> lady gaga was at the oscars last night. >> yeah. what a moving song, huh? >> at that point, rosanna, i had called it a night. >> me too, but i saw it this morning. it was beautifully sang and executed with all the students coming in at the end.
7:30 am
joe biden was there, always a party with joe. he's always tripping or falling. >> i think he was okay last night. he gave $20 to the girl scouts. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> hey, as we look at lynn manuelmy ran das, watch the nights. >> that was another one of the shows. he's amazing. i would just love to have him come back on and -- >> he read the book, "hamilton," and then put it to rap. >> it's more than that. >> the lyrics. anyway, that's -- let's do this. >> it is salvatore littlejohn's birthday. he is 20 years old, but in leap year years he's only 5. [laughter] he's probably the youngest kid in college. >> all right. enjoy yourself up there, our fellow pie cease.
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>> mike, what's your sign? >> aquarius. >> they wrote a song about you. >> every time that song came up, i thought it was about me. i thought it was for me. >> it's all about you, mike. >> i thought so. aren't we having a party for our leap day babies? >> yeah, yeah, 9:00. >> first of all, it looks real nice out there right now, but things are changing as time ghosn on. we are expecting more showers. got to get the morning commute thing done. anyhow, the forecast high is 58 degrees, 45 is the average high, 69 is the record high. we're not hitting the record, but we're warmer than normal, that's for sure. 50 in central park, 47 in montauk with mainly clear sky at this point in time, but things will be changing. winds are coming in from the southwest at around 3 to as much as 14, 15 miles per hour out in
7:32 am
now, there are some clouds and showers approaching the poconos. they're still holding together, but i don't think we're going to squeeze a lot out from this front that's going to be passing by, but it will squeeze out a little bit of rain right in the middle of the day. not a whole lot in terms of moisture and lift, and the lift is what gets those showers really going. there's only enough to support a little bit of that action. your temps go up to 56 by midday, and a high of 58, and a short-lied little -- lived little stretch of rainfall. 52 is your high on wednesday, that looks like a more solid day of rainfall and then a small snow chance on friday. but it doesn't look like a big storm at this point many time, but we'll keep watching it since it's a long ways out. okay. let's get you other to ines rosales, and she's going to let you know where the back-ups are. >> yeah. we've had a lot of accidents this morning starting off with
7:33 am
here on the thruway, this is southbound by exit 12, at least one lane closed there. traffic moving slower heading towards the tappan zee bridge. also problems on the thruway in the bronx, westchester bronx line heading towards the deegan, at least one lane closed southbound by exit 1. let's take a look at the commute on the lie, old westbury road, traffic moving fine westbound, no problems on the eastbound side. grand central parkway by laguardia, normal delays. the fdr drive looks good in the 70s northbound and southbound. >> okay. forget about the oscars and hamilton for a second, it's still the political season bigtime. tomorrow is super tuesday. >> super duper tuesday, the big one. oh, yeah. the biggest day of the presidential primary season. >> all right. now, even's coming after donald trump in a way we haven't seen before. saying stuff they could have said months ago, but they didn't.
7:34 am
they were afraid of alienating trump supporters. but it may be too late. >> teresa priolo has the latest. >> good morning, everyone. one of the biggest controversies that unfolded over the weekend just ahead of the super tuesday primaries happened to be that involving david duke, the former kkk grand wizard. he endorsed donald trump, and when donald trump was asked if he knew of that endorsement and if he would disavow it, he initially stumbled on that. you're going to hear that exchange. it wasn't until hours after this interview that he posted his final answer on his official page. >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke, okay? i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. so i don't know. >> mr. trump, how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me?
7:35 am
>> trump picks up the sport -- support of alabama jeff sessions, it is a key endorsement ahead of tomorrow's contests. the other gop candidates are sharpening their attacks, hoping to slow the trump train. take a listen to this. >> he says i'm sweating all the time. it's hot in here, am i sweating all the time? be all right. he doesn't sweat was his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. [laughter] [cheers and applause] donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange. [laughter] >> rubio! >> yeah. lots of that over the weekend. on the democratic side hillary clinton seems to be focusing her efforts on her gop rivals and not bernie sanders, that's because in part she beat sanders by some 50 points in south
7:36 am
by the way, the latest polls show clinton and trump with the super tuesday leads. >> don't forget chris christie, the governor of new jersey, endorsed donald trump, i think, friday afternoon. that happened. >> yeah. >> what do you think, rosanna? >> it's interesting. everybody's going after donald trump now. not on only just the democrats, but the republicans, the republican establishment, and he's the teflon don, everything's just kind of falling off him. what do you think? >> we'll see. the david duke thing, by the way, if somebody hit me, who's that? he's not exactly a household name, made a big splash 20 or so years ago. >> he disavowed him at some point. let's talk about other news around town. there have been two more slashings in the city, and they both happened in chelsea earlier yesterday morning. >> the first victim was slashed near a club on west 21st street, the second victim was cut trying to break up that fight. they were not seriously hurt, no arrests have been made. there have been more than 600
7:37 am
city so far this year compared to about 500 during the same period last year or, and some of these are captured our attention. they've been caught on videotape, some seemingly very random, and the mood seems to have changed. >> i know we mentioned this at the top of the show, very, very tragic story out of virginia. a police officer shot and killed on the first day of, you know, of being a police officer. she was sworn in one day, the next day she was gun down. >> 28-year-old officer ashley gwenden, responded to a domestic violence call. here is the suspect, ronald hamilton, an army staff sergeant on active duty at the pentagon. there was some sort of argument, domestic dispute, the officer and her partner responded. the officer was killed, two other officers wounded. this happened in prince william county about 30 miles or so outside of washington d.c. >> we are sincerely appreciative
7:38 am
received from the community and our law enforcement family around the region and, in fact, around the country. we continue to ask is for that support as we move forward. >> by the way, his wife was found dead at the scene. he has been arrested on murder and other charges. he will be arraigned later today. >> okay. back here the long island railroad, the service is poor and getting worse. >> yeah. according to the agency's annual operating report, on time performance fell last year for the third year in a row to just over 91%. >> all right. 91% of the time it's on time? >> well, well, that the worst in 15 years. >> okay. >> also the number of canceled lirr trains shot up. >> i used to take it every day, i only take ate couple of times a year now. >> trains, by the way, that never made it to their destination jumped almost 30%. the lirr says it is not
7:39 am
trends, they're working to turn therm around, and i'm sure the people that take the lirr realize they spend a lot of money for service you can't always count on. >> something that monthly ticket rifles a car payment. all right, take a look at this, an airplane trapped upside down. go to the videotape, please. >> look at this plane. the pilot hangs in this plane for four hours waiting to be rescues, greg. can you see this? it's a white single-engine cessna hanging nose down in the trees. >> the 87-year-old pilot took off from getties burg saturday afternoon, reported engine problem, and the plane ultimately landed in the trees. pilot actually made it up fine, he was just upside down for a while. >> he was by himself? 87 years old? >> yeah. you can do that. >> god mrs. him. >> all right. >> all right. it is 7:40 in the morning. we're going to take a quick break. by the way, we have lots of leap year babies out there.
7:40 am
it's a crew by day -- screwy day, let's face it. >> what are they going to do next year on their birthday? do they celebrate february 28th? march 1st? it's a dilemma. again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande
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america runs on dunkin'. >> now we can say we've been there and done that. rosanna and i saw hamilton, the musical, an american musical, on saturday. matinee. gotta tell ya, it was worth it. all the hype is well deserved. >> i have to say, it was worth the wait. >> i was a little skeptical at first, okay, come on, how good can it be? >> it's so clever, it's so informative. >> the answer is, it was great. >> and the entire cast is just so talented, so it was really nice. and then it was great because we got to meet some of the cast afterwards. and, i don't know, i was just apologizing to everybody. >> what do you mean apologizing? i think you did a little bit too much. >> i was apologizing to anybody. the coat check person, the woman in the bathroom.
7:44 am
i mean, look, rosanna and i did what i thought was a tribute to hamilton. we took a little poetic license. not everybody agreed that it was effective. what are you going to do? >> leadership manuel, when he met us, he shook his head -- >> where are your costumes, he said. [laughter] anyway, he was a real sport. >> we left the powdered wigs at home and went there and enjoyed the show. it was really spectacular. >> nobody's feelings were hurt. >> it was good. >> it's a good show. >> did you see it? >> september 6th. saw it with my buddy. >> look at you. >> right as it was about to hope. >> trend setter. >> great show, everybody go see it if you can. anyway, what we had for the month of february, wrapping it up, last day of february and it's a leap day, the average temperature for the month, 37.1 degrees which is 1.8 warmer than normal, and the warmest day that we did see was 61 degrees, i remember that one on the 25th
7:45 am
to two of them, and the coldest, i definitely remember that, one below on the 14th. and the precip for the month, yep, ahead of the game which hasn't happened too much in the last few seasons. anyway, 50 degrees at central park with a sunny sky for the time being, but clouds will be rolling in eventually. right now it's not so bad. 48 in philly, now, there you have some clouds and showers not too far behind. here's what we see on the radar here. clouds are -- showers are showing up on the radar as it a approaches philly. light to moderate rainfall. the rain intensity and coverage is starting to break up a little bit for you, but i'm expecting that we'll see just a few showers out of this right in the middle of the day, so late this morning, early this afternoon. a few showers passing by, but it shouldn't be a big deal. 48 tomorrow and 5 the on wednesday -- 52 on wednesday, there is another small snow
7:46 am
friday, this friday hooks like we could go into the weekend on a wintry note, but it's only a little bit of snow. the fox 5ny weather app, download it for free at the itunes store, google play store. let's bring in ines. >> we've had so many accidents this morning. let's start off with the bronx here. if you're coming in from westchester, the thruway's slow southbound heading towards the deegan, there's an accident by exit 1 blocking a lane, the van wyck northbound, that construction zone always causes delays but also an accident as you approach the grand central. commute on the thruway, rockland county, traffic moving fine. there was an accident by exit 12, pushed off to the shoulder. as you get closer to the tappan zee bridge, you will see delays. if you're taking the holland, 5 from each -- 15 from even approach. the george washington, not too bad of a ride as well as the
7:47 am
upper level toll plaza it's about 40 minutes, lower level 30. >> it's monday, what are you going to do? >> in addition to the cultural stuff we did, there was a bunch of sports stuff going on, which is kind of our culture. >> hello. >> however, greg and rosanna, not a very good sunday at all for our local pro teams. the knicks hosting the miami heat in what used to be a storied, heated rivalry. miami did have a 5-point lead at halftime, and the second half where we pick it up, the heat go on a break here off a knicks' miss. dwayne wade took them up 58-47. derek williams goes in with the jam, knicks cut the heat lead to 4 points in the fourth quarter, but miami wouldn't let them get any closer. former net joe johnson making his heat debut, hits the
7:48 am
clock expires. the heat beat the knicks 98-81. >> today meyer -- stottlemeyer keep it of trashing the nicks. >> he did. now the oscars big storyline made it into the knicks game. spike lee was in his regular seat at the garden, not at the oscars where he was an honorary recipient. instead, spike wore a tuxedo and gold jordans, staying away in protest saying he couldn't support the ceremony because not a single non-white actor was nominated. he already accepted his statue at an event this past fall. in hockey the oilers were out for revenge on the islanders 8-1. so in edmonton yesterday third period, oilers down 1-0, or and tom lander fires from the circle for a goal, ties the game at 1. later in the third still tied at
7:49 am
to it, that gave edmonton the lead, oilers win it 3-1, the final sore score. all right, the nhl trade deadline is this afternoon. yesterday the rangers pull off a deal for center eric staal with the carolina hurricanes. he spent his entire 12-year career with carolina. this season staal has 10 goals and 23 assists. he now joins his brother marc on the roster. now to college happens, it look -- hoops, it looked like the seton hall pirates could be taking part in march madness because yesterday they hosted fifth 46 ranked xavier. whitehead on the break to find rodriguez, jams it with authority. seton hall up by 16. rodriguez led the hall with 27 points. under seven minutes left, see on the haul up 15. -- seton hall up 15.
7:50 am
upset, beating xavier 90-81. pirates now 21-7 on the season. that's sports this morning. >> all right. thanks, tina, nice to have you here. duke is on vacation? >> yes. i'll be here the rest of the week. >> very nice. okay. we've got a lot of birthdays coming up. we've got a big 9:00 hour, we've got leap year birthdays, but janine is not going to be here, daniela, her mother jessica says she's celebrating her birthday today. >> february 29th birthday, that's big! >> unusual. >> go to baskin robbins and pig. [laughter] >> he's been so inspired by hamilton, it's scary. >> all they do is hurt. rosanna, don't be hurt, i want to be friends with you like ernie and bert.
7:51 am
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>> we'll be right back. this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
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>> let's see. a couple of things. we both weren't feeling that hot on saturday on our way to the show. >> no, i was tired. >> but once we sat through it, we realized here's something -- >> i was totally energized by
7:54 am
oh, we didn't even talk about what happened during the show. >> oh. minute had a seizure in the middle of the show. >> and they stopped hamilton right in the middle of the second act, right? >> it was pretty interesting. it was, like, is there a doctor in the house? >> at first they go, actors, please get off the stage. so i'm thinking, oh, my goodness, is this part of the show, or are we, like, i thought something really terrible happened like there was violence going on. >> oh, no, really? >> that's the first -- >> was there a doctor in the house? >> yes, there was. and there was a former police commissioner in the house who actually also helped -- >> so who saved them more, the police commissioner or the doctor? >> it was ironic. talk about how life is so funny, his parents were there at the same performance -- >> the same row. it was totally coincidence, and anyway, we had a great time at hamilton. >> a young woman had a seizure in the middle -- we believe she's okay. >> i saw her, they walked her out in the end.
7:55 am
>> that happens every now and then during a show, you've got all those people -- >> but the show must go on, baruch. >> speaking of the show, beyond the winners and the losers, there were a lot of unexpected moments last night. let's start off with the most awkward cameo of the show. >> it is my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program. please welcome miss stacey dash. laugh. [laughter] >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month. [laughter] thank you. >> so in case you're like a lot of the audience and have no idea what's going on, that is stacey dash. you may remember her from clueless, she called for an end to back history month. so her celebration on the stage was meant to be ironic.
7:56 am
>> i had to google it. and she said other things like, you know, if you really want diversity, why not get rid of the bet awards, the naacp awards? >> she said all that last night? >> no, she said that previously. she said why are we celebrating one month? it should be every day like, you know, what's the big deal? >> exactly. >> her name is not exactly a household name. >> so we dent didn't get it. >> now we know who she is and what she has to say. by the way, she's been on good day new york. >> you know what? i realize that, but it's not you look at her and say, well, she said this. >> we will never forget the name stacey dash now. hilarious post-after fleck moment when ben affleck snuck matt matt damon in under his coat. the after parties are still
7:57 am
>> they're still going on? >> some of them started at 1:00. started at 1:00. >> oh, lisa, the it's all about you.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
have an extra day, so you have to give it back a little bit. thought. i'll get back to you on that. [laughter] weather wise? >> it is beautiful outside right now, greg, look at it. it's mild. it's 50 degrees. the sun is out. although mike woods says we're going to see some sprinkles coming up. he has the full forecast for us. >> all right. so, the oscars were last night. real quick, did you stay up? i thought chris rock was brilliant. he's getting pretty positive reviews. some mixed comments about a portion of his monologue. listen to this. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards -- [cheers and applause] otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. [laughter] >> i thought that worked. come on. >> no. there were some very, very funny parts but then, you know, comedians are always edgy, you know? and so he, i think he went into some waters that i think people were not happy about where they
8:01 am
shouldn't have brought up police officers, and perhaps some people said he really treaded on white guilty too much. >> let's face it, it was the highlight of the night because everything else that happened was pretty much predicted including this. >> and the oscar goes to spotlight. [cheers and applause] >> you know, spotlight only won one award last night, by the way. everybody thought the revenant was going to get best picture, by the way. >> the problem with that movie, rosanna, very few people saw it. >> i know. i think if there was one surprise, sly stallone didn't win for best supporting actor. >> i can't get all caught up, they look like they've got it made sitting in their beautiful clothes, front row seats. >> your right. >> let's go to politics now. tomorrow is super tuesday. we've got primaries all over the country primarily in the south though, and it looks like donald trump despite a weekend of
8:02 am
>> and a woman turns the table on a person who tried to rip her off for hamilton tickets. we've been hearing more and more about this, people posting that they have tickets on craig's list, and they look legit. well, apparently, she got ripped off, and she decided she was going to get revenge on this person. who sold her those fake tickets. >> yeah. be careful about those sketchy deals that seem to good to be true. >> anyway, he's -- she's going to be here. hopefully, we can all learn from her lesson. >> if you went to bed early, number one, chris rock, you probably caught his monologue. i thought he nailed it. appropriately edgy. >> you know what? he went after everybody including the people who started this boycott, jada pinkett can smith and will smith. he went after will smith about how much he got paid for a terrible movie. >> and also all the movies that were actually nominated, he brought out, i thought
8:03 am
didn't see 'em and didn't care much about them. he would go to these video clips from time to time. >> so did you see any of the oscar-nominated movies? did you see spotlight? >> no, what the hell is that? >> spotlight? >> nope? >> no. >> do you feel that trumbo should have been a bigger hit? >> what? >> how about brooklyn? >> no, i haven't seen brooklyn. >> did you see the big short? >> i did not. >> how about the bridge of spies? >> where are you getting these movies from? [laughter] you're making up some, you're messing with me, right? >> no, these are real movies. >> no, it's not, i watch movies. >> rosanna, that's what we were getting at on friday. >> yeah. you and i were talking about that, that's true. >> with our little skit that you can still see on facebook. yeah, no, a lot of those movies didn't penetrate. not too many people are talking about -- >> and i'm not so sure after
8:04 am
going to run to see the revenant. it's a tough, tough movie. >> no girl want toss see that movie, basically. >> i know. >> mikey, what was your favorite movie of the last year? >> you know, i didn't see most of them. >> like he said. >> yeah, like he said, but i'm still looking forward to it at some point perhaps catching up. >> on a plane -- >> it's hard to catch up because the tv shows are so good. >> you've got an obligation there. >> all right. let's show you what's going on. this is going to be one of those days where we get a little wit of rain right in the middle of the day, not a rain all day sort of situation, but there's going to be a little bit that's going to mess you a little bit. you know what? no big dole, it's in the middle of the day. we've got temps starting off in the 30s, 40s and 50s, now 50 out at central park as well as newark, 44 in bridgeport, 34 -- 37 i should say in monticello, 38 in poughkeepsie
8:05 am
it depends on where you are. in the city we're looking mainly clear, there's a lot more clouds to the west of us getting ready new jersey. the first of the showers along the a cold front which will continue to push into the tristate region today. it does have enough moisture with it and so on to bring on a few quick showers right inside middle of the day. we get through the morning commute, but your chances of rain pick up towards lunchtime, and we get some quick showers out of the way, and they should be out of here by the time we get to the evening commute. you're back to dry skies here in the tristate. partly sunny today, high temp up to about 58 degrees, showers right in the middle of it. chilly tonight, and as we go through the next seven days, today you have 58 today for a high, 48 tomorrow and 352 on wednesday. -- 52 on wednesday. also quite wet through the majority of wednesday.
8:06 am
snow in the mix as a coastal low passes through the tristate region. now let's get over to ines and see what's happening. what's happening now, ines? >> good morning, mike, so many accidents this morning and stalls. the grand central parkway eastbound heading towards the q gardens interchange, a tall blocking a lane, the lie, normal delays between the clearview expressway and queens boulevard. new zealand, exit 64b, stick with the express lanes. just in case they have to close some extra lane, you may have some slowdowns. route 280 slow approaching the garden state parkway. a look at the long island expressway over by south oyster bay road, accident off to the side partially blocking that onramp, so a bit of a delay westbound. as for the trains, metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and the path trains running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> okay. thanks, new ines.
8:07 am
the oscars. what happened last night? after rock's brilliant monologue, they got to, ultimately, best picture, like eight hours later. >> right. spotlight won it. you know what some people are saying this morning? a way to kind of celebrate this movie you should buy a newspaper. or get a subscription to a newspaper. >> oh, because it's about the invest i have piece in "the boston globe". >> yeah. >> let's face it right now, newspapers are hurting. >> yeah. >> bigtime. >> so anyway, that's interesting. anyway, also lots of people talking about chris rock. he addressed diversity right head on. >> jada's boycotting the oscars. that's like me boycotting rihanna's panties. [laughter] i wasn't invited. [laughter] >> and people are, like, chris, you should boycott, you should quit! and, you know, how come it's
8:08 am
you to quit something, you know? [laughter] you know? [laughter] no one with a job ever tells you to quit. things going to be a little different at the oscars. this year in the in in memoriam package, it's just going to be black people that were shot by their cops on the way to the movies. [laughter] yes, yes, i said it. all right? >> comedian withs are very edgy. not a lot of people liked that particular comment. i noticed on our facebook page we had lots of people, family of police officers didn't think it was funny, especially in light as a female police officer being shot the day before, on her fist day of work. >> he meant no disrespect, i know that. as a family, as someone from a law enforcement family, i thought it was funny as newing. and a new yorker, right?
8:09 am
of the -- >> you know, he went after everybody. there was nobody that he didn't take on. >> all right, let's go for more of what happened last night, what happens next if anything. let's go to the movie theater. >> carrie drew, what's happening? >> greg and rosanna, good morning. after some big names announced they would be boycotting because of a lack of diversity, a lot of people wondered how the issue would be addressed during the show. right from the beginning this topic took center stage. >> i'm here at the academy awards -- [cheers and applause] otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> comedian chris rock opening up the oscars by addressing the diversity or lack thereof at the event. we want our opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunity -- [applause] and that's it. that's it, you know? not just once. >> in addition to last night's winners, the star of the show
8:10 am
how it would be addressed. this is the second year in a e row of all-white nominees, prompting some like will smith and his wife jada pinkett smith and director spike lee to boycott the show. the academy's president addressed the controversy on the red carpet. >> it's all of our responsibility to headache sure that -- to make sure that diversity does happen by us making sure that we are being inclusive with all the activities and initiatives that we do. >> the topic also came up later in the night as alejandro in' toe accepted the oscar for best director for the revenant. >> make sure that once and forever that the color of skin become as irrelevant as the length of our hair. >> during the broadcast protesters gathered outside abc studios on the west side. >> we are here at parts of the
8:11 am
studios to raise our voices this total opposition -- >> that's right. >> -- to the elimination of black people from the oscars. >> there was an even larger protest last night in los angeles. reverend al sharpton led about 70 protesters just down the road from the doll by theater while the oscars were taking place. sharpton said this will be the haas night of an all-white oscars. that's the latest from the upper west side this morning, back to you. >> thanks, carrie. as to who won what, let's bring in baruch. >> hello, baruch. usually we see you at night. >> thank you for having me. i think we're having the best postoscar party right here. >> i think so. >> this is a party? >> this is a party. >> all right. >> is this not enough of a party? >> you should have seen what we did on friday. that was a party. >> fair, fair. in case you were sleeping last night, this is who won, this is who didn't win.
8:12 am
best supporting actress, alejandro inarritu won best director for the second year in a row, brie larson won for room, and yes, leonardo dicaprio won best actor for the revenant. it certainly was a well-deserved honor. leo gave his heart and soul to this film, and he used the opportunity to coon his concern for the -- champion his concern for the environment. >> climate change is real, it is happening right now. [applause] it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> a couple of young, new stars had a great night taking home the oscars for best sporting actress and best lead actress respectively. both actresses stole the spotlight last night. alicia has had a great year star anything the danish year and dating michael fassbender. >> oh -- >> oh, yes.
8:13 am
her range by starring in traincorrected and also in room. so going from being amy schumer's sister to really being a tortured mother in this other film. now spotlight, this was an unusual win. we didn't really expect it, and the winners took the opportunity to make a statement that was social and important. take a look. >> this film gave a voice to survivors, and this oscar amplifies that voice which we hope will become a choir that will resonate all the way to the vatican. [cheers and applause] >> so a very important message there. and and another interesting point, this is the first time since 1952 that a film has won the best film oscar and only won one other award that night. last time was 1952. so this was an unexpected win. as they didn't win things throughout the night, people were not banking on this taking home -- whether. >> a lot of people thought
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> they still got best actor and director -- >> oh, they did great. >> they went from best sound ed kitting and then commercial break and then best sound mixing. there were so many technical awards in a e row. >> they do that to spring you along. >> yes. but there was no big best actor, best actress in the beginning. that's how they normally do it. >> what did we think about the scroll at the bottom of the screen? >> i think that was the worst idea because people thanked people anyway, so it created the a-list thank yous, and everybody who was at the bottom and wasn't thanked was a b-list thank you. nobody's reading that anyway. >> i tried. it was too small. >> what'd you think of it? >> i thought it was a good way, if they kept to it, it would have been fun. but they didn't. >> thank you very much. hey, if you want our take on the oscars, watch rosanna and i watching the movies as we did on friday. we did this whole thing where we watched the movies in the movie theater, i think we got a couple of seconds of this, it's on our
8:15 am
on it. yeah, here we go. that's not it. >> that's the oscar party. >> rosanna, i thought the whole group of movies, generally speaking, pretty lame. >> you and i -- and i love movies. i did see spotlight, but i didn't see many ores. >> here's where we tried to bootleg it. anyway, you can see that on our web site. in the meantime -- >> let's talk about the hottest ticket in town. you see it? i got it right here, greg. okay, we're talking about that. hottest ticket in town. >> hamilton. >> we were there saturday. yes. so as you know, if you tried to get tickets for hamilton, it's not an easy thing to do. to this one woman, danielle posner, she decided she was going to go to craig's list and try to score tickets. they looked legitimate, right? apparently they weren't so legitimate. she found out very quickly those tickets were fake. but she was really, really angry. she wasn't going to let that scammer get away with it. >> she went to the cops and set up her own sting operation.
8:16 am
again, this is just on friday. she went, $350 she was out. those tickets were bogus. but in the end, she really made out quite el -- well,ing well, we hope. let's bring her in. welcome to good day new york. >> hi, how are you? >> so the tickets looked legitimate, right? >> they looked complete i real. if you look at it next to a real ticket, they're almost identical. >> so what happened? you got to the theater? >> we did not go to the theater. i was with my boyfriend driving home from picking up the tickets, and he said i don't want you to get disappointed if we go there tomorrow and the tickets don't scan. and i hope you are okay if the $350 just went to charity the. >> okay. so again on craig's list, did you meet the guy in person? >> i met the guy in person. >> where did you meet him and what was he like? >> he was very nice, looked me in the eye, shook my hand.
8:17 am
him and his girlfriend were supposed to go to the show, he was out the $350, he just wanted to get rid of the tickets and get his money back. very nice, seemed very honest about it. >> when did this happen? >> last nurse -- thursday night. >> so i offered to why the other two tickets for another couple, and he would not sell me the other two tickets. >> interesting. so when did you realize the tickets were fake in. >> i had my brother e-mail him from a different account asking to buy the four tickets, and he said that he still had them available and when would you like to meet. >> oh. >> so that's when you went to the police? >> so that was at night. we set up to meet him the next day, and i called ticketmaster in the morning to let them know what was happening and let them know that the tickets were fake, the event code didn't match up to the hamilton code, and then i went to the police. >> what did the cops say initially? >> initially if you want to hang around, we can help you. they were very busy, they were
8:18 am
>> they were dealing with murderers. >> right. >> i was off from work, and i said he murdered my dreams of going to see hamilton, and i want to do something about it. so i said i'm here all day. >> once they found out your boyfriend had set up another appointment with the guy, they said, okay, let's do this. >> around 3:30 when they didn't are anything pressing, they said, okay, we're on, we can do this. so everything was already set in place. i said we just need one guy to go undercover, and they sent one of their own out, and the rest of us were waiting for an exchange to happen. all he did was go up to him and say do you have the tickets? the guy did not hand off the tickets right away, and they came -- i had positive id'd him, so they knew it was the guy, and as soon as possible they arrested him, he had a pack this thick of the same four tickets reprinted. >> the guy is 29-year-old glenn richardson and allegedly -- well, apparently, he's done this before.
8:19 am
>> knicks tickets, bogus nix tickets back in 2011. >> he has. so this is a big money-making scheme that didn't just happen to me, it's apparently happening to hundreds if not thousands of people around the city. >> all right. so is this a tip? i know lots of people go to craig's list to get these tickets. is there a tip? how do you know if it's real or not real? >> the tip is don't go to craig's list, and it's so unfortunate, but it's such a great forum. but the truth is you don't know to who you're dealing with, and you have to go to an accredited site like ticketmaster but stubhub which verifies their tickets, and you've just got to do it. >> danielle, in the meantime, you have not seen hamilton, you lost -- >> 350. >> and i'm so jealous that you guys went yesterday. >> we feel a little bit guilty right now. danielle, check it out. we had great seats -- >> don't rub it in. >> yeah. [laughter] i don't know what to tell you, but here we are in the theater.
8:20 am
you were supposed to see. and, man, oh, man, it's worth it. danielle, let's see. let's see if your fortune kind of turns around. i have a feeling -- >> you guys hung out with lynn manuel? >> yes, he was pretty awesome. come here, i want to whisper something to you. >> i have a feeling before long you're going to get to see that show. [laughter] just a hunch. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> all right. all the best to you. and by the way, that was a pretty, you know, very risky thing that you did. >> thank you. >> i'm glad it worked out. nobody got hurt. >> thank you so much. >> don't do this by yours. >> don't try it at home. >> right, don't try it at home. exactly. >> all right. mikey, what's up? >> awesome, awesome. all right, well, for us we're looking good. we're looking at a nice warm start to the day, no rape out there -- no rain out there just yet. 50 degrees in central park as well as newark, 37 in
8:21 am
clouds and each some showers getting close to that area. it's a cold front coming into town and, yep, there's the rain closing in. are we going to get a lot of rain out of this? the answer is, no. and it'll be coming at you right in the middle of the day. it's in and out before you know it, just a few hours, and then cools down and clears out. wednesday we have another significant storm which will bring us a good hit of rain then. high temp today, 58. 48 tomorrow, bigger rain on wednesday and a small snow chance coming at you on friday. and the fox 5ny weather app, it's free. check it out. let's bring in eye necessary and see what's -- ines and see what's happening with our dry monday commute. >> hi there, mike. right now problems on staten island, don't have any, delays. the expressway moving slow towards the verrazano bridge, route 280 in new jersey slammed, there's an accident eastbound causing a small delay. the lie, there's an accident by
8:22 am
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8:25 am
>> all right. 8:25, let's get down to business. >> lauren simonetti, what's up? >> well, if you're sick of feeling like a sardine on an airplane, and that's a quote from senator chuck schumer, don't worry about it. he's working on a bill this congress to set a minimum seat standard requirement, meaning your seat has to be a certain size. it can't get any smaller. since the 1970s we've lost four inches of leg room and two inches of width. the airlines are swimming in profits, worldwide $33 billion last year, more than that expected for this year. he says enough is enough. >> all right. you know what? i like senator schumer, but he's always thinking about doing something, it happens to be on a sunday. [laughter] >> that's true. but you know what? he's on to something. if he's flown coach in the last year or so. ing i'm not a big person, and even i feel a little squished, you know? they keep making those seats smaller and smaller. it's like the theater.
8:26 am
of squish yourself into the chair. but if you go in a few hours in the air, it's nice to have a little leg room. >> they make the seats smaller, but they're charging you more if you want one inch of extra leg room. it's not fair. >> lauren, thanks a lot. good luck to senator schumer. tune in in six years. things don't happen too fast -- hey, what dud you think of the plane ride last week? >> we had plenty of leg room. >> there was a whole big plane, and rosanna and i were the only passengers. granted, we didn't go anywhere,
8:27 am
>> all right, good (vo) combine the right things. sprinkle in the details. and something amazing happens for everyone. that's our inspiration for fancy feast medleys. entr\es like white meat chicken florentine and wild salmon primavera with garden veggies and greens. a perfect combination. looks and tastes amazing. available in gravy and now pate. fancy feast medleys.
8:28 am
8:29 am
smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. greg: great song. rosanna: yes. rosanna: look, people are
8:30 am
greg: it is pleasant, february 29th. one every four years we get this. have you seen the movie with this song. mark wahlberg in the kitchen area. rosanna: you know what, i don't remember that. i was disturbed by that movie. greg: yes. rosanna: you know what, i don't think i finished watching it. greg: it was a long one. what else is going on. rosanna: well, everybody is talking about the oscars, digesting it. i have to say, greg, you talk about it all the time how much back patting goes on over the movies. greg: yes, this, that. rosanna: by the time the oscars come around you are disappointed
8:31 am
greg: not only that, the people are not going to the movies. everybody is talking about the tv shows all the time. good wife, madmen, all that. netflix. rosanna: any way. greg: so we went to a broadway show. hamilton. by the way. hamilton. rosanna: it is worth every single cent. greg: we have been. rosanna: i was intrigued. it was well done and clever and it really is. greg: i get cooped up in those things. you saw it months ago? mike: yes. i went with friends. great show. glad you have seen it.
8:32 am
and, you know, get on the good side. rosanna: we are on the good side. mike: all good now. to what is going on out there. yes, the weekend was okay. especially yesterday up to 60 degrees. now we have the sun for now and showers are trying to work into town. we have to deal with a little bit of rain. the temperatures are well above normal with the upper 50s for the highs and the showers in the middle of the day and a shot of heavy rain headed our way for wednesday and mild with gusty winds and toward the end of the week, a push back to winter as the colder temperatures are returning to the region and possibility of snow, just a little bit. we have 50 at central park. 38 poughkeepsie. 39 monticello.
8:33 am
winds are coming in from the southwest at 3-17 miles per hour. now, again, we have a dry start to the day. shoushs are coming into pennsylvania and new jersey and coming in quick and going out quick. this cold front is hanging on to some of the rain for a little while this afternoon. coming in the middle of the day, that is a good thing. the showers are coming on by. up to 58 degrees. high of 48 tomorrow. 52 on wednesday. that's bigger rain on that day. on friday a chance of snow coming our way. it is a small one but it is something. now to ines and what on the roads and rails. ines: it is a hectic monday but it is a sunny day.
8:34 am
the l.i.e. just reported here by oyster bay road. southern state parkway is slow. in new jersey, route 24, take a look at the slow down. i department hear about accidents or anything approaching route 78. look at the slow down westbound headed to jfk expressway. 280 is slow. take a look at staten island. looking good headed to the verrazano bridge. for the 7 train, issuing this morning, signal problems. 34th street trains delays. local service only. >> okay, tomorrow. super tuesday, a mess of states, rosanna.
8:35 am
jersey. >> donald trump is on fire and ahead in the polls. they talk about a brokered convention. it could be totally different this time around. who knows what is going to happen. tomorrow is a big day. rosanna: teresa priolo has the latest on this very important super duper tuesday. >> reporter: good morning, tomorrow is super duper contest could proof to make or break for the g.o.p. candidates that are competeing with front runner trump. trump is leading the field of five. senator ted cruz is holding the lead in texas. marco rubio and others are lagging behind. the donald is dominating. the latest poll is showing 49% of voters backing trump.
8:36 am
that is following the endorsement of kkk former leader david duke for trump. he posted the final answer on the twitter page. take a listen. just so you understand, i i don't know about david duke, i don't know what you are talk about with white supremecy. i don't know. >> how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't know he endorsed me. i don't know. i disenvowed. >> it remains to see if it is having impacts. but the rivals are attempting to derail the trump train. >> he's always calling me little marco. have seen his hands.
8:37 am
you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> rubio. >> well, on the democratic side hillary clinton seems to focus on the g.o.p. rivals as well and not bernie sanders, he won in south carolina on saturday and by the way, that same cnf poll showing clinton leading by 20 points nationally. back do you. greg: we have chubby hands. rosanna: have you heard about
8:38 am
greg: oh, okay. rosanna: that is awkward. greg: that is interesting. rosanna: that whole thing is getting out of hand. i have to say, you don't have to take out the ads they are watching it unfolding day-to-day, they are acting like high school kids. greg: chris christie, he's endorsed trump. rosanna: this is really strange, therein to this, a woman walking in upper manhattan finds a severed horse head. it was inside of a beer box in the high bridge park. she found it yesterday morning. no word on where it came from, who dropped it off there. some of the parts may have been cooked. they were found with fresh fruit and soda. some people like horse meat.
8:39 am
making it, i declined. greg: what'd it taste like? , oh, you didn't try. in north korea an american student is detained and thes apologizing. look at his head it is down. he's a student at the university of virginia. he has been basically out of sight for a long time. he was taken into custody in january. rosanna: te took a banner from a hotel for his friend. he now confessed and apologyized. >> i understand the severity of the crime and i have no idea about the penalty but i'm begging to the korean people for forgiveness and praying to the heavens to be returned home to my family.
8:40 am
down from the hotel? rosanna: i know, no word on the punishment punishment. greg: i took the dolphin from a seafood restaurant when i was a kid. a plastic one, by the way. he's going to be okay. roz yoz roz you don't know that. greg: he's brought out publicly now. rosanna: talk about february 29th. we are celebrating leap year this morning. we have people born here, including here the singer. greg: the whole february 29th thing is wild.
8:41 am
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attention parents: before school this september r and 12th grades must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases call your health care learn more at greg: oh, rosanna, how are you feeling? rosanna: i'm feeling great. how about you? greg: no issues? rosanna: i was asking dr. raj -- nice to have you here. greg: you told her to get off the acid reflux medication. >> she needs to taper it and you may have a rebound acid, but i
8:44 am
and wait it out. rosanna: the reason why she's telling me to go off it, there are studies showing possible dementia? >> for long time use. they are the drugs we prescribe all of the time were acid reflux reflux. rosanna: it is heart burn. i get a choking feeling i can't breathe. >> diet changes, less caffeine, less citrus fruits help, especially when cutting down ton the medicine. greg: that is a small price to pay so you can breathe. rosanna: yes. what else in the news? >> the first american woman give an uterus transplant at the cleveland clinic.
8:45 am
it was done in sweden two years ago and this is the first time in the united states. ten women, the first who under went a uterus transplant. it is controversial, it is not life saving, it is women born without a uterus or women wanting to have a baby. it is very experimental. it was successful so far. she has to wait a year to try to have a pregnancy. >> uterus where the baby lives? >> yes, that is where they develop. it is a very important place. >> the eggs come from the?
8:46 am
>> ovaries. >> greg needs a refresher. >> today is like sadie hawkins day. >> if it happens we need to sit you down about the birds and the bees. >> i could write a book. very interesting. [laughter] >> moving along. looking at the connection between obesity and memory, they found that people who had excess weight actually performed poorer on memory tests, there may be a link being obese and processing in the frontal lobe in the memory centers of the brain, another reason being overnight is not great for your health. something to look out for and
8:47 am
>> so many things. i hope i can remember all this stuff. greg: see you later. rosanna: angela basset part of the oscars last night. greg: yes, playing tina turner way back when. rosanna: she's got a new movie out london had fallen. we sit down with angela, coming up. as a small business owner, you know things have a way but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you
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rosanna: well, lots of people are weighing in about chris rock as the host last night. greg: they are complaining? oh, come on. he was funny. we have more from what happened last night. hello. >> he went there, and that is
8:51 am
beyond the winners and losers, chris rock hosted and in the cutest moment of the show, he invited the girl scout troop to sell their famous cookies to the audience. >> get the money, right there. yes. you get 'em. leo, you made 30 million, come on. come on. you know what, you got enough girls. get's get this money. let's get this money. greg: by the end of the night they raised or reported $65,243. including $20 from vice president biden. to show you the power of the oscars, it raised $600 for the
8:52 am
just knocking on the doors without the power of the oscars. it was a rich audience there and they were hungry. targeting this captive rich hungry audience pays off. now this is tough. whoopi playing a role in the show and presenter and star in one of the pretaped skits and making nusz for something else, the total beauty tweeted her on the red carpet we had no idea that opera was padded. she took it in stride. we all love whoopi, but we don't all look alike. they are oufring to donate $10,000 to a charity. after the biggest night in the year, the stars are out to party.
8:53 am
greg: hold on for a second, she looks like grace kelly. >> she was joined by martin short and many, many more and others wept to the eltton john's after party. we have more on that party coming up at noon on fox 5. we are getting a lot of scoop about what really happened at the after parties. rosanna: rob is coming up at 9:00. rob has the insight on everything and the kardashians were not invited to the vanity
8:54 am
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>> thank you saying nice things about us. we appreciate it.
8:57 am
anyone born on february 29th. leap day. rosanna: we are speaking to some of i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches s all." and now in delicious chocolate.
8:58 am
can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
8:59 am
(harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the excpected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: hey, everybody.
9:00 am
rosanna: it is a special day today, greg kelly. greg: i just figured out how many days in each month. rosanna: you didn't learn that in elementary school? greg: well, it is leap year. one every four years. pope gregory came up with the system. it takes 365 days for the earth around the sun. so in the meantime, where does that leave anyone born today, they have a special appearance on "good day new york." rosanna: hello. [cheering] >> i am charlotte.


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