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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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rosanna: it is a special day today, greg kelly. greg: i just figured out how many days in each month. rosanna: you didn't learn that in elementary school? greg: well, it is leap year. one every four years. pope gregory came up with the system. it takes 365 days for the earth around the sun. so in the meantime, where does that leave anyone born today, they have a special appearance on "good day new york." rosanna: hello. [cheering] >> i am charlotte.
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a birthday like this? >> i have fun every four years old. >> how old are you? >> nine. >> how old are you? >> seven. well, 28. greg: you are all girls. rosanna: well, we have a man. we are going to talk to him shortly. he was born on leap year. greg: where are you from? >> australia. >> welcome everybody. we are going to make up for the lost birthdays. rosanna: we are having a party and gifts for you. we are going to talk about the weekend. greg: who has seen hamilton? it is the hottest show in town. rosanna, i have to tell you, i wasn't expecting much.
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rosanna: it is a clever musical. lynn wrote this. he did everything. he's starring in it. he plays hamilton. we got a chance to meet him after the show. it is an amazing show. i learned so much. greg: there was a little controversy between "good day new york" and hamilton. we tried to celebrate over the summer without seeing the show and they took it the wrong way. i said we are sorry if you don't like us, but you didn't have to diswas in the new york post. now i want to, i want to be
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burt and come back to the show you will leave with a happy glow. rosanna: i want to know about the process he went through writing this. we didn't learn all this stuff in school. greg: i am bored most of the time going to a show. not this time. was i laughing a lot? rosanna: you were laughing and clapping. there is a lot of clapping in a musical, greg was right in there and clapping. greg: the scenes, no spoil alerts, hamilton's son dies at one point. rosanna: yes, a young kid from our america making it big on broadway. greg: that scene made me sad. you laugh, you cry. fantastic performance. it is a project to get the
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thank you very much to the people at hamilton for having us. rosanna: yes, we would love to have the cast back on. everyone is talking about that and the oscars last night. the 88th academy awards. greg: there is chris rock, i thought he was brilliant, the rest of the shoring boring and delabored and predictable. we have a panel of experts to discuss, shall we. >> yes, wilson is a friend of ours, on the show a lot. editor from black and rob shutter. radio personalty and cohost of the breakfast club, angela. >> let's play a joke from chris rock and react.
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should boycott, quit, how come only unemployed people tell you to to quit something. you know. no one with a job tells you to quit. i thought about quitting. well, they are they are having the oscars any way, they are not going to cancel is oscars. i don't e need to lose another job to kevin hart. >> kevin hart seemed to like that. rock. this is ris rock as you know him. >> he was great. very, very funny. a few questions, why was he wearing an ear piece. >> i didn't notice that. >> yes, at one point he was
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greg: you have 80 million people watching. >> there was a lot of pressure on chris rock because of the controversy. i love him. if you know what to expect from chris rock he didn't disappoint. rosanna: he's edgy, and he makes people uncomfortable. >> he was going to come at you strong, he's a comedian. greg: here is a funny clip. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. do you realize if they nominated the host i wouldn't get this job. you would be watching neil patrick harris. >> that is good. >> that's fine. the part that a lot of people
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from the fox 5 facebook page, my facebook page, they didn't like the joke about the police officers. greg: listen to this, please. >> happening 50s, 60s, it is like we are in the 60s, i am sure, i'm sure there were no black nominees those years, 62, 63, black people didn't protest, why, because we had real things to protest about at the time. you know. real things to protest. too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won the best photographer. when your grandma is swinging from a tree...
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>> the funny thing, there is a sense of funniness and realness, during the 60s weren't thinking about the oscars but the real world. >> civil rights. >> people misunderstand, people think it is a joke about lynching, it is saying, black people had a lot of things and the oscars were on the bottom of the list. rosanna: there is an awards show and dl are a million of them. >> they were prepared by the publiclyist to be ripped. he didn't do that. greg: it is hard to tell jokes in front of 80 million people without offending. he did single out jada pinkette. rosanna: yes, she started it.
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coming and protests. jada is boycotting the oscars, that is like me boycotting rehannah's panties. i wasn't invited. >> that didn't go over well with jada's team. they are not happy about this. >> what'd you think? >> it is joke. he went after everyone, including his own people. >> lots of backlash against jada and her husband. they felt this is an ego trip for them. >> because you feel will should have been nominated now you are fighting for the rights. it is a fair joke. you have to be prepared for what will happen. greg: they are an important voice.
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this viral of oscars so white. well the video went a long way. >> here is more. >> is hollywood racist, you are damn right. hollywood is -- we like you rhonda but you are not a kappa. >> i get it. >> it is like, some areas if you are not in that group, the click, you won't get the same treatment, people look at that in different ways. to some of the people in the audience, they got it. >> to chris, you don't need to be black to understand the jokes, it reached everyone.
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you can bring everyone into the conversation. rosanna: so your feelings? >> staysy dash joke. >> yeah, that was, we snow stacy dash. but i don't know what the problem was. i had to google that. >> everybody department get that. o greg: watch this. >> to introduce the new director of the minority outreach program please welcome miss stacy dash. >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month. thank you. >> so back story stacy dash going on tv and saying why is there a black history month, it should be every month, why
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year and going after the naacp awards and the bet awards. >> she made valid points, but in this room they didn't want to hear that. >> i don't think they knew who she was. >> should we get our money back? >> we grew up watching stacy dash and the guys loved her and saying those statements why a bet, why a black history month and what, she's not one of us. >> the great moment when chris rock went outside of the auditorium to the movie theatre. >> did you see any of the oscar nominated movies?
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do you feel that -- how about brooklyn? >> no. >> did you see the big short? >> no. >> the bridge of spies. >> where are you getting these movies from. you are messing with me. they are real movies. >> no. i come to the movies all the time. >> this is right up your alley here. >> she's a funny person. there is truth to this, they are now played in some of the theatres like like spotlight and room. >> we have not seen a lot of them. room by the way, unwatchable. >> it is the worst to win tennessee award n award. >> the celebrities and stars were laughing and enjoying it
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they know how ridiculous it is deep down and we really care about star wars. >> greg will agree with you on that one. >> we have done the chris rock thing. now to the awards. leonardo dicaprio the "revenant" "revenant." >> he was great. it was his year. >> and back door gossip on the winners? >> watch leo. he talks about the environment. what else? >> he wanted this, he's been planning for this all his life. he won it. the big thing is going to vape, totally el lie but not inside of the theatre. you shouldn't be vaping inside of the theatre. we didn't see it, but rumors out
9:15 am
or the bar vaping away. greg: who says you can't vap inside? >> the most tweeted moment of the night. >> double what ellen got with the selfie thing. >> it happened at 2:00 in the morning, who saw that? >> best picture, spotlight, watch this. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight". so this morning there is a call for people if you appreciate these films to get a subscription to the local newspaper, which -- >> the boston globe. on the show, we said morgan freeman would give out the best picture.
9:16 am
it first and there he was. >> very, very good, rob. >> at that point mad max, the big short, the "revenant", he had just leo. >> was anybody else bored? >> it was a long, long night. >> no, bored by the movie? >> i actually liked the movie. >> wilson, is this the number one? >> yes, people thought about it. it won a lot of awards. as we got to january, the big short, "revenant". >> if one film not nominated and we should see? >> strait outta compton. >> i saw it. it is fantastic.
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references to shug night. >> i forgot about that. >> in jail for attempted murder. >> fun when you can laugh. angela, rob, wilson, you guys are great. not thinking about the movies until next year. >> angela basset is coming up and she's got a new movie. she's playing a very strong female role, that is important out there. all right. nice to have you here. >> let's talk about the weather, shall we. get you out of the hot water. >> we are about to wrap up february here on the 29th. leap day, this is what we have. 37.1 degrees the average temperature. that is warmer than normal. the warmest day happened twice
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14th 1 degree below zero day. anyhow, precip ahead of the game too for the year. 51 degrees newark. 52 central park. 45 bridgeport. 46 in poughkeepsie. partly cloudy skies. further to the west more clouds and showers. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour for you in belmar. it is all ahead of the cold front, the cold front doesn't have a lot with it but some showers and light to moderate showers. so the showers are making a move into the tristate region to west. it is not here for long. that is the thing with the cold front. the line of showers is on the thin side. but it is holding together just enough to see the showers right in the metro areas around
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so the cold front is continuing to come by and on the futurecast it is not staying here long at all. it is shutting down and drying out after the lunchtime. we have a disturbance tonight and tomorrow and the temperatures will be dropping more so tomorrow and on wednesday, the next cold front, and this time it is dragging up the warm moist air and rainfall with mild temperatures and windy conditions at that time as well. that is wednesday. it is all day rain situation. today is a little of it. wet weather on wednesday. friday, a small chance of snow, not much, just a little something coming our way. greg: thank you, mike. everybody in the audience born on february 29th previous to today.
9:20 am
able to celebrate this special day with you. greg: it is official. happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. all right. very good. rosanna: i want to know when it is not a leap year what day do you celebrate? >> both days. i feel like a february baby. greg: that makes sense. we have a guy born on february 29th. thank you very much, sir. we are going to meet you in a moment.
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. rosanna: okay. not every year 29 days in february. greg: happy birthday to the leap year babies. everybody here born on february 29th. >> 1980. >> i'm nine. >> what's your name? >> kristin. >> one more time. >> jeanion.
9:24 am
>> you can go that way or celebrate crazy. >> what's your name? >> maureen. >> where are you from? >> new york city. i am 14 today. >> we don't do the math. >> the biggest draw back? >> to the other birthday girl. >> i'm from new jersey. >> what day do you celebrate? >> both. >> growing up, when in school, was it a problem? >> no, it was fun. people just didn't understand. o how about when you go to the commuter and do an airline ticket and putting in your
9:25 am
>> yes, they haven't acknowledged it. >> i'm 8 this year. i'm from new jersey. >> nice to have you here. who has been on a morning show before? you have. you have. >> what do you do? >> i'm going to spend the day in the city with my best friend who is a leap year birthday. >> where are you sfr from? >> new jersey. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling good. ready to celebrate. >> we are ready to give you gifts. i will be right back. rosanna: oh, i thought they were just getting a balloon. >> what are you hoping for?
9:26 am
>> we are giving you more than the opportunity to sit in the chair. we have beautiful gifts. we have cake for everybody. rosanna: look, these annoying things too. greg: how about the jent gentleman. >> hello. >> i am from niese after the war. in 1961 a professor with the university at the time of governor rockefeller and i love it. rosanna: are you still there? >> i'm retired, i'm 92. rosanna: well in leap years not
9:27 am
>> i am 23 officially. >> you have a lot of accolades. how come only girls? >> i don't know. >> you are the token dude. >> well, you are very handsome too. >> you too. we have gifts for you guys. stick and. >> we have a few more people to meet. o including the hip hop artist. he was born on as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi
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after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i' m not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. greg: happy birthday to the february 29th babies. rosanna: beautiful. do you feel like a certain come comepatico? >> yes. >> they are feeling your pain and what it is like to get a birthday one every four years. >> yes, they haven't been in the ing a birthday. it is great. you are amazing. >> thank you, maria. >> i'm sara. >> where are you from and what'd
9:31 am
>> i'm from new york and a film student. >> very nice. >> congratulations. rosanna: did we meet you? >> hello there. >> i'm erin. happy birthday. >> i'm from connecticut and i'm nine today. >> beautiful. is it ever a problem in school with having february 29th birthday? >> i think everybody made fun of you. >> what was your problem in school? >> i had a couple of moms that brought in the cupcakes and my mom didn't realize because i was one of nine kids. >> were you bullied no? >> no. i feel special. >> give her one of your balloons.
9:32 am
everybody is getting a gift. rosanna: by the way, so you know what we have for you, the lovely people from dunkin' donuts and champagne. we have gifts for you today. of course party city has great decorations for everyone. greg: rosanna, we have extras. how about this, we have cake. this is charles from lulu bakery. rosanna: this is unusual. we have a little thing on top. this is cute. who is this? >> these are the cat tails that grow by a pond. >> they are what? >> cat tails.
9:33 am
>> these are made out of sugar. didn't eat it. it is all sugar. roz he likes sugar. he doesn't need to be hyped up. greg: i won't eat it. >> you can. >> let's light the candle. rosanna: are we doing it now? >> greg: sure why not. let's tear up the bags. rosanna: shall we. >> martini and rossi. rosanna: this is nice, greg. greg: what is this size? rosanna: a split. >> not enough. greg: also inside is dunkin' donuts donuts. rosanna: i love it. greg: how much?
9:34 am
greg the dollar amount -- rosanna: thank you. that was really amazing. i hope you have a beautiful day. we appreciate you all being here and celebrating your birthday with us. this is good. also coming up, angela basset, fantastic actress, so many movies, tv shows, broadway, a new movie is out london has fallen. greg: who wants to open welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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greg: angela basset. fantastic. she played tina turner in the movie. she's got a new movie out. rosanna: she had a cameo last night in the oscars. take a look. >> hello. i'm angela basset. the academy motion has long acknowledged people of color and tonight we honor someone that shattered barriers, whether in dramas, or whimsical
9:38 am
musical duo, this man has long been an inspiration to his people. you can call him actor, producer, comedian, musician, and call him jack black. rosanna: so funny. i am now monitoring twitser, brilliant moment. any way, speaking of brilliant moments she's bringing back her character from london has fallen, it is a sequel to a great movie. i sat down with angela and talked about her strong female role. >> in this one we are taking on the entire city of london. nothing like that city, running and gunning through the streets and the dignitaries and heads of state are gathered for the funeral of their prime minister
9:39 am
and it is quickly planned and me, head of security have not had sufficient enough time to plan for the safety of the president. rosanna: you play the women that has their act together. >> i know. this time i come out of the board room and with them. if anything goes down, i'm going down, believe me, a lot goes down. this role is thrilling. rosanna: i have seen the trailer, my heart is pounding. >> it is amazing. it is like, you know, white knuckle hang on to your seat and never letting you go. rosanna: what is it like filming for you? >> it is great. a lot of green screen, a lot happens elsewhere. we did film on the streets of
9:40 am
a studio there, so a lot of was, you know, a green screen and then a big x some where and that is a missile or something blowing up, something you had to react to it. i had never done that type of movie before. not to that degree. i have done a space movie not really being in space. it appears so. with this one, really leaning on the director to let us know. it is intense. it was a brand new challenge for me. along with it being action. rosanna: it is looking like a
9:41 am
we have a clip, take a look. >> well, that only took two weeks. >> that's no small thing being a god mother. rosanna: that looks so good. any romance involved? >> not between me and bening. they have a really, you know, warm interesting long standing relationship. she's his boss. but you know, he's a complicated sort of guy. she gets him. she accepts him for who he is. she's been in his corner. that is a type of guy you want in your corner protecting you. he's a teddy bear but a hard
9:42 am
rosanna: i can't wait to see it. your husband is doing great. >> yes. rosanna: he's amazing as johnny cochran and the oj film. how is he with you doing the love scenes? >> well a week after we got married, yeah, i was doing stella. we got married during steal stella. he was well he doesn't want to talk about it. >> does he come to set to see it? >> no. no. stay away. he also was, what is about to happen? i showed him the scene with gaga
9:43 am
greg: the guys like the girl on girl stuff going on. he's not jealous of you and lady gaga. >> i said check this out. this is new for me too. wait a minute, what is about to happen? i had to pause it. i said are you going to get yourself together. click. greg: how do the two of you work it out, because you are both working and great, great parts for both of you and you have twins. >> yes, just turned ten. courtney is there with them. we have great help. their nanny and wonderful assistant.
9:44 am
lives with us as well. he's dedicated. he's such a good guy. it is working out. when he's there, i'm here. when he has to go and he's going early march to do a big promotion. the series is thrilling he's doing. we have to tend to the important. rosanna: you are an amazing woman. so inspirational. i love you are getting out there and giving back to the community and playing these very strong female characters. it is good for young kids to see that too. angela, all the best to you. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. >> happy birthday to 2/29 babies. hi again. >> we found a place in new york city that is celebrating with you. >> it is called side bar on east 15th street. they are offering, let's see here, hosting a leap year party for those born on february 29th, free drinks from 7 until midnight. >> this is for adults not the kids.
9:48 am
>> we are, we are. >> yes. >> this is jordon. and we got dana as well. >> seriously, face painting for adults or body painting? >> face painting, maybe body shots. >> yes. you have to be 21 or over? >> correct. >> you are running a bar. what'd you bring with you? >> frog witches. >> very cute. what is with the frog? >> take a leap. you know. now i get it. do you know frogs are sweeping the nation. >> because of the leap. >> now i get it. thank you. great sandwiches. rosanna: what else?
9:49 am
a four cheese. i did four of the cheese. >> show us how the make the mac and cheese, not just for kids, for adults as well. >> while you are cooking away there, we know how that is done. melt the cheese and go with the pasta. >> exactly. >> how about a drink or two. >> sure. dana? >> yes, leapfrog shots. rosanna: they are green, greg, for the frog. what is in them? >> peach snaps and pineapple. >> shake them up. >> we sure can. >> this is early. rosanna and i are problem drinkers.
9:50 am
greg: who wants a drink? >> all right. rosanna: it is their birthday. they should celebrate early. greg: that is true. rosanna: as long as none of them are sober. greg: that is interesting. the cocktails are free tonight at side bar. rosanna: they are free? >> yes. for the leap year babies. rosanna: wow, free, that is amazing. greg: amazing. rosanna: you usually give out the discounts. is there an entrance fee to get in? >> no fee, come in and enjoy. greg: you need an id. it is a weird little thing, 2/29. rosanna: we have a birthday person on the phone.
9:51 am
>> hey, hey. [cheering] >> the hip hop artist, actor, rapper. good morning, you are on the "good day new york" show. rosanna: are you just waking up? >> yes, i'm actually just going to sleep. rosanna: where are you? >> i'm in las vegas. partying good for my birthday. turning 41. rosanna: do you celebrate on what day? >> usually i celebrate on both days. i like to celebrate in the month and on the day. greg: are you up all night from partying because of boift birthday or a concert? >> partying, gambling and a
9:52 am
>> good for you. did you win? >> actually i did. it wasn't a bad birthday. greg: wow, happy birthday. thank you for checking in. what is coming up next? >> oh, man, i'm putting together the best album of my life right now. it is incredible album. it is coming together pretty well. greg: go to bed. rosanna: celebrate later on. greg: thanks a lot. >> that works. rosanna: congratulations and thank you for taking your time. greg: he's in vegas. they'll knock on the door early. they want to clean d room and get you down stairs. rosanna: what a way to celebrate.
9:53 am
right, everybody.
9:54 am
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greg: happy birthday. r again! again! again! again? general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! rosanna: very pretty name and thank you for liking us on our
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greg: oscar party i had a cool storm troper outfit, i want to thank the guy that does a community project and he did something amazing for a kid, austin, celebrated his 5th birthday and he's been battling cancer since 16 months old. chris put this together. we appreciate your work. rosanna: that was cool. meanwhile, we are cutting the cake. charles, what is inside of the cake? >> we have a chocolate cake with mouse, and cherry, mouse. >> everything. this is a party. >> happy birthday to our leap year people. >> thank you so much. where can we find you?
9:57 am
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it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you. >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy. [ music playing ] [ music playing ] . >> wendy: hi, welcome to the show. [ screaming ] . >> wendy: say hello to my co-host my studio audience.


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