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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cannot disavow the kkk. it is disgusting. >> reporter: all this capping off a weekend where the republican race hit a new low. >> he's 6-2. i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who's 5-2. >> thank god he has large ears. the biggest i've seen. >> reporter: as voters prepare to go to the polls, a national poll shows trump as a dominant frontrunner ahead of the big day. 49 percent of republicans say they support him. the next closest, marco rubio at 16 percent. that's a 30 point gap. after that rough weekend, it's all good news for donald trump. steve: keeps on moving on. thank you. hillary clinton taking some shots at donald trump during her campaign stop in massachusetts. she criticized his negative rhetoric and said america has
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she campaigned today in virginia. dari: her democratic rival bernie sanders was in minnesota and laid out his platform on college affordability and campaign finance. he is expected to win in vermont and take minnesota. he's been heavily courting voters in kol colorado and other states. steve: two students were shot at the madison high school 30 miles north of cincinnati. two teens were hurt. none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. the shooter was a student at the school. investigators say they have a motive, but they have not yet released it. dari: a successful hip-hop producer is lucky to be alive after being shot in harlem. detectives say he was targeted. steve: lisa evers shows us why they think he was targeted. >> reporter: this parking garage is one of the biggest here in harlem. but on thursday night around 7, there was a shooting and that's
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neighborhood and in the music industry. that's a clip of a rad music performing in warsaw. this is how the 26-year-old hip-hop music producer, whose name is abraham oriana looked friday at harlem hospital. his friend at his side. police tell us he was driving out of this west 126th street parking garage when he was shot in his arm, a bullet grazed his head. he was targeted. two suspected approached the bmw and motioned for him to roll down his window acting like he dropped something. the gunman shot him and his passenger using a .380 semi-automatic handgun the attendant said she was glad she wasn't working. >> it could have been me.
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extensively with the music crews. police are telling us there have been no arrests. if you have any information, they'd likes you to give them a call. remember, you don't have to give your name. in harlem, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: at staten island man has been indicted on first-degree murder and other charges in the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend and two of her three small children. michael skykes is killing with rebecca butler, her daughters, a 19-month-old and four-month-old in staten island earlier this month. a third, a two-year-old named miracle was stabbed 11 times but miraculously survived and is in critical condition. >> the mother was walking her daughter to school when they were hit. steve: arthur chi'en is live in west new york-new jersey to tell us about the suv police are looking for. >> reporter: they do have surveillance video in this case or they have some leads at this
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they have no idea who owns the car and who was behind the wheel during the fatal hit-and-run. seven years young, shalea was on her way to school with her mother when they were hit by an suv. the first grader will never get to see second grade. >> we heard screaming and my daughters came running. i see a girl bleeding outside crying. >> i feel very bad. she was a little girl. >> reporter: screams as the seven-year-old and her mother lay on the street. you can imagine the father's anguish to learn his daughter was killed and his wife hospitalized. >> he want to -- the guy pay for what he does and also he want the guy -- >> the mayor asking for the public to help out here. >> we have more vigilance on the streets. it's an unfortunate accident. but we need to get to the bottom of this, and we need to find the guilty person.
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released some surveillance video, snapshots of this vehicle. we'll show it to you. this the black chevy suv that they are looking for. one would imagine from some of the images they might be able to make out a plate. it might be a matter of time before they figure out who owns the vehicle. authorities are trying to figure out who that is. counselors have been ordered to the school of the seven-year-old girl to deal with students and what they might be going through. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: thanks. police have identified but not charged the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident that killed officer vincent harrison on the new jersey turnpike early yesterday. it happened around 3:00 a.m. harrison was struck by a car after he got out of his car after an accident between exits 13 and 14a in elizabeth. he was hit by a car that took off. he died at the scene. he was assigned to the 100th precinct in queens. dari: there were several deadly
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a 63-year-old man was struck and killed near the cross bronx expressway onramp earlier yesterday morning. and a 41-year-old bicyclist was struck and killed in park slope, brooklyn. and a third man was killed by a vehicle in south richmond park queens. in every case, the drivers took off. there have been no arrests. steve: a 77-year-old woman was hit and killed by a livery cab driver this morning as she was crossing the street. police say the livery driver remained on scene. the woman was taken to bellevue where she was pronounced dead. the crash is still under investigation. dari: well, today was -- when the rain went away -- steve: it got gorgeous out. we're at 60 now. feels incredible. nick: a spring preview. today is the last day of meteorological winter. we start meteorological spring tomorrow. astronomical spring begins later in march. temperatures were up around 60
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58 in the city. 55 at poughkeepsie. 58 at newark down towards the jersey shore at 57. 58 from islip and 49 on the east end. very mild temperatures this time of year. we had a little rain earlier. you look at fox 5 sky guardian, there's nothing out there. we see some clouds that will be coming down from the north and west. you can see off to the north and west some precipitation. that's with a cold front moving down. it will cool us down as we head into tomorrow. let's find our current wind flow if our map wants to cooperate. we'll just move on. we'll show you the cold front is just off to the north and west here. a couple of clouds tonight. tomorrow, a seasonal day. pretty good weather. sunshine, clouds, and we'll be back into the middle 40s, which is where we should be this time of year. we will see another fast-moving storm system bring rain tomorrow night into the first half of wednesday morning and some improvement wednesday before a
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38 in the city. 30 in suburbs with clouds around and a westerly wind tomorrow. sunshine, chilly, seasonal really, climbing to the 40s. the high 46 late in day. steve: it was a rough ride for long island railroad riders in 2015. dari: the railroad had more late trains than any year since 2 2,000. >> reporter: a slow ride that's inconvenience sums up the way riders describe their commute. >> i don't like the train. it's the only way to get to the city without having to take the city traffic. >> reporter: the lirr's 2015 operating report shows a 40 percent increase in the number of cancelled trains over the past two years. there were more late trains than in any other year since 2000. >> it's the reason why i don't commute to the city to work. i work on long island now. i couldn't deal with the commute back and forth.
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trains and platforms had people asking the governor to help using the #we deserve better. >> you have to squeeze in, not commute. >> reporter: lirr's spokesman says many of the troubles are beyond their control, including problems in the amtrak-owned tunnels and major weather event. they're counting on new proposals to improve performance and reliability. >> anything less than 100 percent doesn't give you any room to be completely satisfied. so there's always efforts going on to figure out how to improve, what we can do better. >> reporter: some riders are hopeful for change and would choose the train over traffic any day. >> to me it's economical. it makes sense. it's fast and convenient. >> reporter: the projects are expected to cost more than $10 billion. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news.
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steve: a start-up trying to help
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routine. dari: alison morris is here with one company that wants to help people get dressed quickly and get out the door. >> reporter: i love this concept. i feel like when i was in high school and i wore a uniform, everything was easier. this was created by professional women who felt they had two choices. wear clothes uninspiring or they were expensive. they set out to find options that were affordable and work appropriate with great style. these three created m le fleur. >> we had maybe 12 dresses. then we started to add knits and separates and we launched pants a month ago. >> those so popular, they sold out in two hours and crashed the web site.
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ordered for three months. >> i'm wearing the tory dress now. it's in green as well. we had it in black in the fall. we had a 900 person waiting list. >> they're manufactured here in new york. they craft all of the clothing, using high quality technical fabrics that are machine washable, even their dresses. >> we test everything. not just for how washable it is, but can you bend over? can you raise your arm? can you get into a taxi without flashing anyone. >> reporter: answer a few questions and get a customized bento box sent to your door. >> fill out a survey and we send you some five to eight pieces to try on. you try them on, see what you like. you're communicating with a stylist if you'd like to and you send back what you don't want and pay for what you keep.
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dresses, 165 to over 300. new yorkers who want to touch and feel the clothes can stop in their manhattan showroom and try things on. they've launched a program in new york called homework. starting at $95 an hour, a stylist will come to your house, go through your closet and come up with a work wardrobe. >> we see 10 outfits. >> reporter: the concept is catching on. the young of the three was named to the forbes 30 under 30. last year they shipped 100,000 units and grew sales 550 percent, something they expect to do again in 2016. what's the secret? >> people wanted practical and yet stylish work wear. it turns out we can make that. >> reporter: they've written a guide book called wear to work. it has tips centered around the philosophy you need to create a
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they're planning to expand internationally beginning with canada and they're adding shoes and bags. my favorite thing, the machine washability. steve: dry cleaning is a racquet, wrecks your clothing. >> you don't have to spend the money. who doesn't spill. steve: you're more in charge. you've got to wait three days. it's a great idea. dari: love it. thank you. steve: the weather, it started off rough but it got nice. nick: it did. hitting a high of 61 this afternoon, which is really nice for a leap year february 29 day when the average should be around 45. that wasn't our low. our low this morning at 47. we have chillier air coming in. a brief warmup wednesday and then colder for the end of the week. 69 and 4 in the records. we had .05 of an inch of rain. humidity, 36 percent. it has dried out nicely. wind is gusty out of the west.
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we have some cloud cover starting to appear coming in from the north and west. the trend will continue for a portion of the night as this weak cold front moves down. if you look at fox 5 sky guardian, even with the clouds coming down, it is not going to produce any problems. we don't have any rain or snow. 60 or greater new york city down to belmar. 63. cool spot at monticello, 48. upper 50s poughkeepsie to bridgeport down to islip. 52 in montauk. we're in the upper 50s all the way to islip and bridgeport. mid 50s hudson valley. 49 on the east end. 58 at newark. 55 at sussex. back to 48 as we head to monticello. there's the westerly wind. 10 to 20 miles an hour. we're seeing gusts, occasionally near 30. that will diminish into tonight and as we head into tomorrow. you see the system first of all this morning moving along. there it goes. the next system diving down from the north and west.
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sliding through just with clouds from time to time. after the front passes, we'll get into nicer weather with more in the way of sunshine in the forecast. that's good news. after that front does pass, eventually another system, you see it taking shape out west, going to be a fast-mover. that will bring the clouds back by tomorrow night with the chance of rain that will last through 10:00 to maybe noon, depending on where you are on wednesday as you'll see in the forecast in a second. in the wake of that system, much colder for the end of the week. upper 30s in the morning. 30, 35 in the suburbs. 42 at lunchtime. we'll be going up the scale slowly. 44 at 3:00 p.m. a lot of sun. we'll be hitting our high late in the day into the evening. there's the futurecast. it shows the front coming along. you can't see the precipitation, but there it goes. by wednesday at noon, the front is to our east. the drying will come in for wednesday. the high between that and the
5:19 pm
it will be windy wednesday and turning colder through the afternoon and the colder air arriving for the end of the week. there's a chance of snow at the end of the week. 38 in the city tonight. 30 in the suburbs. sun gives in to clouds tomorrow. we'll call it seasonably chilly, but not bad. 46 the high. it will take all day to get there. rain tomorrow night into wednesday and sun in the afternoon at 53, but a windy day. look at the change. 35 thursday. lots of sun. the system passes to the south. could bring snow showers on friday as we stay in the middle 30s. 40 on saturday. then another system brings the threat of snow saturday night into sunday morning. neither look big. 45 by sunday afternoon. we'll recover to 47, which is 45, 47, that's almost going to be seasonal. steve: early march isn't pretty. nick: march can have everything for everyone. dari: which is the whole winter was like that. nick: yeah. it's a forecasting nightmare. we'll see you. steve: good deal. dari: the second season of
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celebrate some of the show's cast members were invited to ring the closing bell. they included detective james gordon and donald oak who plays harvey bullock. gotham returns tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. steve: leonardo dicaprio had a lot to say last night. dari: the cause he mentioned while accepting his academy award. steve: and box office numbers are down on broadway.
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steve: chris rock hosted. a lot of people thought he was the perfect person for it. >> reporter: how lucky are they they chose an african-american comedian to tackle this subject matter. he said something like i saw at least 15 black people in that montage. steve: it was a good point. >> reporter: it was. to breathe a sigh of relief and move on with the show. he did bring up good points. why do we have male and female categories? doesn't make any sense. the ask for more trend.
5:24 pm
journalists to ask them more than just fashion. he points out if you ask the men same thing. steve: we show up in a black suit and shirt. dari: they look exactly the same. except for maybe a tie variation. >> reporter: he was really smart with his humor and jokes. this was the line of the night. >> boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. steve: he's single, too. dari: right. >> reporter: he won with that line taking shameless aim at jada pinkett-smith. the boycott may have worked. the oscars hit an eight year ratings low. steve: they're trying to pin it on one thing. it was a lot of things. dari: everybody is spinning it
5:25 pm
the diversity thing. so no one wanted to watch. >> reporter: no way to know. we know thatdy dy icaprio winning, he took the time in the spotlight to shed light on climate change. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we -- >> he's so classy. he could have made a joke. the internet has been making jokes, creating memes. he didn't. he took the time to address something that's really important for him. a lot of stars were doing that. they had this ticker at the bottom that had the names they wanted to thank. that freed them up to not have to thank everyone. steve: i liked that idea. you don't want to hear 55 names. dari: everybody's management team. >> lady gaga delivered a powerful tribute to sexual
5:26 pm
that was a beautiful performance. moving on, a couple of upsets. spotlight actually took home best picture. a lot of people thought "the revenant" was going to take it home because of the momentum that leonardo dicaprio has generated throughout this journey. if you know anything about how to win oscars, it's all about buzz, how much people are talking about it. spotlight was a favorite towards the onset of the oscar season to take home this prize. it wound up going back to where we started. steve: great movie. >> i think that's the way it should be. spotlight was an incredible film talking about a really important subject. another -- dari: go ahead. >> reporter: another upset that was kind of crushing to watch was sly stallone's reaction. mark rylance, who was in bridge of spies, he took home the best supporting actor award. took it away from sly. he was the fan favorite. dari: a lot of people thought he
5:27 pm
>> reporter: i did. it goes to show the academy isn't always in touch with the voice of the people. steve: it's like sports and the super bowl. there are story lines people want to see but not all come to pass. that's what keeps you interested. >> reporter: exactly. not to take anything away from mike. he's a three-time tony winner. he was incredible. everyone was great. sly stallone, i wanted him to get this. it would have been a validation for him. steve: the original rocky. dari: he had another moment. he doesn't -- we know how great he is. steve: thank you, simone. is the madness in times square squaring people away from broadway. dari: a look at the drop in ticket sales for people who live outside the city and why. steve: and why not everyone in harlem is thrilled to hear citi bike is making its way uptown.
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steve: the costumed characters in times square are being accused of hurting broadway's bottom line. dari: lidia curanaj is live with more on broadway's drop in the ticket sales.
5:31 pm
according to one organization, the reason for the ticket drop is all this congestion. people are saying it's too difficult to get through and to times square. it's known as the crossroads of the world with the bright lights and shows. now a recent survey by the broadway league has found that ticket sales have dropped dramatically among suburban ticket goers. >> new york city attendees, theatre goers are coming the same as usual. we're growing with international and domestic tourist. but the suburban theatre goer years. >> reporter: charlotte st. maarten is the president of the broadway league, a trade organization that represents the broadway industry. while the cartoon characters, painted ladies and large crowds can be a nuisance -- >> i do business a lot up here. i try to avoid this area if i can.
5:32 pm
believes the culprit behind the drop-off is the congestion caused by the pedestrian plazas which started going up in 2010. >> the serious construction when they started tearing up the streets and sidewalks and shutting down streets or letting some through streets actually just be one lane snead instead of two or three is when you saw the drop. >> reporter: while construction can be frustrating, this new yorker says times square could be worse. >> i watched the movie taxi driver. you'll see what it's all about. that's the best way to describe it. pretty awful. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio was asked about ticket sales dropping. while he acknowledged it, he said it doesn't present the reality. there is an increased nypd presence as you see and he said construction will be completed by next year. reporting live from times square, i'm lidia curanaj, back to you. steve: elmo everywhere. thank you. be safe.
5:33 pm
difference but on the mta board, the city is not being fairly represented. dari: that could cost city taxpayers in a big way. liz dahlem explains. >> reporter: we sat down for a one-on-one interview to tell us how she spoke up at the last mta board meeting. >> there's a real question to work through. i'm not saying we can't. about whether the mta can just transfer its tax exempt status to a private company for a 99-year period. >> reporter: she requested a delay in a vote to let boston properties take over the old mta headquarters on madison avenue. >> i asked for a month delay so the city can sit down. i was grateful my fellow board members said let's make sure the city can understand the terms of the deal and make sure it works
5:34 pm
taxpayers. >> reporter: in the current deal, boston properties would have a 99-year lease and get out of paying property taxes to the city. instead, the company would make payments to the mta. but the city would miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. she says that's a problem. >> if you're a private developer, you would pay city taxes. in the case of the properties we're talking about, that could be somewhere north of a billion dollars over the life of what was proposed to be a 99-year lease. it's a real question at that point. how do you handle whether those taxes get paid and who would receive the benefit. >> reporter: she says the city needs a bigger presence at the board table. for nearly a year, three of the city's mta board seats have been sitting empty. last february the mayor recommended three candidates, but the appointments need approval by the senate. until that happens, new york
5:35 pm
representation on the board. >> it is important to have every seat filled so the voices of new yorkers are represented and there's a maximum oversight over -- the mta is a state entity, but it has a huge impact on the everyday life of residents. >> the mta believes it will bring in more money. the board is set to meet march 23rd to talk more about this deal. from washington heights, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. dari: we have breaking news at 5:35. a federal judge here in new york has waded into the fight between apple and the f.b.i. the judge has ruled that the tech giant does not have to help the government unlock an iphone used in a brooklyn drug case. a california judge recently ordered apple to create software to crack the phone that was used by one of the san bernardino killers. apple is refusing to obey that order. steve: a former guard has admitted he helped two killers
5:36 pm
prison. gene palmer pleaded guilty to smuggling in contraband to the two. he was sentenced to six months in jail. matt and sweat escaped back in june. matt was shot and killed after three weeks. sweat was captured a few days after that. citi bike wants to roll into harlem later this year. dari: but the welcome may not be with open arms. zachary keisch shows us why some want to keep it out of the neighborhood. steve: the weather won't be a problem at the u.s. open. audrey puente with the frantic work underway to make the u.s. open rain proof this year. dari: first here's tonight's new york minute. >> it gives us great joy. this is a blessing. >> reporter: seniors in queens were able to go shopping thanks
5:37 pm
precinct. >> we went to a meeting and realized a lot of them wanted to go shopping with no family assistance. we decided we'll do it for the month of february and i don't know why we chose leap year, but we chose today. dari: people at the allen senior citizen apartments went to stop and shop in springfield gardens. >> the great thing they're doing, they don't have the need for transportation. they can count on the nypd to bring them here and celebrate a fun day. >> now we're in the ballroom. susan -- >> the parks department gave a virtual tour of gracie mansion today and it gave everyone an inside look at the mayor's residence. you can still see it on periscope or you can go to gracie mansion for one of their weekly tours.
5:38 pm
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation
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of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. dari: some community leaders want to hit the brakes on citi bike's plan to expand into harlem. steve: why some fear the service will do more harm than good. >> reporter: it's a conscientious battle in harlem and it hinges on bikes. a lot of residents think a new citi bike station will be a vehicle to push gentrification. it depends on who you ask. todd moved to harlem from iowa for song and dance in 1996. he calls himself a new yorker. >> you cannot please everybody all the time.
5:41 pm
influence and finances coming to this community. >> reporter: change is happening. you can see it in the people, the development and property values. a group of community leaders are saying no to plans to bring citi like locations to the area. >> the harlem community is against the citi bike share program because it's a gateway to gentrification. >> you can use your credit or debit card and get the bikes, but it will exclude people because those people don't have the necessary money. >> reporter: among the concerned voices were the cost, about $150 and how it affects street vendors and parking. >> we need the parking. >> todd has a bike but loves the idea. >> it's fabulous. awesome. >> reporter: the department of transportation plans to expand the program this year. a statement from citi bike reads
5:42 pm
making sure citi bike serves all new yorkers. change is happening and todd says when it comes to bikes and other things, it's more good than bad. >> people will be left out and that's unfortunate, but more people are being helped than left out. >> reporter: i'm zachary keisch. dari: bigger and better for the u.s. open. steve: the changes underway at the national tennis center in flushing meadows, including a roof. >> reporter: how does it feel to be 23? >> you want the truth? dari: how cute. a special celebration for a birthday that comes just once
5:43 pm
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steve: in fox 5 health news, the zika virus becoming a major health concern in puerto rico that could impact the u.s. 700,000 people could be infected with zika by the end of the year and there are fears it could easily spread here. joining us, dr. teo mendez from lenox hill hospital. this -- there's no good news here. that's frightening. puerto rico is close. >> it's not. it's a problem because puerto rico is having a financial crisis. the cdc can is trying to educate
5:46 pm
out, to lower mosquito population, to signs and symptoms of the disease. it's a major concern for the new york area. there's over 750,000 passenger flights between puerto rico and new york every year. steve: what sounds crazy is they're worried about mosquito season, which starts next -- a month from now. i don't know how we'll get up to speed and do the things we need to do in time. dari: the rainy season is coming to puerto rico. >> the rainy season starts in april. the problem with zika, it doesn't show symptoms of disease as much as some other mosquito-borne illnesses. you might get a rash. one of the concerns that the cdc is having is they won't know the full burden of the disease until next dry season. dari: really frightening. we can't forget the fact that cruise ship dock in puerto rico -- steve: mosquito-borne disease in all the places off our borders is pretty dire. >> we're doing the right things.
5:47 pm
nets. nets. steve: the city sent out condoms. >> reporter: >> it will be interesting to see what happens. dari: far from over. let's talk about this. there are a lot of new implants in . they're replacing facelifts when it comes to popular procedures. and men like their plastic surgery, too. >> they do. dari: do tell, do tell. >> for men, one of the things that's happened is there's been an explosion in the amount of breast reduction surgery to treat a condition where there's fatty tissue around the breast. that's gone up over 40 percent of breast reductions are performed on males. for the butt lift and the butt implants, it's a lot of art imitating life. with culture, the kardashian effect, that's one side of it. another thing is the
5:48 pm
have changed. people with disposable income to pay for these procedures, which are all cash procedures, have shifted. it's not all -- it's more diverse. we're seeing a trend in that way. steve: younger people -- >> younger people and more of the latin culture. dari: let's circle back for a minute and talk about the breast reduction in men. is that some kind of a -- is that a weight gain type of condition or is it a condition? >> it can be both. it's a genetic condition. there's a genetic predisposition to it. it's associated with obesity. there have been some studies linking it to heavy marijuana use, which i don't think -- steve: those aren't really -- not many people believe that. >> no. that's the old thing they would tell you.
5:49 pm
a life-style steve: plenty of doctors will take the money. dari: you can get six packs made. >> if a surgeon is trying to get the money, it's the population wanting it. dari: the demand is there. steve: that's for sure. lots of plastic details. dari: thank you for telling us. steve: let's talk about the weather. once we got through the morning, it was lovely by early afternoon. nick: a nice afternoon. a little breezy. the temperature, a nice spring preview. we're up to 60 in most of the area. the high is 61 in central park and low 60s as you headed to parts of new jersey. philly, 64. and 50s to buffalo. 59 to pittsburgh. 58 albany. 64 towards boston. not bad for a leap year day. but we have a cold front coming up -- or down from the north and west. that will cool things into tomorrow. notice cool, not cold.
5:50 pm
look a the -- look at fox 5 sky guardian. we have some clouds approaching. you can see the rain we talked about early this morning. it came through real fast. you can see the line of clouds to the north and west with actual rain and snow showers in upstate new york. that's not going to be coming our way as far as the precipitation. we will see some of the clouds overnight into the first part of tomorrow morning and we'll look for a more seasonal day. middle 40s tomorrow. right now it's 58 in new york city. 54 at belmar. mid 50s at sussex. poughkeepsie, 55. still upper 50s bridgeport to islip. we're scooting back to 49 as you head towards montauk. in the wake of the system that came through this morning, a little busy out of the west. we've seen gusts in the 20-plus-mile-an-hour range. that will back down a little tonight and become from out of
5:51 pm
weather map showing the front off to the north and west. that can drop through and cool us off tomorrow. the significant weather maker will be trekking to the north and west as we head in towards tuesday night and wednesday. it will be a fast-moving system. that will bring in rain tomorrow night into wednesday morning and a brief trend back into the 50s before the colder air really comes back at the end of the week. tomorrow, cold in chicago. 33. we're back around 45 or 46. 70 atlanta. upper 70s south florida. l.a., 84. hot through the desert southwest, pushing 90 in areas in southwestern arizona. 54 denver. and back to 50 as you head towards seattle. here's futurecast. some clouds you'll see overnight in the futurecast model. a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. a little cooler in the middle 40s. there's the rain tomorrow night through 10:00, 11:00 wednesday morning. by 1:00 in the afternoon, the
5:52 pm
we'll see nice weather after that, but colder as we move towards the end of the week. 38 in the city. it will be 30 to 35 north and west. wind diminishing to about 10, 15 miles an hour. tomorrow, lots of sun, 46. wind coming around to the southeast in the afternoon. a little rain wednesday morning to 10:00, 11:00 a.m. sun at 53. the temperature will fall into the 40s in the afternoon. thursday, breezy, colder, 35. 25 in the morning. lots of sun. a little system will clip us to the south friday. that could bring snow showers. 35. around 40 saturday. another system may bring a quick round of snow or snow showers at 45 sunday afternoon. 47 on monday. steve: all right. thank you. today is a special day, leap day, february 29th. once every four years people get to celebrate a birthday. maybe as you get older, it's fine, skip the birthday.
5:53 pm
day new york" and said it's kind of special. >> you feel special when you're younger. you get made fun of, but the older you get, the more excited you get. i will not be 40 in four years. i will be 10. steve: all right. leap year added every four years as a means of keeping clocks and calendars in sync with the earth. dari: you should have a quadruply big party every four years. steve: a big blowout. dari: enormous. we are six months away from the start of the u.s. open, and in preparation, the national tennis center in queens is getting a huge makeover. steve: massive. audrey puente shows us the upgrades being made. >> reporter: six months from now, tennis great from all over the world will descend on our great city in play in the u.s. open. this year players and fans will walk into a transformed tennis center, says gordon smith from the united states tennis association. >> this is going to be a u.s.
5:54 pm
it's going to be a u.s. open that everyone will want to come to. >> in the past, tournament matches have been delayed or postponed because of rain. not anymore. we were given a tour of the construction of a retractible roof for arthur ashe stadium. >> we can leave a huge opening, 250 feet by 250 feet so people feel they're outdoors, but if the rain comes, we will close it and continue matches relatively quickly. >> reporter: the roof can be opened or closed in five to seven minutes. that's not the only stadium getting an upgrade. a brand new grandstand will be ready for the open. previously it sat 6,000 spectators. now that's increased to 8,000. it's always had general admission, but now there'll be 2,000 reserve seats. there's more. in the south campus, 10 new field courts are being built withstands for 5,000 spectators. the courts have been pushed out
5:55 pm
walkways for fans who will be happy to see new restrooms and concession stands. >> our customers are thrilled with the u.s. open experience. it will come to a new level. >> this is a tournament that nobody in new york is going to want to miss. >> reporter: i know i won't. audrey puente, fox 5 news. steve: think of how many thousands of matches were rained out because every year it was a massive problem. i remember being at the world series looking at the roof. it will be incredible. amazing. so cool. dari: we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. there's a lot to talk about. we'll start with frustrated parents telling us about the roadblocks they're facing getting medical marijuana for their children. a live guest will explain what's going on. plus, our feature story for you tonight. a local new york school has changed its lunch to all vegetarian. it's a huge hit. why it's working with young
5:56 pm
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ernie: it is monday night. good evening, i'm ernie anastos. we thank you for joining us. we're right on top of the news tonight and we're talking about it. you know this year, new york joined a growing number of states legalizing medical marijuana. but it came with a lot more restrictions than those other states. now some people say they can't get the help they really need. jen lahmers is live in atlantic beach long island with one of those people. let's hear more about the story tonight. >> reporter: yes. i just met one really remarkable kid. he and his mother have been going through such an ordeal when it comes to his condition, they live with it every day, he suffers from a traumatic brain injury. they're convinced medical marijuana is the only alternative. they've been putting up a fight to get him access to it. oliver miller is 16 years old. when he was a baby in utero, he
6:00 pm
>> he has a lot of medical issues. the worst and most life-threatening at this point are his seizures. they don't respond to medications or treatments. >> reporter: how many seizures does he have a day? >> he can have upwards of 100 seizures a day. >> reporter: whether it's his mom or a nurse, he's under constant care every day, hooked up to a monitor and is on oxygen at night. she's tried nearly every drug to make it better but nothing has helped. >> over 20. he's had horrible drug complications, side effects, life-threatening side effects. >> the fear of dangerous side effects from other drugs made her turn to medical marijuana. after an 18 month legislative process, medical marijuana became legal in new york last month. but that doesn't mean access is easy. oliver, with thousands of other new yorkers, face a number of barriers. the biggest one is finding a


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