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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: hi, everybody. it is wednesday. the 16th of march. rosanna: a little warmer than normal. highs in the low 60s. mike was has all the details. greg: last night in politics. a good night for donald trump. rosanna: he did win florida. marco rubio had to drop out. greg: governor kasich did when in the middle. >> four states. winning a major party nomination. greg: governor christie. giving him a hard time for
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trooper. rosanna: he basically said that he was not going anyway. a letter of adorable kittens. last in a parking lot in brooklyn. >> all right. we are closer to a potentially brokered convention. it seemed like mayhem to begin with. >> we will bring someone in that as per spec their fondness. greg: the guy took care of business. these conventions are kind of wild / disorganized. could we really figure out to our presidential candidate is from one of these things for sure mark usually we know ahead
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>> not much improvising goes on at these things. i do not know. it could be a whole different story this year. greg: we have guys and smoky room. a couple of powerbrokers get together. they light up cigars. they figure out themselves. rosanna: i think they have been trying to do that since donald trump threw his hat in the race. [laughter] i do not think that they can pull it off this time around. >> he knows how dc operates. he will give us his perspective format this morning. greg: they called him to be. rosanna: i just remember senator pothole.
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my folks. okay. mike keith, what is up? mike: not a parent terry. looks like we are going in the spring. let's take a look at the maps. the forecast high for the day here at not that is all. that was set back in 1990. staying away from the records for a while. it is now 38 in sussex. when does kind of on the light and variable. the wind is calm at this point in time. the partly cloudy, mainly clear skies. high pressure has mainly launched to the south of us. keeping our weather quiet for
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there is that area of low pressure. it will change things up. for the day, we are in pretty good shape. a high of 62 degrees. 12 degrees warmer than normal. tomorrow, a high of 64. not a big deal. most of that is to the northwest of the city. storms are possible late tomorrow into early friday. then we drive out and cool it down here at let's bring in ines and take a peek at what is happening with the roads and rails this morning. ines: a couple of problems this morning. there is a stall blocking a lane. after that, traffic continues to move slow. let's go to our cameras. take a live look.
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the parkway. slowing everyone down. fifty-ninth street ridge. no issues there. greg and rosanna. >> all right. here we are. time for politics. >> would he give florida? would he get ohio? >> he had a good night. >> i think that he really needed all heil. kasich said that he would drop out if he lost it. he is in the race. a big night for hillary clinton. she wants everything, with one exception, missouri. that state is too close to call.
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summed up in a single word. trump, huge, clinton triumph it. crews, competitive. rubio, out. >> this was a great evening. >> wins in florida, eleanor and north carolina. leading ted cruz in missouri. he is still the unquestioned front-runner. >> by numbers one up. i do not understand it. >> while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. greg: john kasich was on the winning side here it he beat
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his win is significant for two reasons. it allows him to justify staying in the race. >> i have to think the people. i love you. crew said that despite kasich when, only two people have a plausible shot at the nomination. >> after tonight, america american now has a clear choice that going forward. >> beating bernie sanders in florida, illinois, north carolina and ohio. she sounded like a candidate that has fully turned her attention to trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the
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make him strong, that makes him wrong. >> reporter: a disappointing night for sanders. still, he sounded upbeat. the race remains too close to call. clinton leads sanders. hillary clinton has all of these i heard her say political arson a few times. you need to have some kind of message here.
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that before. greg: marco rubio. he dropped out last night. here is the thing about marco rubio. forty-four years old. rosanna: he looked young. a very powerful speech last night. a funeral for a state trooper
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a new jersey state trooper that was hit and killed by a car last week. the third holiest funeral in a row that governor christie missed. >> last week, well before i was even invited to come and campaign with donald trump, we decided that she would attempt a funeral on monday. i would not have attended the funeral. >> governor christie's decision-making is pre--- the optics are very poor. by the way, the mayor of jersey city, i may be a candidate in 2017 for new jersey governor.
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down. all the editorial boards, you heard the people. rosanna: what's talk about a judge. shooting the undercover this point blank. execution style. back in 2003. greg: both nypd detectives. mr. wilson will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> okay.
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police have released this videotape. all crimestoppers. if you recognize anyone in this video. 18577 tips. greg: what is the latest with the lead in the water in newark, new jersey. >> now they are planning on testing 17000 children for lead poisoning. figuring out the plan on how they are going to test. >> that is exactly what is happening today.
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be starting with 2000 young children. ages one-six. when you look at this situation, it certainly seems as though this problem is a lot greater than what was initially broadcasted by city officials. information is something of a slow drift. wondering if their children are safe to drink the water in the city. there are concerns compounded ibis message. fear to the annual state of the city address. >> there is nothing wrong. there is nothing wrong with our infrastructure. it is old. >> massive lead testing. the city health department and state department will have 17000 students starting with 2000
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we will start with the youngest because they are the most vulnerable. last week, unusually high levels of lead were found in half of the district school. normal levels are 15 parts per billion. registered at 515 parts per billion. it is unclear how long they have been exposed to lead. the teachers union released these photos yesterday. currently, all drinking fountains have been shut off. the students are now relying on bottled water until the problem is remedied. fourteen years ago, there was lead found in the water in the camden school districts. still, today, they use bottles water because they have not been
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that is the latest. back to both of you. >> think you very much. and williamsburg after a woman called 911. yes. six were alive. greg: look at that officer. here is a picture i remember seeing in the news. legend has it. there is a police officer who i know. very first call. wanting to get a cat out of a tree. rosanna: i know who that may be.
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>> i know this cat. in case anyone is interested. greg: it just broke its cloth. mike: okay. good deal. all right. good morning, everyone. we have a good-looking day coming up for us here. forty-nine in central park. forty-one and purge port, as well as size slip. light and variable across the ice state.
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a lot of sunshine up there. later on this afternoon, more clouds start to the west of us. trying to drag it through here to the tri-state. they're waiting for the actual cold front to come through. that is happening late thursday to friday. i think that comes through on the early side. today starting off with sun. shower chances are out there later on this evening.
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st. patrick's day. keep that in mind. a rain snow chances out there for you on monday. stella turning 13 years old. she sure has a lot of friends and family. happy birthday to you, stella. i hope you have a fantastic one, two. let's bring in ines. greg: good morning. the commute is not too bad. eastbound, watch out for an accident there. your commute heading towards the top of the bridge, you have your normal slowdown. closer to the verrazano. you do have your normal slowdown.
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a little hard to see. ten-15. the turnpike. here is the george washington. thirty-40:00 a.m. found. greg and rosanna. greg: let's take a peek outside. rosanna: lovely day out there. greg: the chrysler building. those are some pretty cool offices. greg: must be really fun to be a part of. getting behind those let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
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if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me! and now in delicious chocolate. greg: underlings thought that it would be fascinating. like this god. go back outside. >> i saw this in the new york times. not only in that building. >> that is so cool.
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>> it is. it is a nice clear morning out here. you have to do something. >> thank you, jim. beautiful day. north korea. >> this is crazy. he tried to take a sign from a hotel he was staying in. propaganda slogan on it. taken into custody.
7:24 am
the link leapfrog schmid. >> you see the way he was brought in. he did not look like he was well. greg: very apologetic about the whole thing. i think that he was in shackles. hanging up the white flag to the brooklyn bridge. we have to have fun with it in a way. it is a weird place. rosanna: the announcement is at 11:00 o'clock in the rose garden. >> we have reached out to every member of the senate.
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greg: show me the leading candidate. rosanna: they are both judges right now. i am sorry for the pronunciation of his name. the president has been searching for a row placement for school enough for the last month. that is what is happening today. greg: above ground and below ground. a lot of people are fascinated with it. rosanna: it is gorgeous. it is spotless.
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subway for 29 hours. the decision to close the nation's second-largest subway system comes after a cable call fire on monday. one thing about the subway system, i do not believe it is 24 hours. during the work day, it shut down. listen to this. >> they decided to do it on a wednesday. >> this is going to be total chaos. rosanna: that is nice to have that option. telecommute. greg: they said that a long time ago and it never happened.
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come up these days? rosanna: seven -ish. it goes down later. it is beautiful. somber is coming. 8:00 o'clock. a 30. greg: rosanna, you have to do something next year. rosanna: you know what i am thinking? how do you know i have a position for that? you may be right. maybe we can do some sort of promo from somewhere. i will take you with me. maybe we will do something in the bahamas. >> i like that idea. >> me to.
7:31 am
rosanna: we can work that out. >> we are lucky we got that once. four. remember that business lunch? >> that is not a done deal. >> it makes the whole world seemed different. greg: you know what happens without. >> very good, lately. >> the guy we're talking about is the guy that does all the expenses. he has lightened up a little bit lately. rosanna: always reminded. mike: there we go. here is what we have out there today. we have our sunshine back. it is also out there for you this morning.
7:32 am
little bit. when is the sunrise time? 705. exactly 24 hours, 12 hours of daylight and darkness here. looks pretty good for us here. okay. forty-nine is the average high for today. dropping down to 49. that means it will be a warm one. we are on our way back up. forty-four in philly. warmer air is going to start shifting its way into the tri-state region. a lot of sunshine out there. a warm front right there making its way through. when it comes through, it will also have more clouds and showers, two. tomorrow, when the cold front goes through, a better chance of
7:33 am
sixty-four for youth tomorrow. cooldown comes out as here. let's bring in ines rosales. we will take a peek out what is happening. >> good morning, mike. not too bad. there is one by exit 90. long island, nassau county, seeing normal delays. you have your normal slowdown westbound. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute this morning. hov lanes are fine. everything running on or close
7:34 am
greg and rosanna. >> a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> .cause marco rubio to suspend his campaign. >> that would have been really bad if he would have lost. rosanna: hillary clinton won big. disappointing evening for bernie sanders. hoping to win some midwestern states. donald trump leads ted cruz there. a narrow lead over bernie sanders. >> it looks like we are closer to a brokered convention. a new subway station a wild back.
7:35 am
deep into the west side. rosanna, do you see? look a little closely here. we have escalators out of commission. friend new stations. >> fox5 is on the west side right now with a closer look at the problem. what is going on there? >> the station opened about six months ago. from the outside, you can see that it looks very new and modern. flooding which is actually closing the bathroom. commuters had to dodge puddles as they made their way around. this is unacceptable. they are working to address
7:36 am
expected to cost about $3 million. they get hit with water leaking from the ceilings. >> up and down the escalator. you get used to it now. >> the escalator going down. >> scheduled to begin on friday. expected to take eight-12 weeks. service will not be disrupted during those repairs. that is the latest. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: brand new, why all the problems? >> that is what everything is signing to. they will be working with the mta to fix it. we do know that a company will
7:37 am
rosanna: i hate when that happens. greg: then you have to bring in another contractor. greg: all right. the outdoor cafe . you are not allowed to bring lulu. >> now, it seems like it is pretty much okay. >> having to verify that that dog owners have licenses and vaccination records for the dogs. i will go with almost lulu's vaccinations.
7:38 am
they do not have to do that. >> that is where the relaxed part comes in. >> focusing on a warning sign. you do not have to bring the dogs paperwork. >> listen to this. >> they are part of their family. they are just happier. rosanna: someone who just goes to a restaurant. creating a physical barrier between the dogs in the sidewalk. okay. that is nice. greg: let's go outside. shall we. that old broken down brand-new subway station. rosanna: so usable.
7:39 am
parents getting it into an argument with a contractor? you bring in another contractor. rosanna: all right.
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rosanna: it is working. they have to go to work. greg: show us a little bit more. rosanna: you cannot waterski on that. greg: it is doable. rosanna: lew leone, is it okay if rosanna and i go water skiing on the back of the ferry? greg: we did go water skiing. who had the best time of her life?
7:43 am
i was afraid i was going to see flying rats. >> kicking and screaming. at the end, you are just delighted. >> i think that the weather looks lovely. >> nice and mild. the futures are expect did later on. there could be an afternoon shower coming on through. that goes on into early friday morning. we have the potential for a coastal storm for you sunday into monday. we may not quite be done with the snow. we have 49 that central park.
7:44 am
wind is light and variable. mainly clear sky here in the tri-state region. a few little quick showers. feeding into tonight. high temperature goes up to 62 ahead of that. st. patrick's day. a high of 64. afternoon storms possible. dry as we going to saturday. it could end up as a rain snow mix by monday. the first full day of spring. daily and hourly forecast. download it for free. let's get you to ines.
7:45 am
cooperative. connecticut 95 southbound. you have your normal slowdowns. mary parkway not that. let's go to our cameras. northbound traffic coming towards us. headed towards the triborough bridge. no problem. it is moving. though gowanus. in brooklyn. a slow ride as usual. southbound side, you are fine. there is the belt parkway. normal delays headed westbound. greg and rosanna.
7:46 am
he has excellent table manners. >> there were extra utensils. >> the butter knife will really throw you for a loop. >> there you go. [laughter] >> you can embarrass yourself before you go out. this is the restaurant here. she follows him on instagram and twitter and everything else. >> yet to win an ncaa porno mag game. florida gulf coast. remember them. they made it to the sweet 16. second half. trying to keep it close. down by 15. golf. gulf coast.
7:47 am
he slams it home. florida coast winzip big. north carolina tomorrow night. this game was all about donald h. a nice passing. crosscourt pass. he had 24 points. finishing 44 on the night. this is interesting. carmelo anthony is not happy with the coaching situation. thinking president phil jackson is too old for the job. inside a source that may be phil jackson would host next year. i don't see how that makes sense. he is 70. >> 70, 72 years old.
7:48 am
>> it is not a physical job. >> he is a travel. >> jumping up and down. you are yelling at people. greg: that is all the gm does. >> a lot of traveling involved. a lot of practice time. is not overly enthusiastic. he thinks they should be looking at other candidates. there was a report. i just do not see that happening. seth curry and the warriors tonight. it is going to be a tough matchup. playing a rough game against the ducks. islanders face the penguins. a rebound on the doorstep. tucks it in.
7:49 am
we have a shootout. look at this one. backhand, top shelf. he will stay there. he is going to be denied. penguins when it. tied for second in the division with 85 points. reportedly parting ways with rubin to hot up. they must only pay him $500,000. >> is he the guy that broke his leg? duke: yes, he did. i was a little shocked by this. i thought, you know, okay. they save to one half million dollars.
7:50 am
>> we will talk baseball coming up. two people that you know. keith hernandes. greg: who is the guy in the middle? all right. anyway. ron darling.
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>> oh, greg: governors island. you left me on the island. rosanna: you weren't lollygagging around. rosanna: you can use the bike. you can ride bikes all over the place. it feels like you are in the middle of america. >> they had these quaint houses. rosanna: what about the ice cream man. what else did you have?
7:54 am
manhattan. it can hit manhattan. it is free, basically all summer long, i think. >> it really is a lot of fun. it is great for the whole family. have a little picnic. >> what is going on? >> let's talk about adele. she stopped her concert midsong. what is going on? speak back you guys are engaged. in the middle of my show? that is amazing. [laughter] let's listen to this.
7:55 am
make you feel my love. >> just popping the question right there in that theater. >> they have been together for 12 years. they are getting married. >> well done. the first in the jones movie. >> fantastic. i loved it. very nice. the fifth installment of the same franchise. twenty-ninth team. greg: that is amazing. that actually is not that far away. rosanna: social media reaction has been a little mixed. harrison is too old to play the role. come on, now. greg: you hoped that you could
7:56 am
greg: enough with the negative comments. he basically invented the franchise along with his friend. indiana jones. indiana jones and the early bird special. wicked, the broadway show. one of the few shows that ever made a billion dollars. rosanna: the lion king. phantom of the opera. wicked has $4 billion in sales. i do not know why. i thought that it was always something for the kids. my kids are older.
7:57 am
>> you were inspired during that
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things about us on our facebook i moved to boston when i was two. there was 14 of us in a four bedroom apartment in the projects in boston. to be the first, actually, kid to buy a house in my family... ...i just realized that, i'm the first kid to buy a house...'s a very proudent. whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it. zillow. rosanna: hello. "good day new york."
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greg: the sunsets much later now. it is going to rain. i am sorry. mike, when is it going to snow? >> sunday monday. first days of spring. >> put that in your bonnet and where it. today is march 16. i am sorry. i got my days wrong. greg: think goodness. donald trump had a pretty big night. marco rubio lost his home state of florida. he cannot stay in the race. he did drop out. >> hillary clinton stopping bernie sanders momentum in the midwest. >> he is burnt out, they say.
8:01 am
be guessing that. we will be talking to him, shortly. hello, senator. governor christie. still hanging out with his best friend. trying to explain himself here. a lot of folks are not buying it. the governor skipped the funeral on monday. it had nothing to do with politics. rosanna: the hudson yard subway station. so excited. i am going to take the escalator. apparently, lots of problems. water is leaking into the station. greg: already out of commission. anyway. >> so excited.
8:02 am
use the ladies room. >> never got around to it. let's take another peek one more time. it is sunny. it is hard to believe that it will be in the 60s today. we may have snow on sunday. rosanna: i remember when it snowed once in april. a nice shelter. there it is. it is leaking. all kinds of problems. all right. what else is going on? >> the weather. it is gorgeous. i think that it is very pleasant. mike: this is pretty good. we actually have sunny skies out there right now. possibility of snow coming at us.
8:03 am
and go away. first of all, the high temperatures that we have forecast for you. fifty-two is your forecast five. we are well away from the record highs. 82 degrees set back in 1990. so far this month has been well above normal. fifty out at newark, as well as central park. 44 degrees in bridgeport. wind is now light and variable. we do have a may make clear sky. they are going to close in on us here. clouds will start to increase. the warm front approaches. shower chances will start to pick up a little bit. maybe a few light showers or sprinkles. ahead of it, we have sunshine first.
8:04 am
this evening into tonight. should not be much. a high of 54 on st. patrick's day. it goes into at least friday morning. sunday, rain out first. the first day of spring. there is the rain / snow possibility. we will have to keep an eye on things. whether or not we will get the accumulation. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what is happening with the roads and rails. >> let's start off with the prompts. do not use the local lanes. the bronx river parkway. approaching the cross bronx moving slow because of a stall. garden state parkway still trying to clear away in accident.
8:05 am
delays there. a little below the speed limit as you hold. no problems on the grand central. trains are running on or close. greg: politics. super tuesday to last night. donald trump one florida. that was bad for marco rubio on the right. that is not good for ohio. his campaign has some life now. >> hillary clinton burned out bernie sanders. winning everything but missouri. that state is too close to call right now. greg: potentially we're closer to a brokered convention.
8:06 am
robert moses has more. >> reporter: john kasich survives to fight another day. a night when hillary clinton and donald trump reasserted their dominance. donald trump continued his quest for the nomination. he leads ted cruz in missouri. trump himself seemed puzzled. he is still beyond questions from runner. >> i cannot. my numbers went up. i do not understand it. >> reporter: trump had his biggest win in rubio's home state. forcing him to drop out. john kasich was on the winning side. at least in his home state of ohio. his win is significant for two
8:07 am
it allows him to justify for staying in the race and makes it difficult for trump to get all of the nominations. >> i have to thank the great people of ohio. i love you. only two people have a plausible shot. >> america now has a clear choice going forward. hillary clinton cemented her front runners bad as last night. clinton leads sanders narrowly in missouri. she sounded like a candidate that had fully turned her attention to mister trump. >> a candidate for president. rounding up 12 million immigrants. pinning all muslims from entering the united states.
8:08 am
that makes him wrong. >> reporter: it was a disappointing night for sanders. he sounded up heat. >> doing something very practical in american politics. we are telling the truth. [applause] >> reporter: back to the republicans now. john kasich is expected to appear here today. we may see him more in our area. greg and rosanna. greg: robert, thank you. campaigning with donald trump lately. to the horror and disappointment, he skipped state troopers funeral. he died in the line of duty last night. during that time, he was at a campaign event with donald trump. here's what governor christie
8:09 am
even invited to come on monday and campaign with donald trump, we decided that she would attend the funeral on monday. i would not have attended the funeral. the lieutenant governor would have. greg: kristi's decision-making is on political opportunism. the mayor has started an online petition. calling for him to resign. what does this all mean. greg: a tough spot politically. i want to introduce our next guest. in nassau county unofficial. he took on one of the most powerful reviewed republicans. probably staying around a little bit too long. the account supervisor pete and
8:10 am
>> we fondly used to call him senator pothole. can we just talk a little politics? let's start with governor christie. a lot of people have been scratching their heads. >> excuse about the lieutenant of undergoing is just that. how many state troopers do you think are killed in the line of duty in new jersey? to be at a campaign event. give me a break. to be out of that state, as long as he has been regularly, you understand, for the governor's association, this is a guy am i a.
8:11 am
i think you would be better off without him. he did not even know that the george washington bridge had a calamity. it took him four days to find out. four days. shame on him. he is able only artist. greg: wow. do you think that the power went to his head? >> no. it went to his stomach. he would like to be the attorney general. if he did not know it was closed down and his top deputy ordered it, one of his campaign guru bruce was involved, they were not involved without him knowing. this guy is a phony baloney. he and i did a bunch of crooks. he has been a disaster. he obviously does not like doing
8:12 am
greg: on the record there. thank you very much. let's start with donald trump. what is your assessment of him? do you think that he is ready to be president? >> donald is a bright, confident person. rather him political terms. donald does kind of the same thing. he has to calm the rhetoric around. many americans, particularly, the republicans are dissatisfied by the way the party has been running. the immigration situation has been going on for 40 years. it is a disaster. administration after administration. the trade wars in the trade agreements that we have signed. we are allowing the chinese to
8:13 am
>> ready to be president. he has the ability. i supported and i endorse kasich. if donald trump is a very bright guy, he sometimes uses his language. maybe he has to tone it down a little. >> it looks like that will be the case. i hope, though, if mister trump continues, if donald continues his winning, and i think he will be, they should not look to take it away. >> is back door meetings. >> so-called leadership. it got us in this trouble. 150 million. most of it attacking other republicans. ridiculous. >> it would presumably be
8:14 am
going to someone else. >> if he has a big lead and they love to take this away from him, bring someone else like mr. romney, who should be ashamed of himself. he did not have the guts to run. his brother called me and said, to you support him? i said, no. i supported him and i gave him money. i thought that he would he a good person. that fairytale story up. he was riding with his son. what would you tell your grandson? i said publicly, you would have
8:15 am
you relate inc. -- what a joke. >> is there anyone on the horizon that is not in the race right now? >> i think that if they pull that kind of nonsense, we are destined to lose. many people will just go the other way. >> they say that we are destined to lose with donald trump. >> they thought that they were good enough to beat the standardbearers. they looked pretty good. for them to make that judgment, i do not know. i think, if you have somebody to take mrs. clinton on, on the record, not with a respected person or business. there is a record that is pretty shotty. take a look at the secretary of state. helping to take out a fat guy.
8:16 am
it is terrific. there are actions and things. the sale of the root uranium plant to the russians. trump will have the nerve to bring these kinds of things up. these other phony baloney's, i don't know about them. >> everyone has a donald trump story. just give us your first encounter. something that comes to mind. >> i remember when i made some type of attempt remarque. and so, donald would quote me. i did and imitation. rosanna: oh, with the accent.
8:17 am
>> i was a wiseguy. space five it was during the o.j. simpson trial. rosanna: what are you doing these days, by the way? >> we have a consulting firm. i have been blessed to have my son christopher as one of our partners and associate. we have a wonderful team of young men, young professionals. we have a team in washington and here in new york as well. greg: it is time for mike woods. we are talking weather right now. mike: a little taste of spring ahead of schedule. good morning to jeanette. maria and caitlin.
8:18 am
nice and mild today. afternoon storms also possible. we could even see a coastal storm with a winter remix. interesting stuff in the not so distant future. wind this coming from the east right now. 5 miles per hour. temperatures sitting in the 40s and fit these. a lot of 40s elsewhere. partly cloudy sky. nice and quiet for now. that will try to give us eight few quick showers. high temperature goes to 62 today. more rain showers later thursday into friday. a cool down over the weekend. fox5 ny weather app. daily and hourly forecast. it is free. check it out.
8:19 am
one more out there. she is turning six years old yet happy birthday to you. let's bring in nine as. not too bad, i don't think. >> does a couple of sender benders. traffic jammed northbound. there is an accident before exit three. that is blocking a lane. this is northbound past the southern state parkway. you will encounter delays. the l.i.e. glen cove road. heading eastbound. you have a bit of a delay. let's go to our cameras. take a look at our commutes. this is southbound. it is moving fine. no issues. watch out for an accident. as for the george washington
8:20 am
lincoln tunnel, about a one hour delay. as far as a holland tunnel, 30 minutes. one in nine, a five minute wait. rosanna: thank you, ines. rosanna: he said a lot of stuff about a lot of people. we like this. rosanna: recognize it from the movie bring it on. she is here with a new with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. (avo) how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole
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(vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat.
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8:23 am
greg: be careful. what are they doing? where are they working? it is all about vertical. rosanna: who is going to buy all this stuff? probably people not from this country.
8:24 am
those condos. new york has always been a very diverse place. some people are worried about being priced out. rosanna: 8:24 a.m. in the morning. nice to have you with us. let's get down to business. we all share netflix information. greg: the logon and password to your friends. >> one in three people are moochers. streaming house of cards all day long. is this a problem? i will say no. you are allowed to share with family members. number two, it is young people that are moochers. young people do not have jobs.
8:25 am
company. they are spending probably three times that over the next three years just to get more content. i'm not sure netflix is too concerned. greg: what did you say about the young people again? >> first you have to get a job and have enough money to afford netflix. rosanna: that flicks, kids not watching tv, they cannot afford it veered the cable bill is to hide. two damn five. okay. greg: by the way, you are not missing that much. what do you call it? house of cards is terrible this year. >> don't you find that after three seasons, it is really difficult for a show to stay strong. >> maybe that is the issue.
8:26 am
i do not stream it. greg: william h macy. rosanna has hers autographed. cu, lauren. >> thank you. rosanna: greg, tomorrow is your day. cashing in. will you be cashing in on st. patrick's day? the federation expects a lot of people to spend $4.4 billion this year. you know, a lot of activity in the bars. >> of fifth avenue. thank you. >> we will wear some green tomorrow. celebrating all things irish. corned beef and cabbage. it is so great.
8:27 am
rosanna: meanwhile, coming up. holly robinson coming with her why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun?
8:28 am
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8:30 am
rosanna: we're looking at new york and saying it is too late to say sorry. yao they screwed up. rosanna: oh, man. who is going to apologize for that, by the way? greg: who is going to come to rosanna scotto and say i am sorry. rosanna: i want apology now. greg: blame the system. it is the system. what we are tagging about is about they this new subway station. rosanna: it is a few billion to do. greg: its all broken. all broken. it is not broken. the he is a lautors don't work. the bathrooms are done work. greg: they used to say, it is busted. rosanna: it is busted up. it is busted. all right. good day new york. 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us this morning. the sun is shining. you were in a great sup ny mood this morning. i noticedded that about you. are so positive.
8:31 am
rosanna: you know why? because greg is feeling very retrotoday. greg: oh, yeah. you got to watch it. rosanna: 9:00, you came up with another little, you know, hair brain scheme. another fun segment well dea on good day. ja okay. very good. should i get the popcorn going? rosanna: sure. greg: it is experimental. half of thesing thises are total disasters. rosanna: no. he does some work. greg: we're going back to 1986. rosanna: i like that. the bottom line is if you watch saturday night live. they spend a lot of money on the skits. we spent not even anything. just a little brain power. rosanna: right. okay. fun. reporter: all right. we have beautiful weather coming up here for the next day. then maybe a fau showers coming at us later on this evening. should be a big deal. oh, yeah.
8:32 am
days until spring hit us here in the tristate reg fon. what does that mean for us? not much. the day folks from i to ball lapse that egg. remember that trick? it is sunday. i guess we won't be dict on our show. anyway, 12:30 and spring officially when you wake up in the morning on sunday. all right. we got our averages no you, for today, 49 is the average high. then, 35 is the average low. we're at 50 already. we're warm wither than the average high for the day. yeah. going to be a warm jun. 50 at newark. 44 in bridgeport as well as islip. 43 moin talk. partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. there is a front to the west watch us. that is approaching hires. that is why we don't pecks m much to happen when it come those front passing later on this evening to tonight. small shower chances throughout then. we got mainly sunny to partly crowd cry sky. high tem tem up to 62 later on this afternoon. this then, 64 is the high for
8:33 am
the parade and so on should be pine. could be some showers sparking up later. so that may affect a few folks then a few more showers for you early on fra i day. by saturday, i is out of here. cooler temps are here as well. highs in 40's. then, early next week. there is still that rain snow chance coming at us early monday morning as it stanes now. let's bring in i nes to see what is going on. we have the backups throughout on wednesday, good morning, ine. >> good morning, mike. bright and sunny out there. some problems. take a look at the delay there. exit 73. the accident has the lane blocked. the cross county parkway. don't use the local lanes. there is accident in the local lanes eastbound past the bronx river parkway blocking one lane there. then you have the bronx river parkway approaching the cross bronx. let's take look here at 96 tooth. southbound traffic moving slow because of earlier accident. northbound side, you fine. george washington prig, driving to the city.
8:34 am
the lower 495 though lincoln tunnel. 45 to 50-en machine dally. you for want to take the holland tunnel. if you are talking trit the turnpike, 30 minute. street cleaning rules are in fek. greg and rosanna. >> thanks. a quick look at politics. what happened last night. well, dop ald trump did good, right? he scored major victories in flo dar. >> you know, he spends a lot of time in florida. he cleaned the competition. parco rubio did so poorly he had to get out. governor case itch won the state of ohio. so the campaign has been reinvigorated. by the way, still waiting on the results in missouri. still too close to call for the republican and democrats. hillary clinton had a great night last night. she burned out bernie sanders, he didn't win anything last night. the was hoping to win some midwestern states so it doesn't look good. we'll see what happens in the next few days. closer to home, we got to deal
8:35 am
greg: so a new subway station opens about six months ago in the west side. it is cool. talk the seven train over there to the jav of vits center. but look at the condition of it. six months late, he we got leaks and standing water. rosanna: we have escalators that don't work. >> rosana has the facilities. it is very important for us to have nice bathrooms. curry draw on the west side with the closer look at the problem. kerry, did you inspect thingst? >> things are not looking good. good morning to you, greg and roseanne. the hudson yard subway station here on the west with side open in accept. was a $2.4 billion project there from the outside. things are looking great. the new and modern. inside, it is whole different story. there is a big problem. fox 5 cameras spotted escalators out of service there are water stains on the floor. commuters tell us, that is water driping the ceiling. flooding has closed the path room. commuters have thatted to dodge puddles as they make the way
8:36 am
mta spokesperson told fox 5. this is tun acceptable. reports say the problems aper to be from a construction flaw. a company called yonkers contracting company performed the initial excavation and truck ral work on the station. that company told fox 5, it is working with the mta to address these issues. reporting say the repars here are expected to cost about $3 million we caught up with some commuters this here this morning who told us they get hilt with water leaking from the ceiling. >> water drip over this head when you going down the stairs. that is all. almost every day. no matter what time. at the ten of the day, or early morning, dave. it is strange. the new train station leaking. >> they are always out. especially the ones that are down below to go toward the train. they are always down. water always falling from the thing up top. yeah, that is crazy all the
8:37 am
>> it is pretty crazy. construction repasser scheduled to begin here on friday. the work will last eight to 12 weeks this. the mta says service will not be disrupt during that repair work. that is the latest live if from here, hudson yard station on the west side, this morning, greg and rosana, back to you in the studio. okay. all right. well, thank you so much. well, thank you so much. >> we appreciate it a. greg: all right. not our neighborhood. we feel for the people who use that train station every day. what smells. rosanna: all right. ac you remember her, right inshe was sabbedded the show buffy the vampire. she is now playing the sister of
8:38 am
8:39 am
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rosanna: what happened? busy, cars, people. 8:40 in the morning. greg: lots of signage. you see it on the left there. don't hear about leaf of vies the way you used to. 501 jeans. i you ty they do have a skinny jean now. >> yeah. you can do custom fit jean with, right they were doing that at one point.
8:41 am
greg: go to macy's and buy them. rosanna: come on. greg: there is a lot more to it these days. rosanna: yeah. greg: a new movie out called "jane wants a boyfriend." rosanna: a lot of people can relate to that one, right? watch the trailer. he is not good four. let's go back in time. >> he is not. please do not shout! >> go away! stop hovering me al the time! >> he doesn't want me talking to anyone. why did you in vit me? >> i don't trust. hes not the kind of guy how would respect how you are different. >> stop treating me look i am so baby. >> why don't you start acting looic a grown-up? >> oh-oh.
8:42 am
there. >> she is current. all right. you know he what? we have been like struggling with the name. >> le with, right. >> no, were you close. you got that middle part. >> it is in my mind liability is another name. >> by the way, nice to you have on gooded day >> thank. thanks for having me. >> you have been in some great shows and how to movie. seems like it is another standout role for you. you want to tell bus >> yeah. it is a different role for me. it is, it is more of, she is foster. she is still very powerful and very intense and show has those type-a controlling, you know, qualities. it fares movie for me. really love it. i grew up with brothers. this is the first time having a sister in a real movie relationship on camera. it is a special movie that highlights, you know, the challenges of autism, within the family, and i think it really does a beautiful job of showing the
8:43 am
angles of how that, how and why that is challenging. beautiful. >> exactly. >> how long did it take to you fill them? rosanna: is went of the day productions? is it indy fill. an indy film. a small production. the filmmakers and full am producers were never extraordinary. it never felt that way. these were nyu, nyu grads and they had done other projects and they were just really passionate but they knew how to, how to get the movie done on the shoestring budget to make it feel like it was big. rosanna: where did you film in it? greg: did you laugh in it? >> there are a few laughs in it. yeah. yes. there are moments that are, you know, it is not big baja that moment bus this are these intimate family moments that
8:44 am
think. so it is the comedy of awkwardness that can dynamics. yao we can download it. there is a big electronic release at the same time. >> yeah. we're coming out in ten demand. is a beautiful little movie and it is, you know, some actors, i have to say are amazing. gabriel, louisa, yeah, they will enjoy. i. rosanna: i think we have a clip you of you in axe. greg: you might have seen it. >> oh, you saw it? rosanna: that was it? >> being a craze zy big sister? greg: can we talk poll tux now full? are noted? rosanna: oh, mid gooness. she is look i am feeling the burn. >> yeah. ohio was tough last night. you know? it is not over. yeah. i believe in bernie and everything. greg: the two together. >> born ny selfie.
8:45 am
>> why him? >> in 30 seconds, i mean, i believe him. i think he is the most honest candidate. i think he has, you know, principles, everything he stands for. he makes a lot of comments himself about how he didn't, he has been caring about issues all along, not just when it became trendy or cool. he doesn't take money from superpacks and billionaires. he is, he is a ratted call revolution a arey. i grew up with the democratic socialist family. my mother taught political science for five decades. democratic socialism is what the country would with be, could be. greg: if you loses, could you see yourself voting for hillary or donald trump? >> i will not be vote for donald trump. still a little bit tender. i would are to really think about hillary. rosanna: were you at all offended when some of her supporters like gloria and madeleine
8:46 am
i was not phoned but i thought i was inappropriate. it is about who has the best policies for women. rosanna: women need to reunite. basically. don't you understand hillary clinton's struggle. >> again, i think it is not about the effecting first female president but the president who has the best policy force women. i that is bern if i. greg: we'll see. how did you get into aching? you mentioned growing up in massachusetts. how it did start? >> yeah. i was that funny story when i started at this time years old. i turned into a drama queen. i got hired the first film. 25 years later, i am here. i am lucky and grateful. i also have a tv show coming out next month, april 1st. that is a fun role. completely different sides of the spectrum. something for everyone perhaps. why hen, you did "doll
8:47 am
that was way back when. rosanna: yeah. everybody loves that. >> people love that, yeah. i have a documentary on pbs now. it is about my father's mother country albania. i received dual site zenship. it is on the road experience on pbs now. yao do you speak it? >> not as much as i should in a want to. it is hard language to learn. rosanna: do you cook? >> i will try blue apron. ier that may help me with the non-cooking skills. rosanna: that is a good idea. that is a good idea. greg: put the stuff together. it is a great service. eliza thank you very much. >> nailed it. greg: "jane wants a boyfriend" march 25th. >> nice meet you. rosanna: all right. gooded day new york is going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. greg: righting from the americans. rosanna: yes. greg: also, also, perhaps were the fault. 10:00 news edition from
8:48 am
rosanna: the old days. greg: 1986.
8:49 am
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greg: roseanne, the gy on the right. rosanna: we know eric. he is very, very involved in community giving back. greg: a nice guy anyway. donald trump just announced, during the interview on fox and friends, we will not be participating in monday night's debate. he is going to accept it. he says there has been enough debates. >> you know what? you may have a point here. >> he said that after the last debate. i guess no i is making it official asm he shade do they do? 11 or 12? greg: he is not going. maybe is not going at the right time. rosanna: he said so. he has an important peach to make. greg: he skipped one before, didn't he? he skipped something in iowa were all the other candidates were? rosanna: yeah. he thought it may have hurt him. greg: it may have much? anyway, potentially
8:52 am
entertaining but he will not be participateing in monday night's schedule debate in utah. rosanna: interesting very few candidates now. right. greg: ted cruz, john kasich and dn al trump, think that is it. rosanna: donald trump is not there. two-man debate. yao i all right. le talk about apology following a skit at the oscars last month. and you know when this happened, i did say to may self. oh, that could be a problem. ja that on it. i was asleep. they brought the kids on the stage and ash ship children and tell me, tell me what happened? >> well, 25 now is thatpp penning. 25 members of asian decent including the director sent a letter to the academy condemning the skit because they brought three asian accountants on the stage for a yoke. greg: say fleg. how is that physician if i? >> well, remember. tastes and offensive. the academy says it regrets any aspect of the oscar telecast was deemed offensive.
8:53 am
were offended straight outta compton was not nominate. >> yeah. rosanna: other changes proposed in january deen. >> to increase diversity within the ranks including appointing minority members to various positions. greg: all right. great new york institution got pump pelled during hurricane superstorm sandy. why right. greg: they are opening an eat, in bib for the first time since the storm. rosanna: it is really pretty. the exhibit is called street of shift and support. it is will open today and looks to the seaport try becoming the busiest port out the start of the 20th century. the museum very badly damaged during the storm suffering severe flooding. greg: do you remember the body axe ex in about. you can go there and look at human bodies. >> i have not heard much about it. that was something to see. all right. we are fad glad the south street seaport is on the way back and also, coming up on good day new york. we're going walk to 1986 with two heros.
8:54 am
dez and ron darling. greg: alright. remember that? that was awesome! totally awesome. that was a special year for those guys. we're celebrating them. rosanna: 1986 let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit
8:55 am
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rosanna: daniel, thank four saying nice things about us on the fox 5ny face book page. we have a great hour coming up. a new family dock men tar rimp coming with her husband and weget look at the new season of the
8:58 am
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rosanna: all right. welcome to good day morning to. the sun is shining! nice to have you with us! all right. let's talk a little bit about what happened last night. did you stay up to see the results come in? i done think of it. i think just about everything was in ohio. how could you fall asleep before donald trump hit the podium? rosanna: i didn't see him speak but i seeyon case itch won ohio and florida. greg: you know whatp that inned next? there is donald trump. he didn't have a press conference where he got really wild. he was very subdued. may mean by normal political 2015 standards he was complete nut job. >> well, i think he is


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