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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>>juliet: good morning everyone, >>ben: good morning juliet. >>juliet: it's actually not that bad outside temperature wise but unfortunately rain is on the way. we will return to just thunderstorm you rain or will it be you know, windy rain? what's the story without rain? >>ben: i don't think it's going to be windy. the windy the weekend looks very serious. >>juliet: it will but i will be down in florida.>>ben: according to donald trump 17,000 people attended his rally on long island last night. you will hear what he had to say that got the crowd riled up . >>juliet: outdoors this morning you may feel like you are waiting a long time for your training. the bad news is you may be waiting longer than you think. >>ben: and tonight is the night for the american idol crown. final winner ever.
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finale coming up. >>juliet: the end of an era. >>ben: it is. like 15 years. >>juliet: such a show, especially in the early years . >>ben: seasons like two, three, four it was just like . >>juliet: even one was amazing. >>ben: but then it took off i felt.>>juliet: they are in the free, daughtry, that whole thing. >>ben: he's having a lot of success daughtry but where's that guy? nowhere. >>juliet: anyway, good morning ben. >>ben: nice doesn't always finish first. apparently it does. good morning. juliet , howdy, ben simmoneau, mike woods is here. we have rain headed our way and we have kind of a big mess for the weekend which i think people are just going to be throw up their arms and say really? >>mike: they are. this is one thing where you
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today we have rain coming in into town but along with wind especially for you, juliet . you heard that. i said your name to get your attention. do you see this? it's a wind advisory . >>juliet: for today? i'm flying tomorrow. back off of that. >>mike: but you're going to be talking about this tomorrow. the wind is going to be a player today. >>juliet: but i don't care about today. this is all about me right now. >>mike: anyway, here's what i have going on out here. we have a wind advisory for the shaded counties and that includes long island , also parts of new jersey, especially the central and southern sections of new jersey. wind speeds up to around 39 miles per hour but gusting up to 50, that's strong enough to take down tree limbs and every once in a while a power line. i think it may be , let's give her a little forewarning. winds coming in from the south at around 5 to 18 miles per
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building up and that starts at 11:00 this morning and goes to about 8:00 this evening.we got 49 degrees central park, 49 degrees in poughkeepsie and your 24 hour, those temperatures scream up today. temperatures are 18 degrees warmer in central park than they were 24 hours ago. 28 degrees warmer in sussex and 29 degrees warmer in poughkeepsie. when you start seeing 15 to 30 degrees jumps up in temperature is a big difference. nothing on the radar immediately , however the clouds are gathering up. showers start filling in for the morning commute and get going this afternoon and that's when the worst of it comes through. i temperature gets up to around 60 so there could be thunderstorms in the mix and
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seven days you've got a high of 52 degrees tomorrow. dryer but not completely dry and saturday we have rain coming through with the snow mix chants and according to the future cast, a lot of that could come to new jersey and the city as well with that area of low pressure which tries to kick it through not just to the northwest. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going's our saturday so you get to chill out and be lazy . >>ines: know, i have plans. here's what's going on this morning. problems actually this thursday, let's start with grand concourse, an accident blocking at least one lane. west side highway construction continues by that wall that was having issues , they are trying to retain that so two lanes are closed northbound on the west side highway by 125th week. route 8 by 41 caught fire, two lanes remain locked there. let's take a look at the l.i.e. by 106. flashing lights, this is the eastbound side. all traffic being diverted off exit 41 because of an accident. investigation going on so that's close. west outside not affected. let's go to our checklist , running on or closed to schedule.
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effect. >>juliet: donald trump is fighting hard to make sure he beats ted cruz in april 19 primary. >>ben: according to trump's estimates, 7000 people turn out as rally last night on long island. robert moses joins us with a look at the republican race. any idea if we know those are correct numbers? >>juliet: b6 those are the only estimates we've heard. the crowd in bethpage last night soaked up trumps lines about making america great again", knocking the hell out of isis and making mexico pay for the wall. trump has moved into much friendlier territory and he seemed to relish the love. >> it's great to be home. this is home , it's great to be home. [applause] we love new york. >>reporter: fresh off the staining and sound defeat in wisconsin, donald trump sounded like a man who was grateful for home cooking . thousands of supporters greeted him at drummond studios in bethpage. >> i love you too.
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these are my people. >>reporter: trump suggested the united states need to toughen up . >> we don't fight like people from long island. we don't fight like people from new york. >>reporter: outside the rally a boisterous crowd of protesters made their objections to trump known. inside, trump continued taking shots at his main republican competitor, the man who likes to call lion ted cruz. >> you have to spell it right. it's l y i and'. lying ted cruz came today, he couldn't draw 100 people. i think you can forget about him. forget about him. >>reporter: crews certainly hope voters don't forget about him. in on a visit to the bronx he drew a more sparse crowd than trump and hecklers interrupted him. >> you're not welcome here . >>reporter: crews once criticized what he called new york values expounded on what he meant. >> variable values of liberal
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andrew cuomo, like an anthony weiner, like eliot spitzer. like charlie rangel. all of whom donald trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars to throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trump's checkup checkbook. >>. >>reporter: crews will visit a matzoh factory in brooklyn and john kasich will visit mike's deli in the bronx and tonight he holds the town hall meeting in brooklyn. the trump rally in bethpage was relatively peaceful. police say two people were arrested for fighting each other inside and outside, there were new no reported incidents . the nassau county police commissioner says several hundred police officers were at the scene and i can attest to that. yesterday even at this hour there's a fairly large police presence and the police commissioner says the rally cost the department somewhere
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$400,000. that is the latest. ben and juliet, back to you. >>juliet: we missed you yesterday . we missed the bim bot. very sad. meantime, the attacks are heating up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. presidents questioning his truthfulness and preparedness for the presidency, sanders hit back at a rally in italy going after her voting record. >> i don't believe that she is qualified , i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. they rely on republican governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressive. >>juliet: the attacks, head of the april 13 primary in new york. >>ben: he is one step closer to
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characters in times where. the council approved a bill allowing the dot to restrict where characters can panhandle in pedestrian pauses, not just time square, it does cover the whole city but make no mistake, this is aimed at times square. the move follows numerous and when i say numerous i mean thousands of complaints from tourists and a number of arrests by police. lawmakers say they will provide plenty of space and will put up signs encouraging tips .>> i don't think it's that bad of an idea because sometimes they get a little aggressive and if you know the zones for photo ops are, it's a great idea. >> i'm a street hero. i will be the first hero to get arrested because i'm not going to be in the box. i'm going to be walking freely in times square. >>juliet: let's see how that goes. >>ben: we will take notes. will spiderman be the first one arrested? the bill before goes before the
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>>juliet: if you feel like you've been spending more time waiting on subway platforms you may be right you on the newly released audit finds wait times in the city subway system are significantly worse and then mta has reported. tracy bureau live at the berkeley center south with more details. good morning. >>reporter: good morning everyone. we're going to use this on subway stop behind me as a prime example. if you look at the lines that are stopping here connecting here, the two, three, four, five, butte bq and are, six of them had wait times that were worse than what the mta told you and that's according to a state audit. what makes things worse , the state says you actually can't trust the mta when it comes to wait times. >> you knew it was bad but did
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this dates top moneyman telling subway riders things at the mta are getting better, they're getting worse. but if you are a daily writer, you already knew that. >> just yesterday it felt like half the city was here and you had delays on a, the sea, the e, the one. >>reporter: nick fuentes is with the advocacy group the writers alliance. he's taking a close look at natalie's audit which takes wait times on these 16 lines have gotten worse. on-time performance fell from 80.3 percent at the end of 2013 to 78.4 percent as of june 2015.the worst across-the-board was the five train hitting its mark less than 70 percent of the time. the best train, the g train , on time 81 percent of the time and perhaps most surprisingly the audit states that a writer can't trust the mtas map when it comes to wait times. the mta takes the average wait times of all 23 individual subway lines even those that
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ultimately boosts the mtas performance numbers. the mta said this report includes quote, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and outright misrepresentations. but just check social media. the odd audit seems to jive with writers complaints. this person says quote, when is a train not delay? when mta? or how about this week. hey, train delays. and joseph dale offered this assessment. imagine if the mta had to reimburse writers for every train delay. i wonder if there would be any delays. hashtag, just saying. >>juliet: i imagine there will still be some delays but it's an interesting assessment on the whole thing so what can be done? estates is the mta needs to put more money into the system, get better equipment , become better about maintaining these lines.but that takes funding and that comes from our state lawmakers in albany. that's the latest in brooklyn,
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weight.>>ben: at the berkeley center, thanks very much. much more still to come on this thursday including a preview of tonight's idol finale, the last one ever. we will going to hear for from the singers who will become the final american idol b5 mike is watching this weird weather. >>mike: we are on our way back up with the temperatures. this is more like spring weather. cloudy and windy with showers and storms coming today, as you step out the door now. your temperatures at 52 degrees. looks like we will keep it climbi make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles.
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>>ben: i think you all as an apology . >>juliet: for? >>ben: you made it seem like we were going to welch on our belt and we did not. we went yesterday . >>juliet: it was only like four months later . >>ben: you are out for one of those months.we were trying to figure out a date that would work for all of us. >>juliet: it wasn't an entire month . >>ben: except for robert moses he was not available. >>juliet: this was at the smiths which is a fantastic restaurant.
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avenue and 51st street, it is fantastic. there been bob is the greatest thing and it was a hit with everybody. carrie and teresa. >>ben: carey, mike footed the bill since we were on the losing team. >>juliet: i that it would not snow three inches before january 1 and been disagreed and he was wrong. >>ben: we were wrong. but it could snow three inches saturday. it could. >>mike: are you flying? you're flying on friday. >>juliet: on coming back sunday. pipe perhaps i will be delayed. >>ben: that happened to me last weekend. >>juliet: chef armando, we love you. >>ben: he sent some little extra soft also. we got to get that. let's show you what's out there. first of all the headline for the day, it's going to turn
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up big time and it will be raining. even though it's not raining now the rain will be coming in, i don't think it's much of a problem during the morning commute but the bigger stuff comes later. dusty south winds coming with the possibility of a thunderstorm out there. that's mainly this afternoon then by this evening it's trying to get out in the chilly weather returns for the weekend with the possibility of snow out there. here's what we have with our temperatures. 52 degrees central park, 51 degrees in bridgeport . winds coming in from the south is what's going to bring up that warmer air quickly and bring new york temperatures up quickly as well. cloudy skies here. the showers not really a problem but a few over new england, a lot back to the west and this will be filling in. the warm fronts after the west, that storm continues. it's warm, it's also going to be turning west and this shows us a good shot of showers coming in through the day. we get between three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain out of this and a few thunderstorms as well and then
5:19 am
this evening and into tonight. tomorrow looks like it's going to be partly to mostly cloudy sky, breezy and cool but not so much going on rain or snow wise. but look at this guy come to town. an area of low pressure swings in on the first one seals and it looks interesting. this is showing up pretty solid band of snow setting up. this is one particular future cast but it's raining no mix and its solid over parts of new jersey, heading over the city. cranks up for a good part of your saturday then pulls away from us as time goes on but that's an interesting looking storm and we will have to see if that does indeed materialize but something worth watching. today, 16 degrees for a high with showers and storms, especially in the afternoon and then it shuts down later in the evening. tomorrow should be drier and cooler and breezy with that rain snow mix possibility worth keeping an eye on but it should
5:20 am
then monday and tuesday, more rain showers back again. let's bring in ines rosales and see if she's got anything noteworthy . >>ines: a couple things going on, a car on fire on 78. extinguished but two lanes remain eastbound by exit 41. let's go to our cameras.the l.i.e. is closed, an investigation going on eastbound so this is the westbound side, little bit of a slowdown but the eastbound side, this is where traffic is being diverted off to 106, 107. as for the gwb, upper or lower level no problems heading inbound. to the lincoln and holland tunnels. >>juliet: he was basically a country poet, people refer to him as. country music fans are remembering merle haggard. >> we don't smoke marijuana in muskogee. we don't take our trips on lsd.
5:21 am
country outlaw.recorded including okie from muskogee and if we make it through december. haggard was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1994. he had a rough life, a difficult childhood . spent some time in prison he turned his life around and became such a critical and commercial success as well. merle haggard died yesterday of pneumonia and it was his 79th birthday. yet another young musician taken way, way before his time. >>ben: it is down to the final two contestants ever for american idol. >>juliet: the finale set for tonight. i can't believe that, it's crazy. such a good show. it's right here on fox 5 of course and kerry is talking about it with us. >>reporter: i'm a super fan so i'm sad this is going to go. >>ben: there were hints that
5:22 am
it was not immediately, maybe a couple years down the road . >>juliet: i hope it does because i think there's so much talent. american idol will end its run tonight after 15 seasons and now we know who the final two contestants will be. >> is officially the battle of trent versus the porsche. that means we say goodbye to dalton tony , an incredible artist and performer . >>reporter: the porsche reni and trent hartman are left to battle it out, they will have hopes of making history as the last contestant to win the competition. >> i'm so touched. i'm overwhelmed , over to the side bawling my eyes out when i go home. >> to be here and be with a fellow mississippian , that's really special you know? it's almost storybook like. >>reporter: the two finalists both from mississippi. the crowd favorite william on
5:23 am
in season three. an original cohost brian show. nobody has seen him in what, 15 . >>ben: he cries in his tea i'm sure. >>reporter: producers also working on bringing back every idle winner, most of the top three from all 15 seasons for a big performance but kelly clarkson won't be there.she's about to have baby number three. i was looking at twitter not during the show, she tweeted i have never voted for anyone on american idol, not even myself reni. i need her future record. find out who wins and tune into it fox 5 tonight at eight. i will be watching and i've got incredible. i think the porsche will win but i think trent is going to have a great career because he's amazing. i thought his performance as well. >>ben: he will be the daughtry of this season.b5 a lot more coming up.
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>>ben: donald trump's daughter is making headlines of her own this morning by recalling a line of scarves . the consumer product safety commission says the ivanka trump branded scarves pose a burn risk and failed to meet fire standards for textiles. the businesswoman water line of clothing in 2007. this recall affects about 20,000 scarves, making them return to where they were purchased for a full refund . >>juliet: i love her shoes. she makes great shoes. apparently your credit score shows a lot about everything from your politics to music preferences.
5:27 am
. >>juliet: taylor swift fans work prone to have good credit scores . >>ben: think about the rest of this decision, who it sounds like . >>juliet: people with red hat credit were also more likely to vote for presidential republican hopeful john kasich. >>ben: taylor swift, hockey, keep going. >>juliet: those with bad finances tend to support hillary clinton and watch soccer. >>ben: i'm thinking of lamar. >>juliet: the survey also found dog lovers have better credit than lovers. >>ben: we got to run. >>juliet: i have no idea what you're talking about. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
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>>mike: possible thunderstorms on the way, mike woods has a complete forecast and here's the bad news. not only is it going to rain today but it could snow on saturday. >>juliet: luckily it didn't snow on the 17,000 reported people that were out at the donald trump rally in bethpage. >>ben: i think they were inside. >>juliet: when they were waiting to get inside. to get through security.
5:31 am
, highlights of that and also i guess, low lights of ted cruz's appearance which apparently was a dud as the paper is calling. >>ben: yellow cabs are losing tens of thousands of rides. you don't have to be a genius to guess who's picking up the fair. >>juliet: and the lapd opened a criminal investigation against actor charlie sheen . the reason he could be in trouble with the law coming up. >>ben: good morning everybody, i'm ben simmoneau . >>juliet: i'm juliet huddy. >>juliet: >>ben: it's april 7. >>juliet: still basking in the euphoria. >>ben: celebratory lunch yesterday . speak. >>mike: idea to have the ben bob. busybody boob. >>juliet: it's this fiery bowl of sushi like an enema may and
5:32 am
it's so good. >>mike: and a fried egg on top. >>juliet: it gives me goosebumps. it's so good. i'm getting hungry. >>mike: we've got some stuff to deal with over the next few days. today it's warm, not wet yet but it's coming. we got a cloudy sky, 52 degrees, that southwind hung up the warm temperatures and that southwind will pick up as the day goes on. today it is 56 degrees in philly, 55 degrees in dc. those temperatures will start heading up in this direction. as far as the clouds go, the clouds are already here but showers lagging behind that they will be here soon enough. probably some during the morning commute. you see if you is of rain here and there but the biggest stuff is later on this afternoon and into the evening and then it's done but it does get to be warm and windy
5:33 am
a wind advisory in effect for basically all of long island. parts of the city and down into the central and southern sections of new jersey. later this morning and into the afternoon. 52 degrees tomorrow, there is another interesting storm with both rain and snow coming through as it looks on saturday it looks like a baby, but this time of the year that thing could kick out a burst of snow that looks good on saturday. get out of your sunday and it looks sunny. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going on. hopefully we get a nice week . >>ines: it's thursday, what are you talking about? 70 degrees on this thursday morning. a car caught fire, it's been extinguished but that leaves one lane closed. the rocks, there's an accident on major deegan northbound by grand concourse. west side highway northbound on 125th week. the crosswalks there's a spell
5:34 am
let's take a look at the l.i.e. by 106, 107. eastbound all roads are closed because of an investigation but ask it traffic being diverted. as for the b2b heading for the brooklyn bridge, not too bad. let's go to the camera shot. trains running on or close. >>ben: 5:34. presidential candidates pushing hard for votes ahead of new york's upcoming april 19 primer. >>juliet: there's a huge rally on long island yesterday. where donald trump had his 17,000 supporters in attendance, his opponent ted cruz was also pressing the flesh in the bronx . >>ben: fewer than 17,000 there, i think. in all fairness, robert moses, good morning . >>reporter: one note on that 17,000, that was a number.trump tweeted and i checked in with nassau county police. they put the estimate at more
5:35 am
different estimate. either way there were clearly thousands of people in bethpage last night and now the campaign has officially shifted. while to new york. thousands fact roman studios in bethpage for that row last night. donald trump who lost the primary in wisconsin sounded like a man who was glad to be home . this cloud soaked up his life about building a wall and making mexico pay for it and knocking the hell out of isis. trump could not hide his disdain for the man he has taken to calling line ted cruz. >> you have to spell it right. it's ella why five and . line ted. you know line ted cruz came today, he couldn't draw 100 people. i think you could forget about him. forget about him. >>reporter: outside the rally police stood between protesters and supporters. the protesters say they reject his candidacy for several reasons.
5:36 am
racism. when you're talking about going to build a wall to block out mexico and stuff like that, you're not helping create jobs. >>reporter: we mentioned ted cruz. earlier in the day in the bronx, he drew a much more sparse crowd than trump. cruz faces an uphill battle to say the least in new york. trump is widely expected to win. cruz will visit matzo factory in brooklyn. sort of interesting considering the fact that ted cruz has malign so-called new york values. he has not been received well here because of those comments. also ohio governor john kasich will make two stops today . at noon he will be at mike's belly on arthur avenue in the bronx and tonight he hold the town hall meeting in brooklyn so ben and juliet, the campaign is now squarely here. >>ben: you would think , no disrespect to the senator from texas but he get a better audience upstate. you would just think.
5:37 am
his message is sort of evangelical message may play better there than it does here. >>juliet: the sarcastic tone of his comments about new york city , they're definitely not welcome . >>ben: robert moses, thank you very much. another crime to tell you about. 13-year-old boy was stabbed last night in a train in bed stuy brooklyn. he got into an argument with a teenage girl on a manhattan bouncy train around 6 pm. when the doors opened at ralph avenue, the girl pulled the knife out of her bag and stabbed the boy once in his stomach. he was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. that's the picture of the girl. she is described as 14 to 16 years old, 130 pounds, about five foot five inches and wearing a black leather jacket. if you have information call crime stoppers. >>juliet: some bad news if you are set up with the long subway weights.>>ben: the problem
5:38 am
think. let's go to teresa live at the berkeley center stop with more on this. >>reporter: it's bad, it's really bad and you don't need to take my word for it. listen to the states key financial officer who said in an audit, you just can't trust the mta when it comes to performance. this is all laid out in an audit and it shows that wait times on 16 lines , in fact these 16 lines have gotten worse from 2013, 2014 to 2015 and 2016. the audit point out a slide for the five train and the a-line, the best, the one , c, d and g. add to that the audit also states you can't trust the mta when they tell you about wait times. if you are a daily writer you probably already knew that. the reason for this according to the audit is that the mta calculates wait times by taking the average of all the subway
5:39 am
ones that have really short routes and the ones that don't run that frequently. though doing so inevitably boosts the performance times on all lives. writers, when you talk to them they say they had especially since fares keep going up. it's so frustrating. >> at the city was down and you had delays on eight, the sea, the, one. i was caught in it myself. >>reporter: the mta challenges all this, they say the audit includes misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and outright misrepresentations. audit says in order to fix this basically the mta needs an infusion of cash and a better plan for figuring out wait times. was very interesting juliet is also fined there are 11 committees and two separate taskforces assigned to fixing this and not one as a comprehensive plan in place to do so.
5:40 am
>>juliet: you are going to, check out what the scene is right there over the berkeley center because they're going to be a lot of celebrities heading over there rehearsing for the recording of the rock 'n roll hall of fame induction ceremony which happens tomorrow night. major players over there today. thank you very much , i hope you get to your stop. and for those not using the subway, there's a new study out that says huber is taking all the passengers that you are losing. yellow cabs made 60,000 fewer trips this past january than they did in january 2015. while bert drivers made 70,000 more tricks this january than the same month last year. that's according to an analysis by software engineer todd schneider.todd schneider. software engineer. >>ben: how interesting. >>juliet: is the company or is that a guy named todd schneider? p1 okay. let's check the weather forecast and i got to be honest with you, people say i can be a downer when it comes to the weather .
5:41 am
>>ben: next couple of days , it's going to be warm outside. but rainy and windy. >>juliet: your pet leg is upsetting me. >>ben: turn your head around. let's get rid of that stuff. this is going to be one of the more pesky things we have to deal with today. that's a wind advisory and distribute damage with that line of storms coming through. winds coming out of the south at 30 miles per hour but gusting up to 50 so all of long island and monmouth county to the south in new jersey, we got that wind advisory going in from 11:00 this morning until 8:00 this evening. gus could get as high as 50 which could do damage 52 degrees in central park, same thing for newark. doesn't matter where you are on a day like this, temperatures are uniform. winds coming in from the south at 18 miles per hour and they
5:42 am
clouds are here, the showers are not but they will be as we see scattered showers popping up during the morning commute but it's really this afternoon where the rain picks up and even thunderstorms in the mix. windy as well with a high of 60 degrees today. that's around one of the storms, we get kind of a break tomorrow but saturday it looks like an interesting, potent storm with a rain and snow mix and keeps us cold as we head week. don't forget to buy the weather app. >>juliet: come on. >>juliet: do you need the heimlich? here's what's going on this morning. traffic jams here he found exit 41, car caught fire and has been extinguished but still clearing out so one lane is blocked. cameras keeping an eye on the l.i.e..
5:43 am
this is the westbound side but all lanes are reportedly close by exit 106, 107 exit 41 because of an investigation. you see from the r introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch.
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5:46 am
problem but spidey does. the city is another step closer to corralling characters in times square into a certain cordoned off area. the committee approved the bill that would allow the dot , department of transportation to place them in those special zones. the bill goes before the full council today. >>ben: a teacher in newtown connecticut has been arrested and charged for carrying a gun to school. this happened in newtown connecticut. police say jason adams was found with a concealed firearm in newtown middle school. he has a legal gun permit but it's against the law to carry a weapon into a school in the state of connecticut. >>juliet: they were kind of okay with it. i felt like they made a mistake but anyway, attacks heating up between those two. clinton is questioning his truthfulness and preparedness for the presidency, sanders basically doing the same thing. it was out at a rally in philadelphia going after her voting record be on duke now here with sports . >>reporter: good morning. it's cold last night, it was
5:47 am
scoring runs. offense exploded in the bottom of the first. brian mccann with a two run double right here. that will make it three one yankees. word six runs in the inning. astros with fight back. george springer out of yukon , he's going to tag marcus pineda with for the grand slam. first ever grand slam. astros cut the lead to six five but the yankees on fire. sterling castro and a three run blast here. his first home run as a yankee and he had far five rbis , nine five yankees. martin cheryl, i like to see him get off to a hot start. 12 five yankees. yanks when 16 six the final. more fans resting crazy outfits at this game. the winners of the contest held by hbo last week tonight with john oliver. to dress as the sharks from katy perry's super bowl
5:48 am
unicorns. all bought tickets in the legends section to get back at the comments of a yankee official who said that fans paying full price for premium seats might not be comfortable sitting next to fans that have never sat there before so all right. the method off last night but they are off again tonight. they work out at city field around noon ahead of tomorrow's opener. against philly. jacob degraw may not pitch. his wife is expecting. best of all now, next and charlotte and carmelo anthony back in the lineup . he had 15 points. charlotte kimball walker had more than that. he had 34 points. as the hornets win january 11, 1997, knicks have already been eliminated but they have three games left. they also eliminated nets playing out the season against the wizards and robinson
5:49 am
brooklyn but vermont sessions, hot for washington. 18 point for him, 23.4 bradfield is the wizards when it 21 103. brooklyn has lost three games by an average of 19.3 points. the masters begins today. jordan speak your defending champion, tees off at 9:48 am , phil mickelson can coordinate 43, watson, can: 40 3 pm. yesterday, a prelude . i love this. part three. and that was nine holes in one. most exciting though, by 80-year-old gary player. his tee shot . look at this. you see the amazing shape gary player is in?he gets up and does so many push-ups in the morning.
5:50 am
there and tom watson, this will be his last competitive masters. he's on it twice, a time champion. i love the masters . >>ben: it always signals the arrival of spring. great time of year. >>reporter: i can get on to the golf course and play. >>ben: she wants to watch it with us. is that why you're going to florida, you can sit outside and wiry tv out there and watch it in the warm . >>reporter: >>reporter: >>juliet: no. >>ben: golf or tennis? pick one. >>juliet: i can't. they're both like us more to me. no because the cars are really fun to drive. >>ben: i agree with you on tennis. >>juliet: i know you do. >>ben: can't wait for those open highlights duke. >>juliet: let's get over to mike . >>mike: it's an interesting look at the day ahead. what's going on. you can call it wild weather.
5:51 am
day like today. mild and windy with thunderstorms coming at you today. tomorrow we catch a break. it will be colder but then saturday gets chili with snow mixed with rain coming through the tri-state and in some places it looks like you could get accumulation at least for a short period of time before it gets out. it's coming in on saturday which is a good thing. so it doesn't affect school and work but anyhow, here's what we have with temperatures. 52 degrees central park, 81 degrees in bridgeport . 41 degrees in montauk. rows are going to be warm out there, the winds will be picking up. we have cloudy skies here already but the showers , they are lagging behind. the area of low pressure will drive through so you see showers are filling in already . that brings us some showers in the morning commute but the majority comes this evening. that out here by later tonight and tomorrow morning, should be dry. it looked at points like we would have to deal with rainfall but that will not be a problem for us. as we head into saturday things
5:52 am
important wave of good pressure crossing through new jersey and right on top of us. it comes in with rain but on the backside there's that dark band of blue , that may crank up and hang out a little bit. depends on which model you are looking at some of those ring us accumulation for either new jersey or the city into long island, some say to the north . we have to fine-tune that as time goes on but it looks interesting for saturday. i have 60 degrees with a wind advisory, wind gusts up to 50. there's that snow makes coming in on saturday. it's out by sunday so even if you get snow that accumulates it will go away quickly. let's bring in ines rosales and take a look at what's happening. >>ines: we still have problems out there starting with construction on the cross found , westbound by the bronx parkway.
5:53 am
and investigation going on on the deegan northbound. one lane closed by grand concourse. westbound highway you have construction by 125th , repairs going onto that retaining wall they were trying to fix a couple days ago. let's take a look at the l.i.e. where all lanes remain closed as an investigation. here's the westside, delayed by
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>ben: reportedly involving an incident involving sheehan's ex-fianci. rossi's lawyer claim they're investigating sheehan for allegedly threatening to have rossi killed. an emergency restraining order has been filed, no response from sheen or his lawyers. legal blow to the pop star ke$ha . >>juliet: a judge has ruled her lawsuit against doctor lou. she claims luke violated her human rights and that her contract with sony was akin to slavery because sony would let her work with other producers but the judge didn't believe her claim that she was raped by doctor luke and she had denied it back in 2011 deposition. the judge also said the alleged incident happened outside new york and passed the statute of limitations. doctor luke has denied denied any abuse toward kesha but a lot of people who worked with
5:57 am
to say. a chance to win tickets to see hamilton has returned to times square. >>ben: there are a few changes. the show is once again offering it popular live lottery drawing outside the richard rodgers theatre. the only twist is it's only being held for wednesday matinees. hamilton hopefuls can enter the live lottery starting at noon each week. at the theater with a ham for ham performance at 12:25 and the drawing at 12:30. lottery tickets cost just 10 bucks and those tickets now going for a couple hundred dollars. >>juliet: i'm more into. >>ben: that share we told you about, the jk rowling sat on while she wrote the first two harry potter books has sold at auction for $394,000 . >>juliet: there are really rich people out there. rowling received the chair as part of her government housing
5:58 am
the auction was held after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
5:59 am
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the mta is disputing the report.


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