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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. hillary clinton bernie sanders clash . it was the final debate before the new york primary. they fought over everything from wall street to minimum wage to gun control. we will tell you about it . >> there were massive donald trump protest in the city last night with demonstrators storming inside of the gala where he was speaking. >> is just never a good idea. >> some of the best video that we have seen. it's gone viral. let's not laugh but he turned out okay.>> the chimp is okay. >> performing a high wire
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zoo will tell you how, coming up. >> good morning. i am been seminal. >> good morning. >> happy friday! it's nice to be here on a friday morning. it is. it's nice to sleep in . >> are you sleeping in tomorrow? >> i didn't know if you are making a job because you often go away for the weekend. >> no fox. tonight i'm going to paramount file the other theater to see the band ghost. >> is april 15. it's tax day . >> i did not find that out until yesterday's e3 you get a reprieve because there is a holiday in dc. we said yesterday there is a monday holiday in new england, patriot day. where is the new york holiday ? how about our brief when
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ben: look at the optimist. a little bit of sleep deprivation will do it. >> i did the 10:00 news last night. did i leave? >> starting off with chilly temperatures in the morning hours. right now we're sitting in the 30s like in sussex were at 31. we have a bit of a chill in the city where the temperatures are at 450 to 37 in islip.30 towards bridgeport. it's the kind of morning or you want to be bundled up . temperatures warm up and you will shed the outer jacket later on today. we are anticipating another day across the region and we start out with a chill and portions of new jersey. we close into a few locations and we check with prime book . montclair at 550 and paralysis checking in with 43. hoboken is in the mid-40s. the winds are nice and light.
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clear skies are out there with plenty of sunshine as we go through friday. much of the noise northeast is experiencing the weather pattern. that will keep us nice and quiet. highs in the 60s today and tomorrow and we go into the 70s as we go into sunday. that's a check at the weather. let's see how it looks. >> ines is here with a traffic update. >> happy friday. we will start out with 684 looking great. northbound and southbound are in great shape. let's take a look at the southern state parkway. smooth sailing both ways. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> thank you very much. very excited today.sparks flew in brooklyn between hillary clinton bernie sanders during the
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>> it was contentious at times . they attacked each other on several different fonts. robert joins us live from the newsroom to tell us all about its return this was the . robert: this was the ninth democratic debate .it was a sporting event it would've been a playoff game . it was witnessed by a crowd at full throat . >> i love being in brooklyn! >> do not let the smiles for you. hillary clinton bernie sanders attacked each other. as he has before, sanders questioned her judgment . >> do you really feel confident about the candidate saying that she is going to bring change in america where she is dependent on big-money interest!i don't
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>> clinton went easy . >> secretary clinton called them out. they must have been really crushed. >> before or after you received money. >> as for this be engagements, she said she would release transcripts as soon as others do the same. >> clinton and sanders spoke over each other . >> wait a minute! i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight times . i have said the exact same thing . if we can raise it to new 15 in new york or los angeles let's do it! >> her husband sign the crime bill it had consequences like harsh prints prison sentences. >> i supported the bill and my husband was the
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>> he slammed clinton for using the term super predators to describe gang members. >> another point of contention was israel sanders criticized clinton for losing sight of the palestinians. >> we have to treat the palestinian people with respect and israel . >> they do not invite rockets raining down on the town in villages . bernie sanders says he will release the tax returns today for 2014. >> both at sides have talked about the debate but no date has been set . >> frankly, i think nine times is not enough.
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that , let me know of course i say that with tongue in cheek. frankly, if you haven't had enough information yet , i don't know where you have been! juliet: thank you so much . ben: let's keep hearing debates@but really? how many have we had? >> at least they are making it interesting . juliet: it was like yes , hillary . yes, bernie . ben: some thrusters managed to get inside. there were some arrests. >> is one of the great cities of the world!
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advantage, donald trump introduces the big apple to big donors and explains what new values are all about ! what we see in your values? we see really incredible things when you look at 9/11 , new york police and firefighters incredible! >> you are so alive when you're in new york and you don't want to sleep . we were afraid he will miss something. >> i will admit to you , i haven't built any buildings in new york city but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution. >> the event at the grand hyatt was an opportunity to make their case. >> i want to suggest to quality when we live in the dark one practice politics
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people don't like it. >> if you wage war against the us in situ murder innocent americans, we are coming to get you. we are not coming to interrogate you and we are not coming to read you your rights . >> hundreds disagree tried storming the lobby. 31 people were arrested. >> america has a tried and true history. the only thing that is ever made changes civil disobedience. >> inside the hyatt , he interviewed ted cruz. >> he has gotten so much flak about new york values in new york. you're not going to win new york. do you wish you could take
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new york values? >> not remotely. because the values of liberal democratic politicians the people of new york are suffering . it's here in the city. we see murder rates go up and we see homeless rates go up. bill de blasio stopped monitoring neighborhood with terrorist. it doesn't make any sense. those policies are hurting the people in new york. >> greg and roel talk about the conversation with ted cruz on good day new york. the juror michael vargas, lied to get on the jury by withholding information about his criminal past.
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same one that peter liang was facing. the judge says he did not believe he knowingly hid the details and he upheld liang's manslaughter conviction. >> he was ducking questions and not coming with answers. he kept on playing with words. there is always the appeals court . >> part of the issue is that he was estranged from his father his whole life. he grew up in an orphanage. the question he was asked is do you have any close resident relatives that were convicted of a crime and he said no. >> it's on tuesday and prosecutors have recommended probation with no prison time. >> was there crossing of words there? you can understand passion from both sides but hearing that yes. >> early skies and mild temperatures continue. my furniture is on my
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>> very nice! audrey will tell us all about the weekend and how it shapes up. curtis is threatening to run for queensboro president. >> he is such a troublemaker!
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that, when we come back good morning.
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across the tri-state. we have readings in the 20s and the 30s at the northwest like monticello and poughkeepsie. we are in the 40s at the city and it's 400 in montauk . you are waking up to 420 at the moment. heading off to the northern areas, we are at 340 in bedford . 36 is the same number and hudson and right and down towards the fonts and prospect checking in at's nice and clear out there and we will see plenty of sunshine as we go through our friday. much of the northeast is quiet and it will stay that way today and much of the upcoming weekend. one is sitting down towards the southeast producing hail across parts of florida. we have another low developing with some strong storms out towards the northern plains. there is another low
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it's in the northeast and its the one keeping us with good weather. it's blocking an area of high pressure to keep us next few days. >> we are expecting nice temperature in the upper 60s and mid-60s. we will be chile once again with lows dropping down and we will be in the 60s tomorrow. move into the 70s for sunday and monday and the most significant feature is that we are rain free for the next few days as temperatures remain above average next week. you can track the weather anytime of the day by downloading the weather up. you can find it free at the google place toward. >> we can also give you a free travel report . have a situation is 178 that you want to watch out for. there is an accident blocking two lanes and you can see
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two lanes. the staten island expressway looks good between the verrazano bridge. let's go to the cameras and look at long island. southern state parkway is doing good and there is no issues here by the parkway. heading towards the bridge, it's a good start on this friday morning. traffic is moving fine coming off of the lincoln and george washington bridge. hudson river parkway is moving without any issues. >> here he is! courteously well. he is talking about running for queensboro president. >> we will get to that in a moment. first, let's talk about the democrats. they shouted and yelled and talked over each other. they pointed fingers and they question each other's credentials. i was proud of bernie sanders. he really gave it to hillary.he had fire! >> i am not voting for the democrats.
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>> i will be talking to ted cruz later today one-on-one. he will have to try to convince me what he really meant about new york values. that has been a big impediment. >> i think he tried to make it like when he talks about the values he's talking about the mindset of the people who are running new york. >> he's talking about andrew cuomo and bill de blasio.>> can you not let him off the hook. i agree with juliet. that's his excuse. he is talking about the politicians but he did not say that. he said new york values with the eight a half million people living in the city and the 20 million in the metro area with a very broad brush saying that it's calling it a cesspool.
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>> don't spend any more time in new york. just go to pennsylvania, new jersey and the upcoming primary. you have no traction in new york whatsoever. >> i will be interview him tonight at 505. 770 a.m. , w abc. 101. juliet: can i call in because i will drive home . curtis: you will actually take the time out to pick up your cell phone and actually call? i feel like drake! pick up a cell phone ! ben: he showed up at the grand hyatt last night. the protesters gathered outside the building . any odds for casing here? do you think he has a shot for john kasich? could they have picked them out if he passed by in a suit? the answer is number he has
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trump will walk . >> if every broker convention, does he have a shot? >> if they all get to the broker convention, they still have a shot but let's face it no one could put kim out of a lineup. it will be trump land here in new york state. the rnc just doesn't want that on his head. >> adding insult to injury you are threatening to run for queensboro president against your ex, linda cat . >> have you damn sure enough? >> and i have a right to run for political office? flex my favorite part is the article about running for president the article makes plain as day that it's unclear where you live. where you live? >> none of your business. juliet: it's none of our business? you want to know personal thing about us . curtis: it's brooklyn right now. it's none of your business. i have to change my residence to queens .
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that to her? have you not done enough? curtis: when i'm standing there and the republicans are saying to run! aren't there other areas ? ben: i have proof that curtis will not run . curtis has far too much alimony to pay any can't give up the radio salary . [laughter] it's not only alimony. you forget child support. i'm working on all of it now . >> like a lot of the politicians, it's a deal on the side. curtis: is that what you think about me diva girl? curtis: if i formally register, which side will i will you be on ? will you vote for the guy
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juliet: she's corrupt. you are just you are evil. 's the seven i had pillow talk for years. i know. what a fair weather friend you are, diva girl. 770 a.m. [laughter] when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. your choice of the lincoln mkc
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for $289 a month,
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it's a bit chilly in the tri-state area. you can shed the hour later later and temperatures warm up in monticello and it looks like we are in the 40s out towards new york city. we are nice and dry this clear skies. that will lead us into sunny skies for the region. we are under the impression that we will stay anchored over the northeast.we will have a very nice stretch of whether to continue right through the weekend. for the meantime today, high numbers in the 60s across to much of the tri-state area. no rain is in the forecast
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>> audrey, you have to watch this video. the chimpanzee goal in a wild and dangerous climbing adventure in japan. >> the chimp named cha-cha was on the loose for two hours . he was perched on top of the pole . he was shot with a sedative and caught in a blanket by workers down below. officials are investigating .they caught him. >> he is okay. >> he will be fine. >> time for's the final game of the three-game series. 1/0 yankees. the scores from third in its 2/0 but fortunately josh donaldson rips a three run blast. it makes it 3/2 and they go on to win at 4/2 for the final. the stanley cup playoffs with a matchup in the
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>> florida had the lead three times but the islanders answered back in the second. with john tavarez making the pass at the side of the net. carl files to roberto and his up 4/3. the hang on today won the series. the final game is tonight . the nfl has released this year's regular season schedule. >> the jets are opening at metlife's a 11th week and they play the patriots on the road on christmas eve. the giants open their
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september. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy
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this is a good day wake up from "fox 5 news". juliet: it's an allergy kind of day. my throat is scratchy. nice sunny weather continues . temperature start to creep temperature start to creep up slowly but surely. audrey is here and she tells us all about it. >> it's a battle in brooklyn with hillary clinton bernie sanders facing off in a democratic debate. they sparred over everything from minimum wage. >> the gala was directed by antitrust protesters. they push their way into the hyatt.


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