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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox five nice. this is "good day new york." >> taxes are due because it is april 15th. >> it is friday. nice to have you with us. i'm rosanna scotto. greg kelly here. we're not complaining about the weather at all. beautiful, sunny, and temperatures this weekend boeing to be, spectacular. a-plus. audi puente is as good time charlie it had the road. >> where did he go? part-time meteorologist. big debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. got very intense, listen to this. >> excuse me. senator, please. >> new york, los angeles, or seattle.
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>> you're both screaming at each other. >> oh, boy. >> i don't think they were quite screaming at each other. >> no, but it got loud. wolf blitzer said they were screaming at each other. >> it had a brooklyn feel but it was good. republican candidates tried to woo new yorkers at the bop dinner. >> john kasich, went with the like tie routine. >> a lot of people outside the venue trying to interrupt the galla. the gala went on despite people it. >> what i saw when i walked right by it, it was well-controlled. people we encountered well-based as far as protesters go. >> very nice. new video basically surfaced showing mayor de blasio meeting
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federal corruption investigation. this was taken outside the donor's home in 2014. >> he minimized. gave himself wiggle room how many times he met him even over the past year. so, hello. >> war embrace too. gave him a hug. >> what's happening? >> well, yesterday you and i sat down with ted cruz. we stood up and talked to ted cruz. >> can't quite see me but i'm in the middle. >> you were in the middle. you mediated things. >> tried to keep you away from ted cruz and vice verse is. good exchange. substantive. sometimes amusing. >> we tried to get him off his talking points. that was the bottom line. we heard some of these answers before of the we were trying to get into a conversation, rather than talking points. >> interesting exchange. we'll have highlights a little bit.
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>> i was there also, k-9 coalition for independence. they train dogs to help disabled. >> you were at the ballroom? >> yes. it wants, greg said, it was kind of controlled. ballroom. different kind of chaos. >> that's nice. >> mike woods is where? another sabbatical or what? >> coast tariq coo. >> are you kidding me? >> world tour continues. >> part-time airline pilot or something. what's up? >> we're experiencing uncosta rican temperatures across the tri-state area. it is chilly. that will be trend. start off with cool mornings. temperatures warm up nicely later in the day. 30 degrees in sussex and 44 in central park. 38 in islip and bridgeport you're waking up with
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montauk at 43. in belmar the read something 36. white plains, you're waking up with 36 degrees as well as new rochelle. we're in the 40s in the bronx and over towards throgs neck. high pressure is in control. that will bring us nice and dry weather for the friday, right into the weekend. we're expecting sunny skies for saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 60s for today and tomorrow. we'll hit the 70-degree mark as we go into sunday. more details coming up. for now let's get the traffic details with ines. >> audrey, we have our share of problems. a lot of them. approaching 287 you have an accident there. things in long island are doing, the lie by patch brook road no problems in either direction. the cross bronx, it is a headache this problem. two problems. go to the camera shot. alexander hamilton bridge,
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you have another accident by the sheraton and by the bruckner. major deegan doing fine. greg and rosanna. >> big debate last night in brooklyn, the center of the political universe. there in manhattan actually but a big debate on cnn. >> it was a little contentious. hillary will not go down in new york state and bernie is from brooklyn. come on. >> contentious. at one point i thought they were going to get physical. they weren't screaming but at one point i thought they were getting physical. robert moses has it. what's up? >> reporter: if you compare this to a sporting event it would be a playoff game filled with importance in front after crowd full throat. it had new york attitude. jabs and insults flew freely on the banks of east river. >> i love being in brooklyn. this is great. smiles fool you. clinton and bernie sanders
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as he has before sanders questioned clinton's judgment. >> do we really feel confident about a candidate saying she will bring change in america when she is so depend dent on big-money interests? i don't think so. >> president obama trusted my state. >> reporter: sanders reprised another line of attack. using biting sarcasm said banks. out. my goodness they must have been really crushed by this. was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements. >> reporter: as for those speaking engagements clinton said she would release transcript from them as soon as other can diets do the same. clinton and sanders frequently spoke over each other as they did in this exchange, raising the minimum wage for $15. >> wait a minute. i have stood own the debate stage with senator sanders eight other times. >> excuse me.
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>> senator, please. >> raise it to -- [both talking at once] >> reporter: clinton acknowledged the 1994 crime bill her husband signed had consequences like harsh prison sentences for low level offenders. >> i supported crime bill. my husband apologized. he was president who signed it. >> reporter: sanders slammed clinton for using term super predators to describe gang members. >> it's a racist term. everybody most that. he slammed clinton for lose-loses sight of the palestinians. >> we have to treat with the palestinians with dignity think. that doesn't make me anti-israel. >> they do not invite rockets raining down on their towns and villages. >> reporter: then they were gone. hillary clinton travelings to
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fund-raiser. bernie sanders heads to the vatican. he is expected to give a 10 minute speech there although not clear if he will meet with the pope. sanders also says his campaign will release his 2014 tax returns today. greg, rosanna back to you. >> thanks, robert, a lot. let's do the republicans. a big event at the hilton on 42nd street. donald trump in tuxedo. >> they were at the hyatt. big gop convention. >> cruz in tuxedo. >> governor kasich. >> let's see what he wore. a suit and tie. i wonder why? >> i don't know. while they're inside talking to all the gop supporters, outside there were a lot of people protesting. they were trying to make their way inside of the hyatt. didn't happen. teresa priolo outside trump tower this morning in midtown. what's going on, teresa? >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna and good morning, everyone. all the gop hopefuls getting a
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late start last night. they tried to make the case where their values are in line with new york values. >> it is one of the great, great cities of the world and it is called new york city. >> reporter: capitalizing on his home field advantage, front-runner donald trump dusts the big apple to big-time donors and explains what new york values are all about. >> when we talk about values, what do we see in new york values? we see our really, really incredible, when you look at september 11th especially, new york police and new york firefighters. incredible. >> reporter: his opponent took a shot at it too. >> you're so alive when you're in new york. the fact is you don't want to sleep when you're in new york. and the reason you don't want to sleep is because you're afraid you're going to miss something. >> i will admit to you, i haven't built any buildings in new york city. but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution. >> reporter: this event at the grand hyatt was on important
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make their case against next week east primary. >> i have to suggest to all of you, when we live in the dark, when we practice politics in the dark, over time people don't like it. >> if you wage war against the united states of america, if you seek to murder innocent americans, we are coming to get you. we are not coming to interrogate you. we are not coming to read you your rights. we are coming to kill you. >> reporter: dinner comes as trump takes up this endorsement. "new york post" says he needs more work on being more presidential and better informed but the paper believes he reflects the best of new york values. [shouting] outside the gala hundreds disagreed. some tried storming the hotel lobby. 31 people were arrested. >> america has tried and true history. the only thing that ever made
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civil disobedience. >> reporter: trump had his supporters on hand. he is not the smartest man in the world. i think he is good businessman. he puts people around him to make him better. >> reporter: more good news for "the donald." new "fox news poll" shows him ahead significantly, 45%, according to the polls. cruz is in second and john kasich rounds out at third. latest from midtown this morning. greg, rosanna, back to both of you. >> teresa, thank you very much. past couple shows we had donald trump on the show. >> governor kasich yesterday. >> last night it was senator ted cruz's turn to get the "good day new york" treatment. >> we broke it down and will new york values and ideas here that really affect our community. >> all right. so we had a decent discussion. here is part one. >> let's talk about why you want to president of the united states. >> make your case. >> what we're doing right now in
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people are hurting across this country. we've had seven years of economic stagnation. people are out of work. wages are not going up. young people coming out school they can't find jobs. we've got to change the path we're on. my number one priority as president will be bringing back jobs and economic growth. if i'm elected as president, we'll repeal obama care. pass a simple flat tax. today is tax day. every american will be able to fill out our taxes on a postcard. and we'll abolish the irs. >> monday is tax day. >> but april 15th is the day. today is supposed to be tax day. today is the day people are thinking about it and they're thinking about it wooing the check. we're going to get rid of all the complexity and all the mess and have a postcard return. abolish the irs. we'll rein in regulations hammering small business. we'll stop amnesty and end sanctuary cities. the effect of all of that, we'll see millions and millions of new
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america. we'll see jobs coming back from mexico, coming back from china. we'll see manufacturing jobs coming back to the state of new york. we'll see wages rising again and see young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five, job oners. that is what this election is all about. >> senator you're in new york, just a few miles from here ground zero world trade center. >> absolutely. >> thousands of first-responders came to the site and breathed poison air. the act was designed to help them with illnesses that occurred on that day and afterwards. you opposed it. that is what we're reading up here in new york. why did you oppose it. >> what you're read something not accurate. i support the sdroga. we should support the 9/11 responders. the reason i voted against it, it was rolled into a giant omnibus, in order to vote for it you had to vote for president
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you had to vote for bringing refugees to america despite the security threat. i would vote against that i would happily voted in favor of the is a droving ga act, but not if it melt involving policies. >> on this, couldn't you follow up and become a cosponsor of the act? word in d.c. among the republican delegation you were suspicious of the intent, that these were troops civil servants who are milking the system, who are exaggerating their illness. do you believe my of that? >> no of course not. >> do people believe that about you. >> it is sim flip not the case. i can tell you seeing tremendous support from police officers, firefighters, first-responders. one of the most shameful things last seven years, president obama, attorney general, sadly mayor de blasio here in new york, in neustons after instance they side with the criminals, they side with looters and rioters instead of law enforcement.
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blue here in new york, stood up and turned their back on mayor de blasio millions across this country cheered. as president we'll have a president if i'm elected who has the back, who stands with the police officers and firefighters and first-responders and for that matter, who sands with soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines risking their lives every day to keep us safe. >> senator, how do you explain the sandy bill which was going to help thousands of people in the tri-state area, devastated after hurricane sandy? you didn't support that bill but you certainly supported the bill in texas to help the people who were victims of flooding. >> it is actually a very easy explanation. i said at the time of sandy we needed to provide hurricane relief. it was the right thing to do and i would have supported it. you know what washington did? they took that bill and loaded it up with $50 billion -- >> that's what they do with everything. >> but they don't have to. if we're going to change it, we have $19 trillion in debt. it is larger than our economy.
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so i said at the time, let's fund sandly relief. let's do what we're supposed to do but don't fill it with billions and billions in spending. sadly both democrats and republicans. they saw a sandy relief bill which is good thing. let me stick on all the pork unrelated. if we don't stop this, our kids in the future they're not going to be able to spend for the priorities of the future, for needs of the future. they will spend their whole lives working to pay off the debt of their parents and grandparents. i was elected by 27 million texans to fight for them to stop the debt bankrupts our country. >> all right. that is part one. part two and part three are coming. gets a little intense. >> we tried to get under his skin a little bit. >> tried to get under his skin. he said stuff about new york. we had some things to say about that. >> we took offense to it. >> rosanna, in particular you were terrific. anyway, i have to say he is
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that is one heck of a intellect. >> totally different looking in person. we were wow, you come off very different on air than you do in person. >> the thing is, he is a little sharper looking in person. he is. >> he is not so piesty and white -- pasty and white. it is true. on tv he looks so hard and pasty. >> i think he lost some weight as well. >> i was going to say, he is not quite as chubby. he looked different in person. i do too. people say the same thing. you're not as fat as you look on tv. >> a little of you, we die a little it about, a little bit when we hear that. anyway, audrey, what is going on? >> looks like if you're going to be heading out today, you want to be bundled up, folks. we're a little bit chilly across the tri-state area. especially north and west we have reads in the 20s like monticello. 33 in poughkeepsie and 44 right now in central park. we have clear skies. it will stay that way as we go
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you can expect plenty of sunshine for your friday. we'll take good weather right into the weekend too. high temperatures in the upper 50s across east end of long island. we'll be in the mid 60s in and around new york city for today. then tonight we'll have clear skis which will drop the numbers into the 20s north and west once again. in the city we should be near 40 degrees for the most part. tomorrow in the 60s again. sunshine stays with us right through the weekend. highs moving into the 70s by sunday and monday. we'll check in with ines and the roads. >> nassau county seeing normal delays. accident off to the shoulder on lie by glen cove road. cross bronx is a mess. live pictures by the sheraton. left lane is blocked. everything off to the shoulder. everything is open eastbound by the sheraton. but delays back to the gwb. earlier accident by the bruckner interchange. those two problems, they have
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traffic at a crawl this morning on the crossbronx. as for trains, metro-north, long island railroad and
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart
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and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above (music plays) in this city, there is always a threshold waiting to be cros sed. waiting for you to go beyond. to find the other side, to find yourself... greater. eight million footsteps daring past limits and delta, right there with you, as if all of us were saying together: new york. is. go. even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of
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rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> pretty thick on the george washington bridge, no? >> as we listen to music from our good friend seal. remember when he dropped by? >> love it. >> steve miller band guy. also steve miller. what is going on? >> let's talk about there will be no new trial for the former nnpd trial peter liang. they were in court yesterday. >> there is peter liang where he
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he was convicted of manslaughter in the death of akai gurley. here he is finding out the news. last couple weeks, emerged, one of the jurors, 62-year-old michael vargas may have misled the court about his family history with the criminal justice system. 62-year-old michael vargas, apparently who had father accidentally shot somebody who went to jail for seven years. did not own up to that during voir dire, they call it. >> the judge, said he didn't believe mr. vargas knowingly hid the details. so he helped up mr. liang's manslaughter conviction. liang is scheduled to be sentenced on tuesday. prosecutors recommended probation with no prison time. so let's see what the judge does. >> mayor de blasio has a big problem on his hands. a corruption probe seems to be getting closer and closer. >> a hug with the guy that he said he really didn't know that well. >> those real estate developers
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corruption probe, close ties to mayor de blasio, maybe even closer than he has acknowledged in the past. let's go to stacy delikat. she has more outside of city hall. hi, stacy. >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna. mayor de blasio has been trying to distance himself from the corruption investigation all week. new details continue to emerge. "wall street journal" marist poll show his approval ratings are at their lowest since he took office. recap some details about this probe. two men at center of the investigation are two big fund-raisers for de blasio's mayoral campaign and his fund. jeremiah writeburg and jonah. recberb they are aaccused giving gifts for high-ranking members of the nypd in exchange for personal favors. they were appointed to the mayor's inaugural committee in 2013. the suggestion they gave and raised all money they did to get hall. mayor de blasio said he barely
7:25 am
only had a few conversations with them although he did acknowledge going to fund-raiser at one of their homes he said he really didn't remember it. now the new video surfaced showing the mayor greeting jeremy writeburg outside of his home in 2014. de blasio was hugging write burke. he was hosting a the fund-raiser for one new york fund. it brought in $35,000. this is part of the ongoing corruption investigation. mayor de blasio continued to deny any wrongdoing in this case. >> we've done things right. we hold ourselves to very high standard, we always have. and that's why i was very happy to tell an attorney representing my campaign called them and said, how can we help? because we would be happy to. >> reporter: meanwhile, report in the "new york post" this morning says a top aide to the mayor warned his fund raising team to keep them off the inaugural committee but the campaign fund-raisers ignored
7:26 am
the mayor says to this date no one from the u.s. attorney's office contacted him or his campaign or his attorneys. he says he only found out what he knows from news reports. certainly the story is at the beginning. we'll wait to see how it unfolds. greg, rosanna i will sent it back to you. >> stays, thanks a lot. >> coming up on good day no, we'll have more of our interview with ted cruz. we tried our best to recant what he said. take back what he side about new york values. >> he doesn't do it but he does offer an explanation. >> we rattle him a little bit, a little bit. >> you think so no. >> i don't know. you see. you be the judge.
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come seek the royal caribbean.
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come seek the royal caribbean. >> that big skinny building. >> yeah. >> not sure how i feel about it yet. >> huh. >> suddenly basically the tallest building in town seems like. >> wow. all right, is that park avenue? where are we? >> we are up -- >> 59th, park. oh, worry close to the power breakfast the lowe's is two blocks up. >> reg gene sy. let's see. >> al sharpton. >> with bloomberg. >> you never know who will be there.
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>> like odd couple. >> derek jeter with carrot top. something along those lines. >> always interesting. very nice eggs. they make good scrambled eggs by the way. >> oh, they used to have free m&ms, remember that? >> not anymore. let's talk about the weather. glad you're with us. 7:30 exactly. good morning, audrey. >> good morning. we have readings in 30s in the north and west into like poughkeepsie and sussex and month sell loy at the -- monticello at freezing mark. 39 up towards bridgeport. everyone is waking up with clear skies at the moment. areawide we're seeing temperatures in the 30s across westchester and white plains and new rochelle. in the 40s across the yonkers and bronx and throgs neck. high pressure in control over the northeast.
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main down to the mid atlantic. we're experiencing very dry, sunny conditions for your friday. that will take us right into the weekend as this high will sit right over the region, giving us this nice stretch of weather. as we go through the day. that will help warm up through the mid 60s. the upper 50's. we'll be in 60s tomorrow and 70s as we go into sunday and weather. ines. >> audrey we have our problems this morning. route 70 westbound towards 287, expect delays. a accident blocking two lanes and fuel spill. that is backing things up. 27 is doing fine. -- 287. this is the west customers by the play land parkway. there is the now sound side. northbound heading towards 287 looks good. cross bronx traffic moving slow.
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and one by sheridan. bridge. traffic backed up to the gwb. 60 minute delay on upper level. lower level is good option at 45 minutes. trains, signal problems. five train southbound, two line between 149th street and nevin street. some trains traveling uptown are terminating at 87th street. expect delays with the 4s and the 5s. greg and rosanna. >> debate last night, cnn it was late, two hours. >> but it was feisty i have to say. good tv. >> it got intense, borderline nasty. here is sample. >> excuse me, secretary, senator, please. >> i said if we can raise it to 15 in new york or los angeles or seattle, let's do it. >> you're both screaming at each other. the viewers won't -- >> i feel like i've seen this episode before. however the stakes are higher. look, hillary seems to being losing ground and primary is tuesday!
7:33 am
town. she was senator here. she is not going down without a fight. bernie's from brooklyn. he moved out in the '60s. he was outside of his housing, his house not too long ago, a few days ago. he still has roots here. >> let's bring in some experts. we have hank sheinkopf, long time democratic strategist in new york city. we have tara dodel. new to the scene but skilled i'm sure. who won? >> hillary clinton won decisively. >> decisively? >> absolutely. she stood her ground. she actually looked presidential. he looked like a screaming lunatic. >> tara, what would you think. >> i won't say hillary won the debate. she certainly had strong moments and breakout moments. that was certainly new york city debate though. but she had some strong moments. he stumbled a few times particularly on gun safety issue. >> we'll talk about that. >> there is back and forth on
7:34 am
>> what i want to start by saying, it is not a laughing matter. 90 people on average a day are killed or commit suicide, or die in accidents from guns. [applause] 33,000 people a year. i take it really seriously, because i have spent more time than i care to remember. >> he was kind of laughing weirdly at on grave subject, hank. >> he has to. he is out of step with new york certainly on gun control positions. he comes from a state where there are no gun laws. he has done nothing to change that particular pattern. he is out of step. he does not have the same values of new yorker. he may have been born here but has been out of here a long time. >> sarah, do you feel same way? >> this is issue continues to dog him with the clinton team takes advantage. you saw his discomfort talking about issue. if i were advising him i would have brought up the fact that president obama referred to hillary clinton as annie oakley
7:35 am
she was actually more aligned with nra than president obama was at the time. i think it was missed opportunity for him. showed his uncomfort -- >> unfair to equate hillary at time in her career more closely aligned with the nra. >> i said at the time then candidate obama. >> the nra has detested her from the beginning and she has never been -- >> she received campaign contributions. >> seemed to get a little rattled last night talking about releasing transcripts of speeches that she gave. >> to banks like goldman sachs. watch this. >> many democratic voters who want to see those transcripts. it is no about the republicans. [cheering] >> you know, let's set the same standard for everybody. when everybody does it, okay. i will do it. but let's, expect the same standard on tax returns. [booing] everybody does it and then we move forward. >> thank you. well let me respond. secretary clinton, you just
7:36 am
it, she will do it. i will do it. [cheering] i am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that i gave on wall street behind closed doors. not for 225,000. not for 2,000, not for two cents. there were no speeches. >> wow. audience went wild, hank, right? >> look, she lost that down. she lost that particular discussion. she is wrong about wall street in the eyes of many people. the battle between big banks and little people, bernie sanders wins the argument. >> why did she give the speeches? she knew she was running for president? >> i think it was a mistake. she now knows it was mistake. she can't really defend it because, you need to release the transcripts or you don't. and so, she is trying to defend the indefensible at this point. that is really a problem for her. on wall street, that is where
7:37 am
for hillary it is the gun safety issue. that is where she shines in terms of contrasting themselves from each other. >> how do they handle the israel situation, israeli-palestinian situation. >> here is little bit of their give-and-take. >> we are going to have to treat the palestinian people with respect and dignity. -- anti-israel. >> they do not invite rockets raining down on their towns and villages. >> hank? >> bernie sanders is a colossal liar first of all. >> wow,. >> last week he said, he distorted number of people killed in the last gaza war. he did that on purpose. did it time and time again. the facts are different. this is the new kind of anti-semitism he is purveying somehow equates support for netanyahu and state of is rile with being anti-arab. >> bernie sanders he is jewish. anti--- >> best self-loathing people are israel. go to the jews, see them all day long. >> come on, hank.
7:38 am
particular issue. him saying even suggesting that this government has agreed with prime minister netanyahu on a constant basis is just distortion of fact. obama has certainly not. that is just not true. >> tara, what do you think? >> i agree on this one point of the i don't think this government, that president obama has been in lockstep with president netanyahu, with prime netanyahu. but i will say, shouldn't be controversial or viewed as anti-semitic, you should show some level of compassion for any people. >> right, hank. >> any people around the world. i say the same thing about any people around the world including israeli. >> this is back step to get off his distortion of facts about the last gaza war he distorted number of people killed and wounded. it is just not true. he is a liar. >> let me ask you this, am i bad citizen because i fell asleep at 37 minutes in? >> i would have -- >> we were really tired. >> we were --
7:39 am
cruz. >> why would people want -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for helping us digest this. speaking of ted cruz we're going to show you a little bit more for our discussion with him over new york values. >> hire it goes. part two. you're in new york now. has to be a little bit awkward. i heard various interpretations of your remarks. what did you mean? seemed like you were saying something kind of dark about new york during that debate? >> well listen the phrase didn't come from my. the phrase came from donald trump. it came from an interview with donald trump did with "meet the press" a number of years ago where he was explaining his strong support for partial-birth abortion. his explanation, he said, hey, i'm from new york. those are new york values. they're not iowa values. that was donald's own explanation of why he supported partial-birth abortion. >> different i think a new yorker says it but somebody from outside of new york. >> let me be clear. i do not support the values of liberal democratic politicians.
7:40 am
mayor bill de blasio is elected and one of the first things i does, go up to harlem and try to throw kids out of charter kids, young african-american kids, young hispanic kids because he is so in hock to the teachers boss, teachers unions he cares more about the adults than he does the kids. >> you have made your case on that. but i have to say, as a new yorker i'm still offended and i think that if you -- >> let me are you a democrat. >> i'm an independent. >> do you vote democrat? did you vote for de blasio? >> she, but can't comment. >> i will tell you this, you've gotten so much flak about new york values in new york. you're not at this point going to win new york. do you wish you could take back what you said about new york values. >> not remotely because the values of liberal democratic politicians, the people of new york are suffering under them. you know, is with in buffalo recently. people are hungry for jobs and they're saying for example, if
7:41 am
have the marcellus shale. there are people who have high-paying jobs because they're developing their resources. knucklehead liberal politicians in new york won't allow new yorkers to develop their resources and as a result, apparently they don't think new yorkers want jobs. let me tell you, here in the city, under bill de blasio, last year we saw murder rates go up. we're seeing homelessness go up. bill de blasio canceled stop and frisk and stopped monitoring neighborhoods where terrorists potentially congregate. that doesn't make any sense. and those liberal policies are hurting the people of new york. >> program was a bit more nuanced. we're running out of time. let me get to you on this. you mentioned mayor de blasio but i heard you mention governor cuomo and chuck schumer this is new york. not everybody is republican in america. >> really? >> let's -- or somewhere else. my question for you, how are you, a guy like ted cruz, you're
7:42 am
buy that you're succeeding a divisive president, if you become president how do you bring the country together? right now you're a highly figure? >> we're saying happening nationwide is we're seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign, of the seventeen republicans who started this race, five have endorsed my campaign. we've been endorsed by rick perfectly, by lindsey graham, by fiorina. we're seeing republicans come together because it is real simple. if donald trump is the nominee hillary clinton wins and hillary wins by double digits. now if someone is a liberal hillary supporter that is fright outcome. but if you don't like the path we're on, if you're tired of young people coming out of school with student loans scared and not getting jobs, if you want a change and if you're tired of an administration at that abandons israel and coddles radical islamic terrorists you don't want donald to be nominee and hillary to be president. we're seeing republicans coming together behind our campaign.
7:43 am
seeing libertarians. we're seeing democrats, every day democrats come up to plea all over country, i've been a democrat my whole life but i'm voting for you, what we're doing isn't working. we need jobs again and protect the constitution and bill of rights. >> latest "fox news poll" just out today shows donald trump is widening his lead against you. 18 points. obviously he is resonating out there in america. >> donald is not going to win. the last three weeks there have been 11 elections in four different states. we have beaten donald in all 11. we won a landslide in utah. won all debt gates there. we won 18 delegates in north dakota compared to only one for donald trump. in wisconsin all the pundits said what you just said. we can't win wisconsin. wisconsin is perfect state for donald trump. it is upper midwest state. not a lot of evangelicals there. it is industrial state, a blue-collar state. demographics are very similar to
7:44 am
the day before the election donald trump promise ad quote big victory in wisconsin. we won a landslide in wisconsin. won 48% of the vote. beat him by 13 points. and then in colorado, there were eight elections all across the state. we won every single one of them. won all of the delegates. >> can you do that in new york? >> new york is donald's home state. >> what about new jersey? >> new york is donald's home state. he is probably going to do well here. if donald doesn't get substantially above 50%, people will see that as big loss. we're campaigning to earn delegates here. i tell you donald is not going to get 1237. we have won state after state after state. we're beating donald over and over and over again. for republicans who don't want to lose, let me quote mitt romney of who just a couple weeks ago, who said a vote for john kasich a vote for donald trump. if you don't want donald trump to be nominee. if you don't want hillary clinton to be the next president, the only campaign
7:45 am
over and over again, can and will be donald is our campaign. that is why so many people are coming together and uniting behind our campaign. >> we'll see how it goes. senator ted cruz, thanks for being on "good day new york." >> thank you for having me. >> take it back about new york values, please! >> i will say this. >> okay. >> i love the people of new york. i love the firefighters and police officers. i have lived in new york. my wife lived in new york. new york city brings the best and brightest from all over the world who want to conner the world. the people of new york are wonderful. but the liberal politicians keep hurting people -- >> that is such a general thing to say. >> i've been very specific. i've been very specific about the policies that are harmful. i don't like liberal politicians preventing new yorkers from working. i don't like bill de blasio making a new york city a sanctuary city and tyking away jobs from american citizens. i don't like bill de blasio trying to throw young african-american kids out of their charter schools and siding with criminals over cops resulting in murder rates going up.
7:46 am
men and women of new york and what we're saying is they're coming together. >> stay safe on the campaign trail. >> thank you. thank you so much, senator. appreciate it. wasn't taking back the new york values. he said not even remotely. >> you heard that. i think i looked great. i didn't look at all fat. my chin was good. you were looking at yourself a little bit. how about him, by the way? we ought to thank him for giving that kind of time. >> thank you very much. i have to say he looks different in person. i was kind of shocked. i thought i was going to see this short chubby guy. i'm sorry. that is how it looks on tv. short, chubby, white and pasty. in person he is actually more attractive. i'm not saying he is my type but. >> rosanna, said hey, you're not as chubby in person. wow. you're not pasty.
7:47 am
new york. what makes it think bigger? go bolder? push for a living
7:48 am
for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> temperatures are chill think morning across the tri-state area, folks. you want to be bundled up at this early hour. 33 in poughkeepsie. 33 in sussex and 34 monticello. in the 40s in islip and down the shore we've moved out of 30s. current temperature at 41 degrees.
7:50 am
they should stay that way as we go through rest of the day. high pressure in control, keeping us nice and dry across much of the northeast. new england and mid atlantic sunny start to the day. highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. that is check of your weather. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning with ines. >> good morning, audrey. we have problem spots for sure. 78, as you approach 287, an accident and fuel spill has two lanes blocked. two or three mile delay. things on long island doing fine especially here eastbound, westbound no problems. george washington bridge busy. 9minutes on upper level because of earlier accident on cross bronx. 90 minutes. that left a 90 minute delay on upper level. 60 on the lower. 45 to 50 if you want to take holland tunnel. 45 minutes from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. duke is off.
7:51 am
>> stanley cups playoffs. game one of the first round series between the islanders and florida. >> okay. >> islanders came back to tie the games three times and finally took the lead on this goal in the third period. islanders win it. game one, 5-4. the final, greg. >> fabulous. we saw the stanley cup in this room yesterday. it was very cool. yankees and bluejays up in toronto. yanks had a 2-0 lead in the fifth. toronto smacks 3-run homer to centerfield. beat the yankees 4-2. final score. >> boo. >> even best baseball team loses more than aired this of the time. >> it is 7:51. we'll be right back. thanks so much for your comments
7:52 am
7:53 am
page and in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
7:55 am
>> things moving well on the ferry this morning. >> it is free. great view of the statue of liberty, and, and, at appropriate hour they serve beer. >> no icebergs in the middle of the water, it is all good, right. >> you know why we talk about icebergs? >> what. >> the titanic hit the great big iceberg and sank. a lot of people were lost, killed. how many books and movies have been made about that. >> i know. kate winslet and leo decaprio movie, i saw my daughter made me see it 100 times. >> the titanic was on the way to new york city when it hit the iceberg. around the city you see small discrete memorials dedicated to those lost on vessel. this is one on the south street seaport. it has been there for decades. >> more thanhundred people were
7:56 am
saved on the boat and more than 1500 others died in the disaster. >> no you know who survived? the captain of the ship. he was a changed man afterwards. at least, i'm sorry the owner of the kinard line actually survived. there was a lot of controversy about that at the time. >> all right. so remember the titanic all these years later. time for our facebook fan of the hour. dominique. there she is. nice to have you with us this morning. thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox5ny facebook page. keep the nice comments coming in, right, greg? >> anytime. >> all right.
7:57 am
hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america to look for america to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it brings out the streetfighter in you. >> you blame it on the borough? >> brings out the streetfighter in you. >> watch this! >> i have said the exact same thing . >> if we can raise it in new york and los angeles, let's do it! >> if you are both screaming at each other, can hear either of you so please don't talk over each other . >> i think wolf overstated it. they were screaming at each other. it's not screaming that it was loud. >> your voice is very loud so you should not weigh in. >> there is a difference. >> scream! >> know. i will do it later.>> the three gop candidates all spoke at the new york state gala . >> look how expressive years. even ted cruz let's see. don kasich did not wear a tuxedo.
8:01 am
>> they made their standard speech. i think they broke the news in any major way. anyway the primary is you mentioned, the city board of election is welcoming all of us that only registered voters may vote . independence those of us who are independent! >> i forgot what it was. i forgot what you were? do you know for sure? >> yes! are you an independent party? >> are you unaffiliated? >> that's a difference? >> there is an independent party out there. you are technically unaffiliated and it's a good day. >> we have new video meanwhile showing major dimaggio hugging one of the two men at the center of the federal corruption investigation. the mayor said he vaguely
8:02 am
he is coming out of the house a year ago and he gives him a hug on the way out. this is jerry outside his home in 2014. >> there is a new poll that shows mayor deblasio and not many people think he's doing a good job. >> ted cruz yesterday, whenever we estimate question he brought up mayor diblasio. he's like, values like mary loggia! >> put us in an awkward position. >> i felt okay. >> do we defend the mayor or do we let him go on and on? >> what do we do? [laughter] enough of that for now. hi, my. >> i wanted him to lay out the entire thing. >> bring out something new . >> i wanted to hear it.
8:03 am
>> hello, audrey. why are you wearing the brace of our journey? >> we're talking about a new bill. it's not on your back. >> always look at audrey. no injuries here. >> people look at the shoes and that's what girls do . >> you guys check each other out. you wear it to complement each other. >> you know what i mean. ui each other up and down. >> i have sat here and said i love that dress how many times. >> you girls are the rare exception. >> what is the word? girls can be catty. nevermind. >> now you sound like a tiger. >> let's talk about the weather today. we are starting off with chilly conditions across the region and later this afternoon it will get more mild but this morning you might want to lay her up a little bit . right now we are at 360 in
8:04 am
41 in sussex and 46 in newark and central park checking in at 470. we are nice and dry across the tri-state. we will stay that way with high pressure in control staying with us, not only for today but it looks like for the majority of the weekend. we will see those good conditions spread across the northeast into new england in the mid-atlantic and out towards the great lakes. everyone is enjoying the trend.we'll see plenty of sunshine today bring us into the 60s and in points westward. out towards the east end of long island, in the upper 50s today and tomorrow we see the 60s and resorted to the 70s on sunday and monday staying nice and dry for the next five days. that is a look at the weather. let's head over to ines for a look at the weather. >> in early morning accident as we approach 287. you can see it as we have a lot there are two or 3
8:05 am
let's take a look at the cameras on long island by bagatelle road. no problems westbound and eastbound in the cross bronx, it's another accident at number three on webster avenue. you have an accident slowdown. it's a 90 minute delay on the upper level. we had a five and four train and everything else is running on or close. >> tuesday is the big primary in new york state. it's a big debate and brooklyn with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they did not go down without a fight. they attacked each other on several points. robert moses has been digesting this morning. he will help us navigate what we saw. >> i will try! i stayed up late so you didn't have to.simply finding a date triggered
8:06 am
campaigns. it was a harbinger of the sniping to come. the democratic debate was quite possibly the most contentious yet . >> i love being in brooklyn! it's great! do not let the smile for you. hillary clinton bernie sanders attacked each other ! as he has before, he questioned her judgment. >> do we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she will bring change in america when she has depended on big-money interest i think so! president obama trust in my judgment enough to be the secretary of state!>> he used biting sarcasm saying went easy on the big bang. >> secretary clinton calls them out oh my goodness! they must have been crushed! was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements?
8:07 am
release the transcripts after others do. >> they frequently spoke over each other . >> wait a minute! [cheering] . i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight times ! i have said the exact same thing! >> senator, please! clinton acknowledged that the 1994 crime bill, which her husband sign, had consequences like harsh prison sentences for low-level offenders. >> i supported the crime bill and my husband had apologized. he was the president who signed it . >> sanders slammed clinton for using the term super predators to describe gang members. >> it was a racist term and everyone knew it. >> and other point of contention was israel. sanders criticized clinton for using losing sight of the palestinians. >> we will have to treat
8:08 am
respect and dignity. >> clinton said the us must be a staunch defender of israelis. >> they do not invite rockets raining down on their town and villages. >> if you like that on so much and you want to know when the next one will be but we don't know yet. there has been discussion about one next month in california but nothing has been set . california's primary is on june 7. we have to worry about hours on tuesday. >> i think it's great that everyone is watching. no one can say that they don't know where the candidates stand. >> i am getting sick of them what time did you fall asleep? >> maybe about tackle . >> they are there but i got up at 4:30 a.m.. they did not debate but they had speeches last night. look at those hands don't talk about his hands! there is no problem, it
8:09 am
>> we met ted cruz last night and we did not look at his hands either. >> john kasich was on the shows all three of them have appeared on good day new york. now, we are looking at hillary clinton.let's talk about the gop party at the hyatt. >> outside, there was a pretty intense protest. there were reports that they are looking to shut it down and they did not come close. a few people were arrested. >> teresa prieto is outside trump tower. sleeping in. he had a big night last night. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. we could forgive them for sleeping and because they had a late night. they will all be in parts of western and upstate new york today campaigning and . last night they tried to convince those donors that their values are in line with our values . >> it's one of the great
8:10 am
it's called new york city! capitalizing on home-field advantage, donald trump introduces the big apple to some big-time donors. >> he explains what new york values are all about . >> when we talk about values, what are we seeing in new york values? we see a really incredible thing when you look at september 11. the art police in new york firefighters the opponents took a shot at it. >> you are so alive when you're in new york. you don't want to sleep when you are in new york. the reason you don't want to sleep is because you are afraid you will miss something. >> i will admit to you i have not built any buildings in new york city. i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution. >> the event was an important opportunity for the hopefuls to make their case ahead of next week's primary. >> have to suggest, we live in the dark and we practice
8:11 am
time, people don't like it. >> if you wage war against the united states of america if you seek to murder innocent americans we are coming to get you. we are not coming to interrogate you and we are not coming to read you your rights. we are coming to kill you! >> this comes as trump takes up the endorsement. the new york post says he needs more work on being more presidential and better informed. he reflects the best of new york values. >> outside the gala , hunters disagree. 31 people were arrested and all. >> america has a tried-and-true history. the only thing that's ever made change in the united states is civil disobedience.>> trump has his supporters on hand.>> is not the smartest man in the world but he is a good
8:12 am
people around him to make them better! >> trump will enjoy a major surge in the polls according to a new fox news for he is up 18% and cruise in case it trailed them. this is the latest back to both of you. >> they are all vying for president obama and they sat down with chris wallace . they did not only sit down but they walked around and check out the president's office when he was just a law professor. rosanna when he was in the office, at one point he was the next president of the united states and i find it kind of wild. >> you like to put a perspective on things. >> look at that cramped office. he was less than eight years away did you talk to him about the one book on the show? >> the interior had changed but the size of the room
8:13 am
it was a cubbyhole. it was four years when he was in the office in 2004. in 2009, he was in the oval office and all i could think was , only in america. it's a great interview with the president , by the way. what you think about the debate? >> i have to say went to sleep about the first hour because i got the point . as keith johnston used to say, they just don't like each other. it's fascinating to watch as the campaign has gone on. he is fairly gentle and polite. you can see it's pretty raw by now. there was no warm-up . they went at each other right from the start and the doing it . it was on a variety of things.
8:14 am
long that they know the weak point of the other person and they know the pressure points to hit. it was pretty entertaining to watch. >> excellent! i thought it was a bad citizen but now i know i am in good company. >> just so you know, we interviewed ted cruz yesterday and we tried to new york values basically. he said , not remotely. >> i would say this he has changed what new york . when he was talking in iowa , he was talking about the sense that if you lived in new york, he did not understand the mainstream. now he is redefining values of liberal democratic politics as he puts it with andrew cuomo . he can't take it back . >> he redefined it. >> how you do five a whole city on a handful of politicians? is the people that make up
8:15 am
politicians! he has a problem and it's like a lot of politicians. they do the best they can and it worked in iowa but it doesn't work now in new york. >> people are making fun of new york but you know why? they are peanut butter and jealous. >> i got that from the interview with seth. it was amazing! what's on your show this weekend? >> we will have an interesting campaign. corrie 11 dow ski is a very controversial campaign manager for donald trump. he got the news yesterday. it's the fact that he is not going to be prosecuted for battery in that case involving a reporter in palm beach. the campaign is getting out when it comes to the selection of delegates. the cruise campaign has been able to pick up delegates who are pledged in the first ballot to donald trump . it could go for cruise and
8:16 am
about the doctor who is the point man in the country. we are now learning that ziegler is a much bigger threat , not just to present women but also to adults. we will get the latest from him on the threat and what the government can and should do to fight it. >> asking about lyme disease. it's a big problem in our area. people are really suffering with the disease chronically and there is not much talk about that. >> thank you, chris. >> you want to hear one more? they hate us because they us! do you like that? >> i like the peanut butter and jealous.>> it's from the cam interview. >> were talking politics should we talk about ted cruz? our impressions last night are very nice in person. it's different than what i
8:17 am
here is a little bit of what happened. >> the phrase didn't come from me. the phrase came from donald trump. it came from interview donald did with meet the press a number of years ago. he was explaining his strong support for partial-birth abortions. his explanation , he said hey, i'm from new york and they are not iowa values. that was his own explanation of why he abortions. >> i think that it's better start from someone in new york. >> i do not support the politicians. i will support the values when the mayor bill de blasio selected the first things he does is go to harlem and try to throw kids out of charter schools with young african-american kids and young hispanic kids because he is so into the union teacher bosses that he cares more about
8:18 am
>> i think my favorite moment is before or after the interview when you said you don't look as chubby in person. >> you are a handsome man. >> not at all chubby! >> it was good. it was funny. >> he said it with love. >> i said you look different in person. then i realize that's what people say to me and i get mad. i said i feel the same way. he looks so hard on t.v. and in person he was softer . >> i know i heard the chubby word and some capacity. i did ! aubrey, what's going on? he is a sharp guy. he doesn't necessarily agree but we will make up our own mind. >> we will bundle up as we head out the door in the 30s and monticello. 47 in central park and 44 in bridgeport. these numbers are close and we are expecting a similar
8:19 am
start and later this afternoon we get mild. the winds are light in the high pressure is in control with a nice sunny day. temperatures are about into the upper 50s in the east and 260s in the city. we are expecting sunshine with temperatures warming into the 70s by then. let's go over to ines. we will take a look at the traffic. >> good morning, aubrey. the lie is a normal delay this morning at grand central as you pass this heading towards queens. on the cameras, the staten island expressway seeing normal delays here with the traffic traffic being stop and go. things slow down with the george washington bridge at three accidents this morning on the cross box. it's a 90 minute delay on the upper level. if you are taking the lincoln tunnel, it's an hour delay with 30 40 minutes from 109 and the new jersey turnpike.
8:20 am
about that.>> i like january better than i thought i did. we have a new calendar with the firefighters. it's the new york city fire department plus this year is a little bit different. there are women involved! how about that? we will meet make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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two people are hot right now. they were hot ladies! donald trump and madonna. >> how about that? >> i don't know if you like their music or don't. these people know how to stay relevant. >> you are right! they both work hard. >> let's get back to business. >> what's going on?>> that sounded so weird. >> i was doing my anger voice. >> i thought it was a man! that's how she normally sounds. >> it's not often that we say this but one airline has eliminated a fee . delta is ditching the fee
8:24 am
person. it books a reservation for you and it used to be $25 but now it's free. if you made the same reservation at the airport it would be dirty five dollars and now it's free. thank you, delta. why are they doing this? they are bringing in billions of baggage fees. the reservation change fees and the list goes on. i have said this before. i tried to book my tickets online and it did not work and i'm calling you and i say waive the fee and they say yes. >> everyone is paying a different price for the ticket. >> it's annoying! i always want to get the cheapest. >> you ask people how much they pay? >> i have. when you get friendly with someone but i look around and i think it that person the back by the bathroom, i wonder how cheap that seat was. >> no one ever talks to each other. everything is plugged in and they watch the t.v.
8:25 am
a plane's point i have business to do. >> i have to keep my eyes on the pilot. >> delusional is what you are i want to dream to see who was there today. >> you can see some celebrities if you walk all the way back . >> it's like the walk of shame. >> see you later. >> what a noisy thing at the movie theater! >> i haven't been to the movies and about four years but you get annoyed if someone is testing you . >> i am that person, quite frankly. you know how i feel about movies there is been exceptional movies lately but someone told me the remnant was very good . >> this is what's happening.
8:26 am
new ceo says no texting outdated. it's so yesterday! if cinemas want to survive bit of texting going on. >> i don't find it annoying unless i am talking to them . >> the company will add some way to figure out how to allow it so it doesn't disturb the neighbors. >> take a look at this young man. york. he is adorable. it's his first film and he is the star of the jungle book.he is mostly . he had a lucky break! we hope he makes the most of it.
8:27 am
little bit. the top 100 c.e.o.s have more wealth for retirement than the bottom 100 million americans. how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders,
8:28 am
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[music] new york values at their best. >> we celebrate new yorkers and your values. liberal, conservative and everything in between. >> whatever you want to be it's okay. new york is the place to be. >> that's right! anything else? >> it's part of our tradition. we celebrate native new yorkers. >> were very tolerant here . >> i like that word. >> every now and then i lose my patience and get on my nerves. >> you are implying there annoying. >> i hate when people say patience is a virtue. give me a break ! >> rosanna. >> i have no patience for that stuff! new york sweetheart is one pushy woman when she has to be.we love her! you are definitely from this
8:31 am
>> no doubt about it. >> it's time to have you with us on this friday. it's going to be gorgeous out there for the weekend! you know how i get when the temperature goes over fiftysomething. >> you have some websites we can go to. >> what's going on? >> it only takes a little to amuse us!it's pretty good. >> it looks like you could look at the good part. >> this is a new beefcake calendar. it's featuring heroes, male and female. >> check it out!
8:32 am
her name is maryland arroyo. she is from here on good day new york. you'll get to know her up close and personal.>> jonathan poppa dimitrios. >> i want to know if anyone was single. i've single girls here. they have some fires burning inside. >> this one looks nice. josephine smith aubrey and ines, i want to check them out. >> he will be here when they arrive. >> thank you! carry on. >> they will be able to warm things up in the chilly studio. it's chilly outside with temperatures in the 40s across the tri-state. we are in the 30s and monticello in its 41 poughkeepsie . same number in sussex and
8:33 am
at 470. let's head over to northern new jersey and close in on northern locations. 37 out towards berkeley heights and 46 is what you are waking up with . good morning, you are also at 460. hoboken is at 47. we are nice and dry across the tri-state and that's the case across the northeast. it will keep you dry , not only for us but the folks in new england. it's out towards the west where they are in the great lakes and we are experiencing some nice temperatures. sunny skies warming us into the 50s. it's in the low 60s in new jersey. in the 60s tomorrow with plenty of sunshine in the tri-state and we go further into the weekend , we will see the numbers rise nicely with highs in the 70s by sunday. we should be in the mid-70s by monday. we'll talk about that coming up . it's talk about the traffic outside. >> good morning. we start out with long
8:34 am
no major problems. we go westbound with regular delays and the center state approaching the meadowbrook and new jersey working on an accident. it's an accident here by 287 and two lanes are blocked. you have a multi- mild delay. let's go to the cameras here at the expressway by clover road. it looks good as you get closer and you see traffic moving slow. the gwb with 90 minutes on the upper level. three separate accidents with a delay and the lincoln tunnel shows delays going into the port authority. 60 minutes in mountain the holland tunnel at 45 from each approach with trains running on or close. >> democracy at work. rosetta is involved in some early voting.
8:35 am
early and that's what she is doing. who are you voting for? >> it's between her and the constitution. its primary day on tuesday. if you are with a registered party voting is not different than it was. mike ryan is the executive director of the board of elections in new york city. come over here, my. >> how is everything. >> this voting booth is not quite the curtain we used to have. system. take a look. is this new?>> the lighting booth is so bright that you don't notice it. >> you can't turn your booth around. the wheels lock at the bottom.
8:36 am
>> we need to know , most importantly, it's a closed primary state. that means that only registered democrats and only registered republicans can vote on tuesday in the presidential primary. >> a lot of people show up thinking they can vote in the hear so much about primary day but they are not on the roster. >> with the exception of three districts, the 59th, the 62nd in the 65th . they have special elections but that's unrelated to the presidential primary. >> i have no idea what number assembly district 11. >> i always go in and ask every time. >> 59 does in brooklyn 6050s in manhattan in the 62nd is in staten island. >> you show up in what you need? id or what? >> you don't need identification , provided you have previously given either the last four digits of your social or your non-driver or driver id from motor vehicles. >>
8:37 am
different ways to vote . what is the difference between all of these machines? >> you come into the poll site and your ballot from the workers and you come over to the privacy booth . you fill it out and if you can't do it on your own this is a ballot marking device for people with manual dexterity issues or visual issues. that device can help you , no matter what the disability to help mark your ballot and whether you market , you go over to the scanner and you put the ballot and and you cast your vote. the paper drops down into a secure been. >> i have voted before and it's a simple process. the poll workers are very nice. we anticipate every primary
8:38 am
than other primaries. i like to go around lunchtime. >> it's one of these that's a good time to go. we had a spike in the morning and i spike when people are returning home from work. in the middle of the day , the polls open at six got a.m.? they close at 9:00?>> they close at 9:00 pm. >> mike, you guys had a fun time with the ballot. we have any money in kenny powers. steve mcqueen these are the people a couple of years ago i went in there and i did not recognize anyone. it was like an off year bunch of judges. this is what i did. i didn't know if you are allowed to photograph your voting process. >> you are not supposed to.
8:39 am
write anyone and i want. >> there is no limit to who you want to write in. we only got the boats for re-people. if you wrote in mickey mouse we would not count it. >> she is a real person. >> i do sit and judge people but i don't think i would want to do that. >> there is a law that prevents you where you're not supposed to photograph your voted ballot . >> what is the punishment? the law says not to do it . >> why not? >> it's a misdemeanor. >> it must be a punishment. >> what is the statute of limitations? >> i believe it's three years. >> i am a free man in the morning. did i just commit a crime? >> that was real. >> it will be our
8:40 am
>> think used for coming in and walking us through the primary on tuesday. it's really simple to go and vote. >> you don't have to be a rocket scientist. do you want to stick this in the machine? it's a lot of fun! don't fold it . >> here's the cool thing you stick it in any way you want and it's not like this arrow. >> preferably, not folded . >> here we go. it's amazing! it's as easy as that. >> it's really easy. if you don't know your district, someone will guide you where you should go. it's easy. if you go out ofttimes, you can be in and out in 10 minutes. >> okay, what do you do when there's a big blow between the election day? >> we have four elections
8:41 am
we have an april primary and a june primary.what's happening in june? >> it's federal offices. september is the regular . >> we have to the legislator about that to get the dates married. >> to have a lot of problems. >> and i have september which is the regular local primary and the november general election which is like a super bowl. >> good luck with everything. >> michael i appreciate it. >> who remembers the documentary , making of a murderer? >> i was obsessed with it ! everyone was upset because they felt the guy , stephen avery, got a bad deal. >> i am not so sure. >> we will talk to his attorney. he will be here. we will talk about
8:42 am
alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually
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8:44 am
it is friday! only in new york two people blow off the red lights. that's including me. just saw a guy that is fine nobody is jaywalking that's good ! you know what i mean. >> i do . let's talk about this new video that has people talking this morning.
8:45 am
with one of the two men at the center of a federal corruption investigation. what's interesting is that you see him hugging him there and just a few days ago the mayor was fuzzy on his relationship with the sky. >> he was really downplaying it. >> this happened 2014. stacy has more information and she is outside city hall. stacy, what are you hearing? >> that morning. the mayor , since last weekend, has really tried to distance himself from this corruption investigation and from the two men at the center but no details keep emerging and we will talk more about the video in a second. let's recap this case. these are the two men at the center of the federal probe. they are to big fundraisers from the mayoral campaign and is non-for profit. jeremy wright berg and joan erect for it. they are accused of giving improper gifts to
8:46 am
nypd in exchange for personal favors. they were pointed to his inaugural committee back in 2013 and the suggestion is that they gave all the money they did to get special treatment from the city hall. there has been no proof of that. mayor diblasio was asked and he said that he barely knew them but maybe we had a few conversations with them but now the new video has surfaced showing the mayor greeting him outside of his home in 2014. he is seen hugging him hosting a fundraiser for the mayor's one new york fun. it brought in $35,000 . according to the new york times, as part of the ongoing corruption investigation. the mayor did acknowledge and he sort of remembers going to a fundraiser at their homes but he did not remember details and he suggested that he went to a he has denied any
8:47 am
in relation with this case. take a listen. >> we have done things right and we hold ourselves to a high standard. we always have . that's why i was very happy to tell attorney representing the campaign to call them and say, how can we help? we would be happy to. >> the report says that a top aide warned his team to keep right berg off of the inaugural committee but the campaign ignored their warnings and all of this comes amidst a new poll from the washington journal which shows the mayor's approval rating at the lowest i have been since he took office. he is just 35% of new yorkers thinking he is doing or good job. >> incorporated you. we have this . we are taking a look at the mayor and the new york post show there is a new post from the wall street journal with 35% of voters describing him as excellent or good with 51% saying the city is headed in the wrong direction
8:48 am
in addition, he seems to have lost support among those in his own party with 54% of democrats described as just fair or poor. he has some work to do. >> greg, a convicted murderer and from a member of the charles manson call is one step closer to freedom. the parole board has recommended releasing leslie then helped. she is 66 years old now and she was found guilty in the murder of a supermarket owner and his wife in los angeles in 1969. >> it happened one day after the murder of sharon kate and for others by the members of the manson is called . >> i have seen her interviewed and she has expressed extreme remorse for what she did. those affected by her actions and this is the 20th time she is, for parole it looks like it
8:49 am
the ultimate decision rests with governor jerry brown. >> how does he stand on this? >> i am not sure but i believe it was his father . >> wow! helter-skelter! charles manson. that movie scared me. >> one of the killers might be paroled. >> is talk about the calendar men and women. men on one side and women on the other. we are talking to the firefighters, emts and paramedics of the department in new york city. it will benefit them in the
8:50 am
8:51 am
back .>> welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and
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when i heard about this yesterday i got nervous. diana ross is okay but it got sketchy on wednesday. she was an accident in the afternoon and somehow the show went on! it must not have been bad . >> pennsylvania and bethlehem slamming into the limo that ms. ross was in. she complained of head and neck pain and she was treated at the scene. despite that, diana made it to the casino and took the stage. thank goodness because of was happy she was there. please give a ticket to the driver that caused the crash. diana ross is okay. >> she's 72 years old and we hope to have her on the show. >> we have her son and daughter too long though. how about that rock star, dave navarro.he got into a scary situation yesterday in midtown on his way to a radio interview and the elevator plunged 10 floors and got stuck! >> 10 floors is a lot!
8:54 am
other people for an hour. the firefighters came and rescued him, thank goodness. he took selfies and posted them on answering them. >> i got stuck in an elevator once and it was an adventure. >> mister navarro, we are glad you got out of there okay. >> there is a major exhibit at the park avenue armory. it's an international photo exhibit and it's the eight had photo exhibit . it's a let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles
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or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum it's time for more good day new york. >> have you noticed there's the birds were chirping the loudest were never heard . spring is here! >> i was happy to hear the birds . it's not legal to pick those two lips, right? >> is not legal to pick them. >> why would you pick them? someone spent money to decorate the outside of their store over their home . >> want to take them?


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