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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> good morning, one world trade on a rainy, consequential home dramas today. flooded the elevator. it. juliet: it didn't nearly floods lies everywhere. ben: the fire department can. juliet: storms are rolling throughout the area, things
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stuff to do, i didn't bring my umbrella, oh the humanity. ben: another primary day, it is tuesday, the polls in connecticut opened moments ago, voters in four other northeastern states taking part. the big prize is pennsylvania. juliet: the nypd has released a new video of a man police say staff to motorist in that alleged road rage incident, the victim of that attack is in stable condition. ben: erin andrews agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit against the cell company, the jury awarded her $55 million, they reached some kind of agreement. i am very curious but i don't
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how tm the is. ben: they find out. i am ben simmoneau. of the 15 i am julia honey, thanks for joining us today. ben: it is april 26th. you had issues. you didn't have any issues. >> meteorologist: i had an interesting cabdriver. he took an interesting scenic route which is always fun. ben: i don't like that. juliet: did you say something to him? >> meteorologist: i told him which way to go and he didn't do it. probably came back a little bit. ben: he is too nice of a guy. >> meteorologist: that is annoying. let's show you what is going on around the tri-state. we have showers and storms rolling through the tri-state, the east end of long island, have your stuff and one pocket of showers from pike county out
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county so still some storms out there but the big around the storms later this afternoon. we have temperatures in the 50s, 52 central park, 54 in newark, 54 and belmar, 50 and islip with a cloudy sky, winds light and variable, this is round one of showers, there is more to the west of us and mainly that will drop through and bring us the bigger round of showers and storms that might kick off a severe storm, don't be surprised if something pops up on the severe side this afternoon, temperaturewise 64 x 11:00 a.m. 67 , warmer to the west than it is to the east but still pretty wet today, tomorrow drying out again, high temperature 62, more showers late on thursday. a lot of that rainfall south of the city but still out there. let's bring in ines rosales, we are up to 6:00, what is happening with the roads and rails?
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especially doing fine, new jersey 287 looks good. let's go to the cameras and see the lie, westbound, eastbound traffic about shot, traffic moving fine. as for the bqe towards the brooklyn bridge a little below the speed limit, a little slow down approaching the brooklyn bridge but normally lace, no problems for the lincoln or holland tunnel, minor delays, trained on or close. juliet: a big day in the race for the white house once again. clinton, trump moving closer to the president nomination. ben: they are the favorites, the state that will cast ballots, notably connecticut, where robert moses is this morning, polls opened a few moments ago. good morning. >> reporter: the kt murphy school in stanford is open for business along with other polling sites across this state
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today is the latest installment of supertuesday, superto they act iv, donald trump and hillary clinton hope the five northeastern states holding primaries today deliver them five victories. voters in connecticut, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland and rhode island head to the polls today. donald trump spent much of yesterday criticizing the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich which the ted cruz and john kasich say is designed to deny trump the nomination. on twitter trump hammered away at matt lying ted, one for 38 john kasich, trump kept up the attacks at an appearance in rhode island. >> in politics you allowed to collude so they colluded and i was happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: under the agreement
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compete unimpeded. and return ted cruz that the side in oregon and new mexico so john kasich can pick up as many delegates there. >> donald trump is going to scream and curse and insult and cry and whine. that has been donald's pattern. >> reporter: john kasich as it is all about beating donald trump and in turn beating hillary clinton. >> it is very fair for me to go to areas where i can spend my resources in the same state for ted cruz. >> reporter: on the democratic side clinton is hoping for a big day today, she enjoy the commanding lead in pennsylvania, the big prize of the day where she held a rally yesterday. >> this election is won with high-stakes because there are different visions about what needs to happen in america. >> reporter: bernie sanders rallied in hartford.
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the donald trumps of this world and other demagogues who are trying to divide us up. >> reporter: word about another state holding a primary today is pennsylvania and the way republican delegates are awarded. the republican winner in pennsylvania get 17 delegates. sound easy enough but there are 54 other what we call unbound delegates who get elected which means those delegates can vote for whichever candidate they would like even if it is not the popular choice among their congressional districts. theoretically these delegates can vote for whoever they want. that is the latest in stanford this morning. back to you. ben: robert moses, thank you very much. $20 million is being offered to the city board of elections.
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if it does something it is supposed to do which is to clean up it will do what it is supposed to do. juliet: bill diblasio, explain this to us, you are promising the cash, $20 million that i guess will come from us, taxpayers, you are promising that money in exchange for changes that include hiring an outside consultant and improving poll worker training. okay. the move comes after major voting problems in the new york primary last week, 100,000 brooklyn voters were mysteriously removed from voting lists or found ineligible when they were eligible, the city comptroller, state attorney general's office is are investigating, the mayor is offering $20 million for reforms. ben: he is not going to be asked about that because wherever he goes he is asked about all these investigations going on with
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in and around his administration. juliet: i am so confused. the person at the head of the election, you should reform. i'm not giving you any cash, do the reforming. right? logical to me. bill diblasio says any suggestion to been's point, campaign finance laws is outrageous, teresa really shocked by the election thing too. >> reporter: if you were his campaign spokesman i think we would get all the answers we need immediately. what do you think? the mayor describes a memo leaked to the press which allegedly showed willful and flagrant campaign violations, nothing more than a dirty political trick. the mayor isn't naming names, his attorney is.
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it. >> reporter: bill diblasio on the defensive again after new allegations he circumvented campaign donation limits in order to stack the state house. legislators who would help him with his progressive agenda. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks, people i respect greatly and have worked with for years. it is not right, not fair. >> reporter: the issue came to light after this memo was leaked to the press, a cuomo appointee to the board of elections, sugarman suggested team diblasio committed, quote, willful and flagrant violations of the state election law that warrants criminal prosecution. eric edge west x lanes how. >> he and his people did some fund raising for state senate democratic candidates in which very large contributions were
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committee. that is a legal loophole. where it runs into trouble is if there was direct communication between the donors and those campaigns. >> reporter: sugarman referred that matter to the manhattan da who confirms he is looking into it. the mayor never denies exploiting that loophole but he claims that is the way politics works and he says this is nothing more than a political hit job. >> there is an obvious question around the memo leaked to the press. real questions about motivation and obviously huge questions about accuracy in terms of the law. >> reporter: also, the mayor's attorney alleged this was leaked by the governor. the daily news reached out to cuomo at his press person says it wasn't him. if you're keeping track four separate inquiries into allegations the mayor was involved in quid pro quo or in
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finance laws. state, federal and city. juliet: police released surveillance video of the road rage incident we were telling you about on the upper east side that led to a pretty awful stabbing. ben: two driver got into a fight saturday night on e. 61st st.. the attacker stabbed the victim 11 times, then drove away. the victim tried to drive to the hospital the crashed into a parked car. police are searching for the other driver. if you have any information call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. i believe it was a blue ford with rhode island license plate. 6:12, a lot more to come. ben: we are watching the lousy weather. >> meteorologist: it depends on how you look at it. we have showers and storms coming through the area starting at 52 and they will be coming
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might have strong to severe weather to deal with later so keep the umbrella around and and i to the sky, we will let you know what is going on. if anything nasty is rolling through town but we have live interactive rader on the weather apps, apple itunes store and google placed or that has other things like severe weather alerts, download for free today and you are set to go. we are back in a bit. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, re going to like these numbers.
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>> new york app strongest will have new equipment to clear snow from city streets thanks to selector cash lose the 2017 fiscal budget includes $21 million for the sanitation department to update its snow removal gear, that includes 80 trucks used to clear narrow streets. we need that. sidewalks too, as well as spread salt. those trucks reduce the number of outside contractors hired to clear snow. ben: remember the streets in queens, three, four, five days without snow removal because they were small narrow streets? this weather, we need the rain. in general as we wind down it was cold a little bit in the beginning but it is pretty nice. >> meteorologist: it has not
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balancing things out, april showers bring may flowers, keep that in mind, showers and storms coming through and a lot of it came through an overnight hour so you didn't have to deal with it. there is a possibility we will have more of this later this afternoon, that you will have to deal with and potential for small hail and gusty wind, the rain will be in force and the skies will clear out at that point and it will turn cooler as we finish the week here but even then your temperatures are not that far below where we should of showers and storms came through, a little going on, the poconos into the lower hudson valley, orange county and rockland county dealing with showers and light rain but we are not in a clear yet. that is the bottom line, mostly clear sky at central park, 52 , it is now 52, same in yonkers,
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with showers and storms rolling through the tri-state, first disturbance is what kicked up storms in the overnight hours and now we have the main area of low pressure to the northwest that is going to roll through between 2:00 and 4:00, greatest risk time for storms to fire up. a little bit of a low in the middle of the day but they fire a gap this afternoon. then settle back down later tonight. high temperature 67 today, 62 tomorrow, 59 thursday. showers coming through later thursday. by the weekend temperatures are a little cooler than we typically see this time of year. let's bring back ines and see what is happening with the commute situation. ines: not a lot going on, the commute looking good, merritt parkway no major issues, putnam county looking good, 84, 684, let's go to our cameras and look at your commute over at the flyby littleneck parkway, we
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haven't heard of anything going on so a little slower than normal, cross bronx doing fine, on the alexander hamilton bridge both directions look good as well as the deegan, dallas parkway normal slow down as you pass jfk airport. ben: we are getting a better look at the man police they tried to sexually assault a woman on the lower east side saturday. juliet: please call crimestoppers or call the police. police say the man followed a 24-year-old woman into an elevator and began to grope her, he then followed her to her apartment that ran off with another man came to the door. the suspect is described as between 16, and 20 years old, 5 foot 3, 130 pounds, that is the shirt he is wearing, the backpack, that guy looks familiar, if you recognize him, crimestoppers, 877-tips. >> the erin andrews hotel stockings candle is over.
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lawsuit against two hotel companies, took nude pictures of andrews through the people in her room at the nashville marriott. the jury awarded her $55 million last month's, half was to be paid by the soccer who had no assets anyone could determine and the other by hotel owners and operators with the companies appealed, the amount of the settlement has been kept confidential. federal appeals court has the new england patriots que bec tom brady is in fact a cheater. he must serve the four game deflate gate suspension imposed by the nfl. because he cheated. juliet: it overturned a lower judge and sides with the league in the battle with the players union. but us circuit court of appeals ruled in new york, it will likely fuel a fresh round of debate and acquisitions that he
6:21 am
what roles he played in using underinflated deflated footballs at the championship game in january 2015. ben: which they won by cheating. ben: he will appeal the conviction that he is a cheater. juliet: if you want to yell at us about our accusation that tom brady is a cheater. ben: he cheats. and is a cheater. much more to come. in our healthwatch, boosting babies's brainpower. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. ben: this is a story that has us talking. if you want to sleep tight, avoiding a big but, don't sleep on red sheets, you shouldn't be doing that anyway. a new study reveals -- that is exactly right. a new study reveals the bloodsucking parasites are attracted to darker colors like red and black. researchers think the insects mistake is safe for fellow bedbugs which offer protection from predators. you can drive them away by going green. the bugs avoid, white, yellow and other bright colors.
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and jay-z when you were doing the story so i wasn't even paying attention. babies could learn language skills from music. little lean. ben: he loves music. >> of course he does. a new study compared 9-month-old babies who played with toys to those who practice banking out a rhythm during a series of play sessions. they found the musical group showed more brain activity in regions involved with detecting patterns which is an important skill when it comes to learning language. i love this. the study was published in the proceeds, proceedings of the national academy of sciences, not to be confused with football. ben: 9-month-old babies consider usually. give a wooden spoon and the pan. ben: give them a drum set, go for it, a keyboard or a little guitar. ben: mourners are marking 30
6:26 am
world. hundreds gathered in ukraine to remember the victims of chernobyl, a series of explosions at the fire a nuclear plant led to 31 deaths and release nuclear fallout into the air that spread across parts of eastern europe, dozens of other deaths have been blamed for the disaster. one group says 4,000 may be connected with the tragedy eventually. ukraine, belarus and other eastern european areas have seen increased cases of cancer and birth defects due to the fallout. i believe they are building a large shell over the remnants of that plant. ben: ukraine is a wonderful place. i love the people. they are wonderful people. someday you should go there. it is 6:26. ben: top stories and whether. ben: a takeover of time warner cable.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> rain is upset with us about the cheating tom brady thing. ben: just embrace the fact that he is a cheater. juliet: he said it, i didn't. it is a stormy tuesday, some of the storms could be severe but the rain will end tonight. will we have some fun? we hope so. mike will tell us. ben: the connecticut presidential primary, four other northeastern states voting today including pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware. >> a man is hospitalized with cuts to his hand after a dispute on an uptown subway train. police say he was stabbed trying to grab a knife away from a guy. dollars information is developing, the suspect is on the loose. ben: tom brady's four game suspension has been reinstated because he is a cheater.
6:31 am
the suspension but an appeals court disagrees, says he is in fact a cheater and should be suspended. juliet: for cheating. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: cheaters going to cheat. speaking of which, where is samantha? she is am i a, i think she has fallen out of love with us. ben: instead of haters they added an extra tea and became hatters. hatters are going to hat and tom brady, in full effect this morning because he is a cheater. >> meteorologist: oh boy. i hear you. ben: i have a question. this rain is moving out of here? are we done? >> meteorologist: this is round one.
6:32 am
the lower hudson valley but another round, round 2 to the northwest, that is through the mid afternoon and that is why we are not in the clear yet. don't put the umbrellas away, you will need them at a later point. 52 central park, 54 newark, same in belmar, 50 in bridgeport as well as poughkeepsie, cloudy sky all over the place. this is the first wave of low pressure, the stronger one has potential to kick up storms that could be stronger in the early morning hours, we will wait and see as to what develops but there is potential for strong storms later today, high temperature in the city, 67 , gusty windss with stronger storms, dry and sunny tomorrow, 59 thursday, shower chances coming late thursday but doesn't look like a lot of it goes by to the south of us, a couple opportunities for wet weather, not all bad news because we need
6:33 am
let's bring in ines and take a peek at what is happening as you hit the roads and rails. ines: normal delays on the lie as you make your way towards queens boulevard from the cross island parkway, bqe also slow, no problems toward the tappan zee bridge on the thruway, westchester, sawmill 287, route 80 towards 287 westbound, east on doing fine, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect today. ben: 6:33. and overnight assault on grand central with one man being stabbed. juliet: information coming in but police a two men got into a
6:34 am
one of the men wound up with a cut on his hand, grabbing a knife or being attacked with it, both men got off the train, the victim is being treated at the hospital, no discussion of the suspect. ben: made a man accused of muggings, some pretty fast moves by police, police arrested clarence jones at lincoln place in brooklyn. investigators say he was wanted for making eight elderly victims, they were able to catch the suspect with his distinct silver hair within 20 minutes of receiving a tip. >> we got a call at 11:15 from crimestoppers that went to the robbery squad, notified patrol and grabbed this individual at 11:35, think of the time frame because of what we have, smart
6:35 am
out immediately to deploy. ben: police say jones spent 14 years in prison for a series of robberies in the 90s. ben: an intense few minutes on the lower east side when a cherry picker crashed into an apartment building, window actually, it happened that essex street, fire officials say the lost hydraulic power, a problem with the wheels giving way and the whole thing crashed into the building, doesn't appear anyone was hurt, the cherry picker has been removed as they check for structural damage. ben: it is primary day in connecticut, hillary clinton and donald trump hoping to see the delicate lead grow in today's primaries. juliet: there is fighting. polls in connecticut are open, voting begins in four other northeastern states, let's go to robert moses at one of the polling sites.
6:36 am
murphy school in stanford and it hasn't prevented some early voters from coming out. we were just inside. besides connecticut there are primaries in maryland and delaware and pennsylvania and rhode island as well. i spoke to a couple voters about the issues that matter most to them. >> they don't support us very much and don't help us with insurance and everything. they take away. >> reporter: yesterday was a busy day on the campaign trail. on the republican side, a lot about donald trump criticizing this alliance between john kasich and ted cruz, the plan in that alliances for ted cruz to compete in indiana, john case
6:37 am
ted cruz's delegate count and in return ted cruz stepped aside to maximize john case against delegate count in oregon and new mexico, that is the strategy, trump not surprisingly called it pathetic and weak. on the democratic side it was more civil. hillary clinton was campaigning in pennsylvania. that is the biggest prize of the day and bernie sanders a short distance away in hartford. the polls are now open in connecticut and will remain so until 8:00 tonight. that is the latest from stanford this morning. ben: thank you for that. juliet: i feel like talking about business. ben: no one better to talk business with than lauren simonetti. this will affect millions of us, cable-tv customers. the customer service can't get much worse. >> reporter: i think it will get better because charter
6:38 am
$55 billion buyout of time warner cable and bright house networks greenlighted by the justice department, charter says they are hiring 20,000 additional workers to work in customer service so maybe that service will get better and perhaps more extensive. what does this mean for time warner customers and charter customers? a lot of protections the government and the fcc and the like want to increase competition. consolidating industry when you look at cable, internet and broadband all coming together, that is bad for competition, they are trying to protect us by a couple things, saying charter cannot restrict what is made available online or charge the online video companies like netflix for seven years and netflix and the like pay to use these cable companies, no charges for 7 years, they can charge customers based on how much data you use, that is a
6:39 am
customer service and as for higher bills any time there is consolidation in an adjuster you usually pay higher prices. we will see. i say most people's bills will go up a little bit. ben: already very expensive, i hope not. >> reporter: there are ways around it, they will offer special services, there is a $15 a month internet service for the lower income households but generally speaking consolidation is higher prices. ben: who do you have? juliet: i don't want to say. i know who she has based on this story. >> reporter: know you don't. ben: i have somebody involved in that story and i'm not really there. lauren simonetti, thank you very much. >> you rarely find people happy with their cable.
6:40 am
ben: i have had the big two, i have had comcast and time warner at various points in my life and i can tell you customer service all around stinks. i will say i thought the comcast product was better, my opinion. ben: something about your red sheets. a lot of stars on red sheets. oh my gosh. she is like -- i like the color but they are cotton and somebody else. ben: speaking of customer service airlines. airlines i getting big customer satisfaction numbers, a 72 out of 100, last time i checked that is still at the on this your's edition of the american customer satisfaction index, the highest
6:41 am
juliet: the planes are getting nicer. and amenities. but they are squeezing you into a smaller space. >> you can pay more to be in economy. ben: it used to be 20 bucks, now it is $75 or hundred dollars. juliet: used to be have a decent seat with 5 inches in front of you. ben: jetblue have more legroom in coach. ben: over virgin america. i don't think a lot of people fly virgin american. juliet: you should. it is the best airline. amazing, i love it. ben: you tell me that every day. it is not new. i am aware. i like to think of my charm and i do have two children, thank
6:42 am
ben: what is going on? >> meteorologist: so rude. juliet: help me out. ben: here is what we have out there, showers and storms, some will come through here. that was round one but another round will be coming through with potential to bring heavy rain, gusty wind and small hail should be coming through in the mid afternoon hours but the rain gets out of your. later tonight it turns cooler to finish the work week so temperatures are below normal in a few days but now it is warm and wet. let's see what is worth checking out. ines: not a lot going on. the lie heading into nassau county looks good, let's check the hudson river crossing with the george washington bridge, upper-level 40 minutes, lower-level 30 minute delay, lincoln tunnel 40, inbound holland tunnel 15, duke is here with look at sports. duke: the mets continue to stay
6:43 am
the reds placed a long ball, some highlights when we come back.
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hottest concert in town, ben: checking headlines on tuesday morning, bill diblasio denies wrongdoing with campaign funds, a leaked memo alleged the mayor helps facilitate large candidates through backdoor channels, he claims everything by lawyers. juliet: president obama is back on american soil, he was busy in europe yesterday in germany he held talks with leaders of germany, italy, france and the uk about the transatlantic trade and investment pac. ben: erin andrews, a lawsuit against the hotel owner involved in her stocking case. the jury awarded andrew's $55 million, no word on the value of that settlement. duke, you're out of the
6:47 am
juliet: everything is good now. duke: twee 10 minutes. juliet: ten minutes of torture. ben: who came to your rescue? the doorman? duke: kind of. he came to me but i kept hitting the button, all the buttons went dark and i hit it again and it opened. juliet: imagine being caught in there for hours. duke: the famous new york city -- on an elevator in new york, that is the story, for hours. mets, last hour, started with them, let's start with the yankees, they kicked off a 9-game road trip in texas, no score, ellsbury stole home plate, solo homerun, first of the season, three batters later, mark to share a --tiexiera takes it. two -- nathan having a great
6:48 am
shutout innings, the best game he has pitched, going back and forth so yankees win 3-1 the final score. gave up no runs in those 7 innings so pretty impressive. mets at home, guess who was on the mound last night. juliet: your boyfriend. duke: he has great hair. he strikes out zach, good start for the mets, labored a bit, 6-2/3. he loves it in the 3 spot, solo homerun, game tied at one. bottom of the third, he doesn't use that kick anymore, a little lower leg kick, met up 3-1. bottom of the 7, anyone hotter in baseball than neil walker?
6:49 am
the month of april, 46 home runs in the last 10 games, they win 5-3 the final score. travis left the game with sore throat and shoulder and will be examined at the hospital for special surgery. a federal appeals court ruled tom brady must serve the deflate gate suspension originally imposed by the nfl. ben: for cheating. duke: it overturns a lower judge siding with the league in a battle with the players and the second us circuit court of appeals ruled yesterday in new york. the suspension is back on. he will probably appeal this. some say this could go all the way to the supreme court.
6:50 am
juliet: i don't like cheaters up there. >> a sprained ligament, injured near the first half in sunday's win, i was watching this game, looked like he slipped on something wet. the mri showed a grade 1 sprain in his right knee, he will be reevaluated in two weeks and will miss the first round of the playoffs, four games, the warriors advance, they kick off the second round series in tampa and drop the puck after 7:00. tom brady is a cheater. it is now confirmed. could be overturns. ben: juliet: this whole jay-z, beyonce .
6:51 am
was a rachel roy. juliet: by the way, on sons of anarchy, one of the greatest actors will be on "good day" later on, and publicist, kelly haven't seen in 100 years, so excited. very exciting day, turned out great. >> meteorologist: we are starting with showers and storms, most of us in a break but not everyone, still a little action but there will be a break in the middle of the morning and this afternoon it comes that you. the rain should clear the area later tonight and tomorrow it will be sunny and nice, high temperatures drying down, we have scattered showers out there up the lower hudson valley into connecticut, they pulled away from long island and the city. start up temperature 52 , going up to 67 for a high, more storms later this afternoon, high
6:52 am
another rain chance tuesday and a little more rain sunday into monday so not looking bad at all. weather apps, the apple itunes store and google play store, all set to go. juliet: entertainment is next. ben: a movie theater showing the hit movie deadpool is in legal
6:53 am
"good day" coming right back.
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ines: the commute has not been bad. delays traffic a little lighter than normal. traffic on the why slow as always, queens boulevard across island parkway, and new jersey, no issues on 70 or 280 eastbound with a checklist, trains, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning and affect citywide. ben: chris christie, nobody was
6:56 am
up online. you can see the governor pumping his fist. it makes me laugh. and distanced himself from chris christie for his political point of view, had a good time. ryan reynolds is helping a theater that got in trouble for showing deadpool. ben: they busted the theater for serving alcohol during the film. under the law in utah theaters cannot serve alcohol at films depicting sex. something in deadpool. and facing a fine or having a liquor license revoked, the movie theaters as the law violates the first amendment and
6:57 am
juliet: i have a brother i never knew i had. interestingly -- you would think there would be a lot of dissimilarities but they are
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it seems like a cold at first.
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rosanna: all night. "good day new york." april 6. i am using the scotto. greg: if you like a pig rose bowl. it is going to raise as much most of the day. rosanna: if you live in several orth eastern states, it is time for the primary. greg: double trough and hillary clinton still the perpetrators. also, mayor deblasio raising questions. he says he did not do anything wrong.


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