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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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man inside a brevard gas station. the whole thing was caught on camera. fox 35's tiffany teasley she spoke with that clerk honest to and joins us now in thudo. tiffany? >>. >> reporter: the bad guy was in for quite a surprise when the slerk/veteran quickly jumped into action. >> reporter:` this surveillance video from the sheriff's office shows an armed robber pointing a gun at the clerk demanding money. it happened last tuesday here at the b.p. gas station in mims. >> he was using a lot of profanity. just telling me to put the money in the bag. >> reporter: but things didn't go as planned for the robber that is. >> i kind of went into my training mode. i had to get` the gun away as fast easy could to inninth as much damage as i can could. >> reporter: you see the clerk, 34-year-old david dick isn't just any clerk, he's an army veteran who did five tours in iraq as a specialist. needless to say, it didn't end well for the robber.
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he took the gun off of me for that split second and i was able to take control of the situation. >> reporter: even though it was an airsoft gun at the time david didn't know that. he was able to grab the gun and put the` suspect in a chokehold. you can see him punching him multiple times. >> a little bit right here. so he was close enough to me that's when i knew i had a chance as soon as i got him to look away. >> reporter: dropping the money the robber eventually runs out of the store as fast as possible. >> trying to get away from me as fast as in any way he possibly could. >> reporter: tonight the robber is still on the run and this husband and father of five hopes he's caught. >> having a gunpointed at your face it changes -- gun pointed at your face it changes you. over $60 this person wanted to ruin somebody's life. >> reporter: while david says he acted on his instincts he says he doesn't recommend others try to fight off bad guys especially when they're armed. of course anyone with information on that suspect
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in the studio, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. tiffany, thank you. breaking news in orlando police are on the scene of a shooting at an apartment complex on cypress woods drive that's just off of conway near kirkman. no word yet on any injuries here. but we have a crew on the way to the sceneful we'll have an update on good day orlando that starts at 4:30 a.m. >> seminole county teachers are hitting the school board tonight behanding -- demanding changes. they say negotiations with the district are just not fair. keith landry is live with where things stand tonight. >> reporter: bob, the district has reached an impasse in contract talks with the teachers union but the school board insists they are ready to go back to the negotiating table to get something done. >> we don't feel we are a priority. >> reporter: a half hour before school leaders met. teachers lined up along the street outside the seminole county school district
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up signs and chanting. inside a sea of red shirts, teachers and their supporters demanding raises. the school district says teachers received a $2.4% increase for twenchl. in its latest offer the district offered a raise of 2.25%. some teachers claim the negotiating process is not fair. >> our floor bargaining unit has put contract language in that you want to say was negotiated it was simply struck pages and pages word for word struck. striking. i don't find that to be bargaining i find that to be scolding. >> reporter: on a fax sheet released to the public before the meeting the school district said we're ready to bargain or take whatever steps will most expeditiously bring bargaining to a conclusion right now the average
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makes just under $27,600 a year. in the news -- $47,600 a year. >> also developing tonight the city of orlando pledging $75 million worth of land and infrastructure to help fund the university of central florida's new downtown campus. now u.c.f. we have told you want to be build the campus on the edge of the creative village project right near the old amway arena. well, the plan is expected to be presented on monday the city councilmembers. the city would give $42 million worth of land to u.c.f. they would also pay for construction on some roads, suers and parking. school officials then hope to get $20 million approved by the state legislature. if all goes well the downtown campus could open the fall of 2018. a news alert tonight a grand jury has indicted a downtown orlando apartment security guard in a first-degree murder and sexual battery charge of one of the residents he was hired to protect.
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of killing 27-year-old be sasha at her uptown place apartment back in october. he has been in the orange county jail on no bond ever since. surveillance video shows her walking with duxbury then two days later she would be found dead inside of her apartment. after investigators say she was raped, strangled and her body doused in bleach. new tonight at 11:00 a city shake-up commissioners there voting tonight to let the city manager go. fox 35's tracy jacim she's in lake county she's got all that led up to all of this. well, city chambers are vacant right now but just a short time ago the city council here voted 5-2 to accept the resignation of the city manager. so the next meeting looks like this name plate will no longer be here. he has only been here for nine months and he came here amid a lot of controversy. you probably remember the city's planning director at the time actually wanted to run for the office too but
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threatened him threatened his family so he stopped his bid for city manager. then when when he came from michigan he made mark his second in command. his deputy city manager. recently there has been a lot of talk and he has been very frustrated thinking that there's a group of folks wanting to get rid of him he said as a leader he just had to stand his ground. he offered a resignation letter last week but with it it was attached to them giving a separation agreement. well, tonight at the meeting it was interesting they actually took mark off the agenda altogether but in a 5-2 vote said they accept the resignation. here's what some folks had to say. a lot of upset people tonight. >> it's a huge loss for the city. he's highly qualified, and, and but this outcome was absolutely predictable. i really believe and there is a strong sentiment in
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really wants is to micromanage the city manager and his staff. >> reporter: so the next meeting is thursday. the mayor says that they will begin the process of naming an interim city manager as well as the process of looking for a full-time city manager. i can tell some of the councilmembers voted to accept a resignation later but hope that he would exercise his right not to go. but that's just not going to be the case. neither wanted to speak tonight. in mount dora, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. fox 35 news. flights crew and peajts forced to take some quick action. >> bob, f.b.i. agents removed an unruly passenger from a flight to jacksonville after he got into an argument on a plane. authorities removed the man in wrist restraints from a jetblue flight sunday. the passenger was saying the man was drunk and put another passenger in a chokehold. four passengers had to spring into action so the flight attendant could restrain him with the zip
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federal charges are now pending. a small plane crash into the ocean in south florida just before noon north of miami beach. the plane sank fast and we can do know two people were on board. there are reports though that they're okay tonight. the feds are still trying to figure out what caused this crash. new numbers from orange county pretty shocking. the percentage of teachers rated highly effective dropped from 81% in 2013/2014 to just about 2.50% for the 2014/2015 school year according to the annual evaluation report more than 98% of the state's teachers earned effective or highly effective ratings for the 2014/2015 school year. bob. >> sunny, thank you. you decide its now of course on-line new hampshire for the republican and the democratic contender ted cruz was a clear winner donald trump coming in second, very closely behind marco rubio.
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by more than a two-to-one margin of voters among voters who want an outsider but ted cruz and rubio. today chris christie mocked marco rubio but rubio fired back. >> obviously he has been very disappointed over the last couple days by his performance in iowa so sometimes when people don't perform well they are under a lot of duress they don't react well. >> meantime donald trump holding a rally in new hampshire tonight looking to dig his heels into the granite state hoping for a first place performance there in tuesday's primary. on the democratic side bernie sanders he has a 33-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. that's according to a survey. the former secretary of state made her case to voters in new hampshire tonight. >> the lead with my heart
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my judgment, and my commitment and determination to serve you will win your support. please come out and support me next tuesday. thank you all very much. >> the loss hasn't hurt him at all. bernie sanders has raised about $3 million in the last 24 hours. his campaign says that the total is the most money it's raised in a single day during the senator's presidential campaign. police say a winter haven dad made stealing a family affair. how he's accused of bringing his daughter to help him shoplift from a wal-mart and putting her in harm's way. plus, the can disturbing new development as doctors track the zika mosquito-borne virus. how someone actually got it without getting bitten bay mosquito. forecast in central florida looks good. out to our west is our next cold front.
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new tonight at 11:00 police say he's not exactly the great role model that kids need. they say that a man went shoplifting with a child in a central florida wal-mart. when police confronted him about it authorities say he endangered that child's safety. fox's josh casio with the latest. >> reporter: well, this guy probably isn't going to be winning any father of the year awards.
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daughter with him here at wal-mart when he was stealing, but she was in on it too. most parents teach their kids not to steal. but winter haven police say we're seeing just the opposite here. the guy in the pictures is tommy jr. and that's his young daughter with him. they're at the wal-mart on cypress gardens to leave without paying a dime for anything in his cart. including that expensive motorized toy. >> he obviously, knew exactly what he was going to do. >> reporter: police say he even had a backup plan in place if they were to be questioned. he allegedly told his daughter to claim she had thrown the receipt and paper trail. >> a child right-side really not going to make that up on the fly so he had to have that. >> absolutely not good parenting. it's a terrible role model. >> reporter: tips and good surveillance shots helped police track him down. he is now charged with grand
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the delinquency of a minor. >> to have a parent teach terrible. >> why are you going to lead age. you are damaging them already for her adulthood. >> reporter: it would appear now the lessons go beyond right and wrong. consequences. >> involving a child in some kind of criminal activity is absolutely unforgivable. we will make you pay for it. >> reporter: he is out of jail tonight on bond. we went to his house no one there wanted to talk to us. josh casio, fox 35 news. a health alert tonight two huge developments doctors tracking the zika mosquito-borne virus, six new travel related cases have been reported in florida. but perhaps more troubling tonight a person in dallas contracted the illness through sexual contact. >> always great to have our doctor from orlando health with us. we have been talking about the zika virus knowing it's mosquito-borne but now, unfortunately, we're also
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s.t.d. a sexually transmitted disease. how do they know that whoever got this that they didn't just get it from being bitten bay mosquito? >> bob, we have always known about the potential of this being a sexually transmitted virus through the first time during this current epidemic that we're actually seeing the first case of a sexual transmission of the zika virus. >> i'm assuming through fluids they found the virus within the flewids. >> they found the virus in the semen analysis that was done. it alters the way we've been thinking about managing or tackling. we've been focusing on the mosquito now we have to also start focusing on sexual practices. >> deet won't protect you from everything. now the thing that was obviously of concern we have mentioned this a number of times. pregnant women have to be concerned about this we know how you get pregnant now so these two things seem to be combined. >> we pregnant women are the most risk at this not the actual woman itself but the child. so there has been an
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microcephally which is small head size of babies. that's why women that are thinking of getting pregnant or women that are pregnant need to avoid going to these countries that on the c.d.c. list. there's about 28 countries right now. number two most importantly is continue to have a universal sexual precaution. so use condoms or try to abstain from sexual activity until you know that the partner that you're with a does not have the virus. >> what if you get pregnant and at the same time you get zika? you know what i'm saying. does it get out of your system do you have to monitor the baby? it doesn't stay in your system very long. >> it stays in a normal person about seven to 14 days that's what we know. then no, not every woman that's pregnant will have a child with microcephally. of having it. so right now there's a lot this. we just don't know what will happen. but the best thing is to prevent it.
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and protect yourself in terms of cure sexual activities. >> ok, more to worry about. dr. brown, thank you. trending across america tonight a terrifying night. severe weather is moving in to alabama and spawning a tornado you are looking at here near birmingham. one of them touching down in pickins county leaving some damage behind. several homes damaged don't have any word of any injuries. they're getting a lot of snow out in the west and severe storms just to our north. >> that's right. >> we're just basking in sunshine. >> we're doing okay. by the time that front gets here on thursday pretty much just a few rainshowers with it nothing too bad. live radar right now looking good as the skies are partly cloudy across metro orlando right now so another good looking night out towards lake. here's what we have right now looking good for tonight no rain at all. here's our rainfall forecast. this will take us through the passage of the cold front now still calling for
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inches of rain up around ocala this area has shifted a little farther south. south with the latest computer model run. also picking up on about an inch of rain over towards titusville down towards around cocoa beach. again with the passage of the front through the day on thursday. temperature right now 72 in daytona the same over in mel -- melbourne. temperatures running about two to 10 degrees it's actually 13 degrees warmer right now compared to last night. 87% humidity in leesburg. 93% in san ford will be a few pockets of fog but nothing too thick expected for tomorrow morning because the temperatures will be a little bit warmer. live picture right now looking back at metro orlando from the south. 70 with our visit orlando tower cam on top of the hyatt regency orlando so a beautiful night tonight. 84 was the high today 63 the early morning low. all those way above normal
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there's the big spinning low there is the big building cumulonimbus clouds the severe weather right now stretching from just west of new orleans. changes over to sleet and snow through portions of the great lakes then all snow on the back end of the system especially up north through minnesota and extending now back also into north and south dakota. so this front already is showing signs of weakening by the time it gets here as we get into the day on thursday it will weaken more. 5:00 a.m. still no rain in orlando. still no rain spendinged from metro orlando. then as we go through the afternoon here it comes. 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. scattered showers around the area. address a little wider view it takes us a little farther out into the future. there's the front approaching as we get into early thursday. again the best chance of rain in ocala gainesville for you will be during the morning hours on thursday into the afternoon. as we go through the
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again shifting farther to the east and south by 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. showers beginning to move off the coast. the skies do clear we will get more sunshine with some cooler weather as we get into friday. but unfortunately moisture returns for the weekend that means a chance of showers that will show back up to in my seven day. 84 tomorrow, 77 on thursday. a high of 68 possible the chance of showers poll rots back in saturday and sunday. glen, thank you much. a huge blow for tony stewart less than three weeks before the daytona 500. stewart recovering from a back injury after an a.t.v. accident. the 44-year-old is due to report to daytona international speedway next week to start getting ready for the 500. he's already announced this will be his final season tomorrow national signing day. the area's top high school athletes will sign their letter of intent to play at
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>> forecast looks good nice and warm tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. rain on thursday no severe weather and then the weekend right now still some showers but that washed out weekend. >> good for football
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