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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first... a marion county deputy is injured following a shoot-out at an ocala gas station last night. and this morning... investigators still do not know why the gunman opened fire. then... the governor declares a state of emergency in four florida counties... over the zika virus. how he plans to address the growing threat... later today. and... ted cruz is speaking out... after being
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why donald trump says the results "!e iowa caucuses... need to be nullified. toss to jayme we are following a
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marion county-- where a deputy is hurt following a shoot-out at a gas station. this happened at a gas station in ocala...... on southeast 20th aseline road at a marathon/kangaroo station. deputies say they got a call about a
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parking lot around 7 last night. .9 they arrived... deputies say the suspect held one of the guns to his head... before opening fire at them with the other gun. that's when they say they had no other choice than to fire back. a sergeant with the marion county office was injured in the shootout... but is expected to recover. the suspect is in critical condition right now. we have a crew headed to the scene... and will have live reports with the latest details... all morning long. three people are also injured following a brevard county shooting... after a confrontation at a business. it all went down yesterday afternoon... at the "traveler's tax u4jksust north of cocoa -- off south clearlake road on rosa street. fox 35's valerie boey is there with the
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man" is scheduled to face a judge today. seminole county deputies arrested alan davis at his altamonte springs home yesterday. davis made the news last year, for having more than 30 tons of trash in his yard. last september, the seminole code enforcement unit led a clean-up at his home. yesterday, deputies booked the 61-year- old on felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance charges. in orange county, a i11not face charges after a deadly arson. yesterday, the state attorney's office said luis cruz will not be prosecuted... because of lack of
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cruz's 5-year-old stepson died in the fire last july. his three-year-old son was also injured. two boys playing nearby rushed into the home and saved a newborn baby and a 1-year-old. governor rick scott is planning to address the "zika virus" threat today-- after declaring a "health emergency" in four counties. at least nine cases of the mosquito- borne illness have been reported in florida-- including in hillsborough county. health officials believe all of the cases are from people who contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries. they say-- for most people -- symptoms are mild... and the virus clears the blood in about a week. but the virus is believed to cause birth defects in babies. experts urge people to reduce mosquito breeding-- 1h,h|by getting rid of
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gutters..drains.. and outdoor containers. you decide 2016-- donald trump is nding a "do- over" in iowa --after coming in second at the caucuses on monday. trump accuses ted cruz of of fraud... and says there should be another election... or monday's results need to be nullified. trump says the cruz campaign cheated by sending out letters to iowa voters... which closely resembled official notices. the letters detailed each recipient's voting history... along with their neighbors... and even drew complaints from iowa's secretary of state. trump also blames cruz for the false rumor about ben carson dropping out of the race... while voting was underway. cruz wasted little time in responding to trump's
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brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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`@`@`@`@`_pppppppppppppxxxxxxxxxxpppppppppxxxxxxxxxxxxxppp||||| protection bill" will go before a house subcommittee today. the bill would protect pastors perform ceremonies for same sex couples. the bill is aimed at freedom of religion-- so that clergy members have discretion over who they will marry.
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the orlando magic
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the top teams in the league. and they came away looking impressive... despite last night's loss to o-k-c. victor oladipo was on fire. he scored 37 points -- just one off his career high -- to lead the magic. but a last second three by kevin durant.. would sink orlando. magic lose... 117 to 114. orlando comes back home to host the clippers tomorrow night. this morning... college football fans are evaluating their team's recruits, after "national signing day," yesterday. rivals dot com ranked scott frost's first class at u-c-f as the 57th best in the country. that is the second highest in the conference. jim mcelwain and the gators had a good day. their class is ranked anywhere from the teens to the top 10 in the country. and jimbo fisher's class at f-s-u is ranked as either the best or second best
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today we expect to learn more about tony stewart's back injury. the three time nascar champion went to the hospital after an a-t-v accident in california sunday. his team expects to have an update on his condition this afternoon. they have not said how long they expect him to be out of action. the first event on the nascar schedule is the sprint unlimited at daytona, in nine days. a rare sighting in ty. a gentle sea cow is attracting crowds in eustis. a manatee has been seen several times swimming --and feeding-- along the shoreline of "trout lake." wildlife experts are not sure why it is there-- but they say the adult manatee had to pass through at least three locks
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the mild winter has probably helped the manatee stay warm. they usually migrate south for the winter. a florida man is accused of using his young daughter... to try and get away with shop-lifting. coming up on good day orlando... what investigators say he put her up to... only to have it back-fire. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's
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around florida. a father is caught from a winter haven walmart... and his young it. police say--the guy in the pictures is "tommy amador junior" and his police say amador was trying to leave anything in his cart. his daughter to claim she threw the receipt and change
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no paper trail. but tips-- and good surveillance shots-- helped police track him down. he is being held on no bond-- for grand theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a pizza delivery man in key west helps save a pregnant woman. deputies say taurean roberts broke into his estranged wife's house monday night and began terrorizing her and her children with a knife. when the family tried to call for help...roberts attacked them. that's when a pizza delivery man arrived at the house...and robert's wife whispered for him to call 9-1-1. deputies were able to catch up with roberts and arrest him. he's being held on no bond. the largest american regatta-- since relations were restored between the united states and cuba last year-- began its final leg yesterday. almost 500 american sailors took-off from havana's historic "marina hemingway"-- heading for key west. the regatta began last weekend-- and ends this saturday. coming up on good day orlando at five... a marion county deputy is recovering
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shoot-out... at an ocala gas station. what investigators nnjo far... and why they say deputies had no other choice but to
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