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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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with the warriors, the pistons. spent some time in the league, i think the players still identify with him as guy that they know back in the day to play. >> steve: even though he's older dean now of the pac 12, he has the young spirit, the vitality, the playfulness, brings a joy to his work and team feeds off of that. >> tim: by the way, that was noah dickerson. he did foul out of the game. three-second violation called against ryan anderson of arizona. >> steve: don't see those very often. maybe a quota call. the end microsoft when meter maids start giving out more tickets or highway patrol pulls people over. >> tim: 11 lead occasion, see the field goal shooting story.
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day from the floor. >> steve: the high post. nice little rub. marquese chriss gives washington the 12th lead change of the game. >> steve: a trap. jackson-cartwright navigating. [ crowd noise ] york, nice. with an answer. >> steve: york and anderson, the upper classmen. beautiful pass. and the foul. dime takes it right at anderson, tarczewski also coming over. andrews penetration forces arizona to help uphill. and that exposes the baseline.
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his third. young man from senegal, spent time at indian hills community college in iowa. he speaks eight languages. he's improved his english, spanish, arabic. he had it all. they asked him to tell something true about hip self, something about one of his teammates then tell a lie. he told the team, i no lie. i cannot lie. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: tied at 70-70. york.
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extra session today? >> steve: it's a donny brooke from start to finish. >> tim: it has o.t. written all over it. just been that kind of game. so many lead changes. arizona's size and strength always keeps them in it. washington's athletic. >> steve: punch and counterpunch. game of runs. >> tim: two minutes left. veteran takes it to the rack. tarczewski and anderson both tough down there when you bring the ball down low. [ crowd noise ] rejected and fouled by chriss. >> steve: baseline official didn't see it.
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the call was made. fourth foul. >> tim: that's four on chriss. anderson gets to the line. >> steve: isolation play by sean miller. what a luxury to have ryan anderson, security blanket for sean miller. a great pick up. like a free agent. [ crowd noise ] there's the draft, free agent. nice high-low. >> tim: chriss, rejected by tarczewski. anderson, by the way, the human double-double that he is comes in averaging a double-double. 20-13 today.
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any front line player in the country. >> tim: nearly 30 point blow out that they had at the mckale center three weeks ago, though. teams have evolved in the college basketball, are washington has. at the shot clock fuzzer. -- buzzer. >> steve: good find by gabe york. dials one up. >> tim: andrews, fouled. york off the bounce there, tim, gathers, draws the defense. nice little reverse pivot and kick out. >> tim: 84% at the line. he came into today's game with 214 freethrows taken. 180 made. he gets to the line just shy of ten times a game. you see the poison display by
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andrew andrews for washington and on the other end of the floor, gabe york and ryan anderson. they have stepped up made the plays. that's what you expect out of grizzled veterans. >> tim: one-possession game. 51.3 left. full court pressure. got to get it over the line. almost double dribbled. quick time out taken as a result by sean miller. the moment he saw that lorenzo romar going to play them straight up.
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gets a good look on this possession where they're either able to get a point blank shot, a wide open jumper or draw a foul. need to come away in productive manner. also can set your defense with your time out depending upon whether you score or don't score, talk to your team about the defensive side of the ball. >> tim: there you see our game reset. the possession arrow is with washington. that's critical particularly if you're talking about a low post pass to one of the bigs. >> steve: i would imagine two-man game here with anderson and york. whether it's high ball screen or an iso, but those two will be involved on weak side to try to get your bigs to clean up the garbage. >> tim: if you get the stop, lav, and you're washington, do you look for the three or do you try to get the quick two extend the game? >> steve: you opportunistic
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directly and set your defense there's still time in the backcourt, i would imagine if washington pushes and scores, whether it's a two or a three there will be quick time out. >> tim: lot of times coaches decide not to take time out because they're concerned about the inbounds pass. >> steve: absolutely. a lot of bad thing can happen out of the time out. it's a philosophy or an approach of feel for your particular team in that situation in a game. >> tim: sean miller has a veteran team. he's got allen and jackson-cartwright, two good handlers out there with york. then tarczewski and anderson have been erasers in the middle. allen will trigger in the inbounds defended by andrew andrews. >> steve: working out of a stack. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: high pick from tarczewski. york. anderson the rebound.
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fouled. second and third chance opportunities that have been catalyst all day rear its ugly head for the washington fans right there. >> steve: not a better front line player in america at finding a way to carve out space, to come up with those second and third efforts. that's why the karl ma lobe power forward candidate. he's numbers i think as good as any front line player in the country. >> tim: 9.8 now left on the clock. i think they're taking a long look at that. chriss picked up a foul. his fifth. he's done for the game. 18 points and seven rebounds. we have a clock issue and they are going to work on how much time really does actually remain.
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instructing his wildcat team, he has wisely played through his seniors as officials review the clock situation. york misses, but watch ryan anderson again, finds a way to secure the ball then goes strong to the cup to draw that foul. >> tim: right. clearly just a little under 16 seconds should be remaining not the 9.8 as you see up on the board right now. that is what the officials are working on. tony along with eric and sean. they're going to give 16.1 which may be arizona thinks is a little generous, it could be 15.9 if you want to -- >> steve: sean miller clearly instructed his team, depending whether anderson makes one or
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whether it's three-quarter court press. if he misses both freethrows potentially foul they don't get game-tying three-pointer at the rim. anderson the story for the wildcats. 15 rebounds and eight of them on the offense. >> tim: unbelievable. that's difference in the game, really. if this score holds up. >> steve: we talked about it at the outset. on a tear the past four games. all aspects of his game. watch this set up like good ball at the freethrow line. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: gets the shooter's touch as a result. that reserve time was almost picked off by kadeem allen. here is murray all the way to the rack. that ball was deflected. a drone draws, the foul with the
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will not get the whistle from the officials. that should effectively put it away. two-possession game. you got to get it inbounded once you do then -- 77-7. allen's got it. trying to play keep away. and he does. arizona survives, i do mean survives washington this afternoon. >> steve: this is indicative of pac 12 play this year and why as many as nine teams are under consideration for the ncaa tournament. high level basketball out west, tim. >> tim: enjoyed it lav. >> steve: i loved it. like gangsters. tim brando. >> tim: and for steve lavin and molly mcgrath, tim brando, so long where we were not sleepless in seattle. what an exciting environment. huskies go down 77-72.
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ready to march in march.
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. >> right now, on fox 35 news at 5:00. >> right now the fog!
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start for your saturday evening. and, central florida, lots of yellow and green there. the big question now, is how wet is tonight going to be for those saturday night plans. >> and, brooks tomlin is tracking it tonight. >> good evening, everybody, the rain came in early this afternoon and then, it has been a soggy day across much of central florida, right now, guardian live weather radar, no thunderstorms but a lot of green is on the screen, light to moderate rain and we have yellow, moderate rain and maybe a little heavy, right around melbourne and towards palm bay and brevard county and the orlando area you can see on the east side, the 417. and the beach line, and 50, quite wet and then, north and west of i-4, more drizzle, in the equation here. and, it is part of a drawing storm system, area of low pressure, a little nor'easter developing down near west palm beach, what all of the rain is associated with, and as we go
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continue to see offshore with a gale warning due to the storm system that will be poet end winds coming in later tonight and most of the rain should move out by the midnight hours. headed out early, or mid to early, go ahead and bring the umbrella. we'll have the chilly 7-day forecast, coming up. thanks, brooks, and now a developing story, you a homicide victim found in the parking lot of the florida mall, orange county sheriffs deputies trying to track down who fired the fatal shots. a person at the mall put in the call to 911 when the bullets went flying. >> and second later a deputy made her way to the scene and one of the two victims shot, died at the hospital and the other found outside the entrance to jcpenney. david williams joins us live outside of the mall. >> reporter: we are -- the victim is andrew garland, 20
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the parking lot behind me. at the mall, jcpenney, 7 o'clock last night. the orange county sheriffs office says an active homicide investigation is underway after garland was found next to a car in the parking lot of jcpenney. here at the florida mall. police found 19-year-old samuel destin outside of the store's entrance. garland died at ormc, also where destin is in critical condition. deputies say it looks like the car is linked to the incident. and no one heard any shots fired. >> we tried to figure out what the relationship was, between the two, the two victims, we are trying to figure out if this was self-contained or if there is somebody we should be looking for. >> a deputy was inside of the store working a shoplifting incident and responded in seconds. investigators say the shooting appears to be unrelated to the mall. the deadly violence has some
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>> yeah. >> and, the sheriffs office is urging anyone who saw anything or if you were here last night and saw a fight and didn't pick -- think much of it, are asked to call the sheriffs office crime line, reporting in orlando, david williams, fox 35 news. >> thanks, david. lake county tonight, clermont police trying to track down the gunman who shot and killed a man in a publix blix parking i don't think. the shooting happened 8:30 at the parking lot of a publix on colonial drive and 455. and a witness reporting seeing a white car speed away from the scene. right now, it's not clear if the car was involved in the shooting but investigators say jones had a white car and they are looking into that. volusia county all lanes back open tonight after a deadly
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>> the vehicles were involved in the crash and happened in the eastbound lanes of i-4, mile marker 131. troopers say a car tried changing lanes with another car. and the two cars collided, flipping both and the driver from the second car was ejected from the vehicle and the person was declared dead on the scene and two others were taken to the hospital and the crash remains under investigation. >> deputies in flagler county say they caught a fugitive wanted up north in virginia. but, another one on the run tonight. investigators say three people ran away from a crash on i-95 yesterday, and think one of them was james kent booth, shown here. virginia authorities say he took off his gops monitoring device in virginia and headed straight to florida. again, they now say he's in custody and found a woman who was in the car shortly after the crash, all they are releasing about the third suspect is his name is mike. >> a team of researchers from the u.s. and brazil are working together to stop is the spread
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and develop a vaccination. florida and puerto rico have already declared emergencies due to the virus and the cdc added jamaica and tonga to the places where pregnant women should avoid traveling. doctors say more research is needed to better understand the virus, which causes babies to be born with drain defects. >> you study the population that has been impacted. you look at people who are not infected and look at people who are infected who didn't have any symptoms, and you look at people who are infected who had symptoms, and you look at women who delivered a baby who had the infection and the baby is normal and you see if there is anything different between any of those, is it a timing factor, is it a mutation? >> the cdc says the researchers are investigating links to the virus as well as other developmental conditions that can cause. and are asking pregnant women whose partners traveled to infected areas to avoid sex until their baby is born. you decide 2016 with the new
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the republican candidates are preparing to take the debate stage tonight hoping to secure votes in the granite state. >> a big debate. and mike emmanuel in manchester, new hampshire with details in the home stretch of the primary contest. >> reporter: the stakes tonight are huge for republican candidates, just days before new hampshire voters go to the polls. the candidates are out working and trying to turn out the vote and hoping to convince undecided voters to support them here in the granite state. one candidate who won't be on the debate stage tonight is former ceo carly fiorina who took this swipe at abc which televising -- is televising the debate, and hillary clinton. >> i'm going to beat here. you know i'm the best debater on the stage and have been fearless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton, he's a liar and lacks a track record of accomplishment and has been wrong on every major foreign policy change and maybe that is the reason anybody but carly fiorina dump have me on the stage tonight. >> reporter: and governor chris christie needs a strong showing
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tonight's debate will provide a contrast for voters. >> on that stage tonight you will see a difference. we will make sure you see a difference. between those who are prepared to lead and those who are just talking. >> after ted cruz's campaign said ben carson would drop out in iowa. today dr. carson talked to campaign volunteers about his future. >> do not let anybody -- i don't care who it is, convince you that i'm going anywhere. you know what i'm saying? [applause]. >> they are -- have written my obituary every week for the last year-and-a-half. >> reporter: new hampshire is so critical you even had 90-year-old former first lady barbara bush out in the snow with her walker xauning on behalf of her son, jeb. the stakes are that high in new
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snow didn't seem to phase her. in manchester, new jersey, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> sneaking up on us, we're one month away from the florida presidential primary and the weekend kicks off the weekly political show, count down to the florida primary. >> his handlers messed up but that was bad -- >> people want him to get out of the race. >> we've assembled our power panel to give you local insights and in-depth analysis and coverage, every step of the way. make sure and join us for our first show tonight at 11:00. after the fox 35 news at 10:00. fox news reporting hillary clinton used misleading language at thursday night's debate, and described the ongoing scandal. >> 100% confident. this is a security review. that was requested. it is being carried out. >> while clinton maintains she's
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fbi investigation, former senior fbi agents tell fox clinton can't know the investigation's outcome and they say her down playing the fbi probe as a security review is misleading. >> as a federal law enforcement investigative agency they do not do security reviews, what they primarily do and are clearly doing in the instance is a criminal vefs. -- investigation. >> the fbi probe is extremely serious, they say and so far, 1600 of clinton's e-mails have been deemed classified. and, seminole county groups of people gathered to clean up a forgotten cemetery. >> one man started the cleanup on his own and we told you his story in october. and, caught a nonprofit group's attention and this morning several volunteers rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. with heavy lifting. fox 35's jackie orozco with more from sanford. >> dozens of volunteers are preserving a piece of sanford's history.
6:57 pm
just so many military -- it is upsetting. >> reporter: people from the seminole county sheriffs search and rescue team. >> it disintegrated. >> reporter: the lake mary about scout troops 507. >> with the boy scouts it is another big group, to help the project out. and i know there's a lot of things we can do. >> reporter: and the new sanford initiative started cleaning up the cemetery and the group spearheaded today's cleanup and thanks to the news coverage a few months ago with tom ward. >> saw it on fox. >> a friend of mine tagged me and i saw mr. ward, by himself and duke a little bit at a time and i said, i is a way to give back. >> reporter: most of the graves belong to african-americans born in the 1800s. >> 1893. >> famous people are buried out here, too. >> one famous person out here,
6:58 pm
>> reporter: the cleanup project... >> my grandfather was there and great-great-grandfather is there. >> reporter: every two weeks they'll be here cleaning up. and graves properly maintained so families have a clean place to visit loved ones, in sanford... jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> and, you may want more info on how -- the cleanup efforts, go to and we posted a link for you there. >> a serious story, a race against the clock. right now. >> crews working to find any survivors after a powerful earthquake rocks taiwan. >> straight ahead the latest on the search for any of the hundreds trapped after buildings came crumbling down and they kicked off the mt. dora arts fest and even the rain couldn't keep people away from one of the largest art fest events in central florida.
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