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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- we had a few days of warm weather, but we're now waking p to some chilly eratures this morning. kristin giannas will have the details in your full forecast. plus-- orange county deputies say they have made an arrest... in the accidental shooting ja 13-year-old. why investigators say the gun... actually belonged to a convicted felon. welcome kristin
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developing this morning--
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deputies say they have made an arrest-- after a 13- year-old is accidentally shot in the head! deputies now say-- the gun-- belonged to a convicted felon. the shooting happened at a home on "spotts-wood drive" in orlando yesterday afternoon. deputies say the boy was visiting two 18- year-old relatives at k:!en one of them found a gun in a bedroom... and started playing with it.
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gun went off-- hitting the 13-year- old. investigators say that gun belonged to walter morame-- who was not home at the time. that boy is now fighting for his life at "arnold palmer hospital"- where he is in critical condition. deputies have not released any more information about morame. we'll keep you updated with the very latest. also developing this morning-- orlando police are on the hunt for the gunmen-- after two men are shot and killed at a condo complex in metrowest. this is video from the scene. orlando police say --they were checking out the area of "robert trent jones drive" around 7-15 last night-- after receiving reports of gunshots. police found the bodies of two men. they say both men appear to have been shot to death. police have not released the names of the two victims. they also do not
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or witnesses to the shooting. new this morning-- a popular cruise ship bound for port canaveral... is getting slammed by a strong storm in the atlantic. the royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" left new jersey saturday... only to get caught by category 2 "hurricane force winds off the carolina coast. overnight... passengers aboard the cruise ship continued to tweet the mess that powerful wind is causing. so far there's no reports of any significant injuries... but several people have fallen ill. in orange county-- orlando police searching for gunmen... after a deadly shooting inside a crowded nightclub over the weekend. two people were killed... and almost 10 others were hurt. fox 35's tiffany teasley has the
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orlando police have lled to this same nightclub because of a shooting before. last october-- two people were shot in the parking lot. both victims survived that shooting. in lake county-- the wife of tavares' mayor is scheduled to be arraigned
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charges that she attacked her sister with a deadly w9. lake county deputies arrested sharon wolfe last month... after she got into a fight with her twin sister. deputies say wolfe hit her sister with an oscillating fan and a fraternity paddle during that fight. days later wolfe was arrested a second time for violating the conditions of her original release. volusia county leaders will meet to discuss the homeless problem in daytona beach. homeless advocates hope that leaders will propose a plan to help get these people back on their feet. county officials want to set aside 4- million dollars to build a facility to temporarily house the homeless... but some people want a plan to make the homeless self- sufficent. a news alert now-- blood banks across the u-s are taking new precautions to protect people from -a virus. donors who have traveled recently will now have to undergo mandatory screenings before they're allowed to give. this comes as millions of people are heading to the brazilian "carnival" this week... despite the country having some of the highest
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virus. happening today-- the orlando city discuss u-c-f's downtown campus. leaders will decide their part of the deal that would give the university 75 million dollars for the project. if it's approved, then the school can ask the state for another 20 million dollars. we'll be there to let you know what happens. governor rick scott is in central florida today -- to he plans to announce new jobs at "web benefits ign." the employee company is located on sand lake road-- in orlando. the governor's news conference starts at 9-30 this morning. we will pass along any major developments. if last night was peyton manning's last game-- he will be ending his hall- of-fame career as a superbowl champion. manning and the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers... 24 to 10. there was no shortage of celebrations in "mile high city". hundreds of happy fans poured into downtown denver
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teams third super bowl title... forcing police to close-off several roads to keep everything contained. with last night's victory... manning becomes the first quarter-back to ever win a super- bowl with two franchises. we'll have a breakdown of the game--later on in the newscast. of course... the big game isn't what everyone enjoys best about the super bowl. just as many... if not more will be talking about the commericals today. so we want to know... what were some of your favorites? let us know using the hash-tag g-d-o on twitter... and we'll share your comments all morning long. coming up next-- republican presidential candidate donald trump is leading in new hampshire-- but that's not stopping
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at his competitors. some strong words coming from trump. we'll tell you who he's talking about-- next. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean,
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you decide 20-16-- polls show republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders continue to lead in the granite state. but there has been an interesting turn of events on the g- o-p side. in the latest monmouth university poll... john kasich is second in new hampshire. he has 14 percent support among likely voters... 16 points behind donald trump. marco rubio and jeb bush are tied for third... with 13 percent support. the former florida governor has surged 9 points in the last month. iowa caucus winner ted cruz is in fourth
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percent support. meanwhile... trump will hold a town hall meeting today... after he canceled the event last week because of snow. bush mocked trump, by tweeting the billionaire -- "my 90 year old mother made it out to campaign." the message included a picture of bush's mother, barbara, shaking hands with a little girl at a campaign stop. trump fired back... during a rally yesterday. trt: oc: later this week, trump will travel to tampa, where he will hold a rally on the campus of the university of south florida. meamwhile.. marco rubio is trying to shake off some of the blows he received during saturday night's g- o-p debate... turning his focus on bernie sanders. trt:15
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on the democratic side -- hillary clinton is looking to build off of her narrow win in iowa over bernie sanders. during a rally yesterday-- former president bill clinton told supporters-- the republicans have unsuccessfully tried to derail hillary's campaign by focusing on her e- mails. polls show republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders continue to lead their races in the granite state. but there has been an interesting turn of events on the g- o-p side. trt:16 oc: in a recent poll-- bernie sanders $.*ry clinton 58 to 38 in new hampshire. just minutes after
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superstar beyonce announced dates for a new concert tour! two of those shows -- will be here in florida. we'll tell you where. *.5ber the gainesville cop-- who went viral-- for playing basketball with some kids? now... the orlando magic are honoring him and those youngsters... in a very special way. we'll tell you what they did. she rocked the super bowl-- now-- beyonce is taking her show on
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performing last night-- she announced a tour. the "formation" tour kicks-off wednesday, april 27th, at arlins park" in a. en she is heading tampa. she will be a "raymond james aum"-- friday, april 29th. ere is a cket pre-sale starting tomorrow. general public tickets go on sale next tuesday, the 16th. slams into a power pole in downtown orlando. and orange county deputies are searching for a suspect around the scene. this story tops our morning rush. it happened last night, at orange enue and kaley street, near fire station number five. deputies searched the area for a robbery suspect. we are working to learn more details about how the crash and the search are related. we will pass along any new information once we get it. a polk county teacher is accused of driving drunk. deputies arrested anthony stanciu after they say he crashed into a mail box in winter haven saturday night. stanciu is a math teacher at bartow high. they say he was slurring his speech... and they could smell alcohol in his car, after the crash. they say his blood
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the legal limit. he was released after posting bond. toss to kristin the orlando magic
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hero. yesterday-- the team welcomed a gainesville police officer-- and the teens he played basketball with-- in a video that went viral. it was the first n-b-a
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they sat in good seats-- and the players gave them autographed balls. video --from officer bobby white's dashcam --went viral when he responded to a noise complaint. he found some young men playing basketball in the street. instead of scolding them- he played ball with them. at half time yesterday-- the magic recognized officer white as a hometown hero for being proacticve and building relationships on the streets of gainesville. officer white told the young players he would bring more police officers back for a rematch. when basketball legend shaquille o'neal heard about it, he decided to be part of the rematch game, stunning the teens and launching a second viral video. yesterday, the
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thousand dollar donation to help gainesville police youth programs. now-- to the sports story everyone is talking about. the denver broncos are your superbowl 50 champions! peyton manning could be polishing off his career... now with two superbowl wins. here's fox 35's adam shadoff with your sportzone report. coming up next--
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the search for the
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and clyde" duo. it ended in a shootout in the panhandle. still ahead-- more on how one of the suspects tried to from police-- before flying. time to take a look
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arothe surviving suspect-- in a modern-day "bonnie and clyde" duo-- is behind bars in a morning. harper faces kidnapping, and theft. she is being held on 1-million dollars bond in the escambia county jail-- in the panhandle. she was taken there after being released from the hospital over the weekend. harper's boyfriend... fitzgerald"... died in a shootout friday morning. during the standoff-- officers say fitzgerald tried to use harper as a human shield. the couple is accused of crimes in missouri... alabama... georgia, and florida. a tragic story out
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where 3 children are dead after a horrible crash. according to the sheriff's office-- a family in a 4-door lincoln was heading west on the cypruss parkway saturday night... when the driver lost control. witnesses saw the car spin into the eastbound lanes-- before crashing head-on into a jeep. one of the children in the backseat of the lincoln died... he was 6-years-old. a 6 and 8 year old girl were killed in the other car. at this time, it's unclear if anyone will face charges in the crash. most of the victims are recovering at osceola regional medical center. a fugitive-- who took part in a multi-million dollar drug ring-- is caught and returned to broward county. jorge fleites- sanchez was transferred back to florida... after
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out in mexico for several years. authorities said he played a major role in a ring... that brought more than a thousand pounds of cocaine into south florida. if convicted-- he faces up to 33 years in federal prison. first-- orange county deputies say they've made an arrest... after a 13- year-old boy is 1e shot. why deputies say the gun...belonged 1=9. plus... we are following the latest tweets--- from passengers on board a cruise ship --bound for cape canaveral. this morning-- the ship is caught in hurricane force winds. we've got the latest details straight ahead. during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth
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