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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning it's
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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- new details this morning on the 13-year-old boy that was accidentally shot in the neck... while visiting relatives in orlando over the weekend. deputies have now made an arrest. we have a live report from the ornage county jail - with the very latest. plus... bundle up! parts of central florida are waking up -- freezing! jayme king has you full forecast ahead. plus - the denver bronocs are super bowl champions. but is peyton manning going to be a denver bronco-- moving forward. what he revealed... after the game... but first, let's get
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that critically wounded a 13-year- old boy sunday. deputies say it was an accicent--but they have someone behind bars. the shooting happened at a home
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and semoran sunday afternoon. . fox 35's dana jay live at the orange county jail with more on the arrest. trt: | .jn-- we now have video from the scene of a deadly double- shooting-- that we brought you as
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we now have video from the scene of a deadly double- brought you as night. they were checking out the area of drive" around 7-15... after receiving reports of gunshots. we're told officers found the bodies of two men... and that have been shot to death. their names have not been released. police also do not have any suspects-- or witnesses-- to the shooting. orange county deputies are searching for four
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at an orlando store overnight. investigators say the men robbed "a neighborhood food mart" located on second street... around 11 p-m. we're told the victim is expected to be okay. right now-- detectives do not have any information on the suspects. new this morning... a popular cruise ship bound for port canaveral... is getting slammed by a strong storm in the atlantic. the royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" was hit "!e coast of the carolinas overnight. here's tweets of the mess that powerful wind is causing... sent by passengers on the cruise ship overnight. it left new jersey saturday... only to get caught by category 2 "hurricane force winds. so far there's no reports of any significant injuries... but several people have fallen ill. this morning, governor rick scott is in orlando to talk about jobs. this visit will be similar to others he has made recently. today he plans to announce new jobs at an employee benefits company called "web benefits design." his news conference starts at 9-30.
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major developments. today a group will protest two proposed charter schools in orange county's "avalon park" community. developers want to put them in near avalon middle school, and downtown avalon park. the "avalon charter concerns group" is concerned about the locations, among other things. the first demonstration is at 3-30 outside of avalon middle school. the second is at 4-45 at avalon park's "founder's square." developing this morning... orlando police searching for gunmen... after a deadly shooting inside a crowded nightclub over the weekend. two people were killed... and 10 ers were hurt. this all started early sunday ing -- at the "glitz ultra lounge". detectives believe three people opened fire inside the club...which had about 300 people inside at the time. one person died inside the club... while another died at the hospital. we spoke with a witness... who tells us -- his friend was one of the victims who died. investigators say
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everything it was supposed to do-- to keep customers safe. it had a full security staff at the time of the shooting... and there were even orlando police officers on patrol in the area. right now... one of the victims remains in the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made. orlando police have been called to this same nightclub over a shooting before. last october... two people were shot in the parking lot. both victims survived that shooting. a similar shooting investigation is underway in tampa this morning. this weekend... someone opened fire at a strip club... killing a man and injuring at least 8 others. there are surveillance cameras at the club... but detectives say it's not clear if they were recording at the time of the shooting.
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meet to discuss the homeless problem in daytona beach. homeless advocates hope that leaders will propose a plan to help get these people back on their feet. county officials want to set aside four million dollars to build a facility to temporarily house the homeless... but some people want a plan to make the homeless self- sufficent. two former u-c-f students are suing the school... following the data breach that exposed the private information of more than 63-thousand students and employees. the lawsuit was filed on friday... and is seeking a class action status according to the orlando- sentinel. the two people who filed the suit are seeking damages which will be determined at trial. if last night was peyton manning's last game... he will be ending his hall- of-fame career as a champion. manning and the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers... 24 to 10.
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celebrations in "mile high city". dreds of happy fans poured into downtown denver to celebrate the teams third super bowl title... f orcing police to close-off several roads to keep everything contained. police say the ebrations were mostly peaceful. manning spoke briefly after the game... about his future plans. manning's mother says she wants her son retire. with last night's victory... manning becomes the first quarter-back to ever win a super- bowl with two franchises. manning won his first with the indianapolis colts back in 2007. still ahead -- what
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today to prevent another noro-virus outbreak why it could impact your lunch plans. plus... trt: oc: donald trump... taking a swipe at jeb bush. details on the tweet that had the frontrunner.. fumiung. plus.. a big shake up in the polls.. just one day before the
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the cold to cast their votes in tomorrow's primary. right now... the state is frozen-over with ice. a similar situation that voters in iowa faced last week. in a recent survey-- 70-percent of new hampshire voters said they will not let the frigid weather prevent them from voting tomorrow. polls show republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders continue to lead in the granite state. but there has been an interesting turn
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in the latest monmouth university poll... john kasich is second in new hampshire. he has 14 percent support among likely voters... 16 points behind donald trump. marco rubio and jeb bush are tied for third... with 13 percent support. the former florida governor has surged 9 points in the last month. iowa caucus winner cruz is in fourth place with 12- percent support. will hold a town after he canceled the event last week because of snow. bush mocked trump, by tweeting the billionaire -- "my 90 year old mother made it out to campaign." the message included a picture of bush's mother, barbara, shaking hands with a little girl at a campaign stop. trump fired back... during a rally yesterday. trt:
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later this week, trump will travel to tampa, where he will hold a rally on the campus of the university of south florida. meamwhile.. marco rubio is trying to shake off some of the blows he received during saturday night's g- o-p debate... turning his focus on bernie sanders. trt: oc: on the democratic side -- hillary clinton is looking to build off her narrow win --over bernie sanders-- in iowa. during a rally yesterday-- former president bill clinton told supporters-- the republicans have unsuccessfully tried to derail hillary's campaign by focusing on her e- mails. trt: oc: in a recent poll, eie sanders leads hillary clinton
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bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud, let's go back to the gop debate on saturday in new marco rubio, having a hard time when confronted by chris christie..over his scripted answers.
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trt: oc: 04:48:53 when i am elected president... upon us 04:49:01 butt to 04:49:10 you see everybody.. gave him (clapping) 04:49:27 butt to 04:50:06 your state.. important 04:50:28
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bud --on his show "good morning orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. n.m. on f-m 102.5.
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opening late today-- because of a company-wide meeting. employees are being briefed on new food-safety rules... following the recent e-coli and norovirus outbreaks. the meeting will go over an improved food-safety
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implemented last month. some of the changes include new ways of handing vegetables... and marinating meats. this is all a response to outbreaks of e-coli and norovirus last year. hundreds of people reportedly became sick after eating at chipotle. government officials have said the outbreak appears to be over now. chipotle restaurants should be open for business around 3 this afternoon. uber and amazon are both rolling out their food-delivery services-- but they are taking a big cut of the restaurant both services demand about 30- percent of each order they deliver. some "mom and pop" restaurants say-- that's too steep. most competitors take up to 20 percent of the bill. "yogurt-land" is celebrating "national frozen yogurt day" with free fro-yo! anyone who goes to the "yogurt-land" in winter park will get a free cup to fill with their favorite flavors and toppings. the deal is only happening tonight-- between 4 and 7 p-m coming up next--
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welcome back... i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. ecqa major deal-- that is essential to opening downtown orlando-- is heading to the city council today. we will explain what's at stake. a jacket. cold week here in central florida. full forecast... still ahead. and... the denver broncos are super bowl champions-- for a but one of the league's most storied players... may be calling its we have a full
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everything you need to know... with mike bianchi. but first, let's get over to jayme king. developing this morning-- orange county
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have made an arrest-- after a 13- year-old is accidentally shot in the head! deputies now say-- the gun-- belonged to a convicted felon. the shooting happened at a home qqm-wood drive" in orlando yesterday afternoon. deputies say the boy was visiting two 18- year-old relatives at the home-- when one of them found a gun in a bedroom... and started playing with it. that is when the the gun went off-- hitting the 13-year- old. investigators say that gun belonged to walter morame-- who was not home at the time. that boy is now fighting for his life at "arnold palmer hospital"- where he is in critical condition. today... orlando city commissioners will get their first look at a bold plan.. to build u-c-f's downtown campus. the deal.. includes spending tens of millions of tax dollars.. fox 35's andrea
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with the details. andrea? the city of orlando plans to contribute 75-million dollars to u-c-f's downtown campus project. and today the city council will discuss terms to finalize the agreement orlando has agreed to pledge $42 million in land and property alone in addition to road and sewer work. the university is seeking approval from the board of governors to build a ousand square-foot building ea o28 r 77-hundred stunts as part of ertive village downtown lando. also seeks $20 million from the state. the city ll give up acres us the 22 d a half mlion dollar expo center rrent i ed by u-c-f... mayor buddy dyer ys the deal another step in the ght direion for wntown lando's economy... t: oc: e of it 's a great investment for our wntown to grow at enrclt... digital media mpanies - emerging dia mnies and that onlyorks if you have the education mponent = think about what having a campus in downtown tsay 7500 to 10-thousand udents on a daily sis will mean for ansforming wown - there's economic piece of - tria quality of life piece of it the university has been working with e city on t a r the past year the council will sta discussing the r the agreement today at pm in downtown lando... aj f35n our other big ory... broncos win the sur bowl.. defeatinghe hers 24 to 10. one of the big talkers... is when panthers-- and
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t of a news conference after e game. r other big story... broncosin super bl feating the panthers 24 to 10. one of the big talkers... is when panthers-- and reigning n-f-l m-v-p cam newton walked out of a news conference after the game.
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oc: (walks off) newton was sacked several times and lost 2 fumbles deep in his own territory that led to the 2 broncos touchdowns. orlando sentinel sports columnist mike bianchi.. and host of "open mike" on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game ... joins us live
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bianchi on "open mike" from 6 am - 9 am on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game. just minutes after performing at the superbowl-- superstar beyonce announced dates for a new concert tour!
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-- will be here in florida. find out
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now-- beyonce is taking her show on the road. minutes after performing last night-- the singer announced she is going on tour. the "formation tour" kicks-off wednesday, april 27th, at "marlins park"-- in miami. then-- she is heading to tampa. she will be at "raymond james stadium"-- friday, april 29th. the general public can not buy tickets until next tuesday. this morning-- orange county
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for help-- from anyone who saw-- or heard-- a double shooting at the florida mall. investigators want witnesses to call *j.9 the shooting ed friday night, in the mall's parking lot. deputies say 20- year-old "andrew garland" died after getting to the hospital after the shooting. 19-year-old "samuel destin" died saturday night. detectives do not think the shooting was random. no arrests have been made. r slams into a power pole in downtown orlando. this story tops our morning rush. it happened last night-- at orange avenue and kaley street-- near fire station number five. deputies were also searching the area for a robbery suspect. we are working to learn more details about how the crash and the search are related. e are investigating a crash that injured one person. officers tell us it happened early sunday morning, at west cypress street and south orange blossom trail. two cars were involved. one went off the road and hit the "weld right
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one person went to the hospital. a polk county teacher is accused of driving drunk. deputies arrested anthony stanciu -- after they say he crashed into a mail box-- in winter haven-- saturday night. he is a math teacher at bartow high. police say his blood alcohol level was more than twice the
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your first headline comes from the huffington post. it reads-- "ted cruz says it would be 'nuts' to draft women." while on the campaign trail in new hampshire on sunday... ted cruz stood his ground on the matter... he says that he is ot in favor of requiring women to register for the draft.
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admitted they were in favor of the idea during saturday's debate. cruz admitted that he was thinking of his two young daughters when the topic came up. your final headline comes from "business insider." it reads--- " mountain dew's weird... 'puppy- monkey-baby' super bowl ad completely split viewers opinions." this is one of the most talked about commercials from last night's big game. the "puppy-monkey- baby" is supposed to be a hybrid of three awesome things from past commercials. the beverage is called "kickstart"... which is also a mixture of three things... mountain w--juice-- and caffeine. of course... the big game isn't what everyone enjoys best about the super bowl. just as many... if not more will be talking about the commericals today. so we want to know... what were some of your favorites?
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the hash-tag g-d-o on twitter... and we'll share your comments all morning long. coming up next-- new details about the search for the modern-day "bonnie and clyde" duo. it ended-- with a shootout in the panhandle. still ahead-- more on how one of the suspects tried to shield themself from police-- before
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time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. police called them a modern-day "bonnie and clyde." this morning--one is dead--the other is behind bars. wr-old brittany harper is charged with robbery, kidnapping, and theft. she is being held in the escambia county jail--on 1-million dollars bond. she was taken there -- after being released from the hospital over the weekend. harper's boyfriend-- "blake fitzgerald"-- died in a shootout friday morning. during the standoff-- officers say fitzgerald tried to use harper as a human shield. the couple is accused of crimes in missouri... alabama... georgia, and florida. a tragic story out of polk county-- where 3 children are dead after a horrible crash. according to the sheriff's office-- *j9 a 4-door lincoln was heading west on the cypruss parkway saturday night... when the driver lost control. witnesses saw the car spin into the eastbound lanes-- before crashing head-on into a jeep. one of the children
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the lincoln died... he was 6-years-old. a 6 and 8 year old girl were killed in the other car. at this time, it's unclear if anyone will face charges in the crash. most of the victims are recovering at osceola regional medical center. deputies say all of the young children in the accident were properly strapped into car seats. a fugitive-- who took part in a multi-million dollar drug ring-- is caught and returned to broward county. jorge fleites- sanchez was transferred back to florida... after agents say he hid out in mexico for several years. authorities said he played a major role in a ring... that brought more than a thousand pounds of cocaine into south florida. if convicted-- he faces up to 33 years
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john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. new overnight. orange county deputies made an arrest after the accidental shooting of a 13 year old boy. we will explain why the owner of the gun is in trouble. plus: this might change your lunch plans. chipotle is closing for four hours during the middle of the day. find out what the workers will be focusing on during that time. then all new: this morning. the post game moment everyone is talking about. panthers quarterback cam newton was upset during his news conference, and he got up and walked away. we have your super bowl coverage,
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