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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- bundle up. we are waking up to a cold morning. jayme king has what you need to know before you head out the door. plus-- the whale watch is entering its second day in brevard county... after an endangered whale and her calf get stuck in an inlet. what authorities plan to do today... to help free them. and-- new hampshire voters are getting up early this morning... to head to the polls for the primary elections. coming up... more on
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are doing... to get some last minute
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but first, let's get over to jayme king. developing in
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wildlife will be back out in sebastian inlet in a few hours-- to aid a stranded mother whale-- and her calf. the pair was discovered yesterday-- and f-w-c says they will come up with a solution if they did not swim away overnight. fox 35's keith landry has the details. in volusia county--
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morning... after police say he was teen. this happened around 5-15 last sheridan road, just west of nova road in daytona beach. police say a 16- year-old girl stabbed the victim. he was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery... he's in stable condition at this time. police say the girl was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. a home in palm bay is unrecognizable--- after catching fire it happened around 6 o'clock.
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ravenswood street. "brevard" and "palm bay" fire rescue worked together to there are no reported injuries at this time. you decide 2016-- the first national primary is underway. presidential campaigning in new hampshire for months... and they'll finally find out if that hard work paid off. just past midnight... the new hampshire town of "dixville notch" cast its votes. while dixville doesn't have a great track record of predicting who will win the state's primary... it has correctly predicted who will go on to win the republican nomination in every el fox's caroline shively is live in manchester, new hampshire with the latest.
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thanks caroline. fox 35 is your coverage of the presidential race. latest updates on our website fox 35 orlando dot com... and download the fox 35 news app on your phone. t least 4 people are dead-- and more than 100 others are injured-- after two passenger trains crash head-on on germany. this happened early this morning-- in the southern city of
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police say crews are still trying to reach people trapped in the wreckage. no word yet on what caused the crash. orlando police are searching for suspects... after they determine a deadly weekend shooting at a club was not a random act of violence. two people were killed and nine others were injured during the shooting early sunday morning... at glitz ultra lounge on universal boulevard. detectives won't give out any details, but say they do have suspects. there were around 300 people inside the club. police are now busy questioning people about the shooting. the names of the been released. investigators are still trying to get a hold of family members. a news alert-- fears over the spread of zika virus is forcing several blood banks around
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extra precautions. this comes -- as the white house asks congress for more than 1-point-8 billion dollars in emergency funding to fight it. start asking some blood donors to stop giving. anyone whose traveled to mexico-- or central or south america -- will be asked to wait at least 28 days before donating blood. the same rules apply to those who have visited samoa-- or cape verde --off the coast of africa. some blood banks may have to re- examine some of its current blood supply-- if a recent donor starts to come down with symptoms. the virus is known to cause birth defects. so --pregnant women are the main concern. just last friday--central florida confirmed its first case... bringing the total in florida up to 16 in
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related. still ahead-- big changes could be in store for couples who get ewi . details on the controversial changes lawmakers are trying to make.. to permanent alimony and child custody. but first -- a royal carribean cruise ship is back in new .jjmorning... after a rough ride at sea. details on the florida lawmaker.. who is now calling
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new jersey... after it sailed into a dangerous storm sunday night. headed to port canaveral, but turned back after it was damaged in that storm. enator bill the national safety board to investigate why the ship sailed into the storm. 100-mile-per-hour winds rocked thousands of passengers aboard royal caribbean's passengers recorded video and took to social media to show the
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luckily, no one seriously hurt. in brevard county-- space-x says it will try to land its rocket once again near the cape! the commercial company announced it will launch the falcon 9 rocket on february 24th. :ce-x will send a communications satellite into orbit... then try to land part of the falcon 9 rocket on a ship in the atlantic. the last attempt ended in failure.. when one of the rocket's legs did not properly latch on. big changes could be in store for couples who are looking to divorce. the state senate is preparing to vote on a bill-- that will reform alimony and child custody. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it.
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through the changes.. bud, where do you
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what are the pros and cons? of personal bias by lawmakers. you can listen to
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"good morning orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol-- regular gas is 1-60 at the wawa on east altamonte drive and anchor road in altamonte springs. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. speaking of gas
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speaking of gas prices-- gas could soon be selling for under one dollar in least eight states.
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under one dollar in least eight states. but sadly... florida isn't one of them. the cheapest regular-gas in the u-s right now is in oklahoma city... where the average price is one dollar and 7-cents per gallon. the current average in florida is one dollar and 72 cents per gallon. the fight against terrorism-- now has a new ally. coming up-- how google is using ads... to stop those u*9g to join terrorists. plus--
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the love this holiday season! straight ahead-- the details of the new --popular valentines day
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google says -- the ads will pop up when someone searches for information on extremism online. the program is still in its pilot stage. in addition to the counter-terrorism ads-- google is working to make anti- extremism videos more discoverable joutube. the company hopes their efforts will help convince people... not to join isis and similar groups. starbucks is feeling the love. the coffee chain is offering three new valentines day drinks. it includes a molten chocolate lattee.. molten chocolate frappuccino .. and molten hot chocolate. the drinks are avialabe right now...through valentines day. coming up in our next half hour-- a huge milestone for the u-c-f downtown campus-- the orlando city council has officially pledged to back the project. straight ahead-- we have the plans-- for what the campus will look like. plus-- authorities in
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i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- police in kissimmee are out searching for skimmers--after four were found in the last week. what you should be on the look-out for. plus-- a major change of events in the race for the white house. details on why jeb bush.. may now have a fighting chance at winning in new hampshire. then-- 20-16 has not been the easiest year for the orlando magic. but-- things seem to be looking up. we take a look at their latest game. but first, let's get
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police are doing a safety sweep at gas stations in kissimmee.. looking for skimmers! just last week... deputies say they found four of the devices. fox 35's andrea jackson is live in kissimmee with more. good morning andrea. j9g right now--
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underway. and there's been a big shake up in the polls on the republican side. the town of dixville notch cast their first votes overnight. the town with a population 12... picked senator bernie sanders for the democrats... and john kasich for the republicans. this newly released emerson college poll shows support for donald trump is slipping. he is still in first place, but his
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dropped from 37- percent on thursday, to 22- percent today. former florida governor jeb bush is in second place.. with 21 percent support. john kasich is in third.. with 13 percent.. and marco rubio finishes in 4th place.. with 12 percent. bush.. is telling supporters.. he's alive and is campaigning hard. last night on fox news, he explain how he was put into an early grave early in this election. ." meanwhile... marco rubio is reflecting on his performance during saturday's debate. rubio told fox news.. he's standing by the repeated use of one phrase -- despite what his republican rivals
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on the democratic \mm ernie sanders maintains his double digit lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. but nationaly, it is a dead heat. a new poll by reuters shows hillary clinton leads sanders 48 percent to 45 percent nationally -- among democratic voters. that 3 point lead is well within the 5 percent margin of error. a huge milestone for the u-c-f downtown campus. the orlando city council has officially pledged to back the project. in a unanimous .. the council pledged over 75-million dollars in land --and other commitments-- to the project. this is artwork of what the campus will look like. the 15-acre plot of land... is along parramore avenue and livingston street. u-c-f is also hoping to get 20-million
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funding. in orange county-- deputies are searching for an armed robber, who may be connected to 2 seperate robberies. that story kicks off the morning rush. this is surveillance s"!e "kangaroo express" on east colonial drive, near the 4-0-8, early saturday morning. the suspect crouches behind the counter --and points a gun at an employee. the suspect forced the clerk to empty out the register, and then took off. deputies believe that same man held up another store in orlando-- just minutes before this one. orlando police are on the hunt for the person who killed two brothers... heading to a super bowl party. :ujators say 34-year-old antonio jones --and his 16- year-old brother christian -- were gunned down on sunday night. their bodies were found at the "stonebridge reserve condos" in metro west. their mother says she has no idea why anyone would want to hurt her sons. anyone with information is urged to call orlando
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orlando police want you to take a close look at this sketch. officers say this is the suspect in the deadly shooting last week at the "serrano apartments." the image on the right -- is a surveillance picture of the suspect's vehicle leaving the complex. 19-year-old jacob almond was killed in the shooting. if you recognize these images-- call orlando police. we've seen plenty of streaks from the orlando magic this season... but none of them have involved winning since the start of the new year... until now. the second time in two days... orlando beat the atlanta hawks. and the team had to win from behind... after the hawks p jumped ahead by 20- points in the opening period. led by nikola 0 yy`qj3 f vucevic's 28-points... orlando didn't take its first lead in this game until three minutes were left in regulation. the magic then x00|pp|@{ finished atlanta in over-time... 117 to 110. right now orlando is tied for 10th in the ```__ eastern conference. mm for the first time in florida's history... a
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appointed "head football coach". miami jackson high school announced it has hired "lakatriona brunson" to lead its team. brunson is a former reality television star... having been featured on the show "south beach tow". she'll be joined by another celebrity... "luther campbell"... who went by the name "uncle luke" in the hip-hop group "2 live crew". he's joining the team as assistant coach. and the super bowl the most exciting game on the field... but behind the scenes... there was a record amount of the "nevada gaming control board" announced people bet more than 132- million dollars on year. previous record of that was set two years ago. peyton manning and the denver broncos also played for the championship that year.
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hot topic again in tallahassee today. we have the details of that --and other important bills-- moving forward. plus-- florida fish and wildlife need your help keeping track of anaconda in our state. what they're asking you to do to help them control the
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of slices and pies. what is your favorite type of pizza? tell us at #g-d-o a bill-- that could change the way someone is given the death penalty-- has a second vetting in tomorrow. the house bill would require a jury to decide that at least one unanimous "aggravating factor"... but would allow a majority on the death penalty recommendation. a similar bill in the senate was approved by a senate criminal justice committee yesterday. it would require a unanimous jury on at least one aggravating factor... and a unanimous jury to recommend the death penalty. later this morning... a bill that would qclergy members from being forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies... will be considered in the 9 the proposal has moved to the "community affairs committee" after being approved by
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( a bill to help stop discrimination in jobs and housing-- orientation-- is expected to be reconsidered today. committee deadlocked on the bill yesterday... heard again during a meeting today. the bill protects the l-g-b-t community from discrimination in the workplace.. public housing ..and public accomodations. florida fish and wildlife need your help keeping track of anaconda in our state. they want to know about anyone who might have the dangerous, illegal snake. last week an almost 9 foot anaconda was captured in a neighborhood in melbourne. biologists found a domestic rat in its stomach... so they think it was someone's pet. a second snake was found near the bevard, orange county line. neither snake had a transponder... which is required by law. green anacondas
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toss to john at the
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comes from t-m-z. it reads-- "beyonce: homage to black panthers during super bowl performance." it was clear the super-stars performance had a political message on sunday. here's a quick breakdown-- in case you missed any of it. all the dancers wore berets.... similar to the ones that the "the black panthers"... used to wear. some dancers even held a sign that said... "justice for mario woods."
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killed by police back in december.. mayor rudy guiliani also slammed the performance... saying she was disrespecting the police who give her an escort everywhere she goes. your next headline comes from fox news latino. it reads--- " california issues 650-thousand driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants in 2015." california implemented a bill last january... that allows undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses. in just one year...the state says they have issued about 650-thousand licenses. immigrant rights groups say the bill is a positive thing. more drivers are properly trained and they are more likely to buy car insurance. california is just one of 12 states that allows undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses. however--- florida is not one of them. your last headline comes from u-s-a today. it reads--- " see wedding photos amid damage in war-torn syria." newlywed's "hassan youssef" and "nada merhi" got married on friday. the couple made the
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backdrop for their wedding photos. the bride wore a traditional white gown... while her husband wore his army uniform. the photographer says the photos show how "life is stronger than death." casey anthony is working to make a new life for herself. she's now opening a business in south florida. we'll tell you what kind. plus-- gator wasn't on the menu... but one did make an appearance at a florida wendy's straight ahead--
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picture the hubble telescope captured. it's two or more galaxies merging together to form a rew galaxy. this is about 30- million light-years away from earth! scientists say its possible that we are seeing the merger of several dwarf galaxies that were previously all clumped together. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. casey anthony back in the news. the orlando woman-- aquitted of killing her daughter-- has started a new business-- and a new life in west palm beach. fox 35 has obtained the paperwork --anthony filed with the state when she incorporated her
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photography, l-l-c." she listed the business address as a house in west palm beach. it is the same address as the private investigator anthony used during her trial. anthony told investigators a baby sitter kidnapped her daughter caylee in 2008-- after the girl was reported missing that july. the 2-year-old's body was found later that year. anthony was later aquitted of murder in 2011. check out this video from citrus county's facbook page-- the "three sisters springs" in crystal river is temporarily closed... after hundreds of manatees huddled together in the water! u-s fish and wildlife service estimates about 3-hundred manatees were using the spring as a warm water shelter yesterday morning. officials say the springs will be closed off to kayakers and swimmers until the manatees clear out. a man is behind bars-- after police say he
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alligator through the drive-thru window of a wendy's-- in royal palm beach. it happened back in october-- but the suspect was just taken into custody by u-s marshals. authorities say joshua james pulled-up .. and tossed the gator through the window... after the server handed him his drink. the gator was caught.. and released into a canal. james is charged of aggravated assault, and unlawful possesion of an alligator. john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. a mother whale and her calf are stuck in a small body of water in brevard county. and this morning we're live from the scene... with how wildlife officials are keeping them safe. plus... votes have already been cast in the first-in-the- nation primary. who's getting the most support... and how our florida candidates look heading in to an
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