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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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over h illary clinton. and the exit polls say independents broke for trump big time in the granite state with the palpable frustration with business as usual washington poll tibs. and bernie sanders was expected to win the new hampshire primary. we heard from both a little while ago. >> we have to start with what she puts up with. she said right from the beginning you know if you run, you know you're going to win. she said that from day one. | thank you.
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and day and made phone calls and knocked on a heck of a lot of door. we won because of your energy. thank you, all. bernie sanders claims the win and jeb bush and ted cruz in the third place vote. and keith, thank you. and let's head out to manchester, new hampshire, and joe waldman is standing by live with more reaction and from jeb bush and marco rubio and starting to show a pulse. marco rubio showing a pals pulse, but he repeated that and
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night with a pit of an mea cupa blaming saturday for a poor performance? >> an inauspicious finish and jeb bush with in fourth with marco rubio in a poor fifth place. he conceded to one of the reporters hereto a fox news john roberts that his performance in the debate here was poor and that really hurt him here in terms of his poll numbers and with the upsetling fifth place finish and trying to build momentum and tripped on the words and parroting the campaign platforms. both candidates from the great state of florida and many people
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disappointed with tonight, but i want you to understand something. it is not on you. it is on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night. and that will never happen again. >> government cannot grow faster than the ability to pay for it. i took on the teachers union, hillary clinton's first endorsement was the teachers union. i will struggle and fight for the families that want a better education. we did that in florida with the first, second, and third statewide voucher program. >> and really an uphill battle
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and from south carolina donald trump has a 20-point lead with the matchup. and jeb bush was getting more aggressive and so just when you thought thing were getting friendlier, insults could be hurled in south carolina. >> always great to talk to you. thank you very much. what does this mean for tonight's winers and losers in who will continue on with the race? we will dig deeper into that with the political power panel coming up in about 10 minutes. and let's talk about this. a 17-year-old is under arrest for bringing a gun to school.
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someone called in a tip. the school board chairman says he was alerted to the possible gun right away. deputies are on patrol after a weapon was found in a backpack aftersomeone called in a tip. >> the student and the weapon have been recovered and are in the custody of law enforcement. no one was hurt and no time was the weapon used an in a threatening manner. >> i was shocked because i was coming to' another student play p lacrosse. it is scary. a young kid shouldn't be having a gun. >> deputies commended the
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>> there is around 3,000 students at the school and he thinks metal detecher tos wouldn't be possible. >> seeing that many students is frankly just logistically x impossible for us. but deputies are monitoring social media but need the public's help. and with the reminder to the community to be vigilant. and the name of the student arrested has not been released. valerie boey, fox 35 news. >> and the follow up on the injured whale and her calf. spotted swimming under the bridge to the atlantic ocean. >> it turned around and it went.
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officers with the fish and wildlife conservation kept on getting too close to the endaningered whales. they have to stay 500 yards or risk fines high winds proved too much for professional sailors in florida. >> several boats capsized during a race off clear water beach. seas became rough tossing racers into 10-foot high seas. no one was hurt. a huge day for disney thanks to the global success of star wars the force awakens to $2.8 billion from $2.1 billion during
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and this is under a bill that is movering into the florida house. a divided panel voted in farz for a deal between the space and the tribe to require voter approval for future expansion as well. and trending across america, the northeast is dealing with a winter blast. residents in mississippi with a wintry mix today. and the know is expects to continue over the next 24 hours. with the conditions in the wake of the blizzard that hit. and with the additional $950 kits to test for viral antibodies. and travelling to affected countries.
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pregnant women and ask they schedule more training to identify the symptoms. people across new orleans celebrating mardi gras and beads, beads, beads. that is french for fat tuesday a day before lent. and a case of shop lifting at a central florida wal-mart with a bizarre twist. the state of nasa. how they are prepare faring human mission to mar. and the wind chill advisory with temperatures down into the 20s and 30s. more on the complete forecast
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>> and a baby ban da climbing the tree and the moment is caught on camera. and the giant panda cub in the smithsonian zoo in washington tried his best. a few attempts and gets the tasteover fun in the trees is good, but still needs
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>> a 64-year-old was in the middle of stealing dvds from a wal-mart and collapsed. emergency workers tried to resuscitate him, but he died 12 hours later after the shoplifting attempt. and to have things in perspective and did that get his blood pressure up? i don't know. and in the end, a tragedy happened. >> the medical examiner is working to figure out the exact cause of death.
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may not be human space flights from u.s. soil right now, but there is plenty going on at nasa. >> houston, we have a plan. >> the plan is clear, affordable and attainable. what is the state of the agency? >> we are the number one rated place to work in the federal government. >> the nasa administrator says why we are not flying into space from america, we are still hitting the goals. and the 1600 new technologies that we develop and the thousands of products, services
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transfer into the market for job creation and economic growth. >> the flight director shows us the control wroom where astronauted are being monitors. >> there are a lotover things that we have to find the answers to with the space station as a great platform to do that with the ambitious scientific problems and sending americans to mars in the 2030s. >> a water marijuana break on
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we will have an update on good | day, orlando. don't expect it to be fixed any time shortly. and a big night and mark mills and carl jackson. we expected sanders to win big and he did. has anything changed? >> not when it comes to the democrats. once they get to the south and to the midwest, the momentum will start to change and hillary clinton will start gaining her momentum. >> if marco rubio does not win, can he point to last saturday night? >> it was as if the campaign had
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iowa and didn't know what to do with it. they squandered it and tried to play it close and low key and were caught juf guard. if rubio doesn't recover from this, this will be the week that doomed the campaign. a nonfactor at this point is not going to build any momentum and he had double digits at this point in the race. so that looks like he definitely dit better. and i think he is if there is going to be a governor in the
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from the kasich to go with the national campaign. and he only one, so we should talk about him. is he an unstoppable force at this point? i am beginning to wonder with the anti-trump lane is a mess. and new hampshire was supposed to bring consolidation and brought us chaos. and as long as the contingency cannibalize each other which is what they have been doing, they have gave him a free pass which is amazing to me from a strategist standpoint. he needs a crowded field and can pull off the states with 25 to 30% of the vote that is muddled in this wreckage.
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anything? does she change people in the camp? does her strategist change at all? >> she has to be more personal and knock on doors. >> you are great. thanks for coming in tonight and staying would you say intut later news case. we appreciate it. the forecast is chilly and the wind chill advisory into the upper 20s to low 30s and the freeze warning ocala, gainesville, flagler and palatka. the forecast lows, 32 ocala. 37leysburg. and 40 in winter haven. and so we have seen about this type of cold and the good thing here is that the wind direction is enough from the west that we are not going to pull down the coldest air and lurking to the
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20s and we have been driving that cold air and a widespread freeze for the area. and f a.m. tomorrow, temperatures trying to work back up a from oveida. and 56 in paisley and tomorrow afternoon with the low to mid 50s and a choeld start and a chilly day. and 52 in melbourne. and 52 in clermont. and the wind from the west has been an issue and will are remaining breezy for tonight. and 52 with partly cloudy skies and the early morning low
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and the normal low should be around 51. we will beat that tonight. and clear and cold overnight. and the light freeze that will remain below normal with the temperatures through the up coming weekend and there is the sprawling area of low pressure that is large enough and is pulling in the breeze from the west and from the northwest. that will continue during the day tomorrow and to plenty of season expected and friday frost around the area. er and overall a bit of a warming trend on the way and enjoy the sunshine to stick with us. and the seven-day forecast 57 degrees as we get to the afternoon tomorrow. and 61 on thursday and this
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sunday with plenty of suns (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza.
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it's what makes a subaru,
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>> the stories that are hot tonight and a lot of blue steel for premier of "zoolander 2" and the cast snapped up a new world record.
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with the world's longest self incompetente stick under the watchful eye from the folks from the guinness book of world records after and the the hit series saved by the bell is opening based on the 1990s
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>> a cold start in the morning. with the temperatures in the 0s and so a cold tart for tomorrow morning. and the chilly weather sticks
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