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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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first - we are waking up to of the week. temperatures... in 20's! details on your forecast. plus- crews are working to repair a busted watermain in orange county. uils on the traffic trouble... create. plus - trt:21 oc: burned.. and trumped... details on how bernie sanders and donald trump's win in new hampshire-- could have a major impact on the race to the white house.
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donald trump.. and bernie sanders have won the new hampshire primary.. both beating their closest rivals by double digits. now, the race for the white house is expected to get even more interesting. the other candidates -- who got "berned and trumped" -- are now looking to south carolina for a rebound-- as some re-evaluate their campaigns. here's how everything shakes out... in the new hampshire primary. on the republican side... trump received 35-percent of the votes. john kasich came in
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ted cruz came in third with 12- percent. jeb bush and marco rubio tied for fourth... with 11- percent each. on the democrat side... bernie sanders won as expected-- getting 60-percent of the votes-- to clinton's 38-percent. new hampshire officials believe records were broken with the huge turnout of voters. extended in some polling locations-- traffic was heavy-- with cars backed up for blocks. fox's caroline shively is live in manchester, new hampshire with more. good morning caroline. this is another blow to the clinton campaign. trt-1:10
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thanks caroline. the next big step-- in the race-- is the primary in south carolina. the republicans are voting on saturday, february 20th. the democrats on february 27th. nevada kicks-off its caucuses at the same time. the democrats vote on february 20th. the republicans will weigh-in on february 23rd. meanwhile-- if you have not registered for the florida primary-- you only have one more week left to do it. florida's primary will be held on tuesday, march 15th...but you have to register by february 16th. fox 35 is your source for continued coverage of the presidential
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latest information on our website fox 35 orlando dot com. or download the fox 35 news app on your phone. some students in orange county are heading back to school this morning... after a scare on campus. a 17-year-old student was arrested after deputies say he brought a gun to wekiva high school in his backpack yesterday. administrators say they got a phone tip about the gun from another student. the school was put on lockdown and dismissal was delayed. all after school activities were also canceled. the school board chairman says with so many students... it can be difficult keep weapons out of schools. no one was hurt and the student was quickly arrested. deputies say they are monitoring
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threats. in volusia county-- daytona beach police are now saying that a turf war led to a teen being stabbed earlier this week. it happened in daytona beach monday afternoon on sheridan road. police say a group of kids started fighting...and the victim stepped-in to break it up. that's when he was stabbed. two other teens are now facing felony charges. a news alert now-- crews are getting ready to launch a from vandenberg air force base in california. it is a secret mission for the u-s government for national defense. the rocket is carrying a payload for the "national reconnaissance office." launch conditions are great right now. there is a zero percent chance of weather keeping the rocket on the ground. the launch is set to happen at 6:39 this morning. we will carry it live. scammers are using jury duty to trick local people out of thousands of n5gkstraight ahead-- what you need to be on the look out for... so you don't
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county sheriff k-9... honored for taking a bullet while stopping a suspect... is already back on the beat.. fighting crime. next-- how "endo" stopped a suspect... hours after receving a purple heart.. for his
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scammers are targeting people over the phone. people are being told that there is a warrant out for their arrest-- because they missed
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money to the i-r-s. the victims are talked into giving their bank account information --or wiring money. the ocala star banner reports.. one victim was tricked into giving the scammers more than 5-thousand dollars. a volusia county sheriff k-9... honored for taking a bullet while stopping a suspect... is already back on the beat.. fighting crime. "endo" the dog... caught a suspect --running away from the scene of a chase yesterday-- just hours after he received a purple heart. "endo" was honored --three months after he was shot in the neck. it happened when deputies responded to a domestic call in deltona.. back in november. deputies say a man shot and wounded his girlfriend, then fired at deputies... hitting endo. sheriff --ben johnson-- gave him a medal of valor and a purple heart.
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citizenship awards" to staff at a "deland animal hospital" -- where endo was treated. florida senator marco rubio didn't do as well in new hampshire as he did in iowa. now he's blaming under-whelming performance. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" about it. bud... do you agree with rubio putting most of the blame on last saturday's debate? let's talk about the
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trump last night... and ted cruz in iowa. what's it going to take to beat either of them? what about john kasich's performance last
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second. do you think he'll be able to build momentum off of this? you can listen to
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol-- regular gas is 1-58 at the sunoco on east altamonte drive and anchor road in altamonte springs... yyou can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. the machines have
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|x0 why google's computer-- in its self driving car-- could soon be considered a real driver. plus-- disney is a money making machine! the company is reporting record breaking numbers in its last quarter. find out what kick-
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on the business watch-- google's self- driving car has reached a legal milestone. government officials say the law could be changed-- so that a computer can qualify as a "driver." the "national highway traffic safety administration" said in a statement-- that automated cars are the future of transportation.. and they could help ||p` prevent accidents... ease congestion... and save on fuel. but under the current law-- a real human must behind the wheel. but the feds say-- the definition can be broadened-- so that a "computer" --like the one in the ||p` "google car" --also counts as a "driver.". disney is reporting record numbers... thanks to the "galaxy far, far away." the company is reporting its largest quarterly earnings ever! disney's value has
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"star wars: the force awakens" became a global box-office success. disney reports-- its earnings jumped to "2-point-8 billion dollars"... from "2- dollars"... during the same quarter last year. next half hour-- the school uniform plan --for volusia county-- is changing again. :s just added back onto the propsal. h,h|plus-- students in leesburg are w q to head back to class fter school was cancelled because of the flu! we have that story and more--straight
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welcome back... i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on ):jorning. first-- we are waking up to the coldest morning of the week--with the wind chill. it feels like it is below freezing. jayme king has your forecast. plus-- students are heading back to school this morning... after their classmate brings a gun to campus yesterday. what the school is doing to stop
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donald trump and rnie sanders taking the new ``` hampshire primary in a landslide. xpp coming up... what is next for the candidates who fell |/ >pp short. pvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvpqvpqvvpqpqvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvv but first, let's get over to jayme king.
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developing now--- ``````````````p
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students in orange county are heading back to school this morning... after a scare on campus. a 17-year-old student was arrested-- after deputies say he brought a gun to "wekiva high school." ox 35's andrea jackson is live at the school with more. good morning andrea. good morning... this situation started to unfold yesterday
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||``|``xpd| confusing who won the new hampshire primary this morning. donald trump and bernie sanders were the clear winners in the granite state. trump led the republicans-- getting 35-percent of the votes. that is more than double the amount second-place finisher john kasich received... with 16- percent.
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was neck-and-neck... with ted cruz getting 12-percent. jeb bush and marco rubio were right behind him... at 11- percent each. instead of just piling-on his republican rivals... trump used part his victory speech to attack bernie sanders. despite coming in fourth... former florida governor jeb bush | stayed optimistic after polling.... saying he's the man for the job. an emotional rubio
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no one but himself to blame for his under-whelming performance. ? p0 on the democrat side... bernie sanders
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getting 60-percent of the votes... to clinton's 38-percent. sanders says his victory last night sends a message to the political 0x!`?,$4@5 (`` establishment in this country... b```pp @7dt10 o0fo@k@k@kc`ggpg!-``bc@rbqp^pwxr brrsxs that americans will not accept a "rigged koi`opg@,8prp,b`+ph{@{ economy". |p>8\8ppp0|nx,h\z@++87^4@m#jjy?7x6]8c`@p=
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vvv444t@```````2>.rt t@tt@t#rssr``` south carolina primary. &&&&&&&fbbb bffftffttffvvvfffvvfffvvtttvvvvvvvvvvvvv the republicans are voting on saturday, february 20th. the democrats will be choosing their candidate the following saturday -- february 27th. nevada kicks-off its caucuses the same time. the democrats vote on february 20th. the republicans will weigh in on tuesday, february 23rd. fox 35 is your source for continued coverage of the presidential race. you can find the latest information on our website fox 35 orlando dot com. or download the fox 35 news app on your phone. we expect a catholic school-- in leesburg-- to re- open today after
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got sick with the flu.. that story tops our morning rush. the diocese of orlando says classes were @ canceled because a high number of students and staff had the flu. the department of health has been **. officials are disinfecting the school based on the tlth department's "wipe down" ```@`@ procedures. @```````` ```````c` orange county deputies are still looking into the accidental shooting that killed a 13 year old boy. yesterday, we learned lavardo fisher died monday. deputies say the teen was playing 99999 video games at a relatives home on @ spottswood drive sunday. an older teen got a hold of a gun, and they started playing with it. the gun went off, hitting fisher in the head. deputies say the gun the older teens were playing with --belongs to walter morame. investigators say he's a convicted felon. he was not home at the time. he's been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. :z florida police say they are searching for a man who has been exposing himself to female students.
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happened six times off campus, and four times on campus. police are increasing their patrols and asking for help, as they look for the man. blue jeans are back in the clear... following another tense school board meeting last night in volusia county. multiple motions-- to remove an amendment that added blue jeans to the district's "student uniform policy" beginning next year... were officially struck- down according to the "daytona beach news journal". in addition to jeans... students will also be allowed to wear khakis shorts... skirts... or jumpers. the magic will welcome one of the best teams in the n- b-a to the amway center, tonight. the spurs are 44 and eight, after beating the heat last night. san antonio star, tim duncan, missed his ninth straight game last night beacause 4
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hunt happens in florida-- hunters could have more protection. it's protection of their personal information. a bill is being backed by a senate ``` committee that would shield the :5w9al information of !o apply for licenses from ```hhhhh the florida fish and wildlife
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commission. under the bill, names... social security numbers... dates of birth... addresses and telephones would be blocked from public record. state senator alan hays sponsors the bill and says it would prevent people from @p targeting gun owners. @ if the bill gets approved, it would go into effect on july 1st. a fox 35 follow up on that endangered right whale --and her calf --spotted in sabastian inlet on monday. the pair are now back out in the ocean. the mom and baby g-out in the shallow water in the inlet for more than a day. the area was shut down to boaters...hoping the mother would lead her calf back out to sea. several times it looked like she was going to...but did not. but finally...yesterday
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swam under the bridge back out into the ocean. this was great news for the dozens of onlookers. authorities believe people standing on the bridge may have scared the whales from swimming back
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` toss to john at the wall 0 your first headline ues from "the it reads--- "seminole county commissioners ban fracking." yesterday-- city commissioners usly agreed to ban fracking in
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process uses chemicals and water to extract oil from the ground. the florida legislature is currently pushing a bill to study the impact fracking has on our environment. other counties in florida--- like orange and lake county--- are taking fracking. but seminole county that completely bans it. your last headline comes from "the new york post." it reads--- "yeti captured on video at ski resort." guests at a ski resort in spain took this picture earlier this month. in the quick video--- you can see the shaggy- white monster casually walking away-- and through the trees. officials from the resort searched the
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mythical creature. but social media users still believe it is a yeti. the picture has thousands of retweets--- and tons of people are convinced the creatures are really among us. it is a shoplifting case with a bizarre twist. when people went to stop the suspect... he collapsed and died. we have the shocking details.
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making headlinenes
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in polk county-- a case of shoplifting takes a bizarre twist... when the suspect collapses and dies! this happened on sunday morning... at a walmart in lakeland. police say 64-year- old kenneth wisham was in the middle of stealing 380-dollars worth of dvds-- when employees confronted him and he collapsed. emergency workers tried to resuscitate him-- but he died some 12 hours later. the medical examiner is now working to figure out the exact cause of death. in st. pete-- a stolen piece of art has re-appeared... just as mysteriously as it vanished. ` the blown glass vase is worth more than 25-thousand dollars. it vanished on sunday from an art gallery on st. pete's waterfront. but yesterday-- the piece showed up in a cardboard box outside an arts center-- more than half a mile away! the un-marked box containing the vase was taken as check for fingerprints and d-n-a.
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to be too much for some professional jj5j9 clearwater beach. several boats capsized-- during a race yesterday afternoon. seas became rough-- tossing dozens of racers into 10-foot waves ..and leaving their boats damaged. the sailors were taking part in a championship sailing event-- that gave 8!ance to qualify for the olympics in rio. no one was injured john and amy are here with a look at i%m we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. a big mess in orange county. a water main break shut down a road in eatonville overnight. it is still closed this morning. we will tell you how crews are responding. plus: donald trump and bernie sanders win big in new hampshire. ttttttttt t||x we are looking ahead to what is x x x xp next for the presidential hopefuls. then all new video from space. an astronaut recorded video of a storm.
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