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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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voters in florida. coming down we're going to break down tonight's tampa rally. >> right now on fox 35 news at 11. >> it was three weeks ago xander quigley was reported missing out of central florida. xander was with his mom, who took off with her boyfriend. >> relief for one central florida family tonight as frank carr tell me he's so grateful to know that his daughter and grandson are alive and safe. he told me he has this message for his daughter. >> that i love her. i always loved her. sorry that it had to end this way. i wish she would have came to me before she did this. >> after three weeks on the run, escaped prisoner gary bullock, his girlfriend natassia quigley and her 3 year old son xander quigley were found safe by u.s.
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xander's paternal grand mother is on the way to pick up her grandson. she says relief is an under statement. >> kudos to the u.s. martial. i had all the confidence in the world with them, i knew they would catch them, just the waiting was horrific. >> today we spoke to nu natassia's father, frank carr, he's relieved to know his daughter and grand child are safe. before heaving three weeks ago natassia and swrafnedder were live withing frank. he says he and his wife were gone for a few hours at a theme park in orlando. >> it was a nightmare, i hope no one goes through it. i was once on the couch watching people going through these horrific things in their life wondering how they deal with it. now i know. >> the volusia county sheriff's office says natassia stole money, checks, and a gun from her parents, and picked up her convicted felon boyfriend gary bullock at his work release job.
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you never dream your child would ever do to violate your trust and violate your house. >> now bullock faces charges of escape. rsh quigley could face more charges and even jail time. >> sad. very sad about that. but maybe sometimes you have to hit bottom before you start coming back up. we gotta be accountable for every action we do. >> frank carr tell me he's not sure what that first conversation with his daughter's going to be, but he hopes now his entire family can begin to heal. kirsten delgado, fox 35 news. >> we're going to solve the problem. we're going to make our country so strong. we're going to win again and again. we're going to win so much. but here's what you have to do. you have to go out and vote or we're wasting our time f. the movement ends, and that's
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tonight for florida voters and he spoke as you saw right there in front of a packed crowd in tampa. fox's evan evan axelbank was at tonight's rally and discuss talking points. >> the man is certainly a performing. he had this place whooping and hollering for the 55 minutes to 12,000 people, people applauding just about every turn. trump hit on all of his familiar topics. he talked about the wall with mexico. he talked about negotiating with iran. he talked about how important it is to improve veteran care in this country. and of course he slammed his favorite florida target, jeb bush. take a look, here is donald trump here on stage at usf, his biggest applause came when he talked about getting rid of obama care and common core. he also made endless fun of jeb bush saying the only reason bush is still in the race is because he has raise sod much money.
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bush isn't going anywhere with all that money. trump also talked about the size of his rallies and pointed out that own thousands of people with tickets were not allowed in because the place was already full. he says he is leadinga movement one that is taken hold because people are so furious at washington. >> there is so much money that's being wasted. some people think it's 25 years, 25 years to balance the budget. i say what are you talking about? what are you talking about? we're do it faster. now, here's the thing, we'll do it fast but you'll have a better country, you'll have better service, nau worse. it will be a better country, it will be beautiful, and we're going to do it, folks. >> of course trump knows how important florida could be to him. it is the first win or take all primary that on march 15 he knows what a huge boost it would be and what a blow it would be to jeb bush. on another note, maybe the biggest piece of news to come out of this whole speech, that is he said he made up with uni
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to sit down with jorge ramos who may be america's most popular spanish speaking news anchor. ram ork s certainly has his own opinions on immigration, what trump calls illegal immigration, so it will be very interesting to see where that interview is going to be and how that all shakes out. >> and we're going to take an in depth look at the presidential race tomorrow during our new show called countdown to the florida primary. it airs if you're up early 730 on my 65, and then tomorrow night if you're up late 11:00 p.m. right here on fox 35 after the 10:00 p.m. news. developing tonight, the top democrat in the u.s. senate says that orlando congressman allen grayson needs to drop out of the u.s. senate race entirely. in a statement, senate minority leader harry reed of nevada said allen grayson has no moral compass, that his actions aren't just dis respectful to the democratic party they disgrace the hall of congress.
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have come under some scrutiny for the past several months. the new york times on thursday reported that grayson promote his hedge fund while on international trips with congressional delegations. grayson is running in the democratic primary to replace u.s. senator marco rubio. sean ashby is a democratic candidate for state house district 50. ashby defended grayson tonight. >> this is solely a political smear campaign against him. he's never done anything in office to enrich himself. again, he's always fought under dogs. >> in a statement grayson said, quote, the reason why harry reed is making such an absurd statement at all is that he knows that i'm well ahead in the polls, and heading for a strong primary victory. an arrest in the shooting a at an orlando night club, the suspect is already actually out of jail. sonni abatta taking us everywhere at 11. >> the suspect is out on bond tonight, but police believe he did play a role in the shooting at club glits.
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with carrying a concealed weapon as well as tampering with physical evidence. witnesses at the club say they saw lopez with a gun in his hand the night of the shooting, the same gun police say lopez was seen throwing on to the roof. at this point investigators aren't saying if he fired the weapon inside the club. in polk county, investigating electricity theft and ended up finding a large marijuana grow operation. deputies were searching the property they found more than 100 plants, as well as growing equipment. two people were arrested. and finally, in volusia county, police release this sketch of a robbery suspect wanted in daytona beach. police say a woman had just pulled into her home on north grand view avenue. the victim was able to describe only one of her attackers. tonight police are still looking for information on the second robbery. they're asking anyone with information on this case to call bob.
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if you are traveling home through orange county tonight you can expect some delays. the south bound lanes of u.s. 792 between winter park and mateland shut down during constructionism. drivers, well, yeah, expect to see am heavy traffic there. an ohio family staying at an orlando resort when their 4 year old daughter falls into the pool. luckily a lake county firefighter was at the right place at the right time. he jumps in to save her. all of this happened back in may, but tonight that little girl finally got to meet her hero. tracy jacim was there with the story. [laughter] >> this is probably the fifth hug or so today 4 year old taylor washburn has given shannon bush. you can bet there will be plenty more, going both ways. >> already? >> yes, already. weep haven't even seen anything, haven't did anything, just to give him a hug. >> the washburn family just
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they drove 14 hours straight and will drive back sunday. mom andrea and little taylor haven't seen shannon since last may when they were staying in an or land o resort, celebrating taylor's fourth birthday. it took a scary turn when taylor ended up at the bottom o a pool, nearly drowning. another man pulled her out, and that's when shannon, who happened to be there on vacation with his family, jumped into action. >> ran over there and saw what was going on and then we initiated cpr on her after i felt she didn't have a pulse or she wasn't breathing. >> no pulse? >> no pulse. >> i think i was stand bg hind him, holding him tight while he was trying to get her to breathe and stuff. and instantly became family from right then and there. >> like shannon's relatives, this family created through circumstance wanted to be here tonight to celebrate as shannon received the 2015 fire officer of the year award. >> her mom asked her memory
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said that she was trying to pull her braids back then she had little braids in her hair, to try to pull herself up back to the top of the water and that was sad there. >> she keeps holding your hand. >> oh yeah. we've been facebook or face timing and stuff like that the whole time. so pretty awesome. >> awesome enough to receive this award. and awesome enough to win the love of a little girl he saved. at lake reception, in mount dora, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> the zika virus continuing its spread tonight, new cases in florida. coming up, find out why a vaccine isn't coming any time soon. and, a new ride aming to disney world. we've got some details on it. we'll look at the world of avatar, the new ride specks in central florida. and things starting to ramp up
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>> look like a nice weekend for the races not only there in daytona, but also new smyrna speedway.
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while they were traveling abroad and then brought the virus back here. laura ingle has the latest on the out break and the search for a vaccine. >> health officials at home and abroad are working hard to contain the zika virus out break. but it's not going to be easy, or quick. the world health organization saying friday it could take years for a vaccine to be fully deployed. >> many people are working toward having possible. but in spite of this encouraging landscape, vax vaccines are at least 18 month away from large scale trials. >> mean while, the virus continues to spread here in the u.s. at least 21 states dispt district of columbia now reporting cases. raising concerns from some of limpic athletes about the upcoming games in brasil, a country hit especially hard by zika. >> there are more precautions obviously staying out of harm's
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uh, the bug that carry the virus. there are a number of suggested whether they're topical ointments, clothing and those type of things. >> health officials are now scrambling to shift virus tests tests to pregnant women around the country, but many fear there will be a shortage. for now, officials say they don't expect wide spread transmission of the virus in the continental united states. but they're urging pregnant women to be extremely cautious, especially when traveling. >> the concern is about the potential transmission to pregnant women. >> saying the virus could spread rapidly in puerto rico and other u.s. territories. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. >> trending around america tonight details on a potential tirrer attack in ohio. police say that a 30 year old man walked into a columbus restaurant armed with a machete, and started attacking people. and now police say it could be a
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attack. they say the suspect was known to the f. b. i. investigators are looking into the possibility he was inspire by terrorist propaganda following the attack the suspect was shot and killed by officers. another data dump expected this weekend in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the y re maining 3,700 clinton e-mails will be released in four installments, starting on saturday. officials say these e-mail are among the most complex because they contain intelligence from multiple agencies. in cuba, pope francis making history today becoming the first ever pope to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. the meeting went down in cuba at the request of cuban president raul castro, the meeting comes after a millennium long rift between the eastern and western branch of christianity. racing this weekend at daytona international speedway, drivers are getting read for the sprint unlimited.
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for today's practice round. >> well, day one of speed week is in the books at daytona international speedway. we had two separate practices saturday night. in the evening practice, denny hamlin has the fastest car by far. ucf grad eric was 30 of the third fastest car, loves coming to daytona. >> i grew up in tampa florida, two hours away from here. come to a lot of races, sat in the grand stands and always dreamed about what it would be like to race at daytona. then to be able to come here in 2014 and win here in the july race is really special and i would love to, uh, add a harley j. earl trophy to my collection at home. >> so that sprint unlimited race again tomorrow night, saturday night, 8:15 p.m. right here on fox 35. it's dined of an all star race, only 25 drivers on the track for that race. and on the pole is jimmie
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daytona international speedway, adam shadoff, fox 35 sports. >> thank you, sir. fox 35 has got you covered with racing this weekend. 8:00 p.m. saturday watch the sprint unlimited at daytona, follow by fox 35 news at 10, and then at 1:00 p.m. sunday the daytona 500 qualifying, and you can watch the daytona 500 that's when? sunday, february 21, right here again on fox 35. by the way, there's paperwork being filed by walt disney world new at 11 b showing the new avatar ride. the company asking for approval to empty water into the storm water pond that's just outside the construction side of the avatar area. there's a map posted that shows the path the ride is geeing to take and where the queue will be, the line, to get in. talks about an indoor water system. indoor indicating of course the ride is most definit entirely indoors. no word yet when it's going to
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renderings we're getting so far. whetting our appetite. >> money is no awb jek when it comes to disney. >> no, they're making it hand over fist. >> they make these rides based on movies. >> the transformers, have you heard about that? >> when's the next time they're going to have a ride not based on a a movie? >> i don't know. they just got rid of the twister ride at orlando studios. >> fire and ice i thought was cool, but now it's all these different things with what they call it. good evening everybody, friday night in the big city, gorgeous, gorgeous evening outside. and i hope you had a good day today. man, what a nice, beautiful, you know, today you think about this, here we are february 12, and today was the first day in february we had a high temperature in the 70s. the first four day we had highs in the 80s and since then it's been cold, highs in the 50s and 60s so yeah, today felt nice. good evening, everybody, i'm brooks tomlin in for glenn richards mp. let's get your weather head
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bay until monday or tuesday. we could be seeing some rain more than likely late monday into early tuesday. before then we'll see mild conditions this weekend. outside right now 58-degrees downtown orlando, south west winds at 7, amway camera and once again just tongue and cheek after all the cold weather we've been through have the full on heaters going at the roof top bar. of course, bob, we get out of here in about eight minutes, we might have to head there as well. we've got a few breezes outside that leads to no fog tonight sh that's good news. temperature-wise, temperatures will fall another five or six degrees from the upper 50s to the low 50s for the most part. nothing like the cold air they're going to see up north. look at these sunday morning forecasts low temperatures below 0 temperature-wise, for much of the northeast of new england, factor in 30 to 40 below wind chill up there on valentine's day.
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in a different hemisphere. overnight tonight lows in the 50s. no wind chill to worry about. and then tomorrow looking good to start off our weekend. high temperature 67-degree, a tad cooler than today because of the north winds. 68 on sunday with a few clouds and then again some rain comes into monday and tuesday. then high temperatures return to the 70s. bob? >> thank you, sir. you know, valentine's day is this weekend and it turns out humans are nlt the only ones celebrating. coming up we're going to have a look at the viral video showing a pair of otters taking in the holiday, maybe a little earl the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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>> trending tonight, actress meryl streep is in some hot water over some comment she made about race. taking heat on social media after what she said at the berlin international film festival. according to the ap the oscar multiple oscar winning actress dismissed reporters questions jury. streep was quoted as saying we're all africans, really. also trending tonight, thousands of barry manilow fans disappointed. cancel two sold out shows on his one last time tour. the iconic singer rushed to the hospital after complications after some emergency oral surgery.
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going to be able tiew tend the grammy awards next week. and some sea otters in japan, heart shaped treats. sh th sea otters at the aquarium are the only lucky ones to get the special treatment. aquarium staffers say it's a kind of a fan favorite among the visitors. it is cute. yeah.
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we're going >> after high temperatures in the 70s today, over the weekend
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but not too bad. 67 tomorrow, 68 on sunday, of course speed week has begun. just look forward to the big races. thursday, the budweiser duels, friday the truck race, and then saturday and sunday next weekend days 8 and 9, look very similar to today at 67. i think it's going to be fantastic weather for speed week this year. >> i'm go to be on a very slow-moving vehicle on sunday. if you're out at universal look
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. >> lamar looks completely normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. harvey: nobody would have thought we would see this. >> they have to get back together. harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected.


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