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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- breaking news. orange county deputies are on the hunt for a gunman-- who shot a worker at a popular restaurant overnight. why investigators say.. the suspect targeted the restaurnt. plus... a mother is in jail after deputies say she abondoned her newborn. details on her charges-- plus what deputies are doing to find her baby girl then -- the wait is almost finally over. it has been more than a month... but today the florida lottery will finally announce the melbourne beach powerjall jackpot winner! but first, let's get
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breaking overnight... a gunman is on the run at this hour... following a robbery at a restaurant in orlando. this happened just after 2-15 this morning-- at "gator's dockside" on south john young parkway. we do know one person was shot-- no word on their condition at this time. deputies are still on the scene investigating. we will have a live report coming up later this morning. new this morning--
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double-murder in orange county. 36-year-old "maria sanchez"... and her daughter 16-year- old "destiny ban- uelos" were killed %ihome on monday. rmter-station in portland, oregon spoke with sanchez's ex-husband last night. he says he didn't know anything was wrong... until he received a facebook message from a friend of sanchez's daughter. deputies say... that a man who lived with the victims told investigators that both of them were alive when he left the home monday morning. he says when he returned that afternoon... he found both of their bodies. so far no arrests have been made. developing this morning-- orlando police are searching for a newborn baby girl... after they say her mother abandoned
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behind bars... and will face a judge this morning... fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the orange county jail with more. andrea... what do police know so far? 30-year old susan richardson is behind bars here in orange county awaiting a first appearance in front of a judge... orlando police accuse richardson of discarding her newborn baby... officers say richardson gave birth to the baby at the willow bend apartments near lver star road but the baby is nowhere to be found. officers say they discovered evidence indicating richardson gave birth in the parking ay richardson is not cooperating with investigators regarding the whereabouts of the infant. investigators have named the missing je baby "willow" j :o the baby 19:075elways ld out hope and that's one of the ne her because we want le to see her as a person maybe come rward with information, maybe meone took the by anyo who has information the baby- or who might ve seen chardson in t ll narea between - and noon yesterday ould contact lao police. porting from an county aj x 35 news day-- we will finally fd out who
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breaking powerball jackpot. inning ticket was sold in brevard county. the florida lottery will introduce them at a news conference in tallahassee. the winning ticket for the 1.58-billion dollar powerball was bought at a publix in melbourne beach. it was the largest lottery jackpot ever. people we spoke told us what they'd do with the money. the news conference to announce the winner is scheduled for 1-30 in
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h,h,h|new this morning-- journe police need your help catching a suspected purse snatcher. police say he robbed two women on the same day. the first robbery d yesterday morning at a gas station on south babcock street. police say the man in this surveillance picture got into a woman's car.. and .tched her wallet. then-- just hours later-- the same man snatched a purse from a woman at a gas station on aurora road. in both cases the suspect took off in a dark-colored car driven by a woman. if you know anyting-- call crimeline. health officials in orange county say.. there are some good reasons to worry about the zika virus. that is why the county... along with several other agencies... are taking new steps to prevent the spread of the virus. there are 21 cases of the mosquito borne virus in the state so far. the virus can cause a mild fever, skin rash, and conjunctivitis. it is also linked to birth defects. the zika virus has not been transmitted to anyone locally.
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yesterday... to talk about steps it can take to prevent the spread of zika. while they are very concerned.. they believe it still poses a minimal risk here.. all of the florida 9 cases are travel related -- involving latin american countries. one major concern is that someone carrying the zika virus will arrive at the airport... then get bitten by a mosquito here in the orlando area... and that mosquito could transmit the disease to someone here. orlando international airport officials say they are taking aggressive steps to control the mosquito population there. developing at this hour-- president obama is putting pressure on republicans... who say they will refuse to vote on a supreme court nominee. the president says -o-p has no constitutional grounds to stall the process.
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after the unexpected death of justice antonin scalia. rpope francis is wrapping up his trip to mexico today. he plans to stop at the texas border, at a time when the immigration debate is a key topic in the presidential race. he also plans to go to a prison, which is something he does on almost every foreign trip. no more "absentee" voting? the changes one local lawmaker wants to make... and why she says it will make the whole process easier. plus.. president obama is speaking out against donald trump. next - why he believes.. trump
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state senator from orlando is trying to make it easier for you to vote. the bill would replace the term "absentee ballot" with "vote by mail ballot." democrat geraldine thompson says the word "absentee" has been out-dated ever since 1997 -- when voters no longer needed to write a justification for voting by mail. she believes it will encourage more people to vote. the bill cleared the senate budget committee.
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working its way through the house you decide 2016-- there are big leads in both parties with the south carolina primary... and nevada caucus fast- approaching. a new cnn/orc poll for south carolina shows hillary clinton leading 56 percent over bernie sanders' 38 precent. on the republican side-- donald trump has 38 percent... followed by ted cruz with 22 percent... marco rubio with 14 percent... and jeb bush with 10 percent. the attacks between republicans are flying... as all of the candidates are courting the large number of military carolina. donald trump's lack-of-experience on that front. but trump... who military prep school... insists he
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this country needs. he went after ted cruz earlier this week saying he "lies about everything." now cruz is firing back. hillary clinton is playing catch up... meeting with al sharpton and other civil rights leaders in new york city yesterday. she's trying to gather support among black voters. but it comes nearly a week after bernie sanders did the same thing. *5-
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focusing his campaign efforts in south carolina... where the democrat's primary will be held next week. meanwhile... president obama... is talking about the person he says... won't be replacing him. during a news conference yesterday... the president spoke out against donald trump. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud, by the president talking about trump, does that just show... the democrats are
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will clinch the nomination? let's move on to another big political
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justice antonin scalia. president obama says... he will move forward in selecting a nominee. but republicans say.. they will not consider a nomination until after the presidential election. how much power do lawmakers have in this process? you can listen to bud --on his show
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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even more vehicles because of potentially faulty airbags. straight ahead-- find out if your car is involved. plus-- ays they will not hack into phones for the san bernardino shooting investigation. we will tell you
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watch-- apple's c-e-o says the company will resist a federal order to hack one of its own users. the order was part of the san bernardino shooting investigation. in a statement-- apple c-e-o tim cook said hacking i-phones to get information... would undermine encryption. meaning-- it would create a back-door that hackers could use in other apple devices. cook's letter was a direct response to federal investigators... who asked apple to "break into" the iphone of a suspected shooter in the san bernardino attack. g-m is recalling 200- thousand vehicles because of potentially faulty takata airbags. this
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"saab" vehicles... dating back to the year 2003. some takata airbags have a chance of exploding instead of inflating. they have been blamed for hundreds of injuries... and ten deaths. g-m has discontinued these brands-- so if you have one of these models... you need to get the airbag replaced at your dealer by the year 20-19. the orlando- sanford ujj.l airport is getting a 43-million dollar makeover. the "orlando sentinel" reports-- the expansion includes more ticket counters, baggage carousels, and plus-- four new gates... for a total of 16. will also be re-done. should be completed by 20-20. coming up in our the search continues this missing newborn baby girl. now today-- the mother is court-- .w
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here are the stories we are working on this morning. first--breaking . a manhunt is underway for the gunman-- deputies say-- robbed an orlando restaurant and shot an employee. we are live on the scene with the latest details. plus-- a bill that would allow guns in airports is closer to becoming law. we have a live report on the latest hurdle it just cleared in the senate. h| then-- for the first time in almost a decade the daytona 500 is sold out. how the new renovations helped pack the speedway. but first, let's get
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breaking news-- a jet blue plane has been diverted to "orlando international airport"-- because of a mechanical issue. the airline says... "flight 11-30" left fort lauderdale earlier this morning.. and was headed to dp**mton south carolina. that is when it experienced some kind of mechanical issue. the plane landed safely at o-i-a... and no one was injured. jet blue says the passengers will be put on a new plane.. which is expected to in the next half hour. more breaking news -- a gunman is on the run following a robbery at an
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this happened just after 2-15 this morning-- at "gator's dockside" on south rkway. fox 35's jackie orozco is live in orlando with the latest. good morning jackie. what do we know right now?
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an orange county mother is set to face a judge this morning... as police continue to search for her missing baby. 30-year-old "susan richardson" was arrested yesterday... after orlando officers say they found evidence she gave birth at the "willow bend apartment complex". investigators have since named the child "willow"... and are asking for your help in locating her. right now... richardson is charged with vated child neglect. crews have stopped rn for a missing brevard county boater. this story tops our morning rush. 38-year lloyd chamberlain-- seen in this family picture-- left port canaveral in his boat sunday morning. he was supposed to come back sunday night-- but he never made it. the coast guard, and other agencies
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flagler beach. they found his boat off port canaveral monday, but he was not inside. the coast guard suspended the search last night. *man, on trial for murder, will not face the death penalty. william woodward admits to shooting three neighbors after an argument in 20-12. two of those victims died. but yesterday a judge said the death penalty is no longer an option... following the u-s supreme court's decision that florida's death penalty is ngqutional. woodward's trial is set to start monday. an arrest is made in a deadly stabbing investigation in orange county. our cameras were there when david buchan was walked out of the sheriff's office. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend's father-- 81-year-old julian gresham. the elderly man was found in his taft home on saturday night. the girlfrined-- tessie gresham still is considered a person of interest-- but is not facing charges. chance to re- write history in lake county. the mayor of groveland is pushing the state for an
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four black men accused of raping a white girl back in 19-49. many say the 4 men were falsely accused. the u-s supreme court overturned the convictions of groveland four in 1951 based on a lack of evidence. before retrials could happen two of the accused were shot and killed, one of them by the then sheriff. lake county commissioners are considering a similar proclamation. new at five. brevard county deputies are trying to crack a fraud case... that has already cost one victim thousands of dollars.
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man ordered a new credit card in that victim's name... and then used it to buy more than 7- thousand dollars in visa gift cards, from stores in brevard county on january 15th. here is a closer look. if you know who this man is, call deputies, or crimeline. the plan to build two new charter schools in orange county is no longer a discussion. orange county commissioners voted to block construction last night. a developer wanted to build the new schools right across from avalon park middle school. but both parents and even the school district wasn't the right decision. trt: 30 oc: "for us and our families" one of the schools
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the other would have been for grades six through 12. allow people to carry guns through airport terminals is narrowly approved by a senate justice committee. it would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to carry guns through the airports --before they get to security checkpoints. aviation officials strongly disapprove. guns would not be
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where passengers board planes. the magic send a well-known player to detroit . but we start in daytona, where the time for talking is over, a day after "media day." there are two practice sessions for the "sprint cup" cars, starting at five o clock. there is also an open house, from three until seven... where you can check out the renovated speedway, and watch practice, free of charge. we were at the track yesterday, for "media day." we asked drivers ut the down- sides of competing in nascar. drivers chase elliot and matt kenseth are starting in the front row of the daytona 500. the rest of the field will be determined tomorrow night during the can-am duel. with all the hype surrounding the
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speedway--it's no surprise that the daytona 500 is sold out! the president of the speedway made the announcement yesterday. tons of fans are talking about the big event on social media. : "not that there was a high probability of me going to the #daytona500 to begin with, but the fact that it's now sold out all but confirms it." good thing i bought my #daytona500 tickets today because they're almost sold out. got the last 3 seats together. cant wait." the magic made one of the first big trades of the nba season. orlando sent tobias harris to detroit. the magic get brandon jennings and ersan ilyasova. the two veterans both played under magic coach scott skiles with the milwaukee bucks. he's a music legend... but it turns out he's not welcome by everyone. find out who turned
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grammy's after party not once... but twice! plus-- yesterday's storms whipped up two tornadoes in south florida. straight ahead-- a look at the damage
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i get out of workpand i go to the store,
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"mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don' t eat me now."
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rousey. but first let start with sir paul mccartney. he music legend was snubbed after monday night's grammy's! mccartney was turned away from an after-party... not once... but twice. the party was hosted by rapper "tyga". after a second try... mccartney and his guests bailed... and eventually got into a party hosted by republic records. next we have cosey coleman. the former tampa ccaneer was arrested monday-- charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon .. and battery. this happened back on january 11th at ducky's sports lounge in tampa. police say coleman knocked a man to the ground-- and while being escorted out-- tried to point a handgun at the man. security was able to stop him. finally we have ronda rousey. the former u-f-c champ is making a
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rousey told ellen degeneres... she contemplated suicide.. after her stunning loss to holly holm last year. but she says she changed her mind when she saw her f... and realized her future with him was more important. severe weather hits south florida. the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes touched down yesterday morning. one was in miami- dade county. the other was in broward county. both rated as "e-f one's." the tornadoes damaged homes, buildings and cars. one woman was hurt when a tree fell on her mobile home.
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dan -- deltona your first headline comes from "the huffington post" it reads-- "the anti- beyonce protest at nfl headquarters had a dismal turnout." after beyonce's performance at the super-bowl-- fans who were upset said they were going to protest outside of the nfl headquaters in new york. the anti-beyonce protest was supposed to happen yesterday... but no
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besides a handful of protesters-- and a few officers who were there to control the "crowd"-- the sidewalks were completely empty. your next headline comes from "the washington post." it reads--- "marco rubio's 'morning again in america' ad opens with a canadian skyline." marco rubio released a new ad for his campaign over the weekend. it is called "morning again" and it is supposed to be a tribute to "ronald reagan's" presidential campaign. the narrator in rubio's ad starts off by saying-- "it's morning in america." the only problem is... the opening footage is of the harbor in vancouver-- canada. one of marco rubio's reps responded by saying "it was a good catch"-- and jokingly brushed it off.
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is arrested for pretending to be a doctor... and even giving advice. but it's not the crime that's surprising. it's the man's age! plus-- look at this bizarre chase. a man fleeing from deputies on a backhoe. find out how long it took deputies to finally get the man
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remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. happening tonight... actor mark wahlberg and his family will be in downtown orlando... for the grand opening of their new burger shop!
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the famous acting family, and has been hj reality show on a- and-e. the new burger joint is located in the suntrust building on orange avenue. all three of the wahlberg brothers... mark, danny, and paul-- will be at today's grand opening. the celebration kicks off at 7-30. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a palm beach county teen is facing charges... accused of posing as a doctor-- and running his own medical office! 18-year-old malachi love-robinson is charged with practicing medicine without a license. authorities say he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent-- and even offered medical advice. the "florida department of health" began investigating him earlier this month. love-robinson was previously investigated in for the same offense. take a look at this monroe county-- deputies chase down a man... who took a backhoe for a joyride! deputies say 59-
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blahnik was caught driving the backhoe on the famed seven- mile bridge yesterday morning. they say blahnik drove recklessly for about an hour and a half before running over a spike strip. authorities eventually caught up with him and arrested him. in key west-- city officials unveil a historic bronze statue... honoring african-american soldiers in the civil war. the bronze "forgotten soldier statue" will stand in a local park. the sculpture is designed to remember key west's african-american soldiers who served in a union army. city officials say the piece tells a story about the war--which has never been heard before. amy joins us with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. first, breaking overnight. orange county deputies say a restaurant employee is recovering after a gunman shot him during a robbery.
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from the scene. plus: developing this morning. we have an update on the search for a missing newborn baby girl. orlando police say mother abandoned her after giving birth. pix. goodbye legroom. find out why you could be losing space for your feet, on some planes. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at 6 o'clock on good
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wahlberg . it's 6:00 a.m. on your wednesday morning, february 17. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. orange county deputies are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a worker at a popular restaurant overnight. a mother is in jail after officers said she abandoned her newborn baby. what officers are doing to try to find the baby. it's been over a month since someone won the big jackpot in melbourne. finally today we'll learn who it
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