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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> john: happy wednesday. "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us and here's the stories we're working on for you right now. a word, a popular restaurant, a person was shot and the gunman is out there and we'll tell you where orange county deputies believe he could be hiding this morning. >> john: plus apple tells the fbi it want no part in hacking into the san bernardino shooter's phone and the company insist exposing the information would put all the customers at risk. >> amy: and all new at 8:00, are you constantly putting heads with people -- butting heads with people who think they are better than you? narcissism is on the rise. gee, i wonder why? could it be the selfies we are taking every 24 seconds. what is fueling the epidemic, i bet you selfies has something to 8:01. how things look outside.
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about the fog in different areas. >> jayme: and, the forecast at 4:30, and it was nonexistent and now it is moving in. let's look at what is going on and, again, downtown, we are slowly beginning to see things, and, the worse as far as navigation on the roadways, john. i know, i know. how it goes, man, you have residual moisture, a front coming in and favorable winds. there is no rainfall now, certainly, but, the fog is getting thicker and the temperatures are not getting larger. plane reference and you can see, 40s and 50s, right now. so, we're kind of stuck, should make a nice move into the 70s for highs today. you can see the maps now really low, especially through here and some of that is leeching over onto the eastern side of the state. and in includes orlando metro. one thing we are efforting. beautiful skies, perfect tow, with the temperatures, 72 for the drive home and the next
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slides through, fogs out and sun is in, this why the forecast looks something like this. 70s for highs and bright sun all the way into the weekend. joan it. here's my friend, gina with traffic. >> gina: happy wednesday. fog having an effect on the roads, a lot of crashes this morning, i want to bring you first to the cluster, maitland boulevard, we have a crash and just done the road, yet another crash, lee under i-4 and down the road a couple of back-to-back crashes. edgewater drive and lee road and an earlier crash on obt near john young parkway. so, a lot of crashes in the same vicinity. so definitely be aware of that and use caution if you have to travel there and i want to bring you back to the back on the 408 westbound, near goldenrod and causing a lot of delays there. slowing the 408, big-time. i would suggest using colonial as an alternate. looking right now at your drive times, i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown takes you 10 minutes, i-4 westbound
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12 minutes and, the 408. rouse road to downtown, a half-hour. give yourself extra time if you are taking the 408. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> also developing, orange county deputies are investigating the shooting at a restaurant in orlando overnight. >> right now the gunman is out there on the run, it happened at gators dock side off of outjohn young parkway. just after 2:00 a.m deputies say the suspect demanded money and an employee took him back into one of the back rooms and that is when deputies say things got heated. we're told the gunman fired two shots injuring one worker and deputies say he then grabbed the money and ran off. the employee who was shot thankfully is expected to be okay. deputies say they may have found the gunman's getaway car at a hotel and are analyzing surveillance video to see where he went after that. breaking news, a jetblue plane had to be diverted to oia because of a mechanical problem. >> john: the airline says the flight 1130 depart from fort lauderdale early this morning and it was headed to charlton,
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of mechanical issue. the plane landed safely, oia, nobody was injured. jetblue says the passengers are put onto a new plane. melbourne police need your help catching a suspected purse snatcher. police say he robbed two women on the same day. the purse robbery happened yesterday morning at a gas station on the south babcock street and the man in the surveillance picture reached inside of the woman's car and grabbed her wallet and hours later the same man snatched a purse from a woman at a gas station on aurora road. in both cases the suspect took off in a dark colored car being driven by a woman. new this morning we're learning about a double-murder in orange county. sanchez and her daughter, destiny were killed inside of their home on monday. our sister station in portland, oregon spoke with sanchez's ex-husband last night and that is where the family is originally from. and the mother had not been in orlando very long.
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know anything was wrong until he got a facebook message from a friend of sanchez's daughter. >> i'm sorry for your loss and stuff and then she screen shot me a newscast segment and said mother and daughter found dead in a home. >> amy: deputies say a man who lived with the victims told investigators that both of them were alive when he left the home on monday morning. he says when he returned that afternoon he found their bodies. so far, no arrests were made and we know she has four other children who still live in portland, oregon. apple responding to a federal court order asking the company to hack one of its own user's phones. a u.s. judge ordered apple to help them access an iphone belonging to one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attacks. apple opposes the order saying
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asking them to hack one of its own users. apple's ceo, tim cook, posted this letter on-line to his customers, in part it reads, the united states government has demanded that apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers and we oppose the order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. the fbi has been trying to access information on his encrypt work iphone and they say hacking iphones would undermine the encryption process and would create a back door that hackers could use on other apple devices. law enforcement officials say cell phone locks have been more problematic over the last 2-3 years because of encryption and ordinary citizens have nothing to worry about. today we'll find out who in florida won last month's record breaking powerball jackpot. >> john: as you know by now the winning ticket was sold over in brevard county, and the florida lottery will introduce them in a
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today and the winning ticket is $1.6 billion and it was the largest lottery jackpot ever and the news conference is set for 1:30 this afternoon. it is split three ways. fox 35 will be there and we'll have details on fox 35 news at 5:00 p.m. >> amy: you think a parent can impact your immune system? >> john: coming up, what your kids have to do with your chances of getting sick. the results of the study might surprise you just a little bit. >> amy: maybe not. time for a cool school of the week. check out the cool kids, apopka high school's kids are showing why they are cool is coming up and plus, david martin. >> reporter: good morning to you, we're live at sea world
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believe we're back again f >> amy: welcome back, 8:11 now on the health watch, kids could change your immune system. >> john: luanne is here with the results of a new study. good morning. >> luanne: good morning, according to researchers if you have kids, your immune system is probably stronger than people who do not have children. now, if you are a parent you know you are ex-poekzed to a lot of germs and parents are more
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stressed out and you think that would weaken your immune system but scientists say it makes it stronger and experts also say the immune systems of parents are rewired as they go through different stages of parenting. and researchers found people who raise a child together are more likely to undergo similar changes in their immune systems at the same time. so it is kind of like when your wife gets pregnant and the guy ends up gaining weight, right? >> amy: exactly. i'm curious, what about teachers? they are exposed to so much and must have fierce immune systems. >> they probably do. >> john: thanks. 8:12 on good day. jayme king, this time of year you can get outside and breathe fresh air for a little bit. >> jayme: go outside now and you are met with a veil of fog, evil looking fog but it doesn't last long, again and should rise and lift out of the region and return.
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long and strong and it continues into the weekend. looking good. let's look, 40s and 50s, a cool start and a foggy start now, sharp visibility reductions, really on the western leg there of the i-4 corridor, you go through the four corners and hum along, da, da, da, da, and boom-ski! there you go! thick veil of fog and leesburg and sumpter county and bushnell in particular, has been pretty darn thick. beautiful skies returning. perfect temps, too. widespread 70s, so, again we are looking pretty good in regard to the overall sky conditions, here we go. front number 2, we had one come through yesterday morning, brought all the nasty foul weather, tornadoes down far south florida and we had a warning pop off at 3:30, 4:00 for brevard yesterday morning but outside of that, the secondary system is just going to sweep the atmosphere clean yet again and bring us back again to mainly sunny
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and it holds true thursday and friday. the rain chance is zero, get out and enjoy! how could you not, huh? and going out to the daytona international speedway, a host of activities all week long, you have your smaller races and leading up to the main event on sunday at the daytona 500 looking for 75 at 1:00 p.m. start on fox 35 of course. tune in and check out the race, should be a dandy of a day and all days leading up to the big event. now, across the nation, snowflakes are frying through snowflakes are frying through the midsection and back here, a series of storms will move into the pacific northwest and what i'm concerned about is storm number 2. in the series of storms coming into the connected states by early next week and will nook on our door and late tuesday and wednesday a sharp uptick in rain chance may be possible at that time. not saying it will happen but modeling now hinting at weather times and possible stormy times, i want you to stay with us and we'll update you, here live on
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twitter and facebook conversation always on-line, keeping you ahead of any approaching storms and cold, not the case here. over the upper tier of the nation and back down across the gulf mild and that includes us again here. quick look at marion county. widespread 70s, looking good over north central florida. the fog should decrease in a lot of areas here, in quick fashion. next 7 days, mild to warmish kind of weather and lots of sun and lows in the 50s and fantastic temperatures in place. that's your forecast, everybody. let's head over now to my friend, gina, with live drive traffic. good morning. >> gina: hi, everybody. crashes all over the place this morning. the roads are a mess out there. too many to tell you about. i focus on a few that are really affecting those roads the most. raleigh street. both directions, no roadblock significant. but again, just be aware of that. taking you out to osceola county and osceola parkway and i-drive,
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be aware and use caution. now i'll taking you not to a new crash but one that is affecting you for a long time. on the 408 westbound near goldenrod. it since cleared and we still have a lot of backup on the 408. definitely use caution, be aware, give yourself extra time if you need to use the 408. i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown is slow, 11 minutes right now. i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks, takes you about 12 minutes, and the 408 westbound from rouse road to downtown, 22 minutes. time now for your fox 35 pump patrol, as always saving money. regular gas is $1.57 at the 7-eleven on 1792 and east cimarron boulevard. over in casselberry and remember you can always check out gas saving tips on our web site, go to and click on traffic. >> all right, thanks. it is time for our cool school of the week. >> week we're headed to apopka in orange county to find out how cool the kids in apopka high are
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with the call kids today. good morning, jackie. >> yea! >> reporter: good morning, a lot of excitement here at apopka high school. i have two great representatives here with me. >> gavin. >> caleb. >> reporter: how excited are you. >> the cool school of the week. >> it is great know apopka high school was chosen out of the region to be the cool school of the week. >> reporter: what highlights the school. >> the school spirit. we're all in it together and one big happy family. >> reporter: the quietest they've been all morning and we'll walk over here, they are warming up the voices -- [cheers] .
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>> reporter: while they are singing i'll walk over here. and you know, congratulations! i wanted you to talk about, how excited you are that you are the cool school of the week. >> we have the best community. best teachers, the best parents, and the school and student are out and we're excited to be here. >> reporter: congratulations again and it feels like everybody is getting so excite. good things that happen at the school here. >> we have a great baseball team and, the bowling team are state champions and we have a wonderful athletic program, fine arts program, perform arts program. just all around a great school. >> reporter: congratulations. thank you so much. you know with that guys i'll let you listen to all the excitement here. back to you. >> beautiful school, and, apopka
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facility. >> john: not to mention, seems like they're always in the paper for apopka winning state championships, apopka, division one -- >> great athletes, they sure do and super smart kids. jackie was a little tiny thing compared to the students. >> john: and great community and time to nominate. of point siena high school, new smyrna beach high, west orange high school or leesburg high. next in your vote, text 1, 2, 3 or 4 to 87057 and you have to have the word school and school number, right, 1, 2, school 3, school 4. >> amy: you toent don't type in the name of the school. >> john: and vote on as well and click on the good day tab and cool school, we'll announce the winner on friday. >> we'll have a lot more fun
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>> amy: like we always do. coming up, david martin is joining us, live at sea world this morning! and they are dancing! in a good mood today! >> reporter: yeah, we are, looking for stuff to do, look to further than this sea world orlando. that time for brew and ba the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> john: time to eat, drink and rock at sea world. >> amy: the bands, brew and bbq festival is kicking off and david martin has a closer look at all the fun that can be had there. >> reporter: a ton of fun, big party scene and my friends will be here this weekend, multiple weekends, not just this weekend and mike runs it. good morning, how are you. >> good! >> reporter: you have been here a while, haven't you? a crowd favorite at sea world. >> i hope so. >> reporter: and you play on nothing but kitchen ware. to go. >> reporter: give us a sample. keep that going.
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dancing as well, this weekend. with the barbecue line dancers, how are you. >> good, how are you. >> reporter: you encourage people to dance -- keep playing, good, don't stop. >> anybody from 6 months old to 90-something, doesn't matter. >> reporter: line dancing. >> lots of line dancing and we perform our dances as well. >> reporter: give us a sample of what you do. >> absolutely! >> reporter: let's hit it. >> amy, john, you two look adoorable doing the same thing they are doing. come over here! how are you? >> good, how are you. >> back together again. the bands, brew and bbq, how many years have you been doing it? >> 16.
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>> saturday, scotty mccreary and sunday, we have the music of styx. >> reporter: scotty mccreary, "american idol" alumni. what a terrific singer he is. he'll bring a crowd out. >> it will be great and everyone can come and enjoy our barbecue and we have new stuff as far as food goes, brew samplings and also, you can purchase reverb front row seats. >> reporter: the following weekend. >> the following weekend we have alabama on saturday. and foreigner on sunday! >> great acts. i love it and the party doesn't stop at sea world, because at busch gardens they pick it up after this. >> yes, their wine celebration starts march 5th and continues through april 24 and again, lots of fun things to eat. wine, beer, cocktails, and great music. >> so much fun! great weather, good times! i love it!
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what is the web site. >> sea >> reporter: john and amy, can you handle it? >> amy: looks good. >> john: i was dancing while you were ought there. i'd love to see alabama. they sing as good as they did in the '80s, they look as good as they did in the '80s. >> amy: botox. >> john: the college of your dreams. >> amy: application tips are coming up, 8:26. you are watching "good day orlando," a foggy view of
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>> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> this is what it looks like downtown. what happened! we had a beautiful sunrise and all of a sudden, boom, the fog goes crazy, hard to tell now but it is getting thick. >> you know, above this there are beautiful blue skies and it will be back very, very soon. welcome to good day, i'm john brown. >> amy: hi, i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us, let's talk to david and see what is happening. -- jayme, he has the fog map up. >> jayme: visibilities are down and as we typically do, around sunrise, the temperature at this time of the day, takes a little bit of a dip as always, and, the coolest of the day and temperatures falling to 50 and dewpoint at 50 and you have what we call full saturation in the atmosphere and can hold no more water an condenses and you end up with the foggy scene and that
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toward leesburg and in the eustis area, and a lot of areas lake county. like a scouring pad, this front will sweep through and bring us back to gorgeous skies, nice day and perfect temps, solid 70s and by 8:00, down to 63, and mainly clear skies. 50 gainesville and 50 in orlando, again, keep in mind when the dewpoint and temperatures are one and the same, typical you get the burst of fog especially around these parts and this time of year. looking ahead, gorgeous, delightful, whatever you want to call it. it is now time to get ought and enjoy fantastic weather with 70s for highs, saturday and sunday and no, i repeat no chance of rain. here's gina. >> hi, everybody, happy wednesday, i'll take you back out to the crash on the 408. it has been causing a lot of back-ups, on the 408 westbound here at goldenrod.
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a lot of congestion, i suggest you use colonial. it is bummed but not as bad as the 408. a crash on curry ford and partially blocked there causing delays, be aware of that and i want to take you out to the cluster, lee road and i-4, a crash just -- a couple of crashes, edgewater drive and lee road and the earlier crash there on obt. has since cleared and we are seeing delays there. be aware of that if you have to drive through there, looking at your drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial will take you 21 minutes an i-4 eastbound from attractions to downtown takes you 20 minutes and as i said the 408,er westbound slow and 417 to downtown will take you about 19 minutes, right now. that's it for live drive traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, 8:32. developing this morning, orlando police are searching for a newborn baby girl after they say her mother abandoned her after giving birth. >> john: the mother is behind bars and will face a judge in
8:33 am
fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the orange county jail with more. where are we in the investigation? >> good morning, john and amy, the investigation continues and we're waiting for the update from the orlando police department, none yet this morning, 30-year-old susan richardson is behind bars at the orange county jail. awaiting her first appearance and it should happen within the next 30 minutes. here's what we know. police accused her of discarding her newborn baby and officers say she gave birth to the baby at apartments near silver star road and the baby nowhere to be found. officers discovered iffed indicating she gave birth in the parking lot but they say she's not cooperating with investigators. regarding the whereabouts of the infant. investigators named the newborn baby willow. >> we hold out hope and that is a reason we named her and want people to see her as a person.
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information and maybe someone took the baby. >> reporter: anyone with information about that missing baby, who might have seen her yesterday between 10:00 a.m. and noon near the apartment is asked to call crime line, live in orange county, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> this morning crews called off the search for a missing boater in brevard county. >> the story stops our morning rush, 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain, seen in the family photo left port canaveral in his boat on sunday morning and he this night. and did not return. the coast guard and other agencies searched the matters from vero to flagler beach and found his boat, it washed up near port canaveral and he was not inside the boat and the coast guard said they had to suspend their search last night. >> also a man from titusville on trial for murder will not be facing the death penalty in that trial. william woodward admits to shooting three neighbors after an argument in 2012. two victims died. yesterday, a judge said the death penalty is no longer an
8:35 am
supreme court's decision that florida's death penalty is unconstitutional. guard's trial is set to begin on monday. brevard county deputies trying to crack a fraud case that cost one victim thousands of dollars. deputies say this man, ordered a new credit card in the victim's name and used the card to buy more than $7,000 in visa gift cards from stores in south brevard county, happened on january 15. here's a closer look at him. if you know who he is, or if you have any idea where he might be, you are asked to call deputies at crime line, right away. >> in our getting into school report, getting into collegen ka be tough. >> amy: a web site could help your child get into the right school that is catered to them. fox 35's tom johnson gives us a closer look. >> reporter: if you want higher education in the united states, the opportunity is out there. there are currently more than 4700 colleges and universities
8:36 am
an average of 94 degree granting institutions in every single state. plus more than 3 million students will graduate from u.s. high schools this year. and means competition is fierce. to get into places like the university of central florida here, or really any school of higher education. >> it's not easy. >> deanna diaz knows, the freshman went through it less than a year ago. >> you go on-line to the college and fill out the forms and there are different loopholes, you have to know, like, oh, if i put this, i'm not going to have a good application. >> reporter: loopholes that vary school-to-school. enter... admit >> for students. >> reporter: the co-founder, more in a moment -- first the site. it's a service you pay for, designed to make the college application process that
8:37 am
>> very stressful. >> stressful a little easier by connecting college applicants with current college students and recent alumni. >> guide them through the application process and beyond as they make decision what colleges to attend and their career path as well. >> reporter: the current students up load information about themselves and the a can't need. >> as they keep score. >> amy: gpa and extracurriculars and, essays, work experience, and even advice about their application process. >> it was actually helpful. >> reporter: she says she stumbled across the site and it ended up making the difference. >> i am great on procrastinating and telling me advice, you want to fill out this particular form, like, before any other form. or if you get accepted, housing as soon as possible. sore like starting ways to -- write stuff. >> i really got very little of
8:38 am
>> reporter: she and a friend started a few months ago, frustrated with applying to grad schools and now thousands of students use it for help getting into a lot of these schools. >> i think a lot of students don't know what they are doing when they go out there. >> reporter: crowding the u.s. education landscape. >> it helped me a lot and i hope it helps other people. >> reporter: tom johnson... >> it is great. >> reporter: fox 35 news. >> john: still to come, is paul mccartney losing his edge? >> amy: why the beatles legend had trouble getting into a grammy party coming up after the break. also this morning on this day in history, february 17th, 1996, an american express card that once belonged to a famous singer sold for $4500! in a memorabilia sale. the expired card had been given to a waiter by mistake. when the singer realized it and told the server, you know what? keep it. who was this singer that gave up the credit card that ended up
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garth brooks, billie joel or >> amy: we all make mistakes. it was on this day in history, february 17th, 1996 an american express card that once belonged to say famous singer sold for $4500 for an auction. the expired card had been given to a waiter in a restaurant by mistake when the singer realized what he had done and said to the server, keep the card and the server did and made $4500 off of it! a food tip. who was the singer who said, sorry, i gave you an expired card, go ahead and keep it. garth brooks? billie joel or bruce springsteen? who was generous enough to say keep the card. he didn't have any idea how much it would be worth.
8:43 am
let's sent it out to david martin joining us at sea world this morning, who do you think the generous singer was? >> reporter: i love the question. thanks, i'll ask sean. he's going to play center square. what is your answer? >> garth brooks. [cheers and applause]. >> will we hear the answer -- they are talking in my ear -- garth. okay. garth brooks. luanne. >> luanne: it sound like something bruce springsteen would do. >> amy: you a bruce move, huh? >> luanne: i do. >> amy: luanne thinks it was springsteen. what say you, gina and jayme? >> jayme: what do you think. >> gina: i think i'm going to go with garth. i don't know, just -- i'm a big garth fan.
8:44 am
>> jayme: of course i agree with her. >> john: i mom told me i was a mistake my entire life, i'm going -- i should know this. it is bully ill -- billie joel. without a doubt. >> amy: here's your answer! bruce springsteen! hey, luanne! all of a sudden, she's like -- whoa! it was bruce springsteen and happened in a restaurant in the los angeles and he gave the guy a card and, he said, sir, the card is no longer valid. >> john: that's okay. i'm still a mistake. mom used to sing the song to me all the time. you're a mistake. >> amy: thanks for playing and luanne is the only one to get it right this morning! >> was that a hint, gina. >> jayme: a foggy scene. look now at downtown. the fog came in with a vengeance, through the next
8:45 am
up and out and we will endure they nice sunny day, overall will get a lot better. can't get any worse than now. especially this late in the morning and come back and look and you can see the maps are very, very low in a lot of areas. be cautious out there. the commute has been well underway and a -- stragglers getting to the office later and mindful on i-4 this morning, out toward i-75. for our western-northwestern counties. here it comes, the front and doesn't mean a lot to us now, it is helping out with the foggy scene at this time. you can see it pressing in and as it sweeps through it is back to beautiful skies, and, down right perfect temperatures. i mean, you know, 70s and the sun, so, we're looking good and we should come out of the temps now, 40s and 50s with a veil of mostly cloudy conditions and fog now, just off the surface, we haven't seen a lot of warming commence yet, as soon as the layer of fog breaks the temperatures will skyrocket back
8:46 am
rain-free through the weekend. stronger storms next tuesday and wednesday and modeling on tuesday and some wednesday afternoon and bottom line is, could get nasty around here because i'll show you the system in a second and i want to reiterate good looking weather at the speedway up to the big 500 and the 58th running of the daytona 500, catch it live on fox 35 of course. a look at the nation, fairly benign. and behind me over the west and east, has been quiet and the pacific comes to life and here's system number one, crashing into washington state through the course of the day and behind me, the gulf of alaska will gradually shift into the connected states and by mid-week of next week will be flexing and energetic and a little crazy maybe across the eastern section of the u.s. because of that. as we bring a shortstop frant in and massive strong area of low pressure. one thing i'm watching until then, party on, man!
8:47 am
here's your 7 day. mild and sunny and 70s and 50s at night and just that time of the year, we turn the corner and we are subject to temps drop off rapidly, this time of year and right now, we are going to ride the wave of good weather into the weekend, nice and no chance of rain. bam! that's your forecast. this is your weather baby. okay. mako, help me, amy kaufeldt. >> amy: yes. mako. >> jayme: like the shark. our weather baby, is the place -- one and only place for weather babies here in central florida. here's gina. >> gina: hi there, happy wednesday. a lot of crashes on the roads. a couple of new ones, the first one here is at 29th and obt. no word of a roadblock but it is causing significant delays there. and not far away, curry ford partially blocked. and be aware of that traveling through there.
8:48 am
the accident on lee road, at i-4, underneath i-4, the delays are not as bad as earlier but it is still there. still causing backups. be aware of that as well. looking now at your drive times, i-4 is slow right now, i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial will talk you 23 minutes, and i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown will take you 19 minutes and the 408, the 417 to downtown will take you 17 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. back to you. >> 8:48. time to check out what is hot in hollywood today. >> right to jenny castillo from rumba 100.3 and joins us live with the scoop. hi, good to see you! >> reporter: good morning, guys, >> good. this. people are talking about adele's son's wardrobe. why? >> well, the three, along adele and her partner and three-year-old, went to
8:49 am
just shopping away. everywhere she went. shopping, shopping, shopping bags everywhere. one of the things that she bought was anna -- an anna costume from frozen and, apparently her son wanted itnd she didn't even wait to get home and put it on him right then and there and again, a lot of people were iffy at the fact that, you know, her son was wearing an anna costume. and that basically is all the buzz and what they were talking about. >> okay, yes. >> and, it is hard to see. he is blurred out in the picture. >> hard to see, but kids love -- you know, who cares! how old is he, like 2, 3. >> he's 3. >> and will be 4 this year in october. i didn't think it was a big deal. you know, kids are kids and they say, what do you call, love a character and they'll wear it
8:50 am
>> amy: doesn't mean anything. >> you make a big deal out of it, it is like wait a minute and creates the curiosity. >> john: the next story has us talking. paul mccartney. who turns him away. >> amy: he's a sir. >> john: and most people are saying, who? >> exactly. well, you know, a lot of people started talking about it and are quick to come to conclusions, without knowing what happened. so, they are basically saying, oh, they didn't know who sir paul mccartney was and didn't let him in after two attempts. how dare you. it turned out the poor guy, he went to the wrong place. he meant to go to the republic records party which was at hydro lounge and he was in the wrong place and once he realized that he went to the right place and had a great time and that was it. but, they jumped to conclusions, way too soon.
8:51 am
shows up at my house, though it's the wrong house, i'm letting him in! >> come on in! absolutely! >> exactly. >> amy: hello? >> all right. it is always great to see you. and she's with rumba 100.3 and we'll see you soon. >> amy: bye, jenny. >> john: no surprise with though next story, narcissism is on the rise. >> amy: we'll tell you what is
8:52 am
coming up next. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than our next president keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> john: 8:54678 welcome back,
8:55 am
to alexander -- alexandra ortiz. and she's' student of the week. brought to you by hudson's furniture, you can nominate a high school student of week, log onto going to the good day tab and then student of the week! >> okay. do you get the feeling people around you are becoming self-absorbed? you might be right. >> amy: experts say narcissism is spiking in america and all thanks to social media. and parents who inflate their kids' egos. experts claim social media is playing a big role in the epidemic. but it is not actually creating self-centered people, instead is becoming a platform for narcissists who display their self absorption. people spend an hour a day on facebook and an hour a day on twitter and two whole hours people u se ? oftentimes to post pictures and watch their likes go up.
8:56 am
overly praise their children are just as guilty. >> years ago a 12 or 13-year-old didn't have these opportunities for self-promotion and posting pictures for everybody to see. now, with facebook is it is and fueling these young children. ? divos, too. it is not just insta-gram and snap chat and people with a narcissistic complex have long term issues, sometimes they cannot keep a healthy relationship or have trouble fitting in because they come across as being so entitled. >> john: i can see that. and, now -- i don't know if it is any different, but, kids have a platform, to show -- >> you know -- >> we probably would have had the same problem back then. >> amy: the "american idol" complex, the kids come out for a digsing and were horrible and -- auditioning and their parents
8:57 am
face of the earth. >> john: my mom said i was great -- that is because it is youral month. still to come your heartburn medication could be doing more harm than good. >> amy: a local doctor explains how it could lead to dementia. still to come, and david martin. >> reporter: a reminder, everybody we are live at sea world orlando, and bands, bruce an bbq! coming up, this weekend, scotty mccreary on saturday.
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back in the 9 o'clock with a >> john: the 9 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." welcome back, i'm john brown. >> amy: 9 o'clock on a wednesday, the tipping point towards the weekend. boom, here we go. i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are here. a look at things coming up this morning in our 9 o'clock show. first, fighting addiction. how one of baseball's greatest players is helping people right here in orlando. to overcome the demons. >> john: darryl strawberry. sitting right over there and eating algae, checking out the seaweed trend and why experts say it is good for you. >> amy: and celebrities descending on central florida. we'll tee off with two stars and


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