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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back in the 9 o'clock with a >> john: the 9 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." welcome back, i'm john brown. >> amy: 9 o'clock on a wednesday, the tipping point towards the weekend. boom, here we go. i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are here. a look at things coming up this morning in our 9 o'clock show. first, fighting addiction. how one of baseball's greatest players is helping people right here in orlando. to overcome the demons. >> john: darryl strawberry. sitting right over there and eating algae, checking out the seaweed trend and why experts say it is good for you. >> amy: and celebrities descending on central florida. we'll tee off with two stars and
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with your favorite celebrities, too. should be great weather for it. and david martin is out enjoying the weather this morning. >> reporter: we're live at one of my favorite places, sea world orlando, talking about one thing you need to do this weekend. calling it fans, brew and bbq! on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> all right, we're still dealing with fog in the area. jayme is checking that out. >> jayme: your forecast update. thanks for staying with us on gdo, time is 9:01 and we have ones, that's right, visibility down to a whole stinkin' mile and it is getting better, looks like we peaked with the fog and now will continue to see the front drive through and sunshine phasing back in. nice day now, and check it out here.
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in the 60s by 11:00 and 73 by 2:00, 72 at 5:00 and pleasantries continue that's sun goes down and not too chilly tonight, now the 40s and 50s, almost all 50s and the straggler, volusia county, upper 40s there. section 7 days, mild weather and more of what it means for the daytona 500 on sunday, the full forecast coming up in a bit. guys? >> 9:02. breaking news from overnight. a gunman is on the run after shooting a worker at a popular restaurant in orlando. >> it happen just after 2:00 a.m. at gator dock side on south john young parkway. this is just south of the 417. deputies say the restaurant was just about to close when an armed man barged in, pulled out a gun and demanded money. an employee took the suspect into a back room where the money was kept and somehow things escalated from there. investigators say the suspect fired two shots, shooting the work at least one time.
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the suspect grabbed the money and took off. the employee was taken to osceola regional and is expected to be okay. a second person was taken to the hospital to be evaluated after deputies say he was spooked by what happened. orange county deputies say the suspect did leave a money trail and noticed a white mustang speeding off when they arrived. deputies did find that possible getaway car, parked in a nearby hotel. and they are now working to figure out x if it is connected to the armed robber. also developing, orlando police are searching for a newborn baby girl after they say her mother abandoned her after giving birth. >> john: the moss is behind bars and will face a judge later this morning. fox 35's andrea jackson has more from the orange county jail today. >> good morning, the investigation continues, and i can tell you the 30-year-old susan richardson remains behind bars and is facing a judge for a first appearance and police accuse her of discarding her newborn baby, officers say that she gave birth to the baby at
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silver star roads and the baby nowhere to be found. officers discovered evidence hz parking lot and is not cooperating with investigators. regarding the whereabouts of the infant. >> we hold out hope. you know, one of the reasons we name her, because we want people to see her as a person. and maybe come forward with information. >> anyone who has information with regard to the missing newborn or has seen richardson any time between 10:00 and noon yesterday, near the willow apartment is asked to call crime line, in orange county, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> breaking news happened overnight. jetblue had to divert a plane to orlando international because there was a mechanical problem. >> the airline says flight 1130 departed from the fort lauderdale earlier this morning and was headed to charleston, south carolina and had some type of mechanical issue. the plane landed safely, oia, nobody was injured and jetblue said the passengers were put on
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>> amy: moment bourne police need your help to catch a purse snatcher. he robbed two women in the exact same day. the first at a gas station on south babcock street and the guy in the photo reached into a woman's car and snatched her wallet and hours later snatched a purse from a woman at station on aurora road. both cases, the suspect took off in a dark colored car driven by a woman. >> you decide 2016. president obama has buys sights set on donald trump and now trump is firing back. the president was asked about donald trump yesterday during an asian trade summit and talked about what he thinks of donald trump. the president has not been giving his opinion on the campaign thus far but changed things up by saying he thinks the american people are smart and will not choose donald trump as the next president. well, trump heard about it and fired back while in south carolina. saying he took the president's remarks as a compliment.
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jeb bush taking heat for packing heat. he tweeted out the photo of a handgun. with the encryption. governor jeb bush. above the photo, it says america. some people not too happy and gun rights supporters seem to be in favor of it. time to look at the names you need to know this morning. >> pope francis and mark wahlberg and we start with rhonda ramsey, the former ufc shock told ellen degeneres she contemplated suicide after her loss to holly home and changed her mind when she saw her boyfriend and realized her future with him. >> the pontiff lost his temper. an overexcited follower pulled him on top of a man in a wheelchair and the pope scolded intern telling them not to be selfish and he wrapped up his visit today. >> amy: your final name, mark wahlberg, he and his family are
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grand opening of their new burger restaurant. cold wall hlbergers. and the new location is in the suntrust building on orange avenue. all three of the wahlberg brothers, mark, donny and paul are going to be at tomorrow's huge grand opening event. it is officially opened and tomorrow is the grand opening. >> john: concerts and vips. >> amy: today we'll find out who in florida -- who was it -- won the record breaking powerball jackpot. do you think it was darryl strawberry? maybe that is why he's here. darrell? >> john: no. of because he's here. the winning ticket was sold in brevard county and the florida lottery will introduce them at a news conference and this winning ticket for the $1.6 billion jackpot was bought at the publix in melbourne beach. the largest lottery jackpot ever split three ways and the conference to announce the winner is set for 1:30 in
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there and we'll have all the details on fox 35 news at 5:00 p.m. and people send the information and saying it is this person or that person. okay. let's see who it actually is. >> amy: exactly. >> john: still to come, lindy dairy baseball player darryl strawberry helping people beat a addictions addictions. >> amy: we'll talk about the baseball great turned pastor about the new calling in his life. david martin. >> reporter: great music live, @ check. lots of beer, check. and good food? i'm all over it! orlando! live entertainment, come down here and we'll @ talk about it,
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>> john: 9:11. a live look at downtown. i don't know if you guys were up at 6:00 a.m., the sun advise was beautiful, beautiful blue skies and the fog rolled in, don't worry, jayme king will tell us when it is coming back and if you haven't seen the weekend forecast you will love it. one of the greatest baseball players of all time helping
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the darryl strawberry recovery center has been operating in st. cloud for a couple of years and this morning the man behind the center darryl strawberry joins us live to talk. spring training starts this week and are you thinking of trying out again. >> no, i'm not. >> john: that is done. >> over and done. >> john: during your playing years you struggle with addiction and it was widely publicized. looking back, did it make it worse because you were in the public eye, especially new york city? the issues e were struggling with in did it make it worse. >> it makes it more difficult for any celebrity, to have struggles with addiction and have to go through the media. it is very difficult because you are -- your life is public and people will criticize you and they don't understand what addiction us about and what alcoholism is about and, it is no until you come to a place of understanding what it is about and how to deal with it and get into recovery and you can
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that is the e most important message we try to deliver to people. in our facilities, and our -- they want to gut the darryl strawberry recovery treatment centers up and we have two, one in daytona and one in st. cloud and, we help the people and have a serious problem across america right now with young people, with empowerment. >> john: and it is growing. astronomically. i'm sure -- you weren't immune to hearing people on the air talking about you, right, when you were in new york heard people say, darrell should straighten up, making all the money and, on top of the world. why didn't you straighten up. >> you can't, because it's not about money, not about success. it is a -- addiction is very powerful and it is an illness to the mind and i think it is a disease we need to look at. and we need to know that people can get cured from it, through recovery.
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spiritual awakening, a 12 step program, and, like i said before, coming together with john and kathy and jim and putting these centers together, to help people, to show people that they can recover, because my wife is in recovery, myself, is in recovery. for 13 years, my wife, she has 15 years in and a gentleman who worked with the yankees for many years, helped the process come along, too. it has been a team effort for us helping people. >> john: was there a moment when you woke and said, i can't do this anymore? was there the one moment or a progression. >> i wish it was one moment and it is not one moment. it is a process and i think people need to understand that. i don't care who you are and how much money you have. when you see celebrities and that is why you see celebrities oding, because nobody really allowed them to go through the process of saying they have a problem. >> john: does it open up a door with other celebrities who wouldn't listen to other people and you can call them and say, darryl strawberry. i have been where you are and
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hope? does that open a door for you. >> i would hope it would open up a great door for most celebrities to know i'm able to understand if you have a problem you can get help and just, just say yes to people. that want to help you. don't say no. i think that is the most important thing, just tell people no, no, i don't have a problem you can never get help. we need to open up the door and say yes, and feel comfortable and for me, yes, i think people realize that i have been through that whole process, and i have recovered and have had a transformation and working with wonderful people, you know, and, the darryl strawberry recovery centers to help people get well. >> a lot of people don't know you have moved here and your centers were here and now you live here and are doing pastor work here as well. do you spend a lot of time -- do people see you out and about and think that is darryl strawberry. >> i moved here because of a dear friend, pastor tim johnson who will be on the show a little later with his church, orlando outreach center, who does a
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and i wanted to be part of a church that -- outreach -- reaching people that are lost and that is important and why me and my wife, tracy moved here and the main reason and of course i have centers here and the main reason is for the kingdom of god and doing god's work to help people and pastor tim has a tremendous heart of helping people and i want to be a part of what that is really about. >> john: we'll talk to him and you are sticking around as well. a golf tournament coming up, and, he, by the way, no stranger to the big league and played for this redskins. you'll have you both back in a little bit. appreciate you making time for us. >> appreciate it. >> john: jayme king. jayme? accu-weather forecast time. >> jayme: here we go. fog improving across the region. diminishing and looks like we return to sun and fun and i have your pollen counts, if you feel the need to sneeze, the numbers
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to a 4 friday and juniper and elm, our sources say there chief contributors to the allergy or pollen count or index today. again, a look here at the fog, vast improvements and pretty much all locales now, variety vapor, the front on top and behind that, gorgeous air mass and really good looking temperatures and again, beautiful skies, perfect temps, straight up through those 70s and for the big drive home at 5:00, stuck in traffic oni-4. man, the temperatures will look good in the -- and the skies, too. a couple of stragglers the up her 40s, one, deland, 49. 54 datona beach and melbourne, now city by the sea. flashing 50s. in regard to rain chances, today, thursday, and friday, it is absolutely zero. rain-free for the weekend and a stronger storm may approach the area by next tuesday and wednesday and time for some racing boys and girls, we have
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event, 1:00 p.m. start, the 58th running of the daytona 500, we'll be live friday morning, taking gdo on the road, trackside, myself, amy and joined and a host of others. join the party! i mentioned the pacific coming to life, the next storm now exiting the gulf of alaska in the pacific and will move our way, and by around tuesday or wednesday, getting close to knocking on the door. with that said, one feature we'll watch for a sharp increase and uptick in storm activity. again today, seminole county looking really, really nice. 70s all over, and the fog lifts as we look at orange county. . more of the same, solid 70s in place and ample sunshine and last stop, brevard county, more of the same, the list goes on and on, pleasant weather from sea shore of brevard out to i-95, rockledge up north. next 7 days, 70s and bright sun, 50s overnight and no chance of rain until next tuesday or wednesday.
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>> this year's hot super food trend is seaweed. >> amy: i like it. wrapped around sushi. usually you find it in japanese or nordic restaurants and now everyone is putting it on the menu and it is healthy, packed full of minute yals erals minerals, and has omega-3 fatty acids and fiber too, and sea vegetables have been found in recent studies to be a promising source of protein and carry cancer fighting antioxidants and for some people, doesn't taste bad. >> sea vegetables have a lovely briny taste. and, it might take a little bit of getting used to at first for some people that don't like the flavor but when combined with sweet flavors of onions or the japanese cooking wine it can really have a very satisfying, delicious taste. >> amy: recent studies have shown farming seaweed has a low
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>> john: all right, how about this, enjoy a nice cold drink in your favorite -- and your favorite band. >> amy: david martin joins us live at sea world to tell us how to have fun! david? >> reporter: saturday and sunday, not only great music, beer, food, and awesome bald
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you can get pictures of maddy, >> amy: a live view looking down on the city and fog is taking over around central florida this
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a pretty sunrise and boom, this happened. 50 degrees, so it is chilly. >> john: time to eat, drink and rock at sea world. >> amy: the park's band, brew and bbq festival is kicking off this weekend and that is where we find our own fox 35's david martin who is checking out al the fun, hey, david. >> reporter: we are live at sea world orlando and i 2' want to tell you not just the beer, bbq and the band you can enjoy. get a picture with mat y ddy, the american bald eagle. people can get a selfie with maddy. >> absolutely in the uso gardens, maddy will make two appearances, she was a local rescue and a nonreleasable bird in the care of sea world. >> reporter: beautiful, thanks for sharing her with us. >> a fantastic bird. 13 years old and they can oum ought and meet her. she's fantastic. we have conservation cards that
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>> reporter: she doesn't like the noise. mike, you have been doing this how long. >> bean here 12, 13 years. >> reporter: and where can people see you perform saturday and sunday. >> we'll be all around the park and in front of the main stage, half an hour before scott mckearsy goes on. >> and a sample of what you will play. >> let's do it. here we go. >> reporter: can't help but move your body. you don't know how to dance? don't worry. i have people who will teach you. barbe-cuteys! and, you'll teach folks line dancing. >> every saturday and sunday at this festival stage, between 4
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dance, come dance with us! >> reporter: give us a sample of what you do. >> sure! >> apparently you do a lot of leg movements, hip movements? all about confidence. yeah! >> how are you again this morning, muppet? >> great. how are you. >> good to see you again. so, this weekend, who is performing on stage? >> scotty mccreary on saturday and sunday is tennessee young than music of styx. >> reporter: next weekend. >> alabama on saturday and foreigner on sunday. >> reporter: i know he was too busy to join us and the chef makes an incredible barbecue meal and the food this weekend is amazing! >> that's right and, we have
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just a few barbecue choices but lots of different choices an unusual things to try. of -- and unusual things to try. lots of good stuff. >> reporter: is it all included in the admission? >> it is, everything is part of your normal day's admission and the concert included but if you want to get reserved seats or purchase the sampler, that is additional and go to sea world and get the information. >> reporter: bands, brew and bbq, for the next three weekends. john, amy, plenty of time. but go this weekend! >> amy: all right. thanks, david. >> john: still to come more bad news for people who take heartburn medicine. >> amy: a local doctor will explain that link to dementia. coming up after the break. it is 9:26 right now.
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control room on this >> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> john: 9:30, welcome back to good day, i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us on this wednesday, we want to get you caught up on the headlines so far.
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deputies are investigating an overnight robbery and shooting. it happened at gators dockside restaurant and, the suspect demanded money and an employee took him to a back room and that is when deputies say things got heated. we're told the suspect fired off two shots injuring one of the workers. deputies say the suspect then grabbed some money and ran. the employee who was shot is expected to be okay. deputies say they may have found the gunman's getaway car nearby. right now are analyzing surveillance video to see where he went from there. >> john: the woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby girl faced a judge for the first time. it happened minutes ago. the judge set her bond at $50,000. orlando police say susan richardson gave birth outside of the willow bend apartments off of silver star road yesterday. officers were searching for the baby who they've now named willow. richardson was arrested for child neglect and desertion.
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and unresponsive to the judge. >> are you awake -- >> pardon me, i didn't hear you. >> all right, thank you. >> john: police say if you know anything about the missing baby. you are asked to call crime line. >> health officials in orange county are addressing concerns about the zika virus and met yesterday to talk about steps that can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading. there are 21 cases of the mosquito borne virus so far in florida and it can cause a mild fever, skin rash and pink eye, basically, also, linked to birth defects and all the florida cases are travel related and one major concern is someone carrying the virus will arrive here and then get bitten lie a brokal mosquito and the mosquito here could transmit the disease to someone else. orlando airport officials say they are taking aggressive steps to control the mosquito population there. time for this morning's business headlines. joining us live from the fox business network studios is none
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let's start with the markets. how are things. >> nice, up three days in a row. first three day winning streak, if it holds all year. dow up 98 points and oil up, 2%, $29.56. >> john: and let's talk apple. they don't want to cooperate with the fbi. what is these for not wanting to -- the reason for not wanting to break the encryption on a terrorist phone? >> they'd have to create a special code to bypass the security on one of the terrorist shooters. he had an iphone 5c and they don't have the pass code and the fbi can't get into this is phone and want to see what is on it and apple can figure out a way to get into the phone but apple and the ceo are absolutely refusing to do so. they don't want to create this software, they say in the hands of the wrong people it would not be good for any of their customers or anybody, quite
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>> john: and the parmesan cheese you are eating may have something else in it. >> certain cheeses. sold at whole foods, walmart and even at kraft's green bottle. it is parmesan cheese but has small amounts of cellulose, a binder and, it is not harmful. it is used for a variety of purposes and unfortunately, wood pulp is in it and the fda says in small doses, 2-4%, no big deal but some cheeses had levels more like 8%. >> john: wow! that's not good. lauren. i guess, what, the recall notice are out there. people need to check? >> no, no recalls, one of these things, the chemicals an additives. >> john: just there. enjoy. >> just eat your wood. don't worry about it. >> john: that have a great day. see you later. catch lauren each week day
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business network at 5:00 a.m. eastern, go to fox finder. jayme king, sun is out, some people can't see it. looks like a great day ahead. >> it is, and over the last hour the fog is up and out, and sun and fun on the way in and temperatures now are responding. moving up towards in direction. we're starting to warm things up and we should cash in around those mid and upper 70s for your highs today. actually make that low and mid 70s for your highs today. i'm looking hey woody and you can see the visit beatle improved greatly. great news and better, we have these beautiful skies coming back today. perfect temperatures, by 5:00, around 72 and by 8:00 tonight, about 63. moon lit again and, checking this out. next front sliding through and wouldn't know if i didn't tell you you'd have to idea. the clouds are really at a minimum with this and we had fog production but no rain along the boundary. and certainly we're not looking for a tremendous cooldown behind
9:35 am
number one came through yesterday and brought foul weather and number 2 reen portions the good looking stuff here, paves the way into a good looking weather weekend and we'll talk about what it means forethe race day, daytona 500, 1:00 on sunday, the forecast is coming up. guys, over tus. >> amy: thank you. on the health watch, 15 million americans take prescriptions now to lower their cholesterol. but what if your doctor said the best medicine is really to slim down your to-do list? doctors say financial stress, relationship problems or any other anything excite producing situations really impact your cholesterol like diet and exercise and they suggest managing your stress in order to improve your overall health. they are advertising for heartburn and acid reflux but heartburn medication making news for all the wrong reasons, we told you about new studies that show they lead to kidney disease and even bone fractures.
9:36 am
prescription drugs 15 million americans take almost daily could also lead to dementia. joining us to talk about it, florida hospital surgeon dr. james rosser. >> we have to mix things up around here! let's talk about this. a serious thing? >> very serious. >> as we age we worry about dementia and are we putting something in our bodies making it more certain? >> well ther answer is yes. you don't know what you don't know. and what you don't know can hurt you. and one thing we don't know about the medicines, is that if they are not taken properly. they can have serious side effects as you know. we have had kidney problems and had gast tro intestinal problems and we've had cardiac problems associated with these medicines that 15 million people and, know it is deja vu all over
9:37 am
>> over-the-counter? prescription drugs? something in the drugs that is leading to it. >> it is more what the drugs do. your body needs acid and any situation that decreases that long term, it really has been recommended, you know, bad things can happen. and, really believe maybe these medicines cross the blood brain barrier into your brain and may have an impact. i want to caution everybody, this study is not the new all tell all. what it is, when they followed a large number of people in europe -- in europe -- >> they are very different from us. >> 35 years or older, especially women, 44% increase in dementia in that population of people. and that is very concerning. you can't just blow it off because we have to be concerned and the big thing is, half of the people that own the medicines -- are on them shouldn't be. >> amy: we talked about that a lot.
9:38 am
do you really need to be on it and the other thing, too, a lot of people pop them like candy, they are like, heartburn is bad and instead of taking 2, i'll take 4 and it is scary. >> and, you know, you can't have more better, because if you do more better you have more better blues and it creates a dilemma but you have the advertisements going on and, pop these pills and keep doing what you are doing. that's the problem. number one message is be evaluated first. don't try and treat yourself. because you can hurt yourself. and if you can go ahead and be evaluated, the doctor can tell you if you have the problem or not. and also, if your doctor is having you take these medicines, every day, or double dose, you have to be very, very concerned because that is when you run into trouble. these medicines were not meant to be taken every day. do not go off label. that is the big message. >> how can our viewers find you
9:39 am
>> go to celebration surgeons tonight come and you can see me on oz. and, we make house calls, every week, wednesday -- >> he's everywhere. >> thanks, bye-bye. >> great to see you, doctor. always, 9:37. >> john: amy, one of the people on your screen right now is a former pro baseball player. one of the people is a former nfl player. and, one of us is none of those things! and we're all going to try and golf here in a second. we'll tell you why. straight ahead here on "good day
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>> john: there's the heated competition going on in the studio right now! how about this, you can hit the green while raising green for a good cause!
9:43 am
tournament is next week, the list of celebrities, talking nfl great tim johnson and mainly league baseball player darryl strawberry and those guys are here to talk with me and. you were with the redskins a long time. >> the redskins and the steelers. >> john: and darrell was on earlier and we know all about darrell and don't know how his golf game is! he got up, celebrity golf. >> at the ritz-carlton, thursday and friday is actual golf day, so, he got up, basically, a celebration of people, lifting people and one thing we have learned over the years, when you have a team with great talent, that is one thing, but it really doesn't guarantee a win if the team doesn't work together and we have seen lesser teams win
9:44 am
they work stronger and better together, i believe we are facing situation in our city with 350,000-plus people that can't afford the daily needs and individuals wanting to be self-sustainable and needing access to resources and we are actually inducing an initiative called he got on easter sunday that will provide an easter service but the largest resource fair in north america and we'll have health and wellen and job services and haircuts, and, so many people are involved and makes up the team in orlando to address the needs of those around here. >> john: and it is interesting, both you guys are working as pastor, darrell is as well and your church, once again is. >> orlando world outreach center. >> and what other celebrities will come out? >> got word, lou holtz will be
9:45 am
and, we'll have groups of celebrities actually, interviews and eric dickerson and lawrence taylor and chris tucker and brian white, country music singer. >> and we can show up and play golf. >> absolutely, go to he got up, there is a place you can tarpt and get a foursome or buy a ticket to the dinner. >> john: and you are playing, right. >> yes. >> john: this information is on your screen. have you played much golf over the years? >> no, i haven't. >> john: you can swing and we'll putt a little and let's talk sports while we're doing this. best player? best player you ever played against. >> best player i ever played against was barry bonds. >> really? >> yes.
9:46 am
above everybody else. >> far and above everybody. >> was there anybody -- >> most talented player, barry bonds. >> john: pitching? who owned you? anybody you owned. >> the best pitcher was nolan ryan. the toughest guy. >> john: really? >> and, ryan had a different demeanor and was so different when he was on the mound. and, i faced good guys like randy johnson once or twice but i had to face nolan ryan quite a few times and when i first faced him my heart was beating -- and i thought, oh, god. it is nolan ryan! >> john: and, what about you? >> for me it would have to be a guy that wore number 20. barry sanders and should have had an "s" on the jersey. >> john: and he was -- we see highlights and was it like that on the field going against him. >> it was unreal.
9:47 am
see a human being move sideways as fast as they can move forward. he was an anomaly and his explosion and what was deceptive is, i'm not a small guy, coming upon him he's not a big guy. but his strength was very surprising. >> john: cool, and the putt here, quick. darrell, big moment! >> biggest moment. would you say, about your careers, one moment that stands out for you. >> 1986 -- >> oh, he made it, by the way! >> we clinched the national league championship against the cubs at home. that was a big celebration! >> john: amy is a cubs fan! >> that was a great moment. for all of us to be able to get to the place where you know you are going into the playoffs. >> how about you, biggest game? you had big games. >> i have a tie. .
9:48 am
against the u and the fiesta bowl and our super bowl win, with the redskins against the buffalo bills. >> john: wow! i'm with a bunch of winners here! we ka go on all day! let's -- the web site one more time. >> it is he get up >> john: great to have you here. >> thank you. yes. >> john: all right, jayme king, how do you top that? >> jayme: you don't! good morning, what an honor to have these guys in studio. good morning, everybody. how low do they go is the question. we had widespread 40s and a few spots around the lower 50s, all tied to yesterday's frontal passage and didn't really see a reflection and then high temps yesterday, rear putting warm overall and last night the cool air rushed into and we are making the recovery now and you can see widespread 50s from the part north to the far south and another front drops in, bringing
9:49 am
gulf and fog over the interior portion here of the peninsula and the east side, the same case here with more cloud cover developing over the gulf stream waters and you can follow and strays it up the eastern seaboard as the front continues moving through. by and large again, behind this it will be about high pressure and good looking day for you! if you are busy you have come to the right place, don't move a muscle. stay at least through the weekend. you will love it. beautiful sky and perfect temps, 70s today from 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, looking good and tonight, quiet skies out there. quiet overnight, clear and school, 52 by 5:00 and 54 by 8:00. you can see the beach scene in cape canaveral, looking good. the nice southeast flow lines sliding through and again, if you are on it right looks like winds are offshore and take the appropriate sand bar and you'll be rewarded. looking good. take you now to the visit orlando cam, our tower cam, high atop the height
9:50 am
orlando eye off to the right and the fog continues to lift and sunshine continues facing back in. model forecast shows the front coming through, kicks through the southern end of the state later today. and will bring high pressure. next system tries to get in and look at that! high pressure says, you are not coming here and blocks the system. we are high and dry, looking good with lighter winds by the weekend. as far as the race is concerned, the daytona 500 and other activities, going on all week long at the daytona international speedway, looking good area wide. again, no big hang-ups and it is dry. the minute take. looking for. across the nation we have got a fairly tranquil scene, at least at this moment. again, not a lot going on. we'll chill up to the north and fabulous weather down south, includes us and again highs today through those 70s, and area wide, looks nice from the beach into the interior, tonight, heading down to the 40s, overgainesville and ocala,
9:51 am
st. cloud, lake buena vista, theme park attractions, into those upper 40s, and low end 50s and the next several case, mild an looking good, bright sun and 70s for highs and 50s through the overnights and no rain chance, tuesday or wednesday. weather baby time, can you find the baby in the picture? she has the pink bow on, mc mc mckenzie and you can't forget mako, looking good. the name that says success! mako! visit our web site for more segment. >> amy: i know! awesome! still to come, a lot of people talking about how adele dressed her son for a trip to disney. >> amy: we'll show you what he was wearing and why people say
9:52 am
not famous enough to get into a party? why paul mccartney was turned away at the door.
9:53 am
be some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> amy: wow! i want to be like mike! 53 today! how is that possible? happy birthday to mj turning 53. >> john: and ed sheeran is 25. happy birthday if you are celebrating a birthday today. >> amy: and, they picked up two grammys this past weekend. time to check out what is hotten hollywood, the beef with beyonce is over. >> john: the protest that was planned, nobody showed up. fans who were upset by the super bowl said they would protest in new york city in front of nfl headquarters and was supposed to happen yesterday and a couple people actually showed up and besides the handful of counter protesters and officers there to control the crowd. the sidewalks were empty. >> amy: adele makes headlines for a trip to disneyland she
9:56 am
allowed her toddler, a boy to wear a character dresses from the movie, frozen and, before the grammys, she took her three-year-old son on the fun trip to disney and adele did not dress him herself, sources say he asked his mom if she could wear the costume as they went around the park. >> john: music lend paul mckenney, snubbed -- music legend paul mccartney snubbed from and after party twice from rapper tiga and the rapper said he was not denied at the door but there was a mix-up and the rep claimed she was trying to find a party at republic records and once he figured it out left and now we hear a different story. >> amy: i watched the video. and he said, how big of a v.i.p. do i have to be to get in here? that is the words out of his mouth and they are trying to spin it. >> the club said they would have absolutely let him in. >> not true. >> john: if he wanted ac. >> amy: paul said, how big of a v.i.p. do i have to be? he's the biggest! >> john: tiga!
9:57 am
>> who is the bigger star than him? >> amy: nobody and gerard butler is taking on a new role and will be right here in central florida and will be kicking off the daytona 500 on sunday and will be the grand marshal. of he's going to be the one that says, gentlemen and -- is danica racing -- and ladies, start your engines and, he'll be at the pre-race along and ride along during the race laps. >> john: florida-georgia line, ken gruff -- griffey, jr. and they've checked all the sites, and, okay. we are out of time. for this wednesday. >> amy: see you tomorrow, everybody. >> john: i have the day right
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. i keep it straight. no chasers.


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