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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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better safe than sorry, police in st. cloud were forced to keep students from the high school, several hours after dismissal, after a threat was posted on social media. no word on what the threat said. >> but it was serious enough to have police search each and every student, before they were allowed to go home. we have the details of what happened. >> good evening, the parents of thousands of students at this school are happier this evening of an hour's long lock down ended earlier today. frayed nerves and intense words in st. cloud this evening. >> i'm very upset. >> more than 100 parents, including georgia powell, waited for their children, during a four hour lock down. >> i can't believe this is happening.
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from this, and this is happening in st. cloud, wow. >> the school got information via social media, that an active violence would happen in seventh period in the courtyard. the spokesperson says the threat was serious enough to call police and lock down the school as a precaution this afternoon. >> it's very scary. it's a small town. >> the sergeant says that over a dozen officers, searched nine building and 2,400 students and the back packs, and we're told that's what took so long. nothing was found and all students were safe the entire time. then, just before 6 a.m. the lock down lifted. parents, finally able to get their child. >> it feels wonderful, finally
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very happy and pleased. >> the district told me there was another threat made yesterday, but that was not credible, and that's why police were here today. and the police are actively investigating the social media threats. we're live in st. cloud. fox 35 news. a new suspect is underarrest for the deadly shooting at the ultra lounge nightclub, two were killed back on february 7. they've arrested two men, and he's facing several charges and the deputies rearrested jose lopez, he was originally arrested last week and charged with carrying a gun at the club. he bonded out, and back in jail tonight, facing additional charges, including being a felon in possession of a gun. detectives still trying to
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gang related, two for killed at the lounge on universal boulevard. nine others were injured. new at 10, a crime alert. a cab driver is speaking out after a woman pointed a gun at him and robbed him. here's a crystal clear picture of the woman the police are looking for tonight. >> take a look at the picture. police say this woman holding a handgun, robbed a taxi driver on monday night. cab driver says he picked up the woman, and later found out it was a fake address, saying she didn't live there. >> the red flags were there. >> why? >> she was getting angry in the cab. >> the woman, told him to pull over. >> she said, do exactly as i say, and give me the cash and your phone. >> the woman is around 5'6, with brownish blond hair. >> she said not to tell the
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>> he was too scared to initially tell the police. >> she went too far, and i hope she changes her mind or changes her heart and turns herself in. >> anyone with information is asked to call the orlando police department. and a mother is locked up as the search continues for her newborn child. susan richardson is charged with unlawful desertion of a child. monday afternoon, the police found a placenta in the parking lot, and she told the police she had had a baby girl and dropped her off at a doorstep, but would not say where. the investigators flushed the sewers surrounding the apartments, looking for any sign of the missing child. and a health alert, two new cases of the zika virus in miami
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it brings the cases to 24. all of the cases are travel related, that people caught the virus somewhere else, and then traveled back here to florida. zika can cause a fever, rash, and birth defects, none of the florida cases though involve pregnant women. the officials have added two more islands to the zika virus travel alert, for pregnant women. aruba, and bonn air. a mandatory recess bill is dividing lawmakers in tallahassee tonight. the bill passed the florida house, but it faces an uphill battle in the senate. it requires 20 minutes of recess every day. recess could also not be taken away for disciplinary or academic reasons.
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grow academically, and to goo forward they have to have the exercise and the time outside and in recess to clear their minds. >> despite the support in the house, it appears the senate will not consider the legislation. fast cars at the dayton international speedway, tonight the can-am duals, and kenseth is on the outside of row one, on sunday. which you can watch here on fox 35. tonight though, the races will determine the 38 other starting positions, let's head had to adam, he's live at the speedway. >> hey, i need to amend that, we had one crash on the final lap of the second can-am dual, that just ended. it did involve matt kenseth's car. kyle bush the winner in the
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he was pleased and that wreck collected a number of big name drivers. including jimmy johnson, and true exjr. we had one lead change, and earnhardt junior, took over the lead, and elliot, dropped back to preserve the car. 14 laps to go, it gets interesting, denny hamlin took the lead, and whit spun from behind. he was trying to race his way to the dayton. and earnhardt jr. goes low, and in the end he goes on to win the dual race for the second year in a year.
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>> i was so nervous, you just -- you got to go out and it's a tough balance, you have to try to win, and you have to race like the car don't matter. it's crossing your fingers and hoping you get there to the finish with the car in one piece. >> obviously, junior is happy to survive and advance with a nice starting position. coming up at 11:00, we'll have full highlights of the second can-am dual with the last lap crash, but for now, fox 35 sports. >> thank you very much, and good day orlando is on the road tomorrow, live at the dayton international speedway, we'll take you behind the scenes. good day orlando, beginning at 7 a.m. jaw dropping video from hawaii, a helicopter crashes into pearl harbor. we have new information of the
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and a touching story of the power of organ donation. two families meet for the first time after a young woman dies and her family doopts her heart -- donates her heart to a stranger. >> i needed to know that they were going to like me. and they were going to realize that i was going to be someone who was going to take care of my heart. take care of brooke's heart. good thurz evening -- thursday evening, we have a couple of closures, and we'll start on the boulevard, the first one, one left lane closed to lake destiny road. this started tuesday, and the work wraps up tomorrow morning, and right on the same road,
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destiny, to lake drive. this started tonight and foes on to -- goes on to early next week, just be aware of that. and remember, you can check out traffic and construction updates on your own smart phone. to download the app, text the
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a subaru. . new at 10 from hawaii, a 16-year-old boy in critical condition after the helicopter he was riding in crashed in pearl harbor. five people were on board, and it made a hard landing in the
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two other people and the pilots were also treated, and visits to the nearby uss arizona had to be suspended. a long wait for people needing an organ transplant is getting longer. in florida, more than 500,500 people. >> if you needed an example of how critical organ donation is, let this story be it. the strength of brooke strong. >> oh. oh my gosh. i'm so nervous. >> she's not the only one. >> i'm anxious, and excited. >> for us, it's hope, and healing, and purpose. >> these three people will have a moment they'll never forget. carroll wright was close to dying a year ago, and she needed
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and she got one, it belonged to the daughter of these in orlando. on this day in this airport, they meet each other for the first time. >> i can't wait to hear her heart. i can't wait to put my ear on her chest and hear my daughter's heart. >> february 23, 2014, sophomore brooke crossed the street near the campus. she was struck by the vehicle. she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. they declared her clinically dead after ten days in intensive care. >> this was a devastating come back for the family. >> she was a registered organ donor. all gave others the gift of sight and life.
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than the resip yet of brooke's heart, carroll wright. >> i don't believe it's just an organ. i don't believe that. it has to be more than that. >> she's about to find out what more than that is. >> wow. the family. hi. oh my gosh. >> i was hoping this day would come. >> a home coming of the heart. >> it is your daughter's, i've been taking good care of her. >> wow. this is really nice home. we ring the doorbell? >> they invited her back to the
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grew up. >> hi. >> they looked at her art work, writings, and pictures. >> this was her room when she moved out. >> they discussed the mission of organ donation awareness. the corner stone of to help others learn the power of giving life after death. a power that directly touched carroll. >> i needed to know that they were going to like me. and that they were going to realize that i was going to be someone who was going to take care of my heart. take care of brooke's heart. >> for carol, this was an honor. not every organ recipient, gets to meet and thank the family like this. >> for some families, it's very beneficial. for others, it's difficult, and
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it can almost restart the grieving process perhaps. >> last night, i got the easiest sleep in the two years that brooke has been gone. >> that may explain why chris, his wife and the siblings to allow us to witness an otherwise private moment. a chance to listen to brooke's heart beat. with the stethoscope and the ear piece. (heart beating). >> i will always stay close with them. this is just a wonderful new beginning for all of us. >> in orlando, i'm david martin.
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every time you think of life, it makes sense. it's things like that, it's not tragedy, from tragedy, great things can happen. certainly people know, a thing of my friend scott, but because of scott, i joined the national registry for blood donations. and it wasn't all that long ago that i got to see a young woman whose life was completely saved and she got to meet the donor who rebooted her entire system. and cured the cancer. >> a simple decision that one can make to save a life. for the parents, the number of emotions they must have been feeling to hear their daughter's heart beating, and her life continues on through the woman. >> if you'd like to share this story, go ahead and do so from our wall on facebook. beautiful weather continues,
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through the weekend. then changes. i have that forecast. >> and getting schooled on how to end the test stress and turn florida's new standards into an advantage for teachers and students.
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what a beautiful day here in central florida. more to come, and live on radar, rain free, looking good and it'll stay that way for the next several days. perfect timing for the speedway tomorrow. temperature 71 at the speedway, 7 # on saturday, 73 on sunday and dry for the big day on sunday. 59 over daytona beach, 56 in clairemont. and wind out of the north and northeast, the windy weather is easing up a bit and a decrease in the winds as we go through the next several days. north wind at 11. headlines in forecast, slow warming is on the way. great weather for all the race days and looks like a wave of rain is on the way. and shows up on tuesday.
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tallahassee, next big storm system is coming from the pacific. it's mainly a rain maker. look at that, raining over lake superior, and wisconsin, up to lake michigan, not snow. snow is on the ground and not a whole lot of it. it's melting away with the rain and another batch of rain behind it in north dakota and also into montana. so relatively warm overall for this time of year for the northern states. 55 up in daytona, 59 in leesburg. and in the area, 43 over in gainesville. highs for tomorrow, climbing back to the low to mid 70s, a bit warmer than today. at 73in melbourne, and 72 in looking good. 73 expected in the metro area tomorrow, wind out of the east, still breezy, but not as windy as today. here's the seven day forecast, fantastic again through the
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even early next week, not too bad. highs in the upper 70s but a chance of rain starting tuesday. local police officers are speaking out before a planned beyonce concert in april. >> the new video formation, shed light on police brutality, and a recent twist, there could be an impact of the concert security. we have the details coming up. and save you some cash, $1.57 a gallon in castle berry. and same thing on the speedway in orlando. you can like us on facebook, and
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getting schooled, beating the odds and making it work. a principal in lake county have found a way to make her students succeed. >> in fact, the woman in charge of the elementary school, has just been named the state's principal of the year.
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>> the principal, rhonda hunt is proud of her teachers and students. >> children rise to the occasion, they can do the work. >> in nine months, they took the school from an f grade to a promising c, and they were a four points shy of a better b, the accomplishment that earned her the state's principal of the year award. >> my secret is, and it's no secret, there's two parts to educating a child. one is to get the academic lesson right with the student and the other is the social emotional side of the child. that's what we changed so much here. we really capturing kid's hearts is really what our theme is here, and that's showing how much we care about them. the i can do spirit, not that i can't read, but i'll work harder to make sure i can read. >> the new standards are more
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stumbling block if you do the work. >> it's not a political issue. it really is looking at the standards if you go on and look at them, and see what kids should know in the math content areas, it's good. it's important. >> principal hunt says this year, 20 new teachers began, some folks retired last year, and some she had to ask to leaf, because to run the type of ship she wants to run here, she says she had to find the right sort of people with the passion and heart. like this teacher, kelly, she finds herself teaching math and life principles. >> it was high expectation, letting them know there's no ceiling. you can go as high as you want to go, and we can't help you get there. >> it's never about the standards. these are standards, now with
10:32 pm
is what children should know and be able to do. >> to be continued. fox 35 news. and being at the top of a class can result in extra money for florida teacher. the new bill grants a bonus each year to the teachers who score well on the sat tests. it's a way to encourage the top students to become teachers, but the opponents argue, there's no evidence to support that claim. more than 5,000 teachers currently qualify. we have a hit and run in brevard county. the state troopers, founds the suv, the anonymous tip led them to a jeep they believe hit 39-year-old, while he was jogging monday morning. the damage to the front episode of the car is consistent with poses of the car found at the scene.
10:33 pm
the vehicle and the troopers say the owner of the car is a person of interest. and a followup on beyonce's formation video. we told you how the video caused some police officers to question if they want to volunteer to work at the upcoming convert in april. now in miami, the policedown there as taken a firm stand against beyonce, to boycott her concert. we're breaking down the video scene, that has everyone talking. >> the scene is set in new orleans. a cultural study scholar at the university of south florida, say the images of beyonce uses, highlights the community. >> it's also calling attention to the federal government's nonresponse or delayed response in helping african american people.
10:34 pm
begins what we called the black lives matter movement. >> the video goes on to show the lack of resources in the black community. symbolized by the empty pool she and the dancers are in. and what seems to be the most controversial scene is the armored police officer, facing a young black boy. >> it's not necessarily a confrontation, but it's a way to say, without constitutional power you as one person, are powerful. >> she says that almost everything of beyonce's new video, focuses on showing and telling african americans they can overcome hardships. >> stop killing us is a way to talk about black death and the vulnerability of black people.
10:35 pm
singer sinking on top of a police cruiser. some sigh that's the premonition. of the back lash from the video. >> it's a way of saying, she'll sacrifice her career or her type of popularity for this particular call. >> fox 35 news. you know, there are movies, and their music -- and now the wahlberg brothers are in orlando to sell hamburgers. >> i can't look at the videos. >> i have a flash back. me in the front row screaming. i was younger. if you're looking for a good bite, minus the music, it's open on orange avenue.
10:36 pm
child of the famous wahlberg brothers, mark, donnie, and paul. tonight in downtown orlando, there was a street party for the grand opening, people waiting in line for the food and the stars. there they are. on the menu, burgers, salad, and a full bar. >> people they come in to the restaurant out of curiosity, because of myself or donnie, the reason they'll come back, is [inaudible]. as far as starting in orlando, we met great partners, very good at what they do. and my job now is also, i drive as much attention to the company as possible. >> we find it amazing down here. this location is fantastic. the whole street, everything. and it's a great opportunity for a place to thrive in terms of restaurants and businesses.
10:37 pm
>> are you doing all right? >> yeah, i'm good, i like mark too. >> mark wahlberg says he hopes to attract more movies to be filmed here. and they're always welcome. >> we'll be checking out the location shortly. in florida the law says you have to be married to live with your significant others. but now the lawmakers are trying to get the day-to-day law off the -- dated law off the books. and a 13-year-old florida girl, arrested for crashing a stolen mini van. the dangerous thing she did to try to get away. and the hovercraft is homeless, why they need a new hangar to keep the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. we have breaking news, a parking lot on i-4. westbound is closed between conway and the florida turnpike, that's a decent stretch there. there's a crash there, we'll keep an eye on the breaking news and an update tonight at 11. two men found dead outside a home in a quiet winter park neighborhood. the police are trying to piece together, how this happened.
10:41 pm
>> the police are investigating a double homicide. they've been out here searching the homes, the cars and the grass for evidence. they released the names of the two men found dead, as frank freeman, and jordan ingram. they do want people to know, they don't believe there's other suspects out there, and they're not giving any indication of what led up to the deadly shooting. it's still illegal to live together before marriage, but the lawmakers are doing their best to change that. >> i don't want to tell you how many people, i tell them they're violating the law, can believe it's still on the books. >> the law has been in place since the 1860s.
10:42 pm
against the men and women living together out of wedlock. >> it's common law. >> the committee was anonymous, they should be able to live with the opposite sex, even if they're not married. doing anything with them, lewd, is still illegal. the new device feels drivers feel disorrientlied, so they can see the potential extreme cost while driving distracteded or drunk. -- distracteded or drunk. he says he sees more trauma patients that are hurt texting and driving than anything else. >> the bottom line is it increases your risk of having an accidental, by 25%, just texting. >> check out our website, for these stories or more.
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cooler area florida georgia line will
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the daytona 500. >> and the country group has roots here in florida. >> there's no stopping florida georgia line right now. smoking hot with two top selling albums and a third out this year. brian kelly is the star, his dad, mayor ed kelly. >> i don't know if it's a dream come true or unexpected. i don't know you could dream something or put this on a bucket list. >> his mom, shares the pride. >> we're so proud, it's unbelievable. he's worked really hard, and he and tyler and the entire team, we're just very proud. >> mayor kelly knew his son had massive talents with the lyrics he wrote in college and at church. >> he had some kind of drive to succeed and do that, and i saw
10:47 pm
did those, they would be a hit. >> mom saw his potential on the field. >> he grew up playing basketball, he was comfortable on the mound, pitching, and you have to be confident, and so i think that was the beginning of it. >> the parents are of course, at the concert on sunday. the new album is the best yet. >> they seem to think this album is better than the first two. they say, this is a smash. >> and fame has brought her this question from her friends in town. >> can we see brian? >> what do you say? >> sure. when he comes home. >> fortunately he's home often and this weekend, of course, on fox. fox 35 news. can you see brian? >> sure. >> tickets go on for 2995,
10:48 pm
>> give the agent a call. >> good music. >> yes, it is, and good weather, looking good outside. and looks like the radar is rain free, no clouds. and looking good for the overnight. here's basically what we've been doing so far. highs earlier topped out at 72 in orlando. 67 up in the daytona area. the temperature right now is 52 in bushnell. dew points are lower the farther north you go. 37 in ocala, and more moisture in the atmosphere, but not too bad. everyone wonders if it's 50 degrees here, and 50 in northern wisconsin, it feels so much colder here, it's the moisture in the air. it robs the heat energy that's inside of you. like you jump in the water and the water was 70 degrees, you
10:49 pm
but outside in the air, it doesn't feel so cold. 57 degrees right now. north wind at 11 miles per hour. that's the tower cam, 73 at 2 p.m. and plenty of sunshine tomorrow and the winds mainly out of the east, still a bit breezy, about 10 to 15 miles per hour. bubble of warmth right now in the central u.s., 70 in dallas, 57 here, and 67 in kansas city, and looks like warm weather, traversing the nation. there's the big batch there, and moving up to canada. again, originated out of the pacific ocean, it'll tap in on the back end of the storm, chilly air but not much. notice for us, high pressure, cool air, but nothing too cold. and turn our attention to a developing storm system early next week. we'll get rain out of that system, but the low will form, and remember, it'll form to the north.
10:50 pm
that's where the dynamics are found for any nasty weather. i expect mainly rain early next week. nothing bad. the seven day forecast, 73 tomorrow, 77 saturday, beautiful weather on sunday, 77 degrees. here's the chance of rain and a bit cooler weather by the middle part of next week. get my update the planner and seven day forecast in tomorrow's
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governor rick scott, with news of the tourism. >> we started in 2010 with 82
10:54 pm
records every quarter, and today we had last year over 105 million tourists right here in the great state of florida. >> and the average number of travel related jobs, hit a high. no. two. >> stage is set for the orlando pride ohm opener, the -- home opener, the women's soccer, host the dash. number one. >> richard marks, at the hard rock hotel. he'll take the stage, thursday february 25. and that's tonight's o-town countdown. it's up up and away for some florida birds as they head back in the wild. this is video shot this morning, where nine rehabilitated birds
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they recently recovered from some kind of injury. throwing a tantrum, can be a good thing sometimes. after the break we'll show you the place where you can the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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chance to let out their frustration. what you see here is tantrum therapy, a business model at a company in houston. it gives them tools like sledge hammers, and say, go ahead, unleash. relaxation after devastation. >> i feel good, i can kind of, it feels like weight lifted off of me a bit, just for now. i may have to come back. >> the business offers corporate group packages, the owner says it's a great way to stop the bickering at the office. coming up next, jeb bush and donald trump. thank you, and coming up right now, the central florida parents are angry, and demanding answers after their kids are kept in class hours after dismissal, but the threat the school district says that forced
10:59 pm
and new at 11, destruction left behind after a 13 caused the damage. and a cab driver is speaking out after a gun pointed at his face, by a fare it was cawing on camera. and we continue to follow the breaking news in orange county. a man 20 minutes ago, this was a parking lot. but right now, this crash near the turnpike between conway and the turnpike, is cleared out. these live pictures from the department of transportation cameras, show the highway is reopened, there were several vehicles involved, but don't see them now. we're working to see if there are injuries, we'll bring you more updates. meantime, a crime alert, a cabbie is speaking out after his fare, pulled a gun on him.
11:00 pm
show it do you, and we have more of the terrifying story. >> he said he listened to the suspect, so he didn't get hurt. take a look at the picture. police say this woman, holding a handgun, robbed a taxi driver on monday night. >> she said, pull over. >> the cab driver picked up the woman, and later found out it was a fake address. >> the red flags were there. >> why? >> she was getting angry, in the cab. >> according to to lee, the woman told him to pull over. >> she said, do exactly as i say, and give me the cash and your phone. >> the officers say she's around 5'6, with brownish hair. >> she said she don't tell the police. >> he didn't immediately report the incident, because he was too scared, but now he hopes she's caught. >> she went too far, and i hope


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