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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it's 9:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> drivers, start your engines. >> the 58th daytona 500 is here and it is an experience like never before. >> a lot of history. glad to be back down.
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sports stadium welcomes a sold out crowd. >> you can see the flag stand as high as we are! >> this is your all-access pass to racing's biggest event. "good day orlando" live from daytona international speedway. starts right now. >> welcome back to "good day orlando," live at daytona international speedway. the garages out there, this morning. as, really starting to get active, and the teams are out here, now, and doing last minute checks and getting ready for another day on the track. >> amy: and, we have seen quite a few fans and somebody pushing a car. maybe the engine fell out of it! >> john: i have to tell you, after however many years, amy and i have been doing this. we get to know some of the drivers because they are with us each and every year and almost
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of fact, michael mcdowell showed up a second ago and amy offered him her half eaten doughnut, with bacon on top! >> amy: he said no. he's an athlete. he has to stay in shape. i thought was nice to do. we don't have any left and i still had half. >> john: half eaten. you want that! like family, right? like family, you know him so well! >> amy: you cut off the part my mouth was on and he said, no, it is fine. >> john: a lot coming up. a good time out here. a lot coming up this half-hour on good day. >> amy: getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the daytona rising and check out all new at the speedway, and it is a lot. >> john: a lot going on end a talking live with one of the top rookies to watch. we'll find out how brian scott feels about competing against legacy.
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he performed in the can am one and is looking forward to sunday and a local mayor has reason to be proud. we'll talk to the dad of brian kelly who is part of the florida georgia line duo. a great family and live in central florida and na-georgia line will perform at the free concert on sunday, too and david marp found interesting characters. >> john: and he's in the earn field meeting the locals. >> amy: these guys are from new york, aren't they? >> reporter: they are in the 9 o'clock and will tay play a game called dizzy bat with a lot of beer. our friends om maryland, john, kevin and randy. making breakfast for out. on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> john: wow. >> amy: i love it. david is having too much fun and
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jayme king joining us at lake lloyd. and has been doing a little fishing. have you caught anything yet? >> reporter: we're live, lake lloyd. good morning, check it out. the weather is getting sweet. i've lost a layer! you know it is warming up. i'm a windy when it comes to cool weather. sunshine is working on the temperatures. a live look at what is doing now. current live local temperatures, a dramatic improvement. slowly but surely and adding up the digits and looks like a nice day, hour by hour forecast, 73 by 2:00 and 69 by 5:00. nice day again, ample sunshine and fresh breedses out of the east-northeast, coastal clouds, evident on the satellite this morning. what you see is what you get. not a lot there, no rain, certainly, a few pockets of clouds moving through the flow here, as we look at your 7-day forecast, fran task! looking good.
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more on that detailed outlook coming up in a bit. back to you in the studio. >> breaking news right now, in orange county, the sheriffs office there said someone deliberately ran over one of their deputies. >> ryan: we're getting information. at rouse road and park view in east orange county. the suspect, we're told the teenager, an all-out search for the person now and the deputy is being treated at the ormc. >> luanne: the sheriffs office is not saying how badly the deputy was hurt but they say they are keeping the injured deputy in their thought and prayers. >> luanne: developing now the suspect of a nightclub shooting in orlando, expected to be in court today. at the glitz ultra lounge killed two and injured 8 others. police arresting 20-year-old luis nazario facing several charges including attempted first degree murder and arrested jose bull lopez, arrested and charged with carrying a gun last week and now faces several
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being a felon in possession of a weapon. detectives trying to figure out if the shooting is gang related. >> in volusia county deputies are back at the site where human remains were found. >> ryan: a live look at the surfside. a survey crew found a human skull on red john drive and 92 in datona beach. a few miles west of i-95. all the crews out there this morning are trying to decide if it was the remains of a homeless man who disappeared in 2014. investigators will keep looking for more and any evidence they can find to identify the remains. >> several students are recovering this morning after a bus crash at universal studios. it happened last night around 6:45. a spokesperson with universal says a shuttle bus from a private school started going the wrong way in a parking garage and hit an overhead beam. 8 of the 13 teens on board thee bus were taken to the hospital. >> ryan: orlando rent on the rise.
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average rents for a one bedroom apartment rose from $910 up to $1,000. a 13% jump. between january and february of this year. the only city where rent jumped more, milwaukee, wisconsin of all places. an interesting place. not a good place to rent a house. 9:07. out to daytona international speedway for another look at the daytona 500. >> luanne: let's check with john and amy. good morning again, guys! >> john: good morning. turning out to be a beautiful day here. getting much warmer and the race is sunday and fans heading to the speedway will see changes. the jet drier hit the track. >> amy: all the noise. >> john: firing up -- >> as you know it is a brand new motor sports stadium, two-and-a-half years in the making. 400 miedz. >> john: a lot of money. >> amy: there they go! $400 million.
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we were at the race two years ago and -- >> it is so loud i can't hear amy talking. hopefully you can hear us. >> amy: cool to see. we got a tour of 7 of the most exclusive spots from the track president. >> all kinds of exciting things at the new and improved daytona international speedway and, track president joie chitwood will take us inside and show us what we need to see but we'll start our tour here on the finish line, extended outside of the track. can i sign it now. >> i'm sure our fans will sign it but hopefully not yet. it is nice and clean now waiting for the fans to show up. we extended the start-finish line from the racetrack to the inject tor and the plaza area, to invite the fans into the new property. >> reporter: what an inviting property it is. let's check it out. they call the entrances injectors. the beginning of a network of escalators meant to get race
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which are now wider and more comfortable. it is possible none of those seats are as comfortable as those in the first stop on our tour. there is not a bad seat in the house but this is i think where i would choose to watch the race, the rolex 24 lounge level. is that correct? what is awesome about this? >> the patio, our fans have an indoor opportunity, great food, bars, lounge seating and the patio, what a great view of the racetrack. you have this space and the permanent seats, below us. of almost like a 3 for 1, indoor and outdoor patio and permanent seating, socialize and hangout and watch great action. >> reporter: instead of paying for a box you can buy one or two premium tickets. to get into the rolex 24 lounge. seating and big bar make it essentially a giant luxury suite and over the bar hangs a work of art that pays homage to the
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>> edid a chandelier from the racetrack starting from talladega to the shortest, martins vis and day tan is green and the rest are white. >> reporter: more bathrooms and concession areas, the average fan will find the track and sponsors went all out. another special access ticket gives you a taste of nascar history. this is it. the trophy everybody is after. the harley day earl trophy and, it is an inspiration for the spot we're in which is impressive. >> you know, hoisting the trophy overhead. a little smaller for the driver. and we had fun with harley j and created a sports bar based on his design work and things he did to create the firebird. a cool car on stop of it. >> reporter: grab a bite to eat, drink and put your feet up at the sports bar that honors harley day earl and designs for the firebird in the details of the eatery from a mural that fills the space to chrome finish in the furniture.
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is the world center of racing. correct? >> absolutely. a huge gathering area for our fans, bars and big screens and you can see the flag stand, as high as we are and every customer at some point, all 101,000 will walk through the space. >> reporter: after two-and-a-half years of construction daytona international speedway is ready for all its fans no matter where they watch the action. >> can't wait to hear our fans, they'll be blown away, after two-and-a-half years we are and are excited to go rating! >> reporter: thanks for the tour. appreciate it. back to you. >> amy: all right, a lot of fun. thanks. the driver we are about to talk to started racing when he was three years old. not cars. bmx bikes. i love it. how he got started and got bit by the racing bug. >> john: and, grew up out west. and now is here. . enjoying this each and every year, michael mcdowell coming up, number 59.
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joins us nature year and is coming up next on our on the road show on "good day orlando" live at daytona international speedway. david? >> reporter: we have a lot of time to kill before the race, right? a beautiful morning, in the infield. plenty of party animals. i found four from new york. who now got a 5th from cincinnati. coming up we'll show you how they play dizzy bat! we have to get that bat ready. our friend dj is cutting off the
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what happens next? >> john: welcome back, live at daytona international speedway. a look look across the way. trying to figure out which private jet is michael mcdowels! >> amy: all right, speaking of -- >> he joins us here again, good to see you, michael!
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>> i feel like a regular now! >> amy: you are! >> not that i wouldn't have a bacon doughnut but i haven't yet! >> amy: you lost your opportunity, when you said no. i threw it away. that's all right. let's go back, we'll take you back to 2008. you get asked about it a lot. texas motor speedway. still to this day people say it is one of the scariest crashes they've seen and you walked away. do you think -- what, 8 years later, you are a walking miracle. >> nobody will let me forget it. everywhere i go we talk about it or i see it. but it is amazing to walk away from the accident, nothing short of miraculous and i'm thankful i'm able to continue to race and all those things that come along with it to be known for. not what you want to be known for but at the same time also a great opportunity to meet a lot of fans and kids love crashes.
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and when i get to go to schools and things -- >> do you show it. >> yes. i show it. >> john: i've wondered like a normal crash, i didn't have time to think and your crash went on for upwards of 12 minutes! >> it felt like it. >> john: what goes through your mind, hanging on, thinking wow, here we go? >> it feels like 12 minutes. sy surreal feeling and feels like time stops and you feel every become and roll. of it is a very weird sensation. >> amy: i bet. >> seems like it happens fast but in my reality it was slow. so, it is an intense moment. >> amy: it was a year after that you started your family and became a dad and how did that change you? and change your perspective on things over the years? >> my perspective is changed because you realize that when you have children you can't be selfish.
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and so for a long time racing was all about me and about winning races and championships and that is still very important but se same time when you come home to a family it puts it in perspective and have good and bad days to be able to -- your kids want you to hold them and love 'em and don't care whether you won the race or finished 10th or 15th and gives you a good perspective of life and what is important. >> john: you qualified for the big race? >> right. >> john: congratulations! and your car has been really good this weekend! your thoughts looking ahead to the rest of the weekend? >> my thoughts are, thankful to get the financial chevrolet in the show and sunday a lot of fun. we'll race hard and try and get our partners in victory lane and don't have a lot on the line and can go and happening out sunday now that we're in the race and give it all we have. >> amy: what do you think of changes? >> amazing. i'm looking forward to the truck
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stand and get a better perspective of daytona rising. it's amazing what they've done to the facility and day tan is setting the benchmark. >> john: and, when you are back in these seats, we'll talk about, next year, how you won the race in 2016! >> absolutely! >> amy: and next year i'll have a whole doughnut for you! you like chocolate -- >> chocolate. no bacon! appreciate it. thank you! >> john: jayme king, he's over at lake lloyd, with a fishing tournament. are you seeing drivers out there. >> a few of the heavy weights, the sport of nascar moved through. you never know who you will see on the dock. we have the wheelchair presentation with the darrell gwynn foundation and, gave it to matt elias from cocoa peach --
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to be at least in my humble opinion anywhere around here, toward the big race day on sunday. this stands where you want to be to watch the 58th running of the daytona 500. your 7-day forecast. showing the meat and potatoes of the weekend. it is about the sunshine. good looking high temps. looks like again by tuesday we start to see the rain chances up to 50%. stronger low approaches out of the eastern gulf. we'll track it all weekend long. myself and kristen today. glenn will be inside and brooks tomlin will be in play for the weekend. updating you on big weather changes and we may trend stormier tuesday and wednesday. back to john and amy. back to you. >> john: michael mcdowell is a good guy. >> amy: he is. >> john: behind the scenes and over there talking with joie
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good, good guy. >> amy: and you'd be hard pressed to say he's not friendly. many are that way. >> john: he'll mingle with the fans and david you are with the fans. it makes a big difference in the sport where the drivers go where you are and meet people who root for them. that is big. >> reporter: waltrip was here hanging with the fans and taking selfies and i'm a big fan of giving you exclusives. i have a fox 35 exclusive. we'll play dizzy bat! on "good day orlando," my friend dj, takes the first step. >> over here. supporting the bat! simple. >> reporter: step one.
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next on the road at the daytona international speedway, looking at the infield and leading up to the daytona 500 sunday at 1:00. you can see this breeze with though flags up there, and, the wind last night, and mate for a really cold night and it will warm up sunday. >> luanne: look at all the people. a huge deal. >> ryan: and the campers come in, with though rvs and stay there all week and get out sunday night and monday morning and fans camping out one of the traditions out there. they have a lot of fun -- sometimes too much fun. >> luanne: as you said some have been out there all week long. and david martin is right there, hanging out with them this morning. i'm a little concerned. we're talking adult beverages and a pink bat.
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>> reporter: no, they do, lou want and, i can't believe you said there -- there might be something that is too much fun? no such thing as too much fun, especially in the infield. >> not even close. >> reporter: i'm with four guys from long island and one dude from cincinnati and hopped into the u.s.a. camper, my favorite by history covering the daytona 500. why do you like come down. >> the race and the party. >> you hang out with the fans. >> they flock to us and everyone sees the american camper and brings the real americans out. >> and we told you about the game, dizzy bat. and, before the break you filled up the pink bat with budweiser. >> two cans. >> and, how does the game work. >> pour the beer in there and he chuggs it and, he has to spin
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spins around we have three cans there and they pitch it to him and he has to swing away. >> reporter: if he misses. >> he has to repeat the whole process over again. and somebody catches it, you have to -- >> reporter: milton bradley should take it. dizzy ball. you're up. here we go now. 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -- faster, faster, faster! that's one. two -- >> the merchant ma preen from southern california doing fine, round of applause for mr. dj! that was -- >> the best i've seen ever!
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i'm so impressed! feeling good? >> i feel great and might want to do another round. . >> reporter: we'll turn the camera off for that one! back to you in the studio! >> luanne: awesome! three balls. >> ryan: three in a row. >> luanne: i'm impressed! >> luanne: an athlete! >> ryan: much more still ahead. we'll talk live with one of this top rookies to watch on the track this week. >> luanne: brian scott. he'll join john and amy out there at daytona coming up in a
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keep it >> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> good morning, welcome back to "good day orlando." of course a special road show here. a lot of fun out at the speedway. glad you are with us, i'm ryan elijah. >> luanne: i'm luanne sorrell. breaking news, an orange county deputy is in the hospital after being deliberately run over, fox 35's andrea jackson is live at
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latest on the breaking story. good morning, what have you learned? snoo >> we're at rrmc and a female deputy is treat for wounds she suffered after being run over by a juvenile. he was trying to serve a warrant and was at the house and we were told she was trying to serve the warrant. the young person was in the car at the time and deliberately ran her over. and she was taken to ormc and deputies are looking for the juvenile and the car and we are waiting for the sheriff to give us an official briefing but another deputy gave us the information and she's being treat for what we were told are head wounds and is expected to be okay. a developing story and we're waiting for more details and we'll send it back to you. >> luanne: that you say. -- thank you so much. joining us live from the fox
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happy friday. good to see you. >> i know. good to see you as well. let's get start with the markets. . as you mentioned, down arrows, dow down 50 points. second day in a row. the good news is -- very good news, this week has been a tremendous week for your 401(k). the broader markets up almost 3%, best week of the year, let's leave it at that. >> luanne: we needed that. a new survey that is out said rich people live a lot loppinger than poor people. i guess that is not too surprising. >> right. just think about it. the richer you are, the more money for health care and spa treatments and an easier life. however the number of years rich people live compared to poor people longer is astonishing. the brookings institution out with the study said for men, a 1
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and social secure is an issue and there is talking of changing the benefits and if you are poorer you take the checks earlier and you get a smaller check for a shorter period of time, because you are not living as long. it excuse the thinking behind social security. serving sad. all right, have a great weekend and we'll see you next week. >> enjoy! >> luanne: thank you, you can catch lauren simonetti each and every weekday morning on fbn-am on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. if you are not exactly sure where to find it, that's okay. head over to finder. it will be an absolutely gorgeous weekend for the big race well, rear due for one, i was out -- we're due for one, and let's go to jayme king live at the daytona international speedway. good to see you, brother. >> jayme: good to hear your voices.
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we have the bright central florida sunshine in your face. nice out here. live local temperatures. showing us the numbers are moving on up. and that is a good thing. it is cool this morning, i think each and every morning friday, saturday, sunday and sunday more importantly, looks like we'll continue to endure the cool mornings and shift over into a warmer weather scenario, warmer atmosphere as we go deeper into the day and race start time, 1:00, live on fox 35, if we can't be at the track looks like we'll be closing in solid lows, mid 70s in most cases and will be a good one, hour-by-hour forecast, 73 today. for the interior by 2:00. and i'm thinking closer to 70, track side here, daytona international speedway. we're looking good, coastal clouds, prevalent and dominant on our satellite now, and, not enough moisture, the atmosphere through the various layers, keep in mind this atmosphere is comprised of many lawyers, worry
9:36 am
is not dry but not moist enough to produce any meaningful rain, no chance at all. it looks good, our 7-day forecast, even better. solid and mid upper 70s and near 80 toward the early portion next week and we'll see a rain chance and address that and the rest of your forecast, details live from the fishing pier on full weather in a bit. over to you now. >> john: let's talk to more drivers here at the infield. the track, joined by nascar driver brian and he joins us now to talk about it. good to see you. >> amy: brian scott! we'll see you on sunday. >> you are seeing me right now. >> amy: and we'll see you on sunday. and this will be your second time racing. what is it like to race at the track? >> the daytona 500 is neat and cool and i moved over to richard petty motor sports and historic organization at nascar and my
9:37 am
the daytona 5007 times, and i think -- i hope my fact are right but it is amazing, so cool you get to drive for him and, hopefully work on getting back into victory lane at the daytona 500. >> john: one of the big stories, in the papers, rookies are listed but you have raced here before. and a lot of times rookies come from heritage families in racing. you are the outside guy. what is the dynamic. >> you have ryan blaney and chase eliott and, that come from heritage families. me and chris boucher don't. he started racing in test and me in idaho, not a hotbed for racing but we're all here and competing against each other. and we have a great battle for rookie of the year. >> amy: you may not come from a heritage racing family but come
9:38 am
your grandparent started albertson's, and many of our viewers are familiar with albertson's. what is like to grow up with a legacy. >> it is me -- the legacy ies joined at richard petty motor sports and they are a legacy of heritage and that have grown the sports car and, albertson's went public in the '80s and early '90s and actually, might have gone public before that. so, to watch it evolve and watch it become what it was and then to also have the relationship and bring them on board and have a partnership with them is really neat and cool and special for me to be part of my family heritage and legacy over to a storied organization. >> john: was there pressure by the family to go into the family business? how did racing come out. >> albertson's has not been a family business since the -- two generations. it went public and you get the
9:39 am
and my dad sat on the board of directors for a while and resigned the early 2000s. my family was great. this deal was always if i did well in school i could do what i wanted and i got good grades and my dad supported my racing and we raced together, a family hobby, family sport and then -- it snow balled out of control for me and became a passion an obsession and now a lifestyle and a career. >> amy: obviously, things changed a little out here since the last time you were here. what did you think when you drove up and saw how amazing it is? >> the new daytona rising project is incredible! talk about a totally -- total change for the fans and their experience. and all for the better. so neat, the technology and some of the conveniences they bring and the layout of everything i think is great and the fans are going to love the daytona 500. it will be something like
9:40 am
also has all the tradition of the daytona 500. >> john: when you walked up you saw the game going on at the infield with the bats and the beer! how much of that do you get to experience? do you go out and see it and meet with the fans? >> i don't think my team would be happy if i was partaking in those types of activities. >> john: not partaking! >> it is a lot of fun. nascar unlike other professional sports, the drivers are accessible and we got to the infield and cruise around at night see what is going on and say hi. >> john: and, the fans know who you are. >> i'm not nearly as recognizable as some of the guys but every once in a whily i'm recognized and i can fly end the radar and see what the fans are doing. and watch them enjoy the weekend. and the atmosphere and sometimes i still get recognized and, nice to know people know who you are and follow your career and support you.
9:41 am
fact that brian, from idaho thinks it is comfortable right now and i'm wearing a coat and a scarf. >> the difference between idahoan and a floridian. i hope i got it right! >> amy: how can people follow you. >> twitter, instagram, and fan page on facebook. i'm not on snap chat. don't look for me there and come to the race and fly my flag. support and cheer! >> amy: we will. thanks. >> john: appreciate you coming down here today. good luck. >> amy: >> john: the mayor of ormond beach has an extra reason to have fun this year at the daytona 500. his son is performing. right? part of a duo, who will sing at the pre-race concert. we'll talk to the mayor about his famous son from
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>> john: florida-georgia line will be in concert sunday and tyler hubbard and brian kelly make up the group and for some of you the name brian kelly may sound familiar because kelly grew up right here in florida. thus the florida part. >> i love it. cool and his dad is actually the mayor of ormond beach. and david martin sat down with his mayor and his wife to talk about their now famous son. >> reporter: no stopping florida-georgia line. half of the duo, brian kelly is the star from ormond beach. kelly.
9:46 am
that came true and i don't know if you can dream something or put it on a bucket list. >> his mom, mary margaret shares the pride. >> we are so proud. he has worked hard and he and tyler and the entire team and we're very proud. >> mayor kelly knew his son had massive talent. just with the lyrics he wrote in college and at church. >> he had some kind of drive to succeed and do that but his writing, his words when i saw those, i said if somebody famous did those it would be a hit. >> mom saw his star potential on the field. >> he grew up playing baseball, comfortable on the mound pitching and doing that sort of thing, you have to be, you know, confident and so i think that was probably this beginning of it. >> reporter: both parent will be at the concert on sunday at the speedway and dad says the new florida-georgia line album is the best yet. >> they think this album will be
9:47 am
this is just a smash. >> and fame brought mary margaret this question from all her friends in town. >> can we see brian? >> reporter: and what do you say? >> sure. you know, when he comes home! >> reporter: he's home often and this weekend, of course on fox. in ormond beach, david martin, fox 35 news. >> amy: like that. i don't know what happened, but it is like somebody threw the jet dryers on hot. all of a sudden. it is windy out here. is it that windy over at the lake? >> john: good morning to you both. this weather is fantastic. i saw them competing with the speaker and doing the weigh-in and the bass tournament is wrapping up and we have bags of fish putting on the scale. i've seen a couple, 4, 5, 6 come by and overall is again a great morning. winds have been increasing all
9:48 am
breezy one for sure today and sunday. 5 to 10. and, again it has been looking good, you know, a gradual baby-step-type process and again warmer air in here but ultimately it should be a real nice day. our satellite up next, showing you again clouds and that is pretty much it. no rainfall until maybe mid-week of next week and hour-by-hour forecast shows 2:00 temps 73 and 59 by 5:00 and 63 by 8:00. and this the race forecast, specifically, as we pull up to sunday, another process of warming, i think race time, 1:00 sunday, close to 75 degrees. and most cases looks like it will pan out and a dandy of a day. as we talk about the national stuff here, the rockies, the low pressure cold front combo that
9:49 am
so the rain chants come up, our 7-day forecast hinting at that and modeling hinting at the increase in clouds and moisture and we'll have to raise this rain stakes on tuesday. behind the system, we're windy and cool things down, 70 by wednesday, thursday, 69 and lows fall back down to the 40s during that time and you see the chance of rain, guys, none whatsoever as you go through the weekend. unlike years past, rain delays and one time a couple years ago we had to cancel and postpone the race and monday night, again we're blessed and back, bright central florida sunshine and the fishing has been good. the drivers and pro guys and anxious lers taking part and, live at lake lloyd, a great morning and send it back to you, john and amy, back to you. >> amy: i don't know if you can
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>> john: i love our location. we're going to have the concert going on here and food nearby. everything, in a good spot. what will be cool. there are celebrities out here and this year, big time names are coming to town. >> amy: one of those celebrities talking abou t gerardt butler who is serving as the grand marshal for the daytona 500 and will take part in several pre-race ceremonies including riding in one of the grand marshal cars during the pace lap and will deliver the famous words, drivers start your engines! >> john: and it will be fun to talk with him. >> amy: still ahead, the race, celebrities and fans. >> john: a lot of new food out here as well. still to come on good day, we'll look at the delicious food you can get right here at the speedway. and they have drinks here as well. you're watching "good day orlando" live at daytona
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>> john: welcome back to "good day orlando." taking a live look at the drive once gain, workers giving the cars a last minute getting ready for the practice sessions today and a lot of racing this weekend. if you are coming out -- >> amy: racing this weekend -- are you? >> john: they must have known we are going live right now! and when you come to the track, come hungry. all new menu. >> amy: we are joined by corporate executive chef michael who is here to show the new menu options. >> thanks for having us. conversation during the commercial break, when they calm out and completely redid the track, one thing they came to you with was we have to redo the >> we up grat
9:55 am
upgraded it and chefs have crazy ideas like this. >> john: let's talk crazy ideas, some of it is available and there are different things throughout the track, obviously. >> this new yorker is a corned beef sandwich on marble rye and is in the 31-degree deli you, and i can't even -- >> is the infield dog, a modest half pound hot dog! and has chili, cheese, grandma's macaroni salad! >> john: we're making sure you have the shot, because you have to have it framed correctly! >> awesome. and top it off, hand crushed doritos. >> john: tell us, i'd love to be in your meeting. how did that come about? did you say -- >> we sit around and talk about
9:56 am
came up with what is available where people are camping in the infield and, might have doritos and grandma's macaroni salad and put the modest half pound hot dog in it. >> amy: and what is this. >> a buffalo chicken nacho, and a cross between buffalo chicken and nachos and has our chicken pizza on top and yancy's fancy buffalo cheese sauce. very, very good! and bleu cheese and peco de gallo and green onions. >> amy: and another thing we discovered about you, not only are you here at the track, your home office but you travel all the tracks, right. >> yes, management. >> amy: how cool is that. >> best job in the world and i pin of. myself when i do this. a great job. . it's a great opportunity. >> john: we came to the track
9:57 am
wife said, do you want something to eat and i said i'm going to the track to eat. >> we have tacos and bash cue and giant turkey legs and, you know, so many good things and this is available in the fan zone at the bistro and is available at the fueling station. >> good to know and we talked, too, you love day teen, your favorite track and what is your next favorite. >> watkins glen, a neat track, upstate new york, picturesque, the wine country, great place to go watch a race. >> john: great to see you, thank for bringing it in. >> appreciate it. >> john: we're out of time today
9:58 am
>> amy: join us 8 some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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live from new york city. it's the wendy williams show. .


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