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tv   Countdown To The Primary  FOX  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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this is countdown to primary. >> joining you live with breaking news from former florida governor, jeb bush. calling it quits. >> america is a country who thinks big, and acts boldly and leads without apology. it's up to the next president to restore that leadership. i'm proud of the campaign that we've run to unify the country, and to advocate conservative solutions to give the americans the ability to rise up and reach their potential. but the people in iowa, and south carolina, have spoken and
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campaign. >> now tonight's decision comes back to the polls, closed in south carolina, here are the results from the state, where 50 delegates are at stake. donald trump finishes up on top. marco rubio second, and ted cruz is 22 peculiar. -- 22%. >> there's nothing easy of running for president, i can tell you. it's tough, nasty, mean, vicious, and it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful. >> the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba. tonight, stands one step closer of being the president of the united states. >> the south carolina democrats go to the polls next week. here's the results from the
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43 delegates at stake. hilary clinton has 52% of the vote, bernie sanders 47%. >> i'm so so thrilled and grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> it's clear to me, and i think most observers, that the wind is on at our backs. >> we are live, and i know that this was seen in south carolina today, as a win all the way for donald trump. i know in nevada, hilary clinton looked for most of the day like she's the winner. where do we go from here? what happens in the race? >> a lot of happens op the republican side. it's taken us a year to get here.
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we'll see 17 different votes, momentum is really picking up. the republicans next vote on tuesday, democrats of course, come here on sad to vote -- saturday to vote in south carolina. one of the biggest stories in south carolina is rubio. we're here at the rubio watch party, his bus is behind us, we're waiting for him to emerge. rubio is getting the bout he needed, a finish, he rebounded needed, a finish, he rebounded and tied for second with ted cruz. and trump still on top. >> marco rubio had the bounce several weeks back, and then finished fifth in new hampshire, and now a bounce again. does this seem a bounce he can keep some momentum going? what are his people telling you? >> his people are saying, yeah, we've got the momentum.
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couple of weeks back. and it could be good news, those are a natural for him in the states coming up in the next few weeks. we could see the numbers, if you added the bush numbers and the rubio numbers, he would have been very tight with trump in south carolina. >> all right, live in south carolina. thanks, and joined by the political analyst, frank torres, where do we go from here? jeb is out, marco is saying he's in the top three and tied with ted and obviously, taking south carolina tonight was trump. so going into a quarter primary, three weeks from now, what can we expect? >> the reallocation of the support of jeb bush. where do the votes go, i see marco rubio taking the majority of the support, and also, what's the -- [inaudible] it seems, invincible at this point, and
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ted cruz to knock him down a peg, moving into florida. marco rubio will enjoy a slight home field advantage. but we can see if it's enough to take down trump. >> the speech that trump gave after he won, and he said that any candidate that leads the race from now on, he'll get a lot of the votes. >> it was a hit at jeb, maybe a parting shot. they were fighting for the entire race, but i don't think that's true. donald trump has the outsider set, if ben carson -- he had a bad following tonight. they'll have to reallocate jeb's support, i think it's an outsider show down. >> we can only wait and see of what happens. there's been a lot of political theater now, and plenty on the
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quickly though, what do you think that marco needs to get the jeb followers? >> rally the troops, reach out to as many people as possible. the florida tie, will inherently give him most of these. he can't go down anymore. it's a three person race and he has to take advantage of the momentum. >> do or die now, we have a look at what's coming up next. winning the african american vote, why hilary clinton's
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courting other candidates. welcome back to the countdown to the florida primary. and time for the new segment, what's your point.
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winning the african american vote, that's the big issue in south carolina. and hilary clinton is running into challenges there as well. take a listen. >> the unemployment rate with young african american is twice as high as young white people. we need to get young people working, developing their skills, unlock the full extent of the contributions they can make to themselves, their families and the country. >> we hear this, and we know when we look at the numbers, her team is concerned when they look at the young minority votes, she's not doing well there. >> she's not authentic. this isn't hard to grasp, and you go out on the campaign trail and talk to people, bernie sanders like him or not, you listen to the old guy, he sounds like a grandpa, you want to hang out with, not a crazy uncle, but the crazy grandpa and
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even though he's been in establishment politician, hilary clinton has been a part of barack obama's administration and the black rate has soared. >> bernie sanders tapped quickly in the black lives matter movement. does that play a factor here? >> it's a huge factor, it's primarily generational as you mention. you look at the divide that hilary is trying to close between herself and millennials. a 18-year-old new voter was born in late 1997, 1998, that means, president clinton was almost out of office. they don't remember the cool president, or the president that nominated a record number of
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they lived through 9/11, and lived now for recently, back in 2014, the protest summer. they have seen regimes fall. and they have seen the black lives matter movement, and they're just not resonating with hilary, they don't remember it and they're able to look at it more objectively, and back on the administration, they look at what clinton did with regard to african american incarceration. these are things that frankly when they look back on it, not living through it, they look too guy like bernie sanders and say, he's speaking to us today. hilary is speaking to our parents and grandparents. he's speaking to the young people. >> and that set us up for the next sound clip, bernie sanders of what he has to say of the
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>> when the people [inaudible]. >> i can tell you, bernie, needs a better mic. is there a danger when you push race too hard? >> i think there is. you have a tendency to create more division, rather than to unify. and it's kind of an odd thing to be frank with you. i heard a couple of callers on a radio show, and they were young black callers, and they said, what we like of bernie sanders, is the fact that he's unifying, where barack obama couldn't. this is from young black folk. and at the same token, if they're feeling that way, imagine the other races that might be feeling disenfranchised. you have a candidate that says, i want to appeal to you, and not concerned of the other races. the candidate that's going to
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>> what's it take to win the minority voters? >> they have to understand the minority vote and the african american vote is not homogenous. they're saying, traditionally relied on the support, you have to he were our vote. you have to understand what we do, what's important to us now and speak to us individually, not as a voting block. >> great stuff, thanks for talking to us. next up, talking donald
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why he's having trouble wit on the twitter trail, we're tracking defensive tackle, who tweets, i agree with marco rubio that ted cruz is a liar. we've heard that word a lot. and major issues, and john brown talks to a group who takes a powerful approach, when it comes to influencing lawmakers. joining me today is david mcintosh. let's start with this. what are you guys and what do you do? >> we're an advocate group for growth policies, mostly is
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endorse candidates, and marco rubio, we endorse him early, when nobody that you go he had a chance. provided funding for his campaign and supported him on our own. now he's a u.s. senator, running for president. >> on the economic side, very powerful group when it comes to politics. let's talk about donald trump, he's way out in front. you've been pretty critical of donald trump. some say, he's a good business man. >> we do extensive research, in trump's case, we looked at his past statements, and he was more comfortable, running with bernie sanders and hilary clinton. he was for giant tax increases, against free trade, and more imminent domain, instead of
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to developers, to build casinos. and that will ruin the economy, if his ideas are put in place. >> over the past week, there's been conserve atives, coming out now against trump. it seems like, the -- what do you think is going on there. >> we're not the establishment, but people are looking at what he really says and do. washington. not listening to voters outside of dc, and trump has harnessed that, but what he would do, it's all about donald, and some ways, he's like the politicians that'll promise you anything to
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we were telling people that, and as people learn that, his support goes down, conservatives are speaking up and saying, he's not really a conservative. we have good options. >> let's talk about some of those, you've spoken high praise of marco rubio, and ted cruz. and especially with florida coming up with the primary, there's going to be a lot of at anying. what -- attention. >> marco is a champion for getting rid of government run health care, for lowering taxes, for reducing regulations, he has a strong record on economic policy and he talks about the virtue of letting people pursue their own careers and building small business, and free enterprise. ted cruz is the same record.
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we have to reappeal it, and also if you're more moderate in florida, jeb bush. >> his record on the economy and other issues, isn't as conservative. why do you like him? >> we look at the facts, he reduced spending, and now i know that some of my friends say, it's the bush administration all over again. that's why we said, marco rubio, ted cruz are the gold standard. the facts are the facts, and jeb bush has a good record. >> you have your finger on the pulse, it'll come down to florida once again. what do you foresee down the road? as we go forward? is donald trump going to remain strong? >> after tonight when we know what happens in south carolina, everybody will swing to the
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you'll see a lot of ads in florida there. my hope is that cruz or rubio will come out on top in south carolina, as the voters there have all the facts in front of them. but you think it'll be a long march to the convention, and my hope is one of the true conservatives will end up on top. >> what's your website? >> you can join for free and get all the information. we do local [inaudible]. check them out, we've endorsed them, and look at the candidates we have all over the country. >> appreciate your time. >> good to see you. thanks, still ahead, who doesn't love a good goof up on
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or following if candidates might be the best reality show out there right now, and nothing is pert. -- perfect. >> okay, we've had some awkward moments this week, that some candidates may want to forget, hilary clinton answered her critics by saying she's too
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and they must have missed the sky alone of vancouver. >> it's morning fen in america. >> makes you wonder who's on the staff, and they can't find the u.s. on the world map. >> people out there in the nation, don't have that. >> donald. >> and of course, we can't forget the highlights from the last republican debate. that wasn't it, but it played out like springer. the gop class, tried to smack stage. but it turned the debate into a cage fight, and you know who feeds on that. the gop donors in the audience, gave trump what he wanted,
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>> that's jeb's special interest. >> and in case anyone forgot, social media heated up with reiners that, redirects to the donald trump website. and he tweeted a picture of a gun with his name on it. he can add that one to the list of awkward moments. >> a chest pump? >> that were kind of funny at first. then just made you feel sad. >> please clap. >> like the time the rotary club told him to stop. >> fix that mess as fast as i can. that's it? thank you. they're kicking me out the door. >> leaving him to slink back to his seat, where she sat and tried to eat, and listened to
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figure out when to laugh. >> will it be fun? >> that brings us to one contender, jeb bush's priceless reaction, when somebody said, you might swing my vote. >> good stuff, thanks for
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