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tv   Good Day Orlando  FOX  February 21, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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. drivers, start your engines. >> the 58th daytona fev00 is here and it is an experience like never before. >> a lot of history. super glad to be back down snothe world's first motor stadium welcomes a sell out
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>> you can see the flag stand. it's as high as we are. >> this is your all access pass to racing's biggest event. "good day orlando" live from daytona international speedway starts right now. >> and welcome to our live "good day orlando" show. we're at the track right now in anticipation of the big daytona 500 this afternoon. you're looking live right now at the garages are looking hard to get everything in tip top shape. i can't believe they pay us to do this. this year, i'm going to pitcher you instead. >> welcome to "good day orlando"
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they moved us a little bit. this year, we're right in front of the concert stage on the infield. if you hear music and want to dance along at home, you probably see people dancing behind us. we're in the party zone today. great start for the day. but if you're heading over, we already hit traffic at 6:30. >> we stayed in that turn lane for what, ten minutes. >> no. much more than that. just know, it's race day and a lot of people, as you can see, are already out here. we're gonna have a good time today. we got a lot of vips coming by, celebrities. >> if you got a chance to watch last night, then you know it was a great race. this has been a big, big weekend for chase elliott, son of bill elliott. not only is he now the youngest daytona 500 pole winner.
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it was a nail biting finish. elliott holds off. last year's winner for the victory. they had a pretty funny exchange in the press room, talking about it. >> fans are so into the t this year. it was a lot of fun. here are the qualifying pole positions for today. as we said, chase elliott, he's in front. matt kince qualifies as number two. then dale earnhardt, jr., kyle bush, and last year's joey logano starting add 5th. danica patrick is 16th. it's going to be a fun day all day long. >> you couldn't have asked for a better forecast.
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jayme king was saying yesterday, this is the best weather they remember for a race. not only today, butek, it's been fantastic. >> exactly, guys. you're not freezing your tails off and we got sunshine around. good morning, central florida. the weather couldn't be better on this big sunday race day. i want to update you now. 50s primarily across the interior. couple spots in southern brevard. we start to sprinkle in a little low 60s now. clouds shouldn't be an issue until later tonight. and at that time, kind of scattered out. we see a little filtered into the race track area. good. a nice day today. 70s throughout. a high track side. probably around 75. this is our area now off to the west of i 75. you get a little closer to the coast, we see temperatures come down just a smidgen. 73 by 3:00. at race time, a good solid 75, just plain and simple. day today. your forecast for the next
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a little breezy, though, rain chance hiking up. looking warm. lower 80s and back down we go. 60s for highs and 40s on the back end of our 7 -day forecast. we want to discuss a little traffic. got an accident for you at this early hour, showing you what's going on here. this is over there on 92 westbound, not far from the race track now. and this again, westbound an accident at williamson boulevard. outside of that, i'll broaden the picture and show you. got slow and go getting into there now, a junction of i 94, 995. and we'll bring you the latest on our website for more news, weather and traffic info at your fingerprints. >> thank you. and remember, if you're driving to the race, definitely use caution this morning. new this morning, four people in the hospital after a robber opened fire in a convenience store. it happened last night in orlando. jackie is live at orlando police department with the latest details. jackie, good morning.
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orlando police tell us they're actively investigating this quadruple shooting that happened last night around 9:00 p.m. let's take a look at video, take a look at that scene. the shooting happened at a convenience store. witnesses screaming this is a robbery. a lot of people were inside the store during the shooting and four people were shot. an opd did crash into the suspect's suv. police have not said if they've made arrests and haven't given us details about that crash. we're staying on top of this developing story to bring you the latest. >> jackie, thank you for the update. all new this morning, man in michigan finally in custody after police say he was in a random shooting spree story. 45 -year-old jason dalton. police say he was driving around kalamazoo, killing random people. officers call this their worst nightmare.
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son that was shot and killed, shopping for cars at a dealership. five people, including a 14 -year-old girl was shot and killed right outside of a cracker barrel restaurant. police still have not qualified a motive. you decide, 2016. former florida jeb bush is outfit race for the white house. he suspended his campaign last night after a disappointing 4th place finish in south carolina's gop primary. >> i'm proud of the campaign that we've run the unify our country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> donald trump came out on top in the palmetto state, becoming the first candidate to win back to back races this political season, winning 33 % of the
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marco rubio got 23 %, ted cruz 22 %. hillary clinton edged ahead of bernie sanders in the nevada caucus, winning 53 % of the vote. bernie sanders finished with 47 %. and now the search for a newborn continues today in orange county. crews spent yesterday dragging the pond he say of participants in orlando. 30 -year-old richardson gave birth to a fullterm baby monday afternoon and abandoned the baby somewhere. so far, there's been no sign of baby willow. the orange county deputy deliberately run over by a teen is home nursing pretty bad bruises, stitches in her head and a broken foot. police are searching for a 15 -year-old ortiz. the teen stepped on the gas, heading straight for her. the deputy landed on the hood of his car as he took off. she's grateful for the
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>> and anyone thanks means that i'm going to get through this, i'm going to be happy again, and i've got this life ahead of me. i'm going to make the most of it. and i just really appreciate them taking the time out of their day to wish me well. >> ortiz will face charges of attempted murder on a law apprehended. it is time to head back out to the daytona international speedway where john and amy have a very special guest. good morning. >> good morning, great to see you. we're honored as we always are every year to have the police department of daytona international speedway here with us this morning. >> joey joins us once again. so far, i know it's crazy behind the scenes, but this has been one of the most flawless speed weeks. >> that's not a jinx. that's positive vibe. >> there's two things that were really impressive. the best 10 -day weather forecast we've ever had and then the best weather to match up to
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when there's good weather, people want to be at a race track, especially a newly designed race track. and we've had weather challenges the last couple years, so it's nice to give our fans great weather, great venue. so it's exciting. it's crazy, the energy in terms of race warning. you can feel it. it's tense, energy. from an athlete perspective, the drivers are on edge. the driver meeting today will be fairly tense. but the fans are excited. it's a great environment for a huge sporting event. >> it's fun, too, because for a long time, race fans, to watch the evolution of the drivers who are now at the top and watching that race last night and seeing chase elliott come out on top and for so many of these longtime race fans, they were huge fans of his dad. it was fascinating to watch. >> i talked to bill in victory lane after. and i went over and said holy to chase and crew. and i said, maybe i'll see you
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and bill said, you know, i actually asked the guys, can i borrow the car for four hours at 1:00? he was thinking about getting back behind the wheel to get that trophy. but once a competitor, always a competitor. but chase has the package. everything, the right demeanor, style, he can race. and when those guys went up, chase pulled 9.5 gs. bill pulled 9.3. so i think the old man can still bring it. but again, that's what nascar's about, family, tradition, all those elements put together. and exciting. whoonlz, he'll have an interesting challenge with dale, jr. and kyle bush and logano. >> we asked you about your favorite part of this new duition, what do people need to know when they come in? there are changes. the ground game here. >> mobile app, mobile app, mobile app.
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information, the schedule. it has gps. you'll get updates as to all the information you need. it's such a huge property. it's a mile-long stadium. we want to make sure you see every part of it. use that mobile app to get you there. and after that, enjoyism it's a great venue. we've got great prerace, florida-georgia line, knocking it out of the park. >> add what point today, will you say i can breathe, i can relax now, at any time? snoi don't know. we'll do a breakfast tomorrow morning. i'll want to know when the last person gets on the bus to leave the property. until then, i don't relax. >> no breathing. yes or no what rest it. maybe tuesday of next week. >> and then throw the phone away. toss it away. you're done for a year. >> congrats, joey, it's going to be a great day. >> david martin caught up with
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he's out there once again today, somewhere. >> good morning to you. we are right here at the gate. the sign says opens at 8:00 a.m. it has not opened yet. what does that mean for us? right behind you here. they are waiting anxiously. there you go.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. welcome to gold live at did he go -- that was cool. they were all in line, getting their picture taken as they were signing. another awesome moment here and we have a member of thunderboard
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talk about the big flyird going to join us in a bit to talk about the big fly over. >> there's a lot of excitement, especially in the fan zone. >> yeah. >> that's the place to be. >> it certainly is. that's where the party has already started. look at the number of people behind us already. it seems like they get here earlier every year. >> good morning. that's right, and here in the fan zone area that i'm at is right next to the driver garages where this is really where literally the rubber hits the road. fans get to come in and see their favorite drivers. you can see the garages all down the way. they each have windows and their names along the way. people like to find it. this is garage number one and i want to introduce you to somebody over here who's come a long way to see her favorite driver.
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this is caly montgomery, 9 years old, all the way from chicago, illinois. how excited are you to be here? >> i'm excited. >> that's excellent. now, you're here to do something, a popular thing to do is to sign the window before the race. you've got your number ten hat on, which is danica's number. you've got her landyard now. and you want to sign the window. how you can tell that danica is one of the more popular drivers is where caly's signing, there's signatures all over her window. and this is what fans enjoy doing. they leave a little message to their driver. did you want to sign it? you came all this way from chicago. yeah, leave your mark, girl. there you go. all right. excellent. very good. so she signed the window. but look at the entire window here. you can see how many people have signed it. danica is one of the more
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mother, jen. how much does this mean to your daughter? >> it means everything. dave is the ytona 500 is the superbowl of races for us. >> now we'll send it to jayme who has an amazing forecast for the drivers today. >> great stuff, my man. good to see you. we'd rather be out surfing right now because the conditions beachicide are fantastic overall side are fantastic overall. southern end of brevard, we've got low end 60s for you at this time. here's the deal, guys. clouds will gradually begin the pepper into the skies as we go into the p.m. hours. not a big deal, though, and no
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at least not yet. we think the chance of rain comes up by tuesday, wednesday. but that's then. this is now. a good looking nice day for solid 70s over the interior track side. let's talk about the great american race, the 50th running of the daytona 500. by 3:00, we're 73. the start time featuring mid-70s and a slow accumulation. we're looking good and as the models show us, we have no rain chance today. it does come up just a little bit as we get into your monday timeframe. we're talking about a 20 %er as wind become aligned more out of the south. eventually south, southwest flow in advance of an advancing low pressure and a cold front off to our north. as we go, you can see the timestamp here as you get into monday and tuesday, we slowly begin to increase the moisture count. thus, a higher rain chance begins to go up during that time. about 50 % as we get into tuesday and wednesday, scattered
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breezy weather as we head to tuesday and wednesday. we'll keep you posted. that's your forecast. i want to address traffic for you now. watching every sangal for you, heading inbound and out bound. you can see right here on i-4 just west of i 95, it has begun. this is i-4 eastbound west of i 95 in volusia county. slow and go. that's how it goes now on a big race day. let's come back to the computer and update you. volume increasing on snow international speedway. we took you to the fan zone and now we're giving you a different look at the fan experience. hey, david. >> andrea, just seven seconds ago, they opened up the gates finally for all these hard core
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pits, into the tracks, sign our names on the finish line and all
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. welcome back to "good day orlando" live at international speedway. it's going to be a lot of fun. he's just being mobbed by fans over here. he can't make it across the way here. >> and once it starts, it doesn't stop. once one person notices him, it's like all of a sudden everyone wants to meet him. >> right now, we're fog to see what david martin is up to. david has a knack for finding the most interesting fans when he comes out here. >> by the way, you haven't seen david's facebook page yet from our show on friday. check that out. we'll check in with him now.
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this morning. we're keeping it real with coffee in the mug today. i gotta let you know, the view behind me is fantastic. it's jaw-dropping the way they've creating the stadium around the beautiful seats. behind paolo, my cameraman here. we can get up close and personal with the track and this is one of my favorite moments here to come out on sunday morning, to see people grab their phones, their cameras, and go, oh, my gosh, this is deeper than i thought. it happens every year and this is where we meet some of our nicest and crazy people. hey, good morning to you. how are you? >> canada. did you drive down?
8:27 am
let's go. hey, good morning to you. how are you? where are you from? new york. did you drive down this week, as well? you flew down. all right. what do you think about being on the track here? is this your first time? go get your marker. you gotta sign your name. we'll join you here. dad and son, good morning to you guys. where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania. did you drive or fly? >> we flew. >> you flew down. your first time on the track? >> yeah. >> what do you think? are you keeping your balance? >> it's neat, isn't it? you gonna go sign your name on the line, right? >> yeah, we're gonna. first nascar race. >> first time. i love that. we got somebody down here that wants to say hello. hi, how are you. >> hi. >> you're live on "good day orlando."
8:28 am
>> i'm from wisconsin, milwaukee. >> i grew up in wisconsin. did you sign the track? >> we did. this is our first time at daytona. >> isn't the new stadium gorgeous? >> it's fantastic. we were inside for the truck and the amenities yesterday. >> yeah, i'm a lot taller than you. >> right. we're kind of falling backwards.
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. and welcome back to "good day orlando." we are live at the track this morning. you are looking at where it's already busy. look at these guys, crews getting ready for the drivers today, making sure the cars are in tip top shape. and we're about to drow you to a fascinating guy. he's recognized as the first person to record a 25 second four tire pit stop in nascar history. we're talking about leonard woods coming up here. >> a lot of fans over here with him. >> we just found this. the line-up in the orlando sentinel today. if you guys are watching the race at home, i think this will help. >> yeah, it does. >> it will outline everybody. so make sure you pick up the sports section of the sentinel today. it outlines the line-up and you can keep track at home. and get the app. even at home, the app works so you can know what's going on
8:33 am
all the new additions of wifi, that works, too. >> we've been tracking all morning long. everybody is coming out here today, saying this might be the most perfect race weather we've ever seen. >> gotta be. what, upwards of mid-70s, 80 out here, huh? >> about 75 at race time to kick off. our temperatures primarily through the 50s as you see right here. about 61 down to melbourne at our space coast. that happens to be the warmest pocket of air, at least at this time. it looks like everybody getting into the 70s today. we'll bring in a little light scattering of clouds, nothing i'm concerned about. not contributing to any rain chance at all. one m: 75 down at the daytona international speedway. temperatures fluctuating just a little bit overall, up and down and all around. that's how it goes when we factor in a sea breeze developing later today.
8:34 am
tonight. now, the forecast for the next seven, highlighting a rain chance as we take you into tuesday and wednesday. a bit of a pattern change back too 60s for highs by thursday, friday, saturday, as we complete and wrap up your 7 -day forecast. that's all for now. here we go, slow and go as you make a move on i 95 and i-4 eastbound west of i 95. you can see their traffic's just creeping along. you have seen nothing yet as the stragglers begin to file in. it's going to get pretty thick out there. let's talk about the traffic scene now, back to you computers and show you along the speedway. you can see the slow and go on i-4 with the approach of i 95 taking a lith tighter, bit of a better vantage point. and again, 415, the junction of i-4 and i 95 outlining red. here's a look at the speedway, a track in our defined track mapping and it shows us again
8:35 am
increase in volume overall so it only gets worse from here on out. we're on top of it, keeping you up to date. and visit our website for more, fox 35 >> good morning to you. new this morning, four people are in the hospital after a robber opened fire at convenience store. happened last night in orlando. jackie joining us live at orlando police headquarters with the very latest details. jackie, good morning. >> good morning, andrea. talking with orlando police. all they can tell us right now, they are actively investigating the shooting case after four people were shot last night. and let's take a look at video from that scene. the shooting happened at a convenience store on anderson and mc fall. witnesses were screaming that this is a robbery. a lot of people were inside the store during the shooting and again, four people were shot. i'm told that three of them were at least critical. an opd officer did crash into a store. police have not said if they made an arrest at this point or
8:36 am
again, we're still working with opd, trying to get are those information and details. once we do, we'll let you know. for now, reporting live in news. >> time to head back out to john and amy, who are talking with all sorts of great guests this international speedway. >> one of the best parts about sunday is the number of vips who are out here wandering around and that will kick off our names you need to know today. we have jurard butler, john cena and florida-georgia line. if you want to watch the prerace concert, you need to be out here by noon. they start off at 12:19. and you'll get to see most of that on tv. and one of the members of the band, his father is the mayor. so we got a local connection there. >> right. he grew up right here in central florida, so that's pretty cool.
8:37 am
jurard butler. he'll be telling drivers, start your engine. we should all mention that ken griffy, jr. who is an orlando guy, conducted in the hall of fame, he's the honorary starter today. he'll also be out here. >> and the only reason my 9 -year-old daughter coming out today, hoping to meet john cena. he's your third neme to know. >> we'll talk to him in the 9:00 hour today and i didn't tell going to be a lot of fun. >> derrol nail is definitely going to meet john cena. >> joining us now is leonard wood. thank you so much for being here. >> it's my pleasure to be here. >> good to see you. >> does it ever get old? as you're standing here, there are an line of people who want your autograph and want to take your picture with you. how does that make you feel? >> that makes me feel great, but it's always been a pleasure to
8:38 am
get away from the cold weather up north and we've had a lot of success down here at daytona and it's just really a great honor to come back to daytona 500. >> you've been here many, many years. are there particular people, stories, races, anything that stands out in particular that's one of your memories of this place? >> my older brother glenn, he's been coming down here, this is his 70th great here driving down here in a row. he hasn't missed a one. now, he came before nascar was formed and of course i spent a little time in service, so i've been coming down here about 62 years. >> only 62. >> only 62 years. >> that's amaze something to leonard, you are credited as being the innovator of the modern day pit stop. what is that like and when you were watching these guys pull
8:39 am
stops, i imagine you watch it differently than the rest of us do. >> number one, when you started this, what you do is, of course, you know i change tires myself. so wafts slowing me down? how can i speed this up, you know? so that's what inspires you to improve something is something is causing you a problem. well, let's fix the problem. >> how fast can you change a tire? >> fastest i've ever changed one is about 12 seconds. >> do you ever stop when somebody's on the side of the road and you jump out and change it and get back in your carr? that's what i would do if i was you. >>and no, but ford motor company sent the loaners to jim clark in 1965. they sent it back to england 45 years later and wanted us to go and watch it run. so we go to england and we're in a rent a car and they got these little curbs on the side of the
8:40 am
and they're very narrow. well, those little curbs, my niece was driving the car and she stepped out and got the left front tire. so there we are in england, changing this tire. >> before i let you go, these rings, can you hold those up? i don't know what they are, but you've got some rings there. can you see those? what are those? >> this is the nascar hall of fame and this is the 2011 trefba bane win. >> do you ever take those off? >> only wear them on race day. >> they'd get heavy otherwise. >> yeah. well, you don't want to damage them. >> i love it. congratulations on a legendary career. great to see you this morning. and good luck to you. you got a guy in the ranks. ryan, we're gonna talk to him later. anything won't go ask him? >> it's knowing
8:41 am
and the key is to look ahead. >> you gotta fight the throngs of people waiting for you over here, so hopefully you can make it back to the garage there. >> all right. bye bye. >> coming up, we're gonna talk with another dryer, caseymeres from autographs to racing to eating. we are getting all the answers, coming up. . >> before we head out, make sure you tweet us, who are you rooting for? great memories. just do the # gdo. we want to see what you're
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. welcome back to "good day orlando." we are live at the track this
8:45 am
big race today. 1:00 is the start time, and you're looking up at live right now. isn't it beautiful? this is where a lot of the work has been done. these are a lot of the new luxury boxes they've added. there's a level right there, below the media. and the folks, and if you look down, you'll see a whole new level. there's a whole other level right there of seating. it's beautiful. >> in fact, we said earlier, it's amazing what $400 million can buy. but on friday, they didn't ask for everybody else to pay for it. they paid for it themselves and they're proving it can be done and it's a success. >> i think that was a bit of a shot at some, but i'm not for sure. being a nascar driver is a lot of work and it takes a lot of practice. >> yeah. just one day with these guys shows how hectic it is.
8:46 am
to spend the day with a nascar driver. >> 9:30 a.m., casey starts his day. no stroll through the hollers would be complete out autographs. that would be a theme today and every day, really, for casey. >> the fans are great. the fans are what make our sport. >> 10:18 a.m., first time in the garage for the day, first chat with crew chief, followed not long after by first time climbing into the car for the day. 10:27, out of the garage and onto pistol road and on the track for the first time. casey takes his first laps in sprint cup qualifying practice for the daytona 500. 10:52 a.m., back into the garage, but casey never got out of the car. still time on the phone and take a selfie. say cheese. back onto the track to make just one more lap in the first of two practice sessions. 11:31 a.m., the car's back in the garage for adjustments and
8:47 am
autographs through daytona's unique glass window. for the next half hour, it was track, garage, autographs on repeat. 12:19 p.m., finally time for lunch. casey makes a healthy choice. >> after lunch, casey sat down with us for a 20 -minute interview. the guy has racing in his blood. >> i was raised in a race shop and spent a lot of time in the shop and at the race track. it came natural because that's what my family did. >> 1:07:00 p.m., much needed downtime, a little relaxing, watching tv, checking social media on his phone. 1:30, back to work. time for a chat again and these two have a special relationship. hey, stop being yourself. >> no. >> that's a high class rednic right there. >> if you didn't have a good relationship with the crew chief fire and the crew chief would be fired.
8:48 am
garage where you gotta stay hydrated. 2:06 p.m., quick interview with the guys from fox doing the race broadcast and another half hour worth of signing autographs while the crew works on the car. 2:35, a chat with richard on the way back to the rv. casey's headed for a nap, but first a little mtv crib style tour of his home away from home. >> we're here 38 weekends out of the year. back is bathroom. the middle part is pretty much the kitchen. really compacket way of living, but it's great, really feels like home. >> from 3:20 to 6:00 p.m., casey took tashower, nap, and relaxed by himself in the rv. his wife didn't want us airing any shower video. that's understandable. 6:16 p.m., casey and booty sit in for the prerace driver's meeting and then back to the rv for an hour's worth of alone time. seven scampi m: we're approaching go time.
8:49 am
the back of a pick-up truck, get into the car and then. 8:36, finally, the green drag drops on the sprint unlimited. 9:00, casey runs up front and clean early on until 9:58 p.m., the 13 cars involved in one of four major crashes in the race. however, casey's team works like crazy through three separate pit stops to fix the car, which they do. 10:08, casey narrowly avoids a final lap crash in overtism to finish a very solid 5th place. he's off to his rv for sleep. his crew cleans up the pit box, the day is done.
8:50 am
the thunderboards >> we need great weather. >> it was freezing cold last year. and this year, it is picture perfect. thanks, buddy, we appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. and again, we spoke on the live show for gdo on friday morning, we were confident of that high pressure being top of the season. we'll pepper enmore scattered chowd cover, partly cloudy as we pawned that. temperatures delightful. slowly coming up through the upper 50s at daytona beach. 61 at melbourne. you see the clouds amy's talking altitude at this time. clouds north of this now, leak into lore lower on down. we'll see that he numbers. by 667 m: with come on down.
8:51 am
should bottom out somewhere in the low and mid-50s. a nice day ahead. this is for interior west of 95. 76 by 2:00. 73 in the 5:00 and 66 by 8:00 toom. the forecast for the next seven days, bringing a pretty progressive amped up system for tuesday and wednesday. i'm going to raise the rain stakes to 50 % as far as any strong storms right now, there's a possibility of it, but nothing that really sounds the alert alarm at this time. back behind the departing system, we trend cooler and colder for the overnight knights. and on friday, perfect way to go to the weekend sun filled skies. i 95, i-4, and all the surrounding roadways. here's a live look right now. i 95 southbound at 221. and looks like again, smooth sailing with the approach in towards the race track as you make a move again from north to south. let's come back to the computers, guys. thank you. and show you again, it is slow and go.
8:52 am
you can see here along i-4, also out towards the international speedway area. we see that merger there of 95 in i-4 now toward the track now. obviously slow and go along 92. and that's how it goes on a
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8:54 am
8:55 am
that's your weather and traffic . welcome back to "good day orlando," live at daytona international speedway. we have a lot of rock stars that come out here each and every year. when you have a crowd like this, you have more rock stars than normal, and we have one with us right now. >> we're surrounded by rock stars. and we're joined this morning by major alex gold phene, thunderbird number three, as you can see by the number on his jacket. thank you so much for joining us this morning. so we had kevin in the hot seat a couple days ago. it's your turn today. what is this like for you to be out here surrounded by these crowds and getting to do something like this? >> this is incredible. the relationship we've built over the years has been incredible. we love it. the normally, the people, it's a phenomenal event, one we look forward to every year. we love this connection and hope we can continue to do it through the future. >> one thing you can't see on camera here, is you have all your peers over here. we've never had one of the
8:56 am
peers critiquing. does this make you more nervous are you okay? >> that's fine. >> it can't be as nerve racking as flying. you guys are 500 feet when you go by. what's it like? can you see the crowd when you're going by or what's going through your mind? >> it's a great event to do the fly by. we're a couple feet when we do the aircraft. we're working real hard to make that look perfect. it's usually a few minutes of calm and then pure panic because we want it to look perfect for the crowd. if the crowd's loud enough, we'll hear it through our crowd control when we're running by. >> that's great. we talk a lot about legacy families and what it's like to have these drivers and generations. but you family is a legacy family in the airport. tell us about that. it's a great story. >> sure. so i'm third generation airforce. my dad and both of his brothers were all in the airforce as well as my grandpa started things off
8:57 am
pilot. >> and your ping uncle is? the airforce. >> that's a big deal. >> does that add more pressure? >> a little bit. i try to make sure i do a good job and keep the family tradition going strong. >> impressive. and you guys got to go up with bill and chase elliott the other day. what is that like for you guys to be able to fly with some of these celebrities? it's great. we love getting the opportunity to meet and exchange and really work in a career field that's similar to our own, with unique skill. last night. >> but do you rub it in that you can go faster? you gotta rub it in a little. >> but i would love to go out in the pace car. i think we should do an exchange. >> that's a great idea. >> that would be cool. >> once again, major alley scold phene. ladies and gentlemen, the thunderbirds. great to have you here.
8:58 am
really appreciate it. >> congrats. we can't wait to see you today. what time? kick off race. >> and speaking of big stars, coming up in our next hour of "good day orlando," john cena is going to join us. he's going to chat about what he's doing out here today. we'll talk a little movies, as
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
straight @>@n . drivers, startb@ your engines. >> the 58th daytona 500 is here and it is an experience like never before. >> a lot of history. super glad to be back down. >> the world's first motor out crowd. >> we got bars, big screens. more portment, you can see the flag stands. it's as high as we are. >> this is your all access pass to racing's biggest event. "good day orlando" live from
9:02 am
starts right now. welcome back to "good day orlando." it is now our 9:00 hour and you are looking live right now at the area they'll bow performing later, the florida-georgia line. look at all those fans, huge crowds of people gathering in the area around winner's circum. you can see the fresh paint out on the grass. i always love seeing that. chances are, it's not gonna be so pretty looking later today if there were any crashes in that area. that seems to be the area they aim for. >> and if it is clean by the end of the race, somebody else will be out there swin spinning around on it. and what you hear behind us, they're doing some of the driver interviews here on one of the main stages on the big field. john cena will be on the stage at 10:30.
9:03 am
>> we have a lot going on for you today. it is a really big weekend for the son of bill elliott, chase elliott. not only is he now the youngest daytona 500 pole winner in series history, but also won the xfinity history power shares last night. it was a nail biting finish. he held off at the daytona 500 winner joey pagano for the victory and they had a pretty funny exchange in the media room afterward. it was a great day for racing yesterday. i was out here. the skies are perfect. and we're going to have a repeat of that today. here are the qualifying pole positions for today. as we said, chase elliott, he's in front. okay. matt qualified second but because of a crash on thursday night, he now has to move back once the race starts. then you also have dale earnhardt, jr., kyle bush in 4th. and last year's joey logano starting in 5th.
9:04 am
karl edwards at 10th, danica patrick starts at 16th. those are some of the more important ones and like joey said earlier, if you want to follow this well, download the app they have out here. you can follow it at home or out here at the track. >> right. got a chance to sit down with gerald walters and jeff gordon on friday. this is dale earnhardt, jr.'s race to lose. this is dale, jr.'s day. and i was cracking up this morning. did you see the favorite sun? did you know that dale named the car that he's driving? >> no. >> do you want to take a guess at what he named her? amelia. he's calling his car amelia. for what reason, i'm not sure. but dale and amelia are the ones that jeff is picking as the guy. this is the race to lose. >> ought to be a good time. >> hey, let's find out what's going on weather wise. we're sending it back to jayme king, live in the studio today.
9:05 am
fantastic out here. >> exactly, guys. let's bring the folks at home up to date now, showing race time temperatures around 75. then we'll go to 67, scattering of clouds about 6:00. again, bookmarks showing that on either side, both early and late, fantastic out there at the speedway. and we've had our weather obstacles over the last several years for sure, but a nice day overall featuring 70s for the interior. temperatures add orlando, 75. 62 at titusville and daytona so the sun, massage, local weather atmosphere, temperatures on the way up and it looks good. cloud cover right now is at a minimum. it's just thin, whispy serious moving across the landscape. in other words, not a big deal. rain chance peppered in on tuesday and wednesday. locally breezy. low pressure passes the state to the north. the rain chance up and the temperatures, they come on down by thursday, friday and saturday. that's your forecast. live drive traffic and all eyes
9:06 am
and out bound. that's a good looking shot right there. that's i 95 southbound, mile marker 225 north of the vicinity there of the speedway. so overall again, volume is increasing. let's talk about that. and it's mainly on i-4, coming on back to the computers now and the traffic center, showing us what's going on. and it's in the red. you can see it there. that red line there along i-4 has been extending farther and farther out to the west. so overall, the volume is increasing. another vanish point showing us what's happening on i 95. we'll twist things around and show you of the international speedway area there. you can see on the boulevard, we're really increasing the volume and making towards the track side. again, take it slow and easy. we'll continue to update you on weather and traffic information on this big race sunday. >> thank you. new this morning, four people are in the hospital after a robber opened fire in a convenience store. it happened last night in orlando.
9:07 am
police headquarters with the latest details. good morning. >> sounds like there are audio issues with jackie so we will check back with her in just a moment. but it is now time to head back out to the daytona international speedway. john and amy have the best seats in the house this morning for a look at the daytona 500 and the weather is gorgeous to boot. good morning to you guys. >> hi. >> it really is a perfect day. look at these crowds behind us. >> there's all kind of crazy antics. they've got some of the drivers up here. they want to find race driver interviews on this stage here, and they're throwing t shirts now. there goes one. they're throwing t shirts out to the crowd. >> is that chase? >> that's chase elliott throwing
9:08 am
there it goes. >> he's got good arms on it. >> don't throw your arm out before the big race. you gotta be careful. >> this is going to be one of the most fun moments of the entire day, i do believe. we have a big time star, wwe superstar. he's everything right now, on top of the world. >> he's kind of a big deal. and he's joining derrol nail right now, hey, darrell. >> john cena. >> good morning, guys. that's right. and his name is john cena and he's here? thanks for joining us. john was nice enough to come over and take a break from his autograph session to talk to us this morning. he's a lot of things, actor, rapper, philanthropist, and honorary driver of the pace car this year at the daytona 500. john, you've been here before. >> i have. >> what's it like to be the pace car driver? >> right now, it's fantastic. the last time i was here, the race was rained out and postponed which i couldn't be a
9:09 am
i'm back here in 2016. if any sign of rain happens, i'm running away and will most likely get a lifetime ban. >> i was tellingio off camera that my training was horribly wrong and i spent months making right hand turns and got to the track and realized. today, i deposit a crash course. i'll be fine. >> when you go around that embankment, that's 31 degrees miles an hour. will that thing hold sph. >> it'll hold, but it's going to be begging to go fastr. >> i know the drivers need a solid pace for the race. >> you know about your rolls in wwe, of course, and your acting and rapping but they may not know about your philanthropic side. >> yeah, i think that's the word. >> you're a big philanthropist. and you've done more make a wishes, i was reading, 500, more than any other actor or celebrity around. why do you have such a key involvement in make a wish?
9:10 am
wwe, we entertain. it's going to be 250,000 people here at daytona. nascar's done some great ventures here. we got wrestle mania coming up on april 3rd. we entertain these people and it just goes hand in hand for us to use that vehicle of entertainment to give back and that's why i love doing make a wish because we use what we do regularly to make peoples lives better and change them for the better. >> and you're getting ready to do a really big project here on fox, coming in soon. we should mention this. american grid. a tv show that has a military theme to it. >> yes. >> tell me a little about it. >> it's going to start april 14th. i was fortunate enough to work with a fantastic group of u.s. military. i get to host the show, but you will see more true american heroes get teams of their own and put them through rigorous activities. it is something you are not going to want to miss. it's a fantastic show.
9:11 am
it's really going to open eyes and really bring the best out of people. >> you're an entertainer. do you get to show off your personality at all. >> a little bit. honestly, i have the best scenario. i can actually watch from afar and kind of mc the whole contest in itself. the stars are the military participants. we got a u.s. navy seal commander, army military sergeant, and decorated member of the united states marine corp. and they are truly the center of the show. and the contestants, of course. >> right. and it's always great with a military theme, giving honor to those. that's a great show and we'll be looking forward to seeing it. thank you for joining us, john. good luck today with the pace car. >> try not to wreck it. >> john and amy, back to you. >> thanks, darrell. that was fun. okay. >> so i just have to tell our little story about, two years ago, john and i got to go out in the pace car and we're getting in the car with this driver and
9:12 am
we're going like, what, 120. i ask the dumb question of, hey, so is this like do you ever get nervous. i asked if he got nervous. i'm scared to death. and he's like, not really, because i'm a nascar driver. and we were like oh. >> he's like i'm brett, bodine. so he's all good, only going 12072 that was crazy, though. we had a good time. >> coming up after the break, we are going to get the exclusive behind the scenes tour of all the new additions of a new project down here called daytona rising. >> plus, david martin's out there somewhere on the field once again today. >> yeah, good morning to you live from the grand stands. i'm actually seated in number 15 red in the front row. so if you have this seat and you're watching "good day orlando" this morning, got news for you. i ain't leaving. i'm staying right here all
9:13 am
and coming up in a few minutes, i'll send my cameraman paolo down to that finish line where hundreds, nay, thousands of fans are milling about, signing their
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
it's so much fun up . welcome back to orlando live at daytona international speedway. the crowd is really packing in now. on this race day, this is the first chance a lot of people have had to see the changes that have taken place and it is significantly different from last year to this year. >> yeah. it's beautiful. absolutely beautiful. it's a brand new stadium. motor sports stadium is what they're calling it, two and a half years in the making, $400 million is how much was spent. and you're going to see every penny of it out here. it is absolutely beautiful.
9:17 am
the most exclusive spots from the track president, joey. check it. >> you guys, all coincide of exciting things here at the new and improved daytona international speedway. and track president joey, you're going to take us inside and show us what we need to see. but we're going to start our tour here on the finish line. it's been extended outside of the tracks. can i sign it now? >> i'm sure our fans will sign it, but hopefully not just yet. we did, we extended the start finish line all the way to the plaza area, another great way to invite our fans into the new property. really excite something to and what an inviting new property it is. let's go inside and check it. >> they call the new entrances at the speedway, injectors, the beginning of a network of escalators meant to get racist fans to their seats which are now wider and more comfortable. it's possible none of those seats are as comfortable as those in the first stop on our tour. >> there's not a bad seat in the house, but this is i think where
9:18 am
race, joey. this is the role ex24 lounge area. and what's awesome about this? >> for us, it's the patio. so actually, our fans have an indoor opportunity, great food, bars, lounge level seating. but we come out to the patio. what a great view of the race track. you have this space as well as the permanent seats below us. you have indoor, outdoor patio, and then the permanent seating. a great place to socialize, hang out, and watch great action on the race track. >> instead of paying for a whole box, you can buy just 1 or 2 premium tickets to get into the rolex 24 lounge. cush seating, a wig bar make this essentially a giant luxury suite. over that bar hangs a work of heart that pays homage to the tracks. >> we did a chandelier of all 12 of our race tracks starting with talladega to the shortest. and daytona is in green and the rest are white. >> there are bathrooms and
9:19 am
the average fan will find the track and its sponsors went all out. fox 35 news. >> yeah, some amazing changes. if you haven't driven up to the stadium yet and you see those injectors, like they said, it just sets the stage and doesn't feel like it used to. it felt like an old stadium. i don't think they'll be upset with us calling it that. stadium. it's comfortable. they have huge screens out here. you'll be able to see everything. >> i think the fans like it. >> we know that driver kyle bush is up there. throwing out t shirts. the fans are loving it. and they were talking about valentine's day a coupleinants ago, and what eye do and don't do with your girlfriend, wife on valentine's day. it's pretty funny. they're having a great time. they're very relaxed, going into the big race. >> yep, just a couple hours out and they're up on stage, talking about valentine's day. jayme king, i don't know what
9:20 am
but just a few mackerel clouds out here. that's a technical term? >> sure. sure. it's a fisherman's way of describing the weather, i suppose. >> let's take a look at what's going on track side at the daytona 500. the 58th running of the great american race. sliding up through the 70s for highs and down we go into the 60s for you by about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. nice day overall, guys. looking good, central florida by 8:00, solid 66. pepper in a few extra clouds during that time as weather begins to move our way. 50s and 60s for us right now. the coastal locales looking peachy keen as we take a look again. atmospherically, the clouds race through the region and there's a system loading up to the north. another north of that. so it's a culmination of different weather scenarios coming together to bring us a rain chance as we get into tuesday or wednesday.
9:21 am
least of this juncture at 50 %. severe weather, probably not. a few stronger storms wouldn't shock me. that's how it's been going week in and week out. we keep you posted and informed and up to date as sols from the weather center. and down we go, solid 60 on the back end of your 7 -day forecast. that's your weather. again, things starting to heat up a little bit out there. temperature and traffic wise, but this vantage point, mile mark 230, heading in towards the race site, looking just fine now. that won't last too much longer, though, as inbound and out bound traffic starting to increase in all directions. here's a look at what's going on. i-4 backed out. and familiar with that area, making a run toward i 95. and you can see again, how thick that is when the red shows up on traffic maps, that's never a good thing. looking closer to the race site, the international speedway boulevard, also starting to increase things. slowly but surely, the
9:22 am
the weather looking fighty fine. we'll keep you posted here on gdo. over to you. >> it is early, but the fans are already getting ready for the big race. david martin has a front row seat to all the action. good morning, mr. martin. >> andrea, i found the best place to get a sun tan today. you just gotta lean your body on back here on the track, about ten feet away from the finish line and soak it all in. not just the sun, but the energy, the excitement. it's palpable out here on the track. people are loving every second they get up here. moments before the race starts, they're signing the finish line with their own signature, autographing the square they
9:23 am
winner's gonna (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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9:25 am
. at least we get to do a little dancing out here, too. this is fantastic, our new location. welcome to back to "good day orlando" live at daytona international speedway. guys starting on the 4th row is going to join us in just a second. you don't get to see him yet. he's right there, though. >> that's coming up. you gotta wait for that. right now, we're headed to the finish line where there will be
9:26 am
1:00 is the start time. and david martin, one of the the cool things about being out here is how accessible thing are for the fans. >> good morning, amy. they do. they're right here in the finish line. who just signed their name? which one's yours? >> right there. >> is it legible? >> somewhat. >> what's it say? >> ed. >> there you go. chase elliott. good morning, everybody. how y'all doing this morning? >> all right. on the count of three, i want you to tell me, who is gonna win the race? 1, 2, 3! did y'all get that? there's one guy here. what's your name, buddy? >> gavin. >> where you from? >> wisconsin. >> yeah, my fellow cheesehead. what part of wisconsin? >> wisseen. >> i used to play tennis there many, many moons ago. who's gonna win the race today? >> kyle bush. >> wow, that was confident. this is your first time on the
9:27 am
>> yeah. >> how are you legs feeling? >> good. >> what's your favorite part of the experience so far, gavin? >> probably the checkered flag. >> the checkered flag. this kid knows his racing. hi. you are a local boy. how are you? >> good. how about you? >> where you from? >> port orange, florida. >> where you guys from?. >> new york. >> y'all drive or fly? >> we flew down. it's my husband's 50th birthday so we're destination daytona 500. >> so proud to be here and honored here. >> who's gonna win? >> jimmy johnson. >> and last but not least, from scald. >> yes, sir. >> who's gonna win the race? >> kyle bush. >> and who's gonna win? >> earnhardt.
9:28 am
9:29 am
in the commercial break. i i dodon'n't t knknowow w whahatt i'i'm m dodoining.g. i i cacan'n't t fifindnd a anynyththiningg jujustst w whehen n i i ththinink k itit's's j jusust t nonot t gogoining g toto w worork.k. ththisis w womomanan t thahat t woworkrks s ththereree cocomemes s ovoverer a andnd a askskss cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? anand d hehe w wasas s so o hahappppy,y, t to o dodo i itt amamazazining g ririghght?t? i i nenevever r wowoululd d hahaveve exexpepectcteded wowoululd d hahaveve t thohougughtht ththatat a anynyonone e wowoululd d fifindnd t thahatt dodo t thahat.t. mamakeke t thahatt gogo o outut o of f ththeieir r waway y fofor r meme.. ririghght t ththenen, , ririghght t ththereree i i cocoululdndn't't b belelieieveve i itt hehe w wasas s so o hehelplpfufull i i knknowow i it't's s susuchch a a smsmalall l ththiningg lilittttlele t thihingng.. sisimpmplele t thihingng bubut t itit m madade e meme s smimilele mamadede m me e hahappppyy mamadede m my y dadayy shsharare e yoyourur s stotoryry.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
9:30 am
9:31 am
. we're live at daytona international speedway. got a live look there. some of the cars that are ready today. we have little kyle bush getting ready for the big race today, coming up in just a couple hours. i'm always amazed at what the drivers do at their prerace preparation. >> it's fascinating. we're going to be talking to one of the drivers, starting in the 4th row. we'll be chatting with him about his prerace routine. >> he hangs with us. we're good luck charms.
9:32 am
but yeah, and you know what we were just saying, he's had ton of people coming up to him asking for autographs. and these guys are so successful. if other athletes would realize the impact you could have on a young kid by doing what these guys do, they'd be a lot more popular. >> and ryan is grateful for the great weather out here today. and there's one guy to thank for that, jayme king, good job, bravo. >> thank you. thank you. i'd like to thank mother nature and a host of others. let's come on back, take a look at what's going on. by racetime, 1:00, 75. by the end of the evening, and i think we'll be wrapped up by then or close to that, down into the 60s. but area wide as you go west of i 95, the overall high temperature is going to be just a wee bit warmer overall, but still very delightful conditions. we pepper in scattered clouds and leave the clouds in place, i think. pretty confident by 8:00, bridging over into the overnight. first thing monday morning,
9:33 am
clouds. 50s and 60s for us now. orlando at 65. compared to 63 out at the race site in daytona beach out at the international speedway. it's all about the clouds now, a little blow on through but not hindering the sunshine. one little tiny bit. it is going to be a blockbuster a blazing weather day out there with ample sunshine, looking good. however, temperatures warm back into the 80 -degree mark. on the plus side of that for early tomorrow into the mid peek week, by that time, the rain chance up and the temperatures are down. thursday, friday, saturday, back to the 60s are brilliant central florida sunshine. you enjoy it because you deserve it. we all know that. here's your traffic now. all about i-4 and i 95. let's take you now live look. oh, my goodness. i-4 eke, west of i 95 and of no surprise, it is all jacked up. it is again slow and go, bumper to bumper. so pack your patience. this is one of those traffic
9:34 am
and it's not even the morning commute. it's race sunday. i-4 eastbound, one lane blocked, exit 132. do know that, some type of incident going on right now. of course, out toward daytona high ridge estates, if you're familiar with that area, you see all that red through the international speedway boulevard out towards the race site and that's how it goes again on a sunday race day. we'll watch it all. weather and traffic this morning. over to you, dre. a tough drive on i-4 this morning. new this morning, four people are in the hospital after a robber opened fire atopya convenience store last night in orlando. jackie is live at orlando police headquarters with the very latest details. good morning. >> hey. we just deposit an update with orlando police. they were saying that they do have their man in custody. his name is roy stevens and and he was transported to the florida hospital for possible drug intoxication and
9:35 am
now he's charged with robbery with a firearm. four counts of attempted first degree murder with a firearm. three of the victims shot are in stable condition. the 4th person is in critical. and as of right now, no other suspects are involved in this and officers were saying that because of the great teamwork that a police officers were there last night and the witnesses giving a good description of that suspect and that vehicle. and as of right now, we're also finding out that one of their k nines were also injured during the apprehension of this suspect but that dog is doing okay. >> again, that suspect is in custody. his name is roy stevens and again, he's charged with four attempted first degree murder. for now, reporting live here in downtown orlando. jackie, fox 35 news. >> thank you for that update. you decide 2016, former florida governor jeb bush out of the race for the white house. he suspended his campaign last night after a disappointing 4th place finish in south carolina's gop primary.
9:36 am
that we've run to unify our country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i really respect their decision. so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> donald trump came out on top in the palmetto state, becoming the first candidate to win back to back races this political season with 33 % of the vote in south carolina. marco rubio got 23 %. and ted cruz, 22 %. jeb bush got 8 %. hillary clinton edged ahead of bernie sanders in the nevada caucus. hillary clinton got 53 % of the vote and bernie sanders got 47 %. john and amy are live from the daytona international speedway this morning. they've got some of the best seats in the house.
9:37 am
>> i love when we have guests who are above the fold. when they're this far up in today's line-up, in row no. four, that's a guest we like to have, and he's here. >> we're joined by ryan delaney this morning. thank you so much for being here. out of the gate, i gotta ask you. we have fun during commercial breaks and ryan had his phone out earlier. i noticed he had electrical tape on it. i'm like, what happened? you gotta get a new phone. what happened? >> i do, but i was riding a hover board and i fell off of it. i was trying to race it. imagine that. and kind of fell off of it and my phone broke. so hopefully sprint will hook me up with that. >> do you worry about -- we hear about nfl players who get injured doing stuff or out riding a skate board or stuff. do you worry about that, oh, gosh, what if i had gotten hurt? >> the good news is i didn't get hurt.
9:38 am
that's replaceable. >> what you also didn't see was the number of people behind you coming in for autographs. that's a big deal for you guys, isn't it, to interact with the fans. you don't see that in a lot of pro sports. >> that's what makes nascar so great. the accessibility to drivers is unbelievable compared to other sports. that's what makes us so successful and give the fans a great experience at the race track. there's tens of thousands of people here, anyone with meet a driver, just doing this appearance or here in the fan zone. so i think the accessibility is amazing in nascar. >> grow got started racing with when you were a kid, really, elementary school. who did you grow up watching and who are you now out here racing against that it's gotta be a little intimidating, i imagine? >> well, my dad is who got me into it because he raced also. and so i really looked up to him. but outside of that, i was a big jimmy john's fan growing up a
9:39 am
and i didn't tell really neat to be racing against those guys today. and it's really special to me. you're racing against people you look up to and how you modelled yourself after. and it's special to be able to be on the same track as those guys. >> yeah, i bet. >> it's gonna be a lot of fun today. i know you got a lot to do before you start. row no. four. thank you. >> 43 my twitter, by the way, he's @ blane y. congrats. good luck today. coming up next, we're going to chat live with model and orlando native charlotte mccain. >> it's going to be a good time.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
international speedway . welcome back to "good day orlando" live at daytona international speedway.
9:43 am
there once again on the track right now, signing the finish line. it's a big part of sunday each and every year. access is unprecedented in other sports and it's just a fun time. >> the energy out here, you can't match it. it is absolutely perfect. >> oh, absolutely. and this is one of our favorite moments. we're going to get to another vip guests in just a second. what you can't see is sitting just to amy's left it bobby allison here with us again this year. we're going to chat with him in just a bit. >> right now, back into the studio. >> good morning to you both. a live look at the weather conditions now. expected at track side, 1:00, around 75. will decrease temperatures slowly through the course of the afternoon. a light west wind here early and a sea breeze will fire up along the beach front south and east. by early afternoon, this would
9:44 am
with somewhat cooler temperatures. not too bad, though, again, still through the 70s and wrapped up the big event tonight around 67 degrees for the early evening. so delightful, no matter how you slice it. a nice day as well for orlando metro. looking like 76. it will be a touch warmer over the interior. ocean air begins to move in early and mid afternoon. we're a bit far off to the west. 61 at palm coast. 66 at melbourne. good morning, villages. 63 at ocala, gainesville, into north central florida, looking good in the upper 50s. again, sky condition. no problem at all. clouds increasing again from the north and west. got a big weather system to the north that will probably play into a rain chance for us, probably by tuesday or wednesday. not a huge deal at this time. beneficial rain drops. but a few stronger storms may begin to leech into the region out of the gulf of mexico. you can see that next system moving toward us as we get into wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon and evening, we'll have an organized
9:45 am
activity trying to get in, but we'll be on top of that, manning the weather center and bringing you the latest. if you don't see us on there, you can get your forecast online at of course on facebook and twitter and also visit our website, fox 35 now, the rain chance again, possibly here, a little bit tomorrow and about 20 %. but much greater odds at 50 % as wednesday. beach scene today, delightful. swell in the water, guys. if i wasn't here bringing you the weather, i'd be on top of my surf board right now. looking pretty good with light and west winds, a sea breeze, a bit of texture into the p.m. hours. you can see our atlantic wave plot is blowing up right now. north easterly ground swell getting past the bahama, hitting it the boo ies and register right there. pick the right sand bar at the right time and thou shall be rewarded. 2:00 high. drops low again as we get into the evening hours.
9:46 am
temperatures now, looks like solid 60s pretty much throughout both up north and down south at this time. so here's the forecast for today. it looks good. again, broad 70s in place for everybody up north, down south, east and west for tonight. delightful. we got some cool 50s for you. and again, uneventful, benign, and quiet through the overnight hours. our forecast for the next seven. rain chance aplenty, tuesday, wednesday, back side of the system. as the rain chance goes up, the temperatures come on down by thursday, friday, saturday, with 60s and 40s registering it by friday morning at 35. and no chance of rainfall. all right. that's your forecast. weather baby time. maybe not. live drive traffic time. and i-4 eastbound west of i 95, again, i didn't tell been very, very slow. obviously everyone trying to get in toward the track side at this time for the big race kicking off at 1:00. let's come on back to the computer now and show you what's going on.
9:47 am
eastbound i-4 eastbound, lane blocked, exit 132 at i 95. that's that exchange right there where the two freeways come together. so be might feel of that. even on a nonrace day, there's something going on there. bigger vantage view shows us again. i-4, it is red and that indicates pretty slow traffic all the way into daytona international speedway. john and amy, over to you. >> all right, jayme. thanks. it is for us, it is an incredible honor for now the second time to be able to interview nascar legend bobby allison. thank you so much for being here this morning. it's a pleasure for us. >> great to be here. >> like amy was just pointing out, you were our trivia question on "good day orlando" just a couple days ago. you won the daytona 500 at age. >> 50. >> back in 1988. could you get out there today and race? >> i probably could. >> really? >> yeah, i probably could.
9:48 am
i mean, it never goes away, does it? >> you know, my reflexes probably aren't quite as good as they were back then, but, you know, to be cool, calm and collected when it counts is most important. >> yeah. okay. >> we asked you before, how many daytona 500s. so let's go down the list. you won three times. go down the rest of your races. >> i won the 400, 3 times, won the 300, 2 times, and i won the 250, 3 times. >> that's amazing. >> that's your lucky number. >> it's definitely a lucky number for me, for sure. >> what is it like to come back here every year and to be here, surrounded by some of the fans who absolutely adore you? >> well, it is really special. it's a great feeling and people want to talk about good old days and good things that happened down to road and bring those
9:49 am
that's basically for me because rec you know, when i had that little crash in poke no, i had terrible memory loss. and so i still do not remember winning the 88 daytona 500. but somebody's gonna say something one of these days that's gonna light that back up for me. >> and you'll have a full memory of that. >> yeah. i won the thursday and saturday and sunday that year. and what i remembered is i won the fishing contest in a lake back there and then we had a big party at park's seafood restaurant sunday night for something. but. >> oh, my god. >> i love it. you remember the good food and the fishin'. what's better than that? >> well, i kind of would like to remember the race a little bit. >> he set a record that year, for crying out loud. >> how do you watch the race? when i watch, i don't know thesin and out. i look at the fast cars. i'm sure you watch it differently than the average fans.
9:50 am
>> i look for a few of the guys that i admire in today's deal, see how they're doing in traffic and how they're doing on the race track. >> who is that, bobby? who's on your list? >> the list is pretty long, really. joey logano definitely is there and chase elliott. you know, i sold bill elliott his first car, way back nearly 100 years ago, whenever that was. that mercury, the red and white mercury with number nine on it was his first car. and been friends with bill elliott for a long, long time. and chase and joey logano and lilly. you. you're still one of our favorites. today. >> such a pleasure, my frebd. come back next year and see us, okay? we'll make it a tradition. thank you so much.
9:51 am
we'll be back with much more
9:52 am
9:53 am
. welcome back to "good day orlando."
9:54 am
at the infields. where i hope you're super excited for the start of the this race. 1:00 is the race time, thousands and thousands of people are descending on the tracks right now. thousands of people are stuck in traffic trying to get to the tracks. >> it's taking a little while longer than normal. i keep getting tweet updates and text messages saying, oh, my gosh, a 2 lane road between orlando and daytona on a day like today. >> if you haven't left for the race yet, keep the construction in mind. you don't have to get here right at start time. you can join halfway and cavb to worry about traffic. >> our next guest, you've seen her in the hardy's commercials, and on dancing with the stars. joined by charlotte mckinney. she's actually from orlando. >> you know the traffic, don't you? >> i do. it's not as bad. i thought orlando traffic was bad until i moved to the west coast. but yeah, i loved growing up here. >> so your family is still in town.
9:55 am
your family is still in town. >> yeah. >> what is it like when you come home and get to see family and do events like this? >> it's fun. it brings me back, go to the house where i grew up. it's fun. i love being home. i'm super close with my parents. i have them come out and see me. i bet they love having you. is that a dress? >> it's a romper. >> okay. >> i don't know the official name. >> i was going to wear a jump suit because i want to feel racy. >> well, you are racy because you have richard petty motor sports. tell us the connection with you and the race here. >> they brought me out here, richard petty and all of them. i did nascar race in california so i think that's kind of where they saw me when i was promoting at the last one. they brought me out here and i'm so excited to meet him. i haven't met him yet, and i look forward to it. >> you're going to love him.
9:56 am
i gotta ask you, though. do you become a race fan like being amongst this crowd? do you find yourself cheering on certain driver? how does that feel? >> yeah, totally. i've definitely gotten into it just from being around it and from my dad's in the car industry and being around cars. so i definitely get a bit competitive and i pick one i'm into and i'm like, yeah. >> do you want to tell us? do you want to share? >> i don't know yet. i have to feel it out. i'm not there yet. >> you can find the cutest one. >> that's not a bad --. >> what's your day like from here on out? >> back to back appearances. >> we just heard them say your name up on the big screen. >> yeah. >> so, you be you know, just meeting everyone and having fun, stuff. i'm excited. >> so when you come back to orlando, what are your i have to go do things? >> yeah, i'm big into like all
9:57 am
and all, you know, park avenue and going there. and peter brooke chocolate. jury mia's. >> peter brooke. love peter brooke. >> the food here is still my favorite. and my mom cooks when i'm home. >> that works. >> how can people follow you, very quickly? >> just my name on twitter. find me. >> thanks, charlotte. good to see you. >> okay. >> she picked out her driver. >> we just can't show you who it is. >> all right. so we're going to wrap up our coverage here right now. you've got a lot coming up. of course, all the prerace show coverage on fox beginning in a couple hours here. >> i can't wait. 1:00 is race time. 12:19 is the time you'll see florida-georgia line.
9:58 am
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9:59 am
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10:00 am
i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the two top finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country. [ applause ] >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. [ applause ]


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