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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and fox broadcasting company happy anniversary, honey. (baby laughing) now, on fox thirties five new's. the closest 500 ever. tonight we have live team coverage from daytona including the thrilling finish. >> i didn't know we won until someone told me. >> a walk down the sidewalk takes a nasty turn for a local woman. >> i hope i get whoever it was that hit my mother. >> this billboard turning heads smile big weather changes coming up.
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this is the finish of the daytona 500. right side bouncing off each other. unbelievable. i think it was danny hamlin. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us at 10:00 o'clock. we begin with the drama at daytona. the closest finish in daytona 500 history. four inches separate the winner from second place. in the end it's danny hamlin. every angle covered for you tonight. from the new speedway experience to the reaction. we go to the live team coverage from dane tone awe with ryan. >> it was sunny. it was such a stark difference. the speedway as quiet as you've seen it.
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a lot of fans didn't know who one won the race. four inches. cars going 200 miles per hours. adam shadoff will join us with the team coverage as well. history. >> chase elliot trying to rookie to win it in pole position. lap 20 loses control. spins out of the grass. front end is in bad shape. first caution of the race. for six laps his day over. lap 169 after he more than an hour of clean racing some action. dale earnhardt junior gets aggressive. slides all the way to the inside wall. junior walking out fine.
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matt kenseth in the lead. hamlin charging hard on the outside. going on the inside. just get past martin truex junior. the closest finish in daytona 500 inches. four inches and one intelligent of a second separated. an unreal week for danny. eleventh daytona 500. my 11th year in the series with fedex. that's what makes it so proud for me to get the very first daytona 500 for toyota. the first daytona 500 in 23 years for my boss. it's jds birthday. the guy that found me so long ago. everything was planned so perfectly for us to get a victory today. >> so that was the victory for danny hamlin. he was born in tampa. has waited a long time for this.
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danika patrick and dale earnhardt junior. the bottom five today. a rough start for the season. it was the perfect start for daytona. unveiling the $400 million renovation a chance to put it on display for fans. had perfect weather. unveiled the first motor stadium in the world. four massive injectors that brings fans here. 40 escalatores. all 105,000 of the seats were full today. not an empty seat in this place. standing at the end of the races. rave reviews for the newly renovated speedway. >> we had to see it. >> it has not disappointed. this is fabulous. >> love the vertical transportation. >> a lot of elevators and
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>> perfect for people like us. >> an amazing track. the daytona rising is awesome. we've been here the eight out of the last 10 years it's been amazing. >> if you like any kind of racing. you got to dome this place. a lot of people in the in field that did not seem like race fans but loved the experience. -- joins us, now, from the fan zone just outside of the speedway. holly, what a great experience. watch how some of the fans experienced the daytona 500. >> after the sunset and crowds clear. the race thousandist were excited. fans couldn't stop talk about the new grand stand that sold out in the debut. one of the fans' amy france.
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>> i think it's amazing all the hard work and man hours everybody put into build the amazing facility paid off. couldn't be more happy and impressed by today. it was just goes down in history. even though her grandfather was one of the cofounder's of nascar. but like many other fans today was the first time in build. >> i'm amazed and impressed. it was a success. >> the in field crowd managed to create their own idea of the perfect place to watch the reaction. whether it was a homemade perch on top of the pick up. >> on a couch in the mist of what's known as the zoo. >> the view is great. >> under a tent many their own tailgate chair with just a fence separating them. >> it's a some. it's like you could reach
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>> it seems like everybody experienced their own perfect version. today, mashed the 58th edition of the race. the sport keeps growing. >> this is my first nascar race period. >> what did you think? >> it was awesome. and so it was awesome is a good way a lot of fans described experience. it really has become an experience. if you are not a race fan, you enjoyed the awesomeness of the stadium. it has changed diagram atly. adam shadoff is going to join us. we're going to talk to danny hamlin more on his reaction and we'll take you inside the car of casey meres. a go pro in there and show you some of the technology as well. coming up. >> a perfect day. not only raise y wise for the finish. but weatherwise.
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we look for the o for the roast of the coverage. >> new tonight at 10. we are hearing from the family of a woman who was hit a killed but a motorcyclist. the victim walking on a sidewalk. live no orlando with the details here. valerie. >> hey there sunny. investigators say that they are getting different versions of what happened that night. approximate both the driver and the pedestrian died. somewhere hoping someone comes forward with the information. >> any mother passed away. >> pierre said that he was heading out to work on saturday evening. when his mother decide to take her daily walk. >> she said i'm going to go down the street and get something. it was the last time i saw my mother. >> florida highway patrol said that she was killed while walking on the sidewalk after a motorcyclist lost control and hit her.
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also died. >> i was going crazy. i don't know what to do. i'm shaking. it looked like my whole body fell down. >> pierre said his moral was a loving person that loved everybody. >> the whole neighborhood loved her. >> troopers said there was a group of motorcycle but they weren't on the roadway. none of the drivers remained on scene for questioning. they are not exactly sure what happened. that's why she say witnesses come forward. >> i hope that whoever was that hit with my mother on the motorcycle -- >> and anyone who saw the accident on powers drive on saturday night to call the polar polar highway patrol. valerie, that's correct's. a man is behind bars tonight facing felony charges after
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during a robbery at an orange county convenient store. he barged into the snw foods. he demanded cash and fired. four people hit. one of them in critical condition. police arrived and a canine helped tracked him down. a home gutted by fire in volusia. firefighter's say the call came in just afternoon on mercer -- road. they found the house engulfed. the two people got out without injuries. no. other homes were effected. fox alert tragedy in michigan. a gun man's random l rampage leave's six people dead. tonight we're learning more about the shooter. kristin delgato showing us more.
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went on a shooting industry. >> 45 year old jason dalton drove around the area in kalamazoo shooting independent people -- innocence people in three location. a father and his eight year old son among the people killed. he was taken into custody. police say there is no clear reason why he started the rampage. >> he didn't struggle. he seemed unaffected by what was going on. they found it pretty surprising based upon what he knew or done at the time. >> dalton's neighbors say he couldn't be cable of this. >> he's mainly by himself. livings here for the last three years i've never seen any distress going on. >> uber confirmed that dalton was one of their
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was working during the attacks. >> an emergency plane landing in volusia county. right near -- the plane landed safely and no one hurt. >> a big surprise this weekend in south carolina irrelevant. what does it mean for the presidential candidate. we'll talk political analysis. who wins over jeb bush votes. >> break ys news for a search for baby willow. searcher back at a local pond. >> beautiful weather for
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looks like changes for for the second straight day crews draining pond in orange county.
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the new bosh born abandon last friday. the mother charged with child neglect. the latest on the mystery. >> first let me let you know where we are. we're a couple hundreds yards north of silver star roads and half a mile east of evans high school. that's where the retention pond sit's. you can hear the pump behind me droneing. that's the little pump they have going right now. if you look up the bank to the right. you can see a couple of very large pumps they have been using for the last couple of days as well. if you take a look across the opposite bank. you can see where the earth goes from a dark color to light. that's the water line where all of this began with this retention pond friday night at 6:00 o'clock. they have so far a drawn
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they still have quite aways to go. the crews told me they will probably be out here all night long tonight and here through the afternoon -- sometime tomorrow afternoon. the retention pond will be down far enough that they can stop pump and investigator's can get out there in the body of this pond and start searching for any clue of baby willow. now, the reason they came to this retention pond is it is very close willow bend apartments window baby willows mother lives. they are very interested in getting out there and see what they can see. we they that will happen sometime tomorrow afternoon when these pumps have finally done all the jobs they can do. >> the race for the white house stretches across america. in south carolina donald trump makes it two in a row. everything he touches turning into gold.
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>> they were probably sent here so we could put them in our jail. they didn't pay the electric bill. oh, i like that better. >> his win leads to the end the road for jeb bush. >> i hope that we get the right kind of leadership to make america's best days ahead thanksgiving hillary clinton holes off bernie sanders and promises to build on president obama accomplishment's. > what we're dawn do in this election is to make sure we have a democrat in the wheat house to succeed president obama to keep our progress going. >> we brought in our political power panel tonight. frank torres and earnest -- we're going to start with busch frank. he is out. does that surprise you. >> the writing was on the wall. we saw signs the last couple of days. we knew he neededded a top
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poor sure shows in iowa -- his staff flowing application's to other campaigns. you knew it was time. >> who do his voter's turn to now. >> i think the observe obvious choice is rubio. rubio is running as an insider outsider. they are both members of the senate but cruise because of his pyre relationship with the senate and marco rubio is more of an outsider. it goes to him as more of a the other two. is it helpful. is this there enough votes. b do you want the endorsement of the insider the accomplishment guy. >> speaking of nevada. there. number one a surprise is this just a beginning of what you think will be a coast through the rest of
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>> it was very close. it's a lot closer than hills wanted it. she cleared up in new hampshire. bern i bernie sanders is picking up. we're going to see what he can do with that momentum and what hillary clinton can do to derail the train. >> final question. we've seen so many fireworks and changes on the gop side. are we in store for flip flopping and changes and the gaining - bernie sanders on the democrat side. >> sanders actually said after the showing in nevada. you know look. we didn't have the kind of turn out we wanted for younger volunteers and didn't do as well with african american voters. other than how did the play go other than the fact that your husband got shot right. he needs to do well with young voters and turn out who are not as active.
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it only gets worse in southern carol and worse on super tuesday. he's not going to be able to get enough votes to a, do well in the primary rue years and do well with with the delegates. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the nevada republican caucus is. the south carolina democrat primary is saturday. >> we're hearing from the local sergeant hit by a car during a traffic stop. >> anyone who knows i'm going to get through this. >> she's a woman who's sharing her spirit and a message as the person who is responsible for hurting her remains on the run tonight. >> good sunday evening. gina here with a look on your -- a couple projects i
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with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. you can't ask for better weather than what we've had today. >> a lot of sunshine and nice temperature. flight some changes on the way. the next several afternoons we'll see a chance for rain. live radar is rain free. we do bring in a chance of showers the next several afternoons. our chance of rain on the high side. we get into later into the day on monday, tuesday, wednesday. running warm. mainly in the 60s across the area. temperatures for tomorrow. back up to 81 degrees. 81 on tuesday. wednesday, 50 percent chance of showers.
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after the nice weekend. >> we are expecting more details tomorrow about the sunken cargo ship el faro. it sailed into the path of a hurricane. 33 crew members die. tomorrow begins week two of he hearing. >> pizza is a favorite food of many people. in palm coast a fight broke out inside of a pizza shop. >> instead of rationally dealing with the staff. she began arguing. the charges that four different people are facing tonight after a fight over food. >> orlando international airport step up clogs up fight against zika. >> 147 the speedway in
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> tonight we're hearing from the sergeant with the orange county sheriff's office who was run over by a teenager that she was trying to take into custody. deer continue delgato live in the studio. she's on the mend, but badly bruised. her spirt still high. >> i have four stitches in my eye over here. i have quite a bit of swelling in my eye and into my head. >> marcy pierce showing us the full extent of her injuries. >> both hands or knuckles are all swollen. my right wrist is bruised. right around the thumb, my
10:30 pm
>> pierce was run down by a teenager she was trying to take into. custody. >> she recover's at home after spending hours in the hospital. >> i'm okay. i'm going to be okay. anyone that knows me knows i'm going to get through this. >> physically bruised but mentally tough. she's overwhelmed by the showing of support by the community. >> i have this live ahead of me. i'm going to make the most it. i appreciate them taking their time out of their stay to wish me well. i'm humbled by that. >> the sheriff's office is asking ortiz to turn himself in. if you know where he meeting be, you're asked to call crime line. >> sunny. >> kristin thanks. orlando international airport mason sure workers
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about the zika virus. fliers about the illness from the center of disease control. they set up mosquito spraying around the air powers. 26 cases found in florida. all travel related. >> some good pizza, too much for some people in the palm coast. four people are in jail tonight after a fight over food. >> four people are in jail after an argument here in palm coast pizza. investigators say that the argument going to over garlic not's. >> palm coast pizza prides it's self on tasty foods. but friday night jessica -- became argumentative over the cheese over the garlic
10:32 pm
>> they began argue. >> staff tried to return her money. but she became more ire rate when she felt disrespected by the way the money was put down on the count irrelevant. >> she through a tip jar. and her three friends pushed and shoved all of the electric equipment. >> vincent -- and sean cody and -- all were involved in the altercation. they threw pizza botches everywhere. a glass shaker of cheese was thrown in this tv. >> he says all four were arrested not far and in jail. jones with possession of marijuana. >> if you act this way, there's a place four.
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david williams fox 35 news. >> live at the daytona international speedway. approximate world seeing the images of the photo finished. i've covered enough of these - hamlin is partying speedway. his mom released a note after the win. in second grade hamlin wrote i want to win the daytona 500. and win a million dollars. he got it and more than a million dollars. also we're going to take you inside the life of a nascar driver. what's the day like in a nascar drivers live. we'll give you a hint. >> and fast. >> look forward to that. a billboard has people doing a double take. the message from muslim americans who put up this
10:34 pm
>> beautiful outside. temperatures in the 60s.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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a new billboard in seminole county generated a lot of buzz. depicted three women of varying faiths in head
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>> so the billboard is about highlighting modesty. that we as muslims practice by using the head covering. it is an act of devotion to god. >> high in thesky in john young park way there is a build board. women of different faith's share important values many of them wear head scarves. >> a lot of times people don't think about the similarity of the muslim head scar with the christian nuns or the mother of jesus. it all comes from the same thing. it's an act of devotion and worship. it's a part of the faith. >> she said at least two muslim women were harassed. she's worried about the message that people are getting when they see
10:38 pm
>> it's scary that i am being portrayed like that. that my faith is being portrayed like that. that is the message that the average person is getting. people are feeling intimidated for what they are seeing in the media. they need to realize this is not the real picture. >> the billboard will be up until march 7th. >> what i beautiful weekend here. plenty of sunshine. humidity nice and comfort. temperature 69 degrees showers begin to develop. slight chance toll. better chance on tuesday. more on wednesday. the sun comes back out and then it cools d running well below normal. 73 in miami. 63 up towards pensacola. no. fear of any kind of
10:39 pm
kind of a setup. instead of a prolonged period of more clouds tonight. more and more clue clouds tomorrow. a chance for a shower tomorrow afternoon. the first really good chance is on tuesday. tuesday late afternoon and evening. the cold front still coming. it does show up. the low does go way to up to the north. this front weakening. decent chance of rain. maybe a rumble of two of thunder as we go through wednesday mainly in the afternoon and e-mail. the computer models backed off the rain. one to one-and-a-half inches of rain. now, calling for a half an inch of rain in most locations. possibly a little bit more in ocala. seven day forecast. 81 for tomorrow. look at the warm weather ahead of the front. sunday, the bottom droops out. the temperatures mainly in
10:40 pm
and lows in the 40s. big change there. >> as far as the rain is concerned. that's not going to be a consistent thing. on and off with storms rolling through. >> wednesdays the best chance. >> the fox 35 sports zone coming up next. sports anchor adam shadoff with a preview. >> hey sunny, life in victory lane. danny hamlin beats out truex for less than a second. big names, crash, late in the finish in the back of the pack.
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championship after >> welcome to victory lane here in daytona international speedway and the fox 35 sports zone. i'm add -- add shot. a spectacular finish. danly hamlin your champion. chase elliot on the pole for the 58th running of the race.
10:44 pm
in the fourth positions - spins out into the grass. stalled in the grass. brings out the first caution of the race for six plaps lap 56 now. vickers gets loose. spain spot as elliots spin out. tony stuart. a tough week for him. edwards hits the wall trying to avoid vickers a pair of rockies involved in a hard crash. matt -- and chris buscher both in their first runner. hard up the hill and into the wall. he would walk away from this in his car. as does buscher. the raining xfinitys championship. >> lap one. after more than an hour of clean racing. we had some action. dale earnhardt junior comes
10:45 pm
slide's all the way into the inside wall. junior walks out fine. but the race's favorite. his day done. trouble the number 10 car danika patrick. she spins out all the way inside. drive away from this one. came the final lap. we have some crazy dramatics sixth in front. hamlin goes inside. kenseth falls away. the 11th car gets by in the closest finish in daytona 500 history. four inches separated them. an unreal week for denny as he wins. the first win for joe gibbs racing here since 1993.
10:46 pm
for toyota. first championship win ever for danny hamlin. championships. my last one was in 2003 in a late model series. to be called a champion of anything is a huge honor. >> i don't why i get in pro sports. you wind up look for someplace to throw up. i really did kind of hold my breath. you know here it's going to come on the last lap if there is anybody close and everybody was close. daytona 500 winning trophy lift that up. congratulations. hold on. everybody hold up. all right. let's go to the nba.
10:47 pm
foreign knee a had a game high. 23 points. george with 20. pacers win it in a heartbreaker for the magic. 105 - 102. state taking on toronto. what an he have for the for kaka. he rips an unstoppable right footer into the net. score on a penalty kick. the lions win, 2 - 1. an amazing week here in daytona. i got a chance to do an amazing story. we embedded with the race car driver casey mears for the entire day. we take you through his day
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>> welcome back to victory lane here at daytona. a tough day for casey mears. he had tire issue's. finished 32nd. along with photographer mike -- and myself. last saturday we got to follow him around the entire day for the entire sprint unlimited. 9:30 a.m. casey starts his day. a short golf cart drive to the garage. no stroll through the haulers would be complete without autographs. 10:18 a.m. first time in the garage for the day. first -- with the crew chief. follow by first time in the car for the day. 10:27 a.m. out of the garage and on to pit row and on to the track for the first time casey
10:52 pm
sprint qualifying. 10:52 a.m. back into the garage. casey never got out of the car. plenty of time for a selfie. one more lap in the first of two practice session. for the next half hour track, garage, autograph's repeat. time for lunch. casey makes a healthy choice. after lunch. he sat down with us for an interview. >> i was raised in a race shop. spent spend a lot time on the track. >> 107. much needed downtown. relaxing in the hauler. check social media. back to work. chat with booty again. >> hey booty, stop being yourself.
10:53 pm
right there. >> 1:48. in the car for just one single lap in the second round of practice. 2:06 a quick interview. 2:45 a chat with rick childress. a tour of his crib style home. ed middle part is the kitchen. compact way of living. it's great. feels like home. 6:16 casey and booty mean meeting. a brief chat with the team owners. 7:53 we're approaching go time. driver introductions, get into the car and then -- 8:36 finally the green flag unlimited.
10:54 pm
front and clean until 958. one of the four major crashes in the race. caseys teamworks like crazy through three separate pit stops. 10:08 he avoids a final crash for a solid fifth place. he's off to sleep his crew cleans up the pit boxes. his day is done. >> many thanks to casey for allowing us to tag along. >> we massacre and football
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welcome back to the fox 35 sports zone. what a week for joe gibbs and the joe gibbs racing team. three of the top five drivers on the daytona 500 all on the gibbs racing team. kyle busch wins one of the duals. gibbs become one ever the first persons to win an nfl super bowl and the super bowl of racing. he's loving life. gets the is shadoof shout out. >> adam i think just a
10:58 pm
perfect debut for the stadium. perfect finish. aloft the fans came out to see earnhardt win. he had a rough start. fans wanted him to win. it doesn't happen as often as the way you think it will in daytona. patrick and elliot. finish back. four inches separates the winner here. pretty impressive. that's going to do it for our coverage in speed week. we thank you for joining us all week long. if you want to continue to follow me on fox 35 twitter for all of your local sports news throughout the week. that's going to do it. i throw up confetti. hurray, we're down e done with speed week.
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