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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. it's monday, february 22nd. thanks for waking up with us. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- two bodies are found inside of a home in merritt island. the brevard county sheriff' s office is now trying to figure out how the two people died. the latest on the investigation-- next. the search continues for a missing baby girl this morning... after orange county deputies say she was abandoned by
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and now-- crews are draining a pond-- as part of their search. the details straight ahead. plus this-- it was one of the closest finishes in racing history. denny hamlin is your "daytona 500" winner. coming up... we have the breakdown of yesterday's big race. toss to kristin breaking news -- troopers are on the
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and run crash. this is happening in orange county -- at the intersection of americana boulevard trail. troopers tell us-- they have a driver in custody. we have a crew on the way to the scene.. and we will bring you a live report at 5. developing right now-- the brevard county sheriff's office is investigating after 2 people are found dead inside a home. this is happening on "7 indian street" on merritt island... just south of the causeway. this is video from the scene-- where crime scene investigators continue to look for evidence. deputies say-- two people were found dead inside the home last night-- but no other details have been released. right now--
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a pond in orange county-- as the search continues for baby willow. orlando police say the newborn was abandoned by her mother last monday. this pond is just east of the "willow bend apartments"-- on silver star road in orlando. that is where the baby is believed to have been born... and sv"iscarded. last week--crews also searched nearby dumpsters --and even the sewers-- but found nothing. the baby's mother--susan richardson--is not offering any information to help find the child. richardson is in the orange county jail on 50--thousand dollars bond. h|also developing this morning-- an orlando man-- is begging someone to come forward-- after his mother is run-over and killed by a dirt bike.
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orlando is launching a "garbage experiment"-- to keep recycling bins from overflowing. right now-- the city collects trash twice a week... and recycling every-
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complained that their trash cans are only half full when the garbage trucks come -- but their recycling bins are always overflowing. so-- the city has selected 7 neighborhoods to take part in a 6 month experiment. during that time-- the city will collect both -- recycling and trash -- once a week. if the results are good-- the entire city could make the switch. 10 milli-seconds. that is how much time separated the winner-- from second place-- in the "daytona 500." denny hamlin -- accomplished his childhood dream -- by winning the race last night. it is the closest finish in the history of the "great american race." hamlin managed to squeeze past
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kenseth... and martin tru-ex junior... to get the win. it was so close.. hamlin said.. he did not know he won at first. it is his first daytona 500 victory-- something hamlin has attempted 10 times before. trt:27 oc: back when hamlin was in second grade -- he wrote a letter to himself wishing for a daytona 500 victory. moments after his win last night-- hamlin's mother tweeted a photo of
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wanted to win the race in 19-98. it may have taken him 18 more years than expected-- but hamlin finally got to victory lane. webpage) front page of the daytona beach news journal.. finish closest-ever photo finish. a news alert now -- the uber driver-- accused of killing six people in a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan... is expected to be arraigned on murder charges today. fox's kelly wright has the latest
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international airport is taking new steps to make sure you are safe from zika. florida's second busiest airport.. is distributing educational fliers to travelers. the fliers encourage travelers to bring insect repellent.. and to cover-up their skin to prevent mosquito bites. zika is rapidly spreading throughout latin america. there are 26 cases of the mosquito- born virus in the sunshine state-- including orange and osceola counties. all of the cases are travel related. coming up next-- after two close
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the remaining candidates to go full speed ahead. especially on the republican side-- straight ahead... rubio's joust... to become the better alternative candidate. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love
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what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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us-- just use #g-d-o you decide 2016-- the dust may be settling-- after close races in south carolina and nevada... but the
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are just getting started. fox's john roberts is in south carolina-- with the latest from
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four people are arrested... for causing quite a ruckus at a local business. u8*started at a pizza shop... after one of the suspects became upset. coming up... we willtell you what
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taking a live look at
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robbery... inside a taxi cab. that story kicks off the morning rush. police are looking for 31-year-old "devine lovett." police say last monday...lovett pulled a gun on a cab driver in orlando. lovett took the driver's wallet and cellphone, before getting out of the cab and running off. police say lovett could be a man... but dressed as a woman. anyone with information should call police. an orange county man-- accused of shooting four people during a robbery at a convenience store-- is expected to be in court today. on saturday-- orlando police say roy stephens barged into the "s-and-w foods" store on parramore avenue. he demanded cash-- then opened fire. four people were hit-- one of them is still in critical condition this morning. police arrived-- and a k-9 helped track down stephens. ] county investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire
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it happened just after noon yesterday-- along mercer fernery road-- near state road 15. crews say two people inside got out unharmed. the house is a total loss. in flagler county-- four people are in jail after they started a real food-fight-- over garlic knots. it happened on friday at "palm coast pizza." deputies say 25- year-old "jessica conti" became upset because she did not want cheese on her garlic knots-- but they had cheese on them anyway. dputies say-- conti argued with staff-- who tried to return her money. but-- she did not like the way staff put the money on the counter. that is when deputies say, things got out of control. deputies say the four suspects went into the kitchen and
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pizza boxes and food everywhere. all four were arrested nearby-- and charged with burglary and criminal mischeif. a weather alert now-- at least one person is dead-- and several others are injured-- following an avalanche in canada. this happened yesterday in the town of "golden"-- in british columbia. police say 13 people were involved. the avalanche happened ... as the group took part in a guided ski tour on a mountain. two people were reportedly taken to the hospital with serious injuries. four others were treated for minor
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vq:jay have
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weekend... but we can not forget about the orlando magic. the team took-on the indiana pacers last night at home. "fox sports florida"
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recovering-- after being stabbed by her roommate. straight ahead-- the scary details of
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a dog is back home with its family this morning... after someone stole it---and then-- left it stranded. find out how social media re-united this
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police say she was stabbed by her roommate-- that she met on craigslist. byron mitchell is eg charges of attempted murder. police say he had lived with danielle jones for a week-- when he beat and stabbed her-- inside their apartment on valentine's day. jones spent the last week in a coma at a miami hospital. but her family says... she is finally starting to open her eyes. mitchell's lawyers say he is claming self-defense in the incident. he remains in jail without bond. in tampa-- a stolen dog is re-united with its family-- thanks to the power of social media. the medina family says-- they left home monday morning... to attend a school function. when they got back-- they discovered their german shepard r9" was nowhere to be found. police think someone took lika from their fenced-in backyard. a good samaritan called police-- after they saw a man in a pick-up truck put
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take- off. tampa p-d--posted lika's picture on facebook. neighbors spotted the post... and the medinas were able to get her back. lika was a little dirty--but unharmed. so far-- police have not identified a suspect in the dog- napping. coming up at 5-- we are following breaking news right now -- troopers are on the scene of a deadly hit and run crash. we are live from the scene with the latest details. plus-- developing right now -- two people are found dead inside a home. now --deputies are trying to figure out what happened. those stories and more--on good day
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