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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ppppppp``````````````````````````````````````````````p0@``pppp00d>`ll`>8 > >l>`>88 >`pppx|||@||||xxxxxx`````````````````pp````xxxxxxxx`xxx```ppppppp`ppppppp```xxxxxx| clermont. the orlando sentinel reports the school board... accepted his resignation at a meeting last night. the sentinel also reports -- jungreis is denying the sexual allegations... but did admit to spending time with the student. developing this morining... space-x says it is ready for tomorrow's rocket launch at the cape. the company.. is looking to send a
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tomorrow night. k"]q out this picture-- from a rocket engine test yesterday. aftrer tomorrow's launch--space-x will attempt to land the rocket booster on a floating barge. back in december, the company successfully landed a falcon 9 first stage on land at cape canaveral. sea-based rocket landings are considered to be more difficult. the last three times space x attempted barge landings... they ended in failure. launch is set for 6- 46 tomorrow night... but there is concern about strong wind and clouds.. because of an approaching cold front. bye bye free shipping? the changes amazon is making.. that could cost you more the next time you shop. plus-- trt: oc: cruz control... problems. ted cruz's campaign is dealing with accusations of underhanded
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details.. on the fallout.. over a false
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nevada caucus. the g-o-p frontrunner is expected to win-- so the real battle -- will be for second place. in the latest "gravis" poll... 39 percent of ) republican voters in nevada said they support trump. ted cruz is in second, with 23 percent support.. and marco rubio is close behind in third.. with 19 percent. john kasich and ben carson have 9 percent and 5 percent respectively. cruz is going into today's contest.. facing new controversy for what critics call... shady behavior. cruz has asked his national spokesman to resign ... after he re-tweeted a false news story about marco rubio. the story included a video that misquoted rubio... making it appear that he was trash talking the bible. trt: oc: the cruz campaign
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number of controversies-- starting from the first presidential contest in iowa. before winning the caucuses, the senator's campaign circulated information that suggested ben carson might be leaving the presidential race. meantime, the democrats are turning their focus to south carolina, which holds its primary this weekend. bernie sanders --is looking to regain ground after a five- point loss to hillary clinton in the nevada caucuses. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud, let's talk about cruz... i watched a bizarre press conferencce where he announced his communication manaer was out.. then attacked marco rubio.... how big is his trust problem with voters bud, how should marco rubio react?
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how can he capitalize on all this?? you can listen to
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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developing at this hour -- a prosecutor tells fox news the uber driver accused of randomly killing six people and injuring two others in michigan admits to the attacks. jason dalton faced a judge yesterday-- but did not enter a plea. witnesses say dalton was picking up fares in between carrying out the shootings. one happened in a craker barrel parking lot. there-- a 14-year old girl was shot and initially declared brain dead. her family was preparing to donate her organs -- when the girl squeezed her mother's hand. she was rushed into surgery .. and is in
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fox 35 is saving you money with today's pump patrol. gas is 1-56 at the "quick mart" on south bumby ave & east illiana street in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic.
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` `o@0 lots of cruises- "ship out" from port canaveral... but it turns out-- fewer people are taking cruises. aq- dvort canaveral's executives say--
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watch-- you'll now have to pay more... to qualify for free-shipping from "amazon". the company is raising its free shipping minimum to 49-dollars for non- prime members. that is up from 35- dollars. amazon hopes the change will encourage customers to sign up for "amazon prime."
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year-- and comes with perks-- like free two-day shipping. there is still one category not affected by the new shipping minimum. book orders only need to reach 25- dollars to qualify for free shipping. florida hospital is making a big donation to u-c-f's planned downtown campus. yesterday--the hospital pledged 1- point-5 million dollars toward the project. officials say the gift will help fund the construction of a new academic building... that will be the centerpiece of the campus. the university hopes to open the campus in the fall of 2018. port canaveral is experiencing a drop in cruise passengers. according to the port officials --they have seen a significant drop in the numbers-- over the past four months. reports show the numbers are down almost 10 percent compared to last year. however, officials are confident the drop is temporary. they believe business will increase... when they add new ships at the end of this year. coming up in our
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causing a deadly hit and run in orange county is in court today. police say he was driving drunk--and caused a four car crash. but that's not all-- why police say--he should have never been behind the
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i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first--- the teenager-- accused of running down an orange county deputy-- will be in court for his first appearance. and the deputy involved says--she will be there. then-- a lake county woman is in jail--accused of biting a police officer as they tried to take her into custody. what they said led up to the arrest. plus-- one family's fight for medical marijuana is taking them to another state. why they are moving their whole life... for this controversial treatment. cqbut first, let's get
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breaking overnight--
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|p0 and gets shot in the stomach in orlando. it happened just before 11-30 last night..... at the "pine view apartments" on north pine hills road. police say the men knocked on the victim's door. when he answered one suspect told him to quote-- "give it up." that is when one of the men opened- fire... striking the victim in the stomach... before running off. right now-- investigators do not know if the men took anything from the victim. he is recovering at the hospital... in serious condition. developing this morning-- @ the teen-- accused of running over an orange county deputy-- and driving away will be in court. rp"eputy and husband say they will also be there. fox 35's andrea jackson is live in orange county with more. good mornig andrea.
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ortiz is schedule to appear in front of a judge in juvenile g````8>gpg`8`88p 8 first appearance today. that story tops our morning rush. florida highway **ays valentin sis-sis was driving drunk on orange blossom trail when he ran a red light and caused a four- car crash.
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adams was killed. troopers say sis-sis took-off... but was later found passed out in the driver's seat at a nearby apartment complex. troopers say sis-sis didn't even have a license. a woman --suspected of robbing a cab driver-- is in jail this morning... after a `````````````p```x||d`rbbb`` week on the run. devine lovett is accused of pointing a gun at a mears cab driver.. robbing him .. and then running y. lovett now faces charges of armed robbery with a firearm.. and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. a woman convicted of murdering a 15- year-old boy will be sentenced today. amber wright was ound guilty of first degree murder for her part in the 2011 killing of seath jackson. prosecutors say wright lured her ex-boyfriend away from his summerfield home through text messages... and then four men beat and shot jackson...killing him. new this morning -- the former c-e-o of "harbor house" has hired an attorney-- after the domestic violence agency fired her. carol wick was let
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c-e-o. our news partners at the orlando sentinel report-- wick has since retained a lawyer. her attorney tells the sentinel.. wick was given no notice-- and no severance pay-- which violated the agency's by-laws and contract with wick. both sides are now working to resolve the situation without filing a lawsuit. in lake county -- a u5ains behind bars... accused of biting a police officer. it happened friday a hotel on burleigh boulevard. tavares police say... they got a call that "cassandra manning" was passed out in a hallway. officers arrived.. and found manning in a hotel room with her husband... yelling. police say she refused to calm down.. so they put her in cuffs.. and that's when she bit an officer on the arm. manning is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. you decide 2016-- donald trump continues to lead polls heading into the nevada caucuses. that is with the negative ads being
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this comes--as ted cruz faces new controvery for something his national spokesman tweeted out. the tweet was a story that included a video that mis- quoted rubio-- making it appear that he was trash talking the bible. qfox's doug luzader is live in washington d-c with more. good morning doug. cruz running into controversy again this morning. how do you think this is going to affect him going into the nevada caucuses? what other candidates do you think will be able to
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controversy surrounding trump? 0 thanks doug. after today-- something subtle but important detail is changing on florida's highways. the orlando sentinel reports-- a certain kind of font is being banned on new road signs.
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signs have had since world-war 2. some people say... the signs are difficult to read at a distance. there is a new kind of font-- called "clear-view"-- that was recently introduced. you can see "clear- view" lettering on signs for the recently opened "wekiva parkway" in seminole county. even though some are saying "clear- view" is easier to read... highway authorities want to keep things consistent so-- all new signs will have the old font. the orlando magic hit the hardwood tonight... after losing 2 of their last 3 games. the team has struggled to close games all year and is now in 11th place... with a 24 and 30 @z@4@;*;0xx0
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cameras. e-s-p-n reports gvqh`````ii`````````@q@q@q@q@q@qap@q during the team's latest media training session... players were shown clips @qp@qp`kl from the now infamous "cam newton" press conference after the super-bowl... where he abruptly got up and left. yankees players were also reportedly shown clips of russell wilson after last year's super-bowl... and encouraged to act similarly in @o@o@o@o@o@o@o@o@o@gpo@opo@opopopopopoopo@opooo@o defeat. @opopopopopopopopopopopo@g@o @gog@g@g@o@g@o@o@o@o@o@o@o@o@o@o tiger woods hasn't look the same on the @ links for a long time. and now... oo@o@o@o@oo@o@o@o@o@oo@o@w@w@w@w@g@g@g@g@w according to golf journalist robert @g@g@g@g@w@w@w@w@w@g@w@w@g@g@g@g@wo@o@oooo'''g'gg'8`%@2| lu-set-itch... woods is struggling to even sit up straight in a chair. wq5itch reports woods' back surgery over the winter is to blame for his latest setback. but woods' agent is denying the report... calling it "ridiculous" and "false". @#pa coming up-- we told you about how some florida police...are refusing to work concerts for beyonce's "formation" concert tour. but now... one
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says... they will come to her aid if she needs it. we'll tell you about it. plus this-- as medical marijuana bills crawl through the state legislature... some families are chosing to leave florida for help. more on their story--and how a new medical marijuana bill is pushing forward.
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fans are posting to social media... as they mourn the loss of a country legend this morning. "sonny james" died yesterday-- at a nashville hospice facility. he was 87-years- old. the singer dominated county music for more than 20 years... and had 16 number 1 country records in his career. you can join the ``````````` social media tribute to "james" by using the hashtag g-d-o. now it's time for your names to know. { we have nancy zppppppppppp pelosi and beyonce... but we start with camille cosby. the wife of bill cosby--started her desposition connected to a defamation lawsuit yesterday. seven women are suing the comedian for portraying them as liars... after they claimed he sexually assaulted them. cosby has since filed a counter-suit against those women. camille will now have to return for another deposition on march 14th. next is nancy pelosi. the house democratic leader will be in orlando today to support former police chief val demings...who is running for the florida congress. pelosi is endorsing demings for
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district. her trip will also focus on building support for minority and family owned businesses. finally we have police officers in tampa and miami... have refused to work the concerts for her "formation" world tour. now--the nation of islam is coming to her aid. the leader of the group has vowed to provide protection for beyonce if police officers won't. today-- the state senate will debate a bill that expands the use of medical marijuana in florida. florida's only legal form of the drug is called "charlotte's web." it has low amounts of t-h-c... and doesn't get you high. but many patients who need it can't get it... because of court challenges. the new "right to try" act would give terminally ill patients access to charlotte's web and aerminental medical treatments. a constitutional amendent will be back on the ballot in november. but-- that's too long for $ one marion county family. they've decided they're leaving florida... because they can't wait any longer to get medical marijuana
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shawn zuzio has chronic lung disease, epilepsy, a hole in his heart, autism, and a trache in his throat. they're moving to colorado to get charlotte's web. supporters of the bill say the slow legislative process is not fair to families who need the treatment. several florida businesses have been given permission to grow marijuana for "charlotte's web", but there's still no decision on how it will distributed.
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toss to john at the
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your first headline i=5 "the washington post." it reads... "dancing
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x0 describes the day she charmed the obamas: 'i can die smiling now.'" this video from the white house is going the 106-year old woman from d-c was at the white house for black history month last week. she got excited about meeting the president and first lady-- because she never thought she would ever live to walk into the white house... let alone meet a black president. she started dancing... and captured the hearts of the room. as of yesterday.. she hadn't even seen the video of herself yet.. even though millions of others already have.
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comes from "fox 13" in memphis. @ it reads... "bible recovered undamaged after car bursts into flames." this car crashed into a pole and exploded on sunday. everything was torched... except for the bible in the front seat. these pictures were tweeted out from a reporter. ..ritans were able to save the driver of the car, who was stuck in the front seat. it's another case of what some are calling animal abuse.. all for a selfie! and the video is causing a lot of controversy this morning. :ight ahead-- find out where in florida-- this shark
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the get a picture! some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and
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at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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"star wars experience" coming to walt disney world. disney just released this new concept art. fans will get to see the millennium falcon... meet characters.. and even sit in the driver's seat of some of the famous ships from the films. no word yet on when the attraction is set to open. time now to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a college student -- from tampa -- is back in florida this morning... after she was critically injured in a freak
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schulyer arakawa was in columbia-- on a yale internship program. on friday-- she and her friend were swimming in a river...when a boulder fell from 30-feet above. the rock crushed her skull, and she was rushed to a local hospital. a medical helicopter flew her back to florida last night. she is now in a medical-induced coma. the prep school she attended is collecting donations for her medical expenses. so far, they have raised more than 140-thousand dollars. check this out-- city of tampa is turning green! part of the hillsborough river was dyed yesterday. tampa is testing the things out in preparation for the "river o'green fest" around saint patrick's day. a viral video-- from uth florida-- has people upset. captured in palm beach-- it shows an un-identified man yanking a shark out of the water, and then posing to take a photo with it. the orlando sentinel reports--he
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pushed the shark back in... where it eventually swam away. this video comes-- after a dolphin in south america died... when tourists removed it from the ocean to take selfies with it. many critics say the shark should have never been taken from the ocean... while others are calling it a simple "catch and release." john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. breaking news--- orlando police are looking for 3 men-- who they say-- shot a man in the stomach. we are live with more on what officers say happened before shots were fired. plus: an amazing story of survival coming out of kalamazoo, michigan. the sign a dying girl gave her mother.. to
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. we're so glad you're with us on this tuesday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. thanks for waking up with us.


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