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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. we're so glad you're with us on this tuesday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. thanks for waking up with us.
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and is shot in the stomach. we'll take you live to orlando where police are searching for suspects. ing. he was convicted of killing tw women but will only serve half his sentence. let's take a live look from our i-drive camera. a foggy morning. >> i heard rain last night. >> jayme: it was. a couple showers pushing on through. it looks like a damp start. not necessarily rain falling from the skies but a couple areas of damp, and p.m. rain chance. very mild 60s out the door. the numbers from gainesville to clermont, orlando, into indian
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60s in all locales. wet weather closing in on gainesville. getting ready to move across i-75. and in western flagler. across the orlando metro, not much going on at this time. we begin to pump up a southerly wind and allow the rain to develop. this will be here tomorrow, a sharp line of dangerous storminess over the eastern gulf of mexico and we could see storms during the noon hour. the big booming chance tomorrow. and sunny, and cooler, and no rain chance for the week's end. >> gina: semoran and old cheney
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still blocked. and an earlier crash on epcot center drive on i-4, which is not causing delays at all. it looks to be clearing soon. everything is looking very nice on i-4. i-4 westbound from lame mara to colonial. and the 408 is look good. it's up to speed as well. >> john: 6:03 here on good day. a man opens his door and then gets shot in his stomach. >> amy: it happened at the pine hill apartments. fox 35's dana jay has more. >> reporter: the police were called here just before midnight. they said, as you said, a 22-year-old man got a knock on the door, and when he opened it up and answered it, there were
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they told him to, quote, give itum, and then one immediately shot him in the stomach. and they ran away. police are looking for them. they have a vague description of the suspects. they're only described as three blackmen at this point. it's not clear if they robbed the victim or not. the case is developing and the police continue to investigate. the victim is in serious but stable condition. reporting in pine hill it's, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> amy: the teenager accused of running down an orange county deputy is going to be in court. the family will be in. sergeant pearce is recovering from bruises all over her face and stitches in her head.
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tried to run her down when she tried to take him in for an attempted burglary charge. he is facing attempted murder charges. >> amy: 42-year-old, and 13-year-old were found dead inside their merit island home on sunday. investigators believe that the father's death was a suicide. they didn't give any further details on what happened to the girl. deputies said they are not looking for suspects. neighbors said they're in shock. >> it's traumatizing, justx totallyx traumatizing. you can't believep it. you would never believe in a million years that something like that would happen. >> the ananya was a straight a student and would often translate for her father who was a chef.
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>> john: the search for baby willow continues. they found no sign of a missing baby after draining the pond near the apartment complex. they believe she gave birth and immediately abandoned the baby. she is not cooperating with investigators and remains in jail. a man accused of kidnapping and robbing two women will spend less time in jail. he was sentenced to 60 years in prison. but the "orlando sentinel" reports that his sentence has been cut in half. the jurors were apparently not given written definition of reasonable doubt. his sentence has been reduced to just 30 years. arrested last week is a man
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with a 17-year-old student in a classroom in clermont. the school board accepted his resignation last night. and he denies the sexual allegations but admits to spending time with that student. >> amy: the cdc has arrived in virus. >> reporter: starting today, scientists will take blood samples from hundreds of brazilian women and their children. now the mosquito borne virus has been linked to birth defects. but the cdc is not 100% certain. that's what scientists hope to determine while in brazil. they want to know if women experienced any signs of steeka infection during pregnancies. there are 28 cases of zika here in the state of florida. so far all of the florida cases are travel related.
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>> amy: new this morning, forget the plastic or the paper. you could soon be shopping using a selfie. starbucks bringing up controversy with its new rewards program. and joining us is the lovely lauren simonetti. happy tuesday. >> reporter: happy tuesday. >> amy: some starbucks customers are not so happy about rewards programs changing, what's the deal? >> reporter: starbucks is expensive. when could you accumulate points and get free coffee as a result, we liked that. but now the terms are change. it'll be changed starbucks rewards. right now every time you go to starbucks you get a point, a star. one point per visit. and in april, two stars, two points for every dollar you spend. to break it down. everyone wants to gold status to start redeeming points. you will need 300 stars to get
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means you are spending $150. >> amy: wow. that's a lot of coffee. >> reporter: that's why customers are mad about this. a lot of coffee. sweet treats and cake pops and everything else. i would say not have a problem getting there because i never just get coffee. but for those who want a tall brewed coffee it's terrible. >> amy: it would take you a couple of years to get there, for me anyway. with mastercard with the selfie. >> reporter: basically biometrics. take a selfie of yourself. and mastercard will find a way to use the selfie, buy things and you a then authenticate the purchase just the way that your fingerprint might work. that selfie is worth a password. >> amy: great way to do it. i say why not.
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accurate. >> amy: unless you have a twin. we'll see you later. you can catch lauren on the fox business network starting at 5:00 in the morning. go to finder. >> amy: how doctors say that a young victim from last weekend's shooting rampage came back to life. >> john: underhanded tactics. the details of a fallout over a false report over marco rubio, straight ahead. >> jayme: tuesday morning live with you here on gdo. we have a rise in rain chances today. by tomorrow, it gets crazy
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it is just about a full moon. it's a beautiful start to your tuesday morning. just really pretty out there. considering we had some rain last night. it all pushed out, and looking a lot better. >> john: maybe the full moon explains it all. >> amy: the uber driver accused
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six peek and injuring two others has admitted to the attack. >> john: the guy you see there, jason dalton. he was picking up fares in between carrying out the shooting. >> amy: one happened in a cracker barrel parking lot. a 14-year-old was shot and initially said to be brain dead. they were preparing to donate her organs when she squeezed her mother's hand. she was rushed into surgery. >> amy: touring helicopter crashed into the harbor at pearl harbor and federal investigators are investigating. >> reporter: polls showing donald trump has a commanding lead by as many as 20 points
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still a big lead. 39% to 29% over ted cruz. a 16 point lead. cruz continues to be second. marco rubio right on his heels. and then the big drop to john kasich and 9% and ben carson, 5 5% respectively. cruz asked his national spokesperson to resign after re-tweeting a false story on marco rubio. a story misquoted rubio making it appear he was speaking out against the bible. >> this was a grave error of judgment. it turned out the news story was false. but even if it was true, we are not the campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz cavern.
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>> reporter: this is not the first controversy. the campaign circulated the information that ben carson might be leaving the presidential race. that turned out to be false. from the same guy that was asked to resign yesterday. the democrats are turning their attention to south carolina, holding its primary this weekend. and hillary clinton is dominating the polls right now. it does not look to be a close race. keep it here at "good day orlando" for the latest political coverage. get the latest on the website at >> jayme: thank you. accuweather forecast update. if you are traveling across the fine nation of usa today, we're looking pretty cool heading on through the forecast period for today. you can see again that last shot at i-drive. thank you, alwon.
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and 28 at cleveland, and chicago, 29. the desert floor, phoenix, 24. kind of damp out there, a couple of pockets of showers. they're gone now and residing over the gainesville area. we have adjusted the lighter rain here. a couple pockets of low clouds or mist or fog to contend with. outside of that, i'm looking for a resurgence in local rain chances across the board and generally after the noon hour. we turn our sights to the system over texas. if you have been watching us since last wednesday, i know a lot of you have, we have watched it move across alaska, and through canada and the western states and nearly a week later its knocking on the door.
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the day tomorrow. by lunch time tomorrow, on wednesday, it's coming on through and bringing with it the risk of strong to severe thunderstorms. we'll be in the weather center keeping you upto date. you can find us on twitter or facebook bringing you full comprehensive forecasts concerning any strong storms. we've got your back. chance of rain 40%. a warm day today. solid low 80s in place. indicative of the situation we're in. wednesday, the strong to severe nature of the systems, 60% coverage. by thursday it's outta here. we ride a gorgeous wave of weather all the way into the weekend, very, very nice overall. the scattered nature of showers and isolated storms. and as we see this move off to the north and the northeast, things go pretty dormant overnight tonight, and first
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in the system closing in on orlando and surrounding communities and suburbs. lunch time, noon, 1:00, 1:30. the timing will adjust as we draw closer to the main event. behind the system, the front moves through, and we clear things out and we're looking good with no chance of rain through the weekend. 60s and gustier winds thursday and first thing friday. we'll get beneficial rain, but consider the fast-paced nature of the system coming through, we might see an inch up towards gainesville and ocala, 1/2 inch for orlando and the communities around the space coast. squall line working on through. strong to severe weather in place for tomorrow. and we'll monitor it all from the 35 weather center and here's
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>> gina: we have a new crash here on john young parkway at south park circle. no word of roadbloss traffic appears to be moving along smoothly. a crash at semoran and old cheney highway, the crash has since cleared but there are still some delays. i-4 westbound from the 434 to fairbanks will take about 7 minutes. and rouse road to downtown, 9 minutes. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas is $1.57 at the speedway on east semoran and wilshire in casselberry. remember you can always check out gas-saving tips on our wiek at and click on traffic.
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to light up the florida skies. why the company is hoping that the fourth time is a charm. >> amy: medical marijuana may be coming to florida, but not soon enough for one family. why they've decided to move out of the state. look at downtown this morning. what a lovely view.
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a subaru. >> john: spacex says it's ready for tomorrow's rocket launch at the cape. they're looking to send a communications satellite into space tomorrow night. spacex tweeted out this picture. they'll attempt to land the first stage of a rocket on a floating barge. they successfully landed on land at cape canaveral. sea based rocket landings are considered more difficult. the last three times they attempted, they ended in failure. launch is 6:00 p.m. but there's concern of strong winds and clouds because of an approaching cold front. >> amy: they may need to put it off one more day. >> john: it'll be nice the rest of the week but cooler though. >> john: expanding the use for
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>> amy: charlotte's web has lowered amounts of tlc. the new right to try would give terminally ill patients access to charlotte's web and other treatments. a constitution amendment will be back on ballot in november. >> john: that's too long for one family. they decided they can't wait any longer to get medical marijuana treatments for their child a month old. all we know is the hospital. doctors, specialists, surgeries. it's hard. >> shawn has the chronic disease epilepsy, a hole in his heart, autism, and throat problems. they're moving to colorado to get charlotte's web. supporters of the bill say it's not fair to feaments who need this type of treatment. >> there's no excuse for the delay.
6:26 am
we can to green light the path to the patient so people don't have to make the decision to leave our state in order to keep a family member alive. >> john: several florida businesses have been given permission to agree marijuana for charlotte's web, but there's no idea of how it would be distributed. >> john: the story of a bible that survived a car crash. >> amy: now the biggest doubters are believing in a higher power. say hello to jayme king over there.
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break for behind the scenes fun. 6:30 here on "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. t/s going to be a beautiful sunrise. first a central florida teenager stepping before a judge this morning. he's accused of running down a sheriff's deputy. >> john: a young woman from lake county is now behind bars after
6:30 am
we'll look at what left led up to that. >> amy: a measure that would impact clergy across the state. the pastor protection bill. >> john: the roads are a little slick. jayme saw someone slide through an intersection this morning. >> jayme: sure did. >> john: be careful when you head out there. >> jayme: slick roadways. a little light rain moved through at 1:00, to 2:00, to 3o clock this morning. so slow it down. temperatures in the 60s. we're really, really mild, and not doing too bad for this late position in the month of february. i like these temperatures here. all of the rain managed to get up to alachua county. and it looks like a heartier batch over the mainstream current. and heaviest rain resurging
6:31 am
it's active into the afternoon. chance at 40%. it pales in comparison to this monstrosity loading up over texas, which is coming in around lunch time tomorrow. a squall line will approach with it. showers and storms after the noon hour. 40% of us seeing that. drive home at 5:00, upper 70s, if not right at 80. then down it goes, temperatures in the 60s and 70s we dry it up and keep the sunshine. and a cooler regime taking place. >> gina: we're seeing a lot of fog in some spots. 429 here at forest lake. you can see significant fog on the roadways. we're seeing a lot of delays on the 429, especially in osceola county. be aware and use caution and
6:32 am
an earlier crash at south park circle at john young. that crash is still very much there. be awareat area. taking a look at drive times. i-4 east bound from john young to downtown will take three minutes. and on the 408, westbound rouse road to downtown, will take about 10 minutes right now. >> john: we have breaking news from overnight. a man opens his door and gets shot in the stomach. >> amy: it happened just before 11:30 at the pine view apartments. the men knocked on the victim's door. when he answered, one suspect told him, quote, give it up. one man opened fire and struck the victim in the stomach before running off. investigators do not know if they took anything from the victim. he is now recovering in the hospital from serious condition. >> amy: developing this morning, the teenager accused of running
6:33 am
driving away is in court today. >> john: the deputy and her husband will also be in court. fox 35's andrea jackson has more. >> reporter: the teen who deputies say attempted to run over the deputy finally turned himself in yesterday. >> we did take into custody jan carlos ortiz. he was at his mother's residence at 800 high street. >> reporter: the same location where he tried to run over the deputy when she tried to take him into custody. >> he will be charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, ag battery of a law enforcement officer, use of a weapon in a felony crime, and potentially grand theft auto. >> reporter: they recovered
6:34 am
high street when he hit the sergeant. >> we will be there in the morning. >> reporter: ortiz will be here in juvenile court this morning. they could prosecute him as an doesn't, but they have -- as an adult, but they have not yet made that decision. >> amy: a man accused of a deadly hit-and-run. >> john: the florida highway patrol said that the man was driving drunk and he ran a red light and caused four cars to crash. 42-year-old bred adams was killed. and the man fled the scene and was found passed out. he didn't even have a license to drive troopers say. a week long search. divine lovett is accused of pointing a gun at the cab driver
6:35 am
lovette faces charges. >> john: a woman convicted of murdering a 15-year-old boy. she was found guilty for the 2011 killing of seth jackson. they say that she lured her ex-boyfriend away, and four men beat him and then shot him. >> amy: a hotel on burly boulevard. tavarres police said that cassandra manning was passed out in the hallway. they found her at a hotel room yelling at her husband. she refused to calm down. they put her in handcuffs and she bit the officer on the arm. she is charged with battery on a poce officer. >> john: the magic is looking to turn things around.
6:36 am
philly, rye yanl has more -- ryan elijah has more. >> reporter: the most expensive game of the year for the magic fans. they play the struggling 76ers.x the perfect teamx too get healthy against the last team of the league. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. the yankee, an interesting story. to teach their players how to avoid looking bad in front of the cameras. during the latest media training, players were shown clips from the new imfamous camo newton press@o conference. they were told that would not be allowed and they were shown video of russel wilson, and told that's how you need to behave. a back surgery. and woods agent is strongly denying, saying it's fine. we'll see if he will be playing
6:37 am
>> amy: it's a shame to see him going through the struggles. >> reporter: even when healthy he is not playing great right now. >> john: a car goes up in flames. only one item makes it out untouched. >> amy: how a bible was able to escape the crash. american girl unveiling a new doll. how you can get your hands on
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>> john: we're getting some really pretty shots of the city beautiful this morning. there's downtown where it's 62 degrees. a nice warm start to your day. let's just say it's going to change quite a bit. where it is right now, and what it'll be later in the week. >> amy: i like it actually. >> john: one city is taking on a heroin epidemic in an unconventional way. >> amy: ithaca wants to allow them to use the drug on the property. they said they could buy drugs and clean needles at designates facilities. they would be monitored by healthcare professionals.
6:41 am
lower the number of deaths caused by overdoses but the idea is still in the early stages. >> john: everything burns but the word of the lord. following a fiery crash in memphis. good samaritans were able to save the driver. a bible remains intact. fire died down and then the bible was fine. witnesses said that if he doesn't make you believe in god, they don't know what will. an american character doll the new doll will hit stores this summer. >> john: big changes coming to amazon. >> amy: why some shoppers won't be getting free shipping anymore. >> amy: taking up the pastor
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>> john: a consumer alert at 6:44. you will have to pay more to qualify for free shipping for
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they're raising the minimum to 45. they hope that it encouraging customers to sign up for amazon prime which is $99 per year. preventing clergy from being sued when performing same sex marriages. >> some groups are arguing the bill is unnecessary because the first amendment already protects pastors, but supporters say it's necessary. >> in theory they say they cover the first amendment, but one lawsuit, one simple lawsuit can wipe out a religious organization that relies on donations to keep afloat. >> amy: today the bill will be voted on by the full senate. >> john: nancy pelosi will be in the senate to endorse demings for the 10th congressional district.
6:46 am
support for minority and family-owned businesses. >> john: jayme king, cooler air coming our way? >> jayme: a strong system exiting the state of texas moves our way, and it'll bring a line of pretty nasty storminess tomorrow, according to the forecast models appearing over the next 24 to 36 hours, a big weather shake up. the weather across the nation for the back end of the month of february not bad at all. 20s and 30s blended up throughout the upper midwest. live local temperature, good morning to you, we hope you have a good one thus far, 60s. same down coast towards melbourne and palm bay. lee clouds, pockets of very light drizzle.
6:47 am
measurable rainfall is out, and a bit of a lull is in. until after the noon hour. 40% of us are harvesting up a rain chance. medium range. isolated storms and scattered showers could be moving through the landscape by lunch time. and close to 80 today. a warm day today. solid low 80s despite the overall increase of cloud cover and the looming rain chance for the afternoon. mostly cloudy tonight, and very, very isolated showers. and 10 to 20% of us might see a few rain drops. outside of that, it's going to be rather quiet. clouds on it's top of the state. enough to bring about a rain chance today. behind me, an active scene in houston, texas, and beaumont recording rachel. it move -- recording rainfall. by noon tomorrow we expect the
6:48 am
today's rain at 3:00 to 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. pushing across the area. the squall line loading up by tomorrow at lunch time. it closes on in, and within the band, there may be rotation in the cells and extremely heavy rain. the thing weighing heavily on our side, the progress across the state will be fast and quick in nature. rain amounts will be peeled back, an inch in gainesville and ocala. and south of that the line will have the ability to race on through rather quickly, about a half inch or so for orlando. and the process behind is the increase in west, northwest wind flow, and clearing out nicely heading to tomorrow evening and into thursday, friday and saturday. i am seeing only sunshine, and a big cool down. highs in the 60s and overnights falling back down intottle 40s. ocala, 80 today.
6:49 am
after lunch time. lake county more of the same. around 80. uma tilla to clermont. and the rain chance at 40%. same in volusia county. even the beaches going about 80. they max out there. to deltona and the i-4 corridor. slight chance of showers ramping up to 40% on the mid-to-late afternoon hours. for the remainder of us, widespread 80s. tonight, still mild out there overall with widespread 60s if not at 70. melbourne and orlando, 67. behind a stormy scene tomorrow. lows adjusting back down into the 40s. snapping the sun for you now. a great shot. wow. look at that. timothy in orlando.
6:50 am
>> gina: happy tuesday. i do have a couple of new crashes. the first one here is on kirkman at lb mccloud. not causing significant delays. and we have yet another new crash at obt at ginger mill boulevard. it's not causing significant delays so good news there. and i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown will take you about 13 minutes. the 417 to downtown will take 11 minutes now. >> john: time to look at trending online headlines. >> amy: luanne sorrell is at the wall. >> reporter: good morning. your first headline comes from the new york post. it reads, richard branson unveils his $250,000 per ride
6:51 am
take a look. virgin galactic has a shiny new aircraft. it can fly so high in the earth's atmosphere that passengers will be able to see the planet below them. the previous virgin plane broke up in a test flight over a years ago and killing the pilot. stephen hawking is a big fan, and he named the unity, and he is getting a free ride on it when it's ready for space. i love this story. favorite of the day. eating chocolate improved brain function. you like that one, huh, amy? >> amy: i love it. >> reporter: people who eat chocolate more test better on memory, reasoning, and examination. plus people who ate chocolate did not necessarily eat more junk food. researchers say that eating
6:52 am
protect you against memory loss. another reason to eat up. s. and from fox news, this one says mars in three days? nasa touts new propulsion system. they're working on new technology that could cut a trip to mars down from a few months to a few days. a giant sail instead of using energy from the sun's rays. the technology would need to be tested on an unmanned aircraft first. once perfected, the laser technology could be used to take humans to planets far beyond mars. >> john: i don't think the problem is taking us out there, but it's coming back. only three days, you could go and come back and see your family again. >> amy: but not leaving you on mars. where they leave you? no thank you. >> amy: you know matt damon is there.
6:53 am
i don't mean to tell you the end of the movie, but i think he made it back. >> john: thanks, lu. the force is strong. walt disney world getting stronger. >> amy: we have the new exhibit. a man pulled a shark right out of the water. the lengths he went to just to get a photo. we have another beautiful view on this tuesday morning. happy tuesday.
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find us on twitter. we're getting a first plook at star wars experience. a new concept art was just released millennium falcon, sit in the driver seat from some of the most famous ships in the films. no word on when the attractions will open, but that's going to be very cool. >> amy: a college student from tampa is back in florida after being critically hurt in a freak accident that happened in south america. she was in colombia.
6:57 am
when a boulder fell from 30 feet above her. the rock crushed her skull. she had to be rushed to a hospital. she is in a medically induced coma. the prep school she attends is collecting donations for her medical expenses. so far they've raised more than $140,000. >> john: the city of tampa is turning green. part of the hillsborough river is turning green. they're testing out for the river o green fest, which takes place around st. patrick's day. an unidentified man is seen yanking a shark out of the water and posing to take a picture with it. the man eventually pushed the shark back in and it swam away. we are staying on top of breaking news. a man opens up his front door and gets shot in the suspect.
6:58 am
where they're looking for suspects. dave ramsey's daughter will join us and share tips on how to keep your kids out of debt. >> john: do you recognize these? an actual casette tape. word on the street is that they're making a coupleback.
6:59 am
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