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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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deadly rampage has to florida. trt: oc: double punch! marco rubio and ted cruz try to trump.. donald trump... in last night's g-o-p debate! but -- were they able to bruise the frontrunner? but first -- we are waking up to a chilly morning... with temperatures dipping into the 40's. but first, let's get
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at the water main break.
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developing this morning-- an 8- year- old boy.. is in the hospital after being hit by a car while riding his bike. titusville police say the driver.. did not even stop to make sure he was o-k! it happened last night-- along alpine lane and delespine avenue in titusville. 8*jm now at arnold palmer hospital... in orlando.
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good morning gina, what do we know right now? k meanwhile-- police are investigating a seperate deadly crash... also in titusville.
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hit and killed by an s-u-v on old cheney highway. the victim's name has not been released. that driver did stay on the scene. developing right now - we are learning new details about a deadly mass shooting in kansas. officials say, the gunman.. who killed 3 people and injured 14 others... had connections to florida. this all started yesterday afternoon.. in the small town of newton-- just north of wichita. police say 38-year- old "cedric ford" carjacked someone... and went on a violent ride officials say ford shot anyone he saw-- as he drove to his job... a lawn mower factory.. a few miles away in hesston. police say ford opened fire on co- workers-- killing 3 people. the rampage ended.. when a lone police officer.. braved the gunfire.. and shot ford-- killing him. the f-b-i is now helping investigators figure pjotive. h|meanwhile...
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connections to south florida. our news partners at the orlando sentinel report -- he was previosuly charged with multiple drug offenses in broward county. ford was also sentenced to three years in prison in 2005... for carrying a concealed weapon as a felon. new details this morning on a double shooting in orange county. orlando police say two people were rushed to the hospital with non- life threatening injuries... over a gambling dispute. the shooting happened late wednesday night on king cole boulevard. police also say there is no information on a suspect. also new this morning. a man accused of vandalizing a brevard county mosque with a package of bacon... could spend the rest of his life behind bars. back on new year's eve... police say 35- year-old michael wolfe broke into a titusville mosque... damaged the property with a machete... and left raw bacon on the front porch. he was originally charged with armed burglary and criminal mischief. but florida today
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charges now carry hate crime enhancements. crime alert... two people... police say were involved in a superbowl sunday crime spree... are now behind bars. police arrested 24- year-old nathaniel woods... and 37- year-old john powell for their roles in the february attacks. officers say the two men drove around orlando.... robbing random people at gunpoint. so far... police have charged the pair in four cases. today- police will spend the day looking for new places to search for an abandoned newborn *j-hlj% im believe 30- year-old susan richardson gave birth to "baby willow" inside of a duplex behind the "willow bend apartments" earlier this month. crews drained a pond --and searched sewers in the area-- but found nothing. richardson remains behind bars-- charged with child neglect. police say she is not cooperating. pace-x running in to more problems as it tries to blast off into the florida skies. coming up... find out why the company
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night's launch with just seconds to go. plus.... donald trump feeling confident in last night's debate... despite finding himself in the crosshairs. and a new poll from florida--shows he has reason to. find out where trump--and our own senator marco rubio land on the new
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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hear when space-x will try to once agian launch a falcon 9 rocket. last night's launch was scrubbed-- with less than two minutes left in the countdown-- because liquid oxygen was flowing from the rocket. once lift-off does happen-- space-x will try to land the rocket booster on a barge in the atlantic. the countdown is on to super tuesday.... and donald trump has a big target on his back. but--trump is still holding strong in the polls. a new quinnipiac poll shows trump doing better than marco rubio.. here in florida. the poll finds trump leading rubio 44- percent to 28- percent. senator ted cruz has 12 percent.... and is followed by ohio governor john kasich and ben carson. this-- as candidates went on the attack in last night's debate. fox's steve rappoport has the latest.
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uj *ndo" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk
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night's debate? new polls... show trump will have a "super" - super tuesday-- even here in florida. he leads marco rubio by double digits. do you think rubio can win the white house... if he can't win his home state of florida? you can listen to bud --on his show "good morning
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morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. while republicans ]"!eir eyes on super tuesday... the democratic candidates are looking to south carolina. the state will hold its primary tomorrow. experts predict hillary clinton to win the state... but say bernie sanders is making a last minute push for voters. also on the political front. president obama will be in the sunshine state today. he will be in jacksonville... where he is expected to talk about the economy. developing at this hour-- the death toll in this week's devastating storms has risen to nine nationwide. as many as 48 tornados were d tuesday
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alone... including right here in florida. the same storm system has since dumped heavy snow across the great lakes and new england. saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol--
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south bumby avenue and east illiana street in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips ."%5e. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. military members-- and their families-- will have a new place to relax at orlando international airport. the details of the ground breaking for the new welcome center coming to the airport. s-- if you're kids are having a hard time finding a summer job...they're not alone.
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shows about unemployement and
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basket- that's 17% including bogos. why shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire pbasket of groceries by shopping at walmart. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today and see what you could save. florida. one of those--in orange county. that brings the total to 35 in florida. all of the cases are
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on the business watch-- military and their families will have a new place to relax at "orlando ineternational airport." "united service organizations" will
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j%hh@h@xhxxxxxxxx`\\||\pppppl|pppppppppppppp``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````0{{^```x_`xr`x ?@tpx\\||\pppppl|pppppppppppp the widow of an orange county deputy-- killed in the line of duty-- is 2=iyour help. bridget pine is trying to get a bill passed-- that would boost pension urviving families of first responders here in florida. an online petition has been created that calls for the house to return the bill back to how it was originally proposed-- and was on track to pass--
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that faces heavy opposition in the senate. we've posted the petition to our website "fox 35 orlando dot com". the golden state warriors coming into town for a matchup with the magic. the magic held off the defending champs for much of the first half. but in the end... stephen curry and the warrior were simply too much. curry was red-hot from the very beginning of this one... hitting a three in the first quarter. with that triple he broke an n-b-a record... his 128th straight game with a three. curry lighting up orlando to the tune of 51 points.... on 20 of 27 shooting. golden state rolls 130-114. two british lawmakers have written to n-f-l commissioner roger goodell... complaining about the team's controversial nickname. they say the n-f-l should consider changing the name of the franchise... or send a different team to london. #kmponded by saying a team's name is a club decision. major league
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some changes... in hopes of making the game safer. the league and the players' union agreeing to rework the rules when it comes to sliding. under the new rule... a slide to break up a double play will have to include an attempt to reach... and remain... on base. players are still allowed to make contact with the fielder... but cannot change their path to do so. .... congrats to windermere prep... their boys basketball team won the 3a state title yesterday... the 5 remaining g-o-p candidates squared-off last night in houston for a debate. we will break down the big topics... and what you can expect before "super tuesday." plus-- a convict from ohio-- who spent decades hiding out in brevard county... will soon be a free man. straight ahead...
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none of the cadidates held back at the republicans' last debate before super tuesday. but the main target--was donald trump. and the shots kept .jn-- with donald trump continuing to take the brunt of them. ted cruz took shots at the front runner. fox's doug luzader is live in washington, d.c. with a look at this morning's
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-- fiery.. marco rubio... whobenefits -- are there any indications that any of these candidates may drop from the race before super
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thanks doug. the ohio "shawshank redemption" fugitive found in florida... will soon be a free man. an ohio parole board decided
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freshwater will be 24th. freshwater was serving a manslaughter conviction at an ohio prison camp when he escaped in 19-59. last year--he was found in brevard county living under the name bill cox. now--his family and friends just want him back in florida. the board will decide where freshwater will be
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elaine -- no location toss to john at the wall
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comes from "the new york times." it reads... "first uterus transplant in u.s. bolsters pregnancy hopes of many." surgeons at the cleveland clinic have performed the first uterus transplant in the united states. the operation took 9 hours on wednesday.. using a uterus from an organ donor. the recipient is a 26-year old woman... who is not being identified. the transplant is done to allow women who were born without a uterus... to get pregnant. a statement from the clinic says-- the nj9 stable condition yesterday afternoon. after she has had her children... she will have to get the uterus removed again... so she does not have to keep taking drugs for it. your next headline comes from "the orlando sentinel." it reads-- "jaxon to take part in special olympics, dad to recount miracle baby's story." baby jaxon buell-- whose story gained world-wide attention-- is reaching a big milestone tomorrow-- turning 18 months old. $:me day-- he will also take part in
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olympics, in mount dora. his parents will help him in a 25-meter walk. doctors said jaxon would not survive in the womb, because his brain did not fully form. but instead... his parents say, he is making amazing progress. on wednesday-- jaxon's dad will be giving a speech about their family's journey... at a nearby . your last headline comes from "the washington post." it reads-- "horrible people applaud as 7- year-old is removed from plane because of allergic reaction to pets. the boy goes by the name of "gio". he was on his way back home to arizona on monday... after going on vacation with his father, who has terminal cancer. shortly after getting on the "allegiant" flight-- "gio" broke out in hives. turns out-- he was allergic to a service dog on the plane. the family says-- passengers on the flight were laughing at "gio." and when the the family left the air- plane... some passengers even clapped. "gio's" mom says-- he started apologizing, and crying. allegiant arranged for the family to go home on a flight 2
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both miami and tampa police have stated they plan to boycott beyonce's upcoming concerts. but now-- one police department is changing its tune. plus-- more manatees. find out wildlife officials say they are seeing more sea cows-- then in years
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scott kelly is about to wrap-up his year in space. but during his final broadcast yesterday -- from the international space station-- kelly said he would not mind staying longer. kelly has spent more time in orbit on a single mission than any other u-s astronaut. he says the first thing he plans to do when he returns to earth is jump into his pool. kelly is set to land in kazakhstan-- tuesday night. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a florida-based circus operator is now facing thousands of dollars in federal fines... following a deadly tent collapse in new hampshire. last august-- a man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed, when a storm caused the circus tent to cave in
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were also injured. now, the sarasota company "walker international events" will have to pay more than 33- thousand dollars to the "occupational safety and health administration." in a statement, osha said the company "failed to properly set up the tent"... and ignored weather warnings from the national weather service. one week after the miami police union announced a boycott of beyonce's concert...the leader of the group says... he now wants to make amends. according to the miami herald-- the u.jjn president says he would like to "mend fences" with the singer. the group claims beyonce's new music video "formation" sends an anti-police message. no word yet -- if beyonce has responded. new numbers say ja's manatee population is going up! florida fish and wildlife says they counted about 62- hundred manatees in florida waterways this week. the number is higher than any previous total since the counting began in 1991. experts believe the mber is because of conservation efforts to protect manatees.. which are
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john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. first-- police in *believe they have found the driver... who hit a 8- year-old boy on his bicycle... and then just drove off! the details on that "oing right now. plus-- water flying sky high on i- drive...after a water main breaks...flooding the road. we are on the scene with more on what
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. >> john: it's 6:00 a.m. on your friday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us. happy friday to you. an 8:00-year-old boy is flown to the hospital after he was hit riding on his bike. the police said that the driver did not stop. and why police believe they may have found the driver. >> john: a shooting in kansas. we're learning about the gunman's long history of crime. why they're not the right


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