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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now on fox 35 news. >> breaking news on an amber alert. >> how did a baby kidnapped in south florida end in here. >> now it's about super tuesday. >> we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> students accused of poisoning a teacher appear in front of a judge. >> after a sunny, crisp saturday, the heat starts to turn on tomorrow. you are going to like the forecast that's coming up. the news starts now. >> right now on fox 35 news at 10:00.
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a baby girl kidnapped in south florida, found safe in orange county. >> you probably woke up this morning to the amber alert on your cell phone. the baby is two months old. on the right is the 23-year-old who is a person of interest in the baby's kidnapped. the baby was kidnapped from a house in fort lauderdale. it was found an hour and a half north. the baby ended up in orange county. we are live at the orange county sheriff's office. david. >> good evening to you. we have been here asking a lot of questions. there are others across the state in south florida as well. we have not gotten a lot of answers. here's what we know so far. nearly 24 hours ago,
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got information about a kidnapping. >> it was reported that an armed intruder came in and took their daughter. we set up a perimeter and got canine out here. results. >> this morning, an amber alert was issued. the baby was kidnapped and may be in the company of 23-year-old stephanie augustus identified as a person of interest. investigators said the suspect's vehicle was found in fort pierce, north of where the baby went missing. the baby was found abandoned in orange county and is now in the hospital. >> we are expecting more information to come from the sheriff's office soon. as soon as we get it, we will, of course, bring it to you. reporting live in orlando, fox 35 news. >> breaking political news now, hillary clinton has clinched the
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>> the votes are counted now. hillary clinton captured nearly 73% of the vote. bernie sanders had a little more than 25%. listen to what hillary had to say in her speech. >> i want to congratulate bernie sanders on running a great race. [cheers and applause] >> and, tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [cheers and applause] >> fox news correspondent, caroline shively, live in columbia, south carolina. good evening. how did hillary do it? what was her formula for delivering such a huge win in the palmetto state. >> reporter: she campaigned and went from corner to corner in this state. she wanted to make a statement that she could win in diverse states, and she could win in the south.
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she is at about 47% winning almost every demographic. she won 84% of black voters. she even won with men over sanders. 87% of seniors went for her. >> so, she had a large delegate lead going into this. it got bigger than this. super tuesday is the kind of day that can change everything for bernie sanders possibly. >> reporter: that's right. that's what bernie sanders was pointing to. he is in minnesota. he just landed a couple minutes ago. more than 800 delegates are up for grabs. they feel competitive in 6 out of 11 states. clinton has the polls on her side. >> on the republican side now, there is a fierce competition ahead on super tuesday.
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it tonight from atlanta. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me. >> in a sharp departure from his campaign style, he decided to fight fire with fire against donald trump. >> this guy attacked me yesterday for wearing makeup. >> he has a spray tan. >> he has the worst spray tan i've seen. he can afford a better tan. >> trump was the sole purveyor in a political wedgie. >> this guy has a fresh guy. he is a very nasty guy. i thought ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. thank goodness he has large ears, the biggest i've seen. i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy.
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the total up for grabs on a super tuesday. the top republican candidates are fighting hard to gain advantage. ted cruz mocked trump's profanity -- we're talking about his use of border walls. >> this man has used profanity and used vulgar insults. i have to say, i don't think it is a good thing to see presidential candidates behaving like school children bickering. >> cruz was trying to keep the political discourse at a higher level. john kasic was laying claim to being the adult in the room. >> when did we get to the point in this country where we can call these kinds of names and have people actually represent themselves as leaders in this country to these young people. >> how do you feel about that? enough of this trash.
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opponents are digging into a handful of new attacks they hope to stick, his problem with illegal, his hiring of foreign workers in florida and the lawsuit he is facing over trump university. all issues are taking trump off of his message. >> if i didn't have a judge in california, this case would have ended years ago. he happens to be hispanic, which is fine. >> we will soon be hearing from some of the students at trump university. since rubio brought it up, they have been getting a lot of phone calls. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. >> fox 35 and fox is your source for election coverage. tuesday night, we'll have election results and analysis. stay tuned for our weekly political show, countdown to the florida primary. tonight, we'll have a live
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the show airs right after this newscast. >> we have a fox 35 follow-up to tell you about. the body of a missing boater has been found. researchers rather found the body this morning. the man disappeared in tremble park. jeff williamson told us how his body was discovered. >> at about 9:00 a.m. this morning, we saw what looked like a body about 30 feet from the shore there at lake trumble. they called out the dive team. official wildlife have been out there with us. the team came out and was able to recover the body. they had been camping there at the park. >> the park was closed for part of the day while all of that went out. it did reopen later after investigators cleared the scene.
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deltona middle school accused of spiking a teacher's soda were in tears as they faced the judge this morning. >> the judge sentenced three middle school girls to 21 days at the juvenile detention center after allegedly poisoning their teacher. >> deputies say the 12-year-old girls put crushed red pepper in their teacher's drink. each now face felony charges. they were booked at the juvenile detention center. the suspected ring leader didn't like that her teacher sent her to the principal's office. she was accused of stealing a laptop computer and dumping glue into another student's backpack. that student wanted to retaliate and grabbed some crushed red hot pepper from home. a second student distracted the teacher while the third student poured the pepper into the
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>> i spoke with the third student's parents. they say she is a good kid, very quiet an has never been in trouble before. in fact, they say she was threatened by the student who encouraged her to pour the crushed red pepper into the teacher's drink. >> the teacher couldn't breathe and became sick from drinking the soda. police arrested the three 12-year-old girls. >> the girls will be back here in court next week. >> all right. it's pretty windy. it was windy all day. will that continue tomorrow? >> tomorrow will be the winds of change coming off the atlantic ocean. that will help us outside. predominantly cold winds and clear skies. hey, it's still winter time.
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putnam, bradford and clay county to the north. i don't think most of us are going to see the chill we did last night. we are going to get close once again. here's the temperature forecast map tomorrow. we'll get into the orange. we'll do the same thing on monday and tuesday. all that means is that three consecutive days with highs in the 60s are a thing of the past. we'll see the warmer weather return beginning tomorrow. it will be a cool start. once again, temperatures in the 40s. 38, orlando. look at that. 2:00 in the afternoon, tons of sun. high temperatures into the mid 70s tomorrow. a little cooler. seven-day forecast is coming up. >> you're going to need some good weather tomorrow. maybe the third time will be the charm and that good weather will help them. tomorrow, they make another attempt at launching a communication satellite on top of a rocket. the launch is scheduled for tomorrow night at 6:47.
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mission twice this week, once on wednesday and again thursday. they will try to land the reusable falcon 9 rocket on a barge floating on the ocean. stay with fox 35 and for continuing coverage. >> disney's magic kingdom is the most magical place on earth. and now, ticket prices to experience the magic are going up again. >> there are ways to save
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disney is ))))0; 9 >> an @'@' 8-year-old boy@'@' is@' recovering after a hit-and-run driver ran into his bicycle. you can see the damage by the driver. this|
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the intersection of alpine lane. police are closer to an arrest. >> we do have a suspect identified. we are working on that. one thing that's important for the public to understand, time is on our side. we want to dot all of our i's and cross our t's to make sure we're following through with justice. >> they haven't released the suspect's name to us. an arrest should happen soon. today, police decided to brighten that littlep{ boy'snw` p weekend. >> they did that with a small gesture that had a huge impact. >> you are feeling better? >> yeah. >> i have tox tell|| you,x you`` had anx| entire county worried about you. >> the 8-year-old is left with bruises and no bike. >> go right @ ( over`@ the top. >> police came together and gotp`o the littlexpl\?< guy a88>2?|88
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helmet and bike. a well-deserved gift for a child who has been through so much. the child's mother is taken back by the gesture. >> everybody has been supportive. >> what do you want to say to the police and everyone? >> this is really cool. >> the police department, well, they're happy to do it. >> we are so thrilled that he is okay. it was really awesome to see him ride that bike again. our main focus is making sure he is okay and the family is starting to heal and get back into a normal life. >> the bicycle and helmet were donated by the titusville police athletic league. the police department says now that everything is okay, the sky is the limit for the boy and his family. >> developing tonight, disney rolling out new seasonal pricing on one-day tickets. the idea, spread out demand for
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theme park. it starts on the park's website tomorrow morning. they are creating affixed calendar set up 8 to 11 months. see which days are considered value, regular or peak. the cheapest value days include late august and all of september. you will pay 105 bucks at the magic kingdom at that time, 97 at the other parks. regular days make up most of the year. on those, you'll pay $110, 102 at the other parks. peak times are spring break, memorial day, all of july, thanksgiving week and christmas week. a peak day will run you $124.
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cost $114 on other peak days. four-day tickets will cost $325. that's up from 10-day tickets will cost 400 bucks. that's up from 365. stay with us for the very latest on these changes. >> new at 10:00, a carnival cruise, hosting a tour for pittsburgh sports fans ended up rescuing people in the gulf of mexico. the rescue got everyone talking when james harrison posted these rescue photos on instagram. harrison wrote, we just spotted this raft with 16 people in the ocean waiting for a coast guard now. in another post, he called the rescue "wild." the migrants will be turned over to immigration at the ship's next stop in cozumel. no one appeared to need medical attention.
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the death in hillsboro county. a cockfighting ring was busted. >> this is what a cruel and illegal cockfighting ring left behind, dozens of dead chickens. some were still alive but aggressive and caged. >> investigators spent hours wrangling the roosters. they tribed an elaborate and large facility dedicated to the fighting birds. >> it was well set up. it looked like it was going to be more of an in-depth thing at that time. we got there early. >> neighbors tipped them off to the illegal activity. no one wanted to speak with us on camera. neighbors say they watched dozens of cars drive on to a property beginning early saturday. when officers got there, the group scattered. >> on arrival, they observed multiple trucks in the area. about a dozen or so people ran
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because they didn't catch anyone actively fighting the birds, they made no arrest. deputies questioned others who came up to pick up their vehicles hoping to get information on the ring leaders. >> coming up on fox 35 news at 10:00, there is still time to enjoy some tasty food and delicious wine in orlando. >> we'll have the details on the food and wine fest after the break. >> beautiful temperatures outside this evening and beautiful star gazing as well. we'll have more on the seven-day coming up. >> eat your lunch at your desk? coming up, we'll tell you what your boss really thinks about
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_\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\^\\\\\\\\\\\\\ >> the eighth annual downtown food and wine fest in downtown orlando features dishes from 30 of orlando's best restaurants. >> we want to take advantage of downtown orlando. >> tomorrow is the final day to take part. the hours, noon to 7:00. admission is 20 bucks at the door. food and drinks are extra, however. >> so, everyone wondering if the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow. >> exactly.
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thing we had today, just add a few degrees. >> absolutely. we are going to start off a little cool. once again, this morning, we saw a lot of folks in the low 40s, upper 30s. it may be just a degree or two warmer. we're live outside with a high of 68 degrees. normally, we should be around 76 degrees. we will be near normal tomorrow and then above normal come monday. that's what jimmy buffet would say. temperatures are going to be in the 30s before you know it. right now, it's 43. 51, orlando. 52 right now in brevard county. put the umbrellas away. put them in the closet, whatever you can do. we are going to see sunny skies dominate through the next seven days.
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beginning tomorrow night, we'll see pretty dense fog in the early-morning hours. very little rain chances all the way through the next seven days. outside right now, this is our tower cam on the regency orlando. 51 degrees. both roads, pretty stacked and packed. look at this. 43 right now, titusville. we are in the 50s in southern brevard county, same thing toward the west. we see cooler air across central florida. overnight, expect low temperatures in the low to mid 40s, maybe to upper 30s with the frost advisories to the north. tomorrow's high temperature, 30 degrees. 75 tomorrow. that's right near normal. monday through friday, high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s with foggy mornings. >> well, she beat bernie
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actually, she put a beat down on him. can hilary l hillary clinton beat the e-mails? >> pump patrol, you'll pay $1.57 in southwest orlando. you're watching fox 35 news at 10:00. like us on facebook at some people don't like to share their wifi,
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we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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p`x >> right now on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> well, the state department released another batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. >> they include 88 documents that were upgraded to the lowest classification level. >> the state department has
10:30 pm
clinton's e-mails that were on her private server, 93%. the final 7% which is scheduled to be released on monday maycon entertain the most sensitive information. it contains information from multiple intelligence agencies. they had to weigh in on what's classified and what's not. they worked through the weekend to meet the monday deadline. >> there are still conversations taking place between the various parts of the agencies. monday is one day before super tuesday. hillary clinton has concerns about how this will affect her candidacy. >> it's not something that's going to have a lasting effect.
10:31 pm
>> one has the lowest level of classification. there were no top-secret documents like there have been in previous releases. if the final batch is released on schedule, keep in mind, the state department blew past a similar deadline last month. that remains to be seen right before one of the most critical days in the democratic contest. >> it has now been four years since somebody killed treyvon martin. the unarmed 17-year-old was walking home when george zimmerman shot and killed him in his neighborhood. zimmerman was a volunteer for the neighborhood watch at the time. insisted he acted on self defense. he was later acquitted of self defense. the treyvon group said, we must
10:32 pm
tracy martin, said that, treyvon's father. >> supporters walked a mile from the front line outreach center to the recreation community center. >> new at 10:00, a san diego marine sergeant and wounded warrior could become the first active serviceman allowed to use medical marijuana. >> robert burns reports. >> we don't need guys high running around when you are supposed to be defending this beautiful country. >> sean major has more pills than he remembers what to do with. >> about 2010 -- >> the san diego marine sergeant said the prescription cocktail isn't cutting it anymore. the symptoms take over his dailey action cause him confusion and leave him in a fog. >> you can see that i was injured. with a traumatic brain injury, it's almost like a computer is
10:33 pm
>> he received a medical recommendation for medicalp@ptp marijuana @p use. he`f`f@ hopes the@ corps will hear him out. >> if i am the first one, i would actually love x that. it is a stand because of my brothers. >> majors began researching cannibus after seeing the stance for medical use, not recreation. >> some say it's better than other people say it is not, which is true. those are two completely different conversations. >> the marine hopes his fight helps others suffering from other xxxx symptoms. he hopes to start a program building tiny homes and teaching veterans to be self sufficient. >> i will teach them to cultivate their own food and medical. >> you do not have the
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lives would be saved. >> after your house, it is the biggest purchase you are going| to||x` `p make. >> should it be fun? >> we want to bring the joy back into buying a car. >> the new app that lets you buy a used car and have it (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr
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pupublblixix.. whwherere e shshopoppipingng
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>> buying a car can be super stressful, especially if it's used. there are a lot of things to worry about. >> we see ways to avoid the used car salesperson and possibly save money. >> packages, pizza, flowers, all the usual candidates for home delivery. and now -- [music] >> -- automobiles. joslin rivera is towing a sedan. after a quick pitstop -- >> everyone gets to vote. >> -- this hyundai is headed home to somebody who bought it on their smart phone. this is the startup that's shaking up used car sales. >> we want to bring the joy back into buying cars.
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pick what you want and a week or so later, someone like joslin delivers it to you. >> today, that someone is aaron arugante. >> first, they take a test drive. >> i want to make sure you are completely comfortable. >> in full disclosure, his cousin worked there. that worried me at first. the transition, when they stopped, was legitimate. he paid 12 grand for the car. >> this is a binding contract between them and yourself. >> while still seated inside his newly-acquired hyundai. >> just sign here. >> it was so easy. it was that simple and fast. i can't believe this actually happened. >> home delivery is only part of his business plan. it also boasts a 10-day money-back guarantee.
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prices thanks to smaller profit margins. >> our margin is only 9%. a traditional dealership is 30 and 35%. >> this app not only sells cars but buys them from consumers like you and me. >> well, not me because my '95 jeep and '98 toyota are too old. >> less than 60,000 miles. >> investors are pouring millions into the app betting the smartphone street corner approach will stir up the used car market. >> we want customers to have a smile on their face when they're getting their cars. we don't feel like they're getting that at traditional dealerships. >> a new ride on your terms an your turf. >> i'm confident i got a good deal. >> wow. there is literally an app for everything.
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it is up and running in 14 cities, including tampa in orlando. >> can you spell porsche. >> virtual reality collides with reality. >> we go inside the university of central florida to test the impact of virtual reality on your real life behavior. >> pretty cool stuff there and cool stuff outside.
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>> we do have an update on the breaking news we have been following all night. a kidnapped baby from south florida was found in central florida. the baby is being kept overnight at arnold palmer hospital for children. she does not have any visible injuries, we're told. sheriff's deputies say the baby was kidnapped from a home in fort lauderdale this morning. authorities launched a staidwide amber alert. a person of interest was taken into custody down in fort pierce. the baby was found safe in orange county somehow.
10:44 pm
stay with us for the very latest. >> virtual reality things are ready for your home. they are the next big thing in consumer electronics. the consumer vr industry is worth $5 billion over the next two years. experiences are immersing us like nothing you have seen before. people are expected to spend a lot of hours in a virtual world. >> researchers are looking at that. what they found so far is astounding. virtual reality can actually change your behavior in the real world. >> the university of central florida's synthetic reality lab is a dark, kind of creepy looking place. there is important work being done here by dr. greg welch and his team. >> they are related to virtual reality and other experiences. >> that is why this robot is here and this virtual person as well.
10:45 pm
>> a big part of what they're doing is seeing what happens when you take a virtual environment like this and a person and immerse them into that virtual world so that virtual world is around them 360 degrees. they can actually interact with a virtual human being. >> this one is called the wobbly table. in the study, a virtual person sits on one side of a tv monitor, a real person on the other for a few minutes of conversation. periodically, the table physically wobbles. the virtual human actually reacts. the idea -- >> the experience of the table wobbling is something that you share with the other person. >> does that physical, shared experience help create a stronger bond with the virtual person? the answer is yes.
10:46 pm
they reacted more than when the table was not wobbling. >> they use subjects wearing virtual reality glasses and puts them on a virtual ledge inside a virtual chamber. >> they exhibit a certain level of fear. >> measuring how virtual experiences affect people in the real world. >> one could use a tool like that to condition people. >> stanford university did similar research. they found people in virtual environments bring back empathy to the real world. >> one involves saving a child as a virtual superhero. then, researchers did something in the lab. >> there was a correlation between people willing to help pick up the pencils and those who had the experience of saving the child. >> this is 360 degrees everywhere around. >> we see this at the entertainment academy.
10:47 pm
fool your brain. >> your brain doesn't know the difference between what is being projected and what is seen in real life. >> so, if virtual experiences have some proven effect on real world behavior, is there a danger if you stay inside too long? there is not much research yet, but -- >> i think there are lots of counter studies that somehow people are able to separate an experience they have in a virtual environment from things in the real world. >> good to know as virtual experiences. >> that is just a further extension of your imagination. >> they become more common in our real lives. >> this is a very, very exciting time. >> fox 35 news. >> and, if you want to learn more, we have links for you on our website. >> that was a cool story. aside from virtual reality, our fantastic weather.
10:48 pm
dry air continues to fall across the whole southeast. we have the race in atlanta. last year, it was just cold, drizzly and dreary in atlanta. tomorrow, it's going to be absolutely spectacular. we do have to get through this evening. we have advisory ies. good evening, everyone. hope you had a good saturday. hope you had a good weekend. the sunny skies will continue tomorrow, monday, tuesday all the way through the week. the biggest risk we have is patchy, dense fog coming into play beginning tomorrow night. outside right now, 61 degrees. live look downtown. have the heaters going on in the rooftop deck. enjoy if you could. we have a florida-style winter still in effect. temperatures predominantly in the 40s and 50s. up to the north, you can see the cool air. look back to the west, temperatures in the 50s and 60s as far north as omaha, nebraska.
10:49 pm
first and foremost, high pressure is in control. we could see high clouds. the next shot of rain comes wednesday, and it's not much. clear and cool overnight. lows in the 40s. and then, tomorrow, a 30-degree warmup. high of 75 degrees in our sunday. that's where we should be this time of year. normal high, 76 degrees. back to work, back to school all the way through next week. low 80s, sunny and warm and a small chance of showers on wednesday. >> hey, orlando expected a close match out on the brazilian
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lions with a big toes, noses, eyes, hormones know, too. dogs know. kids know. st augustine knows. debs know. guys who peaked in high school know. oh yea, this guy? he definitely knows. scotts bonus s. the number one trusted brand in the south.
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>> orlando city head coach said he expected a tight game. before their mls opener, the starters and huh-uh likely goal score erin sted put on a blowout show -- scorer instead put on a blowout. that's not good. 1-0 for the brazilian very early. then came the first of what would be a couple of scary moments for lions fans. this is... shay going down hard after what looked like a foul. 12th minute, we see a bunch in this one. kaka sets the equalizer.
10:54 pm
goals, all like that on kicks from kaka. all headers. wow. city goes on to win easily 6-1. orlando's pride forward, alex morgan and ashland harris were named for the 2016 she believes cup. they will have the world's top five ranked women's national soccer teams playing starting next week. morgan harris and the orlando pride play their first game april 23rd. coming into saturday night, the magic were five games back from the 8th seeded conference. making the post season doesn't look too realistic right now. scott skiles said his team had to win some in a row to get there. they had another bad loss to the knicks.
10:55 pm
go 18-7 including a west coast game as well as others against the cavs and heat and bulls. they are all locked playoff teams. >> it's so obvious. i believe we're now 18th through the course of the year. we were a good defensive team before that. so, even just a -- just positioning on the ball and things that are just based all the way back to the camp, you know, we just kind of left the page. we're kind of going on our own. >> let's go racing. kyle busch failed inspection, but he had no such issues on the track there saturday. bush dominated the heads-up georgia. he went on to beat out kyle larson. it was busch's first win in atlanta. 77th overall. that extends his series record. that guy just picked up where he left off last season.
10:56 pm
beach gardens, it would seem we're at a two-man race. he tied for the lead. that's because adam scott survived this, a quadruple bogey. the denver post and a few other outlets report bronco's quarterback, peyton manning decided to retire. he will make the announcement by the end of the week. the 39-year-old is coming off of
10:57 pm
that's it for fox 35 sports. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> now we're winning, winning, winning. >> the country is judged by how it treats his weakest and most vulnerable people. >> will the florida senator make his move?


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