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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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distribution] good morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- a 2-month-old baby girl is back home this morning... after police say she was abducted in south florida. the two suspects accused in her kidnapping are now behind bars. we will tell you where the baby was found. plus-- the virgina man accused of killing a rookie police officer is expected to appear in court today. that fallen officer
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riddle in daytona beach. we'll have the latest on the investigation. and-- a brevard county coach is behind bars... accused of child molestation. why authorities say he was trying to escape out of the country.
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new this morning -- a 2 month old-- who was kidnapped from her home in south florida-- is reunited with her mother. her disappearance sparked an amber alert on saturday. 23-year-old "stephanie augustin" and her 14 year old cousin are being held without bond. police say... on friday... the two took "taraji kemp" from a fort lauderdale home at gunpoint. on saturday, investigators found the baby ... in an apartment in orange county... where augustin lived.
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baby girl was still strapped in her car seat. augustin.. was arrested after troopers pulled over her car near yeehaw junction. she has been charged with kidnapping and aggravated child abuse with a deadly weapon. the baby girl was not hurt, but was hospitalized as a precaution. the sun sentinel reports-- she was reunited with her mother last night. construction has resumed on the "i-4 ultimate project"... days after being shut down when a worker was killed. investigators say a dump truck backed over 34- year-old marvin franklin on wednesday-- killing him. construction was haulted-- as officials reviewed safety procedures. limited work started back-up saturday night. crews hope to have all construction back-up and running by friday. also developing this morning -- the virginia man-- accused of killing a rookie police officer-- is due in court today. officer "ashley guindon" was gunned down on her first day on the job. fox's kelly wright
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beach back in 20-10. the school released a statement which says it's " deeply saddened to learn of the death..." and "our hearts are with her family and friends." new this morning-- an escaped central florida prisoner is back behind volusia county bars... following a nationwide man-hunt. it took investigators three weeks to track down "gary bullock" -- who went on the run with "natasha quigley" and her son
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the couple was caught in kentucky on february 12th-- and extradited back to volusia county over the weekend. both are being held on "no bond". meanwhile-- 3-year- old xander is safe -- and is being cared for by family members. a news alert now-- a woman is behind bars this morning... after causing a deadly crash while running from the law. troopers say a deputy had just lost sight of 27-year-old "syndia saintcyr" while chasing after her-- for "speeding" early sunday morning-- when she ran a red-light at the intersection of john young parkway and americana boulevard. investigators say she slammed into the right side of another car-- killing the driver-- 23-year-old cody garrick. f-h-p says saintcyr should not have been driving in the first-place... because her license was revoked last august. jrd county-- deputies say... a basketball coach wanted for child molestation.. has been arrested trying to escape to mexico. the sheriff's office says 51-year-old "david white"... who coached a palm bay youth team... was arrested by u-s marshals in texas.
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border into mexico. they say white had an active warrant out of brevard county... for his arrest. he is being held on a 75-thousand dollars bond... and is awaiting extradition back to brevard county. developing at this a kansas town is remember those killed in a shooting rampage. hundreds of people showing-up for a special service on shooter, cedric people and injured a factory thursday. killed him. five "ku klux klan" members who were arrested after a brawl in california... are out of jail this morning. police in anaheim say evidence shows they acted in self defense. three people were stabbed in saturday's fight... during an anti-immigration rally. seven people are still in custody. officers say they were seen beating, stomping and attacking klansmen with wooden posts. it was a great night at the oscars! between "mad max" taking home multiple
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finally winning the gold... .... it did not disappoint. comedian chris rock hosted the show last night. he came out 9ging...tackling hollywood's lack of diversity head on. the show continued with more excitement. "mad max-- fury road" stole the show--- by taking home 6 oscars-- including costume and production design. "spotlight"--won best picture. but probably the most-anticipated award was leading actor. leonardo dicaprio was nominated for his role in "the revenant". leo has been nominated for 6
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his first win. and of course--social media went crazy over his win. it has been a big internet joke-- that poor "leo" could not get an oscar... despite doing some great movies. so --most of the hype from last night has been over his big win. share your thoughts about the oscars with us-- using the hashtag "g-d-o." coming up next-- we're just one day from "super tuesday"-- and the candidates are on the attack. in the middle of it all-- is donald trump-- who is under fire yet again. it all centers around trump's new endoresement... from a former k-k-k leader. we will have more on this new controversy... when
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space-x... aborting a launch... just as the rockets were suppose to fire. last night's scrubbed launch-- marks the third attempt in a week for space-x. crews say-- the latest scrub was because of a boat-- which passed into the "keep out zone." because of the delay-- the liquid oxygen could not stay cold enough to launch the rocket. space-x has not said when they will attempt another launch. you decide 2016-- we are just one day away from "super tuesday"-- and donald trump is
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again... for his response to a controversial endorsement. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is also re- focusing her campaign.
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election coverage. tomorrow night, we will have election analysis you won't get anywhere else. coming up-- a terminally-ill boy gets the birthday party of a lifetime. more on how his community came him a very special surprise. plus-- released this new video of a suspect-- who was hiding in a very unusual spot. more on how they were able to nab
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us-- just use #g-d-o altamonte springs police are searching for the gunman behind a deadly shooting. that story kicks off our morning rush. police found the victim in a parking lot-- along coral glen loop saturday night. they have not released his name. investigators have not identified a suspect. they say they do not have a lot to go on at this point. officers are calling it a homicide
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hing-- contact detectives. state troopers are looking into a deadly crash in brevard county. they say a car hit and killed a bicyclist in rockledge. it happened yesterday afternoon, in the southbound lanes of u-s 1, at ansin road. troopers have not released the bicyclist's name. no one in the car is seriously hurt. caught on camera-- the orange county sheriff's office releases new video of deputies catching a suspect... hiding in a tree. the "chase helicopter" team spotted the man-- take a look. this happened on february 9th near street and parramore avenue, in orlando. the helicopter team worked with deputies, k-9 units and 9-1-1 operators to catch the auto
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turning now to sports-- the orlando magic take on philadelphia at the amway center. plus-- this week is
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for orlando city.... season #2 here's fox 35's adam shadoff with your sportszone report. coming up next--
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gainesville-- after a pilot has to make a crash-landing on a busy road. straight ahead... find out what the people on board reported-- right before the plane went down. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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marvel's latest hit won the top spot for the third time in a row... pulling in 31-and-a-half million dollars. "gods of egypt" debuted in second place... with 14 million bucks. followed by "kung fu panda 3", "risen," and "eddie the eagle." time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. first-- a small plane makes a crash landing in the middle of the road in gainesville. take a look at these pictures: someone on board reported a fire in the cockpit yesterday. a few moments later-- the plane went down on waldo road. paramedics took the pilot --and passenger-- to the hospital. gainesville police say their injuries are minor. no word yet on what caused the fire. no one on the ground was hurt. a little boy with a terminal illness... gets an unforgettable birthday bash! 9-year-old eric piburn has a rare heart defect-- and
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hospitals. yesterday-- more than 5-hundred of his friends and loved ones gathered for his birthday party in odessa. he even got to meet spiderman, batman, and some of his favorite characters from star wars. eric says... meeting his heroes checked a big moment off his bucket list. eric's party was also celebrating his most recent surgery... which is giving him a better quality of life. next on the list: eric and his family are planning to visit the kennedy space center. there is a new controversy surrounding lawyers across the state. according to a survey by the florida bar-- 43-percent of female attorneys say... they have experienced gender
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courtroom. in many cases-- women claimed some male attorneys-- and even judges-- referred to them as "blondies" and "little lady laywers." many also claim they are often mistaken as assistants-- or court reporters-- even when they introduce themselves as attorneys. coming up in our next hour-- new at five-- presidential candidates are gearing up for super tuesday. this--as a trio of new polls show the frontrunners with big leads. we'll give you a look at the numbers plus-- a baby girl is back in her mother's arms... after being kidnapped from south florida and we have a live how the baby was found. hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, orlando the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie
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